The Magical Sun Spring 2015


Haunting the Hallways

by Kenneth Garcia ’08Ph.D.

In which Ken, the Campus Walker, gets his steps.

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Irreconcilable Differences

by April (Dan) Feng

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Show Some Restraint

by Michael C. Desch

It just might be time for the United States to stop trying to be the world’s savior or policeman.

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The Sportswriter

by Todd C. Ream

Francis Wallace ’23 was a publicist for Rockne, a mythmaker, novelist and sports journalist who hyped the college game he would later warn the nation about.

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by Tara Hunt ’12

Sarah Brenzel ’12 turned a tragedy into her livelihood, learning to create the diversions that got her through her darkest days.

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Failure Is Not an Ending

by Alison Macor ’88

We’re all proud of our success stories, but our defeats make us who we are.

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The Sun in Our Midst

by Kerry Temple ’74

Human health and happiness, light, heat and life on Earth come from the sunlight cascading down from above. It all works like magic.

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