50 Diminishing Numbers

A nice note with sad news came from Bill Donovan informing us of the passing of James A. Sebold. Bill wrote that the “Jersey Fellowship” would look forward to a minireunion when Patrick “Packy” Butler came east to view a game with Jim and Bill. And a note from Frank McBride Jr. included the obituary of John E. Whalen. After lauding the life of his old pal John, Frank went off on a tangent about the price of football tickets this year, plus the parking prices. A phone call from Hubert Fischer from Eau Claire fulfilled my good news request by telling of his knee replacement surgery, which was healing well. But then, Hubert had to mention that his wife Irene had died Feb. 2. But he did offer to read a two-page letter from Michael Joseph Hartigan from Chicago, which I decided not to hear, as there would not be enough space in this column. And Packy Butler called May 8 to make sure we had heard of the death of Jim Sebold. On May 31, I got a penned note from Jim Engel complimenting Notre Dame Magazine on the article “A Thousand Lives in One” about Joe Brown ’52, who beat Engel with a second round TKO in the 1949 Bengal Bouts. Jim and Virginia had eight children and five of them still live nearby in Minnesota to keep an eye on the old folks. Jim retired from the Valspar Corp. in 1990. Send him a note at Apt. 112, 7220 York Ave. South, Edina MN 55435. Then on June 2, Joseph M. Scheidler, the national director of the Pro-Life Action League, called to say he’s still hard at work, including a city-wide “Choose-Life” effort all over Chicago July 11-19. You should have heard about it by this reading. Joe and I worked at the South Bend Tribune back in the early 1950s. If anyone is interested in supporting Joe’s continuing efforts, his address is 6160 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago IL 60646. I just learned Joe Hickey is under medical care. Please say a fervent prayer for him and all other ailing classmates. Louis Ciesielski sent a nice email early in July to inform us that, although he is still recuperating from several strokes earlier this year, he is looking forward to his 90th birthday on July 13. Not many of us can brag about that. Lou also noted that he and wife Jeannette just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. For the decades I have known Lou, he has been a superb example of a Notre Dame man here in South Bend. He sends his regards to all of you. His email is b71324@gmail.com. And R. Dan Russel of Denver phoned July 20 to ask if my wife Jane and I planned to attend his and wife Flora’s 60th wedding anniversary luncheon, being hosted by their kids, on Aug. 9. I had to answer “No,” since Jane and I are becoming too feeble to drive, fly or hike to Denver. Plus our own 64th anniversary is this year on Aug. 5. But please call (don’t write) Dan and Flora at 505-820-1587. I hate to say it, but your old class secretary must put away his pen. Living in a nursing home is in my future. I’ve asked one of my grandsons, Colin Heffernan ’03, to take over the duty. You can reach him via email at cheffern@gmail.com. He is a brilliant young man, one of my five ND grandsons. Bless all you classic grads from the class of 1950. — Zane Trinkley; 2418 Miami St., South Bend IN 46614; 574-289-8373

51 Satisfying Conversation

Well, hello, everybody. I hope you had a wonderful summer and escaped the heavy storms, fires, and other destructive happenings that swept the country the past four months or so. When you read this column, football season will be more than midway. As I write, it is the first of August and the first game with Rice is just four weeks away. I am eager to start. I want to tell you about a very satisfying conversation I had this week with our quarterback from our day, Bob Williams of Towson MD. Bob has not been in great health, but with the help of his daughter, Anita Feeley, we were able to convene, the three of us. By coincidence Bob and Anita had just returned to his home when I called, from having lunch with Jim Mutscheller ’52, his primary receiver when both were wearing the uniform of the Irish. I hope all of you read the story of Jim Frick’s death in the summer issue of Notre Dame Magazine written by Kerry Temple ’74. The story was a wonderful tribute to Jim and to his great contributions to Notre Dame. One retiree told me, “Thank God for Jim Frick. He had me set up a retirement plan when I was younger that has made my life today financially comfortable.” I had a nice visit with Anne and Bill Longhi of Ashburn VA. He let me know they had visited the campus and had stayed at the new Morris Inn. Bill added that they were impressed with all the amenities. Our bio for this issue concerns Tom Brennan, Aberdeen WA. He is one of the few alumni who was born, raised and lived most of his life in the same town. Tom was baptized in St. Mary’s Church and 30 years later was married in the same church. Following graduation he and an Irish cousin hitched around Europe for a year. Returning to Aberdeen he joined his father in the retail store business. Later his brother, Jim ’56, joined, and they ran the business together until retirement in 1999. In 1960, Tom married Gretchen Lawwill, a graduate from the U of Washington. They happily raised five sons, three of whom are Notre Dame alumni. One of his highlights from last year was when he took his five sons and made a visit to his father’s birthplace, Castleblayney, County Monaghan, Ireland. The trip will be long remembered. On their 54th wedding anniversary last May, they returned to Notre Dame to have their vows renewed. Rev. Peter Rocca, CSC, officiated. Jack Landry advised that he and Jan have moved from Coldwater MI to Natrona Heights PA. Jane and I attended Reunion. We visited with Bob Murphy of South Bend, Mary Lou and Jim Jennings of Hilton Head SC, and Walter Kosydar of Toledo OH. That is it for this time. See you next time. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 952-932-6454; JimJaneGillis@aol.com

52 Reaching Out

Our class project, in which your officers are reaching out to fellows whom we have not heard from in a while, is working out fine. The following will be a tribute the fine contributions that many of you have already made. Thank You. Tony Messina spent 30 years working for Martin Marietta in aluminum and titanium sales and retired in ’87. Then he was active in real estate sales for l5 years before taking up a life involving golf. He plays and serves as a marshal at a nearby club in Huntington Beach CA. Ed Sullivan of Morristown NJ is still working part time as a quality control officer in New York City for URS on engineering, architecture and environmental projects. He attended graduation to see his grandson Tim ’14 get his degree and was impressed with the grandiose nature of the campus compared to our days. He and Barbara had six children. Richard Sheridan, Sun City AZ, had a varied career. After serving as a staff sergeant in the Army in Korea, he embarked on three business enterprises. In Pittsburgh, he worked with an industrial machinery installation company and then in warehouse management with American Hospital Supply in Georgia. In 1970 he started his own business known as Justice Packaging Corp., distributing to penal institutions the personal supplies that are used by inmates. When he sold the business and retired in 2001, he was engaged in each of the states in the US, six foreign countries and the Caribbean. He and Molly have four daughters. He states that church, family and Notre Dame are the best things that ever happened to him, and he takes full advantage of all of the volunteer activities at his local parish, two blocks away. Ralph Richard, Tucson AZ, is a professor emeritus at the U of Arizona and still has his office on the campus where he lectures on design of optical structures and seismic engineering. He continues to publish in renowned journals in his field. He and Sue have three children and enjoy the culture of the West. Bill Corbett has had a great run. Right after graduation he was an officer aboard a Navy destroyer escort and then opted to attend flight training, after which he embarked on a long career of flying Navy aircraft until his separation in l974. He returned to South Bend, working for Dick Rosenthal at the St. Joseph Bank, which led to flying bank officers to various meetings. This evolved to being hired by ND to fly Ara, Lou, Digger, Fathers Ted and Ned and others to their University obligations. He and Diane have four children, all Domers, and he thanks God for the good fortune he and his family have had. Peter Brennan, Sunnyvale CA, worked for many years in the defense industry with RCA and Lockheed and then for Santa Clara County until his retirement. Ron Zier, Franklin Lakes NJ, continues his civic work. In keeping with his service with the Second Infantry Division in Korea, he has worked on a presentation in which he describes that conflict to the many people who have never understood it. He works on the veteran’s circuit on national days of honor where his efforts are appreciated. Paul “Bucky” Ewing, Brick NJ, was a teacher and coach with the Elizabeth School District. For years after graduation, he represented the New York Athletic Club in its track events. He and Diane have five children all living close by except for one in Pennsylvania. Jack Long, Sea Girt NJ, got an early start in sales and had two fine careers in executive positions with General Foods and F.W. Woolworth. He and Alice have seven children and have had an oceanfront home since l977. Charlie Schubert is leaving Vermont this fall and moving to Castle Rock CO, where he will be closer to his son. Bob Cossaboon, Rochester NY, spent two years in the Army before joining Kodak for 31 years as a quality control engineer. He lost his wife Pat in 2008, and they had three children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Dick Tighe, Webster City IA, is ranked eighth among high school football coaches with the most victories at 413 and is getting ready for the upcoming season. Go get them, Dick. — Edward F. Foley; 212 Ocean Road, Spring Lake NJ 07762; 732-449-0753; tedfoleysr@aol.com

53 Steaming as Before

Matt Markert’s wife, Joan, sent a letter to tell us that they visited Geneva, Switzerland, in March to visit daughter Sharon. Thereafter, they were planning July trips to Minnesota to see grandchildren and stay on a houseboat with a bunch of family. At the Stanford game, Matt is considering marching with the band alumni and, mercifully, not playing, and then on to the Chicago lunch. Joan is not an enthusiast of the pre-game “music.” Weather in South Bend has been cool and wet, perfect weather for grass growing. Art Midili’s grandson, Marine Sgt. Andy Trossen, for whom we prayed during his Iraq service, was selected to receive a full four-year college scholarship. Andy will remain in the Marine Corps and attend North Florida U, seeking a degree in construction management. Simultaneously with his degree, he shall be a commissioned officer. This is a highly competitive program, and Andy deserves congratulations. Tex McMonagle recently returned to Parris Island Marine Recruit Training Base, which he commanded in the 1980s, for a reunion of sorts with members of the training command. He reported a wonderful week with many fine Marines, active and retired. John Fortino, to escape the torrid triple digit heat of Tucson and test his new body part, attended the change of command of the Navy Aircraft Carrier Nimitz in Everett WA. The newly appointed ship’s captain is the son-in-law of an ND friend, name not supplied. John reported that he had some difficulty negotiating the gangways. He understands why Navy service is for young folks. Jim Hutchinson and his wife, Peggy, visited Hilton Head and Ralph Argen and his wife, Muriel. Peggy and Muriel were classmates at Saint Mary’s College and remained friends. Ralph’s most notable reportable achievement is he inadvertently went swimming while wearing his ND watch, which survived the dunking. Good watches. Father Tom Smith awaits a new class of seminary candidates in Uganda, as well as a contingent of visitors from Notre Dame. Father Smith continues to pray for us. Jack Varney called to visit after seeing his report in the most recent column. He is sustaining incidents of aging foibles and doesn’t plan on attending the Chicago luncheon. Ray Dittrich’s daughter, Claire, reports that her dad is pleased with the contacts from his Notre Dame classmates. Thomas McNamara died in Chicago on Father’s Day. Tom was the father of six children, a lawyer in a prestigious Chicago firm for four decades, and one of 30 Fenwick High graduates in our class. Vic George’s wife, Roxanne, died June 13 in Grand Blanc MI. She was the mother of six surviving children. Retired Marine Maj. Robert Rossiter Sr. ’59 JD died July 17 in Omaha. Robert was a medical malpractice insurance defense lawyer. He is survived by a wife and four children. Bill Wuetcher’s brother, Bob, died in Louisville July 28. Bob was a year older than Bill and maintained an avid interest in ND and Bill’s classmates. Harold Sheahen died Aug. 4 in Des Plaines IL. Pray not only for the deceased and the survivors but for the many ailing members of the class. The psalm which asks that God forgive the sins of our youth is a closing thought. If you wish to receive email messages about the class, contact me at the address below. — John T. Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; Yokeemup@aol.com

54 60th Class Family Reunion

We began our Reunion with a Class Mass in the Basilica that included a necrology reading of the 480 classmates who are known to be deceased. Where possible the spouse read the name of her deceased husband. In an effort to create an opportunity to improve camaraderie and allow us to visit with “old” friends and make new ones, the reunion committee elected to have a ’54 only suite in Duncan Hall. Each evening the class of ’54 had a private cocktail hour and dinner, along with a special theme for each evening. On Thursday, we paid tribute to Marie and Milt Beaudine, Marie for her support and to Milt as class secretary and for his leadership for 60 years, as well as his contributions to the Alumni Association. In addition, Dick Anton provided placemats as mementoes, a map of the campus as we knew it. On Friday evening Ray Tierney took over as a gifted emcee to discuss our life while at Notre Dame in the early 1950s with a valuable assist from John (not Jack) Daniels who enlightened all on what was going on in the world, in politics, entertainment, business and our football team. We also viewed a special video of that time in our student lives. Oh, I almost forgot; we were asked to make two pledges. First, Paul Kraus asked us not to discuss surgeries and health problems. Second, Ray asked us to make a commitment to come back for our 70th. On Saturday we had our class picture taken and learned that our class had set a new Notre Dame record for a 60th reunion class of 100 classmates plus 53 spouses, widows and offspring. A major contributor was Tom Field who had 439 calls made to classmates we had not heard from. I encourage you to go to our website to see who was there: 1954.undclass.org I also encourage you to send me your email address so we can keep you informed of class happenings. On Saturday evening we were entertained by our emcee, Tom McHugh, as well as John Lattner, Neil Worden, Bob Rigali, Joe Sassano, Rock Morrissey, Dick Rosenthal, Romie Zanetti and Roger Valdiserri. I say entertained because most focused on humorous incidents that happened either off the field or that was unknown to the media. One of these stories was about Tom and his fumble on the one yard line against Georgia Tech. Leahy pulled Tom, and told him he would be the death of him and that he had sinned and then Leahy had a heart attack and Tom thought he had killed the coach. Anne and Jack Mertens renewed their marriage vows and learned that they were the longest married couple in the group, 60 years. Let me know how many of you can better this. Dave Foy, who lives in Indianapolis, could not make the Reunion but his daughter wanted us to know he is very involved with St. Vincent DePaul and occasionally performs in local theater. He has invited us to visit his daughter’s crepe restaurant in Lake Geneva WI. Tom Moore lives in the Phoenix area and is still very involved as a pediatric ophthalmologist two days per week at Children’s Rehabilitative Service Eye Clinic. His goal in his freshman year was to be a professional baseball player. Please remember to pray for our classmates and their families who are ill. The following classmates are deceased: Samual Overton, Thomas Hayes, Robert Wallace, John Stephany, Ronald Luna and William Bord. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; kochgnl@Yahoo.com

54JD Last Column

I received an amazing photograph from Don Ward. It was his Christmas family photograph with all 38 members of his wonderful family. Don was in the middle with his disabled son whom he and his wife have cared for these many years. I just got the photograph but can’t get Don or the law partner son Charlie to respond to emails, faxes, or snail mail, and I am worried. Don had a five point bypass at our age and was up and back to the office in weeks. We corresponded. He said news of his death was grossly misrepresented and sent the photo to prove it. But alas, there has been no further word. Don has won many deserved awards as a top litigator. He told me Jim Belyer goes to the office daily. Sam Adelo still is translating in courts but does he know Arabic and Chinese? Jim Kalo has a bad back so retired. I need open heart surgery on a back heart valve and other heart troubles so I believe this is the last after almost five decades as class secretary, though I begged you for information all these years. Vaya con dios. Happy trails. — Carl Eiberger; 14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net

55 Mark These Dates

Block out Feb. 5 for the Florida Fling, Feb. 10-11 for Desert Fling, and June 4-7 for our 60th reunion. Local chairman Jim Hesburgh has secured a block of rooms at the Inn at Saint Mary’s (574-232-4000) and the adjacent Hilton Garden Inn (574-232-7700). To reserve a room, just call either hotel and identify yourself as a member of the class of ’55. Complete details will be on the website, and info will be updated by email. Most of our activities will be in the hotel to reduce movement. The shuttle service to campus is great and they are used to handling people with canes and wheelchairs. You can do it. A complete schedule will be distributed when everything is finalized. Former tennis captain Wally Clarke’s granddaughter captured the National High School Tennis Championship. Can you top this: Marty Gleason has met every US president in his lifetime starting with Herbert Hoover. Vacationers include Emmet Root (Baltic), Walt Langford and Dick Mueller (Maui), Frank Tonini (Paris), Dan Moore (Alaska), John Hamilton (France), Forst Brown (South America), Bob McGrath (Europe), Larry Buckley (Canada), Mark Healy (England), John Queenan (Mediterranean), Tom May (Mexico), Ed Yohon (Ireland), Pat Kearns (Danube), Emmet Cassidy (Hudson River) and Tom Armstrong (Hilton Head). Marty Mahrt reports that nine veterans’ families enjoyed his Black Hills cabin this summer. John Lochtefeld’s work was featured at this summer’s Artist Association of Nantucket gala. Bob Phillips is helping his cousin establish a Catholic college in Ireland. Leo Callaghan is setting up a scholarship fund for the children in the Haitian parish his church has been helping. The Starkville MS Daily News produced a major feature story on Bill Glass and his pottery work, as well as his local involvement in the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s. I can’t believe that Bill Richardson’s high school grandson cleared 16 feet in the pole vault. Dick Beeman’s grandson completed the Leadville 100, which is 100 miles across the Colorado Rockies. Beeman wrote that it took his grandson 15 hours to complete the race and that he has a hard time staying awake for 15 hours. George Vosmik spent four months in the Keys looking for fish. Denny Conway is enjoying his 16th grandchild. Exterminators had to kill more than 100 yellow jackets before Paul Cardinal could reclaim his house. Father Jim Blantz did a four-day stint at Hollywood’s Magic Castle in July, leaving Father Joe O’Donnell baking back in red-hot Phoenix where he’s still rehabbing from knee surgery. Hesburgh ran into Father John Keefe at an ND function. Jerry Hughes says you know you are getting old when the planes you flew are either up on a pedestal or out in front of an air base somewhere. Dick Ruwe was a winner at Keeneland Race Track. I enjoyed lunch with John Derwent on campus. Jim Walsh’s Killer from a Distance and Jac Fitzen’s Rough Waters, The Life of a Naval Intelligence Officer are available on Amazon. I am sorry I missed Joe McGraw in Tulsa but he was “doing Europe.” John O’Meara is still sitting in federal court in Ann Arbor. Bob Kranzke has a home and business in Mexico, but also has a small ranch in Texas. CNN’s series on Chicago focused on Fenger High School where Gerry Sheahan’s son teaches. Ron Smith is the golf organizer for 16 high school buddies. John Dwyer continues working in several volunteer organizations. Jim Porcari’s children set up an 80th birthday celebration in their old hometown of Rochester NY. Jack Battel visited kids in Maine, Virgina and Florida. Dave Metz flew to CA to see a grandson deliver his commencement address. For the 44th year, Max Roesler took his boys fishing in Canada. Don Sileo’s mother was 100 on July 27. Are there any other centenarians out there? Larry Harrison was wowed by the Our Lady of the Rockies statue in Montana. John Rogers, Ron Smith and Jim Wilson got together in Vermont for the July 4th weekend. Tom Magill bumped into visiting John Russo at Mass in North Palm Beach and says John looks great. Tom is still active teaching economics as an adjunct professor. John Hamilton, Chuck Doherty, Max Roesler, Jack Flynn and spouses spent a week at Hamilton’s time share in Virginia. Tom Armstrong, who had cataract surgery in June, did his R&R on Hilton Head. Jim Gibbons and John Hobbs shared dinner in Oklahoma City. Condolences to Frank Schmidt whose grandson, 9, was killed in a Memorial Day boating accident. Memorial Masses have been offered for Fred Whitfield, Herb ‘Buddy’ Haile, Charlie Piper, Frank Lolli, Brother Philip Armstrong, Don Robinson, Noel Kindt and Cy Lindemann’s wife, Joanne. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class Secretary — John Coyne; john.coyne@abm.com

56 Staying In Touch

The successful Oct. 11 fall mini-reunion is thanks to the efforts of Mark Burns, Bob Welsh and Larry Kennedy. The event will start with the annual memorial Mass in the Welsh Family Residence Chapel. ND’56 Class Chaplain Father Tom Chambers will be the celebrant, with Father Bob Pelton, CSC,’45 as concelebrant, and assisted by Deacon Jim Revord. Our own private dining room at the beautiful Morris Inn will house a reception, excellent luncheon, and the introduction of three classmates selected as honorees for the 2014-15 Endowed Scholarship recipients: Ed Cosgrove, Pete Cannon and Don Costello. Fund chairman Larry Kennedy will introduced three of ND’s fine students, selected by the University, to merit our award for 2014-15; their complete bios and photos can be seen on our website, nd56.org, via the Class News link. The Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund continues to grow. The invested market value of the fund as of March 31 is $1,319,618. The book value of total gifts from inception on June 1, 2000 to July 24, 2014 is $908,492. Please continue to keep the fund in your annual giving to Notre Dame. Specify “ND’56 Scholarship Fund” on the memo line of your check, the reply card to ND, and put a Post-it note on the check as well. Gifts designated to the fund count toward your annual giving record and eligibility for the alumni football ticket lottery. Webmaster Dick Yeager works 24/7 keeping our website filled with news from the University and Irish Sports; but the most visited sites are our email listing, family pics and anniversaries, classmate news, football ticket sales and obituaries. You can currently see John Manion enjoying the company of John Probst at a concert of the Reno Pops that featured songs from his daughter, Jennifer Gourly. A photo from 1981 Reunion shows Dr. Phil Bohnert, Dr. Joe DiLallo, Father Ted Hesburgh, Dr. Angelo Capozzi, and author Al Parillo. Frank Cappellino’s 80th bash included Jerry Curran and Sid Wilkin. Deaths reported since the summer issue include Rev. Joseph Stocking, SJ, in Renton WA on July 26 as reported by his long-time friend, Dr. Gerry Kenny. Paul L. Gerace died suddenly in Batavia NY on July 3. Christopher C. Reitz III died following brain surgery on June 30 in Florham Park NJ. Anthony “Tony” Silva passed away peacefully at his in South Portland ME on June 14. Bernard “Bernie” G. Kosse died from Parkinson’s on June 9 in Louisville KY. Raymond Donald “Don" Béchamps, of Freehold NJ, passed away May 31. John M. Schiltz died May 28 in Montana after a stroke. Jackson “Jack” Sigler died on May 13 following a battle with brain cancer and pneumonia in Tallahassee FL. Ernest T. Murata died in Honolulu HI on May 5 while fighting pneumonia and MRSA. John R. “Jack” McCartan died April 12 in Pittsburgh, fighting lymphoma. Dr. Rene Dirk Koun died in Williamsburg VA on March 29. Peter Lawrence “Coach” Billick died in Miller Beach IN on Jan. 25. Frederick D. “Fritz” Owens died Dec. 22 in Zirconia NC. Full obituaries can be viewed on nd56.org. We also share the great loss suffered by Bill Boraczek as his wife, Adele, died battling cancer on July 17. Please chip in to the ND56 fund in care of Ed Cosgrove, 525 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202. Enjoy the fall season and each other. — John Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.net

56JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Minireunion Memories

By the time you read this, the minireunion will have come and gone. We were able to use the Morris Inn venue for our pregame lunch thanks to Alex McMurtrie, whose generosity is displayed on a plaque at the entrance of the dining room in the new Morris Inn. I talked with Ed Sullivan recently. Thanks in no small part to his wife Rosie, Ed is recovering from problems with cancer, a couple heart attacks which Ed says were minor, and a problem that most of us today are experiencing: trying to remember what we went into the room for. Remember in your prayers Tom “the web guy” Schriber who had a fall while conducting his class at U of Michigan. Yes, at his age, he is still teaching. The fall resulted in a fracture in C-2 cervical spine. He is still recuperating. Father John Smyth’s 80th birthday was celebrated June 5 in Glenview IL. George Groble organized the event. Joe Rink provided a list of those who attended. Attending were widows Becky Brennan, Kay Feeley, and Donna Hennesey, as well as classmates Paul Byron, Pat Sheerin and Ken Woodward. The couples who were able to make it included Millie and Bob Calabrese, Maureen and Ed Chott, Pat and Paul D’Amore, Mitzie and Cyrus Friedheim, Yvonne and John Gibbs, Marilyn and George Groble, Joan and Don Leone, Debbie and Bill Maddux, Grace and Jim Milota, Judy and Bill Newbold, Mary and K.J. Phelan, Marilyn and Jack Reinhold and Jenny and Joe Rink. Father John claims that being 80 is not all that bad; the rest of us are likely to be reaching that age during the next calendar year if we haven’t already. Brother Tom (Thomas Michael) Shaughnessy, CSC, who entered ND with our class in the fall of 1953, died on June 6. He was a Holy Cross brother who, like a number of our classmates, graduated from St. Edwards High in Lake View OH. Also passing was Jeremiah “Jerry” Murphy. Jerry was preceded in death by his wife, Loretta, and survived by two daughters. Jerry, like a number of us, graduated from Spalding Institute in Peoria IL. He was buried in the cemetery at Notre Dame. Michael J. Hyland died on June 8. Mike was for 30 years a sports reporter with the Richmond News-Leader and Richmond Times Dispatch in Virginia. His obituary described him as “a holdover from bygone era: a kind of delightfully quirky man who was as memorable as the athletes and coaches about whom he wrote.” Mike was known for commuting to work on a stodgy battered bicycle. It was said about him, “How many other reporters have covered a golf tournament by riding down the fairway on a bicycle?” Mike was diagnosed with ALS and was survived by two sons. Moore McDonough, you may recall, fashioned crosses from wood taken from trees from the ND campus then blessed by Father Hesburgh. He gave us the crosses on the occasion of our golden reunion. Moore now writes, “Let our folks know that I would love to send ND crosses to their communities if they will deliver them to retired religious or wounded warriors.” Write to Moore at 1979 Van Buren Lane, San Antonio TX. Harry Smith wrote detailing completion of an 18-year project in which his wife Katherine was deeply involved. The project was the construction of the first voyaging canoe on Maui in 600 years. Don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers and tell someone today you love them. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St., Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-676-8986; fax: 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class Secretary —Thomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

h2(58 Commitment to Justice

Bob Thompson writes from St. Charles MO to report that three of his grandchildren have graduated from ND and three more are enrolled. Bob retired in 1999 and has 14 more grandchildren. Due to health issues he now resides in the St. Louis area. Joseph T. Bumbleberg has been recognized by the Indiana Lawyer as a “2014 Leadership in Law Distinguished Barrister.” The award is presented annually to 15 attorneys from Indiana who have demonstrated a commitment to justice in their communities as a guiding principle of their profession. Joe has practiced law in Lafayette IN for more than 50 years and is senior partner in the firm of Ball Eggleston PC. Several months ago, Walter E. Smithe Jr. announced his retirement as head of the Walter E. Smithe retail furniture sales company located in multiple stores throughout the Chicago area. Walt’s retirement was announced in TV commercials in the Chicago market, showing Walt and his wife driving away from the company office in a 1950-era convertible, once owned by Walt, which had been located and restored by his three sons as a retirement gift. The commercial was very entertaining but has been superseded by a new one in which Walt is shown returning to work in response to his wife’s plea to her sons (now running the business) to, “Please, take him back.” Her frantic plea was prompted by a series of scenes in which Walt is shown launching himself from Lake Michigan by means of a jet back-pack, attempting to perform as a stand-up comic, a traffic cop, a horse-drawn carriage driver, a cheeseburger chef, a skate-boarder, a yachtsman, a disc jockey, and a TV weatherman. The commercials are more entertaining than the programs during which they appear. We close this edition with news of the passing of several classmates. Marine Col. Robert D. McCarthy of Raleigh NC died June 9. He is survived by his wife Jean R. Dodd, two daughters, two sons, three stepsons, nine grandchildren and 12 step-grandchildren. Bob entered the Marine Corps after graduation and served as a helicopter pilot and later served as commander of Marine Light Helicopter Squadron 771 in South Weymouth MA. He also coached football at Harvard, East Carolina U, Elon College, and North Carolina Central. Francis Manzo of Langhorne PA died May 13. Frank was an educator, restaurateur and businessman and held master’s degrees from Rutgers and Villanova. He is survived by his wife Isabel, five sons, four daughters, and several grandchildren. May the Lord bless our departed brothers with everlasting joy, and comfort their families. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray,

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59 New Leadership, New Programs

Our thanks to John Cashion for his leadership over many years. Enjoy your retirement. Our class officers Joe Mulligan, Msgr. Milam Joseph, Bo Broemmel and yours truly, recently conferred via conference call to begin gathering ideas on what impact we, as ’59ers could have as a class. We need your input. What are your thoughts and ideas? What two or three things could we do collectively during these next few years? Feel free to contact me, and I will be pleased to share all ideas and suggestions with the officers. And, then provide a report to everyone in the next issue of this magazine. Tom Hawkins of Malibu CA has shared many inspiring thoughts over the years and here is “Recapitulation,” his latest jewel: “Memories can often haunt me and refuse to go away, in this world of recollection I find myself today/Gazing at old photos, reliving days and nites, probing magic moments, tugging at fallen kites/I do my best to reconcile the eclectic life I’ve led, reaching for puzzle pieces that are dancing in my head/I know I can’t go home again or keep the music playing, yet recapitulation sometimes sends this hound a baying/Foolishly, I revisit episodic interludes, then deal with life’s realities that so factually intrude/What would have happened if? My God, what a senseless game. But I still insist on petting this beast I will never tame.” One of the highlights during our recent 55th reunion was a special gathering of classmates who were part of Father Art Harvey’s University Theatre in the late 1950s. Organized by Jim Cooney of Albuquerque, with Phil Donahue ’57 of New York City as MC, it featured performances by Bob Burns of St. Petersburg FL, Rudy Hornish of Pacific Palisades CA, Joe Maier of Glen Ellyn IL, Barbara Benford Trafficanda ’59SMC of San Clemente CA and Paul Willihnganz of Santa Rosa CA. Video tributes were given to the late Jerry Broderick who died Dec. 16, 1988, Art DiSabatino who died June 30, 2001, Dan Ferrone who died Sept. 16, 1999 and Joe McArdle who died Jan. 20, 2007. Brian Foley is still working as an equity portfolio manager with his wife’s firm, Podesta and Co., in Chicago. They just celebrated their 54th and have been blessed with 19 grandchildren. Our resident librarian Bill Flynn reports that they recently broke ground for a major renovation and expansion of the Fernandina Beach Library on Amelia Island FL. Jerry Halloran retired from the Robert Bosch Corp. in South Bend and still lives in the city. Joe McMann continues to contribute to our space program, even though he is supposed to be retired since 1997. When one of the astronauts experienced a large amount of water in his space suit helmet during a spacewalk in July 2013, Joe was asked to act as a consultant to the Mishap Review Board. He has been involved ever since. He and Lola live in Katy TX. In our continuing story on John Beliveau, we report he is an “active retired judge” in Maine. He is an assistant coach of the women’s track team at Bates College in Lewiston. Bob Cowhey is still working as a special consultant to Cowhey Manhard, a land and construction company in Vernon Hills IL. He spends the winter in Naples. John Burdick has had one of the more interesting jobs: selling monuments. He sold the family business and is now doing research for the Clinton NY Historical Society. Tom McBreen of Glenview IL reported a unique experience: he took a bungee jump off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand, where the first bungee jump was performed. Tom Londrigan and Jim Hilliard teamed up to once again to sail the Mackinac Race of 333 miles from Chicago to Mackinac Island. Laura and Jim Burden spend their time between Nottingham MD and Vero Beach FL. Ed Ricciuti asks that classmates buy his new book, Bears in the Back Yard, Norton/Countryman, June 2014. I am sorry to report the death of a good guy, Ken Boone, in Louisville KY on June 24. Please visit FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni site at ndsenioralumni.org. Please send me information. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte; wharte@williamharteld.com