50 Less to Mention

I got a nice note from Anne Kraemer, whose husband Robert Kraemer died Aug. 20. Bob received NASA’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Medal, as their director of planetary exploration. Bob and Anne had three sons and three daughters. I received a call from Colleen Dobson, daughter of Robert Ralph Dobson, telling us that her father passed away Sept. 12. Robert and wife Florence were married 60 years and had five boys and three girls. Local architect Joseph Louis Matthews died Aug. 18. Many thanks to Bill Donovan for his email condolence to us on the death of our son, Val Trinkley ’82. And handsome Fred Friend, the girls’ favorite player on ND’s basketball team way back when, called to chat on Oct. 4. Still alert and teaching at Cleveland State, Fred asked about Joe Hickey. Please say a fervent prayer for these deceased fellow grads: Wallace B. Carl, June 9, and Sister Mary M. Kennelly ’50MA, July 26, 2010. — Zane Trinkley; 2418 Miami St., South Bend IN 46614; 574-289-8373

51 Morris Inn Sparkles

Jane and I attended the USC football game in October. All of you know about the game, and the result. My purpose is to tell you about the new Morris Inn. Unbelievable! It is so huge, and since it is brand new, it sparkles. The general feeling among those I talked to was that the old building was more comfortable, a warmer place. The new Morris Inn is great, however. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Andy McKenna, who was just exiting a trustee session. Our book, The Cemetery Beneath the Golden Dome, has been selling well. We believe most of you who read it will find some interesting facts about the cemetery and Notre Dame. Email me to obtain a flyer. In the foreword that Father Hesburgh wrote, he stated that “the Gillises have brought Cedar Grove from the unknown landmark on campus to a place of recognition.” I want to thank Richard Burke, Skokie IL, for his very generous check for the Mass Fund, and for ordering our book. Richard and his wife recently returned from an eventful trip to England. Tom Brennan, Aberdeen WA, advised us that he had a delightful trip to Ireland in July with his five sons. More than 80 Brennans gathered for Mass in the county church where Tom’s father was baptized in 1890. Tom and his five sons visited the stone cottage at Drumasgelvin, where Tom’s father was born. Four of Tom’s five sons are ND graduates. Charles O’Brian ’51, ’52MA published a book called Death of a Robber Baron (Kensington 2013), the first in a series of historical mystery novels set in the Gilded Age. One of our well known classmates, Jim Roemer, passed away this fall. Jim held three high-level executive positions at Notre Dame before retiring. We send our best to Mary Ann and family during this rough period. Our bio this issue concerns Bill Anhut, Ypsilanti MI. Bill and Mary Claire were married three weeks after graduation. He then spent two years in the Air Force before entering and graduating from the U of Michigan Law School in three years. He spent the next 14 years working in his family’s hotel establishment in Detroit and owning and operating his own motor inn in Ypsilanti. Bill started practicing law in a partnership and continued until his retirement in 1996. He was elected to the Michigan State Bar Board of Directors. The Anhuts have nine outstanding children, 18 grandchildren and two little “greats.” Bill states proudly that all nine of his children are college graduates, four from Notre Dame, three Boston College and two Georgetown. Father John S. Dunne, CSC, a professor at Notre Dame for 57 years, died in November. We are requesting your prayers. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94505; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 Some New Names

Frank Myers advised that after receiving his MBA at Indiana and spending two years in the Army/CIA, the bulk of his career was with Arvin Industries in Columbus IN, where he spent 30 years, including five in Tokyo and 19 as president of a subsidiary. He was CEO of Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp. until retiring in l994. He and Nancy have three children and are active in their choir at St. Mary’s in Lake Forest IL. After some procedures that come with aging, he has no complaints and says life is good. Betty and Jim Ebzery sold their home in Connecticut after 5l years and settled in Indian Wells CA. Alice and Thomas A. Blakely have been married 60 years and are living on the same tract of land where he grew up in Belmont MI. He pursued a career in social work after getting his masters at the U of Michigan and stayed the course until he retired from Western Michigan in l996. Their six children range from 44 to 60. He says he got a great education at ND and is especially grateful for the opportunity to attend daily Mass. John Chavanne of Villa Park CA got back to Burlington WI for his 65th high school reunion. He got into real estate more than 40 years ago and it went well for him. He has a son-in-law managing his apartments for him. At a game watch in Orange County CA, Tony Messina bumped into Conrad Tetreault, who had a career with Smith-Barney in Costa Mesa. Gene Hull has a new book of poetry, The Sun God is a Ham, available from Amazon and other outlets. John Casteellani is still practicing law in Milwaukee, but gets back to see friends in New Britain CT. At a 50th anniversary of the Jersey Shore Club on UND Night, former presidents were introduced and an early one was Roger Fitzsimmons, who was in attendance with Pat. He is still in Little Silver enjoying life and getting in some golf. Bob Butler wrote from Lipari, Italy, off the coast of Sicily, and was planning to proceed to Malta and then to Rome. He and Eileen were traveling with Carol and Jim King ’53. Frank Amato wrapped up 60 years of work at the high school level. He was a teacher, coach, administrator, fundraiser and a legend during five decades at Loyola Academy. They sent him on a last trip to the West Coast to visit with friends of Loyola there. He was at the Marine Depot there for the raising of the colors as 300 recruits graduated. Charlie Schubert made the Oklahoma game in what may be the “last hurrah” for him and Marilyn. They caught up with George Heidkamp and Father Bill Miscamble, CSC. He is offering his timeshare at the Varsity Club for future use by anyone interested in a good deal. Bob Raymond checked in saying that his first job was with Shell. — Edward F. Foley; 212 Ocean Road, Spring Lake NJ 07762; 732-449-0753; tedfoleysr@aol.com

53 Dinner and Lunch

The traditional Thursday dinner before the annual Chicago lunch was marked with abundant food and fellowship, with classmates, family and friends. The Friday noon gathering was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. We were honored and blessed by the presence of Father James Banas, CSC, a classmate who served in Bangladesh for 52 years; retired Father Gene Smith, Chicago diocesan priest who is an adopted member of the class; and Father Carl Beaves, retired Wyoming priest who likewise knows and is known to many. Patty Haas and Eleanor Michel, Reedy Industries, were recognized for their efforts in the planning and execution of the luncheons. Larry Murray’s continuing contribution as our cyber-secretary was also noted. Tom Reedy read a congratulatory letter from Father Hesburgh, who recognized the class as his first graduating class. He complimented our class for the uniqueness of the annual luncheons and the fact ours is the only class that celebrates in this fashion. Brendan Cryan, the oldest active member of the New York Stock Exchange, spoke of events that he experienced in the rapidly evolving world of finance. John Lattner provided some insight from his years at ND. The growing need for prayers was highlighted by Deacon Michael McNulty. The sobering list of the deceased since the last luncheon numbered 25. Mike led us in prayer. Dick Klumb valiantly prompted the singing of Notre Dame Our Mother, which was unequaled in feelings and memory though lacking somewhat in melodic accomplishments. Though the ranks are dwindling as a result of death, disability and economic depressions, 85 faithful attendees reveled in the renewed friendships, with the hopes all will return next year. Jim O’Brien of Northbrook IL and Bill French of Phoenix passed on to their rewards. Also, Bill Langlois’s wife, Cecile, died in San Jose CA. Please remember in your daily prayers, Jim, Bill, Cecile and all of our deceased, and classmates and family members who are sick. Lawyers Steve Morse and Frank Walz are happy in retirement. Steve lives in northern Michigan and Frank in Minneapolis. Nelson Vogel will be joining the ranks of the retired, leaving behind his law practice. Jim Gibbons, ever busy in retirement, is fighting his way back to good health, slowly he admits. Jim Ronan still visits the medical clinic he founded in Maryland, though he is no longer in charge, which is what he wants. Jerry O’Conner’s nephew is a ND freshman studying architecture, happy in both respects. I think that Al “Harpo” Marks has progeny enrolled at ND, but missed I him at the lunch so could not check that out. Lee Tavis’s granddaughter, Lauren Lange, a senior student at Emery Medical School, rode the South Shore with Lee, Brendan Cryan and me after the lunch. She returned to campus for the USC game. A most accomplished young lady, she shortened the trip by her presence. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com

53JD Law Class School Reunion

Three of us showed up for our 60th Reunion, Tom Meaney, Dick Hodges, and me, Bob Berry. Tom settled in Ohio, Dick in the Denver area and I in Omaha. The rest of our classmates were missed. We visited the Grotto and prayed for all and especially for our deceased and ill classmates and their families. We enjoyed talking old times and attending the programs the Law School staff put on. I met the new dean, a very nice lady. We also had a nice tour through the new Law School facility, but felt more at home in the old building. I would be glad to receive an update from everyone about life and careers after Law School so that I could circulate the information in an email to all. For this purpose I would appreciate you including your email address, street address and phone number, as well. I ended up joining the leading law firm in Omaha after graduating in 1953 and passing the bar exam, and have been in Omaha ever since, but am no longer practicing. I mainly worked in the business side of the law, which as you know, covers a lot of territory, along with the related trial work. My experience on the ND Law Review came in very handy all the time. Two of our sons live in Omaha and our daughter and another son live in Texas. I split my time between both locations. None became attorneys. Three ended up as accountants (my undergrad major) and one as an actuary. — Bob Berry; 5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; Yokeemup@aol.com

54 Communications

Please advise us of your email address to help us communicate with you more quickly within the ’54 family. Regarding our 60th Reunion, Tom Campbell and Charlie Allen have put together a plan that will put us far ahead of what other classes have done, beginning with Mass in the Basilica at 4 p.m. on May 28. You will receive detailed information telling you of the items that they are proposing. Surviving spouses are very much a part of our family and will be receiving a special invitation. Our class group football seating for the senior game offers another opportunity to visit with classmates and this time invites other members of your family, such as sons, daughters and grandchildren. These tickets are not a part of the football lottery. We have ordered 30 tickets each year for the last three years. Please let me know prior to February 1 if you are interested and I will provide you with complete details. A total of 13 classmates joined us for our minireunion tailgate gathering hosted by Tom Campbell before the Temple game. Attending were Dan Munson, Charley Allen, Tom Campbell, Dick Ehr, Andrew Corras, Herman Kreigshauser, Romie Zanetti, Jack Mertens, Dick DeShriver, John Snakard, Gene Henry, Walt Duschka and, me, plus wives where applicable, some children and grandchildren. Pete Higgins and Jack Mooney almost joined us but couldn’t find us, as the flags Tom Campbell put up were not waving. As mentioned in the last column, our class has awarded 11 scholarships for varying amounts since the inception of our scholarship fund in 2004. Please remember to note on your annual Notre Dame gift that your donation should be applied to our class scholarship fund. I just received word that Mike Celeste’s grandson graduated cum laude in computer engineering and is also studying in the Mendoza Business College. I have received obituary notices on the following: James Mullane, Carl Eck, John Carter, John Malfa, Robert Reitz, Raymond Galvin, Patrick McDonough, David Delker, Kevin Walker, Marty Veith, Robert Schwinn, Bill Woodward and Robert Herbert. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; kochgnl@yahoo.com

54JD Class Secretary — Carl Eiberger; 14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; fax 303-278-0113 carleiberger@comcast.net

55 Three Generations in Biz

With the addition of his grandson, Emmet Root led three generations to the Furniture Market in High Point, his 55th trip. Dave Scheele has 26 senior softball players signed up for his fitness class. John Dwyer reports that the Glee Club was a smash hit in Pittsford NY. Jim Walsh’s Land of Lost Life is on Amazon, while Jack Fitzenz has a new book coming out, his thirteenth. Dick Huether is a new member of the ND Business School Advisory Council. After no other over-80 senior basketball teams showed up, Jim Rickling and his mates picked up gold medals at San Diego’s Senior Olympics. Architect Dick Galehouse has donated his body of work to the School of Architecture. Bob DeBrey had a great career in industrial design. Bill Glass may be the last of the Rockwood Potters from Cincinnati. Mary and Skip Reiner are processing 300 VA prescriptions in a 12-hour shift. Con McCarty and Joe McCarthy are the oldest members of the Cape Cod club. Frank Lynch is the proud grandpa of three sets of boy/girl twins and wonders if anyone else can match that. Peter Ritten got his second hole in one but admits he won’t be shooting his age anytime soon. Chuck Meyer is still coaching marksmanship. After doing a lot of fishing this summer in Idaho, Paul Cardinal is looking forward to an overseas trip. Don “Czar” Shanley made Trap & Field Magazine as the Class C winner of a registered shoot in July. Continuing his writing on Russia, John Murphy explained how he got involved in Russian language training. Our “mailman” Bill Kreps is on the board of Houston Achievement Place. The former mayor of Chapel Hill, Joe Nassif checked in with some football comments, as did Ralph Guglielmi, Dick Golob, Bob Moore, Tom Magill and Dave Metz. Pat McGahan’s grandson is associate sports editor of the Observer newspaper on campus. Although still settling into his new condo in Boise, Ron Rene took time to look up his sophomore roommate, John Musolino. Speaking of retirement digs, Jim Hesburgh highly recommends Holy Cross Village across the road from ND. John Rogers arranged a great dinner before the ASU game in Dallas, attended by Bill Kreps, Mike Jackman, Jim Carroll, Pat McNamara, Ron Smith and George Marr. Jackman also was planning travel to the Stanford game Thanksgiving week along with 26 family members for a second 80th celebration. After starting his 80th celebration in Chicago at Ditka’s, Carl Peters and 18 family members continued the party at the USC game. Hugh Schaefer met friends in Santa Fe for his 80th. Driving to Denver after the Air Force game, Bill Richardson saw the 18-wheel ND truck carting all the football gear back to South Bend. After spending the summer in Knoxville, Dick Alfes returned to Florida in October for the winter. He’s 81 and explained the Sisters of Mercy redshirted him in the fifth grade. Despite a melanoma diagnosis, John Hamilton went to Ireland to visit his daughter and her family. Lee Crean really enjoyed his French trip, especially the time on the Normandy beaches with his son, an Army officer. In July, Warren Youngstrom hosted a family gathering for 17 at Estes Park and only had one trip to the ER. Frank Tonini visited family in Australia. Again this year, Dick Scheibelheit split his time between South Bend and Tucson. Dick Mueller got a kick out of a helicopter ride in Hawaii and a two-month driving trip from California to the Midwest. Frank Orlando enjoyed an August Alaskan cruise, while George Vosmik went fishing in North Carolina and Florida. Bob Haidinger spends his summers in Vermont and winters in Florida. Memorial Masses have been offered for Tom Galligan, Bob McAuliffe, John Bogan, Bill Kilburg, Phil Collins, Pat McAward, Jim Reno, Malcolm “Bud” Koons, Sars Ford, Ray Knoll, Jim Smith, Mike Hoffman, Pete Rittenhouse, Clarence Hodges, Hal Willenborg, John Heller, Jerry Burns, Neal Halloran and Phelan Thompson. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class Secretary — John Coyne; john.coyne@abm.com

56 Minireunion

Co-president Mark Burns announced that we will have a minireunion at the first home game (but not in August). Larry Kennedy, chairman of the Endowed Scholarship Fund, announced the honorees for the three 2013-14 scholarship awards presented at the September minireunion. The Student Financial Aid Department selected the students based on the individual student’s needs. The ND development folks have informed Kennedy that our fund generated $58,000 for 2013. Your class officers and past honorees voted on this year’s classmates to be honored. The scholarship “match-ups” are: James Mense and Bradley Stuhlreyer; Paul Noland and Daniel L. McCarthy; William K. Warren Jr. and Pat Nguyen. All students are class of 2014.The Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund continues to grow with the invested market value as of June 30 at $1,185,140. The book value of total gifts since inception June 1, 2000, to Sept. 9, 2013, is $889,139. Please continue to keep the fund in mind in your annual giving to Notre Dame. Specify “ND ’56 Scholarship Fund” on the memo line of your check, the reply card and a Post-it note on the check. Gifts designated to the ’56 Fund count toward your annual giving record and eligibility for the alumni football ticket lottery. Ed Cosgrove, 825 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202, thanks you for your contribution and enjoys hearing from you and yours. A pair of recent funding/notes came from Jim Mense, who notes a precedence set with Mike Kiley over the years. Charlie Bellm chipped in, even though he gave his tickets to the kids; Ann had hip replacement in August. Some great photos were taken at the minireunion Mass and lunch by Sharon and Bernie VanEtten. Check out who was there by visiting nd56.org. You will see Peg and Jack Kegaly, Gretchen and Gene O’Connor, Shirley and John Allen, Carol and John Rodgers and others in the Class News link. Bill Warren was photographed with the three student scholars, and the memorial Mass at Welsh Family was photographed with celebrant Father Tom Chambers, CSC, and Deacon Jim Revord. Dr. Angelo Capozzi was in surgery as the 7.2 earthquake hit Cebu City, Philippines, in October; check out his photo on the web. Proof of the ND56 family caring: 19 men are signed up to keep in touch with eight classmates who are in care facilities across the USA. Dr. Jerry Kenny enjoys his visits in Kent WA with Father Joe Stocking, SJ, who spent many years looking after the homeless on the streets of Seattle. On Nov. 1, the College of Engineering held a memorial Mass and reception honoring Dr. James L. Massey, who died June 16; Fathers Hesburgh and Malloy were among the concelebrants. Dick Yeager shared some great memories of his classes and personal shop talk with Jim. Twin brother Jerry attended with his sister. *Jim Finnegan was honored in Oak Brook IL on Sept. 25 with the Catholic Citizens Faith in Action Award for his life-long defense of life, family and faith. Thomas J. Wageman died Oct. 19 in Sherman TX; Manuel Villazon-Vazques died in Mexico City; Nicholas F. (Mavigliano) Maviano died in Riverside IL on Sept. 13; Donald J. Moser died in Winter Haven FL on Sept. 8; William “Bill” Matthews died in Rochester NY on Sept. 4; Hubert A. Willard died in Ames IA on July 30; Walter S. McNamara died Aug. 26 in Ship Bottom NJ; Clifton L. Morse died in Georgetown MA on Aug. 4; John P. Pitarresi died in Staten Island NY on July 27; Joseph E. Blackman died in Benson NC on Aug. 1; Michael Manganello died July 31 in Toms River NJ; Nicholas S. Raich died Aug. 12 in Lake Clarke Shores FL. May they rest in peace. The full obituaries are on nd56.org . Mass has been celebrated for each of the deceased by the Holy Cross priests on Campus. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive; Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056; www.nd56.org

56JD Memorial Mass

Richard D. Sullivan ’54, ’56JD, who was a roommate of Carl Eck ’54, ’56JD with Tom Short during their second year in Law School, scheduled a Mass to be said in memory of Carl Eck at 8:45 a.m. on Dec. 19, 2013, at Immaculate Conception Parish in Lapeer MI. — Lauren Sharkey; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Times, They Are A-Changing

Deaths since the last column include William R. Bell MD, a world-renowned hematologist and clinician. ND had awarded him the Sorin Award. A professor in hematology at Johns Hopkins, he spoke at conferences throughout the world and authored more than 300 articles or chapters in medical books. His wife and two children survive. John Simmerling, whose watercolor paintings of scenes of the campus and Chicago became a prized possession, died on July 18. He is survived by his wife, Marjorie. Ron Witt died on Sept. 30. He lived in West Chester PA and is survived by his wife, Pat. Another icon of the class left us on Aug. 24. Tom “Tiger” Mulcahy, a former member of the National Alumni Board, organizer of the golfing events at our reunions, and civic leader in Milwaukee for many years, is survived by his wife, Sarah, and four children. Hans E. Breiling died April 25 in Mt. Clemens MI. Gene F. Mongan, retired in The Villages FL, died on May 21. He is survived by his wife, Marie, two daughters and two sons. Richard A. Leitten passed away on June 23. His wife, Nancy, and five children survive him. Trained in the Jesuit Seminary after graduation, he taught math and Greek at a local Jesuit high school. Luke Carrabine passed away June 29 after a brief illness. His wife, Martha, survived him. We offer condolences to Bill Maddux, whose son, Michael, died Sept. 7. Prayers are requested for Jack Reinhold, who underwent surgery to his left knee, which disclosed that he had MRSA, a potential life-threatening infection. Don Flock is battling frontal temporal dementia, and his wife, Pat, has become his caretaker. Jim Fluhr suffered a stroke in September. Barbara O’Neil, wife of Bob O’Neil, is recovering from an aneurysm. Tom Schriber, “the web guy,” has been designated one of 10 “Pioneers of Simulation” by the National Science Foundation. Tom is the author of a book on simulation that has been translated into Russian. Frank Riley meets regularly with Father Tom Blantz, CSC, who is working on a history of Notre Dame. He met recently with Doug McKay, who continues to recover from a stroke, but had to close his restaurant in Dowagiac. Frank attended the dedication of the new Stayer Center next to the business school where Frank was dean a few years ago. Speaking at the dedication were Mitzi and Cyrus Freidheim, donors to the center. A generous gift from Kitchie and Alex McMurtrie provided the funds to redo the dining room at the new Morris Inn. The Army Counter Intelligence Corps has elected Orlando T. Maione as its national president for this year. Orlando served as a CIC special agent in Europe during the Cold War/pre-Vietnam era. Orlando was also honored this year by the American Institute of Architects, who elevated him to its prestigious College of Fellows. Three students from the Quad City area are recipients each year of the Bob Eckland Class of ’57 scholarship fund started initially by Bob’s mother, Mary Jo McCaffery Eckland. — John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St., Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-676-8986; fax 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class Secretary — Thomas S. Calder; 513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Rest in Peace

Rocco Puntureri of Grove City PA died Sept. 18 after a brief illness. He is survived by his wife, Gail. Rocco was a classmate of mine at ND Law School and had three careers. He practiced law until 1968, then owned and operated the Puntureri Distributorship in Butler PA for 23 years. From 1993 until his death, he was owner and broker of record of Grove City Realty. Lawrence W. Shearin died July 7. Horace “Joe” Wood died June 29. Eugene P. Triano of Bedminster NJ died July 20. Joseph Dezelan of Park Ridge IL died Aug.12. John Riley reports by email that he is in good health and remains in touch with Frank McCormack. John is senior VP of institutional sales at Drexel Hamilton, an institutional broker dealer offering employment opportunities to disabled veterans. We close with the following message from J. Patrick Doherty: “The seventh annual spring luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, March 4, at 11:30 a.m., at the Ritz-Carlton Tiburon Golf Resort, in North Naples FL. It’s a great get-together, so if you have relocated to southwest Florida, snowbird there or are within driving distance (Hoot Walsh drives over from Lauderdale and some of our guys come from St. Pete), come join the fun. Buffet luncheon for 20 bucks, but the real drawing card is teaming up with friends of long standing (We don’t call ourselves old friends anymore). Some 34 classmates came last year, and there could be 40 next spring. This event is strictly for guys and is private for the Class of 1958. Bill Rees will track attendance. Phone Bill at 239-417-2178 or email Jim Indiveri at jindiveri@aol.com (Jim will then let Bill Rees know you’re coming). Besides Bill and Jim, the luncheon committee includes Jerry Dahle, Roy Williams, Bill Geary, John Higgins and Pat Doherty.” — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Short and Sweet

I had a great lunch with Ray Drexler and Jack Callahan while visiting family in Chicago. Ray Tam’s biography was recently published. The title, A Saint Louis Man, refers to the high school from which he graduated in Hawaii and greatly influenced his character. Written by biographer Lance Tominaga, the book recounts Ray’s transformation from a small town boy to a renowned international lawyer and founder of the China Program fostering friendship with and the rule of law in China. — John F. Murray; 2036 Cheltenham Ct., Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; JONNEL662@verizon.net

59 Winter Musings

I have received notes from a number of you who are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversaries. I cannot list everyone but send congratulations from your classmates. We are blessed, but will be facing constant challenges as we go forward. According to university records, of the 1,203 who received degrees in Notre Dame Stadium in June 1959, 312, or 26 percent, are deceased. Paul Willihnganz ventured from Santa Rosa CA to Lake Michigan to join Gene Bertoncini at the Tritone Jazz Fantasy Camp. Leaving submarines and courtrooms behind, he feels liberated.Ron Green and Betty Ann are still in Cheyenne WY enjoying the great outdoors. Joe Maier and Colleen are enjoying life in Glen Ellyn IL, where Joe continues to do voice overs and acting in radio and TV commercials and industrial videos. Tip Mann practices law in Chicago and, for 13 years, has been an adjunct professor of law at Northwestern U. Ed Ricciuti keeps rolling along in Killingworth CT. He has another book coming out with Countryman Press in the spring. It is about large, dangerous wild animals entering cities and suburbs. He is still teaching and training in martial arts. Ed Weyhing, a published writer of short stories, published his first novel: Speaking from the Heart, Fathom Publishing Co. 8Dave Schwartz*, a member of the fencing team, is retired and living in Pittsburgh. He is playing plenty of golf and has a goal of playing a round in every state of the country. Joe Krug is staying active as a board member of the ND Club of Dayton. His grandson is the senior student basketball manager for Mike Brey. His son was head manager for Digger Phelps. Pat Toner and Carol are enjoying life in Leesport PA, about 70 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Some of our classmates are celebrating their 50th anniversary of graduation from medical school. Ernie Wood, Jerry Beuchamps and Norm Odyniec are grads of Georgetown and live in the DC area. Bill Cushwa is retired, living in the South Bend area, and staying active in the community. Lou Manzo’s family is carrying on the football tradition. His grandson is a freshman and plays ball at Middlebury in Vermont. Lou spends his time in Baltimore, Bethany Beach DE and Naples FL. John Hart retired as an insurance lawyer and VP from New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. He and Nancy live in Lawrenceville NV and Kiawah Island SC. Ken Hiegel enjoyed a career in the general aviation industry and then decided to switch gears and work for his parish. He and Mary Bea live in Little Rock. Richard Mandile and Janice live in Longmont CO, where he is semiretired doing commercial real estate and assisting Habitat for Humanity. Tom Miller retired from BP Oil and the Carborundum Co. and lives with wife Bobbie in Hudson OH. Jim Griffin joined the class under the Korean War GI Bill. He worked for the South Bend Tribune, Hobil Oil in South Africa, IBM, and after retirement, was a sheriff. He also flew airplanes. He and Patty live in Madison CT. I am sorry to report the passing of Joe Daschbach on Aug. 10 in Lyme NH, Barrett Gleixner on Oct. 15 in Elmhurst IL, and Ron Delamielleure on Oct. 22 in Canton MI. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte; wharte@williamharteld.com":mailto:wharte@williamharteld.com