A Place Called Nowhere Autumn 2014

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The Place Called Nowhere

by John Rudolf

Kakuma has been created out of an apparent wasteland, but it is now home to almost 200,000 desperate, resilient, resourceful, uprooted human beings. For Rahul Oka, it is more than a study in anthropology.

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by Mark Phillips

Familiar tunes and remembered lyrics play from the past, reminding us of each other, old and new.

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The Bellmaker

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Resonant, lyric metal, not quite like anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s not the only thing emerging from the foundry of Riley Hall.

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My Good Friend Is Leaving

by Alison Macor ’88

ALS is taking Michelle Melland ’88 away from me and her other former roommates and her husband and children and friends and other family members. We — and many others — are trying to ease the journey.

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All in Due Time

by Andrew Santella

Perhaps there is something you could do before reading this.

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‘Go Irish, Fly Navy’

by Matt Cashore ’94

A photo essay on Blue Angels pilot Lcdr John Hiltz ’02.

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