Why We Love Sports Summer 2014

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Why We Love Sports

by David Shribman

Few things in life stir our passions like the games people play.

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The Money Games

by Jason Kelly ’95

Professional sports have become vast global industries, billion-dollar enterprises and powerful cultural forces. Where does this leave their fans?

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Irish Hysteria

by Photography by Barbara Johnston

A photo essay on women’s basketball.

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by Tom Coyne ’97, ’99MFA

‘Really? You’re a writer? You can make a living doing that?’

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Lessons from America’s War for the Greater Middle East

by Andrew Bacevich

For well over 30 years now, the United States military has been intensively engaged in various quarters of the Islamic world. An end to that involvement is nowhere in sight.

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Trouble in the Air

by John Rudolf

A pediatrician suspects a connection between pollutants and human health in her community — and her stand becomes a lightening rod for controversy and conflict.

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Artist at Work

by Mark McMahon

Mark McMahon captures campus moments and monuments.

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