70 Great News

The Alumni Association has announced our 50th reunion will be June 3-6, 2021. We will join the classes of 1971, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1995 and 1996. The other reuniting classes will come to campus June 10-14. Although we haven’t been able to gather in person, many have joined groups of Zoom chatters and other electronic arrangements while COVID has assaulted the world. During our off year, the South Bend Parks Department was able to complete our class memorial, entitled Reunion, at Angela and Riverside Drive along the west bank of the St. Joseph River north of the Angela bridge. Trees were planted in May, followed in September by a plaque, statue, and commemorative rock. We plan a formal dedication June 3, but everyone is welcome to visit now that the city and park district dedicated it Nov. 6, 2020. Several local residents, especially joggers and bikers along the adjacent trail, have also commended it. The Golden Dome is visible from the green space that is bordered on the north by an old railroad trestle that will be part of the Old Coal Line Trail when it opens in 2024. Thanks to recent donors: Jimmy O’Connell, Larry Moser, Ron Basso, Mike McAleer, Clyde McFarland, Mike Hendryx, David Cloud, Tom Kennedy, Dave Redle, Bob Schmuhl, Bill Keeler, Pat Murphy, Mike Oriard, Bill Weirich, Bob Kaminski, Paul Partyka, Rick Libowitz, Wally Goulet, Bud Clifford, Rich Moran and Chris Moran. Additional contributions of $70 (class year) or other amounts are welcome. Any balance will be used to maintain the park. Paul Gill (ND1970.blogspot.com) has more great blog posts: Rick Libowitz’s description of Rev. Thomas Brennan’s ’23 logic class; Jon Dwyer’s encounter with Prof. Emil T. Hofman at Lake George NY; Dean Olmstead’s account of his football walk-on; Tom Pagna’s kindness to Mike Hampel’s family; Paul’s memories of Emil T; Dave Redle’s recollection of our first football game vs. Purdue on September 24, 1966. Barney King is president and CEO of Macnas Consulting International in New Bern NC and San Diego. In September, Wally Goulet of Bismarck completed the Living School, a two-year course in Christian mysticism, taught by the Franciscan-inspired Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque. He now is a teaching assistant for CAC’s online courses and is vice-chair of their board. In 2019, he and five friends formed Yellowstone Strategies, energy and environmental consultants. In November they launched “Wired Together,” a podcast series interviewing business, academic and non-profit leaders on their interrelated activities and lessons learned during the pandemic. Wally and Cyndi bike regularly through national parks, including their favorite, Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Dickinson ND. In October, I spoke to the U of Illinois Springfield on the history of pandemics. I treat infectious diseases and consult with our county health department. Cathy and Denis Nolan in August installed a universal power supply at Mary TV to allow uninterrupted broadcasting from Medjugorje. Chris Moran practices interventional radiology at Barnes Jewish Hospital. Condolences to the families of Dale Kroll who died July 19 in Hemet CA where he led Summerdale Enterprises, a national pharmacy purchasing organization, and Gary Marrone MD of Henderson NV who died July 24. An EE grad and Georgetown MD and orthopedic resident, he practiced in Las Vegas where he worked with UNLV, Bishop Gorman High School and numerous youth groups. After retiring, he graduated from UNLV Boyd Law School in 2007. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen, and children Kevin, Michael and Ryan. Bob McGrath ’55 manages an interesting website, Heading Home at www.nd55.org, with information about aging, caregiving, legal and medical issues for those in later life. — Don Graham; 1901 S. Glenwood, Springfield IL 62704; 217-652-1560; fever1@me.com


70MBA 50th Just Around the Corner

The week of October 26, I had a long conversation with Dennis Sheehan. Dennis had called looking for contact information for our two recently deceased classmates: Jim Papazian (announced in the Summer issue) and Brian Mullin (announced in the Autumn issue). Unfortunately, I did not have the information but committed to securing it. On a complete aside, my mother always warned me that the worst part of growing old is witnessing family, classmates and friends pass on. She urged me to stay in touch and I have not done a good job. With our 50th graduation anniversary coming up this spring, perhaps we all need to pay attention to my mother’s admonition. Please send, call or text information that you want to share with your classmates and Jim Slowinski and I will get it out to our peers. Dennis has been all over the world since graduating from Notre Dame, including domestic stops with Corning, including here in the Atlanta area. He moved on to international sales and marketing for, among other things, medical implement companies, with a lot of time in the Far East, including Singapore. After spending some time in Palo Alto, Dennis and his wife have retired to Southern California, about 75 miles from our southern border. I have included my new email address below to make it easier to reach us – please feel free to text or call. — John Carroll; 4315 Alta Drive, Apt. 1301, Suwanee GA 30024; cell 404-281-6524; johnrcarroll@outlook.com


70JD As the New Year Begins 

In 1968, several of our first-year classmates left school for military reasons, one of whom was Sean Crimmins. It is with sadness I report that Sean passed away on February 22, 2020. Originally from Pittsburgh, he did his undergraduate work at ND. After service in the Marine Corps, he returned to law school and graduated in ’72. Sean concentrated on tax law and served in various positions with oil and gas companies. Having been retired for 15 years, he enjoyed time with his family as well as the game of golf while living in Fair Oaks Ranch TX. Prayers and condolences go out to his wife, Susan, their four children, 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Jim Kirker travelled from Rhode Island, the “calamari comeback state,” to Buffalo in July to help celebrate Mike Kelleher’s 75th birthday. Mary Kevin and Jamie Cawley celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August. They look forward to a European river cruise in 2021. Tom DiGrazia writes that his yoga program has been awarded a contract to conduct classes in Hawaii’s male prison system. Best wishes to Sterling Spainhour as he joins the Charlotte office of Miles Mediation & Arbitration as a panel member in banking, financial and commercial disputes. Sterling is also Of Counsel to Sapronov & Associates, a law firm with offices in Atlanta and DC. John Klein and Terry O’Connor had me laughing a few months ago they tried to recollect how they spent a three-day pass over 4th of July at Fort Riley KS in the summer of 1969. Tom Sopko observed a quiet September in South Bend as attendance at ND games was dramatically limited for health reasons. As I write this column in early October, the president of the country and the president of ND have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Looking back on 2020, it is apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic, the western wildfires, the death of Justice Ginsburg and the turmoil that engulfed the nation will not soon be forgotten. In some ways, it resembled what we lived through during our law school years. The Black Lives Matter address on campus by Rev. John Jenkins, CSC, ’76, ’78MA after the George Floyd tragedy was reminiscent of comments to students by Rev. Ted Hesburgh, CSC, ’39 about Vietnam War policies after Kent State. The passing of a civil rights icon, John Lewis, was another somber reminder of events that occurred during our time at ND. His words about having hope in the future reach out to all. I pray all of you have remained healthy this past year. I also hope that you were able to adjust to the circumstances and that some good may have come from the experience. Here in western New York, Marie and I walk every morning and watch the seasons and the scenery change on a constant basis. Neighbors wearing masks greet us with a wave or hello from across a street or down a block. Our gatherings with family and friends were usually in our backyard under the shade of a red maple and the appropriate distance apart. Although it was a time of discovering new technology, it was also a time to slow down and appreciate life’s blessings. Tell me about your daily routines this past year and I will include them in a future column. Like us, some of you have family members who are teachers or health care workers. Hats off to them and all frontline workers for their courage and devotion to helping others during this challenging time. As one year ends and another begins, I wish all of you a happy New Year. Until next time, stay well and Go Irish. — John K. Plumb; jkplumb37@gmail.com


71 Salvation on the Links

One avenue to be out and about this summer with friends has been the golf course. Some statistics show rounds are up 40 percent nationwide, no surprise. Rick Kettler, Jim Malloy, Tim O’Connor and I try to get together for a round a week. Mike Kelly works part time at Cantigny in the western suburbs of Chicago, in the pro shop during the summer and the practice module when the snow flies. He drove over and joined us for a round in early October. Bob Bramlette plays at Olympia Fields in south suburban Chicago and was able to snag a plum assignment inside the ropes as a walking scorer when they hosted the pro tour’s FedEx BMW tournament. With an abbreviated field of only 70 players, Bob had an up-close view of several of the top players during his five-day stint. He was tactful enough to leave his attorney persona in the locker room and refrained from giving advice and counsel on such matters as swing planes and putting alignment. Paul Bonitatibus embarked on a multi-week driving tour from New Orleans, which included multiple rounds along the way, including one in Pittsburgh with Terry Shields, Don Kudas, and Mike Flinn at the Club at Shadow Lake in Aliquippa. Condolences to Colleen Navolio and her extended family on the passing of Bill in October. A native of Oak Park IL and a resident of Pangborn, Bill Navolio went on to law school at Georgetown before returning home to Chicago to spend his legal career in the financial arena, consulting with banks, and working internally as general counsel. Ray Offenheiser is the director of the Pulte Institute for Global Development at ND and was elected the chairman of the board of BRAC USA, the U.S. affiliate of BRAC, one of the largest nongovernmental organizations in the world and the largest one based in the Global South, in Bangladesh. Before returning to ND, Ray was president of Oxfam America for 20 years. Reunion 2021 plans continue to evolve as the Alumni Association has announced a twist in the scheduling not used before: split weekends. June 3-6 are the dates for the older classes, 25 years out through 50-plus, this means us, even for the forever young ones in our crowd. June 10-13 is earmarked for the kids, five to 20 years out, in case you have family members on the same cycle. Rumor has it SMC will mirror our dates, but again, all is preliminary at this time. As mentioned last issue, the Alumni Association has released a substantial makeover of their website and interface tools. Check out my.nd.edu to register, set up preferences, etc. Once set up you can opt in or out of class-specific items, including a weekly communication of historical items 50 years ago, past obituaries in memory of deceased classmates, and general trivia of our era. Check out 1971.undclass.org. The weekly “Road to Our 50th” has elicited some interesting chatter traffic. Allocate some of your reading time to this and join in. Wishing you a healthy and happy new year. Good luck on the links if you are somewhere warm. — John Snider; 830 N. Saint Peter St., South Bend IN 46617-1936; res 574-217-8961; cell 312-860-1779; jlscpa@yahoo.com 


71MBA Class Secretary Jim Fackelman;

4635 Lakeview Circle, Slinger WI 53086; res 262-644-6245; cell 414-379-0968; jfackelman@alumni.nd.edu 


71JD Class SecretaryE. Bryan Dunigan;

19 S. LaSalle St., Suite 1202, Chicago IL 60603; 312-857-2114; bdunigan@duniganlaw.com


72 Heightened Friendship During Pandemic

During the pandemic, 12 residents of Lyons Hall have been meeting virtually weekly: Andrew Allen, Berwyn PA; Robert Alworth, Granger IN; Ted Cornell, Chicago; Chris Darrouzet, Meadville PA; Michael Hoy, Newtown PA; Craig Hoyt, Dublin OH; John Mateja, Alexandria VA; Thomas Meyer, Fredericksburg VA; Jim McCaul, Danbury WI; Matt O’Donnell, Seattle WA; Mark Saucier, Jefferson City MO; and John Toller, Raleigh NC. After 25 years on the bench, Dennis Cimpl retired as a circuit court judge for Milwaukee County WI. Marc Senesac died on July 3. Our condolences to his siblings, nieces and nephews. According to his obituary, after Notre Dame, he obtained a “Master of Science degree from Northern Illinois U in 1976, and PhD, all but the dissertation, from Loyola U of Chicago. He was a teacher at St. Edward High School in Elgin IL, a principal at St. Catherine of Sienna School in West Dundee IL and retired after 30 years as vice president of human resources of Advocate Health Care in Chicago. Marc was an active member of Sacred Heart Parish at Notre Dame and enjoyed volunteering every Monday at Saint Mary’s Convent.” William Hannigan passed on July 8. According to Bill Streeter, who knew Hannigan when they worked together in the North Dining Hall, “Hannigan did an ostrich impression that had us all in stitches.” Hannigan’s obituary appeared in the Los Angeles Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He obtained a “master’s degree from Arizona State U. For the last 25 years, Bill was employed by Square H Brands as the chief financial officer.” His death was from a brain tumor. Our condolences to the six of his seven siblings who survive him. Let us thank God for the presence of each other in our lives. Let us pray for each other, living and deceased, to the Mother of Holiness. — Jim Thunder; thundergroup@alumni.nd.edu 


72MBA Sad News

When I submitted my fall column in July, I was pleased to report that there had been no deaths among our classmates. Sadly, that changed a few days later when I learned my good friend and roommate, John Doyle, died suddenly and unexpectedly. John was an extraordinary Catholic husband, father, and businessman. Here is a link to his obituary: legacy.com/obituaries/inquirer/obituary.aspx?pid=196561328. On behalf of the MBA Class of 1972, I want to offer our condolences to John’s wife, Maura, and his daughters Kerry ’03, ’10MBA and Erin. I have contact information for John’s family for anyone who wants to send personal condolences. I’m sorry I only have sad news this time. Please send me some better news for our next issue. One last thing, it is not too early to start planning for our 50-year reunion in June 2022. Stay well, all. — Alex McLellan; 913-991-0944; irish72mba@gmail.com


72JD Santa Fe Connections

I hope everyone is safe and well and coping with the unprecedented COVID pandemic. To do my part to keep us connected during these trying times, I’m passing along some news about our classmates. Denis Hauptly was elected to a three-year term as chairman of the board of directors of the American Arbitration Association. Congratulations, Denis. Mike Hilliard, after a long career of law practice in Houston TX, relocated to Santa Fe. He joins Joe Canepa, who is a long-time Santa Fe resident and still practices law there. Joe and Mike and wives have been able to get together for cocktails and outdoor dinners in the Museum Hill area of Santa Fe. John Zipprich also has purchased a place in Santa Fe, so the ’72JD class is well represented in the Santa Fe area. Mike Holland rode out the early months of the COVID lockdown in Ft. Myers FL, but he and Pat eventually returned to Garden City, where he has been a longtime resident. Paul Binder, after retiring from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Cleveland, has continued to practice law privately, and has an active case load involving antitrust, immigration and related matters. It is hard to believe that in 2022 we will celebrate our 50th anniversary of graduating from ND Law School. Assuming that the COVID threat is over by then (big assumption), we will be in touch about plans for a 50th reunion. So, stay safe, and if you have any news to pass along, get in touch. — Chris Schraff;1881 Marble Cliff Crossing Court, Columbus OH 43204; 614-227-2097; cschraff@porterwright.com


73 John Foster is The Man

I have been fortunate over the last 25 years to play at least one round of golf each year at the Warren Golf Course. This year’s round took place on October 7 with Lou Ferrello, Jim Roolf and John Dampeer ’72. It was a beautiful day, the course was in great condition and the company was outstanding. The golf was rather average. The highlight of the day was talking with John Foster before and after our round. John is the head pro and manager of the successful Warren course and an outstanding person. John gets the total credit for bringing the men’s U.S. Senior Open to the Warren course in 2019. I volunteered to work the event and had my picture taken with Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson. Thanks for a great day, John. I had lunch with JD Flood in his hometown of Morris IL this summer. JD has recovered from his earlier health situations and is retired like most of our class. JD was the longtime public defender in Grundy County and enjoyed a sterling reputation in the legal field. His son is a lawyer in Milwaukee and his daughter works in entertainment in California. I received a nice email from Betsy Mohan Kain expressing her condolences over the passing in February of John Mariani. Betsy sent a picture which included Connie Smith Barker and John’s roommate Gary Hunt. Everyone looks so young. Thank you very much Betsy. Mike Ugino sent an email stating he has just retired after 38 years in private practice as the founding member of Midlands Orthopedics and Neurosurgery in Columbia SC. He and his wife Donna will spend more time with their four children and six grandchildren. I am sorry to report the recent passing of Steve Petrucci. The national law firm of Barclay Damon announced that Dennis McCoy has been named one of the best lawyers in America. Dennis specializes in personal injury and product liability defense litigation. His office is in Buffalo. We could not participate in the annual Dennis Smith Legacy Foundation golf outing in July so we had our own mini-outing remembering Dennis and Jim Shanahan on July 20 at Heritage Bluffs Golf Course. Participating were Mark Wilcox, Bob Wolf, Dave Bergonia, Lloyd Sullivan, Jim Roolf and myself. We had a great time, and it was good to keep the spirit alive. I am assuming there are classmates who get together on a regular basis for golf outings. If anyone would like to report this type of news, please send me an email. COVID has put a lot of travel restrictions on all of us but I still hope to catch up sometime this year with Alan Hart and Michael McCurdy for a couple of rounds of golf. We will see if I am retired by the writing of the next Class Notes due in January. I am always looking for news. — Michael W. Hansen; 3013 Sanctuary Court, Joliet IL 60435; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com


73MBA Looking for More Responses

Gus Browne reports that since the lockdown in Illinois, “We’ve stayed close to home. Staying safe.” John Rapa writes that he accepted an offer from Intuit (Turbo Tax) for a tax position in the upcoming tax season. This will allow him to work from his home office. His only face-to-face client meetings will be over the Internet via a video phone. No mask required. He couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Jack Leedom shares mixed messages. He states that tomorrow he will have his first chance to see his wife, Pat, since February. Nursing homes in Pennsylvania have been locked down by the governor and his health secretary due to COVID-19. It gets rough for him at times. To keep his spirits up, he has a trainer who comes one day a week and she really gives him a workout and it helps him feel better. He takes the dog for a long walk every day and talks to his neighbors. A new activity: He got involved in the congressional race in his district. His candidate, Kathy Barnette, is a newcomer to politics. He says she is an intelligent author, national radio commentator and a mother of three. She homeschools her children, was an adjunct professor of finance and has worked in corporate finance. After six months of working from home, 23 years at Boeing and a total of 47 years in aerospace, I retired from Boeing on October 2. I lost my brother Bill in June. He was locked into a nursing home for four months due to a variety of illnesses (not COVID-19) including kidney failure. He and his wife, Judy, had just retired from their professions of Red Cross blood technician and elementary school teacher and were two months away from their 30th wedding anniversary when he passed. He was BJ the DJ (mostly for charity) with an enormous vinyl record collection. For 57 years with our family on Christmas day he visited a local hospital and hospice bringing Christmas cheer to patients. Send me your updated email addresses. If you haven’t written in some time, please share your stories with us. I look forward to hearing from you. You are welcome to visit us in Southern California. — Thomas Jindra; tajindra@charter.net


73JD Back Again

Despite my promise, I missed the column for the last edition of the magazine because I missed the email reminding me to do it. Make one contribution to a candidate and you end up with 100 emails every day. It is easy to miss something important. Anyway, the good news is that the University did not report the passing of any of our classmates since my last column and, unfortunately, that is my main, and often only, source of information (hint). It is hard to believe that this time (mid-October) 50 years ago we were settling into our first year at the Law School and that our 50th reunion is now less than three years away. It also is the 50th anniversary of yours truly coming in last in the election for class president, which I think Charlie Sullivan won. In the last column I reported on the passing of Gary Lennard. I made a horrible mistake by providing the wrong name for his wife. She is Karen, not Lynn. Obviously, the big news from the Law School is the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, a first for Notre Dame. Congratulations to her. — Paul Reagan; 16527 Heron Coach Way, Ft. Myers FL 33908; cell 847-915-9796; pvreagan@gmail.com


74 Into 2021

Here’s hoping by the time you read this, we are done masking and have come out of COVID with an appreciation of all we have taken in stride prior to this pandemic. In 2020, Jim Whalen (Whales) shared the following news regarding his Pog group. A shout out to Frank Murnane who wishes many from our class a happy birthday. Frank keeps us together by having us all express our best wishes to whomever is celebrating a birthday on any given day or month. Tom Jenkins (Jenks), a biking enthusiast, switched some of his energy to golf. Tom was golfing in September and scored an eagle on a par 5, when he holed a 25-yard pitch. Admittedly, Jenks had taken a couple of lessons and joined a senior golf league. Jenks still bikes about 100 miles a week. Now Tommy’s claim to fame is he won’t be feeding the jungles in Florida at the next Pog-Mo-Thon annual outing. Prof. Chris Stevens and Paul Simon of Business Mediation Network provided a virtual educational class to an esteemed group of CEOs, CFOs and COOs through Executive Opportunity Forum, of which I have been included. I was proud to offer their expertise to this group of C-Suite executives. Chris Stevens occasionally provides updates from campus. One such bulletin was when the school opened in fall and students partied upon arrival. With that messaging, Tom Drake provided a hilarious response, which I had to share. Tom said, “I just don’t understand college kids nowadays. They act like it is a big deal to practice social distancing. I went to campus parties for four straight years at ND, and those Saint Mary’s lovelies never had any trouble social distancing from me. Times sure have changed.” Jim Guerra asked me to mention that Robert “Bob” Verille passed away in 2019. In my last column, I mentioned Leo Monaghan who lived in Grace Hall until senior year. Leo was a four-year suite mate of Mike Sherrod. Leo relayed his story of obtaining his Irish citizenship and the extensive documentation needed for citizenship. Here’s the best part: he offered the required docs in person in Dublin, Ireland, only to be told that he needed to present them in Chicago to the Irish Consulate on Wacker Drive. However, Leo felt the trip to Ireland was worth it. Congrats again on the Irish citizenship. ’Tis a grand thing. And yes, I, too, have my Irish passport. I’m sure that Leo, like me, can’t wait to use it. It was nice to hear from Tom Hansen. Tom is still working as president at IT Hardware Plus in Elgin three days a week. However, golf is what he enjoys more now. Tom mentioned we need to applaud Jack Leicht. Jack served on the NDAA Board and many years on the Senior Alumni Board. Jack initially filled a vacant seat on the ND Senior Alumni Board for two terms, then became vice chairman, then chairman. That position is now handled by the ND Senior Alumni Board president. Thanks also to Tom who was involved years ago as the regional representative for the ND Senior Alumni Board for the Notre Dame Club of Chicago. Jim Hynan is working the voluntary position for the ND Club of Chicago and has secured fantastic speakers from campus for our virtual meetings. I know you are home reading this, so you have no excuses not to write. Thank you for your notes. Please remember to put 1974 Class Notes in the subject line. It is an honor and a pleasure to serve as secretary for our wonderful class. — Dede Lohle Simon; 440 N. Wabash Ave. Unit 3905, Chicago IL 60611; domerdede@aol.com


74MBA Elio Remembered

Betty Gallagher provided information about Sandy Gerling Polselli and her late husband Elio Polselli. As some of you know, Elio passed away in early 2018 and was laid to rest at Notre Dame in Cedar Grove Cemetery. In his memory, Sandy commissioned a sculpture, made in Italy, of St. Francis of Assisi. The statue is cast in bronze and stands atop a commemorative base. In early October, Sandy went to South Bend from her home in Florida to host a blessing and placement of the statue at Elio’s gravesite. Betty attended the ceremony. The sculpture was blessed by Rev. John Herman, CSC, ’94MDiv, religious superior and rector, Moreau Seminary. Several current and former track coaches and team members also attended this event. Our condolences and prayers go out to Sandy. Thanks to Betty for the information. There was no additional contact from classmates since my last column, so I will pass along an episode that the Burnett family endured this summer. Last issue, I mentioned how our family travels to Myrtle Beach each summer for a week of fun, sun and leisure around the ocean and pool. Unfortunately, this past August, we encountered the wrath of Mother Nature in the form of Hurricane Isaias. The storm arrived late afternoon on Monday of our vacation week. It was quite an experience: high winds, pelting rain and sizable storm surge. A hurricane is not something that residents of Michigan ever face. Fortunately, our ocean-front house withstood nature’s barrage, and we were safe. However, the storm surge filled our pool to the top with sand and deposited several additional tons of sand on the pool deck and parking area. The pool was rendered useless for the remainder of our Myrtle Beach stay. We finished out the rest of what turned out to be a beautiful week enjoying the beach and ocean waters. Enduring an event like that leaves one in awe of the raw power of Mother Nature. That’s all for now. As always, unless I hear from classmates, you will be entertained by the exploits of the Burnett family. So, take a few minutes and send some information. I’m running out of adventures to tell. — Jack Burnett; 19248 Glen Eagles Drive, Livonia MI 48152; 734-464-3458; jburnet1@sbcglobal.net


74JD Rest in Peace, Ceil

Cecilia Januszkiewicz passed away last May in Columbia MD, survived by her husband M. Albert Figinski; her son and daughter-in-law, Ted and Alicia; and her granddaughter, Liliana. Ceil’s professional career is testimony to the wide range of her interests and skills. It included clerking for the US Tax Court in DC, private practice, teaching at the U of Baltimore Law School, serving as an assistant MD AG, senior fellow at the Free State Foundation, deputy state’s attorney as well as chief city solicitor for Baltimore. Despite these many commitments, she was devoted to her family and always kind to others. Ceil was a milkshake aficionado: vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup only. Pat O’Hara has taken emerita status after devoting 40 years to her students, the Law School and the University. Pat’s career has included several firsts. She was the first woman to graduate first in her class from Notre Dame Law School, the first woman appointed by the Board of Trustees to serve as an officer of the University as vice president for student affairs, and the first woman to serve as the dean of the Law School. As we know from our Law School experience, Pat is also extremely humble and down to earth. She addressed the Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of Judge Amy Coney Barrett ’97JD on the first day of her confirmation hearing. She also hired her to teach in the Law School 20 years ago. Bill Baughman continues to serve as the senior magistrate judge for the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. He is mastering the art of judicial Zooming. Bill’s term runs through 2024. Terry Cornwell Hermosillo and Joe Hermosillo are enjoying life on Bainbridge Island across Puget Sound from Seattle. In addition to themselves they have three attorneys in the family. Their daughter is with the U.S. Department of Labor; their son-in-law is in private practice; and their son is with HBO. Joe and Terry also enjoy beach time at the Manhattan Beach area of Rockaway Beach OR. Stay safe and be well. — Joe O’Reilly; cell 502-649-6955; joe.oreilly34@icloud.com


75 Get Signed Up Now

We have a new 1975 class website through the ND Alumni Association. Please be sure you are registered through my.nd.edu. Jeanne Murphy and I are trying to update the page monthly to keep up with your news and items from the University. Send me news and pictures electronically, please. Also, the reunion has been rescheduled for June 3-6 at ND. There will be lots of messaging regarding this, but for now, just put it on your calendar in ink. Dan Hesse writes from Arizona that he took part in a “Rise Above with Rudy” podcast in August with football legend Dan “Rudy” Ruettiger ’76. Take an online listen wherever you get your podcasts. Tom DiCanio of Holmdel NJ reports that he is a deacon and received Exemplification Fourth-Degree Knighthood in the Knights of Columbus. He and his wife, Patricia, have two children and three grandchildren. Nick Grosch called from New Jersey to report the passing of two classmates, Tom Eli of South Bend and Butch Smith (former alumni class treasurer) residing in Costa Rica. Nick recalled that Butch “always looked after me at Senior Bar.” Butch is survived by his wife, Lynnette. Jim Lewis writes from Norristown PA remembering the fall of 1971 when, as a freshman living in Farley Hall, he had concerns over difficult classes, girlfriends back home, family, hard work and fun. Jim is married to Denise and has three grown sons who attended Catholic U and Temple. He recently visited with Sergio Ciccone, who lives in Matthews NC. Jim encourages us to pray for those affected by COVID-19. So many crazy things are happening this year. The derecho storm in August here in Iowa leveled a lot of crops and trees. Linda and I are still dealing with stray branches but at least our house was spared. I hope to see many classmates in South Bend, June 3-6, 2021. Please continue to send me your news. Thanks. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; 563-349-0469; normbower@mchsi.com


75MBA Class Secretary Jim Ouimet;

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75JD Winter Notes

Retired Army Lt. Col. Chauncey Veatch, 72, passed   away last June in San Jacinto CA. He functioned as our class president and later became the law school’s Student Bar Association president. He was a beloved Coachella Valley educator and was named National Teacher of the Year in 2002, when he was chosen from a pool of over three million candidates. The honor was bestowed by Presodent George W. Bush in a White House Rose Garden ceremony. As reported in the Desert Sun, Chauncey left a long legacy as a dedicated teacher, champion for disadvantaged students and Army officer. God bless and Godspeed, Chauncey. As retirements multiply with classmates hanging up their boots and heels before scrambling to warmer climates, others stay busy in the work world. Brian Short remains active as chief executive officer of Leamington Co., a Minnesota-based holding company with interests in transportation (Admiral Merchants Motor Freight Inc. and St. Paul Flight Center); community banking (Minnesota-based First Farmers & Merchants Banks) and agricultural production. He also serves on the boards of and as lead director of four other Minnesota-based community banks: MidCountry Bank, First State Bank of Sauk Centre, Red Rock Bank, and 1st United Bank. Additionally, he has participated on the boards of Catholic educational and social service agencies in the Twin Cities, including Catholic Charities, St. Joseph’s Home for Children, St. Thomas Academy, and the U of St. Thomas School of Law. In 2013-14, he served as vice chairman of the Ministerial Standards and Safe Environment Task Force of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. A member of the Notre Dame Law Advisory Council for over 36 years, he also functions as a legal mediator and previously served as a US Magistrate for the District of Minnesota. Brian and Kathleen recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary and reside in St. Paul, in the house Brian moved into in 1975 immediately following graduation from NDLS. Kathleen, a graduate of the College of St. Teresa in Winona, is a registered nurse and community volunteer. They are parents of Kathryn ’08MEd and Boston College ’06, Robert ’07 and Michael ’09’10MAcc. Brian and Kathleen have three brilliant and gorgeous grandchildren destined for du Lac: Rory Kathleen ’40, Loretta Marion ’41 and Grace Amelia ’42. Bob (“Bear”) Foster also makes his home in the Twin Cities with a legal practice, Foster & Brever PLLC, in neighboring St. Anthony. He has practiced law for more than 40 years with a principal concentration in business law and real estate. Bob remains active in the local community serving as a Chair of the McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship at St. John’s U (his undergraduate alma mater) and the College of St. Benedict. He is also chair of the Board of Directors of East Side Neighborhood Services, past president of St. Anthony Village Chamber of Commerce, president of the Board of Directors of a local charitable foundation and past president of the St. John’s U National Alumni Board. He recently resigned as a member of the St. Anthony Planning Commission; Bob says it was too hard to just sit and listen and not talk. His family life has been active with three children and soon to be four grandchildren. For worthwhile YouTube streams, search out the conversations that Ann Williams had with the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Joyce Center and later in Chicago at the Auditorium Theater at Roosevelt U. Finally, if we can gather safely on campus, the Reunion 2021 weekend for our class will be June 3-6, 2021. Go Irish. — Frederick Giel; fggiel@gmail.com


76 Wedding Bells

The pandemic has affected the wedding plans of many, but our classmates and their children have figured out how to tie the knot anyway. Maryanne (Ries) Roger’s son Ben married fiancé Jenny in a private ceremony on Laguna Beach. They had postponed their wedding earlier, hoping things would get better with the coronavirus. When they didn’t, the couple went ahead with the wedding. They plan to have a “Vermont Barn” celebration, complete with bluegrass music, at a later date. They honeymooned by driving across the country to their new home in Boston. They also announced that they will make Maryanne a grandmother in 2021. Pete and Betsy (Kall) Brosnan’s daughter and son-in-law, Patti and Tim Burgdorf had a baby boy, Max Peter, in September. Betsy and Pete have been to St. Louis to visit him several times. Max is their fourth grandchild. Paul Reilly’s daughter Angela Reilly ’16 married fiancé Cary Shepherd on Labor Day weekend in Chicago. The wedding was on the original date; however, the celebration will be held next September. Paul and his wife were able to attend, as was one of Angela’s sisters, Anna. Sister Anne Michelle (Reilly) Frey ’06, ’14MBA and husband Matt Frey ’06, ’11MBA joined via Zoom, as did Angela’s mother, Sheila Reilly. Dick Garrett married on March 17, 2020. He is still working as a consulting engineer and lecturing at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Since our last reunion, Thomas Geller lost his first wife. In 2018 he married Mirla Ortiz and became a dad to two girls, ages 10 and 13. He’s finding that harder than any job he ever tackled. They recently left St. Louis where he was a professor of pediatric neurology at St. Louis U. They relocated to St. Petersburg FL where he is the department chair and professor of pediatric neurology at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. He hopes to attend our next reunion. Dave ’73 and Denise (Crowley) Brenner spent Thanksgiving in Palo Alto with son and daughter-in-law Dave ’05 and Keri ’04 Brenner, and their three children. They then went to Austin to spend Christmas and the winter with daughter and son-in-law, Drs. Jason and Marie (Brenner) Somogyi ’08. Jason and Marie will be welcoming their first child, a son, this month. I mentioned in the last column that Pat and Linda Sarb anticipated selling their home in Lisle IL and relocating to the South Bend area. Things progressed very quickly. They listed their home on September 2 and had three offers in less than a week. They found their new home in Elkhart IN the next day and moved in late October. They look forward to being close to the Dome. Football season was certainly different this year. Not only was attendance limited, but there was no tailgating on site. This didn’t deter veteran tailgater Jim Rashid, who hosted his tailgate in the driveway of his South Bend “football weekend home.” Helping him host was daughter Katie Rashid ’10MS, ’09SMC. Classmates joining him included Wendy Duffey, Rich Steiner and Pat and Linda Sarb. As of now, Reunion is scheduled for June 3-6. Please make every effort to attend. Your class officers are already working to make this weekend special. Due to the cancellation of last year’s reunion, the Class of ’75 will also be celebrating their reunion the same weekend. Our class events will be separate, but it means that many of you will have a chance to connect with friends from that class. Please continue to send me news and updates. — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th St. NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com


76MBA Hello and Thank You

Here is news I missed from May of this year. Mark Mahal thanked me for keeping the faith and a line of communication open for the class all these years. Your patience and endurance are a model for all, Mark. Your “tongue in cheek” comment about so much news in the spring column was a good one. Mark and Jan celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last summer. They have two sons, one daughter-in-law and no grandchildren. Mark retired a few years ago from Ecolab Inc., the only company he ever worked for, starting right after graduation from Notre Dame. His last big “day job” was CFO of the Europe/Africa/Middle East operations. His family lived in Europe for 10 years and their children were raised there. Jan and Mark now live full time in the Naples area of Florida. “Retirement is great just like I imagined it 44 years ago: travel, golf, fishing, scuba diving, skiing, etc. A hurricane lamp is always burning bright for any classmates visiting the area.” Mark wishes the best for all of us. Contact Mark at 10048 Magnolia Bend, Estero FL 34135; work 239-495-8850; cell 239-331-9798; markmahal@gmail.com. I have always ended our column with “blessings to you and your loved ones.” Now more than ever, that is my hope for the MBA Class of 1976. Keep up the good work sending news. — Mike Norris; text 248-330-5366; mikenorris@alumni.nd.edu


76JD Class Secretary Virgil L. Roth;

625 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 255, South Pasadena CA 91030; 626-441-1178; fax 626-441-1166; vroth@vlrlaw.com


77 New Plans and Strong Ties

Before retiring as president of Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital, primary care physician Tom Tulisiak MD climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with an ND alumni group including ND Trail participants Terry Tulisiak ’74, and Deb McGraw Block. Rev. David Elianoa ’16PhD, and ND treasury manager Nancy Votava ’86 organized the fall 2019 trip. Father David returned to Tanzania to serve in his home parish after receiving his doctorate at ND. Judy and Tom have four children, Alexandra ’09SMC, Christopher ’10, Samantha ’12SMC and Leann ’18SMC and four grandchildren: Victoria, Elizabeth, Connor and Margo June. Jerry Mayer retired in August after 23 years as a captain for United Airlines, where he flew the 727, 737, 757, 767, and A-320 aircraft, accumulating over 18,000 hours of flight time at United, and over 21,500 hours including his flight time in the Air Force where he flew F-4, F-16 A and C, T-37, T-38, and T-43. NDames Master’s Team, which includes ’77 class members Jody Gormley, Mary Fitzsimons, Elizabeth Corbin Murphy and Mary Spalding Burns, was cited in Rowing News Magazine for staying in shape by rowing full and half marathons on their “ergs” and especially for its strong ties. John Moran enjoyed the Grand Lake CO celebration of the Sept. 17 anniversary of the US Constitution, an annual event that lasts a full week. Dan McCarty stopped in Miami to see his roommate Bob Blanck and watch the Wake Forest game. “Good times and cold beer were had.” Class treasurer Bob wants golfers to know that Dan is starting plans for the reunion 45 golf outing. Paul Pavlov MD was asked to give a CME lecture to the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians at their annual meeting on LGBTQ+ issues in primary care after working on a program for LGBTQ+ in his parish and diocese. Brigid Fitzgerald Stoy and Tom Stoy MD celebrated the ordination of their son Rev. Gilbrian Stoy, CSC, ’13, ’19MDiv in September. Patty Coogan Wyle’s youngest, Amy Wyle, graduated from Boston U in 2020. “Hopefully, she will have an actual graduation in June of 2021.” Weddings brought us joy. Tom Rearer married Colleen Brown De Koekkoek last summer. Pat Klepper’s daughter Sara Klepper married Chris Saul in October at an outdoor backyard “mini-ceremony,” with 11 attendees due to COVID concerns. Extra Kleenex was passed as there was not a dry eye at the joyful event. The August wedding of the daughter of Peg Hornback Culhane and Mike Culhane, Maggie ’09, ’20MBA Columbia, to Zane was reported in fall’s ND Magazine; Maggie’s Columbia degree was omitted. Congratulations go to Lynn Mertensotto Girouard who welcomed second granddaughter, Harriet Rose Girouard. Lynn visited Harriet’s big sister, Mabry, and parents Rosemary and Patrick Girouard in Nashville. Congratulations to Rocco and Roxanne O’Brien Martino who welcomed first grandchild, John “Jack” Rocco Martino, son of Kacey and Dan Martino ’08. Barbara and Charlie Bathon ’77, ’84MBA welcomed their fourth grandchild, Abigail Cecilia, born in July to youngest daughter, Sarah, and husband, Michael. Due to COVID, Marybeth and Marty Brown drove their RV from San Diego to Raleigh NC to meet their newest granddaughter, Adelaide, who is their daughter Diana’s first child. While there, Adelaide experienced her first ND football game on TV. Condolences go to Judith Robert and daughters Sophia and Fiona, on the loss of husband and father Tom Kapacinskas ’63, ’68JD, internationally renowned University professor from 1972 to 1979; to Chris Fahrenbach on the death of her mother, Ami Swiderski; to Beth Corbin on the loss of her sister Barbara; to John Moran on the loss of his father, Edward; and to T.R. Paulding Jr. on the loss of his father, Ted Paulding ’52. “He led a good life and recently turned 90 years old. He began a Paulding legacy leading to several Domers and SMC grads in the ensuing decades in our immediate and extended family. He died peacefully in his sleep, with the latest copy of Blue & Gold Illustrated resting on his side table.” – Virginia McGowan Bishop; res 847-291-7510; classof1977@alumni.nd.edu 


77MBA Class SecretaryAlan J. Fisher;



77JD Memorial Daycare in Vietnam 

As many of you know, John Borman was a U.S. Marine who served in Quang Tri Province during the Vietnam War. He later became a valued member of the DOVE Fund, a legacy of love and hope for the children of Vietnam, and he was responsible for the development of funding for at least 10 projects in Quang Tri. John traveled back to Vietnam for dedications and, of course, to play with the children who benefited from the schools and medical clinic. John worked hard to restore relations among veterans and the people of Vietnam. In memory of John and of his contribution to the children of Vietnam, the DOVE Fund will dedicate the Trieu Thuan Daycare Center to John. Those interested can check out dovefund.org to read about the project, see pictures of John at work and play, and donate. — Janey F. Bennett; 4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka IN 46545; 574-298-9251; bus 574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com


78 Staying in Touch

Greetings classmates from the class with class. I trust everyone is well and dealing with the continuing pandemic. We look forward to spring and new beginnings. Nancy Michuda reports that a group of Farley women have kept in touch via Zoom: Mary Bak, Laurie Reising Letten, Martha Dwyer Hoffmann, Clare Leary, Ann Rogers Bransley, Michele Grimaldi Stein, Marsa Mitchell MD and Rosemary Marks Durant. These ladies would not let a pandemic prevent them from staying in touch. Don “Dancing Bear” Smail kept his reputation as the traveling Irishman this summer as he made a trip from San Francisco to Stone Harbor NJ with stops in Denver, Rhode Island and Ocean City NJ to visit family. Once in Stone Harbor, he stayed at the Nace Mullen bayside villa. Speaking of Don, he has been working on a project to import into California a new selection of gourmet cheeses produced in Ireland. In October, Cathy ’78 SMC and Bill “Beefsteak” Reifsteck traveled east from their California home to visit Bill’s dad in Haddonfield NJ. While in the area, they spent time with the Nace Mullen family at their Philadelphia home. Also on October 23, Kevin “Bug” Sugg celebrated his birthday. Kevin and wife, Donna, spent the big day at Washington Crossing PA Historical Park and had lunch at the Bucks County Playhouse. The Mudheads from Dillon recently let Fisher boy Jim Budde join them in Wisconsin for a weekend of golf, conversation, laughs and a few drinks. They stayed at John Talbot’s beautiful place on Whitewater Lake. The weekend was planned around the Irish playing at Lambeau Field, but the game’s cancellation provided an extra day of golf. No one knows what has happened to George Brown, but Mike Garvey, Dickie Byrne, Joe Luberda, Steve Ley, Ted Maroney, John Talbot and Jim had a great time. Bob Kruse retired on September 1 after 43 years as a pilot in the Navy and at Northwest and Delta Airlines. On his final flight, he wore his 1985 vintage Northwest Airlines pilot uniform that hasn’t been used in over a decade. Bob is looking forward to doing volunteer work and traveling with his wife, Cathy ’82 SMC. Greg “Sweets” Switaj is involved with a group called C12. It is a non-denominational roundtable group of about 3,000 Christian businesses and CEOs. The vision is to create change by advancing the Gospel message in the marketplace and to infuse a “ministry approach” into every aspect of their business. Mike Whiteside is still playing guitar and writing those achingly longing songs that he is known for. In addition to being a connoisseur of scented soaps and beeswax candles, Jeff “Carp” Carpenter is now recommending books and writers. He recently turned me on to Anne Lamott and Imperfect Birds. Great read. John “Laney-D” Delaney is keeping up with the latest music and artists and continues to make “mix CDs” for when he is driving. Our dear friend and classmate Dr. Giancarlo Piano passed away on October 8. A first-generation Italian American, he was a gifted vascular surgeon who practiced medicine in Chicago, Tulsa and Nashville. He fought a valiant battle against COVID-19 at Vanderbilt U Hospital. He was a skilled soccer player and a great dancer (attested to by Mary White Packer) who could fill a room with his laughter and smile. Please keep his family in your prayers. During Gian’s stay in the hospital, a group of his friends from Dillon, along with a few expats, prayed a weekly Zoom rosary, and Rev. Ed Shea offered Zoom Masses. I believe it was Mary White Packer who said this was Gian’s final gift to us: to bring us together after all these years to pray. Among those who Zoomed were: John G. Geppert, Bill Schultz, Jeff Kohler, Pat Flynn, Michael Conaty, Danny James, Danny Romano, Greg Switaj, Tom O’Neil, Charlie Wolf, Eric Schmitt, Jamie Stephens, Mary Lou Mulvihill Skalkos, Greg Kulis, Pat Dermody, John Alves, Ann Combs, Lorraine Ehrline Sedlacek, Marianne Corr, Mary White Packer, Rich Riley, Nace Mullen, John Klebba, Jim Moellering, Kevin Moffat, Jack Heraty, Jim Swinehart, DJ Crowley, Peter Lee, Elizabeth Wood, Bill Reifsteck, Rosemary and Steve Durant, Vicki Lopez, yours truly Jim Coyne and Lisa Maglio Brown ’78SMC. An update on our Class of 1978 scholarship: We want to provide future generations with the same opportunity we had. The fund’s overarching principles include anonymity, and all gifts will be confidential. Keep us in your gifting plans as a matching fund has been established. Visit app.mobilecause.com/vf/ND1978 to donate. For more information, contact Pat Flynn, pat.flynn@indianabev.com. Stay safe out there. Obey all the safety precautions. I want to see you all at a game next year. — Jim “Souls” Coyne; 1801 Butler Pike, Apt. 20, Conshohocken PA19428; 267-847-8808; jcoyne@cohs.com


78MBA Class Secretary Mamie Anthoine Ney;

350 Alewive Road, Kennebunk ME 04043-6013; res 207-229-0989; bus 207-333-6640 ex 2020; irishwasherwoman@alumni.nd.edu


78JD Honored for Work in Vietnam

John Borman started with the ’77JD class and finished with us. He was a U.S. Marine who served in Quang Tri Province during the Vietnam War. He later became a valued member of the DOVE Fund, a legacy of love and hope for the children of Vietnam, and he was responsible for the development of funding for at least 10 projects in Quang Tri. John traveled back to Vietnam for dedications and, of course, to play with the children who benefited from the schools and daycare centers. John’s death was reported in an earlier edition of Notre Dame Magazine. In memory of John and of his contribution to the children of Vietnam, the DOVE Fund will dedicate the Trieu Thuan Daycare Center to John. Please consider supporting this project with a contribution in John’s memory. Read about it at dovefund.org, which also has pictures of John at work and play. You can donate via the link. If you want further info, please contact Irma Herrera 415-215-2315, irmadherrera@gmail.com. Since the closing of the theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Irma has launched her own online Stairwell Teatro, sharing short 4-8 minutes stories told from the stairwell in her home. People can subscribe and view Stairwell Teatro at irmaherrera.com. Irma’s mini productions are very good. I am reading a new book by Rev. Thomas E. Blantz, CSC, ’57, ’63MA, the monumental The University of Notre Dame: A History, University of Notre Dame Press 2020. The text reads fast, and the depiction of the 1970s is interesting and seems accurate. But there is not even a brief mention of the blizzard of 1978. Please send news. — Vincent R. Johnson; vjohnson@stmarytx.edu


79 New Bishop          

Pope Francis appointed Rev. Bob Lombardo to auxiliary bishop for the Chicago Archdiocese. Bob is a founding member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Since his ordination, Rev. Bob has done missionary work in Bolivia and Honduras; organized youth programs on the lower east side of Manhattan; directed the Bronx Padre Pio Homeless Shelter; served in several positions with the Franciscan Friars; founded and directed the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, providing services to the residents of Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood; founded and served as superior of the Franciscans of the Eucharist of Chicago; served the archdiocese’s Human Dignity and Solidarity Office and Priest Advisory Board; taught at a Chicago seminary; and served on the boards of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and the YMCA. Rev. Bill Shaughnessy started a new assignment as an assistant chaplain of the Prelature of Opus Dei’s Tekesta Study Center in Miami after six years as chaplain of the Montevista Study Center in San Antonio. Tom Callahan, president of Donlen, a fleet management company in Chicago, was elected to the Fleet Hall of Fame in recognition of his leadership and professional contributions. Ann and John Calcutt moved to Tucson after John retired from Ernst & Young in Connecticut. He planned the local UND Night in 2019 with Anne Thompson, chief environmental affairs correspondent with NBC, and interviewed Carol Mullaney ’82, ND’s senior director of sustainability. John wants others to join the growing number of classmates there. Cathy Kelly and Dennis Grether split their time between Tucson and Grand Beach MI. Cathy is on U of Arizona›s Dance School Advisory Board and works with teachers who are ND ACE teaching fellows. Andrea (Andrews) ’80 and Mike Larkin spend half the year in East Lansing where Andrea is a judge and Mike practices law. Kim (Bledsoe) and Philip Asmundson own and operate the Deep Sky Vineyard in Arizona and the Asmundson Family Vineyard in Argentina. Also in Tuscon are Chuck Dunn, a financial advisor, and Joe Casey. John hopes that Jayne Rizzo Reardon, in Chicago and working as a lawyer with the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, will move south to follow her daughter who works in the area. In Phoenix, Sheila and Steve Simmerman enjoy their three grandsons, all under age six, who join them each Sunday for dinner and memories. Steve is the new class secretary for the ’81MBA class. Dave Nix, who retired as president and owner of Blue Wave Communications in San Francisco, drove from California to Maryland and stopped to see Skip Livingston in Pittsburgh, where Skip is a federal public defender. With his wife, Kathy McGraw, at his side, Randy Riddle died in October after battling cancer. Randy was a highly respected municipal lawyer having served in the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, in the California Secretary of State’s Office, as city attorney for Richmond CA, as legal counsel to the National Senate of the Republic of Palau, and with the Renne Public Law Group. Randy was a person of integrity, compassion, brilliance, adventure and good humor. He and his wife traveled the world. At ND, he delighted in informing us that his hometown of Ottumwa IA was not fictional, although its most famous resident, until we met Randy, was a fictional Army clerk named Radar O’Reilly serving at a field hospital in Korea. In addition to Kathy, Randy is survived by their son, Levan Akitaya, his mother Betty, and many brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. — Barbara A. Langhenry; res 216-651-8962; bus 216-664-2893; cell 216-509-8962; breclw@aol.com


79MBA Class SecretaryPatty Kennedy Kerr;

7750 Leonard St. NE, Ada MI 49301; 616-682-1223; kerrtaxcpa@gmail.com


79JD Class SecretaryDaniel F. McNeil;

1001 NW Lovejoy, Unit 205, Portland OR 97209; 503-539-9188; mcneil.daniel12@gmail.com