Here Comes the Neighborhood Winter 2015-16

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They’re Neighbors of Mine

by Scott Russell Sanders

How wide a circle and who’s inside? And other questions facing us all, begging better answers.

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Gifts Opened Later

by Steve Adams

Sometimes we launch our creations into the world not knowing where they land. Sometimes they turn up having done some good, having made a difference, and maybe we find out.

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The Sun Farmers

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

If New England cows can jump-start Haiti’s energy future, an enlightening couple will make the connection.

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Poetic Man of God

by Michael N. McGregor

Robert Lax went to Patmos to pursue his art and the creative expression of a solitary, spiritual life. I did as well, discovering there his quiet gifts of grace.

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by Tess Gunty ’15

Notre Dame’s consummate bartender does more than serve up drinks. He’s counselor, companion, philosopher, poet, ambassador, storyteller, sweetheart, teacher, diplomat, legend and friend to all who enter there.

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The Usual

by Matt Cashore ’94

Francis on My Mind

by Lawrence S. Cunningham

The Bishop of Rome is shifting the terrain with his pastoral nature, his embrace of dialogue and his concern for the children of God throughout the world.

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My Church and Me

by Andrew Barlow ’88

Ringing out the Songs

by Michael Alan Anderson ’97

More than 500 Glee Club alumni celebrate the group’s 100th anniversary with a rousing performance and the largest reunion of a student organization in school history.

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