50 Family Men

After reading of Rev. Patrick H. Maloney CSC’s passing in June of 2019, John Mulshine ’69 shared his memories: “I recall he had a leadership role for more than one singing group, including the Glee Club, when I was an active member 1966-68. I remember his beautiful tenor voice.” Carolyn Zhiss ’83, daughter of Anthony J. Panzica, notified me that her father died at age 95 on Aug. 3 in South Bend. For the South Bend Tribune, this was front-page news. They heralded Anthony as an architect who will be “remembered for his modernist work.” After serving in the Army Air Force in World War II, he earned an architecture degree. The Tribune said he was notable for having Rev. Theodore Hesburgh CSC ’39 as a professor and US Rep. John F. Kennedy as a commencement speaker. In 1955, Anthony founded the company now known as Panzica Building Corporation. Beyond the professional, his life was filled with service to parish, alumni and civic organizations, and family. Anthony leaves an amazing legacy of eight children. The seven surviving include Thomas ’78, James, Michael, Philip, William, Carolyn, and Elizabeth Newman ’91, as well as 20 grandchildren. Of 19 surviving, one is Sarah Dalton ’08 and another is Irene Newman ’21 and 11 great-grandchildren. Carolyn later emailed to report that Anthony’s wife of more than 71 years, Irene (Gember), passed away just 100 days after her husband. John Muscatello, the son of Thomas A. Muscatello, emailed to say that his father, 91, died on Oct. 13. John’s two-page tribute was filled with biographical highlights. (Email me for a copy.) After graduation, Tom continued at ND until he achieved his JD. He served in the Navy during the Korean conflict and in the FBI before returning home to Binghamton NY. Tom went into private practice as a defense attorney and became a corporation counsel and city court judge. John said, “Dad’s legal fees were low and sometimes he wouldn’t bill his clients. … Dad traded the pursuit of the material world for a more civic minded connection to the world.” Tom is survived by his wife of 64 years, Mary (Gentile), six children, 11 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Patrick A. DelGrande passed away on Aug. 11 at age 91. After ND, he earned his DDS from NYU and became known to his patients as “Dr. Pat.” He served in the Navy and eventually settled with his wife, Yvonne, in Hillsdale NY where he worked at the Rip Van Winkle Clinic. He is survived by six children and one grandchild. James E. Drannan died at age 90 on Sept. 12. With a metallurgy degree and a few years in the Army, he moved to California. Jim then began a career at Kaiser Steel of Fontana/Oakland. The East Bay Times described the time and love he invested on his family, and his community. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Mary (Wilkinson), four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. George L. Landis passed away on Sept. 16 at age 91. He was student manager of the undefeated Irish football team. George served in the Air Force in the Korean conflict and later worked in sales at IBM. He eventually built his own insurance company and spent 40 years in that business. The Indianapolis Star reported, “It was said that no one was a stranger to George. He told many stories and exploits that seemed far-fetched, but surprisingly were true.” Predeceased by his wife, Marita (Wiley), he is survived by six children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. John L. Worden died at age 96 on Sept. 17. Jack was a fighter pilot in WWII and, after ND, became a career employee at Eastman Kodak. He lived in the Rochester NY area and is survived by his wife of 69 years, Irene (Ryan), three children and seven grandchildren. William J. Arzbaecher, 91, passed away on Oct. 10. After ND, he attended seminary until he decided he wanted to be a husband and father. Bill was an executive for his family’s company, Reliable Packaging Corp., for 40 years and retired in Scottsdale AZ and Sacramento CA. The Chicago Tribune summarized his life: “Businessman, musician, seminarian, scuba diver, photographer, world traveler, family man. Bill did it all. He beat the Big C twice, and lived to 91, all while staying young at heart.” He is survived by six children and six grandchildren. — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, Apartment 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


51 Memories

Hi everybody, I hope this column finds all of you feeling well. The football season turned out with the Irish looking pretty good. Next year’s schedule appears much stronger. It is nice to hear that Ian Book will return. Let us hope he keeps improving. I want all of you to know I received an invitation to the Heisman Dinner held in New York City in December. It was a wonderful night. I did not get the opportunity to meet the winner, Joe Burrow. However, I met his father and brother. Both played at the U of Nebraska. Mike Muldoon ’82 advised me that his father, Jocko, passed away on Jan. 6, 2020, in Chicago. Our best to the Muldoon family. John “Jack” Morgan of Dearborn MI passed away on Dec. 30, 2019. We extend our sympathy to the Morgan family. Jack spent a portion of his life as a recruiter for the Air Force Academy. My bio for this issue focuses on Rev. Johnny O’Brien CSC of Green Bay WI, originally from De Pere WI. Yes, he is an avid Packers fan. When I broadcasted the Bengal Bouts, I did every fight Johnny had his last two years. He was our 140-pound champion those two years. I called him “Mr. Smooth” because of his smooth moves in the ring. He was and is a truly nice person. After graduation, he entered the seminary and was ordained in 1955. Johnny returned to Green Bay and was a pastor at St. Patrick’s Parish for 17 years. Earlier, he was a pastor at St. Mary’s in Brillion WI. Johnny retired in 1999 and lives in De Pere. Don’t forget guys, we still have our books for sale. If interested, reach out to me. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com


52 We’re Doing Just Great

Bill Dempsey tells us that he’s still busy as chairman of Sycamore Trust, which publishes reports on Notre Dame’s “highs and lows” as a Catholic University. “No honorary degrees or Laetare nominations as yet.” He gets prime airtime: Laura Ingraham on Fox last fall. He and Mary celebrated their 65th anniversary at their Cape Cod home with their six kids and dozen grandchildren. A special ceremony saw Mary winning “The Patience of Job” award. Our vice president, Ed Sullivan, helped organize the Jersey Shore 2019 series of Hesburgh Lectures on personalized medicine. The four programs were well attended and well received. He’s also chairman of the Catholic Community Council, serving 700 residents of Seabrook Village NJ. On the physical side, Ed tells us that he has recovered successfully from colon surgery and had minimal effects from chemo. A letter from Mary Wehrle ’52SMC, told us of the passing of her husband Ed Wehrle last fall. Ed was a retired chairman of the history department at the U of Connecticut. A business major at ND, Ed discovered history in his senior year and stayed on to pursue his master’s. We learned that Cynthia and Norb Ganobsik, who were married in our senior year, just celebrated their 68th.Congrats. John Minck continues his activist pursuits, with distribution of a hundred more of his Ig Nobel atta-boys, designated for members of the national administration and climate deniers. A note from Bill Osborne tells us that he parlayed his chemical engineering degree into a successful 33-year career at DuPont. Following the passing of his wife, Maureen, he’s living in a retirement village in Lawrence KS. Your secretary, Ron Zier, was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Wyckoff YMCA for his 25 years of board service, including 10 as president. During that period, the Y grew into a $20 million, 120,000 square-foot, 10,000-member organization. We hear from Bob Butler that he and Eileen were spending March in Florida where Bob hoped to shoot his age golfing, playing with Jim King ’53. He’s serving his final year as chair of the investment committee for the Archdiocese of Newark. Jack Economou tells us he’s considering a biography, detailing his civic contributions as lawyer, judge and mayor in Poughkeepsie NY. Dick Sheridan reports that the golf cart in which he was riding suffered a major altercation with a speeding automobile. The golf cart was totaled. Fortunately, Dick wasn’t, although he suffered fractures of three ribs and upper jaw. Thrown onto the pavement, he experienced no concussion or skull fracture. “If Irishmen land on their head, very little damage occurs.” He’s convinced that his facial scars improve his appearance. Chaz Schubert reports that neighboring Good Samaritans keep a daily watch on his well-being. Having lost interest in TV basketball, he looks forward to ND football returning. Jack Wagner reminds us that as a transfer he was assigned to Dillon Hall where he roomed with upperclassmen, including Peter Helland ’50, who provided stories for a lifetime. Watch this space. How about that bowl game? Let’s save the formula. — Ron Zier, 164 Brewster Road, Wyckoff NJ 07481; 201-447-6667; ronaldirishguy@aol.com


53 Student Manual

A while ago, photocopies of the August 1949 Student Manual were offered via email and repeated in a Magazine column. The responses and reactions made for interesting reflections on our years. Tom Collins and Bob Hoodecheck were early “takers,” with the intent to share with recent graduates. Jean Steis commented that the manual was silent about lights out and Mass checks. There then ensued a flurry of comments, some long and some short, on recollections as to the times we were plunged into darkness and the variable rules about Mass checks. Bill Langlois commented about the restrictions on South Bend territorial visits. It was impossible to capture all the great recollections due to space limitations; however, a significant number insisted the lights were out at 10 p.m., and 11 p.m. on Saturday. Truth prevailed, 11 p.m. and midnight. Commentaries have been included in the email broadcasts. I heard from Dave Sponseller, Dave Flynn, Jack Fink, Ed Duggan, John Tuberty, Ron Wong, Jim Rogers, Marty Wehner, and Ed DeBoer who also commented that his prior military service excused him from two years of mandatory physical ed but not lights out or campus overnights. Others who accepted the offer were Sam Hoover, Dick Klumb, Tex McMonagle, George Baughman, Richard Nault, Bill DeCrick, Bill Santoro and Paul Curtin. Paul wrote his autobiography for the benefit of his family. Included was a wonderful description of campus life. Bill Santoro commented, “they could not get away with that today. If you are not on the list for class emails, notify me at the address as below. Also, Class of ’69 assembled a series of winter campus scenes dating back to 1909. If you wish for that link, let me know. They are very nice pictures and endorsed by our class photographer, Bill DeCrick, a real expert. Dave O’Leary has moved from the home in which he resided for 50 years to a condo, also in Lansing MI. Happy is his report. Jim Ehinger, formerly of Lansing, moved to northern Michigan as a summer residence and Florida seasonal. Jim Rogers and Bernie Hester are due in Florida for traditional visits, to which we are looking forward. From time to time, hurtful little comments are made that this column and class communications always deal with sickness and death. It is unavoidable, but good news is always welcome. Good news is Dave Costigan and Jack Coyne each celebrated 65 years of marriage with Mass and parties hosting extended families. Congratulations. Sickness includes the wives of Jack Dilenschneider and Jack Powers, who need prayers. 2019 was hard on me personally, as death unceremoniously wiped out 140 years of close friendships with Bill Wuetcher and Bill Maus. Here is a list of reported deaths since the last column, with the hope I haven’t omitted any names: Rev. Joseph Dorsey CSC, Hon. Patrick J. Riley, William Wuetcher DDM, Robert Agosto, Joseph Kennedy, Donald Hicks, Raymond Humble, Thomas Taber, Eugene Strange MD, Robert Dougherty, John Mayhall, Vincent John Redington and Patrick Kelley DVM. May your prayers for the sick, deceased and grieving survivors, join those of Rev. Thomas Smith CSC, who oversees our Mass-A-Day program. Send news, predominantly good news. — Jerry Mulvihill; 51098 Heatherton Court, Granger IN 46530; 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com


53JD Class Secretary Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; yokeemup@aol.com


54 Looking Ahead

The holidays are over, and the bills are paid as we look to the next few months. Shortly after the last column we got two letters. Ed Christiano told me he was at the reunion and did not get recognized in the last column. I wrote to him that I used Charlie Allen’s list and mentioned the names that were given to me. I’m sorry if any others were left out. Art Wenczel wrote that he finished Georgetown Law and practiced until 1997. Now he is retired in Alexander NC where he enjoys gardening. I heard from Lola Koch and she hopes to meet with friends and me in March. It is always a good visit. Now here is another gem from Msgr. Martin “We spent days visiting the mall and hours pacing the aisles looking for that perfect gift. On Christmas, the gifts were opened to the delight of all. But there was a special gift. Remember that snow-covered lane and you thought, how lovely. Did you hear a voice say, ‘Do you like it? I did it just for you.’ At springtime, the flowers came and you thought, how lovely. Again, the voice said, ‘You like it? I did it just for you.’ The same for the summer and fall months. The voice says, ‘Look at the cross. Do you like it? I did it just for you.’ We should all be thankful for the many gifts God has given and continues to give us.” Finally, I am in Florida for a few months. I am tempted to move here. We have no new obits. — Jack Mertens; 68 Sparrow Ridge Road, Carmel NY 10512; 845-630-5914; jacksparrow@comcast.net


55 65th for 55

Heads up. Planning is well underway for our 65th Reunion in June. I hope to see all of you there. We are getting great help in the planning from Bob McGrath, Dick Beeman, Jim Hesburgh and Dick Burke. Now let’s get up to date on class activity. Happy New Year to all. I was glad to see the Irish football team finished on a positive note. Iowa State was convincing. We have good expectations for 2020. Roundup: A nice note came from Frank Cunningham. They are all set for Reunion. Jeanne and Dave Scheele had a couple of adventures. They drove the Trans-Canada Highway and rode the Rocky Mountain train. For extras, they went to Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires. Some reports have Dave doing a tango. Pat Kearns provided his normal family update. They had to wrestle with some medical issues, but all hands recovered. They made a Panama Canal tour and visited California. Rose Mary and Bill Glass sent a lovely Christmas prayer. Jack Flynn delivered his usual Windy City report. With Tony Vallace in town to visit his son, Jerry Prassas corralled a bunch for lunch. The assembly included Mike Kelly, Dick Cook, Jim Ehret, Gerry Hillsman, John Hester, Jack Pinter, president Dick Burke, Ron Davis and Jack. We got a nice report on Jim Ehret’s daughter, a physician who runs a hospital in the Aleutians. Other than Gerry Hillsman’s new hip, all appeared in good shape. I had a nice note from John Dwyer. He reports he is ready for Reunion. Dick Norton and Jim Dwyer visited Cape Cod to spend time with Pat Brown, widow of Charles Brown. I also managed to touch base with Hugh Boyle. Remember your class fund contributions. — Tom Magill; 119 Atlantic Road, North Palm Beach FL 33408; 561-842-3019; magillt@bellsouth.net


56 Keeping Email Line Open

Last year was medically challenging; I hope my reporting was up to your expectations. The Aug. 15 bladder removal was complete, and the effects of cognition block with the myasthenia gravis was controlled shortly after the first of 2020. Some of the random email received follows. The three obituaries are worth your attention. Bob McKenty says, “you are amazing. Body parts that once were considered essential are optional with you. God bless you and Mary Ann.” On Jan 16, Richard Jacob wrote: Per Chicago Tribune, Paul Fullmer died Jan. 10. Jim O’Brien wrote that Paul was news editor for the Scholastic our freshman year. “He helped me and Ed Joyce when we were breaking in as reporters for the Scholastic, the ND weekly news magazine. On Jan. 16, Dave Collins wrote: “We are heading to Palm Desert on Jan. 31 for a few months.” Roy Luckett shared two of his latest oil paintings. He has gotten good. Definitely the works will be in demand. Dr. Buzz Finn says he is still on chemotherapy but feeling quite well. “We are in ski season now, but I have only been about four times. I am not good on powder and that is what we have lately. My wife is much better than me and she skis regularly. Keep on fighting and I will keep you in my prayers.” Dr. Angelo Capozzi said he enjoyed my latest missal and his son is now living in Reno NV. Gerald M. Kenny says he is sorry to learn of my health struggles. “You have the support of a marvelous family and the prayers of all your Notre Dame classmates.” Read with sorrow the obituaries of classmates, all true Notre Dame men. Donald J. McAlister of Londonderry NH died Oct. 9. John Joseph Fannon of Hillsborough CA passed away peacefully on Nov. 9. A high school All-American for basketball, he earned a scholarship to play for ND, where he eventually captained the Irish. His senior year, he was honorable mention All-America and was drafted by the NBA’s Philadelphia Warriors, but he instead was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He was assigned to Kaneohe HI, where he met Georgeann Roll, a brigadier general’s daughter who became John’s beloved wife. As a businessman, he led by example and drew the best out of people by listening to, encouraging, and supporting them. Following his retirement from Simpson Paper Company in 1996 as vice chairman, John served as a town council member and mayor of Hillsborough, as well as with the Order of Malta, spending many years in service to the poor and the sick. John is survived by his wife, seven children and 13 grandchildren. George Lewis Edgington died on Nov. 9. He enlisted in the Navy and saw action off Korea on the aircraft carrier Oriskany. The GI Bill allowed George to attend ND. After college, he entered the seminary, and then joined the Peace Corps where he taught at a Maryknoll Mission in Tanzania. He was later hired by the Los Angeles school district, where he taught 32 years. It was at Bancroft Junior High School that he met Linda. They were married in 1968 and enjoyed 52 years of marriage, blessed with three children and three grandchildren. Family was the center of George’s life. Joseph J. Schiffgens, 85, of Oakmont PA, died Oct. 20. Husband for 19 years of Maureen (Felentzer) Schiffgens, loving father of 11, Joe was a member of the Sorin Society of Notre Dame. A longtime member of St. Irenaeus Catholic Church, he served as a Eucharistic minister and was a member of St. Vincent DePaul Society, and served for 17 years in the Jubilee Kitchen. Having 11 children, he always remembered each of their birthdays. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056; johndomer9@gmail.com 


56JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey ’09; 



57 An Icon Passes On

One of the greats left us. Charlie Wittenberg sent us the sad news that Henry Luepke (Gus, Hank) passed away on Jan. 12. Charlie wrote that Hank came to ND on a basketball scholarship and both had the best seats in the house: the bench. Together they watched their classmate John Smythe, who led the team in fouls. Hank is survived by his wife of 61 years, Judy, and their children and grandchildren. He was the best fisherman in the eyes of his grandchildren. Hank was a prominent attorney and a community leader. Maurice “Mauri” Charles Sardi passed away peacefully on Nov. 4 in Raleigh NC. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Jackie, four children and 10 grandchildren. He graduated ND with a degree in electrical engineering and earned his MBA from the George Washington U. Mauri had a long and successful career with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, where he was a gifted leader and thoughtful communicator, earning the respect and friendship of many throughout his life. He served on various boards and organizations in the communities where he resided. Joseph “Joe” Francis Higgins departed on Jan. 12. He is survived by his wife, Leta, his children and grandchildren. Born to Irish immigrants, he was the sixth of eight children. Joseph was very proud of his Irish heritage. In his younger years, he would test the patience of the nuns and priests who tried to rein him in, although they managed to teach him very well. He was always creative, from sitting on the porch of his family home singing his heart out, never realizing the sounds he produced echoed throughout the neighborhood, to one day “borrowing” a horse and bringing it home. He called this his rustling phase. Joseph’s career for most of his life was as a stockbroker and served on the boards of various civic organizations. Thanks to classmate Jim Termini for providing this information. Bill Newbold sent a request to please pause a moment and say a prayer for classmate Bob Arvidson. Bob and his wife, Patricia, live in Williamsburg VA and Bob was Bill’s roommate for three years. Bob has been fighting cancer for eight years and is in real pain. The doctors tell him they have run out of options for his treatment. Please keep Bob in your prayers. Should you like to reach out, Bob’s email: arvidsonre@aol.com. Kathleen Anne Feeley of Glenview IL died on Dec. 27. She was the widow of classmate John P. Feeley. Passing away on Nov. 19 was basketball phenom, John Fannon ’56. Saving the good news for last, congratulations to Thomas Schrieber for receiving the 2019-20 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award which honors a select few based on a career of longevity, philanthropic endeavors and lasting contributions to society. Thank you, Warren Grienenberger, for letting us know. Don’t forget to take the time to stop and smell the roses. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 N. Mandalay Drive, Peoria IL 61614; 306-453-8986; jslev57@gmail.com


57JD Class Secretary Thomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com


58 Fondly Remembered

Our prayers and sympathy are offered to the families of the following classmates. Anthony Ciambelli died on March 17, 2019, in Oak Park MI, a suburb of Detroit, his hometown. He is survived by his wife, Grace, six children and 11 grandchildren. Dr. Richard J. Filippi DO passed away on Oct. 11 in Florida after a brief illness. He is survived by son Jeffry, daughter Michele and two grandchildren. He was born in Chicago, attended Fenwick High School and after graduation from ND earned his medical degree at Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine. He began his medical practice in Chicago and was recruited to serve as head of internal medicine at Toledo’s Parkview Hospital. He retired in 2004 and relocated to Florida. Donald Heitzler of Rockville TX died on Sept. 4. A native of Wheaton IL, he and his wife Ruthan were married for over 50 years and resided in Morristown NJ, where they raised two children before moving to Green Valley AZ. After 15 years in Arizona, they moved to Rockville. Don served in the Army and worked for Prudential Financial for more than 30 years. He is survived by Ruthan, two children and three grandchildren. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.;3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com                                 


58JD Class Secretary John F. Murray;

2036 Cheltenham Court, Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; johnandnell66@gmail.com


59 Anchors Aweigh

In previous columns we featured those classmates who proudly served in the Army and Air Force. We are now presenting those from the Navy. Of our many classmates, 71 were commissioned as officers on June 6, 1959. The new Navy ensigns were: Dave Amidon (Granby CT), Dave Barrett (d. 01/22/2014), Dick Benoit (Jacksonville FL), Bob Borlik (Palo Alto CA), Tom Brady (Berkeley CA), Roger Breslin (Mahwah NJ), Bill Bromann (San Francisco CA), Burke Carley (Homosassa FL), Don Cerini (Corona CA), Tipp Cullen (Ketchum ID), Ralph Danglemaier (Naples FL), Charlie Dietsch (South Bend), Marv Dietsch (Edgerton OH), Chris Fagan (d. 08/21/2006), Don Gillies (Annandale VA), Barrett Gleixner (d. 10/15/2013), Bob Good (Brecksville OH), Bill Graham (d. 06/02/2005), Harry Gray (d. 07/22/1999), Mike Halpin (d. 10/13/2014) John Hayward (Toledo), John Helmer (Kingston NY), Paul Hession (Falls Church VA), Ken Hiegel (Little Rock AR), Joe Hirl (Clarksdale MS), Tom Hoberg (d. 01/02/2016), Joe Hogan (d. 10/17/2014), David James (Lakeland FL), Julius Jodlbauer (d. 11/13/1999), Lou Kavanaugh (d. 07/01/1970), yours truly Jim Keegan (Wilmington DE), Joe Kelly (New York NY), Joe Klein (San Antonio TX), Bob Kribel (Auburn AL), Roger Laur (New Berlin WI), John Leahy (d. 08/19/2015), Dan Lyne (d. 10/10/1999), Ray Magill (Magielnicki) (Tucson), Marty Maloney (Alexandria VA), Bill McCullough (d. 03/22/2013), Larry McGovern (New York NY), Don Moll (Houston TX), Dan Muth (Tucson), Tom Nolan (Gales Ferry CT), Bob Pier (Chicago), Harry Ryan (Ashburn VA), Dick Ryan (d. 01/16/2019), Pete Salsich (St. Louis), Bob Sample (Tucson), Steve Smith (d. 09/30/2018), Julio Sparacino (Elmhurst IL), Jack Stewart (Clermont FL), Ed Sullivan (San Francisco), Connie Suski (Cary NC), Jim Sutter (Corona Del Mar CA), Jim Thompson (Grosse Pointe MI), Tom Trinley (Chicago), Aldo Vaio (Albuquerque), George Weis (d. 09/25/2016), Bob Welch (Warrington PA), Ed Weyhing (d. 06/29/2016), Bill Whalen (Naples FL), Bob Willard (d. 08/02/2000) and Paul Willihnganz (Santa Rosa CA). Seven ’59ers were commissioned as second lieutenants in the Marine Corps: Jim Crisman (d. 11/29/2005), Frank Doherty (Westbury CT), Ed Finlay (Ridgefield CT), Bernie Gillespie (d. 05/23/2019), Mark Kessenich (d. 03/20/2001), Frank Lennartz (d. 08/26/2008) and Richard Tammaro (North Kingstown RI). Eleven of our classmates earned ND monograms in track, and/or cross country: Marty Clynes (Maitland FL), Steve Dornbach (Minneapolis MN), Barclay Ewart (d. 02/01/2012), Frank Geremia (d. 02/27/2011), Bob Hassenger (d. 11/30/2012), Mike Haverty (Glenview IL), Tommy Hawkins, who came out after basketball season (d. 08/16/2017), Mike Morando (Santa Barbara CA), Ron Parker (Torrance CA), Pete Salsich (St. Louis) and Pete Sheptak (Pittsburgh PA). Their coach was the legendary coach Alex Wilson ’32 who won bronze and silver medals for Canada in the 1928 and 1932 Olympics. Our NASA friend, Joe McMann, was asked to participate in a three-person panel concerning the xEMU spacesuit during the October Association of Space Explorers Conference at Rice U. Sadly, we share news of the passing of John Toth (South Bend, 10/18/2019), Bill McCaffrey (South Windsor CT, 12/07/2019), Rev. Larry Calhoun, CSC, (Notre Dame, 12/14/2019), Jim Schreiner (Jean, Saint John IN, 12/16/2019) and Bill Norris (Rhoda, Silver Spring MD, 01/01/2020). Please visit the websites for FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni at ndsenioralumni.org. Please send me information. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net


59JD Class Secretary William J. Harte;