Sentries of the Streets Summer 2015


Police in the Streets

by John Rudolf

The NYPD is a human line of defense against the unraveling of a city’s life. Some of Notre Dame’s own stand guard on Gotham’s borderlines.

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A House Divided

by Brendan O’Shaughnessy ’93

Among those threats facing America today is the ever-widening fault line that separates rich and poor, them and us, those who can and those who don’t.

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The Boys of Spring

by Jerry Kammer ’71

In which a rickety, over-the-hill Orioles fan heads to a baseball fantasy camp to recapture his lost youth.

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Family Counseling

by Terrence R. Keeley ’81

Pope Francis has asked the Catholic Church and its leaders to grapple with a troubling array of social issues to help preserve the faith and familial integrity. A surprising report from the synod so far.

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Tomorrow’s Generation

by Steve Reifenberg ’81

Some of Africa’s most gifted young people have come to the University from an academy that educates the continent’s most promising students — bringing hope to the future and their talents to Notre Dame.

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Gifts So Ordinary

by Tara Hunt ’12

A student pilgrimage to the worksite of a saint reveals the grace hiding in the details of daily living.

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