50 No News, Good News?

Bill Tartani, originally from Muskegon MI, called Jan. 6 to inform us that Dick Kirk, Bill’s old roomie at Notre Dame, had passed away. Another buddy is gone. Not too many remain. Please pray for each other. – Zane Trinkley; 2418 Miami St., South Bend IN 46614; 574-289-8373

51 High Points

Happy spring everybody. Oh my, it was a rough winter for many of you. However, when you read this piece, spring will have arrived. The football season had some high points for most of us, and now we can look forward to September when we will do it again. I want to thank all of you who purchased our book, The Cemetery Beneath the Golden Dome. Jerry McKenna ’62 of Bourne TX stated in a complimentary note that he considered himself a ND historian, but the book gave him some new insights and facts that he had not known. Dell and Larry Gallagher suffered the loss of their son, Shawn, in early December. Dr. James Gajewski ’78 of Portland OR notified us that his father, Leonard Gajewski of Reading PA, died last year. James said his father was a practicing attorney in Reading. It was wonderful hearing from Tom Brennan of Aberdeen WA. Again he sent along a nice check for our Class Mass Fund. Jim Jennings of Hilton Head SC told us that Jim Vosel of Pittsburgh PA passed away in November. Our bio this issue is about Jack Ferrick of Akron OH and Marco Island FL. Jack was born in March 1927 into an lrish family of 10 in Buffalo NY. Jack was a three-sport high school athlete: football, basketball and baseball. He enlisted in the Army Air Corp after high school and served at Clark Air Force Base in Luzon, Philippines. Upon discharge in ‘47, he entered Canisius College in Buffalo. He played on the freshman football team. Starting his sophomore year, he transferred to Notre Dame. Jack’s two older brothers were Notre Dame graduates: George ’41 and Bill ’46. During his senior year, Jack had an appendicitis attack and was taken to a South Bend hospital. There he met a student nurse, Dolores Bendet, from Benton Harbor. They were married in Sacred Heart in December, 1951. Dolores passed away in January, 2011 after 60 years of married life. Jack spent his working career in the gypsum distribution business including some 40 years operating his own company. They had two daughters, Jennifer Vari and Laura Perry, plus a son, John Jeffrey, who passed away in 2007, and six grandchildren. Linda Roehrig of Rockford IL informed us that her husband, Phillip Roehrig, died in November. Phil had been president of the Notre Dame Club of Rockford and also served on the Senior Alumni Board. I hope to see many of you at the Reunion on campus. Join us to relive Irish memories, create new ones and support Notre Dame with your class, family and friends. – Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; JimJaneGillis@aol.com

52 New Project

Did you notice that on Father Jenkins’ trip to the Vatican, he gave a replica of our Visitation statue to Pope Francis? ND ’52 played a role in that event. Jack Delaney has been employed in the U of Minnesota Medical School in the surgery department since leaving ND. He has continued in the research lab since 2001. Jack Welsh is rightly proud of his grandson Harrison Shipp, the captain and high scorer for the ND championship soccer team. Shipp was profiled in the Sunday Chicago Tribune sports section. His mother is Kathleen ’82. The defensive play of that team in the tournament was a pleasure to watch. They shut other teams down. Joe Straub lost his younger brother, Father Pablo, a Redemptorist missionary who spent a lifetime in foreign missions. His last 20 years were in Mexico where he built a number of buildings, which were a tribute to his skills as an organizer. Mal Wakin is not one to boast, but his contributions to the Air Force Academy continue as he lectures on ethics and leadership, or more precisely, “The relationship between good character and good leadership.” In the city of Colorado Springs, he is equally effective. He is on the city ethics committee and rewrote their code of ethics. He and Lynn continue to enjoy living in the shadow of the Rockies. Bill Delaney, retired from the Air Force, and his wife, Merce, have done a wonderful job of imbuing their family with a sense of duty to country. As a result, three of their five children are retired from the Army and one each from the Navy and Air Force. He sent me a photo of the group in uniform, and they are healthy and squared away. After 35 years as your secretary, I am concerned about those who have not checked in lately. So your class officers, George, Joe and I, are going to reach out to you via email and telephone. Simply said, we will see if you care to make a contribution to this column and share information on your life over the years. Let’s see how it goes. Stay tuned. – Edward F. Foley; 200 Ocean Trial Way, Jupiter FL 33477; 561-741-1675; tedfoleysr@aol.com

53 Longevity Can Have a High Price

Spring is coming and Jack Dilenschneider is attending his wife’s 60th at Saint Mary’s College. Jack has bounced back after a problem and is seeking contact information for Gerry Voit, Harry Shay and Walt Werner. Jim Gibbons’ wife Betty Ann has, with medical help, grit and determination, restored her shattered wrist, which is now fully functional. Jim is fighting back from his throat cancer. Tex McMonagle is ready for a forced march with his two replaced knees. Mary and Jack Coyne have participated in their 28th Irish cruise. They like the music and the people. Ed DeBoer took great issue with this magazine’s account of the celebrated “milk riot” as he was a witness to the celebrated event, as were many. Vic George is pleased with their decision to move to a single story house in Grand Blanc MI. We hope that Vic, Dave O’Leary, Dick McConnell, Jerry Hammes, Jim Ehinger and Lee Tavis will join for our lunch soon in Kalamazoo, the central point of meeting. Speaking of moves, Rev. John Leonard, after a pacemaker, decided to move to assisted living in Grand Rapids. He has the same phone number. Hugh Braun and Dan Collins are neighbors in a facility in Milwaukee. I anticipate receiving a report from John Fortino, our Tucson cowboy, as to whether he met with Jerry O’Conner in Phoenix, visited Jim Noonan and saw Terry Britt, an Arizona winter resident. I received a note and Mass Fund contribution from Andy Adelhardt, noting that for his 85th birthday, he, a son and three daughters rode a tour bus from White Plains NY to the Oklahoma game. Andy Hernon, Bill Lammers and Bernie Hester also replenished the fund. I am sorry if I overlooked any recent contributors. Father Tom Smith, CSC, our adopted Missionary, has agreed to offer Mass periodically for our classmates and wives who are afflicted with memory problems. This is in addition to the two Masses-A-Day offered for us and spouses. Tom O’Brien, our high-profile Indianapolis automobile dealer, passed away after a two-year struggle with pulmonary fibrosis. Tom fathered 14 children, and in his direct lineage slightly over 100 relatives survive, many with ND and SMC connections. Tom, to the end, never complained of his plight, expressing gratitude for his many blessings. His Chicago luncheon speech of four years ago remains a classic. Also, Harry Durkin’s wife Alice died late last year in Ft. Lauderdale. Tom Foote gave notice of the passing of fellow journalism major, Robert Haine, last autumn in Houston. John Hastings is still confined to a nursing home, with a litany of maladies that prevent his discharge. Pray for our deceased and all of our ailing classmates and spouses, of which, distressingly, there are many. Joe Lewis was seeking an address for Bill Langlois, his long-lost friend from B P. Dick Casper attempts to keep in touch with Jay Curley and Ray Dittrich, also B-P friends. Bill Maus met our Buenos Aires classmate, Dick Perry, at the Stanford game, which is timed for Dick’s annual visit with his San Francisco daughter, Marina, and her family. To the dismay of many, nothing has been heard about Al Kohanowich (No. 81), his buddy Mort Kelly or Mick Doyle. Speak, so we might know. As of Feb. 1, Florida lunches have not materialized on either coast. Florida residents Art Midili, Dave McElvain, Tom Foote and Bill Maus remained at the ready. Bob Hoodecheck, Jack Varney and others undoubtedly visited Florida but were undetected, and no lunches. Stay in touch with Larry Murray or myself. We need news, good news. – Jerry Muvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; 574-287-3460; Domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; Yokeemup@aol.com

54 60th Reunion

I made a significant error in our last column. The correct date and time for our Class Mass in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in the Lady Chapel (Bernini altar) is 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 29. The Mass will kick off our 60th class reunion. Transportation will be available from our residence hall to the Basilica for those requiring assistance. If you have not done so, mark your calendar now: 4 p.m. Mass at the Basilica. I encourage you to contact Tom Campbell at 800-862-1777 or Charley Allen at Charles.W.Allen.42@nd.edu if you have any special needs, need help with transportation, or anything else. We encourage you to contact classmates who are members of the class ’54 and may have graduated later for various reasons and because of their split in attending, don’t feel a part of any specific year. In addition we would like to suggest that you contact those who may not have attended recent class reunions and try to convince them to come. As you know, on Feb. 23 we celebrated Mass at Notre Dame and across the country for our classmates and their families, living and deceased. The Mass has a new added significance in that the University has identified it as a perpetual Mass and for the next 25 years it will be celebrated automatically on Feb. 23 at Notre Dame for the class of ’54. The Class of 1954 scholarship fund, established in 2003, provides assistance to deserving undergraduate students who have demonstrated a financial need, with preference given to the descendants of the Class of 1954. As of June 30, 2013 the fund is valued at $247,853. Gifts to the endowed fund total $161,192. Thus far the fund has a cumulative distribution of $72,621. To learn more about the fund and potential eligibility, contact Michael D. Riemke, associate director, Office of Financial Aid, 115 Main Building, Notre Dame IN 46556. You can reach Michael at 574-631-6436. Our classmate Robert Nanovic has made a leadership gift for the construction of a social science building in the College of Arts and Letters. We have not received any official word from Notre Dame on what football game is the senior game next year but I am betting on the game with Rice on Aug. 30. (Lola and I will be celebrating our 56th wedding anniversary Aug. 30. How time flies). If you are planning to go to the game, please give me your thoughts on whether you would be interested in getting together for a tailgate gathering, lunch or dinner after the game, Mass after the game, whatever. This request doesn’t necessarily tie in to our class group ticket seating. I also encourage you to drop me a note to let me know what is going on in your life or that of your offspring. We want to keep in touch with members of the extended family of the class of ’54. Now to my least favorable section, the listing of our deceased classmates since the last issue: Thomas Schweitz, Ronald Gray Vardiman, J. Kevin Walker, Robert J. Maley, Tom Ryder, Tom King, Robert Knight Fowler. Our class website is http://1954.undclass.org. – George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; kochgnl@yahoo.com

54JD Class Secretary — Carl Eiberger;

14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; fax 303-278-0113; carleiberger@comcast.net

55 Dwyer Honored

Kudos to John Dwyer for receiving the Rev. Louis J. Putz Award from the Alumni Association for a life-long career of volunteerism. Dwyer has been continuously involved in community and University volunteer projects since his Army discharge in 1957. Hats off to Tony Vallace and Bucky Janssen who co-chaired the Florida Fling. Experienced helpers Jim Vachris, Brian Gaffney, Howie Hart, Jim Costello and Dick Connelly also pitched in. Vallace was looking forward to hosting Elizabeth and Owen Dugan and Mary Ann and Don Pizzutello ’56, while Janssen provided bunks for the Sullivans. Jim Stevens reported that the men edged the ladies in last year’s ND football prognostications. Early registrants included Chuck Doherty, Jim Ehret, Chuck Bennett, Ron Smith and Larry Buckley, with the final count around 50. Angela and Hugh Schaefer again hosted a great Desert Fling. It was wonderful to see so many octogenarians still turning out for these events. Thanks to Maryjeanne and Class President Dick Burke for their Desert hospitality prior to the fling. Frank Lynch’s granddaughter was a two-time high school all-American for athletics and academics. Still an active sculptor, Bill Glass found time to win the pickleball senior singles title in Nevada. Bill Beck recently built a magnificent model of a new parish church to serve as a collection box for the capital campaign. Jerry Bartnett retired from the Navy Department after 35 years. The brutal winter made Mack Stewart’s Warm The Children program even more important. Bob McGrath was snowbound several days in Vail, which doesn’t sound like much of a hardship. John Murphy’s latest essay is on China’s role in the Cold War. Bill Tice is very excited about his newest business venture in silver ions. Birthday boys Emmet Root and Warren Youngstrom checked in from Omaha. Architect Dick Malesardi traveled extensively in Germany. Chicago historians recently noted the 35th anniversary of the mayoral election of Bill Byrne’s widow, Jane. After retiring as a judge, Ron Davis is now teaching at Northwestern Law School. Marty Mahrt is involved in a Wounded Warriors project in the Black Hills and Jack Goetsch has been supporting the national effort. Bill Kreps, Tom Magill and Joe McGlynn attended the recent Alumni Board meeting. Kreps had a unique opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with Father Ted Hesburgh at breakfast. In 2013, Sue and Owen Keavney made three international trips. After a long career teaching English and 15 years of retirement, Mike Cullinan is back tutoring and teaching basic skills. Pat McGahan and family attended the Georgia Tech basketball game. Don Shanley reports that the fishing and quail hunting in Florida are quite good. Dick Farrell has been accepted in an Alzheimer’s phone support program. Con McCarty relays greetings from Nantucket artist John Lochtefeld. Prior to the Bowl game, Pat Kearns sent a photo of himself decked out in his lucky game day shirt. Like Jack Battel in Hilton Head, Denny Conway sends “Splinters” to his ND club in Oregon. Dick Callahan recommends The System, a book about big-time college football, while Dick Golob continues to send interesting football comments. Tom O’Hara checked in from Bellevue NE. More than 80 members of Don Cavett’s family gathered in Colorado for a family wedding. Bob Gahl is proud that a granddaughter will be making her final vows in August. Frank Schmidt welcomed his 36th grandchild. In a herculean effort, Dick Beeman piloted a 9,100-mile drive from sea to shining sea to visit family. Diligently rehabbing are Father Joe O’Donnell (knee), Emmet Root (skin cancer), Geno Marquette (open heart) and Jont Tyson (heart attack). After attending the Rose Bowl parade, Dave Scheele checked another item off his bucket list. To celebrate his wife’s birthday, Frank Tonini booked a cruise from his home in Italy to Morocco and the Canary Islands. Argentina and Brazil were on Ed Yohon’s itinerary on an ND cruise. World traveler Bill Richardson took his family to Patagonia for hiking and R&R. Memorial Masses have been offered for Jerry Burns, Silvio Paccini, Bob Ready, John Tramontine, Don Dixon, Bob Eschbacher, John Weithers, Lee Nemechek, Neal Mason, Jim Honrak, Jim Philips, Manuel Villazon, Jim Coppersmith and Rocco Tannone. See you at the minireunion before the Rice game on Aug. 30. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class Secretary — John Coyne; john.coyne@abm.com

56 News Notes

We will again have a minireunion this fall, but at this writing on Feb. 1, details are in process. They will be communicated in your morning newsletter, on our website (www.nd56.org) Class News link and in this column in July. Larry Kennedy, chairman of the ND’56 Endowed Scholarship Fund, announced the honorees for the 2013-14 scholarship awards presented at the September minireunion. The student financial aid office selected the students based on the individual student’s needs. The scholarship match-ups are: honoree James (Jim) Mense and student Bradley Stuhlreyer ’14; honoree Paul Noland and student Daniel L. McCarthy ’14; honoree William (Bill) K. Warren Jr. and student Pat Nguyen ’14. A visit to the Class News link at www.nd56.org will provide biographies of these men, and Sharon and Bernie Van Etten’s photographs of the occasion. The Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund continues to grow with the invested market value at $1,226,059 as of Sept 30. The book value of total gifts since its inception on June 1, 2000 to Jan. 31, 2014 is $904,716. Please continue to keep the fund in mind in your annual giving to Notre Dame. Specify “ND’56 Scholarship Fund” on the memo line of your check. It will count toward your annual giving record and eligibility for the alumni football ticket lottery. Ed Cosgrove (825 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202) thanks you for your contribution to the ND’56 Class Fund, and enjoys hearing from you and yours. The funds are used to continue our communications activity and expenses involved with class social events. Your check for $25 is a vital need to continue our work, and is most appreciated. Joe Kelly involved Pat Ogren in a golf tournament foursome including Ralph Guglielmi on Sept. 10, followed by a feast prepared by Sue Kelly. Joe was just getting out of the hospital for kidney stones. Johnny Pacheco noted that he was touched deep inside with news of Manuel Villazon’s death on Sept. 18. Bob Dunegan left Feb. 1 for a cruise of Southeast Asia, visiting Vietnam, where his daughter, Sara, came from, as well as Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and Burma. He celebrated his 80th birthday cruising the Bay of Bengal. Don Schaefer had his hip replaced in October, and did perfect rehabbing, so he could get back on the golf course. He loves watching the Irish gridders. Al Parillo published Giulana’s Way about an Italian girl, age 11, who comes to America in 1941 and makes a successful life and career for herself. Check it out at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Mike Luberto enjoyed an October weekend with Father Tom Chambers and his hosts, Carolyn and Jerry Fortino, and an honor from the US Section Foundation of Dentists. John K. Probst provided an advance copy of his novel that included the final chapter based on his piano education under Dr. Daniel Pedtke for 10 years. He continues to lead Le Panache madrigal singing group in Plumas County CA. Deaths reported since the last issue include Julius Perozzi, who died Oct. 7, 2012; Nancy Perozzi, 2000 Chestnut Ave., Apt. 108, Glenview IL 60015. Ramon Snyder MD died Feb. 13, 2013; Mrs. Mari Snyder, PO Box 291, Meadow Vista CA 95722. Emmett V. Kenefick Jr. died July 5 from Alzheimer’s disease in St. Paul MN. Michael J. Feld passed away Nov. 23; Mrs. Janice Feld, 34 Matthew Scrivener, Williamsburg VA 23185. John T. Westhoven died in Romeoville IL Dec. 3; daughter Margie Beck, 1112 Tackery Lane, Naperville IL 60564. Edward J. Robinson died Jan. 16; Mrs. Rose Marie Robinson, 4207 River Road, East China MI 48054-2912. William Barron died from kidney failure on Dec. 9; Mrs. Regina Barron, 808 Blair Road, Bethlehem PA 18017. David M. Austgen died after battle with Parkinson’s on Jan. 27; son, David Austgen, 4011 Oakgrove Court, Sugarland TX 77479. May they rest in peace. The full obituaries are on www.nd56.org. Mass has been celebrated for each of the deceased by the Holy Cross priests on campus. Please have a great summer 2014 and smell the roses. – John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Dr., Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.net

56JD Class Secretary – Lauren Sharkey; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Has it Been 57 Years?

It is hard to believe that the class of ’57 – the one the stars fell on – graduated 57 years ago. We didn’t think at the time that we would ever grow old, certainly, not this old. Unfortunately many of our classmates did not. I am saddened to tell you that Tom Maus passed away Nov. 9 due to COPD and lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Judy, three daughters and three sons. Tom was a member of the Alumni Board of Directors and was in the men’s clothing business since graduation. I would often kid him that it was amazing what good looking clothes one could get at Goodwill these days. James (Jim) DiStefano left us on Dec. 30. Shirley, his wife of 56 years, two sons and a daughter survive. Jim worked for 42 years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and was the author of a number of major publications in the field of nuclear applications. On New Year’s Eve, George O’Leary passed away. He is survived by his wife Catherine, a Saint Mary’s alumna, and three children. The news of George’s passing was sent by Steve O’Donnell who became a close friend and neighbor of George in Rockford IL. On Jan. 12, Cornelius (Connie) Lane passed away. He is survived by Karen, his wife of more than 50 years, eight children and 29 grandchildren. Connie’s passing was reported by two other stalwart members of the ND Club of St. Louis, Jack (Doc) Soucy and Charlie Whittenberg. K.J. Phelan had a pacemaker inserted this January. He was informed that this was needed before he could have hip surgery. Getting old is certainly not for sissies. Thanks to the efforts of Father Herb Yost, CSC, and your dues, the class has a Mass offered on campus for each deceased classmate. Before we have that Mass offered, you and your family should take time to smell the flowers and tell someone you love them. I just heard from George D’Amore that his son Marty, who has ALS, has published a book, Joy and Suffering, available form Amazon. Peace, and stay well, my friends. – John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St., Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-453-8986, fax 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class Secretary – Thomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Rehab Continues

We begin with news from Class President Father Don McNeill, CSC, who writes from Holy Cross House, his residence at ND. Don has been at Holy Cross House for two years after breaking his hip and undergoing surgery and rehab in Chicago. He continues to deal with rehabilitation and other health challenges. Don is grateful for the excellent health care at Holy Cross House and in South Bend, and he is happy to report good news that gradual healing is occurring. He looks forward to more engagement with friends, the Institute for Latino Studies, the leadership at the Center for Social Concerns and his Holy Cross brothers and sisters and their global initiatives. A note from Karen Bartels, daughter of Richard Breitenstein, informs us that Dick was diagnosed last fall with ALS but is taking the turn in his health with grace, faith and good humor. In fact, he joined his family in organizing and marching with a large group of friends in a walk (attired in ND logo shirts) that raised $11,000 for the national ALS Society. We close this column with the news of the passing of classmates: Lt. Cmdr. Lawrence E. Pelton of Jacksonville FL died Aug. 13; James W. Carell of Franklin TN died Sept. 6; Judge Robert B. Brzezinski of Waterford MI died Aug. 31; Ronald J. Jebavy of Midland GA died Oct. 3; John D Seng of Lake Forest IL died Nov. 7; and Donald P. Zeiting of Washington DC died Oct. 27. May our loving Lord bless them with eternal joy and comfort their families. – Arthur L. Roule; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com
h2(#1958-JD). 58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray;

2036 Cheltenham Ct., Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; jonnel662@verizon.net

59 Come on Back

Our 55th reunion will be held May 29 to June 1. There is still time to register. Thank you to all who have sent in notes for the first time in nearly 55 years. After a career path which included writing the television show, Wild Kingdom, and operating his own documentary film production company, Don Manelli moved to Los Angeles and started a charity “Cape Harbor,” which organizes massive free clinics providing medical, dental and vision care to the uninsured and underinsured in a community, with follow-up care as needed. This past November’s four day event at the Los Angeles Sports Arena treated 1,000 patients per day. They plan to take events to urban areas in need across the country. Thanks Don for your outstanding work. Bill Zamarelli has been with his family real estate business in Warren OH for 55 years and has now passed on the leadership to the next generation. He and Sue have three children and seven grandchildren. Carl Noelke took final vows as a religious brother in the Order of Malta on Nov. 16. The Order of Malta is a 900-year-old religious order dedicated to assisting the sick and poor. He continues to live in San Francisco after retiring from the practice of law. Good luck Fra’ Carl. Regina and Ray Darda are enjoying retirement in Clinton IA. They are active in their parish, community and YWCA. I receive various “words of wisdom” and here is one from Ray: “Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end, the faster is goes.” Ed Caulfield retired from Bell and Howell Company in January 2001. He and Bill Clinton lost their jobs the same day. Ed and Dee live in Long Beach IN. One of their 12 grandchildren, Rob Dooley, plays football for USC. Dick Kavaney and Peg are living in retirement on the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis. Following graduation, Dick worked in the construction industry, obtained a law degree in night school and was a trial lawyer trying cases involving construction for 35 years. After defending our country in the Navy, Joe Kelly went to NYU for law school and has practiced in New Jersey, New York and Washington. He lives in NYC. Joe DeLuca is still working fulltime as a primary care physician and clinical psychologist. This past year Joe had two books published, Inspirational Sentiments and Snippets. EJ Cunningham also practices medicine (endocrinology) in the St. Louis area. EJ tidbit: “Alive and well due to pristine lifestyle in spite of past associations from 1955 to 59.” Richard Kreul, one of our Bengal Bouts veterans, is retired after 50 years of law, the last 18 as a circuit judge in Wisconsin. He lives in Racine. Jim Johnson lives in St. Charles IL, where he is serving as senior alumni coordinator for the Aurora/Fox Valley Alumni Club. Also with ND degrees are his son Bob ’84 and grandson Patrick Johnson ’13. His wife Georgianne died in 2003. Charlie Fredrick has been admitted to prestigious LaRosa’s Hall of Athletic Fame in Cincinnati following a fine career as coach and athletic director. I am sorry to report the following deaths. Gail Ogburn, wife of Jim died in March 2013 in Louisville. Don Canning died Jan. 27, 2013 in San Diego. Bill Mollihan died on March 16, 2013 in Chicago. Tony Roscigno died on June 29 in Apache Junction AZ. Roy Paulsen died Aug. 2 in Wadsworth IL. Walter DeBaeing died Sept. 10 in Traverse City MI. Tom Sheridan died Oct. 17 in Hanover IL. Vince Voci died Oct. 10 in Gillette NJ. Clarence Colbert died Nov. 15 in Memphis TN. Lee Keyser died in December in Palm City FL. Dave Barrett died Jan. 23 in NYC. (He lived in Milton DE.) Please visit FaithND at http://faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni http://ndsenioralumni.org websites. Peace and good health. – Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary – William J. Harte; wharte@williamharteld.com