50 Beat the Bell

I received a nice letter from Tom Roney last month. He graduated from the U of Detroit Jesuit High School and arrived at ND in 1946. He resided in Zahm Hall and roomed with Jim Groves until moving to a single room for his last two years. Tom moved to California in June of 1950 but later returned to Detroit. “I signed up with the Navy NavCad program, and waited to go to Pensacola for three weeks, and then returned to the Navy in Grosse Ile MI. The government froze the NavCad program and I ended up in Navy Reserve for eight years as a seaman recruit weekend warrior. I got out in 1958 as third class petty officer. I married Kay Bartemeier in 1955. We have four great kids who are through college and married. I also have 11 grandkids and great-grandkids on the way.” Tom described how he went into the auto business in 1955, first as a partner for a Dodge Plymouth agency and then as the owner of a Lincoln Mercury dealership from 1963-1968. He later began a new career as a salesman in the travel and incentive business. After working for others for several years, he eventually became successful on his own with T. J. Roney Co. “I had great clients: GM and Ford, Detroit Diesel, Ziebart and Ford Dealers Association.” Tom retired from this line of work in 1984 and became a private investor. He and his wife moved to a home on the Au Sable River in Grayling MI so he could hunt and fish while still working investments until 2003. Tom and Kay later relocated to be near their family and friends. “We missed our beloved Grosse Point Shores but the kids were living in and near Grand Rapids and friends were closer than Grayling.” Tom reported that Kay went to a well-deserved reward in heaven in 2008. He is now living in a retirement community in a private duplex condo. He said he is “delighted to be here, lonesome, but near family. I’m happy and healthy at 87. I am left with a bad knee but otherwise very good health. Most of my Class of ’50 are gone and I don’t walk well enough to get back to ND for games but am able to enjoy my life and a good meal with a couple of good drinks. God has showered me with His blessings and the great training from High School Jesuits and the wonderful Black Robes of ND helped me all through life in myriad ways and I am eternally grateful to continue to be a practicing Roman Catholic.” Tom attends the ND Grad Breakfast Club on the second Tuesday of every month. He recently heard from his ND fencing team buddy, Bob Bosler of Arizona, another monogram winner. Tom closed his letter by saying that he was sad that he didn’t often hear from other members of the class. “If there are any left, I’d be delighted to correspond with anyone who can remember this old fencer and drinkin’ buddy that used to enjoy the evening trips down to LaFortune’s Bar for a Schlitz and race back to the hall by 11 p.m. to beat the lights out bell.” He relayed his address, if you would like to write: 2557 English Oak Court, Grand Rapids MI 49512. Dr. James McMeel passed away on Feb. 28 in South Bend at the age of 89. He is survived by daughters Kathleen McMeel and Sharon McMeel, son James E. McMeel III and brother John P. McMeel ’57. Kenneth Peters, 90, died on April 1, also in South Bend. He was born in Quincy IL and attended Notre Dame on the GI Bill after his Army Air Corps service during World War II. Ken spent seven years in the seminary and then began working for the National Catholic Register in Denver. A few years later, he joined the staff at Ave Maria Press, where he retired in 1991 after 27 years. Ken was an usher at the Morris Center for Performing Arts. His wife of almost 40 years, the former Eleanor Roosli, survives him. Frank Weber passed away on Feb. 12 in Indianapolis at the age of 92. After graduating from ND, he began working at Interstate Foundry, rising to become a vice president of marketing during his 41 years at the company. Frank was preceded in death by his wife, Mary Jane Dwyer Weber. He is survived by his children, Jan Taylor, Lynn Lorenzano, Bruce and Jim; his step-daughters, Carol Burgess and Victoria Holroyd; eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, apt. 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu

51 Reunion Memories

Hi, everybody. I hope you are having a decent fall. We have a lot to report this quarter. It was great seeing those who came back for the Reunion. We congratulate Bill Hagan of Roswell GA and Andy McKenna of Chicago, for their efforts. Thank you. We had a couple of mishaps before we started. Irene and Jim LaCesa of Barrington IL drove to campus from home and were about to enter Duncan Hall through the back door when Irene tripped, falling on a shoulder. She was in severe pain so they grabbed their bags and drove directly back to Barrington. It was a long, long ride home. I talked to Irene a few days later, and she was still hurting. The other incident happened to Mooney and Jim O’Neill of Mandeville IN. They had made reservations at the Morris Inn six months earlier. A couple of weeks prior to Reunion, Mooney fell in her bedroom at home and fractured a leg. By the time you read this, we hope both ladies are well and recovered. I hate to report the following, but we have lost three prominent classmates. First, our quarterback, Bob Williams of Towson MD, passed away the end of May. He was one of our nice people, and a wonderful ball player. He helped bring us a National Championship in 1949. Next, our former class president Jim Hennessey of Louisville died on May 21. Jim had been successful in the insurance business and was the father of eight daughters. Larry Gallagher, our president since 1966, passed away on July 5. Larry had been in shaky health for some time. He and Dell were responsible for many great times at their tailgate parties on football Saturdays. Larry had a long tenure as president. To the families of these three classmates, Jane and I send our best, and our prayers are with you. As a result of Larry’s passing I want you to know a new slate of officers was voted on at our Class Dinner. Larry Panozzo of Flossmore IL will handle the treasurer’s job. Bill Hagan will remain as vice-president. Yours truly will be the new president and keep my position as secretary. The following is a list of classmates who attended the Reunion: Al Bailey, Bob Clemency, Joe Green, Bob Darling, Bill Hagan, Jim Jennings, Bill Kelly Jr., Jim LaCesa, Bill Longhi, Andy McKenna, Randy McNally, Bob Murphy, Larry Panozzo, Rod Rodriguez, John Rohrbach and Dick Young. Guys, if I have missed anybody, please let me know. One of the real highlights of the Reunion was the candle ceremony where we remembered our deceased classmates in prayer and read their names. This took place at the Grotto. Also read at the ceremony was a poem written by Bill Hagan. The poem: “This Special Place, The Grotto," reads: “When we come here and pause/Looking at our Blessed Mother’s face,/No one has to tell us/This is a very special place./As students we found the time,/Yes, even found the need,/To come here and pray/To ask, to thank, to plead./We know it as The Grotto,/A quiet refuge we seemed to seek./We just kind of were drawn/Many days of the week./It has a special feel/In the cool morning mist./It is comforting in the evening./ Then, we can absorb the bliss./As students, struggling with life,/This shelter was like no other./We laid our prayerful needs/Here at the feet of our Mother./Once again we are drawn here/To ask and seek and pray./Hear us, O Blessed Lady,/As we kneel before you today./We bring the memories and names/Of our dear departed classmates./We know you held their hand/As they entered Heaven’s gates./We carry a memorial candle,/And when the flickering is done,/The prayers will go on forever,/For our classmates of fifty-one./May they each rest in peace/As we recall their friendly face./We are here with them today/In this ‘very special place.’” There is no bio this time; I wanted you to read Hagan’s poem. Here’s to a great season ahead. Take care of yourselves. My best to all. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 Our 65th

I am honored to be following the late Ted Foley as secretary. In truth, no one could replace him. He provided us with decades of plain hard work, creating a record that brought distinction to us ’52ers. He’ll be missed. Your officers, president George Heidkamp and vice presidents Joe Straub and Ed Sullivan and I, are busily developing plans for our 65th Reunion, scheduled for June 1-4, 2017. The Morris Inn is ready to take your reservations, the dinner and Mass are being organized and a bus tour of the burgeoning campus is a likely part of the agenda. A booklet detailing highlights from many of your postgraduate activities is being compiled for the occasion. So keep those cards and letters coming. To date, more than three dozen stalwarts have signed up. Have you? Two steps are required. Tell us you’re coming, and call the Morris Inn for your reservation: 800 -280-7256. We look forward to seeing you there. Al Sullivan and Gene Swisher report that they served in the Army prior to graduation. Sully’s career reflected his family’s restaurant business in Connecticut, leading to management of several commercial and institutional food service operations. A career highlight: He was in charge of feeding 22,000 employees a day while working with ARAMCO. Gene served in Japan after the war and had a successful 36-year career with IBM, largely in Lexington KY. He can boast of an even longer involvement with the K of C, as well as service as an officer with his local Model A Club. Frank Semetko reports that after the passing of his wife Agnes, he married Nancy Sexton Miller. Together they have 35 grandkids, one of whom is a faculty member at ND. Dave Wilmot sends word that after grad school at Iowa he served at Washington U, “writing for others.” Since retirement, Dave has directed his energies toward helping the Serra Club of St. Louis promote vocations to the priesthood. After leaving ND with his engineering degree, John Minck obtained a master’s from Stanford. His first job was in New Mexico, testing atomic weapons. He ultimately gravitated toward a Silicon Valley career with Hewlett Packard. Chuck Falkenberg’s widow, Mary Ann ’52 (honorary), offers an amazing stat. Between 1939 and 2011, Chuck missed only one ND home game. That is 382 games, if you’re counting. More stats: Dick Tighe, coach at St. Edmonds High School in Fort Dodge IA, has won more football games than anyone in the state’s history. He began his 63-year coaching career at Cathedral Boys High School in Hamilton, Ontario, having been recommended by Ed “Moose” Krause ’34, ND’s athletic director. His 430 wins rank sixth among all high school coaches and number one among Domers. Bob Butler’s commitment to philanthropic causes was recognized when he was honored by COPE, a New Jersey organization, serving the health and welfare of more than 2,000 families a year. He served as a member of its board for a decade, strengthening its governance and financial capability. Bob also serves on the investment committee of the Newark Archdiocese. Jack Meaney reports that a bad back required a wheelchair assist on a recent Hawaiian vacation. His VIP treatment made it the best plane trip he ever took. Our musician/author, Gene Hull, has released his fifth book, Slice of Life, a collection of dramatic short stories. Gene’s varied career has included conducting his own band, as well as playing multiple wind instruments with the Duke Ellington organization. — Ron Zier; 164 Brewster Road, Wyckoff NJ 07481; 201-447-6667; ronaldirishguy@aol.com

53 Well, You Are 85

A classmate, who demands anonymity, has been contributing to a charitable organization dedicated to building housing in Haiti. I received a picture of three young Haitians happily holding a sign, “In honor of Notre Dame Class of 1953,” in the front of a very modest dwelling. What a gesture to memorialize our class with such an impact. Jim Rogers reported on the academic accomplishments of a grandson. This young man, following an amazing winnowing process, was one the six students out of 98 applicants to receive a fully-financed, six-year study program leading to a PhD in psychology at Old Miss. This is a renowned program, widely recognized in academic circles. He is studying and doing clinical work. Al Marks sent a note and a Mass Fund contribution, for which he is thanked. Al had an extended phone call with Father Ernie Bartell, a resident of Holy Cross House on campus. Ernie was very helpful to Al’s grandson while he was at ND. He is now in medical school awaiting graduation. Al is optimistic he will be able to attend the Chicago lunch and journey to South Bend to visit his sophomore grandson who, by the way, loves ND. Robert McMonagle ’85, ’94JD, middle son of Tex McMonagle, a Davenport IA lawyer, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro recently. Why, you ask? Because he wanted to, apparently. Dave O’Leary, with son and grandson, toured the campus and the tour culminated in a delightful lunch with Jerry Hammes. Kevin Britt ’77, son of our late classmate Jim Britt, is flourishing as the hospital administrator in Moundsville WV. While at ND, Kevin connected with many of his father’s friends.
Brendan Cryan will appreciate prayers as he undergoes still another regimen of chemo. Brendan is happy he can walk to the hospital, saying, “it’s only a block and a half.” Jack Powers is out of rehab, where he has resided as he gained strength after a fall. Vic George is playing golf in northern Michigan and from reports, hitting the ball well. Ed Deboer writes from his retirement home in Signal Mountain TN that he and daughter Diane ’81 will not attend the Chicago lunch but will be touring Europe. Ed’s second grandson was graduated in May, another commenced in August, with six more “in the pipeline.” Ed, five children and two grandchildren are ND grads. He also communicates with Leo DiGiola and Dick Schrietmuller, his old lab partner. Peggy and Gerry Boehling have relocated to a retirement facility in suburban Richmond VA. Peggy has recovered from an array of physical afflictions; her recovery must be ranked as near miraculous. They are not quite ready to travel, but soon. Gerry gave up golf or golf gave him up due to his weak knees. John Alfes, a GM engineer for 41 years, died in suburban Detroit. His funeral was attended by Dick Schrietlmuller and 299 other folks, according to John’s daughter, Teresa ’84. Dave Ahlering DDS died in his north Chicago home. Dave left us after three years, upon admission to dental school. He practiced family dentistry in Chicago for decades. Dave was married to Tom Reedy’s sister. Al Haney, a DC and Maryland lawyer, died, according to his friends Pat Riley and Dick Lorentz. Al did not have an easy life in his last years, and Pat and Dick maintained telephone contact. They were good friends. I am not sure if this column will appear in advance of the Oct. 14 Chicago lunch, but do your best to attend. Your friends will like that. This column’s headline is a snide commentary on the response of most health care providers when quizzed about an ailment. It is always the same, from baldness to problem toenails. Stay well and communicate. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Drive, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-2360; domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; yokeemup@aol.com

54 The Bright Side of Life

As we know, many of our conversations and what we see in the news focus on the negative and catastrophes. We fail to recognize all of the good around us, and for the most part how fortunate we are. What I would like to propose is that we try to end each day on a positive note. One simple example is the relationship we have within our class with each other and the minireunion that the following classmates enjoyed on June 2: Jack Mooney, Dick Pilger, Charlie Allen, Tom Campbell, Walt Duschka, Andy Carrao, Joe Imbriaco, Tony Mandolini, Lou Bernardt, Tom Calder, Nina Burell (Dave’s sister) and Bob Urbanski, who just celebrated his 90th birthday and 67th wedding anniversary. Another positive is my hip replacement operation on July 12 and the comment from the therapist that I am doing well. The melanoma cancer that I experienced 2014-2016 has been treated and none was found in the lymph glands or elsewhere. So life is good. Another very positive happening would be the many family reunions and the fact that the Class of 1954 is carrying on with the concept that the family is the most important. Milt Beaudine seems to be battling his Parkinson’s, and Marie continues to be positive. She said that Milt always enjoys hearing from classmates. His address is 14 Bowsprit Lane, Salem SC 29676. Can any of you top this? A couple of weeks ago Lola and I attended the funeral of a neighbor, John Dondanville ’80. He had been in the Notre Dame choir and some members from the choir sang the Alma Mater at the end of Mass. At the reception, I managed to visit briefly with John’s father who I learned was a 1952 graduate and he told me that in all there were 16 in the Dondanville family who graduated from Notre Dame including one of John’s sons. Gentlemen, I would appreciate knowing how many of your offspring graduated from Notre Dame. Tom Campbell and his very able sidekick, Charlie Allen, continue to host our class gathering prior to each daytime home game. Our location is easy to find. It is across from the south stadium entrance, close to the portable toilets, near Legends Restaurant. Tom will have four flags flying: the Campbell clan, the Marine Corps, Indiana U and a 1954 banner on his car. Come join us for beer, water, liquor, food and camaraderie with your classmates and family. I am not sure if you know this, but Notre Dame has a handicap parking area and can exchange regular tickets for handicap seats, one for you and one for the caregiver. Because of my hip, I am taking advantage of the system. Contact Murnane Family Ticket Office, 113 Joyce Purcell Pavilion, Notre Dame IN 46556, 574-631-7356. On the sad side, after a long illness, we lost our class president Bill Guilfoile. We also lost Richard DeSantis, Joseph Harris, Michael Lewanowicz, Edward Lewis, Albert Lohman, Edward Sweeney, Tom Viviano, Jim Greenwell and Phil Loprespte. We suggest you check our class website (http://1954.underclass.org) on a regular basis to check pertinent information. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; kochgnl@yahoo.com

54JD Class SecretaryCarl Eiberger;

14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net

55 Class SecretaryPaul Fullmer;

87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class SecretaryJohn Coyne;


56 Smiles Galore

Chairman Gordon DiRenzo is still bubbling with pride as he summed up, “I don’t think any other class could boast of such a superb Reunion 2016. Great venues, Morris Inn hospitality, fabulous meals, great speakers including three vice presidents and the University president, exclusive visit to Father Hesburgh’s office suite, 170 wonderful classmates and guests. Could it have gotten any better?” (He forgot smiles galore.) DiRenzo mentioned Joaquin Blaz, who deserves recognition for having traveled the furthest: 9,000 miles from Guam. Retired Prof. Jerry Lapeyre was a happy camper to visit with his former physics classmates and take in all the events with a bit of assistance in the walking challenge from son, Joe ’89 and daughter, Julie. Gordon got his Reunion team under way with phone chairman Paul Noland working with Jerry Kenny, John Murray, Leo O’Donnell and Joe Kalbas, making personal invitations for this event, which is unusual for a group composed mainly of 82 year-old folks. The slideshow DVD was created by me with photo help from Bob Muldoon, Rolly Bernhold, Carolyn Brungardt, Dick Yeager and assorted others. The fun during the first day was remembering names: who’s that? John “Gootch” Allen, Bob Muldoon, Phil Bohnert, Jerry Massey, Don Sniegowski, Bob Jastrab and Dolly Duffy ’84, executive director of the Alumni Association, were among the most popular names heard. The easy picks haven’t changed in 60 years, except for maybe a couple pounds of maturity. Examples were *Dr. Angelo Capozzi, Lloyd Aubrey, Leo Sandmann, Larry Kennedy, Gene O’Connor, Ed Cosgrove, Frank “Kitt” Kittredge, John Rodgers, Jim Hilger* and my wedding usher Jerry Sweeney. The whole show opened Thursday eve with a fine buffet dinner in the Morris Inn’s “dugout” that few of us knew about. Ben Cardella and I traveled from Indio and Palm Desert CA together and were overwhelmed with the high level of cordiality on arrival. Credit DiRenzo, there was no speech, only greetings. Attendance guesses were wild Friday at a party in the new South Lobby entrance of the Hesburgh Library: popcorn, beverages, cookies and a stack of 50-plus books written by or about Domers. All were autographed by such luminaries as Father Ted Hesburgh, Jim O’Brien, Jim Ramm, John Raub and other well-established authors. It took a leather-throated caller 30 minutes to empty the collection by having a free raffle. About 140 gathered, and given a raffle ticket, a number was called each minute with counsel to pick a choice. The objective of the affair was to introduce the elegant bronze plaque dedicated to the memory of Father Ted and displayed at the 13th floor entrance of the office and mini-apartment occupied by Father Ted for many years until his passing. The Memorial noted the Class of ’56 as his first class. Head librarian Diane Walker and Kelly McNally arranged a guided tour of the facilities, including the wonderful view of campus from Father Ted’s window. On Friday night, Dolly Duffy was introduced by DiRenzo as she presented an elegant plaque to your secretary in recognition of many years of fulfilling the mission of the Notre Dame Alumni Association through extraordinary and dedicated services as secretary of the Class of 1956. Webmaster Dick Yeager and poet laureate Bob McKenty further feted me with comments about achievements for the Class. All was a surprise, and the recipient was very grateful. Featured speakers included a fascinating report from University architect Doug Marsh ’82 concerning recent and future building plans for ND and en exciting report from Director of Athletics Jack Swarbrick ’76 about achievements chalked up for the student athletes in the growing number of varsity sports. On Saturday night at Club Naimoli, Rev. John Jenkins, CSC, ’76 captured our attention reporting on progress in many areas. Class salutatorian Jerry Massey spoke about some of his philosophical visits enjoyed with Father Ted. 1956 Rhodes Scholar Don Sniegowski commented that such a presentation from Jerry set a high level of academic stature for the entire event. Deacon Jim Revord assured a wonderful Reunion finale in the Welsh Family Residence Chapel. Participating in the liturgy planned by Revord were several classmates: celebrant Father Jerome Knoll, CSC, concelebrant Father Robert Pelton, CSC, deacon Jim Revord, cantor Dick Rupp, first reader Frank Conte and second reader Mrs. Janet (Dick) Jacob. All-in-all, our 60th was a spectacular event, with smiles shared by all. This quarter ended in a sad note with several deaths reported. On July 21, Juan Pacheco wrote that Rosario, wife of Carlos Chambonnet, called from Panama to “give me the sad news of my buddy, Carlos, having passed away. He’d been bedridden for two, perhaps three years, so we give thanks to God that he’s been finally put to rest.” Michael Joseph Hogan passed away on July 14 at McAllen Medical in McAllen TX. He is survived by Mrs. Mary Hogan, Unit E-4, 500 N. Bryan Road, Mission TX 78572. Robert J. Guthrie Sr., 81, of Stoney Creek NC died on July 26. Surviving is Mrs. Monica Guthrie, 6407 Glendevan Drive, Stoney Creek NC, 27377. Andrew William McRoberts II MD, 82, died peacefully July 25 at home after 27 years of congestive heart failure. He is survived by Mrs. Jackie McRoberts, PO Box 1616, Sun Valley ID 83353. James W. Price passed away in January 2015. Jim was a member of Blue Circle. Richard P. “Dick” Quillin, 82, passed away May 6. Surviving is Mrs. Mary Quillin, 1026 Mill Lake Road, Ft. Wayne IN 46845. Dr. Richard A. Ewald of Ottawa IL passed away June 27 at OSF St. Elizabeth Hospital in Ottawa. He is survived by Mrs. Joretta Ewald, 105 Leland Lane, Ottawa IL 61350. Christopher Edward Eckl of Reston VA passed away while vacationing in Florida on June 8. He was the beloved husband of Elizabeth Doyle Eckl, 11001 Ring Road, Reston VA 20190. Walter James “Walt” Mings of Idaho Falls ID died of natural causes on June 11, in Boise. His survivor, Patricia Mings, receives mail at Willow Park Senior Living, 2600 N. Milwaukee St., Boise ID 83704. Full obituaries are on the website nd56.org. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.com

56JD Tidbits Needed

George Tompkins Jr. and Bob Geiman wrote to me in July, hoping that they could get in touch with more of the Law School alums of 1956. It was great to hear from them. I hope that more will email, write or call me. I would love to put in any great memories, stories or tidbits in these notes. This is a special year as it is the Class of 1956’s 60th anniversary. Congrats to all. For those interested, starting this year there will be Law School only reunions on campus in the fall. The Class of 1956 is invited to the Law School’s fall Reunion on Oct. 7 and 8. — Lauren Sharkey ’08; 330 N. Wabash, Suite 2800, Chicago IL 60611; 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Plan for Our 60th

Our 60th Reunion will be the first weekend in June 2017. Hopefully, we can all attend, including those of us in wheelchairs or ambulating with walkers or canes. Many will not because they have passed on. Thomas F. Gallagher of Hazelton PA died in April. He was survived by his wife, Ann, and one daughter. Jack “Doc” Soucy MD died in an auto accident in May. Jack is survived by his wife, Mary Kay, and two children. After retiring in 1999 as a practicing physician, Jack donated his skills at reservations in Wyoming and Texas. He also volunteered in hospitals, prisons and as a cobbler. Harold “Hal” Brey Sr. died in May in Jamestown MI. John M Hackett Sr. passed away on May 13 after a long illness. He taught biology at the high school in Birmingham MI. John proudly and humbly recognized the importance of teaching. He was survived by his wife, Carol, and four children. William “Bill” Devlin passed away in early June, leaving his wife, Patricia, and three children. Thomas Nicknish MD died June 1 in the Iowa hospital where he cared for thousands of patients as their internist. Tom was survived by his wife, Barbara, and eight children. Richard D. “Rick” Smith passed away in July. After graduation, he went to ND Law School, married Babs and lived in Vetville. They had four children. Joe Policastro was his roommate for four years and sent us this sad news. James Patrick Canny of Jackson MI died July 20, leaving his wife, Carol, and four children. William “Bill” Gerard of Sister Bay WI passed away May 24 in the arms of Ann, his wife of 55 years. They had five children. He was a practicing lawyer in Door County WI. I was very saddened to learn of the death of Leo V. Ryan, CSV, who taught me and many other classmates at Spalding Institute in Peoria IL, before becoming dean of the ND College of Business Administration, known in our time as College of Commerce. I received word from the Alumni Office of eight deaths of classmates who had been listed as missing: Raymond Andrejasich of Indianapolis; William D. Brandon of Bloomington IL; Vincent J. Corroran of Falls Church VA; Charles P. Gordon of Wellington FL; Dr. Francis M. Kelly of Coral Gables FL; Dr. Thomas B. Martin of Cinnaminson NJ; Raymond V. Nelson of Bellingham WA; James C. Weeks of Salt Lake City UT. We have also lost a number of spouses. Tom Newhouse lost his wife of 54 years, Emma, on May 12, after a two-year battle with cancer. Carol Sheerin, wife of Pat Sheerin, passed away in June. John Woulfe sent us this sad news. It has to be a bittersweet spring for Tom Kinnane. Tom was awarded the Louis Putz award by ND, then lost his wife Lynn on May 15 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. Prayers are requested for John “Jack” Ryan, who was scheduled for bypass surgery in May. Richard V. Allen wrote he couldn’t be at the minireunion this fall, as he was to give a talk in Munich, but hopes to be present at our 60th next June. Tom Schriber, our “web guy” and editor of the many emails reporting class news, retired in May after 50 years on the U of Michigan MBA faculty. Thanks, Tom, for all you have done. While you still can, tell someone you love them, and don’t forget to smell the flowers. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 Mandalay, Peoria IL 61614; 309-453-8986; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class SecretaryThomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 With Sympathy

Mea Culpa. The column which appeared in the summer issue was a reprint of the column printed in the spring issue. In the process of forwarding my summer column to the publisher, I mistakenly attached the wrong computer file and did not discover the error until the magazine was distributed. Please accept my apology for the delay in forwarding this news. With fond memories, we offer our sympathy to the families and loved ones of the following departed classmates. John (Butch) M. Butchko passed away Feb. 2 in Kettering OH. John and his deceased wife, Clara, are survived by six children (including three ND grads) and 22 grandchildren (two enrolled at ND). John, who grew up in the Pittsburgh, settled in Dayton and worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Later he founded his own business as a manufacturer’s representative and retired 10 years ago. His daughter Mary Essig ’83 says, “To the end, he remained a die-hard Steelers, Pirates and ND fan.” Carl Hebert died on Feb. 4 in Lafayette LA. He came to ND on a football scholarship and graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. He worked at Unocal for 38 years before retiring in Lafayette. He is survived by his wife, Sis Calais Hebert, five children, 11 grandchildren and a great-grandson. News of Carl’s passing was forwarded by classmate Bill Owens, who also resides in Lafayette. Bernard K. Cooper of Fishers IN died Feb. 16. Bernie served in the Marine Corps and was the former owner of the All Star Tire Company in Indianapolis. Bernie is survived by his wife, Shirley, four children, a daughter-in-law, 19 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. James J. Smith Jr. of Aurora OH died April 11. His survivors are his wife, Virginia, three children and 10 grandchildren. During his career, Jim was engaged in the fields of advertising and bank marketing in New York City, Chicago and Cleveland. Joseph A. McCue died April 22 in Seattle. Joe was born in Scotland but came to the US as an infant. After graduation with a degree in political science, he went on to receive a law degree at Fordham. He attended Kings College, the London School of Economics, the U of Edinburgh and the MIT School of Management. His career included law practice on Wall Street, a position with the FBI and employment for 24 years with Barclays Bank until his retirement as exec VP for human resources, legal division. After retiring, he served for 11 years as a visiting professor in the management school at the U of Edinburgh. Joe is survived by his second wife, Pat, four daughters and six grandchildren. John “Jack” Daughton passed away May 8 in Rochester NY. He was predeceased by his wife, Paula, and is survived by three children, three stepchildren and several grandchildren. In addition to his ND degree, Jack received a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the U of Illinois. After working at Sangamo Electric in his hometown of Springfield IL, Jack joined Xerox in 1964 and remained there until retirement. Our sympathy is also extended to Dale Vandenberg, whose wife, Bonnie, passed away last January. Congratulations to Pat Doherty and his committee, consisting of Jim Indiveri, Bill Rees, Jerry Dahle, Roy Williams, Bill Geary and John Higgins, for successfully arranging the very enjoyable Class of ’58 spring luncheon at the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples FL on March 8. Thirty-one members of our class attended and shared memories and companionship. The 2017 event is being planned for March 3. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray;

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59 Legacies, Honors

As we get older and our children and grandchildren are blessed with daughters and sons, legacies are being developed. Four generations involving our classmate is the most I am aware of, and that distinction goes to Joe Krug of Dayton OH. Three generations cover Ed Mertz. There are probably others out there. Let us hear from you. Vince Naimoli has made many contributions to Notre Dame and the Tampa Bay area. He was recognized by the ND Club of Greater Tampa Bay on July 31 with their Donors of Distinction Award. Tom McTernan of Kenosha WI received the Jack Weissgerber Distinguished Service Award for his 30-year commitment to the Air Force. His primary leadership was focused as the director of their ombudsmen program. Adrienne and Val Miller reported in from New Orleans, where they survived hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Another major task for them has been helping their son Pierre raise four children (a son and triplets) following his wife’s death from cancer. We have an update on Mike Ireland. Following the sale of his company, Hesse Corporation, a truck and trailer manufacturing company, in 1986 he has been unemployed. His wife Marie, mother of five daughters, died in 1998. He married Nancy, a widow, in 2003. They live in Overland Park KS and spend winters in Ft. Myers. Bob Ghelardi moved to Denver in 2014 and is one of the class’ heart bypass survivors. He said that Ed Weyhing (death reported below) founded a software firm that programmed nuclear subs and missiles. Ed was also a major contributor to many social services. Ed Ricciuti is continuing to stay very active, especially in martial arts: writing books, teaching and testing for his fourth black belt, etc. He also fishes on Long Island Sound and raises pumpkins on his farm in Killingworth CT. Kathy and Tom Brady still live in Berkeley CA and continue to donate books, mostly European history, to the Hesburgh Libraries. Joe DeLuca of Altamonte Springs FL just published his fourth book, Snapshots of Life Changing Experiences and a Few Cranky Sentiments. It contains references to his experiences at ND. Another Florida resident, Jack “TV” Stewart of Clermont, is continuing to run nonstop. He is involved with the dynamics of putting deals together, which he started at ND in 1955. He stays connected to E.J. Cunningham, Gene Kelly, Julio Sparacino (another recent heart stent survivor) and many others. Recent deaths: Frank Moosbrugger’s wife, Glendys, on March 19 in Indianapolis; Bob Esch’s wife, Carol, on April 13 in Phoenix; Ed Weyhing on June 26 in Middletown RI. Please visit websites for FaithND at http://faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni at http://ndsenioralumni.org. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte;