36 Reaching 100

I heard from Ray Herrly’s son Pete, who lives in Paris, France. Pete said that his son, Ray Herrly II ’14, graduated from Notre Dame in May and is back living in Paris. Pete and his family have lived in Paris for quite some time. I heard from Tex Romere who lives in Beaumont TX. He announced that he is 100 years old. That makes me the baby of the class as I won’t be 100 until September. Last but not least, I heard from Jim Dutton’s wife that Jim died in October. He almost made it to 100. Jim lived in Norwich CT and was a lawyer. He had quite a career. Pope John Paul II appointed him a Knight of St. Gregory. He was the attorney for the Diocese of Norwich. As for me, I’m living in an independent living center where most of the people are at least 90 and a few are 100 or more. I still shoot pool after breakfast and after dinner several days a week. I hear occasionally from Joe Newman, who lives in Florida. I think Joe is the oldest in the class. I think he is 102 and very active in Florida. Best wishes to Joe. That’s it for now. I hope to be around for the next issue. Go Irish. — John Norton; jwn176@aol.com

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