Keeping the Faith Summer 2018

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Losing Faith

by Kenneth L. Woodward '57

Young people are leaving the Church in disturbing numbers. One of America's foremost writers on religion and society outlines some reasons why.

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Love Letter

by John Nagy '00M.A.

In which a father explains to his college-age son why he wants to pass along his devotion to the Church he holds so dear.

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Bishop in Residence

by the Most Reverend Robert N. Lynch

A retired bishop spent a semester on campus, immersing himself in the promise, prayers and practices of today's students. He took note of his observations.

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Unheard Of

by Mary Katherine Tillman

As the Church finds its way forward, perhaps it should open itself to the women whose stories have gone untold, to the voices muted long ago.

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The Poet Who Died Fighting 

by Robert Schmuhl '70

Joyce Kilmer followed his heart to Catholicism, to the Irish and their independence, to Notre Dame, and finally to a battlefield against the foes of freedom.

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An Economy of False Profits

by Scott Russell Sanders

Our national allegiance to the monetary bottom line threatens to negate other measures of personal and communal wealth. What's being sacrificed to the cult of money?

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The Benevolent Executioners

by Jason Kelly '95 

Notre Dame's new Idea Center is the centrifuge through which intellectual property and innovative technologies are sent to market for commercialization. Or sent back to the drawing board. 

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Living on the Edge

by Morgan Bolt

A young cancer patient travels the border between this life and the next. It's a journey with faith, hope and a constant companion. 

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