10 Good News Continues

Hello, Class of 2010. I am happy to have more happy news to share this quarter. By the time you read this, Kelly Mannion and Jamie Ellis will have gotten married in the Basilica on June 17, 2016. Lindsay (Williams) Short and husband Ryan welcomed their first daughter, Rosemary June, on Nov. 14. Congratulations to the happy couples. Demi Hueth appeared on Jeopardy!, and Trey Garza appeared on Wheel of Fortune. Outside of entertainment, members of our class started new job ventures. Catherine Carrell started a job at Chick-fil-A, Inc. in September and wants everyone to “eat mor chikin.” Adam Mathews won a seat on the Warren County Central Committee. Cameron Compton recently moved back to the Chicago area after serving for nearly four years in the Navy. He plans to launch a subscription-only analysis service for anthropological trends and patterns within professional sports leagues, with an emphasis on American football and basketball. Amber Lattner launched a private LLC, the Lattner Performance Group, a mindset and leadership development consulting company that works with individuals, teams and organizations to teach high performance mindset principles and skills and apply them in the leadership of high performing systems. She graduated with a master’s degree in sport and performance psychology from the U of Denver and is a doctoral candidate in applied sport psychology at the U of Missouri, where her research and applied work has focused on mental toughness, leadership, transition into and out of sport, masculinity and black masculinity in sport and identity development. She recently bought a house next to campus and moved back to Notre Dame, where she will continue mental performance and leadership consulting. We want to know what you’re doing. Send an update. Go Irish. — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com

10MBA New Additions, Big Accomplishments

Lauren (Tortoriello) and Jason Ertel ’03 welcomed daughter Scottie Gray Ertel in July 2015. She joins her sister Kyle, 4. Naomi and Devin Wagstaff had a baby boy, Vaughn Jeffrey Wagstaff, Feb. 16. With the recent family expansion, the Wagstaffs are now a family of six and doing well. Erik Zink completed the 2015 New York Marathon, raising money for Shoe4africa.org, which has a goal to build a children’s hospital in Kenya. Even more exciting is that Erik and his wife Erica were expecting a baby boy in May. I think the marathon training will serve him well in preparation for sleepless nights. Anne-Marie Krishnan shared that she is engaged to be married to her fiancé, Tom, in August at Notre Dame’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart. She and Tom met during the Notre Dame-Wake Forest game weekend in 2012. Anne is also coming up on her six-year anniversary with Deloitte’s advisory analytics practice, earning promotion to manager in June 2015. T.O. Seidel has changed jobs, moving to VP at Evercore in their investment banking practice. Also, he moved houses from Canary Wharf, London, to Greenwich. Karl Jensen shared that he was promoted to vice president of executive management reporting at Bank of the West. He loves the new role. I hope to see everyone back on campus this fall for a game or two. Remember to share your news. Contact me for our next update. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu

10JD Babies and Apparently Nothing Else

Last time we heard about good old Jennifer and Matt Elster, they were breaking new ground by offering a cake of cheese at their wedding reception. I have described this cake of cheese, which, mind you, I did not actually eat, on probably three dozen occasions, each time to an admiring and awe-struck listener. Thank you, Jennifer and Matt, for allowing me to contribute to many food-oriented conversations. Also, congratulations on the birth of baby Jonah, born on the Ides of March. According to his proud papa, he’s eating, sleeping and pooping like a champion every day. He is already an Irish fan, of course, and watched his first basketball game at four days old while covered in ND gear. He may have listened to several games from the comfort of his prenatal home. We wish Jonah a lifetime of lactose tolerance, and best of luck to his parents. In other baby news, on March 3, one of Notre Dame Law School’s cutest couples became the cutest family in Austin TX when Erin (Watkins) and Jacob Lawler welcomed their daughter, Madeleine Rose, to the world. Congratulations, Lawlers. Well, as Porky Pig put it: that’s all I have to say, people. Please send me updates on your life, your travels or your election predictions. Just kidding. Unless your name is Ken Baldassari, I do not care to engage you in a discussion about politics. — Susie Wine ’03, ’10JD; 102 E. 69th Ter., Kansas City MO 64113; 574-514-3746; swine@alumni.nd.edu

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11MBA Making News

Fadel Matta welcomed his daughter, Madeline Stella, to his family earlier in the year. In addition, his research showing that consistently unfair bosses result in less stress than bosses that are fair one minute and unfair the next was published in Academy of Management Journal. It received press coverage in the Chicago Tribune, Harvard Business Review, Men’s Health, the New York Post and the Washington Post. Fadel will receive his PhD from Michigan State U in May and will join the faculty at U of Georgia this fall. Tim Leoffel took a senior manager position with Samsung in New Jersey last year, got married in October on Maui and his wife just had their first baby, Timothy III, in March. Justin Whitmore was promoted to associate principal at McKinsey and Co. In August 2015, Whitmore married Chicago journalist Alison Flowers, whose forthcoming book, Exoneree Diaries: The Fight for Innocence, Independence and Identity, was released in June by Haymarket Books. The couple is expecting a baby in late summer. Adrienne Coyle is vice president of key client partners at Deutsche Bank. She covers family offices and UHNWI, who are institutional investors, to provide them with a variety of global markets products across the bank. Nate Burns has relocated to Seattle and accepted a position as a senior manager at Microsoft, working on strategic initiatives for Microsoft’s cloud computing businesses. Justin Whitmore, Steve Colnitis, Chris Wisehan and Antonio Trill ’10 were among those present at the going away party. I got engaged to Katy Hall ’04 in April. Quick hits: James Brennan, Rick Aznar-Beane and David Knudsen are anxiously awaiting the release of Overwatch, the first all-ages friendly fps game. Tim Frahme is going to Harry Potter World. Viral Kothari is coming to an upscale watering hole near you in summer with cornrows à la Kenny Powers. If you would like to see your update here, please reach out. — Chris Orenchuks; chris.orenchuk@gmail.com

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12JD Life Changes

Good morning, afternoon or evening, classmates. To jump right into the news, Peter Kosydar writes that he and Natalie Warrick got married on July 11, 2015 at the Basilica and, according to Facebook, followed it up with a honeymoon in Greece. Shortly after the wedding, the happy couple picked up and left Grand Rapids, choosing to make their home in Dallas. I can’t say I blame them; I hear Dallas is lovely this (and every) time of year. Facebook also tells me that Natalie passed the Texas bar exam, so kudos to her. Claire Leatherwood started a new job in November at Notre Dame as an assistant athletics director for policy management. This means, obviously, that we should start hitting her up for tickets. (Only kidding, please don’t do that.) Claire is getting married on May 21 to Pat Slebonick, a former UVA football player who holds a master’s degree from UVA and a law degree from William and Mary. The happy couple met while Claire was working for the William and Mary athletic department, where she had been plying her lawyer trade since right after graduation. Congratulations to you both. Brigette Dutra recently made the trek out to Chicago for her friend’s birthday, and got a chance to see some of the city’s new sights. She also got a chance to hang out with me, and she made suggestions to my fiancée as to what we should name our first two children. Brigette has been working with the agency that oversees California’s charter schools, and she totally loves it. She even gets to work from home some days, which is a dream I’m sure we all share. She’s also been doing pro-bono work with guardianship cases. Oh, and Brigette tells me that Prudence the cat is doing well. Alvin Adjei finished his investigation into the Harry Potter books, but he’s refusing to divulge what he found. He keeps saying I can’t handle the truth. Alvin’s new passion project is indoor skydiving, where he’s been working on training a goose to recreate a classic Pepsi commercial from the late 1990s. Good luck with what I’m sure will be a long road, Alvin. To wrap up, some of you may have seen the affront thrown our way in the last 2013JD notes column, which attempted to besmirch our character by comparing our column’s length to their own, which is admittedly more verbose. Given that we are members of an honorable profession marked by class and restraint, I will take it in stride and not provide repartee to our esteemed colleague, Mr. Blair. I will merely point out that in life, and especially in our field, quality, not quantity, is paramount. Please continue to send your updates my way. Have a lovely summer. — Jimmy Champlin; 4250 N. Marine Dr. Apt. 2329, Chicago IL 60613; james.c.champlin@gmail.com

13 Creative Spirit

Hello classmates, and thanks for opening another issue of the Notre Dame Magazine. I’m still waiting for the day when I can write this whole column with emojis, but technology hasn’t caught up to my creative spirit yet. Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite section: engagements and weddings. I received an email from Camille Sharrow that she got engaged to Christian Blaum. What she actually sent was, “Yo Champ. I’m marrying Christian Blaum next year. Put it in the mag.” So, I’ve put it in the mag so Camille can see her “mother’s face when my name is published in an official ND publication.” Snapchat or it didn’t happen though, right? I also heard (or Facebook stalked) that Colin Campbell is engaged to Kelsey McGuire. Confirmation credit of this engagement goes to Alvin Hu, who made a point of telling me how much better Colin is than me. Which is fine. Next up: professional and personal developments. Kristen Durbin emailed me a wonderful little coincidence. She and Joe Wawrzynski are just finishing up their first year of medical school at Brown U, kind of a big deal. It turns out that Kristen (of Pangborn) lives in the apartment right below Allan Joseph from Fisher. She swears that they didn’t meet before going to medical school, and that she found the apartment without knowing who he was. Kind of like how I always somehow end up at a Little Caesar’s pizza, even though I’ve totally never had it before and totally didn’t google where the closest one to my apartment is located. Weird how the cosmos works like that. For a personal development, David Jones finally figured out how to scratch his shoulders without tearing his sleeves. Those are all the updates I received for this issue, please keep ‘em coming. Cheers. — Chris Champlin; 378 Wayside Dr., Dayton OH, 45440; nd2013updates@gmail.com

13MBA Weddings and Births

There are more weddings and births for our class. We have another marriage of classmates: Tanaya Karnik married Dennis Moran in April. They live in Dallas. Tanaya is still at Ernst & Young, where she is a program management consultant. Dennis is a senior financial analyst at Dean Foods. From what I could tell, there were quite a few ’13ers (can we call ourselves that?) in attendance. They will honeymoon in South Africa, where they’ll attend the wedding of another set of classmates, but more on that next time. Rosalie Bott also married a ND MBA grad, Robert Cameron ’15MBA. Rosalie works for Houlihan Lokey, Robert works for Ernst & Young, and the couple resides in Chicago. They also had a number of classmates in attendance. Kurt Wilson even came in from Germany. Lastly, Myra and Dave McCain welcomed Violet Eloise on Feb. 9. She joins big sisters Ruby Grace and Evelyn Mae. The family moved back to Fort Wayne IN in 2015, and Dave is still with Oracle. As always, email or text me all the news that’s fit to print, and I’ll get it in. The next deadline is July 31. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com

13JD Habemus Bambino

There is not as much to report as last issue’s historic and unforgettable Class Note, but what I lack in verbosity I make up for in bruising electoral victories. Adam Mathews won a seat on the Warren County GOP Central Committee, where he is charge of book awards and essay contests in the local schools. Adam contacted literally every Republican in his precinct before the election and beat the incumbent by a margin of 73 to 27 percent. As you may recall from my spring 2015 Class Note, Adam is also on the Warren County Parks and Recreation Board, where he is helping to oversee approval of the Cincinnati Zoo’s $1.5 million cheetah breeding facility. Adam reports that construction has been delayed because, “people got scared they’d be living next to cheetahs.” Adam says that southern Ohio is still jumpy from that guy who released a bunch of bears, lions, tigers and wolves during our 2L year. #OhioProblems. Fortunately, construction on the cheetah facility should start this summer. Although Adam may have set the pace in terms of civic involvement, he is by no means alone. Congratulations are in order for Chris Wray, who won a seat on the R-9 school district board of education in Harrisonville MO, which is southeast of Kansas City, which some of you may know, is not in Kansas. Chris is the third generation of his family to serve on a school board. Chris is an associate in the Kansas City office of Shook Bacon Hardy, where his practice focuses on the defense of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in products liability litigation. Congratulations to Natalie and Charles Galvin on the birth of Lydia Joy Galvin on April 5. I am incredibly happy for the Galvins, but also kind of salty because I picked Xavier to be in the national championship game in honor of their daughter’s impending arrival. Babies over brackets. Chuck also reports that they are getting a new fan coil for their air conditioner, so spring is full of exciting additions to the Galvin household. Robert Cross planted “a somewhat absurd amount” of fruit trees around his yard. Cross reports that of the trees, the fully-developed orange tree was the most expensive, but the peach tree is by far his favorite. Orange you glad to know? Jon Edel proposed to Diva Kass ’15JD, and she accepted. Congratulations to the happy couple and their dog. Fact: the three members of the Class of 2013 who returned as “4Ls” to attend Fall Ball 2013 are all engaged or married to their dates. I recently accepted a position at Lindsay, Rappaport & Postel in Chicago, where I practice insurance coverage litigation and insurance defense. Tim Cantu urges you to vote Robinson Cano for starting second-basemen for the American League in this summer’s All-Star Game, but I implore you to listen to reason and look at the season Jose Altuve is having. Send me your updates. — Alex Blair; apblair@gmail.com

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14MBA Go West, Young MBA

Raise a glass of Indiana whiskey because this May marks the second anniversary of our graduation from ND. Congratulations on making it through two years back in the real world, #bestclassever. And, after two years, many of our peers are already on their second or third post-ND moves. There were so many relocations in 2015 that we almost lost track: Zeynep and Burak Gundogdu to Washington DC, Stephanie Faint to Rancho Cucamonga CA, Drew Parysz to Chicago, Jennifer and David Paul to Houston, to name only a few. Well, this spring brought a whole new wave of relocations with many MBAs seeking new opportunities and warmer temperatures. Kim and Scot McCarron relocated from snowy Columbus to Long Beach CA, followed shortly after by their neighbors Julie and Jason Torfin, who landed in Santa Monica. Meanwhile, former St. Louis residents Mike Roslen and Kathy Fan also headed West, one after the other, to join the growing ND cohort making Seattle home. And Chad Arroyo has settled in Denver CO after leaving Chicago and taking a break to do some international travel. But don’t call it a Midwest exodus yet. Katy Bak and Jason Guindon may have left St. Louis, but they stayed true to their Midwest roots, setting up residence in Chicago, where they will be in the company of many ND friends. Speaking of Katy Bak and Jason Guindon and major life events, we are happy to congratulate the two lovebirds on their engagement. In December, Jason got down on one knee in the middle of New York’s Grand Central Station, and they made it official. Meanwhile, across the continent, Katie Beltrone said yes to longtime sweetie Larry Waldman of Microsoft. Katie knew that Larry was a keeper when the die-hard Jets fan took up the tradition of wearing a Notre Dame jersey every Saturday, just for her. We can’t even. Congratulations, guys. And while we are on the subject of congratulations, we send a huge one to Sarah and Matt Kernan, who welcomed Mary Josephine Kernan on April 16. She is named after her Irish great-grandmother and the Holy Family, and will go by her nickname, Mollie. Congratulations to the happy family. But the award for Irish spirit goes to Lynn and Matt Maye, who organized the Notre Dame Club of Buffalo to design, build and enter the first ever Notre Dame float in their local St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Alexandru Aleman, Evi Guinto, Margot Romer and Jess Bonanno drove in to help build a magnificent 15-foot scale replica of the Golden Dome, which was marched proudly through the streets of Buffalo on March 20 and ended up winning a giant trophy for Best Club Float. The community of Buffalo may never recover from so much ND excitement. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Class of 2014 reunion tailgate at the first home game of the 2016 season. We expect to see your smiling faces on the weekend of Sept. 10 and will have lots of fun activities planned. Meanwhile, as great things happen in your lives, please remember to send your updates so we can share your joy with your ND family. We wish you a fun summer. And of course, go Irish. — Jessica Bonanno; 407-808-7148; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; 518-598-4222; kcahill1@alumni.nd.edu

14JD Changing the World

As a class, we’ve done very little this quarter, except for Chrystal O’Connor. While the rest of us were slaving away writing briefs at a partner’s whim, Chrystal was out changing the world. Through her work at the Clemency Project 2014, she submitted a clemency request on behalf of her client, and that request was recently granted by President Obama. That is a big deal. Great work, Chrystal. If you would like to find out more about the project, visit: clemencyproject2014.org. — Rachel Hanley; rachelrhanley@gmail.com

15 Class Secretary — Robert Reed;

1559 Elm Ave., Northbrook IL 60062; cell 847-691-0666; rreed1@alumni.nd.edu

15JD Work and Life Balance

Who knew Philadelphia was such a fun place to live? Apparently Peter O’Neil does. Peter has been clerking for Judge Gerald Pappert of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Peter has enjoyed his time in Philly not watching the Eagles or Phillies win anything. When not getting his kicks from research or writing, Peter has been active in men’s league soccer and kickball. Cheesesteaks and a broken bell were not enough to keep Peter, as he will soon trade in his somewhat manageable work and life balance for an associate position in the commercial litigation group at Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP in Chicago. Hopefully he can find ND alumni in Chicago to hang out with. Please get in touch if you know of anyone. Speaking of playing men’s league soccer, Amber Underhill hasn’t been. She has been too busy working as an associate in the intellectual property group of Warner, Norcross & Judd LLP in Grand Rapids. Amber and her husband (he remains unnamed in her text) just celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. Bronze or pottery is the traditional eighth anniversary gift although I have heard it said that nothing expresses love more than a principal reduction payment of school loan debt. Some interesting facts about Grand Rapids: it is home to the country’s first Megaplex theatre named Studio 28. (There is no word on how many theatres it has but it can seat about 6,000 people.) Its nickname is Furniture City. (I am pretty sure that is actually IKEA). And it is home to Michigan’s only professional ballet company (outrageous). Did you also know that Grand Rapids has been compared favorably in travel rankings to places such as Yosemite National Park, Boston, Abu Dhabi (isn’t that where Garfield sends Nermal), Bordeaux and Las Vegas. Wikipedia. I apologize for having to mention earlier how awful Philadelphia sports teams have been, especially when Matt Jones is such a big fan. No matter what Matt, Philly can always fall back on booing Santa Claus and celebrating a fictional boxing champion. “The Shunning” has been called back into service as some of my classmates have become too involved in their careers or with binge watching House of Cards to be able to respond. By the way, Mercy Goddard was able to get a picture with Michael Kelly (the actor who portrays Doug Stamper) at the US Capitol. Item number 12 has been removed from her bucket list. Without further ado, the Shunners: Lander Baimonte, J. Kory Strain and Amy Povinelli. Check your texts people, and remember, an update for next time gets you removed from the list whereas continued silence leaves me gathering information from your Facebook profiles or professional bios. OK, people, weddings, kids, big trips, amazing jobs you have earned or lucked into, get me the info. Your classmates are curious. Forgive me for ending on a serious note but the Class of 2015JD wants to express its condolences and prayers for the family and friends of Mosupatsela Kar V. Moleah “Karabo” who recently passed away. Karabo would have graduated from Notre Dame Law School this spring, and we wish our former classmate eternal peace. Remember, send any announcements you deem worthy of your classmates knowing (or if you just want to brag a little) to me, and I will try and include them. — Matt Wine; mwine@alumni.nd.edu