33 Class Secretary — Katie Gorman Duffy ’95;


36 A Big Celebration

There is not much news to report. I am sorry that my email address was incorrect in the last publication. That might explain the lack of news. I am gearing up for an early family celebration of my 100th birthday. Fifty-three of the 65 immediate family members will be here: eight kids, 24 grandchildren and 15 great-grandkids. We will have a smaller gathering on the actual day, Sept. 16. The fire department has been notified. I’m looking forward to another ND football season. Go Irish. — John Norton; jwn176@aol.com

37 Class Secretary — Kathleen Coverick ’08;


38 Class Secretary — Meg Julian ’03, ’06JD;

6 Carriage Trail, Princeton NJ 08540; 646-246-5480; megjulian@gmail.com