50 True Renaissance Men


Robert M. “Bob” Barrett died on Aug. 23 at age 91. Bob’s family provided the following tribute: “After enlisting in the Navy in 1943, he was assigned to the USS Birmingham and served in the Pacific Theater. After the war and graduation, Bob began a distinguished 26-year career with the FBI, during which he played a significant role in the apprehension of Lee Harvey Oswald following President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. After retiring from the FBI in 1978, he served as associate commissioner in the Southeastern Conference until 1989. He is survived by his loving wife of 67 years, Phyllis Ann, five children, 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.” Robert Greenawalt passed away on Aug. 2 in western New York. A veteran of the Marine Corps in World War II, Bob served in the South Pacific. After graduation, he also served in the Air Force Reserves, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. Bob also retired in 1986 after a career with Westinghouse in Mansfield OH. He was predeceased by his wife of 59 years, Margaret, but leaves behind five children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Robert L. Scribner MD, age 91, died on Sept. 16 in Danvers MA. After leaving ND, Robert graduated from Tufts U School of Medicine in 1954 and, after a distinguished career, retired from active practice in 1996. He was a lifelong musician, playing drum set, vibes, and percussion with the Lynn Village Drum Band, the Redmen's band, and the Wakefield Retired Men’s Band. He was predeceased by his wife, Eleanor, with whom he shared 67 years of marriage. He is survived by four children and seven grandchildren. Rudolph “Rudy” DiTrapano passed away on Oct. 25 in Charleston WV, at the age of 89. Rudy was a Double Domer, earning his JD in 1951 and serving in the Navy JAG Corps during the Korean War. He practiced law for 65 years. In his obituary, he was described by his family as a “true Renaissance man who enjoyed playing the violin, reciting poetry, reading books, making wine and preparing Italian cuisine. Rudy also enjoyed snow skiing, fishing, pheasant hunting and rowing his scull on the Kanawha River where he resided for the last 50 years. Rudy had a huge personality. Anyone who spent time with him had the opportunity to enjoy his stories, jokes or his quick-witted responses. Being an innately amusing person, he was a source of entertainment to family and friends, until he took his last breath.” Rudy is survived by his wife of 60 years, Martha, four children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Primo Lusardi died on Oct. 16 in Tyrone PA, at the age of 97. He was a navigator in the Army Air Corps during World War II and was shot down over Bavaria on Oct. 5, 1944. Primo became a prisoner of war and was forced by the Nazis to participate in a difficult winter march before his liberation. After the war and his ND graduation, he worked for several agencies of the Pennsylvania state government, retiring as an employment advisor of the Bureau of Employment Security, where he is still remembered with gratitude by many clients for the jobs that he found for them. His obituary reported that “Primo will be remembered for his enduring, steadfast commitment to his faith, family, country and his beloved Notre Dame. He was known to have a quick, mischievous wit. He believed in never giving up, and he never did.”  His wife, Mary, died in 1996 but Primo is survived by four children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Bill Donovan emailed me to report that Lorraine, the wife of Don “Speedie” Wolfe, passed away on Dec. 17. Bill reported that “she and Don were special and loved our reunions. Their son, Don Wolfe Jr., graduated from Notre Dame in 1979. Lorraine was so friendly and universally loved. She and Don loved ND so much and raised a great family of six children.” Bill added that he and Packey Butler have stayed in touch, exchanging information about members of the class. Martin F. Romanak passed away January 28, 2018 in Cleveland. Born in Clearfield PA, he was a World War II Navy veteran. He was beloved husband of the late Rose (nee Lonczak); loving father of Matthew (Marie), Tina (Ken), Martin (Katherine), and Jacqueline Zubal; and cherished grandfather of Justin, Charlie, Andy Romanak, and Jackson Zubal; and dear brother of the late Edward, and Marie Metalonis. I hope the rest of you will keep me updated on your news. I really enjoy hearing from everyone. — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, Apt. 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


51 Team Players


Hi, everybody. Hope this finds you well. Naturally, we must look at our past football season. Certainly, they were better than a year ago. Congratulations to Coach Brian Kelly for the win in the Citrus Bowl. I am hoping we will see a better passing game next season than what we saw this season. I would be derelict if I did not mention Coach Mike Brey, and his basketball team. They have been an exciting team to watch. Colson’s injury really set the team back for the season. I hope some of you have thought about attending the reunion in June. If you are planning to attend, please let me know. It is a fun time. I am eager to walk through the renovated stadium. From what I have seen on television, it looks fantastic. I got word that T.J. Jones of Boise ID passed away in November. Ever since I started doing this column, I have done a bio on one of our classmates. The purpose is to let you know what some of our fellow graduates have done with their lives. The spotlight for this issue is on Father Johnny O’Brien, DePere WI, a secular priest. Johnny is retired and says, “no more bosses.” He served eight years as principal of Catholic Central High School and 17 years as pastor of St. Patrick’s Parish, both in Green Bay.  Johnny lived across the hall from me in Walsh, where he roomed with his brother, Charles ’51. Charles became a Holy Cross priest. All four of the O’Brien brothers are Notre Dame graduates:  Mike ’65 and Tom ’67. Father Johnny was our 140-pound Bengal Bouts champion in 1950 and 1951. During that two-year period, I was broadcasting the bouts on WND radio. I gave Johnny the nickname of Mr. Smooth. He was so smooth is his movement in the ring and his ability to jab with his left hand. It was a pleasure to watch him box. His humility was outstanding and noticeable. If you desire to talk with Father Johnny please let me know. I guarantee that you will enjoy every moment. Our book sales have been going well. Our autobiography, A Son of Notre Dame, has been doing well with some very nice words about us.  The remarks have been greatly appreciated. Bob Murphy, Granger IN, tells me nine new buildings have been completed on campus in the past three years. Three more are planned. Hey guys, I need to hear from you. Send me something that I can print. Also, don’t forget our Mass fund. My best to all of you. See you in the next issue. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com


52 Three Score and Ten


It’s been 70 years since we arrived on the shores of South Bend. What’s your strongest memory of September 1948? Tell us about it. Mine was the room in the Hotel Oliver that served as dorm space for several weeks. Our football legend, Dick Tighe, has just published a book that includes his 63 years of high school coaching: 432 wins, the best in Iowa annals and fourth in the US. Tom Blakely continues his career as an independent clinical social worker, which he launched after gaining master’s and PhD degrees at the U of Michigan. He served for many years on the faculty of Western Michigan U, where he published more than 70 clinical papers. Also, in the academic realm, Jack Welsh taught at Albany School of Law for 44 years. He and his wife, Jo, celebrated their 59th anniversary last fall. They live at Holy Cross Village, adjacent to Saint Mary’s College. Two grandkids are Domers. One is a professional soccer player, the other is a medical student at Georgetown. Gene “Gus” Gerwe served three years in the Navy during the Korean War; the highlight was meeting his wife of 63 years, Barbara, at an officer’s club event.  His career in finance morphed into college fundraising. Among others, he handled development at Caltech, U of Chicago, and Santa Clara, where he served for 20 years. In retirement, he and Barbara are involved in social justice programs, with Gene serving as chair of Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. Following graduation, John Chavanne, spent some time in South Bend with the Bendix Group, later joining US Steel for 15 years. A career in real estate ensued, including creation of seven apartment complexes. He and Barbara have nine daughters, all of whom have Anne as a component of their names. Frank Myers reports that he earned an MBA from Indiana U, forging a career that included Gillette, Arvin Industries and Wells-Gardner, where he was CEO. He and Nancy left Lake Forest last fall after 29 years, moving to the Dallas area to be closer to their son, Gerry ’87MBA. Ralph Richard, professor emeritus at the U of Arizona, received two patents on his concept of damage-tolerant seismic structures. Last June, he and Sue cruised the Seine from Paris to the D-Day Beaches. Joanne and Jack Meaney have a very active travel agenda: Australia and New Zealand, along with Hawaii last year. Among their six kids is Tom ’80. Jack is proud of his 16 grandchildren, whose backgrounds range from military intelligence to surfing, hockey and track. Our traveling architect, Ray Bayless, visited Fred Pugliano in Springfield MA. He also met up with Joe McManus and Ed Noonan. James Nagy is a regular phone contact. A frequent correspondent, Chaz Schubert, sent along a humorous anecdote. Reflecting his theatrical pursuits at ND, he continued to ply the stage while he and his wife Marilyn owned an inn in Dorsett VT. One opening night, she selflessly volunteered to stay behind and tend the bar. Minutes before curtain, came an urgent message: “Call your wife immediately!” Was it a fire? Did the chef throw a knife? Did a guest drop dead in the lobby? None of those calamities. It was Marilyn breathlessly asking, “How do you make an apricot sour?” — Ron Zier; 164 Brewster Road, Wyckoff NJ 07481; 201-447-6667; ronaldirishguy@aol.com


53 How Did This Happen So Quickly?


Our column has arrived at the near-leading position among the class columns. No need to fumble and look hard, here we are. A wag also observed that without cooperation many of us are joining the current “skin head” fashion as the hair loss approaches total. It may be time again to observe the enormity of the impact our four Notre Dame years had on our lives. Four years out of 87 and here we are drawn to every bit of news about Notre Dame, good and bad, as well as reveling in acceptances of grandchildren in courses of study. John Fink and Larry Murray continue to write books at enviable rates. Charles Misner continues in his role as emeritus professor of physics, with unequalled recognition in his field. Ray Humble, our Denver correspondent, reports that his wife recently had a knee replaced and he received a pacemaker after his heart stopped for 11 seconds. All is well with both. Tom Murphy, retired Green Bay journalist, is lining up a luncheon date with Father Pat Mulrooney as we await updates from both. Gerry Boehling is nearly finished with his chemo for a recurrence of cancer. His goals include singing to his two great grandchildren and attending the 65th reunion and Chicago luncheon next fall as the treatment results are positive. Gerry and Ed Dugan are in telephone contact, with Ed providing Gerry the latest Notre Dame information via Ed's grandson, a ND student. 1953 is a special class. Jim Rogers, at this writing, is awaiting details from the Alumni Office about reunion plans. Jim is chairing the event. Mike Turco is 90 years old, still residing in California, and this places him in contention with Andy Adelhardt, also 90, as the senior of senior citizens. Phil Potts and Jim Groves each continue to labor in the northern Indiana legal vineyards. Bill Anhut ’51, and his wife Mary Claire are delightful, seasonal Florida friends. Bob Berner's son-in-law, Chris Kennedy, is running as a Democrat for Illinois governor. I’m not much given to begging, but here is a last reminder for those not receiving the periodic (and sporadic) class email broadcasts. To assure inclusion on the list to receive these almost enduring literary works, contact cullen@aol.com, the keeper of the list, or myself, at address below. Because of the word limitations of this column, complete stories of the lives and deaths of classmates cannot be provided. In fact, somehow Jack Clark wasn't receiving the emails but is now safely on the list. Make contact today. Recent contact found Jack in good health as are Tom Reedy, Lee Tavis, Bill Maus and Bill Wuetcher. Our Lansing classmates Dave O’Leary and Jim Ehinger have ringside seats to the sorry episode at MSU, another event we all wish hadn't happened. We note the passing of Tom Krug and Jerry Smith. Tom and Jerry were staunch reunion and luncheon attendees. Our ranks continue to dwindle. The “rent” we pay for living so long is the sickness and death of family and friends. The Mass-A-Day programs are continuing as the need grows. Add your prayers to those of the Holy Cross missionaries. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574­-287­-3460; domerhill@aol.com


53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;


5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; yokeemup@aol.com


54 Classmate Action


This column will request involvement on your part. Recently you received several emails from Hugh Haggerty regarding your email address and essentially your desire to remain on our class mailing list. If you want to be kept informed about class activities and events, it is essential that you respond. We encourage all surviving spouses who would like emails from the class to respond as well. You are a part of the Notre Dame Family and the class of ’54. Contact: hugh@ hahaggerty.com. The following are some items where we need your help: We currently have a webmaster in Hugh Haggerty; a chief operating officer Gene Henry; president Walt Dushcka; treasurer Dick Ehr; and a secretary George Koch. We need volunteers as backup for these positions. So far, we have two volunteers for any one of these positions: Dick Hull and Jack Mertens. We also need a volunteer for obituary research. This was filled by Max Plante who did an excellent job. We are deeply saddened by his recent death. We are not sure if you are aware that in addition to basic information about class activities and events, there is a list on the website of our classmates who are deceased: 1954.undclass.org.The list contains 592 names out of 1,038 graduates. We suggest you note on your calendar this years’ reunion dates, May 31 to June 3, at which time you can visit with your classmates, their spouses and also the spouses of our deceased classmates many of whom have enjoyed visiting with longtime friends at the reunion. Last year we had 23 people attend our class dinner on Thursday evening. Please check our class website for more details as the date approaches. We also may have a class business meeting that Thursday afternoon to welcome our next generation of class officers as well as cover items of interest involving our class or the University. You all are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting. The football pundits had a difficult time trying to predict where we should be ranked after the first few football games. It seems that our performance was focusing on who should be the starting quarterback. Our prediction in 2018 will be dictated by our offensive and defensive lines and the team members remaining from this year’s team. Also influencing the outcome will be the starting quarterback. My prediction for 2018 will be 10-2. What is your prediction? Please remember in your prayers our recently deceased classmates: James Cahill, James Conroy Doig, Berry Lowery Reece, James Francis “Jim” Dorment Jr., Max Plante, Wendell Gerard “Jerry” Toomey, Richard Alan “Dick” Byrnes, Cornelius William MacFarlan. George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; kochgnl@yahoo.com  


54JD Class Secretary — Carl Eiberger; 14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net


55 Feats of ND’s Best


Don Shanley continues his skeet shooting prowess. He took first place in a recent senior shooting event. Emmet Root took a “platoon” of 22 to Kauai for Christmas and then planned to see Joe O’Donnell in Scottsdale. Pat Kearns has shifted his locale to the Villages in Florida. Sam Budnyk’s daughter Rita ’85 has three sons in the Notre Dame band. Bill Richardson may have set a record for continuous Christmas events. Five separate families including Jack Manion ’53 have been together for 57 years. Attendance: 80. Bill May and I crossed paths at our local retreat center last year. Nancy and Jim Porcari joined a group of 15 for the holiday: 12 ND grads and one Miami. Charity was observed. Jack Flynn sent me a treatise on the benefits of aging. Leo Callaghan continues to report progress on school construction in Haiti. Dave Scheele was planning a Disney trip coupled with a Nassau cruise. When finished, he returns to coaching a group of seniors in softball. Wally Clarke swapped a tennis racquet for a golf club and won a tournament with a Stanford grad as his partner. Sandy and Dave Metz are staying snug in Pittsfield after watching grandkids playing hockey on the Erie Canal. Jim Hesburgh announces a new family addition, a Bernese mountain dog puppy, named Honey Bear. Suzanne and Dick Beeman shifted gears to attend Florida Fling after several years at the Desert Fling. Dick continues to spend time with group meditation activity. Helen and Joe McGlynn will celebrate 59 years together with trips to Hawaii, Ireland and National Park hiking adventures. Donnie and Frank Schmidt will head to Nicaragua as soon as Frank finishes “wrestling” with some back surgeons. Emma and Ed Yohon have a super trip lined up, aiming at Rome, the Holy Land and Dubai. Jerry Hughes had three of his four kids with him for Christmas. He has a trip to Austin TX next on his schedule for a grandson’s wedding. Paul Fullmer and Leon Ring got together for lunch. Splinters reports that Sandra will be back on the course shortly. Fullmers entertained their clan for Christmas at “chez” Fullmer. Mike Kelly gets my prize for interesting Facebook transmissions. Alma and Frank Tonini spent Christmas in Melbourne, Australia, visiting their son. Their daughter joined them from the US. Bill Relph reports on a great trip to Alaska. Pain in a leg disappeared. Bill Glass shared his grad-student Bengal Bout experience. Walt Langford’s wife, Barbara, is battling major medical issues. Keep her in our prayers. Walt may have the great-grandchild record at 18. Frank Cleland wanted to know our costs at ND. The consensus was $2,000 per year. Top record keepers who responded: Paul Fullmer, Frank Lynch, Jim Bourne, Dave Metz, John Derwent, Jack Flynn, Lee Crean and Mack Stewart. George Meyers’ Chicago parish will install a Marian shrine as a memorial to him. Dick Burke encourages donations to Class Fund. Send to Richard Burke, Burke, Warren et al., 330 N. Wabash Ave., 21st floor, Chicago IL 60611. Bob McGrath, Joe McGlynn and Charlie Pollnow crossed paths in Palm Springs. Since the last newsletter, Our Lady has called home: Robert Kranzke, Tom Prendergast, Jim Gibbons, Frank Varrichione, Jim Henehan, Dick Gauthier and Ed Dempsey. Two classmates lost spouses: Ed Kelly (Roberta) and Hank Gies (Ginger). Here are some numbers you might find interesting: Class of ’55 survivors 468, deceased 600, missing 2, total 1,030. God bless. — Tom Magill; 119 Atlantic Road, North Palm Beach FL 33408; res 561-842-30919; cell 561-401-1140; magillt@bellsouth.net


55JD Class Secretary — Jack Coyne; 19040 Shelburne Road, Shaker Heights OH 44118; res 216-932-2178; bus 216-781-1980; john.coyne@abm.com


56 Time Passes


The annual ND ’56 Universal Memorial Mass was celebrated by Father Jerry Knoll, CSC, ’56 on the 56th day of 2018: Sunday, Feb. 25. We hope you were able to be a part of the affair, offering your Mass and prayers for our deceased classmates on that day with the ND ’56 family. Ann B. Hunter Raub gently passed away on Jan. 24 at NHC Cool Springs, Clarksville TN. In 2001, she married John E. Raub who died July 12. Angelo Capozzi shares an idea: In your next gift to the University, specify Class of 1956 Scholarship Fund in honor of Abert M. Parillo. John Burgee, burgeearchitect@yahoo.com, wrote “thanks for your concern. We were evacuated for five days during the huge California fires, which came within about a half mile of our house, close considering that it moved 12 miles one night. We are just outside the area damaged by the horrendous slides. Travel to our south was cut off. We feel blessed to be spared the awful damage to hundreds of homes within a few blocks. Montecito is totally closed from the ocean to the mountains. Friends were evacuated and have not been able to return. Thomas E. Abrams, 82, of Largo FL, passed away Nov. 5 at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater. John A. “Jack” Schenkel, 83, of Fort Wayne, died Nov. 9. Contact Mrs. Margaret Schenkel, 7701 Opportunity Drive, Ft. Wayne IN 46825-3365. Ronald J. Bytner, 87, passed away December 11 at Signature Healthcare of South Bend. Contact Mrs. Marie Bytner, 18252 Courtland Drive, South Bend, 46637-6015. William W. Bellis, an academic who had lived abroad for many years, passed away Jan. 23 in Munich. Inspired by the College of Arts and Letters and the syllabus of Frank O’Malley, Bill was a longtime book collector who frequently lent books and loved discussing them with others. Friends and colleagues gathered for an impromptu celebration of his life—a book sale where they had the chance purchase some of the more than 3,000 works he had collected. “In a very real sense, we were the students at his final class,” said Matt Foley ’96. Walter T. Wolf died Dec. 14 in Cherry Hill NJ. Contact Mrs. Adrienne Wolf, 264 Uxbridge Road; Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. George H. Miller Jr. 84, of Montclair NJ passed Oct. 15. His address was 181 Long Hill Road, Apt.9-9, Little Falls NJ 07424-2020. Rev. Thomas Chambers, CSC, chaplain for his Class of 1956, died at a CSC nursing facility at Notre Dame. The Mass was truly beautiful. It is on the Congregation of Holy Cross YouTube channel. Lasting approximately 1:45, it is mesmerizing and something you will be impressed to see. Contact his sister-in-law Helene Chambers at 26300 Village Lane, Apt. 410, Beachwood OH 44122-8520, 216-342-4370, htchambers@att.net. Leland A. Croghan died suddenly in NYC on May 21, 2017. The executor of his estate is Rick Hostnik at murff340@aol.com. Valentine Spiegel of Bethesda MD died Dec. 21. Contact his brother, Joe Spiegel, 299 Maloney Road, Wappingers Falls NY 12590. Dr. Connell James Trimber MD 83, of Alexandria VA died Dec. 18 at Woodbine Nursing Home. Frank Joseph Phelan, a native of Albany NY, passed away peacefully Nov. 1 in Tampa FL. He resided at 13626 Greenfield Drive, No. 506, Tampa FL 33618. Ralph Fickling died May 25. He lived in Rio de Janeiro on the beach of Ipanema. David J. Davin passed away Nov. 8. He was originally from Rochester NY. Contact Mrs. Kay Davin, 2230 Cornerstone Lane, Unit 218, Bellingham WA 98226-6003. Albert M. Parillo, 83, of Millington NJ, formerly of Short Hills, passed away peacefully Nov. 21. Contact Mrs. Carol Parillo, 2 Copper Lane, Millington NJ 07946-1368. A Mass will be celebrated on campus by the Holy Cross priests for each of the deceased classmates from the ND ’56 Family. Full obituaries are posted on our website, nd56.org. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772 6056; johndomer9@gmail.com


56JD Class Secretary Lauren Sharkey ’08;


330 N. Wabash, Suite 2800, Chicago IL 60611; 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com


57 More Sad News


Since our last column, several classmates have gone home. (Robert McGrath ’55 writes an informative piece every three months titled “Heading Home.” You can subscribe at robert.mcgrath@mgvc.com.) Ginny Wing wrote of her husband Rich Wing’s passing on Nov. 13. Besides Ginny, he was survived by five sons and two daughters. They resided in Albuquerque for 50 years. Ginny wrote, “Rich is reuniting with ND Classmate Jim Carey along with Ron D’Amico, Phil White and brother-in-law Tom McNulty. May they all rest in peace.” In December we lost George R Murray. He is survived by Theodora “Teddi,” and six children, three of whom are Domers. All were able to fly to Sunrise AZ to see George before he died. In January, I received a phone call from Tom McDonald that his roommate, James “Jim” O’Neill passed away on Jan. 7. He was survived by his wife of 61 years, Mimi, and their seven children. Robert “Bob” Scannell died in November. Bob was a three-year football letterman. He was married to Regina who passed away in 2009. He went on to get a PhD from Penn State and is survived by four children. Bob became vice president and dean of the Penn State continuing ed program. In December we lost Silas “Si” Woody. Ralph Lightner and Si’s cousin, Ed Chott, sent word of Si’s death. Si was survived by his wife Peggy, and three daughters. Si was one of the Oak Park Fenwick grads. Bill McGowan called to report the death of Don Stuhldreher in December. He is survived by his wife Toni and 11 children. Don’s first wife died as did Toni’s husband; their marriage joined families of five and six children. Bill McGowan was a classmate of Don for 17 years. One of the class icons, Moore McDonough, passed away in November. You may have one of the wooden crosses he carved from trees that fell on the Notre Dame campus. He would haul these trees to Texas where he would carve the crosses, then return them to be blessed by Father Ted. They are truly a keepsake. His work with Father Ted is chronicled at ndcrosses.com. The printer of our class directories and reunion books, William “Bill” Watson, died in October at home in Arlington Heights IL. He was survived by five children. Also, in October Paul T. Johns passed away. I am sad to report the death of Paul J Schierl. He was survived by his wife Carol. They lived in DePere WI. Thanks to classmate Bill DeBot for furnishing this information. We note the passing of Robert T. Lalor whose wife, Adrianna, furnished this sad news. Also, Thomas Flumira died in November. Pat Logan wrote that he, Paul Kropp, and Cirus Freidheim stand for the Alma Mater with the team and student body after each home game. How about asking our whole class to this to honor our deceased and ill classmates. Tom Kristopeit wrote to get reunion photos from the 60th. On Jan 19th, Tom Schrieber sent everyone an email with instructions to download pictures for free. If you did not receive this email, you need to register your email at Notre Dame Alumni office. More than ever, don’t forget to smell the flowers and while you can, tell those dear to you, you love them. Peace. — John A Slevin; 6123 Mandalay Drive, Peoria IL 61614; 309-453-8986; jslev57@gmail.com



57JD Class Secretary Thomas S. Calder;


513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com


58 Fondly Remembered


We begin with news of the passing of three classmates. Bill Fanning died on June 22, 2015, according to a letter received from his wife, Dona, who resides in Hudson FL. She writes that Bill enjoyed retirement in Florida, golfing, fishing and visits from family, which includes

five children, 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Golf with his brother and fishing trips to Canada with his sons were highlights of his summers. He edited a community newsletter and wrote frequently to local newspapers commenting on political and other events with Irish wit and wisdom. Frank W. Kuchta died Nov. 24 in Lyndhurst OH. Frank was born in Cleveland; he and Joanne were married 58 years. Their family included four children, five grandchildren and a great-grandson. Frank was a member of the ND football team and played in the historic 1957 game that ended the Oklahoma 47-game win streak. He made a crucial tackle that helped win the game and led to his being named AP Lineman of the Week. In the NFL, Frank played center and linebacker for the Washington Redskins and was a member of the inaugural Denver Broncos team. After leaving the NFL, he played for a season with the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. Patrick E. Dolan died Oct. 24 at Arden Courts of Yardley PA. After earning a football monogram and graduating from ND, Pat married his high school sweetheart, Katie Hahn, and moved to Mount Clemens MI where he began a 32-year coaching and teaching career, during which he also earned a master’s degree in education administration from Trenton State Teachers College. Later they moved to Somerset NJ where Pat began a long career as a teacher, head football coach, department chair and director of athletics, as well as coach of several other sports at Franklin Township High School. He also served as a part-time football coach at Rutgers U. Pat was preceded in death by his wife, Katie, and is survived by his daughter Erin Ann Dolan, her husband, and her three daughters. Arrangements are nearing completion for our 60-year class reunion scheduled for May 31 to June 3. Committee chairman Pat Doherty assures us that this will be a highly personal event with programs distinct from those of the 50 Year Club and other classes. It will feature private class dinners: Thursday at Jordan Science Hall, Friday at Club Naimoli and Saturday in the Monogram Room.  Friday’s events will include a Class Memorial Mass. Our classmate Father David Link will be the celebrant. Members of the class will assist as Eucharistic ministers, lectors and musicians. The Alumni Association is arranging for a “hub residence hall” with air conditioning and elevators for those who choose dorm accommodations, and a refreshment tent for after-hours gathering. Shuttle service around campus and to hotels and residence halls will be available between 8 a.m. and late evening. As Pat says, “let the fun begin.” Ron Koper of Normandy Beach NJ sends the following: “the Koper Klub held its annual reunion during the Miami football weekend at Tom Mazur’s summer house in Sister Lake MI. Attending were Elaine and Bill Pietrusiak, Marie and Jim O’Neill, Val and Ron Koper and Arlene and Tom Mazur. Aside from attending the game we enjoyed a boat ride on Magician Lake and the time together reminiscing about our time at ND and keeping up-to-date on our lives and families. Although we have all slowed down with normal aches and pains, we look forward to our next minireunion at one of ND’s home games next year.” — Arthur L. Roule Jr., 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com


58JD Time Flies


It doesn’t seem possible that 60 years has flown since we graduated from Our Lady’s University and entered a legal profession that has drastically changed in size and scope over time. I think we can say it’s been quite a ride. Of our 35 classmates, fewer than 20 survive. I was advised by the Alumni Office of the passing of Chuck Roemer and Walt Wolf. Both were Double Domers. Chuck practiced in South Bend and Walt established his law firm back home in Haddonfield NJ. May they and all our departed classmates rest in peace. I regularly see Jack Callahan and Ray Drexler when visiting our daughter in Chicago, and I heard from several over the holidays. I have 13 on my class email list for news and tasteful jokes. If I’ve missed any of you, please let me know so I can add you to the roster. Best regards to you and your families. Stay healthy and go Irish. — John F. Murray; 2036 Cheltenham Court, Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; johnandnell66@gmail.com


59 A Literary First


Over the years we have featured many authors, publishers, columnists, panelists, etc. Now we can say that a member of the class has his name on a library. The Fernandia Beach (FL) City Commission has designated its newly renovated and expanded library the William F. Flynn Building. Bill had a leadership position in the city for many years and had a positive impact on the area. Founder and CEO of Raystarr International, Tim McGarvey, released a book in January, Be Bold - Go for the Gold…or, You Can Just Sit on the Bench. It is a nonfiction fact-filled, easy-to-read book which defines an action plan to generate accelerated profitable growth while mastering life’s many opportunities and challenges. Tim has launched several companies and is in the Seattle area. Joe De Luca is a psychologist and medical doctor in Altamonte Springs FL as well as a successful author. His latest book is Meaningful Memories. It is dedicated to those who do an act of compassion each day. Ed Weying’s widow, Mary, has completed and published Ed’s final book, It Won’t Say Light Forever. Jim Cooney has relocated from Albuquerque to Santa Fe where he is completing his documentary for PBS, The Man Who Saved a President – Edmund G. Ross. As a senator from Kansas, and eventually governor of New Mexico, in 1868 Ross cast the pivotal “no” vote in the impeachment trial of Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson. The vote saved the hated Johnson’s presidency, but was costly for Ross, who was excoriated in the press and endured physical assault and humiliation. JFK featured Ross in his Pulitzer Price-winning Profiles in Courage in 1956. Classmates who’d like to see the “trailer” may contact Jim at jimdcooney@gmail.com. Vince Naimoli was honored in Tampa on March 21 by Major League Baseball for his role in bringing baseball to the city. A few high schools provided a significant number of students to our class. Fenwick High School, Oak Park IL, is one of those schools. Sadly, 15 of these men have “gone to the other side,” to quote Father Paul Doyle, CSC, ’65. Jack Beard (died 2004), Frank Biedka (died 2009), John (Rusty) Byrne (died 1965), David Cook MD (died 2013), Tom Hoberg MD (died 2016), John Hughes (died 2016), Jim Jordan (died 2006), Tom McBride (died 2013), Harold McKee (died 1992), John Milota (died 1997), Al Myers (died 2016), Marshall Pidgeon (died 1980), Frank (Buddy) Reynolds (died 2008), Ken Uznanski MD (died 2007) and Fred Vida (died 2007). The other 15 former Fenwick Friars reside in various parts of the country: Tony Berejka (Huntington NY) Bill Bromann (San Francisco), Frank (F.J.) Cullen (Oak Brook IL and Naples FL), Father Chuck Dahm, OP, (Chicago), Bill Dalton (Saint Simon’s Island GA), Dick Katis (Boxford MA), Tom MacLennan (LaPorte IN), John Madden (LaGrange IL.), Joe Maier (Glen Ellyn IL), John Mannion (Southern Pines NC), Paul Maren (Cincinnati), Richard (Dick) Murphy (Jamestown RI), Peter O’Reilly (Redmond OR), C. Philip (Phil) Schuessler (Crest Hill IL) and Bob Vondrasek (Oak Brook IL). Please pray for the following deceased classmates: Daniel E. (Dan) Behmer who died Dec. 22, 2015; James A. (Jim) Donovan who died Nov. 4; Edward A. (Ed) Groggin who died June 6, 2016; William D. (Bill) McIntyre who died Nov. 6; Stephen R. (Steve) Pence who died Dec. 20; Col. Nicholas (Nick) Quinn who died Nov. 19; Msgr. James K. Vaughey who died Dec. 3; Mike Brady who died Jan. 13 in Cincinnati;  Terry McDonnell who died Dec. 17 in Orinda, CA; and Mary Katis, the wife of Dick Katis, who died May 25, 2017 in Georgetown MA. In addition to the above, also pray for those battling serious health issues. Please visit the websites FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni at ndsenioralumni.org. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan;1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net


59JD Class Secretary William J. Harte;