50 Heavenly Tailgate Party


In response to the last edition of Class Notes, Sam Gerardi ’56 sent me a picture of an autographed ND football flag, signed by several of “Leahy’s Lads.” He said that he was a friend of Clem O’Neil ’56, who provided Domer alumni friendship and support to George Dickson prior to Dan Mahan. Sam added to the story Dan related last winter: “George took a bullet to his helmet on D-Day but it did not have enough impetuousness to penetrate out and fell on his neck. A fellow removed the still hot projectile. George Connor ’48 told me that George Dickson was an incredible coach and turned down head jobs. Also, even though he played behind Lujack, Trip, Ratterman and Bobby W., he was highly regarded by Frank Leahy ’31 and sat in on coaches’ meetings.” Rev. Bob Hofstetter informed me that he is in his 12th year as pastor of Good Shepherd Parish in Newport TN. He added that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the first Mass celebrated in the parish, so he is keeping busy at the age of 90. Father Bob has self-published two books of poetry, reflections and photographs: Love Pages and Reflections, In Gratitude for 88 years of Life and 61 Years of Priesthood. Bill Donovan emailed to say that he and Packey Butler have stayed in touch. Bill said he has also maintained communication with Jim Gillis ’51, who recently facilitated another connection, to Don Grieve ’51, “a friend to many in that era.” Leo J. Brown Jr. passed away on Jan. 11. He served in the Army during the Korean War and then worked for his entire career at General Electric/Trane Air Conditioning. Leo was married to Barbara Haragan for 63 years. In an obituary in The Courier-Journal of Louisville KY, his family fondly recalled, “Daddy loved to travel and had a bag packed before you could finish the sentence, ‘Want to go to...?’ He had a fantastic green thumb and found immense joy in his garden. He might have been a pastry chef in another lifetime and was famous for his bread pudding and apple crisps. But more than anything else, he loved his family. Nothing gave him greater pleasure than having a houseful of kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids running around in general organized chaos. A heavenly ND tailgating party has begun. Go Irish.” Dr. Michael Meaney, 89, passed away on Jan. 17. His wife, Francette Philippe, survives him. According to an obituary in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Michael earned a degree in Thomistic philosophy at Notre Dame and then earned a licentiate and a doctorate in philosophy from the Saulchoir and the Institut Catholique of Paris. Michael was a professor at Villanova U, the college of New Rochelle, Notre Dame and Our Lady of Corpus Christi College. He wrote two books, Prayer: The Greatest Need of Our Time, and The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. For many years, Michael taught in the RCIA program at St. Patrick’s and Corpus Christi Cathedral. He was also a member and active contributor to the Serra Club that promotes vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Michael was a passionate pro-lifer, going so far as to suffer imprisonment for his belief in the sanctity of all human life. George Corwine died on Jan. 28 at the age of 89. He was drafted while at Notre Dame and served in the Army in Korea before returning to finish his chemical engineering degree. George worked at GE and Sperry Rand Tube Division as marketing manager. His obituary in the Gainesville Sun of Florida said that he loved playing golf with his buddies and watching football games with his wife, Betty Farkas. He enjoyed volunteering at the library and at Catholic Charities. I hope I have correctly captured all the sentiments in your emails and letters. If not, please let me know and I’ll correct the record or add “the rest of the story.” — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, Apt. 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


51 Looking Forward


Hi everybody. I hope all of you are having a decent summer, and enjoying yourselves. Looking back at the past year from a sports standpoint it was disappointing, speaking of football, of course. However, as usual, we are all looking forward to the new season which is not very far away. Congratulations to Mike Brey for his season. Good job. I want to thank Jim McGuire, Holstein IA for his very nice check for our Mass Fund. Jim tells us that he has retired from his business. Jim had a reputation as one of the best farm auctioneers in northwest Iowa. Again, thank you, Jim, for your contribution. I had a pleasant telephone visit with Bob Murphy, Granger IN He said there have been many changes and additions on campus since we were last there, June 2016, and that construction on the football stadium is close to completion. Our bio for this issue covers Dick Garrity, Arlington Heights IL. Following graduation from Notre Dame, Dick said he received his master’s degree from Northwestern U in mechanical engineering. He worked for several companies in various management positions in design and development of heavy automotive equipment, earth moving, material handling, military and farm machines for such companies as International Harvester. He spent his entire life living in the Chicago area. He has maintained his contacts with his Notre Dame classmates in Chicago for more than 50 years. Dick recalls the Thursday evening beer and poker society. “It was great fun through the years. Unfortunately, most are gone now. In October 2016, I lost the love of my life. My wife, Toni, passed away after 41 years of marriage,” said Dick. I received a message from Tom Laughlin that his father and our classmate, George Laughlin of Cincinnati, passed away last year. George’s wife, Wendy, died soon after. George spent most of his working career at the Kroger stores. He was a vice president when he retired. George was 85 years of age when he left us. Tom requested that Larry Gallagher be notified of his father’s passing. For those not aware, our former president passed in July 2016. I received word that our class treasurer Larry Panozzo, Flossmoor IL, underwent major back surgery on March 14 at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. The medics called it a laminectomy. He spent over two weeks at Northwestern. He is home now recovered, but it has been a very rough period, claims his wife, Netti. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I want to thank our classmates who attended our book signing during our 2016 Reunion. Guys, I need your participation in putting together this column. Let me know what you are doing, who you have talked with or have seen. My next deadline will be August 1. Need your help. Our Mass Fund needs replenishing. Give some thought to helping us. We still have some of our books. Promise you that they will be interesting reading to each of you. Just let me know which of our four might interest you the most. Take care of yourselves. Talk to you next time. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com


52 Reunion Recap


Was this our final reunion? If so, we saved the best for last. Our 65th was a great success. Whether measured by attendance, activities, or golden memories, it registered a 10 on the alum-meter. Thanks to all who persevered and those who were there in spirit. On hand were Frank Amato, Ray Bayless, Joe Bowling, Bob Butler, Carl Carlson, Bruno Chmiel, John Chmiel, Pat Crowe, Bill Dempsey, Lee Dondanville, Dick Donovan, Jack Economou, Dana Fitzpatrick, Roger Fitzsimmons, Norb Ganobsik, Jim Graham, George Hammer, George Heidkamp, Ed Krupps, John Marhoefer, Bill McFadden, Joe McManus, Tony Messina, Neil Moore, Dom Narducci, Joe O’Brien, Ralph Richard, Lou Rieg, Ned Ryan, Dick Schoenfelder, Charlie Schubert, Bill Schultheis, Frank Semetko, Dick Sheridan, Joe Straub, Al Sullivan, Ed Sullivan, Jack Tillis, Ray Tritz, Jack Wagner, Mal Wakin and Ron Zier. Our class is sponsoring Bud Butler as a possible recipient of the Corby Award, ND’s recognition of military excellence. Bud posthumously received the Navy Cross in Korea. Our supporting material called him an exemplar of God, Country, and Notre Dame. Lee Dondanville’s military service brought him to Alaska, working on the early warning system.  He joined the five employees of Hanson Engineers in 1956 and retired as CEO and chairman of an international company with a staff of 375. He acquired an MS from the U of Illinois. He and Ann were married a week after graduation; their five kids are ND grads. Mickey Carroll had a 40-year career in political reporting with the New York Herald Tribune, New York Post and New York Times. A career highlight found him in the basement of the Dallas police station when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby two days after the assassination of JFK. Mickey’s final position was chief spokesman for the highly regarded Quinnipiac national polling organization. Jack Wagner was with the Air Force for 30 years, dividing his time between cockpit duty in fighter jets and staff assignments in the Pentagon and the Air Force Academy. His service included 200 missions against targets in Vietnam. His service was recognized with The Legion of Merit, The Distinguished Flying Cross, a dozen Air Medals, and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross. Following retirement he became a registered securities agent with a hedge fund, Pacific Options.  Ralph Richard gained his master’s from Washington U and a doctorate from Purdue in structural mechanics and engineering mathematics. He taught at Notre Dame before joining the engineering faculty at the U of Arizona, where he served for 27 years. Though retired, he continues directing research programs in the College of Optical Sciences. As a consultant to General Dynamics (’66 to ’72) he was instrumental in the design of the F111 and the F16. Ned Ryan joined GE after graduation to work on jet engines. Following Army duty, he changed direction, attending DePaul Law. His career took him to independent companies and law firms, culminating with Tomkins Industries as secretary and general counsel. He recently moved to Chicago from Dayton OH. He has a daughter and a son, Edwin ’98. Bill Schultheis’s career ranged from installing Jupiter missiles in Italy and Turkey to running retirement facilities for the Diocese of Rockford IL. In between he devoted his engineering talents to Chrysler, 3M Company, and Colorcraft (Qualex), where he directed technical operations at six plant locations. Since retirement, he’s been immersed in volunteer work at a food pantry and as president of his condo association. — Ron Zier; 164 Brewster Road, Wyckoff NJ 07481; 201-447-6667; ronaldirishguy@aol.com


53 Chicago Lunch Oct. 20.


The date for the lunch is set. There shall be a change in venue from Maggiano’s and the location will be in mailings. Save the date; your classmates are counting on your being present. Dick Regan responded to the repeated pleas for good news. His daughter Carolyn has been working for NASA in DC. During the course of her employment, her immediate superior was Bert Probst, Dick's ND roommate and fellow metallurgist. Bert gave Carolyn high marks. Dick lunches twice a week with fellow Boeing retirees at a casino; there is no gambling, just chatter and martinis. Carolyn is also Jack Coyne’s niece. During the winter, I visited with Jim Rogers, Bernie Hester and, most recently, Art Midili, and I had a phone call with Lee Tavis. All appear to be doing fairly well, considering the tribulations. Art and Lee will be returning to South Bend in the spring, in time for a local’s lunch, subject to a later recount. Bill Maus and Bill Wuetcher were frequent seasonal friends, and enjoyed their company immensely. Dave O'Leary called and he too is in the category of doing relatively well and awaiting the scheduling of a Kalamazoo lunch with classmates. Bill DeCrick, our renowned class photographer, sought Brendan Cryan's phone number. He, Brendan and Virgil Bardash were freshmen roommates in B-P. Bill broke his leg 18 months ago and between the aforementioned age factor and medical malpractice he isn’t really into joining the other nearby Villages’ (Florida) boys and girls in active play. Bill’s daughter is planning on attending her 30th reunion, as is my daughter Terese. Harry Sickler called. Harry is still working as a CPA with just a few tax returns, and I didn't ask if he still owned and operated a tavern in Tyrone PA. He is doing well, though having joined the legion of classmates who have “given up ND football tickets.” Games, times, parking and travel have destroyed the enjoyment we all experienced for so many years. Speaking of reunions, June of 2018 is “our year.” Without being petulant or naughty, I remind that after the 60th I proclaimed an end to my Reunion planning. I shall help with publicity and calls (if local) and that is it. Tex McMonagle’s grandson, Patrick, will join his double Domer father, mother, two uncles and an aunt as a ND grad in four short years. Jim Gibbons was honored with an award this past basketball season for his devotion and service to ND as a student-athlete, coach, and administration member for 42 years. Congratulations, Jim, and thanks. Death has diminished our class with the passing of John Gorman of Syracuse; Tom Vanderbosch of Edwardsburg MI; Walter Wolf of Los Alamos; Kenneth Stead of Raleigh; and John D’Anieri of Scarborough MA. Jim Malooly's wife Marilyn died. David Augsburger's son, retired USMC Lt. Col. John Augsberger succumbed to brain cancer on Holy Thursday. Pray for the deceased, survivors and a growing number of very ill classmates. We seem to have lost email contact with some of the following: Vic Riley, Leo Di Gioia, Don Ross, Steve Harrison and Dave Sponseller. If interested, send me your current address and be restored to the broadcast list. Others who are not receiving the periodic (sporadic is a better description) email updates, send me your address and be sure you aren't blocking group mailings. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com  


53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;


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54 Spring Is Here


This past fall, the class of 2020 enrolled at the University with a total of 2,048 freshmen. From an initial pool of 19,505 applications, 3,655 were admitted. Of these enrolled freshmen, more than 80 percent are Catholic. The academic profile of the class continues to increase with 48 percent of the students in the top 1 percent of their class and 94 percent of the students in the top 10 percent. The class of ’54 had a total of 1,038 freshmen. I am not sure of the other stats.

We just received a thank you letter for the financial assistance that Donald Fallon received from our ’54 scholarship fund. The young lad will receive his degree in architecture in May and will graduate with a 3.32 GPA. He states that his self-confidence has improved and he has found the strength to speak up to express his thoughts and ideas. His goal in time is to open up his own architectural firm. Earlier this year I developed problems with my feet and legs. The neurologist diagnosed that I have peripheral neuropathy. It makes it difficult to walk without pain, especially in the toes of both feet. Two main problems: doctors do not know the cause or the cure. So far balance physical therapy is the only option offered to me. It has offered minimal improvement over a 10-week period. Needless to say, my golf game has not improved, especially on hilly areas. The leaves and dandelions are showing, and last Saturday, April 19, the football team played their Blue-Gold Game. There were two major changes: the quarterback, a young man who is untested in a real game, and a 100 percent new assistant coaching staff. Since I’m on the subject of football, you should know that I have ordered 21 tickets for our class seating at the Miami of Ohio game on Sept. 30. Please keep in focus that Tom Campbell will have his tailgate gathering prior to this and all other home games. Drop by and visit Tom and other classmates. Bob Urbanski celebrated his 92nd birthday and 69th wedding anniversary this past year. Milt Beaudine continues to enjoy your letters and cards. Remember in prayer your classmates who are ill. Now comes my least favorite column wrap up, the obituary listing: Dr. William J. McCormack; Roger Lee Riley; Lawrence D. Ellis; Robert H. Davidson; Nolan J. Thomas. Please refer to the class website, 1954.undclass.org, for complete obituary information. Our web master also has announcements on special updates concerning the class. We also request that you consider volunteering for a class board position in the event of illness of a current member. Thank you. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973


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56 Minireunion and Passings


Class co-president Mark Burns has obtained tickets for the Oct. 28 North Carolina State game, our minireunion weekend. Tickets are for ’56 family who want to attend the minireunion, but lost in the lottery. Plans are in the works for the memorial Mass and luncheon in the Morris Inn. Deaths in the ND ’56 family since the last Notes include our class co-president Gordon DiRenzo who died suddenly at his Little Baltimore Farms home on April 30. He is survived by three children: Maria Giulia Lambert (Richard), Chiara Veronica Clemens (Tony) and Marco Santo (Jessica); and seven grandchildren. The family residence is 28 Deer Run, Newark DE 19711. Anthony M. Rocco died April 17. He is survived by his sister, Marlene Carey, daughters Cathleen Rocco and Christine Rocco, son Michael Rocco; six grandchildren and his companion, Marilyn. Contact Mrs. Marlene Carey, 1723 N. Rutherford, Chicago IL 60707. The funeral Mass was April 28 at St. Giles Church in Oak Park. Richard Matthew Welch passed away Nov. 11, 2016 in Pinehurst NC. He is survived by his wife Sheila (Rusti) McNeil Welch, sons Richard M. Jr. (Susan), Michael F. (Christine) and Robert J. (Amy); stepdaughters Jennifer P. Figge (Michael), Colleen P. Glackin, Sheila P. Pellizzari (Paolo) and his 13 grandchildren. Robert T. Tonti passed away Jan. 4 at home in Covington LA. He leaves behind Margaret Ann Wangler and is survived by his brother Edmond C. Tonti, four children, Robert J. Tonti, Michael T. Tonti (Barbara), Colleen Tonti Trabold (Frank) and John W. Tonti. Robert was the proud grandfather of nine. David F. Schweiger passed away April 3. He has been at the Life Care Center of Grandview MO for 10 years where he died. His niece Dr. Karen Komoroski was caregiver for her uncle, succeeding David’s nephew, Mark Griffin. David’s life was curtailed by Alzheimer’s. Ervin Frederick Purucker passed away peacefully in Indianapolis Feb. 6. Erv was preceded in death by his wife, Doris (Taylor) Purucker; he is survived by his son, Charles Purucker, daughter, Faye (Kevin) Krouse, son, Jim (Kim) Purucker; seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Col. Joseph F. Denniston died April 23, 2105 in Las Vegas. Internment was held in Arlington on Oct. 8, 2015. Joe was preceded in death by his wife, Patricia; he is survived by Joseph F. Jr. (Annette); Douglas P. (Shaleen); Erin E. Burridge (Bruce); Mary E. (Mollie) Franke (Michael); Kevin G. (Tricia); 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. James William (Bill) Brehl died peacefully at the Gathering Hospice, Stillwater MN March 6. Bill is survived by his wife Dawn, and six children: Theresa; Michael (Susan), Christine (John) Erickson; Kathleen (Elwood) Jackson of Leesburg; Mary Alice and Jennifer (William) Winter; along with 16 grandchildren. Bill attended Notre Dame ’56, and U of Michigan Law ’59; he served as an Army JAG Officer at Fort Belvoir VA, 1960-63. Gerald William Harr died March 11. He is survived by his wife Sonja Harr, his children Michael Harr (Rufie), Andrew Harr (Carmel), Tracy Barnes (Todd), Francine Burge (Peter), and Susan Johnson (Jason); and his seven grandchildren. Honorable John Gilcrest O’Rourke died at home in Hanford CA March 9. Judge O’Rourke is survived by his wife Joan (Tyne), his spouse of 58 years; brother Richard; children John (Darlene); Katie (Greg) Delano; Thomas and (Nancy); and six grandchildren: Nicholas, Joseph, John, Dominic, Rose, and Sean. May he rest in peace. Kenneth B. Andre Jr., 81, Michigan City IN passed away Aug. 8, 2015. Surviving are daughter, Joan (Kyle) Andre­ Flanigan; son John Andre; and four grandchildren: Ashley Andre, Stephanie Andre, Colin Flanigan and Matthew Flanigan. He was preceded in death by a son, Kenneth B. Andre III and brother, Douglas Andre. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.com


56JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey ’08;


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57 60 Years and Still Counting


Our 60th reunion was held in June, a month after this column was written, but long before this will appear in Notre Dame Magazine. For those who were able to attend, it was a memorable weekend with many laughs, lots of hugs and a few tears. A most interesting event was the panel discussion led by Ken Woodward on the topic, “Is the Future of American Religion Already Behind Us?” The private class dinners, our own refreshment tent, and our class liturgy were outstanding. As we age it becomes ever more apparent that our time here is limited; we should not forget the many classmates who went before us and who were remembered by name at our Class Mass. Included were John P. “Jack” Coughlin MD, survived by his wife, Kay (1529 S. Madison, San Angelo TX 76901) and four daughters and two sons. Jack was a urologist. John L. Heineman of Framingham MA left us April 6. He is survived by wife Helen, and four sons. He was a full professor at Holy Cross, received a PhD from Cornell, prior to which he studied in Europe on Fulbright and Schurman scholarships, was awarded a Phi Beta Kappa and was Outstanding Teacher numerous times. Vince Dooley was survived by wife Barbara (19875 Center Ridge Road, No. 203, Rocky River OH 44116). Mike Boyle sent us this sad information. Norman Heying passed on March 9 from complications from surgery. He left Dorothy and six children. Norm lived in Lake Quivira KS. Earl Hogan sent us his obituary. James L. “Jim” Fees passed away in Hasselt, Belgium on Feb. 6. He was recruited as a secret agent for the CIA and later served as chief of station for the CIA for three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. He was an advisor to President Reagan. Later he moved to Marbella, Spain and wrote two spy novels under the pseudonym of Eric Jordan. A remarkable story of the life of Jim Fees can be read in the novel, The Man, under the name of the author Eric Jordan. Jim was survived by his wife, Francine, and a daughter. Prayers are requested for the soul of Brian Woulfe, eldest son of Nancy and John Woulfe, who died of a massive stroke on April 12. Also pray for Sharon Logan, wife of Patrick Logan MD, who underwent spinal surgery on Good Friday. And for R.A. DeSutter who recently suffered a stroke. In the more pleasant news, Anita Haley wrote that her husband, Thomas Haley, and fellow South Bender, John “Deals” McMeel made their third annual cruise meeting in Barcelona to cruise the Mediterranean. We are safe as long as they do not start WWIII. Orlando T. Maione recently had his article about his basic training published by The American Legion in their magazine Legiontown. W.T. “Bill” Braun sent some beautiful pictures of flowers with a note “We all need to take time to appreciate the gifts in our lives; flowers are only one of these gifts.” So true, Bill, thanks. And to all of us, take that time while we can. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 Mandalay Drive, Peoria IL 61614; 309-453-8986; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net


57JD Class Secretary — Thomas S. Calder;


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58 Inspiring Reading


I am grateful to Rev. Paul Kollman, CSC, ’84 ,director of the Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame for sending me a copy of a new book, Act Justly, Love Mercifully, and Walk Humbly With Your God, published by Andrews McMeel. It is edited by Father Don McNeill, CSC, ’58, and Prof. Margaret Pfeil and consists of 11 personal essays from alumni who have been shaped through the programs of the Center for Social Concerns, as well as by postgraduate lay ministry with the Congregation of Holy Cross. As you know, the Center for Social Concerns was founded by Father Don in 1983, and has offered educational experiences and programs inspired by Gospel values and Catholic social tradition for 30 years. According to Father Kollman, the center staff continues to draw inspiration from “Padre Don.” J. Pat Doherty headed up the committee which organized the Class of ’58 spring reunion luncheon held March 3 at Sydney’s Pub at the Tiburon Golf Club in Naples FL. Here are excerpts from Pat’s report. “It was another terrific spring luncheon for ND’s great Class of 1958. Sydney’s Pub served a fine buffet lunch, but the magic of the day was the opportunity for ’58ers who rarely see one another to enjoy camaraderie, a few laughs and words of wisdom about our long-ago days at ND. The luncheon began with a prayer forwarded to us by Father Don McNeill (who was unable to attend) and offered by Dick Phelan. The event was attended by 37 classmates, several of whom offered updates on other classmates. Dr. John MacDonald captured everyone’s attention by relating his experiences establishing and nurturing clinics in Haiti to serve people suffering from elephantiasis and other diseases rampant in the country, which may be the poorest country in the world. John was delighted to report that Notre Dame has become involved in supporting the Haitian clinics which are in desperate need of help.” Thanks to Pat and his committee for organizing the luncheon. Having mentioned Pat Doherty, I wish to add a note of praise for his daughter, Nancy Detlefsen of Northfield IL who (according to an article in the April 20 Winnetka Current newspaper) donated one of her kidneys to a Glencoe resident who had been waiting for a perfect match for a transplant for two years. Nancy had no prior relationship with the patient prior to her organ donation last spring. She first heard about his situation through a friend on Facebook. Praise the Lord for unselfish servants like Nancy. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com


58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray;


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59 Another Milestone


We have been blessed with many milestones over the years and this year will be another, as most of us will be celebrating our 80th. Let’s keep all members of our ’59 family who have passed in our prayers and ask the good Lord to continue to look over the rest of us and bless us with peace and good health. We offer special prayers for all who are suffering. One of the best remarks in conjunction with the above came from Joe McMann, who said he must not have reached his “sell by” date. He is still participating in NASA’s Knowledge Capture program. His latest activities have been the filming of five 15-to-20-minute vignettes covering such topics as Your Signature Means Something, A College Degree Doesn’t Automatically Bestow Common Sense, Unintended Consequences – The Domino Effect, Finding Real Root Cause and Signing Things I Never Should Have Signed. Fred Stepanich probably had one of the most interesting careers in the class. He spent 40 years as a civil engineer working on water resources type projects in 16 countries, primarily in Asia. A highlight in his life was personally meeting with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and sharing a pew at Mass. He is still consulting and living in Manila. Bob Sedlack taught English at DePauw U in Greencastle IN for almost 40 years. Ellen, his wife of 54 years, died on Jan. 17. She had been the director of the Putnam County Public Library for 29 years and was honored as Greencastle Citizen of the Year and Sagamore of the Wabash, a state recognition. Arthur Raymond reported from Vallejo CA where he and Deb reside. He retired after 30 years with Lockheed Martin in 1998. Deb is still working and is chief operating officer of the Kaiser Hospital and Medical Center. Tom Brady is still “kicking” following an interesting career in academia: ND, Navy, Columbia, U of Chicago, Oregon and UC-Berkeley, retiring in 2006. Most of his teaching covered Central Europe, Christianity, socialism and modern Ireland. He and Kathy are still in Berkeley. John Beliveau is still a retired active judge in Lewiston ME. He teaches a pre-law course at Bates College and stays busy as a member of a jazz band. I received a note from Jack Thomas, who is John’s brother-in-law. He requested prayers for his wife Pat who is battling a rare form of cancer. John Helmer had a surprise 80th in Kingston NY and was joined by Vince Naimoli, Charlie Dietsch and Dan Cassidy. Vince received an honor from Farleigh Dickinson U, New Jersey. Al Haverkamp passed away on Jan. 21 in Denver. Betty, wife of Bill McCaffery passed away in Sound Windsor CT. Of the 1,206 graduates there are 816 still alive. A memory: 60 years ago, during our sophomore year, Father Arthur Harvey CSC, legendary director of the University Theater, directed Good News, the first of his many musicals in Washington Hall. Classmates who contributed to that effort with singing and dancing talents were Dan Ferrone (d. 1999), Alan Haesche (York ME), Rudy Hornish (Pacific Palisades CA) and Joe Maier (Glen Ellyn IL). Please visit FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni website at ndsenioralumni.org. Peace and good health. Please send information. Do not forget our minireunion at the Miami game on September 30. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St.; Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net


59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte;