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My mother's eyes

By C.P. Barnes ’07

It may well be that the eyes are the last of ourselves to know of love, which, at its heart, is a holy recognition. But to be loved is, at its heart, to be wholly seen.

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What I’m Reading: Saturn Run, John Sandford and Ctein

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

“We wanted to write the kind of high-tech hard-science thriller where you can’t just make up stuff to solve your problem — where you have to deal with the real lemons that life hands you, to make your lemonade,” John Sandford and Ctein say in the authors’ note that appears at the end of Saturn Run.

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The Shaky Future of College Athletics

By Jason Kelly '95

Litigation “stacked up like planes at LaGuardia” threatens to change the relationship between athlete and university that has always defined college sports, but Jack Swarbrick ’76 sounded pretty serene about the whole thing.

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