Me versus Us Autumn 2018

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The Great American Tug of War

by David M. Shribman

Our country's progress and prosperity have been driven by people seeking profit, power and personal success. But we are held together by communal well-being, public service and devotion to the common good. Our future hangs in the balance.

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Painting a Sense of Place

by Daliah Singer

The object for Kathryn Mapes Turner '95 is not only to artistically render the visual record of what she sees, but to convey the character, grace and beauty of her beloved Wyoming.

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On the Opposite Shore

by Brian Hobbins '01, '03M.Ed.

Fishing without the one who taught you how.

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Reading the Remains

by Brendan O'Shaughnessy '93

A culture that once flourished in the American West left intriguing clues for archaeologists to learn what happened. Understanding that historic convergence of climate change, diminishing resources and violence might offer insights into the predicament we now face.

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Envoy to Albania 

by Sarah Cahalan '14

Charles Brown '81 has been the confidant to popes, the Church's ambassador to Ireland and a Vatican guardian of Catholic doctrine. He's now the apostolic nuncio to one of Europe's most arcane yet interesting countries. Shumë mirë!

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A Mystic for Our Time

by Joel F. Harrington '81

Meister Eckhart, a visionary Catholic priest, is attracting a global following — for the truths he spoke 700 years ago.

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Another Form of Worship

by Matt Cashore '94 and Anna Nussbaum Keating '06 

As a master furniture maker, Geoffrey Keating '00M.A. converts wood into functional works of art. But he accepted a grander mission when he agreed to recreate a house of God.

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