60 Stay Involved

Ted Fitzgerald is a licensed engineer. He says, “I was able to bamboozle the superintendent into believing that I am of sound mind and can still see and hear, so I was able to pass the annual rules test and I will be train engineer on the third weekend each month through the summer. Then I’ll do a few runs for Polar Express in December.” From Sheri Bradtke McNeil ’93: “On behalf of my father, Bob Bradtke, we wanted to let you know that your messages were warmly received and greatly appreciated regarding the sudden passing of my mother. It has been a difficult time for us, but unexpected kind words have been such a blessing, especially to my dad (who, unfortunately, does not email but is in good health and keeps a close eye on our Bishop Noll Warriors and ND).” Roberta passed away on Oct.15. Michael Kevin Cronin passed away peacefully on Aug. 3 in his home in Ormond Beach. Joe Cooper says, “Mike worked in the dining hall during his undergrad days and ‘Tripper,’ as we called him, was always kind to the off-campus guys. He was a great ND guy. (I was) surprised and impressed to read about his proficiency on the organ.” Ted Dudleysays, “Mike lived less than 10 miles away from us in Florida, yet he never attended any of our luncheons and I never knew that he lived so close. How could that be? Mike was married to Jan Isherwood, sister of Felix Isherwood, my roommate for two years.” George Kent Weldon passed away Oct. 5 at the Queens Boulevard Extended Care Facility in Woodside NY. Nick Healy says, “My wife and I still say a rosary every night and include in our intentions my ND classmates who have died and their families.” Nick adds: “Since my retirement as president of Ave Maria U, I am helping start a new Catholic college in Ireland. A group there wants a higher education institution comparable to Ave Maria, Franciscan, Thomas Aquinas, etc. and asked me to take a leading role. I love it, although the situation of the faith in Ireland is pretty grim. I am in Ireland right now and will be returning to the States the end of October.” Ed Krall says, “I flew the A-3 Skywarrior as a bombardier navigator in the Navy. Our Navy reunion, at Widbey in September, was for any guys connected with that airplane. I was stationed there from September 1961 until September 1964, and met Diane at Widbey. Marion Brown was also stationed there with me. On tour at Boeing, we saw assembly of the 747, 777, and 787s. We saw the restored A-3 marking the entrance to the base.” Nestor Weigand forwarded a note from Dick Nowery, who says, “I am feeling better after two-and-a-half months of a slight sun stroke. I still forget that I am 75-plus, but sure feel good at this age. I will have my colonoscopy procedure on Friday (I should have had it at 50). The prep for it is something else. So goes life as we age in place. But both of us should thank the Lord that we have done so well so long.” — Joseph F. Jansen; 9190 Southmont Cove, No. 103, Ft. Myers FL 33908; 239-461-0980; cell 317-514-4478 ; jfjansen@aol.com

60JD Class Secretary — John DiNardo; 512-264-2027; johnadinardo.58@gmail.com

61 The Man from Sleepy Eye

Joe Pichler was honored by Xavier U with their Founders Day Award, which honors the spirit of service upon which Xavier was established in 1831. Joe was CEO of the Kroger Co. from 1990 to 2004. He joined the Board of Trustees of Xavier in 1993 and was its chairman from 2004 to 2008. He continues to serve the board as chairman of the development committee this year. He was named a “Great Living Cincinnatian” by the Chamber of Commerce, and awarded an honorary doctor of humane letters by U of Cincinnati. I got a nice letter from Father Tom Gardocki. He lived with Bill Slattery and next door to Dick Neely and Dan Allen in Zahm Hall our freshman year. Bob Harvey, also from Zahm, was with them at Dick’s funeral. Father Tom concelebrated the funeral Mass with Dick’s pastor and gave the homily. Dennis Kasun took his entire family to the Temple game in September. This included his wife, two sons, a daughter and five grandchildren. He received a framed letter from Father Jenkins congratulating him and his wife on their 50th anniversary. Arnie Leporati Jr. wrote me a chatty letter recounting the times we have run into each other since we graduated. He commented on my job as class secretary, which I appreciated, since he knows what is involved. John Keegan dropped me a line. He is still a trustee for the Edison Foundation. He reported to me about the passing away of Jim Milton’s wife, Mary Jane. He passed along to me Jim’s warmest regards, which I appreciated considering Jim’s circumstances and the sadness he no doubt is enduring. He also asked that we all pray for her soul and Jim and his family. He reported that Joe Keating, Roger McMahon, Ned Grant, Andy Lawlor, Jim Cain and wife Gretchen attended her funeral. Ted Dawson reported much of the same info to me. ND notified me of the deaths of Charles V. Rule, Carl H Brueggen III, Dr. MaryAnn Jungbauer Richards and Rev. Denis L. Warburton, CSC. Please pray for them and for their families. — Joseph P. (“Pat”) Kelly; 2103 N. Wheeler St., Victoria TX 77901; 361-573-9982; jpkellytx@sbcglobal.net

61JD Class Secretary — John N. Moreland; jnmnd1958@aol.com

62 In Good Company

Tony Dean retired from Ferro Corp. eight years ago and lives in Cuyahoga Falls OH. He says, “Four of our children and eight of our grandchildren live within 10 blocks of us. We keep pretty busy with them.” Jerry McKenna’s latest sculpture at the University is of the Leprechaun. It stands at the student’s entrance to the Purcell Pavilion and was unveiled before the Oklahoma game. John Beall, who was on campus that weekend, said that before the game, he, George Lensing, Tony Marra, and John Pugliese were visiting the rector of McGlinn Hall when Terry McGlinn walked in, accompanied by his cardiologist and bishop. John’s comment was, “he travels in good company.” He added, “We went outside to take pictures but had to take them between hall residents and their parents who wanted to be photographed with Terry.” Carolyn and Glenn Hendry are among 70 members of the class who have celebrated 50 or more years of marriage in 2013. As part of their celebration, they went to the ASU game. However, a more emotional trip was taken by their son, Greg ’92, his wife and four kids to the Temple game. Flying standby (both work for American Airlines) their flights took them all over the place due to weather delays and cancellations. Consequently they did not arrive until the end of the first quarter. After the game, in what must have been a poignant moment, Glenn’s granddaughter, Bridget, 13, who had not been back to ND since shortly after her mother, Allison ’91, died in 2002, was able to visit her mom’s dorm and pray for her at the Grotto. Donna and Fred Cappetta, while on their way to Myrtle Beach for a reunion of 9th MP Vietnam vets (1967), stopped over in Charleston SC. There they met June and Tony Scibelli for the first time since graduation. The Scibellis live in Hilton Head. The Cappettas said, “We spent three hours in a marvelous garden restaurant catching up on wonderful tales of our children and the adventures of our lifetime. Tony has become a real charmer.” In September, I was visiting family in Newtown CT and had lunch with Mike Sandner, who brought me up to date on how the town has been recovering since the tragedy. Mike has downsized and his home sold five days after being put on the market. The quick sale forced a four-month stint in an apartment until they found their new home. Dennis Keating lived in China for several years. He and his wife, Sandy, after being away for more than six years, “were welcomed and treated exceptionally nice by our old friends…” In one instance, they attended a Bai Jiu culture party, which starts off as “an almost formal nine-course dinner, but ends up like a frat house chugging contest with white lightning.” At this party, they were guests of more than a dozen Chinese police officers in the electronic intelligence section and they stayed for several nights at the home of one of them. Mark Marquardt, a class officer for 50 years, passed away Aug. 17 of metastatic brain melanoma that was diagnosed shortly after reunion. Mark was an attorney and civic leader. His funeral Mass was celebrated by the bishop of the diocese of St. Petersburg FL. Roy Hayes (who went by Joe) passed away Oct. 10 of pneumonia in Charlevoix MI. He was appointed US attorney by President Reagan and prosecuted many high-profile cases. — Raymond Raedy; 5310 Rileys Ridge Road, Hillsborough NC 27278; 919-967-8816; ND62Secy@Medicinemanremedies.com

62JD Top 500

Congratulations to George McAndrews on his selection by the InterContinental Finance Magazine as one of the ICFM 500 leading lawyers in the world. He is one of 26 US attorneys selected. — Paul K. Rooney; pkr101@aol.com

63 Memories and Honors

Rita and Steve Peters, investment broker, Uniontown PA, are being inducted into the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre at St. Pat’s in NYC. Steve and John Miller got together in Chicago this summer. Sherry and John Hennigan are in Rye NY. John, a combat disability retired Navy SEAL, is a retired 30-year Wall Street veteran; he is writing How to Line Up Your 4th Putt. Carl Ludecke, a Eustis FL builder, recalls his three years selling sandwiches in Stanford; Carl’s wife and daughter were both Miss Florida. Retired trial lawyer Jerry Klukas, Bonita Springs FL, summers in St Paul MN. Jerry was in Vietnam, first as Marine Corp infantry, later as a lawyer. He writes that he has “a great wife and kids and grandkids; loves living, golf, fishing year round; remembers Lyons and praying at the Grotto and Sacred Heart.” Maryann and Tom Willmeng, a retired orthopedic surgeon, are in Portage MI. Marty and Vince Labarbera are in Fort Wayne. Vince is a retired public relations guy with the Fort Wayne diocese. He was a ND band member all four years. Kate and Jack Neis, Apple Valley MN, is a retired Northwest Airlines pilot. Kay and Kent Ackerson, a research scientist in space physics at U of Iowa, are in Iowa City. Jeanne and John Collins are in Mashpee MA. John retired after 41 years teaching high school English. Nancy and John Bruno, prominent retired NY restaurateur, are in Millbrook NY. Widowed John Obbagy, St John IN, is a long-time candy maker, most recently for Hershey. Mary Margaret and Dennis Brennan8, a retired poli sci teacher, are in University Heights OH. Irene and *Jack Keeley, Irish Guard member and longtime construction magnate, remain in Clarksburg WV. Pat and Tom Halperin, Hinsdale IL, also an Irish Guard, are retired with nine grandchildren and one granddaughter. Bonnie and Bill Fry, retired hospital administrator, are Florida residents who summer in Utica IL. Marilyn and John Bechtold, Scottsdale AZ, and the Fiesta Bowl Committee attended the Arizona State game in Fort Worth. Ann and Bill Moran are retired in Fort Worth after he spent 41 years as an aero engineer, most recently for the F-22 fighter. Susan and Larry Shubnell, a retired public finance investment banker, are in Lancaster VA. Sheila and Phil Riley remain in Harrisonburg VA, where he works as a history professor at James Madison U. Sue and Joe Werner are retired in St. Petersburg FL; they summer in Edina MN. Wende and Brian Sheedy are in Tallahassee FL, where Brian has a hematology-oncology practice, is director of palliative medicine, and is the recipient of a humanitarian award. Brian remembers climbing up inside Main Building to the top of the dome; he also asks if anyone can remember the difference between God and Father Ted (about which there was speculation). Millice and John Kane are parents of 10 with 21 grandchildren. He is doing well after 17 years with Parkinson’s disease. His favorite spots are Sacred Heart, the Grotto and the Huddle. John was community development director in Collingwood NJ, after years as an equipment broker in diverse places such as Beijing and Shanghai, China. Marion and Walt Jones reside in Fort Myers FL and summer in Holland MI. He writes, “We have had our health challenges; we have done a lot of walking and currently are swimming; we are members of the ND Advisory Council for Graduate Studies and Research.” They have four children and 12 grandchildren. Larry Freant MD, a cardiovascular/thoracic surgeon, died in April in Augusta GA, survived by two daughters and their families. Also in April, Garron Klepach MD, residing in Vero Beach FL, died. He is survived by his wife and three sons. After Cornell Med and a fellowship in neuro-ophthalmology at Harvard, he was an assistant professor of ophthalmology at Wayne State U in Detroit and had a private practice. Also in April, James F. Grondin, a ME grad, died in Enterprise GA. He is survived by his wife and four children. Math major Dr. Mike Froning died in May; he recently retired as dean of the U of Alabama at Birmingham Education School. His obit noted a lifetime commitment to social justice in education for women and people of diverse cultures, profoundly influenced by his service as a public school teacher in American Samoa and Hawaii. His wife and two children survive. In November 2012, Prof. Beranek Bernard died, survived by his wife and daughters. He was a medievalist in the English Dept. at Duquesne U in Pittsburgh. His obit spoke of a scholar who could recall passages readily and loved telling stories, connecting the listener to some rich human experience and sharing the best parts of himself. — Regis W. Campfield; 7534 Oakbluff, Dallas, TX 75254; res 972-239-1141; fax 972-458-6928; rwcampfield@alumni.nd.edu

63JD Who Was There?

In writing about our 50th Reunion, it occurred to me that I should list the attendees. To make the record complete, and thanks to help from Val and Ed Fillenwarth in filling in blanks: John Yost, Bob Saxe, Norm Matteoni, Pat Crooks, Joe Sullivan, Buddy Malone, Ed Adams, John Gildea, Bob Berry, Frank Maggio, Tom Joyce, Jim Lekin, Ed Fillenwarth, Bob Noe, Pat Cullen and Tony Calderone. That makes 16 and I thought we had 17. Who am I missing? Since Reunion, the principle ND activity of our clubs here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was to prepare for the Shamrock Series, with the Fighting Irish defeating Arizona State in Cowboys Stadium. The headquarters city was Fort Worth, and Mary Ellen and I backed out of our Dallas driveway at 8 each morning to meet Mary Kay and John Yost and their daughter, Elizabeth, at the headquarters hotel in Fort Worth, some 40 miles from us. We had two very full days, culminating in the game and the win. Our energy reserves were taxed but it was so much fun we didn’t notice. I received an email from Classen Gramm indicating he’d been at the game but we never got to see him. The Yosts, by the way, had driven to Fort Worth from Phoenix and, on the Sunday following, headed back to Phoenix. I think the drive is 18 hours. Whenever I hear the phrase, Go Irish, I think of the Yosts and their lifelong commitment to the fortunes of Our Lady’s University. — Bernard P. “Bud” Malone; Mortgages USA, 4455 LBJ Freeway, No. 1200, Dallas TX 75244; 972-720-0500 ext. 465; fax 214-393-5536; budmalone@mortgagesusa.com

64 A Typewriter No Less

I recently received two letters from our classmate and my high school friend, Fithian Shaw. Would you believe that these notes were typed on his faithful 1953 Royal manual? Fithian was proud of the fact that he has no email address. He also has found it possible to navigate through his day without the benefit of a cell phone. After a career flying commercial airliners around the country and the world, Fithian has returned to Louisville, where he plays golf and tries to keep up with his three children, four grandchildren and one great grandson. Ralph Martin has been in contact with Craig Simpson regarding the upcoming reunion. Ralph, having been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as a consulter to the newly formed Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, was subsequently appointed as a “peritus” to the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization, where he worked with synod fathers drafting and editing various documents. He continues to teach at Sacred Heart Major Seminary of Detroit and serves as president of renewal ministries. His new book, The Urgency of the New Evangelization: Answer the Call, was recently published. He and his wife, Anne, live in Ann Arbor and enjoy their six children and 14 grandchildren. I had a phone conversation with Frank Bujan from Chicago. He gave me a list of about 20 classmates he expects to see at reunion. Bruce Tuthill advises we are making good headway in planning for our 50th Reunion in late May 2014. Paul Basbagill, Tom Benson and others are engaged in planning. Please reach out to Bruce at btut711@aol.com. — Paul R. Charron; 44 Contentment Island Road, Darien CT 06820; 203-655-3930; paul.richard.charron@gmail.com

64JD Golden Reunion

Plans for our golden year reunion May 29-June 1 have been the focus of our class activity and should reach you shortly. Many of our 31 mates have indicated they are coming. Kindly advise me of your plans since we will have special events (such as a dinner at my home and a personal presentation on the law school by Dean Nell Newton) requiring advance commitments. I also want to encourage you to use the mynotredame.nd.edu website so you can have access to your classmates’ email addresses and phone numbers. Sharon and I spent three weeks in October with the grandkids in Seattle, springing their parents to attend their 25th Stanford reunion. Upon returning, I had a wonderful dinner at the refurbished Morris Inn with Charlie Sweeney, who reports all is well with life in Granger and in Florida, and passes along a greeting from Georgia. Tom Conneely from Mill Valley CA also joined us while spouse Kay was in London; he will tell “the rest of the story” about his role in recruiting Alan Page ’67 at a salubrious opportunity at reunion. Bob Frost in Worthington OH continues to receive a clean bill of health after a major cancer scare and is contributing ideas to our reunion along with Messrs. Sacher, Sweeney, Jiganti, Slater and Conneely. Larry Gallick and Bob Cash spoke with me to report all goes well and to make reunion suggestions. All of you are welcome to do so. Jack Kopko and spouse Adele frequent the Law School’s St. Thomas More Society “March Under the Arch” pregame luncheon with us on most football Saturdays. Jack lives in Ogden Dunes and has a very successful consumer bankruptcy practice in Merrillville IN. Hurley Smith is well in Washington VA and is deeply immersed in the elections, serving on the Rappahannock County Board of Electors. — Richard Wagner; rswagnersb@gmail.com

65 More and Bigger Minireunions

John Schneider hosted a minireunion in October to celebrate his 70th birthday at his home in Carmel IN. His wife, Marilyn, arranged for a band to play our era of songs and displayed memorable photographs. Among those attending were Fran Harvey from California; Tom Hawkins from Florida; Don Zone from Hilton Head; and Jim Dwyer, all the way from Mongolia. John is chairman emeritus, Schneider Corp in Indianapolis. His children, Barry ’90 and Vicki ’92, manage the company. Don Zone, Bob Lee, Paul Ray and Dick Dufour joined Rick Carey’s wife, Louise, at a tailgate party/memorial that she hosted at the Temple game. Traditionally, Rick had always arranged the details for the Thursday night dinner at our class reunions. Bob, our class treasurer, and Don have volunteered to handle this task for our 50th. The dinner will be held in the new Morris Inn. Since this function is not part of the official reunion, there will be a separate but reasonable cost for attendees. Specific details will be in our column. Last October, another minireunion took place when former football players Norm Nicola, John Atamian, Tommy Longo, Bob Papa, Dave Pivec, Dick Zazada, Denny McCarthy ’67 and A. J. Sordoni gathered in Atlantic City. Jerry Tubinis, who is deceased, was missed. Many stories about their years with Coach Hughie Devore were exchanged. Dick Ritter writes that he recently retired from his civil rights law practice. After earning his JD from Georgetown Law in 1968 and two years of military service, he worked for 24 years as a trial attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the US Dept. of Justice, litigating cases of national significance in virtually all areas of civil rights enforcement. In 1992, Dick received the John Marshall Award for outstanding trial achievement. In 1995, he joined the Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs as a senior consulting attorney working with major DC law firms on pro bono civil rights cases. Last June, he received a Presidential Citation from the NAACP for his 10 years of work successfully challenging racial profiling by police and businesses in Myrtle Beach SC during Black Bike Week. Dick and his wife, Olga, live in Hilton Head, where he served as president of the local alumni club during the time it received the Lennon Award for outstanding club. Louis Thomas Gabriel III, who everyone knew as Tom, died unexpectedly on Oct 14. — James P. Harnisch MD; 6759 West Mercer Way, Mercer Island WA 98040; jphnd65@hotmail.com

65JD Class Secretary — John Donald O’Shea; pelaguis@aconline.com

66 News and Notes

I attended the USC game and saw Trip Blythe, who is enjoying retirement in the St. Louis area, following his career with a major accounting firm. Rich Sauget, also from St. Louis, was there, but I didn’t bump into him. John O’Hearn, in Chicagoland, has been under the weather, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Joe Yoches and Lois are retired in Peoria and have been traveling, after Joe’s career with Caterpillar. I wonder what’s up with John Jackoboice in Grand Rapids. Former BPers Bob Bodnar and Ed Bilinski and their wives were in for the Temple game. Skip Medina reports that he hosted a great tailgate at the ASU game in Dallas. Word through class president Cap Gagnon is that Brian Graham down Austin way saw the death notice on Mike Zika and decided to reach out to fellow ’66ers. Mike was from Ottumwa IA and ended up working for GE in Pennsylvania. Brian connected with Bill “Tex” Lasher, who was on the faculty at U Cincinnati before retiring. Another Brian “find” was his sophomore roomie in Walsh, Dean Dohnalek, who is retired and living in Tulsa, where he practiced law. Brian keeps in touch with Howard Dooley, who still teaches at Western Michigan U. Brian is suggesting a joint gathering with our SMC sister class at the 50th. He invites contact at ebrian@grandecom.net. Tom Begley was on hand for the USC game and tailgated with Pat and Howard York, who serves on one of ND’s advisory boards, along with South Bend resident Paul Joubert. Tom met up with Jiggs McAuliffe and Nancy at Sunny Italy. Also in town for USC was Tim Streb from San Francisco, where he serves on the board of the ODC Dance Company. Tim and Caren visit their Paris flat three times a year and did hook up at the game with Kathy and Gus Rini and Katy and Tom Belden, all from Cleveland, and hosted at Frank Murtha’s always great tailgate. Jack Gerken was at ASU in Big D and saw former Irish great QB Terry Hanratty, brother of our mate Pete Hanratty, who died suddenly last December of a stroke. Bill Breen is still doing financial advising for Merrill Lynch in Chicago and joins many of us in mourning the recent passing of my high school classmate, Judy Sherrod Phelan, spouse of the late Jim Phelan. Jamie Toohey hails the ND rugby gathering at the OU game. Joining Jamie were John Reding, Mike Krach and Bob Corcoran. Jamie has a winter home at PGA Village in Port St. Lucie FL and would love to host mates for golf. Bean-town Mike Rush recently broke his tibia refereeing a rugby match. Joe Hogan was planning to be on campus for the Navy game. Ray Neihengen of the Windy City checked in with good wishes. Brian Graham reports that Chuck Datzand his wife are giving up cold Iowa to move to Cedar Part, right outside of Austin, nearer their daughter and her family. Brian says that Harry McDonough is still serving as assistant regional counsel for the Dept of Health and Human Services in San Francisco. Don’t forget to check the class website, 1966.ndclass.org. This edition’s death notices include the loss last May of Bill Kallal in Cheyenne WY. After 12 great years at Chicago’s premier children’s hospital, I have accepted the position of SVP advancement and president of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the top-ranked rehab facility in the US and arguably the world. I will lead a $300 million campaign to build a new $550-million, world-class hospital in the heart of the Windy City. I was also blessed with the birth in September of a new grandson with the awesome name of Thomas Rockne Sullivan. No ND influence there. — Tom Sullivan; 2028 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette IL 60091; cell 312-415-3353; tsullynd66@gmail.com

66JD DeBartolo Docent

Bob Siebert continues his travels in retirement, most recently visiting Portugal before returning to his weekend house in Sag Harbor. Bob reports that no matter where he travels, he takes along his law school cap from the 2006 Reunion as well as his cap from his college alma mater, Belmont Abbey. I retired from the practice on May 1 and moved full time to our home in Union Pier MI. Being less than 45 minutes from the ND campus, I’ve signed up as a docent and volunteer usher at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. It is a truly rewarding experience not only because of the ambitious array of events that take place all through the year but also for the opportunity to work with the outstanding young men and women on the center’s staff and working for the University. Often after a performance, I’ll stop by for a meal at the recently rebuilt Morris Inn, which, as those of you who have returned for games this fall can attest, is a beautiful addition to the campus. — Philip C. Ruddy; 15911 Lakeshore Road, Union Pier MI 49129; 269-469-1933; rudds241@aol.com

67 Published

Robert Haller had two books published. The first was Dancing with the Light, the first comprehensive study of the films of Jim Davis (1901-1974), a painter turned abstract film maker, who was popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Some of Davis’ films were shown at Notre Dame in the early 1960s by the Student Faculty Film Society, of which Haller was the vice-president. This was Haller’s third book on Davis, all published by the Anthology Film Archives of New York City. In June, Haller flew to Macedonia for the opening of three-month exhibition of his photographs, “Across Time: Nudes and Standing Stones.” The exhibition pairs mostly close-up female nudes with 4,500-year-old standing stones of Stanton Drew near Bristol in England. Joe Kane wrote from Cincinnati, where he is officially retired but still goes to the office a few hours a month. Ronnie and Michael Hanpeter joined Joe and wife Nancy at the Kane cottage in northern Michigan. The Hanpeters had just returned from a trip to Munich and Ireland. Joe and Nancy went to Prague in September to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Later in the month, they gathered at Sue and Tom Caldwell’s home along with Michele and Andy Reardon, Alison and Tom Rink to watch the Michigan State game. Those three families also attended John Overman’s funeral in late August. — Bert Bondi; 49 Glenalla Place, Castle Rock CO 80108; bertrbondi@gmail.com

67JD Remembering Bill Albright

Judge William H. Albright died Oct. 15 after battling cancer. When we first met Bill in 1964, he was a local from the South Bend area, already married to Carol, and lived off-campus. As such, he didn’t participate in the late-night sessions in Fisher Hall and nightcaps at the Linebacker or the weekend trips to the “bomb shelter.” Nevertheless, our class was a close-knit group and Bill was a full member. After graduation, he stayed in town and opened his own law firm, where he specialized in criminal defense for 17 years until appointed to the St. Joseph County Superior Court. Two years later, he was appointed chief judge and retired in 2006. He was uniformly praised by prosecutors and defendants for the fairness he exhibited. I recall he missed our 40th Reunion in 2007 because he was undergoing chemo. Jimmy Olson, Tony Luber and Dave Holmes attended the funeral. Bill is survived by Carol, his loving wife of 50 years, and two sons. He joins our classmates who predeceased him: Murray Campbell, Gerry Culm, Chris Foley, Al Magnotta, Tom McDonough, Tom O’Shaughnessy, Art Swirtz and Pat O’Connor. Rest in peace my friends. Mo Nicholson has moved to Sun City West in Arizona, where he broke an ankle while hiking. He is more worried about whether he will be able to return to his longtime hobby of refereeing high school ballgames. Kip Roe is enjoying his first full year in retirement with Mary Jo and their 16 grandchildren. He and Mary Jo celebrated their 49th anniversary with a trip to Italy. Paul Meyer retired as president and CEO of Clear Channel Outdoor several years ago, although he kept his hand in the game by running a joint venture. Now he has fully unretired and is president of a newly formed division of JCDecauxNA, the largest outdoor advertising company in the world. While at Clear Channel, Paul pioneered the development of a very successful digital billboard network in more than 30 US markets and he will lead the effort to duplicate that success for his new company. More importantly, according to Paul, is that wife Carole’s unique breakfast/lunch sandwich shop, ZOOKZ, has won Phoenix Magazine’s 2013 award for best sandwiches. This is the time of year that snowbird Dave Kamm migrates from Grand Rapids to Florida; he’ll return in early summer. He loves Grand Rapids and is a big booster for the city, at least for four months of the year. He still plays a lot of competitive bridge and golfs for fun. Hal Bliss is very active in a local theatre group in Tempe AZ but claims that he does little else that is worthy of publication. John Nelson wrote that he was unaffected by the fires and floods that ravaged other parts of Colorado. After resigning from several judicial advisory boards, he had more time to restore a vintage tractor and modernize his ranch house in rural Colorado. — Jim Heinhold; 1200 Carmel Lane, New Bern NC 28562; res 252-638-5913; im4irish@aol.com

68 Modern Catholic Writers

Class President Tom Weyer, in reviewing class financial records with treasurer Joe Kernan, noted that the recent gift from Joyce and Matt Walsh had a big effect on our average. Matt and Joyce deserve the appreciation. Rich Rogers was on campus for the Temple game. Retired FBI agent that he is, Rich had interesting things to say to Jay Schwartz and his guest, Maryland legislator and former Temple player Mike Busch, and me about US surveillance revelations. That same afternoon, Jim Smithbergerwas a well-received Florida visitor. Steve Anderson was keeping tabs on him because Jim, readying for some heart care procedures in coming days, had made the trip against the judgment of some Florida advisers. Jim and wife Debbie stayed with Larry Forness, who says that everything went well for Jim, who is now on the mend. Jim told of his chance recruitment by the football coaching staff in 1964. Jim was receiving attention as the regional player of the year in West Virginia. At the same time, an alumnus who subscribed to the South Bend paper was aware of coaching conversations about a running back need. The alum called the coaching staff, talked up Jim, Jim visited and went home to tell his father that Notre Dame was his choice. Larry Forness remembers that Jim was a successful scholar as well as a player. Jim was an Academic All-American. Larry wrote that he “hosted Tom Condon and Mike Long ’64 for the Oklahoma game. On game day, the first thing we did was go to the formal dedication of the new rugby field, northeast of the Stepan Center. A whole bunch from the Great ’68 were there. While at the Great ’68 tailgate party, four vehicles down, somebody collapsed, and Dr. Steve Anderson rushed over and stabilized the patient until the EMTs and ambulance arrived. I saw former gridders Dave Martin and Kevin Rassas. They both look like they could still play. When Beth Ann Fennelly ’93, the poet and now novelist, came to Chicago in October for a book signing of The Tilted World, she was able to acknowledge the familiar Tom McKenna from Carmel IN, Tom McKenna of Chicago and an embarrassed but interested Mary Pat as “my Notre Dame hecklers.” Mary Pat knew what she was in for: she knew of the banter when Beth Ann discussed her poetry during our 40th Reunion. Tom McCann was supposed to round out the Toms trio but failed to appear. This recent disinterest in a modern Catholic writer reveals the same failing Tom showed years ago in Prof. Frank O’Malley’s class, when Tom McCann dragged Tom Etten down with him.” We have a numbers of poets: Michael R. Ryan, the prolific Don Hynes ’69, occasional writers Forrest Hainline and Jim Davis. Jim O’Rourke is an oft-published sage of marketing communication. John O’Connor wrote about Watergate. Tom Condon of the Hartford Courant recently added to his list of awards for editorial writing. One of our novelists is recently deceased Eddie Kurtz, whose seven novels include Sex and Gravity. Jim Hutchinson was recovering from surgery in Rochester NY. See ndclass1968.com for these notes and other material. — Tom Figel; 1054 W. North Shore, Apt. 3-E, Chicago IL 60626; 312-223-9536; tfigel@lake-effect.com

68JD Class Secretary — Thomas R. Curtin; Graham Curtin PA; 4 Headquarters Plaza, PO Box 1991, Morristown NJ 07962-1991; 973-401-7117; 973-292-1767; tcurtin@grahamcurtin.com

69 Ready for Reunion

Our 45th Reunion is fast approaching. Please clear your schedule and make plans to attend. Mike Brennan went to the Villanova basketball game with Jim Burke last winter. Bob McGrath hosted our family when our son J.P. did an Ironman in Madison WI. Tim Schlindwein entertained classmates for our 19th annual summer golf outing in New Buffalo MI. Attending were Ernie Gargaro, Pete McInerney, Eb Moran, Fitz Gast and Mike Busby. Missing were Dr. John Tocks and Steve Hext. Steve is practicing law in Cincinnati and is legal advisor to Questaco Healthcare. Mike Satarino retired after a career in secondary education. He was principal at the School for the Talented and Gifted in Dallas. It has been ranked the No. 1 high school in the country for the past two years by US News and World Report. He planned on seeing Mike Joyce and Dave Yonto at the Oklahoma game. That weekend also was the dedication of the new rugby field north of Stephan Center. Dave Farrell hoped to represent the LA ’69 alums at the USC game. He is retired from Stowe Davis and participating in senior golf tournaments in the area. The mothers of Pete McInerney and Tim Schlindwein passed away this summer. Steve Kavalauskas and his wife, Diane, joined Karen and Jim Gleason, Shirley and George Carr ’68MA, and friend Rebecca at Jim and Karen’s annual retreat in Tuscany, Italy. This is the 15th year Jim and Karen have visited the villa, La Maesta, in Pergine Valdarno. While in Italy, Steve and Diane celebrated their 44th anniversary and Jim and Karen celebrated their 45th. Andrew Fedynsky writes that a group from the 1966-67 Innsbruck program got together at the home of Jim and Karen Gleason in South Bend the last week of August to welcome his daughter, Alexa, into the Notre Dame family. She is in the class of 2017 and living in Welsh Family Hall. Also attending were Sharon and Chuck Nelson of South Bend, Tim Weizer of Columbus, Bill Henig of Niles MI with his girlfriend, and my wife, Chris, and our son, Michael ’12. Everyone wished Alexa all the best and agreed that accepting women at ND was one of Father Hesburgh’s wisest decisions. Greg Ryder went to the MSU game and met Frank Stumpf, Larry Pezanko, Bill Waldron, Gary Rimlinger and Jim Conway. For the USC game, I was unable to attend at the last minute, but John Quinn, Delbert Hoseman, Ralph Williams, Louis Leone, Tom Breen, Greg Downes and Matt White got together for dinner Friday evening and a good time was had by all. Everyone commented on how the 4 a.m. Toddle House breakfasts have now become the 4 p.m. early bird specials. John Quinn advises that John Engel passed away, as did Brother Guy J. Eckels. We offer our condolences to their families. I attended the Air Force game with my daughter, Meghan ’00, and we saw a great Irish victory.— Tom Ryan; 248-334-9938; sylvanlawtr@gmail.com

69MBA More Sad News

Ron Jerutis passed away on Aug. 18 surrounded by his family after being diagnosed with a rare blood disease. Ron was a great classmate, wonderful husband to wife Sue, great father and grandfather. He was also a great orator, as evidenced by his membership on the Boston College debate team and his passionate defense of any issue while at Notre Dame. He was known for his fabulous culinary creations and his sharp wit. Ron attended last year’s minireunion and was looking forward to attending this year. We offer our condolences to Sue and daughters Jennifer and Sarah and son Jason. Donations in Ron’s memory can be made to The Boston College Fulton Debate Society, bc.edu/give. Archie Sullivan said to tell everyone hello. He is thinking of joining us next fall with daughter Eileen, who was born in 1968 and baptized at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Tom Condon was appointed to the executive committee of the board of directors of the Julia Dyckman Andrus Memorial. Tom continues to serve as chairman of the investment committee of the board. The organization runs an orphanage and school for children affected by abuse and trauma. Ken Samara is doing excellent after his bout with cancer. Rita Knittel is doing well and planning on attending our 45th Reunion next year. The following classmates joined us for dinner during the weekend of the Oklahoma game: Ken Samara and his brother Carl, Linda and Joe Cavato, Sara and Nick Walz, and Sue and Tom Sanna. — Dennis B. McCarthy; PO Box 246, Bear Lake MI 49614; bus 231-864-3111 ext. 115; dbmc2@blarneycastleoil.com

69JD Number 45 Coming Up

It is time to start working on plans for our reunion. We have traditionally held our reunions in the fall, mostly on a home football weekend, and lately on an away weekend. It is getting more difficult to get a block of tickets for home games before November. Please let me know your preference, home or away, for the reunion. The campus, including the Warren Golf Course, was ours on the away date and we held it early in the football season. I ran into Pat Cooney before the Oklahoma game. He was planning on being in Dallas for the Arizona State game and hoped to catch up with Jim Brady, Nick Trogan, Vince Stamp and Dan Hebert in Dallas. I met up with Joe Frantin in Dallas and went to the game with him. In Dallas, Joe was still in the rental car area when he backed up in the wrong place and blew out all four tires. He had a number of stories involving rental cars, from minor damage to total wrecks. He is working on his autobiography, I Am a Total Wreck and So Is My Rental Car. I missed classmates in Dallas but I did see Jim Brady and Nick Trogan before the USC game. I had lunch with Tim McLaughlin before the USC game. Puma is still working but not as much and spends a good deal of his time working on legal aid cases. — Jim Starshak; 889 Kaohe Place, Honolulu HI 96825, bus 808-523-2515; res 808-395-0443; jstarshak@carlsmith.com