70 Global Business

Congratulations to the football and both basketball teams. John Gallagher joined Reyl Groupe as an overseas board member, one of few Americans on any Swiss bank board. He deals with the bank’s global businesses in Paris, London, Singapore, etc., and helps monitor regulatory and financial developments, especially in the US. He helps identify American clients for global asset management and estate planning. In May, he and Bob Greene, former ND law advisory board member, visited an orphanage run by nuns in Haiti. Bill Husic of Brighton MI, died May 31, 2009, off the coast of Monroe County FL. He worked for Sidock Group of Novi, and formerly Great Lakes Steel in Ecorse MI. Cathy, his wife of 38 years, and sons Toby and Jeremy survived him. See a tribute on the northcoastview blog. Sharon and Earl Hartman enjoy retirement from engineering. He winters at Disney World and coaches baseball at Mount Pleasant MI. His Irish descendants include Kirt ’01, Ken ’94, daughter-in-law Jennifer Burke ’94, daughter Cassandra ’98, and her husband, Dave Lichota ’98. Steve Strachota’s daughter, Mandy ’00, is “the best R&B singer in Atlanta.” The ND Senior Alumni Board seeks newsletter information on pre-1979 alumni. See “The Golden Domer.” Dave Finley, national account manager for Novartis Consumer Health since 2002, and Marcia celebrate their 43rd anniversary August 1. Mike Lavelle is sales manager for a manufacturer of construction-related products. He and Debbie, married in 1975, have three children, Kevin ’02, Dan (John Carroll ’04), and Kelly (John Carroll ’06). Bill Ludwico, Newport Beach CA, consults in marketing and business development for Orr & Boss Consulting. Fred Bingle, in Indianapolis since the early 1980s, obtained a graduate degree at Ohio State and runs Bingle Research Group. His daughters are 30 and 9. His father-in-law graduated from ND in 1950. Sally and Pete Bruderle retired to North Carolina from teaching high school special education mathematics. They have two children. Gastroenterologist Joe Moses joined Cleveland Clinic in 2006, after 27 years in private practice. His wife, Maureen, is an art therapist and pottery artist in Cleveland. Daughters Chrissy ’00 and Annie ’02 are among their four children. Ralph (Skip) Horvath married in 1982, and sent three children through college. He leads a trade association in Washington DC. Mark Dellamano says the PeaceNet retreat takes place Aug. 23-24 at Sacred Heart Parish Center. In the March 27 New England Journal of Medicine, Barney King and 14 co-authors described targeting micro-RNA with his company’s product, Miravirsen, against hepatitis C. He now studies null responders and next will study Miravirsen with telaprevir and ribavirin. Joe Digiovanni is on the mend with his 11-inch scar after lung surgery. Jim Hansen transferred to a new company in December. Mike O’Brien retired from criminal defense law in Juneau to San Diego and Baja, where he uses his first cell phone. After many years in the UCSB Department of Geology, Mike DeNiro earned his law degree and now practices in Santa Barbara. Condolences to the family of Don Jacobs, who died on Feb. 20, of ALS. He had wrestled and fought in the Bengal Bouts and enjoyed the 2010 Reunion. Sympathies also to Mike McCoy at the death of his wife, Kia, in March. She was a prime reason for the success of his mission. In lieu of flowers, send donations to the Mike McCoy Ministries (a not-for-profit charity) at 2224 Cotton Gin Row, Atlanta GA 30549. Save Sept. 21 for the MSU minireunion. — Don Graham; 1901 S. Glenwood Ave., Springfield IL 62704; 217-652-1560; bus 1-800-444-7541; infectn@springfieldclinic.com

70JD Another Irish Victory

While on a trip to visit family in Illinois, Marie and I stopped at South Bend to catch the Blue-Gold game on a chilly April afternoon. The good news for all you football fans is that the Irish won the game. Later that evening, we attended a student play at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on campus. During the intermission, we struck up a conversation with two former staff members of the law school, who asked if we had known Granville Cleveland. When we responded that we did, they advised they had attended a memorial service for him earlier in the day. Granville was 77 years of age when he passed away in late March. Born in Springfield OH, he had played football at Tougaloo Southern Christian College, was employed as a law librarian for the state of Ohio, and joined the Notre Dame Law Library staff in 1969. He retired from ND as an emeritus librarian in 1992, and thereafter was active in community affairs in the South Bend area. While Granville was respected as a skilled and gifted librarian, he will be remembered as a friend who always had a smile on his face and a good word to say about everyone. No doubt you will also recall him singing with small bands and combos at some of our law school dances and other functions. He is survived by son Granville Jr., daughter Tivonia, and four grandchildren who were very special to him. I trust you will raise a toast to Granville and remember him in your prayers. — John K. Plumb; 19 Crowley St., Randolph NY 14772; jkplumb@netsync.net

71 Ara’s 90th Birthday

Festivities were held on the April weekend of the spring game to celebrate Ara’s 90th birthday. In attendance were Bill Barz, Tom Eaton, Jim McGraw, Bob Neidert, Jim Witchger, and Pat McFadden, who came from Honolulu. Tom Roberts, Dallas, has retired from IBM. He was on campus the same weekend as part of the Irish Entrepreneurs Network, a group of alums who mentor ND startups and judge the annual student business plan competition at the Business School. If you have more time on your hands and this subject interests you, check it out under the Gigot Center website at the Business School. Bob Latiff, retired for a while from the Air Force, commutes to campus from DC every two weeks to instruct a class in the ROTC program. Sara and Jim Kennedy are retired and living in Santa Fe after spending the last three years in Singapore. They checked off a bucket list item by taking one of the ND trips in January to Antarctica. By coincidence, Chris and John Gaither were on the same trip. Bob Burke passed away in February. He had been a self-employed real estate broker and appraiser living in Somers NY. Condolences to Jerry Riley and Bill Rosanelli on the loss of their mothers and to Tom McCalley on the loss of his father, Dick McCalley ’50. Tom considers himself officially old as he is now a grandfather. Also grandparents, for the fifth time, are Michelle and Barry Pflum. They tailgated in Miami with Diane and John Barkmeier, who had fled a Wisconsin winter for the warmth of the bowl game. If you make a game this fall, be sure to look for our tailgate and the Class of ’71 flag in the Stadium Lot. Enjoy the summer. — John Snider; 2010 N. Fremont, Chicago IL 60614; res 773-871-5358; fax 773-871-1189; jlsnd71@sbcglobal.net

72 Hostess, Hiatus, Hit

Condolences to Ed Hoban on the passing of his mother. She was always a gracious hostess when the hordes descended on the North Shore. Rick Dow and Murph have moved back to the Twin Cities after an extended hiatus in Chicago. Rich Sherman has a new book that is getting rave reviews. Check out Supply Chain Transformation: Practical Roadmap to Best Practice Results on Amazon. Rich still has the ability to make what could be mundane exciting and compelling. Please send news about you or our classmates. — Frank Fahey; 312-504-3409; fjfahey@gmail.com

72MBA Need Your Help

Another quarter has come and gone with no news from anyone. I know some of you must be doing things that would be of interest to your classmates, so please let me hear from you. As I mentioned last time, several of us will be at the opening game against Temple on Aug. 31. I hope to see some of you there. — Alex McLellan; 8212 W. 88th St., Overland Park KS 66212-2903; res 913-652-9909; irish72mba@excite.com

73 Retirements

You will be reading this article after our 40th Reunion. We should have lots of news for the fall edition. Retirements dominate the news. Mark Wilcox retired from his own law firm in Chicago at the end of 2012. Mark had enjoyed a prestigious career with Lord, Bissell & Brook before branching out on his own about 10 years ago, enjoying equal success with his own firm. Mark is now enjoying playing golf. It was good to hear from Katie Kolar Silva, who informed me that she is living in Atlanta GA and retired after a great career in banking as a senior VP for Bank of America and Georgian Bank. She does a lot of volunteer work and travels with her daughter, who is living just outside Seattle WA, and her son in Singapore. It was great to hear from Paul (PB) Bontempo. He is the co-founder of MBI GlukShaw, New Jersey’s largest government relations firm, where he was recently named president. Congratulations, Paul. William (Chicken) Little sent me an email stating that he has practiced civil law in the Houston area since 1980, after several years in the Army. He is planning to retire this summer even though he will enroll as a post-graduate law student at Trinity College in Dublin for a year’s worth of study in international and comparative law. I was sorry to hear of the deaths of Thomas McLennon and Mark Ahasic. Please say your prayers for former football star Greg Marx, who suffered a serious injury while speaking in Chicago this spring. The annual golf game with Alan Hart, Lou Ferello, and John Mariani, scheduled for Biloxi MS in May, was rained out. The plans are to reschedule it in early September. Charlie Calhoun is still practicing medicine in Indianapolis. Enjoying a very successful career in personal injury law is Tom Leahy of Chicago. I haven’t run into Ray Mohrman, who I understand is a physician in the St. Louis area, but his son was a close friend and classmate of my middle son at Illinois Wesleyan U in Bloomington IL. I am looking for the whereabouts of Mike Frantz, Andy Gore, Deborah Lavin, and George Nelson. Hopefully, we will generate enough news from the reunion for a couple of columns, but then we will become thin again. Please send in some information about yourself. — Michael W. Hansen; 735 Essington Road, Joliet IL 60435; fax 815-744-4515; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com

73MBA 40th Reunion Time to Celebrate

John Rapa says, “It is hard to believe 40 years have passed! I hope the years have been good to everyone. I submit that our best years are ahead of us, not behind us. Best wishes to all!” Vince George writes, “I did want to extend my best wishes to all in the class. I was at ND last fall for the Stanford game, a cold, wet South Bend afternoon so nothing has changed much. It was the first time I had been on the campus for more than 25 years, and I was amazed at all the changes.” John Irwin shares that he had many fond memories of ND back in the early 1970s, when the campus went co-ed, the football team was under Ara, and egg salad sandwiches were available in the Huddle. He says the library was a favorite spot, as we all worked on business cases under the tutelage of Profs. Malone, Kennedy, Yeandel, etc. “Who could ever forget the presentations, especially the one by Bob Averso and John Gaski in front of Yeandel. We laughed pretty hard that day. I also know that our time in purgatory will be reduced as a result of the penance we all did taking Dr. Byung Cho’s tests in Statistics and Operations Research. His tests were unlimited time, and the last one I took began in May 1972 at 9 a.m., I walked out of that exam at 6:15 p.m., and there were still 10 guys in the class. He worked us hard; those were the pre-calculator days.” John Blum states, “How did this much time pass so quickly. I hope all is well with all of you. Mary and I will be there for the festivities.” Chuck Welter says, “Go Cubs.” Gus Browne writes, “Hello Fellow MBA ’73 Classmates. Hey, it’s been 40 years. Time has passed so quickly. Wishing you all the best in the future. DataMan (This was my nickname with a few of my closer friends in the program).” Dick Swadley says, “How fortunate I was to be around you all, students and professors. You shaped me in ways that I continue to appreciate today and opened my eyes to potential I never knew I had. A 36-year finance career with Mellon Bank and the Royal Bank of Canada would never have happened without the learning and leadership skills formed from Hayes Healey. Best to all!” I send an Irish blessing for all our classmates and families: A lucky blessing for a good life. May you always have: Walls for the winds, A roof for the rain, Tea beside the fire, Laughter to cheer you, Those you love near you, And all your heart might desire. May joy and peace surround you, Contentment latch your door, and Happiness be with you now and May God always bless you ever more! Please continue to send me your reunion news and greetings for the year fall Notre Dame Magazine. You are always welcome to contact us when in Southern California. — Thomas Jindra; 7179 Alviso Ave., Riverside CA 92509, res and fax 951-685-2091; tajindra@charter.net

74 Ministers, Movies, Marvelous Fun

Let’s start with a reminder about our reunion in 2014. Please don’t hesitate to join in the fun and wonderful exchange with classmates. If you haven’t been to campus in a while, now is the time to see all the marvelous additions. I personally need a GPS to navigate my way around campus. And truly you will feel that youthful energy of yesteryear when you return. Another reminder is to earmark your contribution to the Al Sondej Fund. Remember Al, a good friend of Ed “Duke” Scales? As a quick review, Al and Duke lived in the ND Firehouse as student firemen during their senior year. Al was a fixture our senior year outside the dining halls as he began focusing on relief causes to Third World countries. Father Ted Hesburgh paid homage to Al acknowledging his humanitarian efforts. The Alan P. Sondej Memorial Fund was created and a plaque outside of the North Dining Hall perpetuates Al’s legacy. If you ever wish to know more details, contact Ed Scales at escales1@bellsouth.net. We are very appreciative to “Duke” for keeping Al’s memory and fund in the forefront. “Big T” Tom Ross is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church Monastery and performed his daughter’s marriage ceremony in June. Tom sells real estate in Phoenix and Scottsdale, so if you want an ND discount in that area, call Tom, or as he would say, “Yessss baaaaby!” Chris “Hawk” Stevens is known in the movie production world and produced a movie with Richard Chamberlain, Stefanie Powers, and Alex Hyde-White called Three Days of Hamlet. It has won four film festivals for best documentary. All proceeds go to Wounded Warriors, a program that helps veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and other war disabilities. Check out threedaysof hamlet.com to see a preview and order. I also donated decking material to the Wounded Warriors cause. They build homes for those with special needs when returning home from the wars. The young soldier and his family were so very appreciative. John “Hags” Haggerty retired from HBO and, with one year of retirement under his belt, is having the time of his life. Hags, along with many of us, is enjoying grandparenthood. As we read this, John has returned from a Mediterranean cruise in association with ND’s alumni cruises. Hags, I do believe you should write reviews of those cruises for all of us to enjoy vicariously. Dave “Ghost” Casper has moved from the sunny climate of California to Minnesota. He is working on a project building a great trout stream to be handicapped accessible for vets. If ever in the tundra area, give Dave a shout. Most likely you’ll find him ice fishing somewhere. And shall I conclude with news that class president Jerry Samaniego is also an ordained minister in the State of Pennsylvania and performed his niece’s marriage ceremony. OK, even though we have two great ministers, I still insist we have a dance floor for our reunion. Keep the news going. It is so great to hear from you. Please plan for our 2014 reunion. — Dede Lohle Simon; domerdede@aol.com

75 Time to Merge

In November, Ted Krebsbach merged his law firm with Murphy & McGonigle, PC, and will be the managing partner of Murphy & McGonigle’s combined NYC office. Ted and his wife reside in North Haven NY. Terry Pfister retired last fall from his longtime job as CFO of Enerfab in Cincinnati. He is dividing his time between Cincy and his winter getaway in Naples FL. Please offer your prayers for Dianna Hanson, the daughter of Paul Hanson of Lynnwood WA. She was killed while working as a volunteer at a wild animal park in Dunlap CA, in March. Also remember Dr. Craig Ferrell of Franklin TN, who passed away on May 28, 2012, after an accident while playing polo. He was a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon and is survived by wife Lorraine and two sons. Eugene Laurich of Hilton Head SC passed away in February 2012. He is survived by wife Deborah, and two daughters. Classmates and friends, please pass along your news. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; res 563-355-7738; bus 563-336-5004; normbower@mchsi.com

76 Accolades

Father Tim Scully, CSC, was the keynote speaker at the Catholic Foundation’s annual dinner in Tampa. Tim was able to spend some time in the Tampa area meeting with Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) students who work in the Bay area. This fall marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of ACE. To celebrate this milestone, Tim and members of his staff will tour the country, visiting each ACE school. Tim runs the Institute for Educational Initiatives, which is headquartered on campus in the building we would remember as the Office of the Freshman Year. Tim’s office was once occupied by none other than Prof. Emil T. Hofman. Christine (Carroll) Lang wrote that 2012 was a big year for her family. Her husband retired from Aetna after 39 years. Daughter Devon Lang Pryor ’03 married Nick Pryor, and their son and daughter-in-law, Lucia Rajec ’05 and Cameron Lang ’05, blessed them with their second grandson, Sebastian, who joins brother Elias. Their youngest daughter, Alison Lang, continues to work in Phoenix. They look forward to a time when she can relocate to Southern California to be with the rest of the family. Christine is in her 20th year teaching 3 and 4 year-olds at a private preschool in Newbury Park CA. Judge Tom Hogan was the recipient of the “Alumni Excellence in the Law” award given by St. Ignatius College Prep of Chicago. He was also honored by the Illinois Chapter of The American Board of Trial Advocates as its “Judge of The Year.” Tom and wife Cathi live in the Chicago area. Their son, Pat Hogan’10, recently returned to Chicago and is working for a subsidiary of SPX. Ronald Blitch, who has an architectural firm in New Orleans, was recently named president of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). On a personal note, Paul Reilly and I welcomed our second grandchild, John Robert (Jack) Frey on March 11. Jack’s parents are our daughter and son-in-law, Anne Michelle Reilly ’06 and Matthew Frey ’06, ’11MBA. Jack will be baptized in the Log Chapel this summer. Wendy Duffy made it to Florida this spring and was able to cheer on her beloved BoSox at two spring training games. Wendy was volunteering at the starting line of this year’s Boston Marathon and fortunately was nowhere near the tragedy. Paul Starkey’s son, Michael Starkey, is an amphibian biologist currently working in Ghana. He is chairman of Save the Frogs, an organization dedicated to protecting amphibian populations and promoting environmental stewardship. Jeanine Sterling chaired Metro Detroit’s regional celebration of the 40th anniversary of undergraduate coeducation on March 9. Jeanine serves on the national ND Women Connect steering committee. Former Stanford and Keenan Hall residents John “Tex” Callaghan, Mark “Willy” Buynak, Dave “Bagman” Mennel, Ron Kall, Dave Corrigan, Paul Grogan, Ed DePaola, Rock Moccia, and Jim Warren ’75 are planning an all-day tailgate before the USC game. Keenan and Stanford Hall alums and friends are welcome. Contact Mark at mark2@comcast.net for more info. Please remember that our minireunion will be held the weekend of the Temple game, which is also Labor Day weekend. As I write this, Debi Dell has a block of tickets. If you need tickets, contact her at debidell@earthlink.net to see if they are still available. Debi is looking for volunteers for a Death March tailgate, so if you are interested let her know. Please continue to send me your news and updates. Also visit our Facebook page and Class website. — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th Street NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com

76MBA Thanks for the News

Larry Overland (The Chairman) reported he will be in South Bend the week of the 4th of July and would like to meet any interested parties at Jay’s Lounge. It brings back memories of Sundays going north for a few amber colored liquids. His email is loverlan@suffolk.edu. His mobile number is 781-821-5939. By this time next year, he would have celebrated three master’s degrees in three years, one for each of his three daughters. Meanwhile, his son has a very hot moving business called “Can’t Stop Mining” in Seattle that’s gone viral. Anybody need a piano moved? Blessings to you and your families. Send more news. — Michael V. Norris; 248-330-5366; norris1021@comcast.net

77 Finishing the Race

Last July, Maureen O’Neill experienced the incredible honor of holding the Olympic torch and running a leg of its journey to the London 2013 Olympics. This April, Joe Donahue finished the Boston Marathon about 40 minutes before explosions occurred, yet was close enough to experience the chaos that followed. For each classmate, finishing the race would be unforgettable. Sandy and John Taglione and daughter Maria hail from the town where the Boston Marathon begins, and cheered Joe on that day, with fellow Flanner-ite Sal Cosimano ’78 and his wife, Chris Datzman Cosimano ’78. Michael Grady had a niece and nephew finishing the race at the time of the first explosion; both were thankfully unharmed. Mike is looking for Alumni Band volunteers to play at ND-Stanford this fall; please call 206-275-2524 to join if you play a band instrument. May Commencement had some classmates returning to campus for a new generation of ND alumni. Kelly Quinn Williams ’81 and Thomas Williams are proud parents of Ryan Williams ’13. Tom works for Lincoln International. Classmates Stephen and Eileen O’Grady Daday will be back for graduation at Saint Mary’s College in four years, when their newly-admitted youngest child, Maureen, will graduate. They know the Indiana Toll Road to and from Chicago well, thanks to triple-Domer daughter Meg ’02, ’04MEd, ’07JD, and double-Domer son Paul ’04, ’06Med. Shawn Murphy’s son, Ryan, has been a member of the ND fencing team for the last three years and can say that they “are all great examples of what makes ND special.” Douglas McNeil, the son of Phyllis Provost McNeil ’77, ’83JD, OA Harvard U, is a freshman at the U of Pittsburgh and has won a Fulbright scholarship to study in Beijing, China, for six months. Phyllis, who has worked in many areas of our government, recently received an award for service to our country. Philip Volpe, who served in the Army as a physician, soldier, officer, and leader in the Medical Corps, and who was a winner of the Notre Dame Corby Award, has retired from military service. Thanks to both for their years of service and sacrifice. Rev. Dr. Anne Dilenschneider credits her father, John Dilenschneider ’53, with the idea of contacting South Bend and ND media to cover the 40th anniversary of ND co-education this year. Mary-Louise Houghton Polo now works at Travelers’ Insurance Company in Hartford CT. Educator Bonita Bradshaw thoughtfully coordinated sending flowers to ailing former basketball coach Digger Phelps on our classmates’ behalf. Finally, Jane Neff-Brain JD lost her courageous, nine-year battle with ovarian cancer on May 3, leaving behind husband Don Brain, Don III, and Genevieve. A Kansas attorney, Jane kept in touch with Notre Dame friends who cherished and supported her, many writing to her through the ND Women of ’77 Facebook site. Dan Towle MD wrote that Jane was “still incredibly strong of spirit, always positive and caring more about her children and others, and with a candle from the Grotto at her side.” Laurie Kinney McMahon lost husband Robert, a partner at KPMG, after a long illness; Bob also leaves behind their three children, Caroline, Andrew, and Daniel. Deb Joggerst Brown’s father, a WWII veteran, passed away. Debbie McGraw recently lost her beloved mother, an enlisted WAVE during WWII. May the Angels lead them into paradise. — Virginia (Ginger) McGowan Bishop; 2594 Woodland Drive, Northbrook IL 60062; res 847-291-7510; Classof1977@alumni.nd.edu

78 Summer Breeze

Greetings classmates. Summer is the best, isn’t it? Baseball, beaches, sunshine, convertibles; life is good. I hope you all are enjoying. And how about that 35th Reunion? Was that not the greatest time ever? Thanks to all who attended and helped make another lasting memory in our hearts. Greg Switaj visited Philadelphia in April, and hung out with Nace Mullen. Sweets was in town to see his daughter, who was in town with the Boston Bruins TV network.* Pete Haley* also visited Philadelphia in April to watch his daughters row in an event on the Cooper River. Pete was searching out Philly’s best hot dog. The same month, Steve “Bones” Conover watched his sons in a rowing event. Steve likes to visit cultural institutions on his visits to our fair city. Nace said that Pete and Steve also visited the Campbell Soup company in Camden NJ. Our own Jack Sacco has a new book out, Above the Treetops: The True Story of William Faulkner and Bobby Little, the Son He Never Had. The original Bard of New York, Brian Doyle, has a new book of essays due in October, The Thorny Grace of It. Write on, brothers. I heard from Tom Pavelka with the news that he and wife Helga celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in May 2012. Tom retired from his position as assistant district attorney with the US Department of Labor. He spends his time enjoying hobbies, being a good househusband, doing volunteer work, and reconnecting with classmates. It sounds good to me. By the way, Tom recently sold the 1974 Camaro he drove onto campus the fall of freshman year. I could just imagine the jazz floating out of the speakers when reading Mark Braunlich’s email. After law school, Mark returned to Monroe MI, to practice law with his dad. He has served as an election judge in Monroe for 12 years. He and his wife of 29 years have two daughters. One recently graduated from law school, and one graduated from Saint Mary’s College with a nursing degree and is in medical school in Pennsylvania. Mark Baumgartner is senior managing director/chief credit officer at The Ziegler Companies in Milwaukee. He and his family attended the 2013 National Championship game in Miami and had a wonderful time. He gave a shout out to fellow Alumni Dawgs, Ed May, Mike Vanacker, Mike Hellinghausen, Jimmy Dunne, and Nace Mullen. Jim “Boobie” Clarke did not attend the Kentucky Derby this year, but rest assured he had a mint julep or two. Don Smail has been attending San Francisco Giants games of late and studying the political moves of the movers and shakers. Rich Riley is another member of our class enjoying the fruits of retirement. He occupies his time by reading, walking the beach in Ocean City NJ, and enjoying his family. He has some great stories. Kevin “Bug” Sugg is busy coaching little league and as a Scoutmaster. He still talks about winning that trip to the Bahamas our senior year and still likes rock and roll. Dominick Salemi and wife Christine have founded the Colonial Beach Blues Society, recently designated as a 501©(3) charity by the IRS. Their mission is to raise money for worthy charities by putting on music festivals and events, and in the process get talented but relatively unknown bands and performers much needed recognition and publicity. Their big event this year was the third annual Colonial Beach Blues Festival in Colonial Beach VA in June. Please remember in your prayers the family of Tom Pavelka, whose mother passed away last November. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace. Stay close. Much peace. — Jim “Souls” Coyne; 12 DeForest Road, Gladstone Manor, Lansdowne PA 19050; 267-847-8808; jcoyne@cohs.com

78JD Reunion 2013

I hope you had a chance to join your classmates at our 35-year reunion in June. I hope to have some stories for you in the next edition. — Dan LaVille; US Bankruptcy Court, One Division Ave. North, Room 200, Grand Rapids MI 49503; bus 616-732-2751; dlaville@comcast.net

79 Here Comes the Judge

On Jan. 1, Andrea Andrews Larkin began her term as an elected trial court judge in East Lansing MI. She finds the role challenging and interesting. She is married to Mike Larkin. Their son, Edward, graduated in 2011. Dr. Ann (Ouellette) Wehr and husband Chris moved to Lake Mary FL, from Albuquerque for her job as the chief medical officer for a regional health plan. She travels between Gainesville, Miami, and Orlando. She is hoping to connect with Florida classmates. She met Sharon (Prindiville) Hillman, from Chicago, at the BCS game, and has reconnected with Ruth (Hohl) Borger, who lives in Gainesville. Ruth has a doctorate in education. Tom Feifar retired in March from Navistar after 33 years. He and his family live in Inverness IL. Judge John Lohn is retiring from the Medina County OH Probate/Juvenile Court bench on July 1. He said that he is going to start emailing his friends cat pictures, obsessing about his lawn, telling anyone who will listen the details of his last doctor’s appointment, driving slowly with his blinker on, yelling at people who cut across his lawn, spitting, and using his riding lawn mower while drinking Schlitz. What’s not to like about retirement? Last year, Chris (Twist) Burke hosted a wine and cheese party for the Lake County IL ND Club’s first ND Women Connect event. Thirty women attended from the classes of 1976 to 2011. Representing our class were Molly (O’Hagan) Gantner, Susan (Kearney) Seeberg, Eunice Sullivan, Mary (Hadlock) Larson, Mary Pat (Callan) McKie, and Mary Clair (Tollaksen) Rahill. Chris was elected ND Senior Alumni Regional Director for Illinois and Northwest Indiana (excluding Chicago). Don Wittgen from the Chicago area was elected to the Alumni Board and joins Jim Zavertnik, who works for the U of Miami, and Manny Grace, a lawyer for Disney in Pasadena CA. Please keep Bob Vanes in your prayers. His wife, Joy ’79SMC, died in March. They have a daughter and two sons. Please write. — Barbara A. Langhenry; 3901 Whitman Ave., Cleveland OH 44113; bus 216-664-2893; res 216-651-8962; breclw@aol.com

79JD Sad News

I have some sad news to report this time. My former housemate and old buddy Tom Ryan died from leukemia related complications on Feb. 26. Tom married Peggy Foran’s younger sister, Maureen ’79SMC, shortly after our graduation in 1979. They remained committed to each other to the end. Along the way, they created a strong family with three accomplished daughters, all with college and several advanced degrees amongst them. Tom practiced personal injury trial work for many years in Grand Rapids. As you would expect, Tom used his wry sense of humor to powerful effect. For example, once in a malpractice case, Tom argued the defendant’s surgery made his client look like a “Picasso painting” instead of glamorous. The jury “got it” and awarded a million or two for that one. We lost a gem with his passing. In more positive news, David Beaudion just advised that the construction business has moved him again, this time to Vancouver WA, just across the river from my home base in Portland OR. Welcome, David. I have a transition to report as well. I retired from active legal practice in May. My wife, Claudia, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) last year, so I opted to spend the bulk of my time “doing stuff” with her over the next few years while we still can. Our spirits remain good, and paradoxically, are finding that this new phase of life is enjoyable and rewarding on many levels. Grotto visits help a lot, too. Lastly, a number of classmates have mentioned they are looking forward to our 35th reunion next year. So reserve time in early June 2014 for a return trip to ND, and to resume the barbeque gathering we started in Ed Foley’s backyard in 2009. More on this will follow in future columns. Please note my updated address. — Daniel F. McNeil; 1001 NW Lovejoy, Unit 205, Portland OR 97209; 503-539-9188;