Who We Are Spring 2014

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Who We Are

by The Editors, photography by Barbara Johnston

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Domers in Dialogue

by Monica Yant Kinney ’93 and David Kinney ’94

A look at The Notre Dame Man and The Notre Dame Woman.

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The Adaptable Servant

by Brendan O’Shaughnessy ’93

David Link ’58, 61J.D., the prison minister.

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Prodigy on the Grand Stage

by Michael Rodio ’12

Paul Appleby ’05, the opera singer.

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Mayor of Murder City

by Jerry Kammer ’71

Jose Reyes Ferriz ’88LL.M, the overseer of Juarez.

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We Are Hope-Brokers in Hell

by Antonio Anderson, SOLT, ’85

Antonio Anderson, SOLT, ’85, the love-dragon.

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Planting Peace

by A.P. Monta

Jill Johnson Boutros ’88 and Naji Boutros ’87, the winemakers.

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A Thousand Lives in One

by Tara Hunt ’12

JPS Brown ’52, the cattle rancher.

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On The Deck

by Bill Ehrlich ’09

Bill Ehrlich ’09, the electrician.

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Stories of Us

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What We Do

by The Editors

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We Are…

by The editors

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