70 Green Space Memorial

Several hundred classmates, not to mention the other classes who graduated in years divisible by five, had been breathlessly awaiting a reunion to renew old friendships, view the lovely campus and see ND’s modern developments. We hope accommodations can be made for 2021 when COVID-19 comes under better control. Our class memorial, appropriately titled Reunion, is progressing nicely. This lush green space on the St. Joseph River at Angela Boulevard and Riverside Drive has really blossomed. Trees were planted in May, followed by a plaque, commemorative rock and statue. The space commemorates Rev. Ted Hesburgh, CSC, ’39, Rev. John Dunne, CSC, ’51 and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., three inspirational figures particular to our college days. Thanks to early donors: Bruce McGuire, Greg Sullivan, John Mannan, Bill Drozda, Frank McNally, Richard Reynolds, Tim Weber, Chris Servant, John Monnich, Kevin Myles, Gem Bonwit, Bill Hasbrook, John Gallagher, Stephen Wolnitzek, David Picton, Paul Gill Jr., William M. Sheehan, John Zipprich II, Vicky Spieler, David Stumm, Joe Doyle, Michael Morrissey, Bill Lajoie, Mike Hammes, Mike McCoy, Larry Vuillemin, Rev. Peter Rocca, CSC, O’Malley Smith, Kevin Rooney, Fred Nachtwey, John Pedrotty, Tom Lemker, John Murtagh, Jay Standring, John Cox, Uel Pitts, Don Simantz, Phil Kukielski and Don Graham. Additional contributions of $70 (our class year) or other amounts are welcome. Any balance will be donated to the class treasury. Although we could not meet in person, several alumni met in small regional groups or by Zoom. Joe Doyle from Atlanta hosted cross-country groups in June and July. He recalled motorcycles he and Larry Moser rode to the Dunes our senior year. Dave Burch is retired but was able to shoot a seven-point buck in western Kansas during his oil wildcatting days. David Picton invites all to Texas to share Rockport jumbo shrimp. Wedding anniversaries abound: Marcia and Mike Hammes 50th, Jane and Bill Weirich’s 50th, Kathy and Larry Moser’s 49th, Pat and Don Graham’s 48th, and Roberta and Greg Sullivan’s 42nd, to name a few. Steve Strachota saw daughter Mandy open for Delbert McClinton in Atlanta. Recall that she played our 45th reunion. Bud Clifford has 10 grandchildren. Who has more? Mike Duffey in Milwaukee has two under one year and, like all of us, kept visits to a minimum this year. Other disappointed souls include Bill Bagatini, Pati and Mike Morrissey in Portland OR, Bob Kaminski MD, Peggy and Bill Sheehan of Downers Grove IL. Deceased classmates include Frank Novy (March 3), Mike Streski (March 8), Jim Simpson (April 2). Condolences to the Weirichs whose son, Michael, died in 2019 of complications of epilepsy. Their daughter and family live in Alameda CA. Jane Weirich ’98MBA worked in government affairs for Boehringer-Ingeheim. Jane and Bill retired to Palm Beach Gardens FL in 2018. Their erstwhile reunion dinner with Molly and John Nesline of Vienna VA shifted to the Wake Forest game. Katie and Tom Heinen have diligently communicated with Innsbruckers including several virtual meetings in 2020. Tom retired in 2008 after 31 years reporting and editing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He then directed the 20-denomination Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee for 10 years, well prepared after spending Christmas in Bethlehem in 1967 and 1999, and reporting on religions for MJS from Rome, Jerusalem, Baghdad, and Pope John Paul II’s visits to Toronto and St. Louis. He received a 2019 Vatican II Award for Service and Ecumenism. For the past year, he has helped IFC transition to new leadership. Cited by Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition, and Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore, he remains on the Milwaukee Press Club Foundation Board. Paul Gill writes a newsy blog ND1970.blogspot.com, including posts on Emil T. Hofman ‘53 and other legendary professors, the birthplace of Knute Rockne 1914, Jed Ervin’s work on COVID-19 vaccine, the gym of Rev. Bernard Lange, CSC, 1912, and an interview with Rick Libowitz. Julie and Jay Standring remain in Chicago where Jay taught theology at St. Rita’s High School for 39 years. He still teaches health and coaches freshman football and baseball. When COVID-19 cancelled school, he put his house in ship shape. They have two sons who played football at Northwestern and Wisconsin, respectively, and now have two grandchildren. Warren Junium, Peter Bruderle and dozens of other Navy ROTC grads meet regularly via Zoom. For a transcript of the 2007 reunion homily, “Come Holy Spirit,” by Fr. Ted Hesburgh, email me. Patricia Klepper ’77, former secretary, shared it with me. — Don Graham; 1901 S Glenwood, Springfield IL 62704; 217-652-1560; fever1@me.com


70MBA What’s Up?

We still have not generated a lot of response from the 1970 MBA class. Time seemed to slip through my fingers, and I did not get an email blast out to everyone. That is on the to do-list for the next issue. To help the project along, my partner with the column, Jim Slowinski, offered a sample communication: “What’s Up? Thanks for your help in getting us off our sofas during these times. I have some good news. Betty and I moved to a senior living community, The Village at Brookwood NC. To date, our community of 250 residents has experienced just one positive COVID-19 case. It was related to a visit to relatives. Our 12-plus children and grandchildren are safe in jobs, education, sports and community programs. Daily walks and reading fiction and non-fiction continue to fill my plate. ‘Hooyah.’” It is that simple. It has been 50 years and we should have a lot of information to share. Depending on the status of the pandemic when this is published, we all should have plenty of time to write a little update to share with our classmates. One bit of unfortunate news that appeared in the July issue: we lost a classmate in Jim Papazain. Condolences to Jim’s family and all his friends in the class of 1970. I have included my cell phone number below to make it easier to reach us. Please feel free to text or call. — John Carroll; 4315 Alta Drive, Apt. 1301, Suwanee GA 30024; cell 404-281-6524; johnrcarroll@bellsouth.net


70JD 50th Reunion Postponed

Our 50th reunion, scheduled for early October, was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was a heartbreaking decision to make; however, for health reasons there was no alternative. To paraphrase Robert Burns, “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry,” and that happened to us. I want to thank Tom Sopko and Joe Leahy for their hard work trying to organize this year’s celebration. We will be in touch with everyone in the months ahead about rescheduling our reunion. It is with sadness I report Phil McGovern died suddenly from a heart attack on April 17. The news of Phil’s death was provided to me by Pat McDavitt who wrote that Phil had headed up the tax department for Union Carbide on the East Coast before his retirement 15 years ago. Phil and his wife, Kathleen, then relocated to Bonita Springs FL. They raised four children, loved their life in Florida and traveled extensively overseas. I know you join with me in sending our thoughts and prayers to Phil’s family. Pat became semi-retired 15 years ago. For most of his career, he was a law partner with Jack Van De North at Briggs and Morgan in Minneapolis. Pat and his wife, Pam, would escape to Florida during the winter months and there reconnected with Phil and Kathleen spending many good times together. Pat confided that he was devastated by the loss of Phil, having talked with him a day or so before his passing. In the summer column, I noted that Pat Maloney passed away in March. Afterward Pat’s wife, Irene, wrote to me and mentioned she and Pat met in 1966 at the USC game. The luck of the Irish must have been with Pat that day for he met the young woman he would marry and the Irish beat USC 51-0. Pat and Irene were married 48 years before he succumbed to ALS disease. Joe Kane and Pat Doherty pointed out that my reference to Thom Gatewood ’72 in the “Looking Back” reflection was in error. The yardage he accumulated was as a receiver and thus should not have been reported as rushing yards. Joe Kane celebrated his 75th birthday in April. Happy birthday to Joe and to all of you who may have reached that milestone this year. Congratulations also to Marie and Ken Iverson who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June. Having been retired for some time, Richard Blumberg began a new phase of life in Polson MT 13 years ago. He will now leave Montana and relocate to Green Valley AZ. Rich recalled hosting the Kanes and the Iversons at his home in 2018 as he escorted them on a tour of Glacier National Park and the rugged northwest areas of Big Sky Country. In response to the reunion postponement, some of you let me know you were involved in planning events that also had to be put off until next year due to COVID-19. Jamie Cawley had been helping organize the 50th anniversary celebration of the creation of The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania before the pandemic caused a rescheduling. In 1970, Jamie served as the first clerk in that court for a distinguished member of the judiciary, Judge Glenn Mencer. Jamie introduced me to Judge Mencer back in the 1960s. The judge wrote a letter of recommendation for me as I sought a transfer from the artillery branch of the Army to the JAG Corps. His kindness in doing so has never been forgotten. Sterling Spainhour is looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion “whenever that may be” and sends his best to all. Steph DeSalles called from the West Coast to say he and Madge will attend the postponed reunion. Steph continues his trial practice but, at the time of our conversation, things were on hold as most California courts were in shutdown mode. Thanks for the comments about the “Looking Back” piece. The one that hit home was from a classmate who admitted he became misty eyed reviewing the same. As you read these words, the holidays will be right around the corner. I wish all of you and your families a happy Thanksgiving and, as always, I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, stay well. Go Irish. — John K. Plumb; jkplumb37@gmail.com  


71 More Reading

Gentlemen, first this admin item: The Alumni Association is in the middle of a redo of their website, especially the portion we can access to locate someone and confirm our data on file. Additionally, there is a community page for each class where communications, pictures, etc. can be posted. Andy Dotterweich took the lead getting the beta version operational, and a half dozen others have posted items as examples of the various features. Registration should still be at myndpilot.nd.edu. This updated tool is timely. In preparation for our 50th reunion next June, Chuck Snakard and Paul Bonitatibus are recapping Observer articles from senior year. Bill Schoen and Rev. Phil Krill are leading an effort to remember those who have passed on. Still a work in progress, links to obits, stories and other memorials are envisioned. Everyone’s participation in this Honor the Dead exercise is invited, welcomed and encouraged.

Annually, one of the older dorms is taken offline for a top to bottom rehab, inside and out. This past year it was Dillon, which just came back online in time for fall classes. If any of you Dillonites, individually or as roommates, created and stashed a personal time capsule to be retrieved at some distant future date, you are probably out of luck. Corby Hall was leveled, and a replacement built from scratch on the same site. But for the fact that the statue of Rev. Corby is now facing south, and not east, it is hard to distinguish any difference from the original. Completion occurred in time to decorate his statue in a festive manner for July 4. Sheila and Lew Derbes, New Orleans, were on campus June 5 to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, in the Log Chapel, where the original ceremony occurred. Many will remember Rev. Robert Griffin, CSC, ’49 who officiated way back when. John Tobin, Charlestown MA, 

continues to practice law with a focus on real estate. He has been an active volunteer in Massachusetts Hockey and USA Hockey. This summer John was elected vice president of USA Hockey, the national governing body for the sport of amateur hockey in the US. Condolences to Paul Bonitatibus, New Orleans, and his family on the passing of Kathy. They met at the age of 15 while attending Steubenville OH Central Catholic High School and were married in 1971. The annual Hinga-Kelly golf outing was held in early June, for the second year in a row at the Juday Creek Course in South Bend. Housing was again at the St. Joe Farms, now a multi-building private event facility, but originally ND’s internal food source. With attendance limited to driving proximity, turnout was a fraction of historical numbers. Mike Hinga, Bill Trapp, Jim MacDonald, Tom Eaton, Bob Neidert, Pete Van Dyke, Tim O’Connor, Mike Kelly, Bill Schoen Chuck Nightengale, Dewy Poskin, John Gaski, Craig Stark, John Dampeer and I persevered on a warm, steamy day. One lesson learned: the days of two rounds, 36 holes, are probably history. Condolences to Christina Oleksak and her family on the passing of Jim Oleksak this past May. A native of Buffalo and Cardinal O’Hara High School, he was an A&L guy, spent time in the Tokyo program at Sophia U and lived in St. Joe Hall. After graduation, he and Christina settled in South Bend and Jim founded the Community Housing Initiative and went back to ND for his master’s in ’83. Another entry for your reading list is the newly issued book, The University of Notre Dame, A History, by longtime history prof and University archivist, Rev. Tom Blantz, CSC, ’57. Published by ND Press it was just released this summer. For his history students, Father Tom is retired, resides at Holy Cross House on campus, and continues to do research and write. Be well. — John Snider; 830 N. Saint Peter St., South Bend IN 46617-1936; res 574-217-8961; cell 312-860-1779; jlscpa@yahoo.com  


71MBA Class Secretary Jim Fackelman;

4635 Lakeview Circle, Slinger WI 53086; res 262-644-6245; cell 414-379-0968; jfackelman@alumni.nd.edu 


71JD Class SecretaryE. Bryan Dunigan;

19 S. LaSalle St., Suite 1202, Chicago IL 60603; 312-857-2114; bdunigan@duniganlaw.com


72 Skidmore, Woodstock, Classmates

Phil Glotzbach retired July 1 as president of Skidmore College. He and his wife, Marie, remain in Saratoga Springs NY, and Phil will commence some writing projects. The press release issued in conjunction with his retirement after 17 years at the helm stated, “Major initiatives have included the transformation of Skidmore’s First-Year Experience Program (2005), the opening of Northwoods Village (2006), construction of the acclaimed 54,000-square-foot Arthur Zankel Music Center (2010), the building of Sussman Village (2013) and the ongoing construction of the Center for Integrated Sciences, the largest single academic project in college history, whose first phase is slated for completion this summer. Skidmore has also achieved record applications for admission, quadrupled its financial aid budget and increased diversity, including a strong growth in admissions for domestic students of color, first-generation college students and international students.” Phil reported that, in addition to Jim Shelley (see Kelley Freund, “The Days the Music Lived,” in this magazine, summer 2019), John Hurley also managed to get to Woodstock, for one day. Fred Bernardi has informed us that the death of David LaLiberte on June 3, 2016, has never been reported in this magazine. Our belated condolences to his widow, Barbara. John D. Aylward died on March 4. Our condolences to his spouse Nancy and son Jack. John was a lawyer in Fort Collins CO. He attended high school in Grand Rapids. He got his law degree from Washington U, St. Louis. According to his obituary, “John was an avid gardener. He was a serious student of Greek and Roman history and mythology. He also enjoyed music and reading as well as being an avid tennis and squash player.” On April 16, Daniel J. Maloney of Oak Lawn IL passed away. Our condolences to his spouse Judy, and daughters Kelly, Molly and Shannon. According to Dan’s obituary, “A career educator of high school science and a track and field coach, Daniel was an educator and coach in the broadest sense. He loved to jovially quiz people about random facts, big ideas where misconceptions often reigned or whatever topic he had been learning about recently. Daniel touched the lives of thousands of students and athletes in his long career.” Let us thank God for the presence of each other in our lives. Let us pray for each other, living and deceased, to the Mother of Holiness. — Jim Thunder; thundergroup@alumni.nd.edu 


72MBA Still Here, Still No News

When I wrote the last column in April, I mentioned we were amid the coronavirus lockdown. As I write this on July 20, we have gotten part way out of the lockdown and now many places are locking down again. If you’re staying at home like I am, maybe you could take a few minutes and send me some news about your career, your retirement, your travels (if any), or anything else that might be of interest to your classmates. I am pleased to report that the Alumni Association had no reports of deaths among our classmates in March, April or May. I am still praying for you and yours to stay well during these trying times. Please let me hear from you. — Alex McLellan; 913-991-0944; irish72mba@gmail.com


72JD Class SecretaryChris Schraff;

1881 Marble Cliff Crossing Court, Columbus OH 43204; 614-227-2097; cschraff@porterwright.com


73 Fighting Irishman

Congratulations to Brian Neary who is featured as one of New Jersey’s top 10 lawyers. A fantastic article was written about Brian as it details his legal career. No question Brian has contributed greatly to the Jersey City area both professionally and personally. He has served as the longtime chairman of the board of Hudson Catholic High School where he is affectionately known as “The Pope.” Congratulations Brian and thank you for sending the article. Dennis Wall wrote from Florida that he and his wife recently saw Rev. Bob Sprott who was assigned to a new parish in Canada. Dennis, a prolific author, was again elected to the annual list of top attorneys by the Florida 2020 Super Lawyers for his primary area of practice: insurance coverage. I am sad to report the death of Joe Salata on May 12. Joe is survived by three children: Joseph III, Melanie and Robin Fiftal. On Feb. 25, we lost Dr. Gary Lennard of Mackinac Island MI. Gary is survived by his wife Karen and daughter Shannon Warren ’97. It is always good to hear from Larry Semerad, the healing piano guy. Here is a link courtesy of Larry’s (and wife Sandy’s) latest project: youtube.com/watch?v=1DIpscUgRxY. I talked recently to my Alumni Hall roommate Ed Garrett who is retired in Seattle. Ed’s two sons also reside in the Seattle area and are doing well. Ed and wife Anne like to travel. Unfortunately, the Dennis Smith Golf Outing was cancelled this summer but that did not deter certain classmates from getting together. On July 20, the following gathered at Heritage Bluffs Golf Course near Joliet to remember Dennis and Jim Shanahan and the good old times: Lloyd Sullivan, Dave Bergonia, Bob Wolf, Mark Wilcox, Jim Roolf and yours truly. In addition, our freshman classmate, Mike Carmichael, joined the group from Wisconsin. Hopefully, we will be back playing The Denny next year. I am in dire need of news. All it takes is a quick email to let me know what you are doing and include some information about other classmates. — Michael W. Hansen; 3013 Sanctuary Court, Joliet IL 60435; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com 


73MBA Breath of Fresh Air

John Rapa writes that the regular tax season is over, and he did not work the extended tax season that went this year to July 15. He is concentrating on satisfying his CPE credits that he needs to maintain his Enrolled Agent’s License with the IRS. Fortunately, he has not been exposed to the COVID-19. That is another reason for him not pressing his luck by going to the office during these times. Gus Browne shares that they were in New Orleans in late January. Berry had planned a trip to see her brother in Florida. He was reading early warnings about the COVID-19 and she cancelled the trip scheduled for early March. Also, his youngest daughter was to celebrate her birthday in Rome on March 23. That spring break trip was cancelled. Finally, his trip with Berry to Amsterdam/Budapest in late April was cancelled. So far, they are safe. Cases in their community are increasing at an alarming rate. They are secure in their home with no one coming or going. He is a paramedic but is not taking shifts on the ambulance. His age and Berry’s fragile immune system put them at high risk, so they are taking no chances. His kids and grandkids are OK, too, but live in an urban area which concerns him. People must execute all the instructions of the CDC and the federal/local government orders. Still, too many people are not masking, keeping distance or fully isolating. They are a danger to all. Dick Swadley writes that all is good but insanely quiet in Williamsburg VA. They had a major trip impacted by this virus, but he says it seems selfish to complain considering the real suffering and loss that people are experiencing. He was planning to surprise Diane and their son, Matthew, with a trip to London to see the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It was their 49th anniversary and Diane loves tennis. Hopefully, they can attend next year for their 50th. Again, given all the life-threatening things happening right now, the disappointment falls into the “very minor” category, he says. Gene Schraeder says that they are sheltered in South Carolina and so far, so good. Ellen and he took their long-awaited bucket list trip to New Zealand in February just ahead of the virus wave. He reports it is a beautiful country and well worth the travel efforts. Ellen celebrates her birthday in August, and they were scheduled to have their family gathering at the Grand Del Mar resort in southern California. He has stayed in touch with Chuck Welter, Michael Gormley and Dan Reelitz. I am working at home again for Boeing. So far it has saved me 9,360 miles on my Camry and 312 gallons of gas. My wife has converted the California State U San Bernardino education program classes that she and her fellow teacher give to Zoom online from home. It was no small feat. We have not spent so much time together in a long while. I continue to gain strength and cannot wait for the doctor to say I can get back on the treadmill. We are three years away from our 50-year anniversary and possible class reunion. If you have not corresponded in some time, please share your experiences with your classmates. Please continue to forward your new email addresses and those of classmates. You are always welcome to contact us when in southern California too. Let us keep each other in our prayers. — Thomas Jindra; 7179 Alviso Ave., Jurupa Valley CA 92509; res and fax 951-685-2091;



73JD Class Secretary Paul Reagan;

16527 Heron Coach Way, Ft. Myers FL 33908; cell 847-915-9796; pvreagan@gmail.com


74 We’ve Got News for You

Well classmates, how fantastic that you have written. Thank you. I am writing this as I spend time with my daughter, Michelle ’02, and her family at their Nantucket vacation home. COVID-19 is easier to handle here with the swimming, beach and island breezes. Bill Fenton is still working as head of planned giving for Cross Catholic Outreach in Boca Raton FL. Bill is in his second term as president of the ND Club of Boca Raton, which won the Outstanding Club Award for size D clubs. His daughter Elizabeth ’17 is VP of the ND Club of NYC and daughter Jacqueline will graduate next year. Jim Whalen was whaling that the 2020 POG had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. However, they prevailed with a virtual dinner to vote on the ART Award, which should be called the Antics Award. The vote was a tie, so the honor went to Frank Murnane and Dr. Pat McGrath. Runner up was Greg Szatko for amazing “special effects.” Dr. McGrath (Pinko) also won the “technological achievement Fail Award” as Pinko could not remember his password to join, causing the others to wait. Thank goodness Doc knows his specialty instead. Mark Wenig shouts out from Sydney, Australia, where he and his wife reside. He tells of the restrictions, which by the time you read this hopefully are relaxed. Sheltering through COVID in Australia per Mark is a good place to be, yet Mark is itching to get back to Vienna. By the by, Mark says hello to Art Ferranti. E. Tim Daro sends information about his former college clan. Tom “Ribs” Mirabito has long been retired and spends his days golfing in the new COVID way, in The Villages. Tom helps the ND Club there. During Tom’s takeout, to help the restaurants survive, he tips the food workers $100 each time. To quote Tom, “it’s wonderful to see their double-take.” Dr. Frank Byrne and his wife Cindy celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. Frank is incredibly humble and tells that he met his wife as she took a wrong turn on her way to the ladies’ room in Stanford Hall. Frank is retired from practicing pulmonary/critical care medicine and health system leadership. He continues to consult and sits on several community boards. Frank is excited to sit on the Notre Dame Alumni Association Board and to continue to serve Notre Dame. Tom Bole is still actively engaged with his chemical company in Cleveland. He and wife Nancy enjoy life in Lake Erie with their 10 grandchildren. Daro says that Peter Bohlander, who hails from Connecticut, enjoys life next to his neighbor Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Peter is president of Bohlander Associates LLC and International Trade consulting company. He specializes in Japanese industrial textile markets. Peter at one time had a joint venture with his classmate Tom Bole. E. Tim Daro is known as ET among friends in Chicago, but he also calls himself the Phantom. He has not stopped traveling to the suburbs to work at his office during COVID-19, but he gives his staff the opportunity to work from home. Leo Monaghan has dual citizenship in Ireland, like me, and tells of his effort to secure the required documentation. Believe me, it is not an easy task. We look forward to traversing Europe again using our Irish passports. Leo hasn’t missed a reunion and was kind to thank me for the years I’ve kept us connected. You are most welcome, Leo, it is my pleasure. Leo lived in Grace Hall while an undergrad and was a four-year suitemate of Mike Sherrod. Please stay healthy and sane as we navigate the new normal. It has provided us the opportunity to review what we take for granted, such as good health, and to appreciate our blessings. That is easy for me to say while in Nantucket. Keep writing and thank you for your submissions. — Dede Lohle Simon; 440 N. Wabash Ave., Unit 3905, Chicago, IL 60611; domerdede@aol.com


74MBA Fresh News from Classmates

Fortunately, since the last publication, I received several notes from classmates providing news to share with you. Wayne LeSage reports that he and wife, Cathy, the sister of deceased classmate Ed Carroll, celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in April. Wayne and Cathy have four children, seven grandchildren and reside in (Tom De) Paoli PA. Wayne has been a regular communicator since I took over this column. Thanks, Wayne, and keep the news coming. Bob Fritsch writes that after graduation, he began a 40-year career as a college fundraiser. He worked at four colleges throughout his career and ended up at Boise State U as director of the BSU Foundation. Bob lost his wife of 49 years to cancer. Our condolences, Bob, to you and your family. We will keep you in our prayers. Bob got into “peak bragging” (rock or mountain climbing, I imagine), and did all, except two, of the “14ers” (14,000-foot peaks) in the US. Bob also did some volunteer work in Greece, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and a few other locations. He resides in Boise and continues his hobbies of running and biking. It was great hearing from you, Bob. Greg Ryder advises that he is retired after a career in the travel/hospitality industry. Greg and Nancy live in Hutchinson Island FL. They have five boys, and seven grandchildren. Because of the coronavirus, the Ryder family reunion was moved from Georgia to the mountains in western North Carolina. Hopefully, they were able to hold their reunion in June as planned. Greg also reported that he and Nancy have scheduled a southern Caribbean cruise after Thanksgiving. Greg mentioned that he exchanged emails with Bob Jaeger and Mike Kozel. Helen and I are getting ready for our annual family trip to Myrtle Beach in August. This has been a family tradition for almost 30 years. We will be joined by five of our children and nine of our grandchildren. We get a big house on the ocean with a pool where we can all stay together and enjoy the water, the sunshine and the companionship for one carefree week. Until next issue, stay safe and be thankful for the little things. Remember, it only takes a few minutes to send me an email with your news. Anything that I can share with classmates would be greatly appreciated. — Jack Burnett; 19248 Glen Eagles Drive, Livonia MI 48152; 734-464-3458; jburnet1@sbcglobal.net


74JD If a Tree Falls in the Forest

I have no news to convey. Hopefully, that means good news during these challenging times, but I would still love to hear from you. Be well and stay safe. — Joe O’Reilly; cell 502-649-6955; joe.oreilly34@icloud.com


75 In Honor of 45 Years

This past spring, we set out as a class to support the financial aid needs of current students, a great way to pay forward the gift of Notre Dame. While Reunion 2020 could not take place in person, we hope to get the chance to celebrate eventually. In anticipation, we need to challenge our class to reach 75 percent participation in this class gift. Whether $5 or $500, please consider a gift of any size by going online to donate.nd.edu. You can also mail a check to the Development Office (1100 Grace Hall), made out to the University of Notre Dame. Please include a note about how you would like to direct your gift. Frank Allocco has created a video about Coach Ara Parseghian that is featured on YouTube. It is called “Leadership Through Adversity,” and it is not a football highlight reel. It is a 10-minute inspiring description of how Ara mentored and shaped his players for life apart from football. Check it out. Bob Johnson writes from Kansas City that he and Joann were married in 1979 and have three children: travel consultant Sarah, mining engineer Benjamin and food distributor Nathaniel. Joann got a law degree in 2008 and practices law in KC. Bob worked in air pollution control for 33 years in KC then added the management of his father’s business in oxygen generator systems to his resume in 2010. He now commutes between Connecticut and Missouri. He says his English degree from ND has taken him far. He hopes to connect with fellow Stanford “studs” at a reunion, whenever that might happen. His email is re.john75@gmail.com. Retired CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse from Kansas City, says that he has conducted a half-dozen Zoom minireunions with classmates in the past year. The gang includes Fred Heydrich, Clete Graham, Tim Miller, John Corcoran, Joe Gaspierik, Dan Flatley, Jim Smith and Tom “Tinker” Brett. One call included footballer/legend Rudy Ruettiger ’76. Dan is planning on a fun reunion in person in 2025. Tom McHugh of Alexandria VA says that the Class of ’75 lacrosse classmates have held a Zoom meeting at happy hour every Thursday for about 10 weeks. It’s been a blast reconnecting with guys who haven’t been in contact with each other for years: Kevin Fogerty, Joe Meares, Bill Foley, Paul Rizzo, John Corcoran, John Farrell, Karl “Ricco” Locker, Dave McLoughlin, Rick Caron, Fedele Volpe, Steve Tarnow. That is all our Class of ’75 teammates other than three who passed away: Jim McEntee, Mark Riopko and Steve Waterman. Also attending is ’75 wannabe Jay Williams ’77. It is a ton of fun. The stories are all the same, and the lies get bigger. Tom has three children, all of whom graduated from USC. (No, not that one, the U of South Carolina.) He is at tom.mchugh@cushwake.com. Pam Strode Nosbusch of Mequon WI says, “Our Class of 1975 reunion was cancelled/postponed, but that didn’t stop this group of friends from getting together on June 6 to celebrate via Zoom.” Pam, Kevin Nosbusch and classmates Chris Burger Burns, Mary Sweet Palladino, Lynda Roesch, Chuck Katter and Tony Malench, plus Tricia Lauerman Nobbe and Olivia O’Neill Korte (both ’75SMC) shared memories, told funny stories, and engaged in a trivia contest. (They are not sure if anyone won because refilling drinks seemed to be a bigger priority.) Pam says, “Since we probably won’t be tailgating this fall, we will still be rooting for the Irish and continuing to be thankful for our 49 years of friendship.” Please continue to send me your news. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; text 563-349-0469;



75MBA Class Secretary Jim Ouimet;

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75JD Autumn Notes

A Zoom gathering in May launched a successful fundraising effort benefiting the Father Michael McCafferty Emergency Assistance Fund. Our gift of more than $30,000 was the first for a law class to address the critical financial needs of current law students resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. A subsequent Zoom chat in June overlapped what would have been our on-campus reunion weekend. In our virus-free chat room, nearly 60 participants shared stories, laughs and adult beverages. Many thanks to Ann Williams for organizing the calls and to Deans Marcus Cole and Nell Jessup Newton for joining us. It was also great having classmates call in from foreign locations. Michele (Salem) Jordan and her husband, Robert, retired to Italy in 2013, initially in Florence and now in Rome. Michele practiced in New Jersey after graduation, and later in Florida and eventually Arizona. She had a family law practice, which developed into a domestic and international adoption practice. For many years, she traveled to orphanages around the world, where children were available for adoption. It was a complicated process and she loved her work. The majority of her clients were expats or military stationed overseas, requiring her to deal with the law where the child originated, the law in the US, so as to achieve US citizenship for the child, and the laws and visa requirements where the child would live such as Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Australia, China and even Malta. Typically, one of the adoptive parents was a US citizen, and many of the children have become bilingual or trilingual. Michele has kept in touch with many of these families over the years. Michele’s daughter, Jennifer, is married to a Swiss citizen and they live in Switzerland with their infant son. Jennifer is a professor at IMD, a business school in Lausanne. Besides Michele, others living in Europe include Mike McAra who has a summer home in Prague and David Quint who runs an investment banking business in London where he has lived for 36 years. Tim Silbaugh, who has over 40 years of experience in real estate transactions, including shopping centers, condominium communities, and residential real estate development, was the founding member of a law firm near Butler PA, where he practiced for more than 20 years. He left firm practice in 2017, and now works out of his home in Pittsburgh’s South Hills. A pilot for decades, Tim dedicates much of his time in retirement to “angel flights.” He is associated with Patient AirLift Services (PALS), a nonprofit that arranges free air transportation for individuals requiring medical diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up who cannot afford or are unable to fly commercially. Tim and his wife, Linda, have five children and six grandchildren. More and more are entering their retirement years, and Patrick Donahue joined the pack this year when he retired from Cassem Tierney Adams Gotch & Douglas in Omaha where he practiced for 40 years. Terry Quinn and I recently traded emails recounting our separate experiences in high school seminaries during the mid-1960s, his at Quigley South Seminary in Chicago and mine on the Notre Dame campus at Holy Cross Seminary. Victoria Kelley, a native of Fort Washington MD, is the latest Lardy Scholar, joining 45 other deserving law students who preceded her. Congratulations to Victoria and thanks to everyone who contributed to the Peter A.R. Lardy Scholarship Fund over the years. Lastly, I want to dedicate an upcoming column to classmates who served in a judicial capacity during their legal careers; if you were or are a judge or magistrate, drop me an email with some details. Go Irish. — Frederick Giel; fggiel@gmail.com


76 Surviving the Pandemic

Mary Jo and Mark LeCluyse celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in August with their children and grandchildren. The LeCluyse clan continues to grow with the addition of their seventh grandchild in May. Mark recently retired from healthcare marketing and is now coaching families in financial education. A picture of Mark’s father with Coach Leahy hangs on the wall behind the cash register at Rocco’s restaurant in South Bend. Jack and Donna (Crowley) Campbell welcomed their first grandchild, Kayce, in April. They are hoping that she will continue the ND tradition and are singing the Victory March and Alma Mater to her already. As I write this, Dave ’73 and Denise (Crowley) Brenner are planning a trip to Austin TX to visit their daughter and son-in-law Drs. Jason and Marie (Brenner) Somogyi ’08. Not all family additions are grandchildren. Dominika and John Lonsberg welcomed their third child, Nicolas, in March. John just completed his fourth decade overseas, most of it in the Middle East. Matthew Regan is a legal review specialist for the Broward County FL Clerk of Courts. His eldest son, James Padraic, entered Notre Dame as a freshman in August. Matthew sees Tim Bailey, a circuit judge in Broward County, and Patrick Scott, a Ft. Lauderdale attorney specializing in bankruptcy. Linda and Dan Jarvie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in July. Dan graduated from high school in 1968 and spent four years in the Navy before enrolling at Notre Dame. Because of the pandemic, they were not able to celebrate with family, however they shared a pizza just as they did on their first anniversary 49 years ago. As a physician in Northeast Ohio, Orest Stecyk has been on the front lines fighting the coronavirus. To ease the isolation for friends and classmates during the pandemic, former Notre Dame ombudsman, Matt Cockrell organized a weekly conference call on Sunday evenings. Participants include Patrick Buckley, Wendy Duffey, Frank Faron, Tom Gibbons and Bob Quakenbush. Remember before the internet we relied on the ombudsman service for information. Susan and Peter Conrad live in northeast Florida. They are near son Simon, a Navy anesthesiologist, his wife, and son, age 4. Across the globe in Ghana, Jim Niquette is working on a project to provide water and sanitation to communities where it is lacking. He has been supported by classmates David Putnam, Kevin Barry, Gerry Sexton, Tom Welte, Peter Rukavina, Jim Theiss, Al Gavin, Ted Koch, Mark Storer, Joe Schmitz and Bob Walls. Pat Sarb’s wife Linda, a horticulturist and passionate gardener, started reducing their home gardens in anticipation of selling their home and moving to the South Bend area. She held a perennial plant sale to raise money for the Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases NKH research Fund. With the Chicago and Greater DuPage ND Clubs and Sally Naxera-Benson, they raised $6,300. Dan Adler lost his father, Joe Adler ’52 in June. Classmate Mark Oletti died in February. Keep them in your prayers. Remember your classmates and officers are here to assist during these challenging times. We established our class fund in 2005 to help where and when we can. If you have a health-related or challenging situation, or know of a classmate in need, send a note to debidell@earthlink.net and let’s see if we can do something to make your day a little brighter. We are just over six months away from our 45th reunion. At this point we hope we will be able to get together and encourage you to make plans to attend. If you would like to help us plan the event, contact me or class president Bob Quakenbush at quakend76@gmail.com. — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th St. NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com


76MBA Class Secretary Mike Norris;

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76JD Class Secretary Virgil L. Roth;

625 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 255, South Pasadena CA 91030; 626-441-1178; fax 626-441-1166; vroth@vlrlaw.com


77 Simple Gifts

Writer John Shaughnessy’s book, Then Something Wondrous Happened, won a first place in the 2020 Catholic Press Association Book Awards. Our women’s Bible study group in Northbrook IL chose John’s book and we are big fans, especially of the Lou Holtz chapter. Laura Tolosko celebrates 15 years as redevelopment director of Elkhart County IN. She and David Coyne continue restoration of their 1850s farmhouse, where Laura works on writing projects. Laura recalled typing papers in college, on IBM Selectrics; carbon paper is hard to forget. Kathy Krauss Zerda and Bob Zerda ’75 announced that son Navy Cdr. David Zerda assumed command of the Naval Operational Support Center Puerto Rico in July. Dick Mattie’s daughter Katie ’14, formerly social media manager for ND athletics, joined the writer’s team for the TV series, This Is Us. In 2018, Don Roos was Emmy-nominated for screenwriting for This Is Us. Don adapted The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society film the same year. Due to pandemic concerns, the ND Class of 2020’s postponed commencement was celebrated creatively by ’77 parents. Jan Blanck of K & L Gates in Florida took photos of son Sean Robertson ’20 in his graduation gown at home in Florida. Keiren Donovan Smith MD, a clinical professor at Yale Medical Centers, took a graduation photo of daughter Liz Smith ’20 in Connecticut. Keiren and Dr. Brian Smith’s older daughters Christine and Ash ’16 graduated from Princeton and ND, then went on to Harvard and Yale law schools, respectively, and are clerking for the US Supreme Court. Liz plans a medical career like mom and dad. Cinde and Robert Driscoll MD welcomed the birth of their grandson, Colin, son of Bobby and Amelia, this summer. This was joyful news as Bob and his hospital’s staff have been serving on the frontline. Mike Galloway sent word of a tradition unique to his family: “On St. Patrick’s Day, Cindy and I became grandparents for the first time when our daughter Ashley and her husband, Paul, gave birth to twin boys at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. This continued a family tradition as my parents’ first grandchild (of 14) was also born on St. Patrick’s Day in that great year of 1977.” Engagements and weddings are also among the simple gifts that brought joy to the Class of ’77 in this pandemic summer. Tricia Muench Sweeney ’77SMC and Peter Sweeney, CPA and partner of Lerman, Sweeney & Company LLP, announced that son Patrick Sweeney MD ’09 is engaged to Marisa Russo, an oncology nurse at Luries’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Patrick received his BBA in accounting at the University, but changed careers two years later, entering Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern U, completing his orthopedic surgery residency in June 2020, and beginning a one-year fellowship in shoulder/elbow surgery at Washington U in St. Louis in August. Deborah MacKellar Caron and Dave Caron celebrated Dave’s youngest daughter Michelle’s beautiful wedding to Evan Parr in Alberta, Canada, on July 4. Due to COVID-19 border restrictions, her sister Monique ’08 and her husband and son, residents of North Carolina, weren’t able to attend. Eileen O’Grady Daday and Steve Daday’s son Patrick married Lizzy Wingels with their large, wonderful family, in July. Peg Hornback Culhane and Mike Culhane’s daughter Maggie ’09 married Zane, whom she met in their Teach for America program, after his graduation from Columbia Law School, in August. Peg and Mike also welcomed their fourth grandchild, Kiera George Shanebos. Our eldest son, Dan Bishop Jr., a healthcare and corporate lawyer, married Mary Parkolop, a speech pathologist working with autistic children, on Sept. 5. Rev. Chris Gustafson ’84 was the celebrant in Northbrook IL. It was limited to the immediate family due to COVID concerns for Mary’s 88-year-old Grandma Roth. Our deepest condolences go out to the family of longtime, innovative Whirlpool HQ manager Frank Nekic, who passed away in March, leaving his wife Deborah and children Steve, Elizabeth, Brian, four grandchildren, and many family members. Sympathies also go out to Jim Walsh MD, a vascular surgeon in Naperville IL, and his wife, and daughters, on the loss of his mother, Jeanne, and to Paul Mestrich on the loss of his mother, Marlene. May these beloved rest in peace in God’s loving care, and their loved ones be comforted by the support and kindness of family and friends.— Virginia McGowan Bishop; res 847-291-7510; classof1977@alumni.nd.edu 


77MBA Good News

I received an email from Fred Anderholm of College Station TX. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in September 2018. After four surgeries and extended hospital stays, the doctors have said he is cancer free. He has been married for 39 years and hopes he will be able to celebrate number 40 with his wife. He spoke with Rick Gretsch recently and they hope to get together the next time he is in the Chicago area. Fred’s daughter, Rebecca, lives in Chicago, and is scheduled to deliver his third grandchild. Fred’s email address is janderho@yahoo.com. Please include Fred and his family in your prayers. Stay safe. — Alan J. Fisher; alan@churchfisherlaw.com


77JD Memories of Classmate Trip

With so many travel plans cancelled this year, John Ready sent a picture of a lovely log cabin which was the weekend getaway destination for 17 classmates and some spouses around 1975. I would love to hear from classmates who made the trip and have memories to share. John, who is in quasi retirement, and his wife, Pat, spent a week during the summer at Lake Charlevoix with family, but they are disappointed about missing their trip to Dublin for the ND/Navy game that was cancelled. John Horan noted what a difference a year makes in terms of retirement travel. As he put it, “2019: Yellowstone, Michigan, Colorado, Pinehurst to see the Duke game, and a really special trip to Notre Dame to see the US Senior Open Championship last June. 2020: My couch.” On the brighter side, John is celebrating the birth of his first grandchild, Johnny. — Janey Bennett; 4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka IN 46545; 574-298-9251; bus574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com


78 Successful Fund Campaign

Greetings to the class with class. I hope you enjoyed summer despite the many restrictions we had to deal with. Now that we are into the fall season, let us pray for better things to come. Marianne Corr, vice president and general counsel for ND, was seen in an NBC news report about the University’s plans for reopening in August. Jimmy “Dun-Bar” Dunne spearheaded the recently concluded Boldly Notre Dame Campaign, which raised a total of $5.36 billion. It was the fifth-largest fundraising campaign in higher education accomplished in a seven-year period, and first among those without a medical school. More importantly, we surpassed the goal that was made public during the campaign: $1 billion for financial aid. Kudos, Jimmy! Jimmy also worked with NBC president Pete Bevaqua ’93 to organize the first televised golf event at historic Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach FL on May 17. The charity event featured a skins match with golf pros Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Ricky Fowler and Matthew Wolff. The event raised more than $5.5 million for COVID-19 relief, supporting the American Nurses Foundation, the CDC Foundation and World Central kitchen, an organization that helps both frontline healthcare workers and restaurant employees hard hit by the shutdowns. The pandemic did not slow down Jim “Boobie” Clarke and his barbecuing prowess. Most weekends found Jim at his Maryland home cooking ribs (low and slow), chicken, brisket and other delights. The “Stone Harbor Gang,” a group of classmates who gather in August at the bayside villa of Nace Mullen in Stone Harbor NJ, has instead been meeting every other Sunday via Zoom. Some thoughtful and interesting conversations, and a liberal dose of laughs have been shared by Nace, Jim “Boobie” Clarke, Vicki Lopez, Mary White Packer, John Delaney, Greg “Sweets” Switaj, Jeff “Carp” Carpenter, Rich “Riles” Riley, Steve “Bones” Conover, Don “Dancing Bear” Smail and, yours truly, Jim “Souls” Coyne. On occasion, we have been joined by Paul White (all the way from Amsterdam and looking good) and Chris “Cerk” Crnkovich. Dr. John F.X. Horan’s granddaughter was born on his birthday, July 16. John is still running his family medical practice in East Greenwich RI. Stan “Skip” Ziherl celebrated 15 years as president of Five Star Beverage distributors in Columbia City IN in June. Stan said that it was shaping up to be the best month in company history. Pat Kennedy, who died on Easter Sunday, was laid to rest May 4 by his family who made sure he had a final victory lap at his beloved Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was a fitting sendoff for someone who enriched many lives. A tribute video about Pat can be viewed at: patkindy500.life. Also, Vinnie Renz relayed to me that on June 27, which would have been Pat’s 64th birthday, there was a virtual happy hour to celebrate his life. Chip Lee, Mark Tovey, DJ Crowley, Chris Crnkovich, Michael Duffy, Greg Kulis, Mike Reda, Vicki Lopez, Vinnie Renz and his sons Tim ’06, Kerry ’08 and Dan ’10, along with honorary Kennedy family member and ND roadie, George Dowling, spent the better part of two hours remembering the time spent through the years with Pat and his extended family. Pat’s Indy 500 book, Indy 500 Recaps: The Short Chute Edition, is available in paperback. Special shout out to Don “Dancing Bear” Smail, economic development manager for the city of Manteca CA, for his untiring efforts on behalf of small business owners during the pandemic. An update on our Class of 1978 scholarship: We want to provide future generations with the same opportunity we had. The fund’s overarching principles include anonymity, and all gifts will be confidential. Keep us in your gifting plans as a matching fund has been established. Visit mobilecause.com/vf/ND1978. For more information, contact Pat Flynn at pat.flynn@indianabev.com. — Jim “Souls” Coyne; 1801 Butler Pike, Apt. 20, Conshohocken PA 19428; 267-847-8808; jcoyne@cohs.com


78MBA Class Secretary Mamie Anthoine Ney;

350 Alewive Road, Kennebunk ME 04043-6013; res 207-229-0989; bus 207-333-6640 ex 2020; irishwasherwoman@alumni.nd.edu


78JD Constant Vigilance

James Varga, a judge in Chicago who presides over civil jury trials, recently published a new book, Angels Have Wings, under the pen name Augie Holiday. The story questions the true value of success and the essential value of wonder in a society dominated by artificial intelligence and instantaneous everything. The book is available from Amazon but be sure to search under Jim’s pen name. It’s a story for the whole family. To escape the pressures of the pandemic for a while, my wife (Jill Torbert) and I drove from San Antonio to Colorado for two weeks of hiking on largely untrafficked trails in Boulder and Colorado Springs. We rented houses, ate in and succeeded in keeping a social distance from other people. It was not ideal because of the need for constant vigilance against the coronavirus, but it was nice. Jill is a retired lawyer and active in the League of Women Voters. I will be teaching my Torts classes on Zoom this fall in a hybrid Canvas online course consisting of synchronous and asynchronous components. Everything about legal education has changed in the last six months, and it probably will never be the same. The “golden age” is over, and there is no option other than to move ahead. Please send news for the next issue. — Vincent R. Johnson; San Antonio TX; 210-410-3562; vjohnson@stmarytx.edu


79 The Future

It’s July as I write this, and nothing is normal. We yearn for a return to pre-COVID normal, but we should not yearn for a return to pre-George Floyd normal. As uncomfortable as it is to confront racism and the role we may have played in perpetuating it, the mission of our Catholic university demands that we confront it and recognize the pain it causes for members of our community. Because diminished opportunity for some hinders growth for all, addressing this problem will lead to a stronger community. The critical thinking skills we gained as undergraduates combined with this unique time in history give us an opportunity to make our communities better. Knowing the talents of our classmates, I am hopeful. Grandkids also make me hopeful. Congratulations to Maureen (Sullivan) and Dan Borkowski on the birth of their third grandson, Gavin Patrick. Kathy Downs, who lives in Boston, enjoys her two granddaughters and grandson. Julie and Kevin Maher, who live in Plano where Kevin is retired, have one grandson, Declan. Tim Nickels is the managing partner of Swanson Martin & Bell in Chicago. He earned his law degree at ND. Send news about your grandchildren, or your children, or your friends, or, better yet, you. — Barbara A. Langhenry; res 216-651-8962; bus 216-664-2893; breclw@aol.com


79MBA Class SecretaryPatty Kennedy Kerr;

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