Rediscovering the West Autumn 2015

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Rediscovering the West

by Jason Kelly ’95

A great American road trip takes students where the past is present and the land beckons scientific exploration.

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Milk River

by Jason Kelly ’95

Learning Environment

by Cody Baker

Imaginary Friends

by Patrick McGuire

Childhood is peopled by toys and things — objects as real and as companionable as the hearts and minds in which they live.

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Assessing the Damage

by Matt Storin ’64

Scientists investigate the impact on brains, while educators, players and football watchers question the long-term health of the game itself.

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Fighting Irish Plaintiffs

by Matt Storin ’64

Anything You Want to Be

by Heather Treseler ’10Ph.D.

I was taught to pursue my dreams, but I wasn’t told that every woman must weather something like gravitational resistance if she is to make what she wishes out of her one life.

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The Pusher and Puller

by John Rudolf

Sara Gruen ’13J.D. has helped a good many women rewrite their lives, turning haunting tales of abuse, addiction and prostitution into success stories of courage, strength and — quite possibly — deliverance.

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A Canticle for Planet Earth

by Celia Deane-Drummond

In his encyclical Laudato Si’, Pope Francis calls upon the human race to see creation as a gift of God and to treat it accordingly.

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Matters, in Black and White

by Don Wycliff ’69

Some straight talk about America’s deep, dark and difficult racial divide.

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My Mission to Sierra Leone

by Nick Stahlschmidt ’06

People were dying and I wanted to help. But no one was safe from the plague that had no cure, not even the doctors and nurses who flew into West Africa to battle death and disease.

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