36 Still On the Job

Since the September edition, I have received 15 emails from alumni from various classes urging me to continue. I have decided to continue as long as I am able. In September 1932, my high school classmate John Odenbach and I got our first glimpse of the Golden Dome as we came down Notre Dame Avenue in a cab from the railroad station. We lived in Dillon Hall, which was occupied only by freshmen. The rector, Father Haggerty, had “Dawn Patrol” (up at 5 a.m.) for those caught sleeping late and skipping morning prayers. We sat at the same tables that are still used in the dining hall. We were served by student waiters and had all the food we wanted. The school also fed many families from South Bend with the leftovers. The school did our laundry for a modest price and we had maids who made our beds and cleaned our rooms. We called them “The Coeds.” Clean sheets were provided every two weeks. We never worried about the shades not being drawn at night. — John W. Norton; “jwn176@AOL.com”mailto:jwn176@AOL.com

37 Class Secretary — Kathleen Coverick;

911 Hagan Ave., New Orleans LA 70119; 708-305-5536; “Kathleen.coverick@gmail.com”mailto:Kathleen.coverick@gmail.com

38 Quiet Quarter

If the Class of ’38 or their friends and family have any stories or updates, please feel free to reach out. — Meg Julian ’03, ’06JD; 171 E. 89th St. No. 5A, New York NY 10128; 646-246-5480; “megjulian@gmail.com”mailto:megjulian@gmail.com

39 Nine Holes in One

Stewart Roche of Hart MI, who received his law degree with our class, decided something he has done might be worth reporting. Since taking up golf in the early 1950s, he has made nine holes-in-one. Three of the holes have been made since he became 90 years old. All of this has been reported in the Internet edition of Golf Digest from July 2012. His first ace as a nonagenarian was made with a driver on a 175-yard hole at the Golden Sands Golf Course in Silver Lake, not far from Hart. The last two came three years apart on the same 125-yard hole at the Oceana Club in Shelby MI. At Notre Dame, Stew was president of his law school class. At Hart, which is in the northern part of the state, he was president of the Oceana County Savings Bank for 33 years and practiced law in the area for 41 years. He is 98 and still plays nine holes about twice a week. Louis Demer, for the first time since we graduated, checked in. “I should have written to Dave Meskill during one of his devoted 40 years of reporting on the ’39ers,” he writes, “and I apologize deeply for that omission.” Lou reminisced about engineering buddies Charlie Hayes, Frank Fransioli, Greg Cushing, Lou Bemish and Joe Heigel. He lists his dorms as Dillon, Alumni, Howard and Walsh. He recalls playing trumpet in the Notre Dame Marching Band for four years and also playing the violin in the symphony orchestra. He made the varsity baseball team as a walk-on, serving for two years as batting practice pitcher. He never got in a game but he enjoyed being with “a great bunch of guys.” Lou originally came from the small town of Honesdale in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania. — Bill Donnelly; 6152 Verde Trail N, Apt. D201, Boca Raton FL 33433-2412; 561-852-9474; “donnlywa@bellsouth.net”mailto:donnlywa@bellsouth.net