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Bill Hohmann ’58 and Ralph M. Richard52 wrote that Louis Demer passed away in February at age 98. Prof. Demer spent a career at the U of Arizona as a professor of metallurgy, later material science and engineering. He leaves 22 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Prof. Richard noted that they were colleagues and had collaborated on several projects in the college of engineering at the U of Arizona through the years. Father Bernie McAniff, SJ, wrote that Jean and Vincent Dollard are alive and living in Rochester NY. Last fall they celebrated his 100th birthday with their children. Mr. Dollard is first cousin to Father McAniff’s mother. John E. Planalp ’73, ’74MS wrote from Cincinnati that his father John F. Planalp passed 16 years ago, but John E. still looks at ’39 news for names he might have heard in his dad’s stories. John E. keeps the program from the May 1939 senior ball on his desk. His mother, ’40SMC, was John F.’s date and had fond memories of how the senior ball was also part of the dedication celebration for the Rockne Memorial. Adelaide Meskill shared that David Meskill wore a green suit to the event. As a site for many dorm dances and basketball games through the years, it is fun to imagine the ’39ers dancing there for the first time. Next spring will mark 80 years from that celebration. If you have updates on any of the men (or their families) in the class, I would be happy to share. — Seth O’Donnell ’04; 17 Marion St., East Greenwich RI 02818; 603-828-7335; seth.odonnell@gmail.com