A Winning Tradition Winter 2018-19


Winning Traditions

by Jonathan Clarke '91

Notre Dame has a proud history of blending athletic prowess, academic excellence and religious values. But the University's approach has put it at odds with the burgeoning industry of intercollegiate athletics. How long before something gives?

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Becoming Mike Brey

by Kevin Brennan '07

The coach's journey through basketball and its brotherhood has also helped him find himself.

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The Competitor

by Benjamin Hochman

From the courts of her childhood to the hardwoods of national championships, Muffet McGraw has been a fighter who has instilled her grit in the women she has coached.

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My Singular Journey

by Julia Scott

An introvert's meditation on her need to withdraw and cultivate an inner silence while living in the world, engaged and open-hearted.

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Author. Subject. The Essential Light. 

by Beowulf Sheehan '90 and Jason Kelly '95

The personal artistry of Beowulf Sheehan.

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The Naturalist

by Deanna Csomo McCool

Chemistry was a fine preoccupation for the Holy Cross priest whose research yielded numerous explosions and the smelly, oily marrow of synthetic rubber. But Julius Nieuwland's first love was botany.

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The Redeeming Grace of Manual Labor

by James McKenzie '71Ph.D.

How mowing lawns and driving nuns at the largest convent in Pittsburgh saved my wobbly life — and my father's.

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