70 COVID-19 Battle

Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of our graduation. Over 300 people planned to celebrate on campus, before COVID-19. As 50-year club members, we may attend yearly reunions and stay at the Morris Inn. Prayers go to classmates who suffered directly or indirectly from the infection. Many classmates have helped battle COVID-19 including Jed Ervin who manages trials of vaccines administered in Kansas City. Among over 100 vaccine trials he has supervised over the years, he considers the study of COVID-19 vaccine to be the most important, as do I. I have been working with our county health department task force and have been quite pleased by the skill and dedication of the multidisciplinary team. Everyone wants to help the community. Although we have been physically separated, our class has developed a very tangible memory of our years at ND. “Reunion,” a green space at Brownfield Park where Angela Boulevard crosses the St. Joseph River, has won the enthusiastic support of the South Bend Parks Department and was dedicated in June. I encourage everyone to walk, bike, or drive to the lovely area of quietude. To participate, send a tax-deductible check payable to South Bend Parks Department Foundation to me. Ron Basso wrote from Michigan’s upper peninsula that he had to traverse four feet of snow in February. Geri and John Murtagh left Australia and New Zealand prematurely in March, arriving in Florida after three days of hectic delays. Their friend contracted COVID-19 in Spain; I am sure many of us know someone who has contracted it. O’Malley Smith noted that lawyers in Connecticut (and elsewhere) are deemed essential. Mary and Kevin Myles celebrated their grandson’s birth in January. Lynn and Don Simanz retired to Orange County FL and were slapped with an 11 p.m. curfew. Our freshman curfews were good practice. Golf was banned by April. Marcia and Jim Murphy in Hilton Head were able to play golf longer. Condolences to the family of Michael T. Smith of Goffstown NH. He is survived by his wife Patricia, six children, including Colin ’97, and brother Terrence ’79. Michael Duffey wrote War No More: Successful Nonviolent Struggles for Justice (Macmillan). He and others have communicated with Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC ’76, about commemorating activities surrounding the war in Vietnam from our era and our class. Many classmates have made distinctive contributions in peace studies, international studies and related fields. The commemoration could range from an interactive slide display to an entire museum wing. Cathy and Denis Nolan, with eight children and 31 grandchildren, celebrated their 50th anniversary June 6. They pray the live daily rosary on Mary TV. Residents of 4,782 cities pray monthly with the Medjugorje parish. Eric Sandeen, historian, foreign affairs expert and former WSND announcer, unearthed two reel-to-reel Profiles in Sound (1966-67, 1969-70) and the 1966 Purdue pep rally featuring Pat O’Brien re-enacting Knute Rockne’s halftime talk. Bill Middendorf greets rugby friends; his roommates Gary Gleason and Mike Paterni are doing well. In December, Phil Kukielski published The U.S. Invasion of Grenada: Legacy of a Flawed Victory, based on declassified documents, oral history interviews and memoirs of the one-week 1983 war. Phil, of Fairfax VA, is a career journalist and past managing editor of The Providence (RI) Journal. He invites DC area alumni to ND Senior Alumni lunches, often attended by Warren Junium and Bill Hughes. Fran Maier, who ran our Student Film Society, earned an MFA from NYU, wrote in Hollywood in the 1970s, then started a novel about the fall of Saigon, The World on the Last Day. Meanwhile, he edited National Catholic Register for 15 years, then served 23 years as senior advisor and special assistant to Archbishop Charles Chaput in Denver and Philadelphia. On Dec. 3, Pope Francis named him “Knight Commander” and his wife Suann (Malone) ’70SMC “Dame Commander” in the order of St. Gregory the Great, the highest papal honor granted to laypeople. Fran is senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington and has resumed advanced studies at ND. Suann taught in Catholic schools for 41 years and volunteered 45 years in pro-life and special needs organizations. They have four children and 10 grandchildren and will celebrate their 50th anniversary in December. John Gallagher wrapped up his senior leadership studies at ND via virtual learning. Marilyn and Bill Picchioni visited Fiji and New Zealand. Bill will defer his introduction of our reunion speaker Jim O’Connell until next year. Stay well and keep in touch. — Don Graham; 1901 S. Glenwood, Springfield IL 62704; 217-652-1560; fever1@me.com


70MBA 50th Anniversary and COVID-19

Our recent slogan for this column has been “What’s Up,” hoping to build communications from and among our classmates. I committed to getting an email blast out to encourage responses, but I dropped the ball on that. These column deadlines seem to sneak up on us. But I will get it done before the fall input is required. In the meantime, the coronavirus has crashed our 50th anniversary celebration. Protecting ourselves (our age group is the prime target for the disease) our families, our employees (where that is still an issue) and our communities must be the primary focus of the members of the 1970 MBA class. The University has at least postposed Reunion 2020 and any thoughts of a reunion for our class need to be shelved until we know what the future holds. Hopefully, by the time the summer issue hits our mailboxes, the pandemic will be in our rearview mirrors. But if not, we will at least know more. Take care of you and yours and please send me a note about your experiences with this once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) event. I have included my cell phone number. Please feel free to text or call. — John Carroll; 4315 Alta Drive, Apt. 1301, Suwanee GA 30024; 404-281-6524; johnrcarroll@bellsouth.net


70JD 50th Reunion Approaches

At the outset, I want to note this column is being written in April as the country is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. We all pray that such will subside by the time you read these words, that all of you remain healthy and that our reunion will go forward as planned. Keep in mind that what follows was prepared during the crisis with the hope that all will be well by October. So, here goes. As you read this column, our 50th reunion weekend in the fall is just around the corner. It will afford many of us the opportunity to see one another again and recall the times we spent on Our Lady’s campus “way back when.” Dean O’Meara’s welcoming speech, Friday pep rallies in the Chief’s class, those first Moot Court arguments, “step time,” words of wisdom from Professors Peters, Murphy, Rhodes, Blakey, Schaffer, Thornton and Kellenberg, the London Luckies year abroad, for several of us, the summer of 1969 at Fort Riley, quiet moments at the Grotto, Bobby Kennedy’s visit to campus, encouragement from Granville Cleveland, practical advice from Assistant Dean Foschio, visits to the Indiana Dunes, Irish football games on autumn afternoons, and Prof. Barret’s trial court program. These may be a few memories of our law school days that have stayed fresh in your mind all these years. I hope you will be on campus to share your stories when we all get together in October. By now, everyone should have received emails from Joe Leahy, Tom Sopko and me about reunion plans. If you have not, please let me know and I will forward the information to you. While we look forward to enjoying a 50th reunion, it is with sadness that I report Patrick Maloney passed away on March 22. Pat grew up on the south side of Chicago, did his undergrad work at ND and was known for his sense of humor. After law school he returned to the Windy City to practice law and in 1986 co-founded Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess. The firm grew and expanded into several states. Pat, who most recently was of counsel to Tressler LLP, was a distinguished trial attorney. He was a member and past president of the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Attorneys. He is survived by his wife, Irene, and sons Ryan and Brannen. I know you join with me in extending our prayers and condolences to Pat’s family. Earlier this year, Terry O’Connor attended a conference in England on international contract law. Terry has developed an expertise in the area of governmental contracts and some of us believe it is due in part to his association with a certain law school “study cartel” while at ND. Dan Shea writes that he continues working as a partner in the Atlanta firm of Nelson Mullins. He and his wife, Diane, frequently take time to visit their sons in Virginia and NYC. Dan notes that our profession has been good to him and he thanks ND every day for the education and worthwhile opportunities it has provided him over the years. At the time of his correspondence, he was not sure he would be able to attend the reunion as Diane is scheduled for knee surgery in early autumn. Dan sends his best to all. On a winter return trip from San Francisco, Marie and I ran into Rich Sullivan at the Charlotte airport. Rich lives in South Carolina these days and was flying to Buffalo to participate in a court proceeding. He hopes to join us at the reunion in October. Congratulations to Judy and Joe Leahy on welcoming a new grandson into their family: George Joseph. If my recollection is correct, Judy and Joe now have five beautiful grandchildren. Have a good summer, stay well and Go Irish. I hope to see you at the reunion. — John K. Plumb; jkplumb37@gmail.com


71 Reunion 2021?

Gentlemen, with a cloudy crystal ball, mark your calendars for the 50th reunion next spring, typically the first weekend in June. Presumably details will evolve and come out over time. Formal activities begin Friday, but we have historically found an off -campus location to gather Thursday night. Tom Hampson of Modesto CA has embarked on his post-retirement career. He recently was ordained as a vocational deacon in the Episcopal Church, in the San Joaquin Diocese, serving the congregation in Lodi. After retirement from the international humanitarian agency, Church World Service, Tom was able to take advantage of an ND program and spend six weeks at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem. Bob Allaire ’70 is also in Modesto, while Mark Dellamano ’70 and Mike Shaughnessy are in the Bay area for periodic visits. Karen and Rick Kettler were able to check the box for another bucket list item with a February visit to Cairo and a cruise down the Nile. Rhonda and Joe Matt are transitioning into babysitters for their new granddaughter, which entails a move to Frederick MD and building a new home. Pat and Sam Rumore, Birmingham AL, also welcomed a new granddaughter. Condolences to Vince Carr of Kailua Kona HI on the loss of Patti, after a multiyear battle with cancer. Also, condolences to Debbie Sliter and her sons on the loss of Charlie. A native of Bellevue OH, he graduated from Georgetown Law and thereafter lived and practiced in the DC/Northern Virginia area. An Arts & Letters guy, Charlie spent junior year abroad in the Angers, France, program and then called Howard home during senior year. John T. Kelly of Indianapolis has taken up writing in a serious fashion and just released Fair Ways and Foul Plays, a fictional thriller available on Amazon. Also see kellyfairways.us. Tim DiPiero, former basketball walk-on with the Austin Carr team, was a member of the world champion USA Over-70 basketball team last year.  They beat Russia in the semifinals and Ukraine in the final game in Helsinki. Hopefully by now everyone is back from extended stays in warmer climes and on the tennis courts and golf courses. Fall football anyone? One advantage to six-foot gaps is they keep the uninformed know-it-alls out of earshot. — John Snider; 830 N. Saint Peter St., South Bend 46617-1936; res 574-217-8961; cell 312-860-1779; jlscpa@yahoo.com


71MBA Class Secretary — Jim Fackelman;

4635 Lakeview Circle, Slinger WI 53086; res 262-644-6245; cell 414-379-0968; jfackelman@alumni.nd.edu


71JD Class SecretaryE. Bryan Dunigan;

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72 Student Strike 50 Years Ago

We sophomores left campus early. See the last issue of this magazine, pages 58-63, The Observers of May 1970 (archives.nd.edu/Observer), and a summer 1970 article by Ron Parent, pages 2-10 (archives.nd.edu/insight/insight-1970-summer.pdf). Rev. Ted Hesburgh, CSC ’39, appeared on a CBS special May 10 conducted by David Frost. While classes stopped, I do not find the date. Six sports teams continued until they ended their seasons on May 15. The Observer continued to be published until May 22. Graduation was held June 7. How were our grades to be treated? See Robert Schmuhl ’70, and professor of American Studies, in “Seven Days in May,” Notre Dame Magazine, winter 1989-1990, (magazine.nd.edu/stories/seven-days-in-may/) Let us take stock of our class of over 1,500, before the coronavirus hit, with a comprehensive listing of our 127 deceased, plus two reported this issue: James T. Acklin, Joseph T. Aglio DC, Mauro J. Agnelneri Jr. MD, George R. Andersen, Stephen P. Azzarelli, Bruce J. Bailey, Thomas A. Bambrick, Louis E. Barbieri, J. Brian Becker, Michael E. Blake, Channing E. Brackey, James M. Brennan III MD, Daniel J. Brown, Robert D. Browning, Edward A. Buccellato, S. Paul Cahill, Robert R. Campbell, William C. Carey, Christopher T. Carrick, Thomas A. Castline DDS, John J. Cerroni, Frederick G. Christman, Frank Ciccone, William J. Cody, Mark E. Coleman, Christopher J. Connors, James M. Cordes, Gary P. Cotter, Jacques L. Couret, Dane Criger, Michael J. Cronin, Thomas P. Cronin, John N. Dale Jr., Thomas C. D’Aquila, Thomas R. Dombkowski, James F. Donahue, James F. Donnelly III, John M. Donohue, Thomas J. Dorgan, John T. Drost, John P. Duffy, John Egart, William S. Eiler, Joel W. Ellis, David E. Englander, R. David Fahey, Michael A. Fogarty, Thomas P. Foy Jr., Matthew R. Fruzynski, Gregory F. Gannon, Thomas Gardner, William V. Gaul MD, John J. Gedert III, Hugh M. Gillespie, Cornelius P. Gleason, Mark R. Gray, Philip C. Grem MD, Paul A. Grutsch, Robert J. Halpin, Shawn M. Hill, Gerald F. Hogan, Ralph J. Holewinski, Herman M. Hooten, Philip L. Hopkins Jr., William T. Hundman, Richard A. Hungerford, Daniel Hyde, Michael F. Jeremia, Paul J. Jones Jr., Patrick M. Joyce, Gregory J. Karpinski, Brian A. Kelly, Richard Kilsheimer, Charles A. King, David M. Kirch, Terry D. Knust, Gerald Kotas, Kenneth J. Kozelski, Leonard V. Kula, James M. Kunkel, Mark S. Kurtzman, Edward Lay, Francis P. Loney, retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Paul D. Longo, J. Victor Lupo, Robert V. Maier, Gregory A. Marx, Eugene D. Masson, Mark V. Matarazzi, Paul R. Matwiy, Rory M. McHugh, Timothy J. McKay, Joseph P. McKerns, Robert J. Minnix, Anthony J. Mirabito DDS, Gerald J. O’Brien, Robert H. O’Brien, John V. O’Connor, William G. O’Hare III, Michael C. O’Leary, Donald L. Patrick, Raymond S. Perry Jr., August A. Petrillo, Michael R. Petrzelka, Wieslaw R. Piller MD, Edward Pino, Richard F. Plush, David H. Pohndorff, Edward C. Powers, William J. Powers, Raymond G. Prussing, Kevin J. Rafferty, William S. Raidt, G. Paul Rankin, Philip H. Raymond, Ronald L. Rickard, Robert W. Roche, Robert J. Rossi, Kenneth W. Ryan, Robert A. Ryan Jr., Thomas J. Salach MD, Thomas M. Savin, Eric J. Schlueter, Hubert J.P. Schoemaker, Richard J. Seryak, Paul J. Steinmiller, Thomas P. York, and Thomas C. Younger. Stephen M. Flavin passed on Jan. 23. Our condolences to his mother. Larry Russick passed away on Oct. 1, 2017. Our belated condolences to his wife Helen and their children Brian, Madeleine and Patrick. Let us pray for each other, living and deceased, to the Mother of Holiness. — Jim Thunder; thundergroup@alumni.nd.edu


72MBA Still Here

First, my apologies for having no Class Notes in the last several issues. To make a long story short, my old email service was having problems (unbeknownst to me) and finally lost my account entirely. My new email address is below. If you sent me any news in the last six to nine months, please resend it. As I write this the week after Easter, we’re amid the coronavirus lockdown and I’m praying that all of you and those you care about stay well. Now that we’re back in business with email, please let me hear from you so I have some good news to report next issue. Be well. — Alex McLellan; 913-991-0944; irish72mba@gmail.com


72JD Class SecretaryChris Schraff;

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73 Popular Guy

While a lot of our classmates are retiring, BJ Bingle just keeps on going. He recently joined Wise Montgomery in Chicago. It was a great career move for BJ, one of the most respected personal injury lawyers in Chicago and the state of Illinois. He has won hundreds of millions of dollars representing clients in accident cases. Congratulations BJ. Speaking of authors as mentioned in my last column, Don Hricik of Rocky River OH tells me he has published five novels. Don is a partially retired nephrologist and served as the chief of the division of nephrology and hypertension at Case Western Reserve U Hospitals in Cleveland for 23 years. His wife Lynne unfortunately passed away of dementia at age 64. Don wrote a short memoir about her illness, death and the impact on family and friends: Lynne’s Last Christmas: A Battle with Dementia. It is available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book. Don wanted to give a shout out to his fellow Zahmbies: Mike Forte, Tom Massiangelo, John Lauck, Mike Powers, Dick Wilson, John Phillips and Kip Browne. Dave Westenkirchner was Don’s best man at his wedding 42 years ago. Two of our classmates passed away since my last column. John Mariani was a close friend who resided next door in Alumni Hall. A well-known trial lawyer in the West Palm Beach-Ft. Lauderdale area, John was a football walk-on-turned-scholarship-player and gained notoriety with his special team skills and ability to block extra point attempts. My wife and I attended John’s funeral in West Palm Beach on Feb. 15, before the coronavirus pandemic. Also in attendance were roommates Lou Ferrello and Tom Sarb, Ned Braun, fellow attorney and high school classmate Ed Ellis, Mike Busick and teammates Denny Gutkowski, Ed Scales, Mike Frantz and Dave (Ghost) Casper ’74. John was truly a class act. Steve Petrucci of Parker CO passed away in January. He is survived by Nannette and three children. Lloyd Sullivan reports that Joe DeLois is living a successful life in Maine. He owns three hotels and a few restaurants. According to Lloyd, he is big-time entrepreneur. Thanks to Bill Kemp for the report on Rev. David W. Carr. For the past 25 years, Father David was the president of Cardinal Neuman High School in West Palm Beach. Father David retired in February and is enjoying a sabbatical before he takes his next assignment in the West Palm Beach Diocese. It was great to hear from Pat Mulva who retired as a vice president-controller for Exxon Mobil. Pat and his wife Mary reside in Sarasota FL and Pat recently joined the business council at the Mendoza School of Business. I am sorry to report that John Griffin did not win election to the appellate court in the First District of Illinois. However, John remains a circuit court judge where he will continue to render his sage advice. I am always looking for news. — Michael W. Hansen; 3013 Sanctuary Court, Joliet IL 60435; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com


73MBA Class Secretary Thomas Jindra;

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73JD Quick Thoughts

Among the things you get used to when you provide the class updates is that there is a delay of over two months between turning something in, and the date of publication. Things can change a lot in the interim. I planned on hounding some people for information, but within just a couple of weeks an awareness that a virus was spreading in a city in China turned into an almost all-consuming nightmare, and hounding people for info did not seem like such a good idea. I have not heard reports of anyone in our class contracting the virus, but the odds are probably against that continuing. All we can do is hope and pray that this passes without anywhere near the number of deaths and negative economic impact that some are saying is possible. We are holed up at our place in Florida, which is under something of a stay-at-home order (not a full order because the World Wrestling Federation was determined by the governor to be an essential activity), but we are taking it more seriously than many of our neighbors. We will not return to Vermont for at least another month. Most things there are closed, and we would have to quarantine when we get there. Let’s hope for better news next time, stay safe and well. Just before I submitted this item, I learned of the passing of Gary Lennard in February. I do not have much information, but it appears he died in Largo FL. After starting his career at Winston and Strawn in Chicago he returned to Michigan to co-found a law firm of which he is still a name partner. I knew Gary through our time on the law review, and part of me remembers that we were on opposite sides in our trial court; we lost. Hopefully I will have more information in my next post. In the meantime, our deepest condolences to his wife Lynn and the rest of his family. — Paul Reagan; 16527 Heron Coach Way, Ft. Myers FL 33908; cell 847-915-9796; pvreagan@gmail.com


74 All Is Well

How very fortunate we were to celebrate our 45th class reunion last year on campus. We had no restrictions on acting as young as we think we are, although our bodies tell us differently. I trust by the time you receive this edition, we will be well into the new normal of life. Although it is summer, I write this during the COVID-19 restrictions. To that end, while in line at Trader Joe’s, the man six feet behind me had a Notre Dame sweatshirt on, so I asked him if he was a Domer. He said yes. Then I asked what year, and he said 1974. Of all people waiting in line at 8 a.m., Sean Powers is retired and lives in Chicago part-time and in Florida part-time with his wife. He has two children and two grandchildren. Russ Dodge reached out and mentioned that he has had the Indiana Nocturne classic rock weekly radio show on four Indiana stations including WSND FM at ND. Russ and I worked at the WSND radio station while in school. He was a DJ and I was the sports announcer. Russ aims to broaden the Class of 1974 Facebook page. He asks that we all sign up and like our page. Of course, the page is limited to the Class of ’74 and spouses. Please request to join and contribute items, pictures or stories of interest. Here is a news flash on Kevin O’Neill. When Russ traveled to Detroit, he met up with Kevin. It so happens that Kevin is a crew member on Mitch Albom’s afternoon show on 760 WJR where one can hear his great song parodies. From the James Whalen (Whales) frontier, he and his family had a Griswold family ski vacation in March. When they arrived in Park City UT, the resorts closed. He did have a blast snowmobiling and cross-country skiing but they left early. Then, Salt Lake City had a 5.7 magnitude earthquake and the airport was shut down. Luckily Jim and his family were able to get home eventually. To have some fun and at the suggestion of Tom Jenkins, a Zoom/Skype teleconference occurred for their typical beach day where all the boys could hear Frank Murnane (Mr. Blah-Blah-Blah) and Dr. Pat McGrath, aka Pinko the Mouth that Roared, debate such weighty topics as who came up with our typical breakfast sandwich called the “Farm Boy” and who is the best at golf. Whales relays good news that they have the POG booked for April 24 to May 2, 2021, in Destin FL and they have a new POG record of attendees: 20 with two houses already rented. As many have done during the COVID-19 crisis, Carol Longo Kaupp, Bobbie Riconoscuito, Natalie Dwyer Haller, Dianne Gibbons Borzych, Jill Fahey Birkett and I had our weekly social hour, titled Cocktails with Carol, during our home sheltered days. It was great fun, but much better in person. Eugene Kasper retired at the end of February after 25 years as an Army civilian test and evaluation (flight test support) engineer at the Aviation Development Directorate, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field CA. In 1994 Eugene retired from active duty in the Air Force, having served as a rescue helicopter pilot, R&D engineer, chief of safety and wing flight safety officer and executive officer. He has been married to Maria for 43 years and they met while stationed at Osan Air Base, Korea. They have three children and five grandchildren who live throughout the world. He now enjoys time in the San Francisco Bay area and is a member of the San Jose Symphonic Choir. Meanwhile, please write. Since I get many emails, please put in the subject line Class of 1974 Notes. Then I won’t delete. Stay healthy and may God keep blessing us all. — Dede Lohle Simon; 440 N. Wabash Ave., Unit 3905, Chicago 60611; domerdede@aol.com


74MBA One Contributor from Florida

I was trying to invent a clever way to begin this article, but I could not find a way to be anything but straightforward. I sincerely hope this article finds our 1974 MBA classmates and their families healthy and safe. That’s my major concern. These times are unprecedented. Our prayer is that you and your families “weather this storm” as best you can in your own ways. Everything else will take care of itself. As I mentioned in my last article, Helen and I took a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale in late February. When we disembarked a week later, we spent a week vacationing in the Sunshine State. We drove to Sarasota and stayed there for several days. We met up with Sandy and Randy Marks for dinner. Randy and Sandy looked great and are enjoying the warmth and outdoors in their adopted state, after many years in Michigan and Indiana. Randy plays tennis several times a week in an over-50 league, which, Randy reports, is the largest league of its kind in the country. Over dinner, Randy related a nice story about Brian Kelly. In February, Randy attended a luncheon put on by the Notre Dame Club of Greater Sarasota. Brian Kelly was the featured speaker. At the luncheon, Brian recognized the Sarasota Club’s oldest living alumnus, Joe Newman ’38. Joe is 107 years old. He and his late wife, Sophie, were instrumental in opening the Logan Center in South Bend. As you probably know, Logan Center continues to function today, serving the developmentally disabled. Randy added that Joe drives a Mercedes convertible and has a 100-year-old fiancée. More power to you, Joe. That’s the news for now. Stay safe, be thankful for the little things, and please remember to send me some news. It can be your story or news of classmates that you are in contact with. Any news would be appreciated. — Jack Burnett; 19248 Glen Eagles Drive, Livonia MI 48152; 734-464-3458; jburnet1@sbcglobal.net


74JD Tribute to Dean Tom

I mentioned in the winter issue that Bob Mysliwiec practiced in Niles MI. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Bob was admitted to practice in Indiana and Michigan. Most of Bob’s practice was in Indiana and his office was in South Bend. Noel Augustyn was asked by Prof. Vincent Johnson 78JD, then interim dean of St. Mary’s U School of Law in San Antonio, to write one of four memorial tributes to our late Dean Thomas L. Shaffer 61JD for publication in its law journal. Noel’s insightful and touching tribute to Dean Tom appears in volume 10 of the St. Marys Journal on Legal Malpractice & Ethics, Number 1, 2019-2020. We live in challenging times. Please stay as safe as you can. — Joe OReilly; cell 502-649-6955; joe.oreilly34@icloud.com  


75 The Reunion That Almost Was

In early April, the ND Alumni Association announced the cancellation of plans for the June 2020 five-year class reunions on campus. This meant that the celebration of our 45th anniversary of graduation would likely be re-scheduled. Refunds are on the way to those who had registered. I have heard from several disappointed but understanding classmates. Health and safety clearly are the priorities of NDAA and all of us on the sidelines. Watch your email and our newly redesigned class website at nd.edu. There may be an unofficial gathering at a football game weekend this fall, if there is a football season. NDAA is looking into possibilities of a reunion weekend sometime in 2021. If you have ideas about how we should observe this anniversary year, let me know. Thanks for your patience and thoughtfulness. There is also discussion about the traditional Class Gift which is part of the five-year reunion effort. While we recognize not everyone will be in the position to do so, if you would like to contribute to a class gift in honor of our 45th reunion, please consider a gift to the Student Emergency Relief Fund. Gifts to this fund will assist students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic uncertainty. If you would like to make a gift to this fund, please visit giving.nd.edu. Gifts of any size will make a decisive impact and are greatly appreciated. In other news, class president Pat Lally reports that after 37 years, he is closing his ophthalmology practice in Pennsylvania and relocating with wife Valerie to Aspen CO to do some part-time work and enjoy his new status as a grandparent. Jeanne Murphy plans to relocate from New Jersey to Sarasota FL later this year. Please remember AMST classmate Steve Weber in your prayers, as his mother passed away in March. Jack Malone is a busy deacon in Dublin OH. He is communicating regularly via Zoom during the pandemic with daughters Maggie Soracoe ’06 and Mary Kate Martin ’08 and son John. Long-ago roommate Nick Grosch writes from New Jersey that he has worked as an attorney from home since early March and describes the real heroes of this era as the healthcare providers and front-line workers. Tim Neuville reports from Waupaca WI that he and wife Joy have lived there since 1975 and have two children. He operated Neuville Motors car dealership until this year when daughter Lindsay became president. Now Tim focuses on his “Rare” steakhouse restaurants in Madison, Milwaukee and Washington DC. When Rare in Madison hosted a recent bourbon tasting, he ran into our classmate Joe Henry who produces “J Henry” bourbon, which Tim heartily recommends. Please continue to send me your news. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; cell 563-349-0469; normbower@mchsi.com


75MBA Class Secretary Jim Ouimet;

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75JD Summer Notes

With plans for our 45th reunion squelched by the COVID-19 pandemic, a creative alternative bubbled to the surface. Thanks to an idea hatched by Ken Klatt in Atlanta and Michele (Salem) Jordan in Rome, we pulled off a virtual class reunion at high noon on Holy Saturday. Organized under the techie tutelage of Ann Williams, our Zoom chat room was populated by more than 40 of our classmates along with Joshua (Ann’s grandson) and Warren Casey’s Christmas tree. It was an opportunity to talk, laugh, commiserate, and share tales from our law school days, the passing decades, busy careers coming to a close, the joys of family, retirement ups and downs, and the dangerous pandemic that had pushed us deep into underground bunkers with our books, take-out sandwiches and Netflix stream fests. To foster a virus-free environment, Jack (the Judge) Garbo entered the chat room with an impressive supply of wipes, sanitizer and bathroom tissue. Catching up online was not as fulfilling as a real reunion with lavish dinners, fine wines and throaty toasts, but it will suffice for now. Separately, I caught up with Paul Murphy. He remained in South Bend after graduation to study for the Indiana bar exam. It was that summer that he met Roberta (Bobbie) Noack, who was doing graduate work in English. They dated into the winter when she returned to St. Paul MN where she was a teacher. On June 18, 1976, they got married at St. Catherine’s College chapel in St. Paul. From 1975 to 1979, Paul worked at the St. Joseph County Attorney’s Office as a deputy prosecutor and eventually as the chief deputy. In fact, he was on the other side of my motion to dismiss when I wiggled out of an odious speeding ticket that came my way as I drove briskly (yet quite legally) to my job in Elkhart. In 1979, Paul and Bobbie moved to Munster IN where he worked as an assistant US attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, followed later by a move back to St. Paul and eventually to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, in 2005 where he worked as the first assistant and acting US attorney. In 2009, he returned to St. Paul and the US attorney’s office for Minnesota. Retirement came in 2011, and he pivoted into academia, teaching Evidence at the U of Minnesota Law School and Criminal Procedure at the St. Thomas Law School. Paul and his wife have three sons, one an independent software engineer, another serving as a special agent with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and the third working for Google as a software engineer. As for Joe Noack, Bobbie’s brother, he also resides in the Twin Cities, having retired at the end of 2015 from Briggs and Morgan (subsequently merged with the Taft law firm) where he practiced as a partner for 32 years. With their children and five granddaughters living in the area, Joe and Ruth are wonderfully busy and blessed. Tim Westman and I are sports car aficionados with a mutual fondness for our small, nimble Miata roadsters, specially made for summer afternoons on carefree highways. Tim serves as the vice-president of the local Miata Club in St. Louis. On my end, life is good with four grandchildren just a mile away, courtesy of our daughter and her husband, Courtney and Jim Flynn ’03. Another grandchild will arrive in late summer bringing special joy to our son and his wife (Jonathan and Julie Giel) in Denver. As always, let me know what is happening in your world. Go Irish. — Frederick Giel; fggiel@gmail.com


76 Very Active

Sue and Dave Lazzeri celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the New Mexico game last September. They ran into Mary Lou ’76SMC and Bob Zanot. In February they visited Marcia Lacombe ’76SMC and Kenny Tokarz at The Villages FL, and Leisa and Jay Achterhoff in Easley SC. After 43 years on Wall Street, Tom Klein decided last summer to move in a new direction. He is an adjunct assistant professor of accounting at Saint John’s U in New York. Bill Ubbing sold his accounting practice and is looking forward to spending more time with his wife, Kathy, nine grandchildren and his motorcycle. Neal Kemp retired after 27 years of civil service, most recently as a photographer with the NYPD. John Fatti is a recently retired orthopedic surgeon, enjoying five grandchildren and working on his golf game. Recent retiree Paul Shay spent a roommates’ weekend in Phoenix with Augie Grace, Rick Supik and Tom Young. Ray Dandrea practiced dentistry for 25 years and recently retired as program director of First Tee Lehigh Valley. Ted Ursu retired last year as well. He volunteers and spends lots of time with his three grandchildren. He lost his mother this year. Charles Edwards is a retired Washington DC reporter and editor, currently living in Asheville NC. Marianne Ridge O’Connor reported that her brother-in-law and our classmate, Danny O’Connor died unexpectedly. Marianne and her friends get together each summer at Notre Dame. They walk the campus, go to Mass at Sacred Heart and catch up on each other’s lives. The group includes Marianne’s husband Dave O’Connor ’73, Teri Sullivan ’77SMC and Jim Seeley, Steve Tomlanovich and wife Susan Hudak ’77, Sarah and Mark Herr and Mary Setlock. Joe Furlong’s daughter, Kate Meskell ’07 gave birth to daughter, Sophie, who joins her brother Grady. Robert Rolfs is practicing as an internist at a community health clinic for the homeless in Salt Lake City. Paul Cassani wrote about his former roommate, Dr. John Sellick. John has been teaching infectious diseases at SUNY Buffalo and the VA. Paul and John and their wives spent time together at the US Senior Open last summer. John is now working to coordinate the COVID-19 response for the region. Tom Foristel returned to New York after graduation and went into the soft drink industry. After 35 years, he embarked on a second career as the VP-GM of a large painting contractor. He just retired. He married his wife, Michele, in 1980 and raised three sons. He lives in Harrison NY near his sons and two grandchildren. Joseph Prinster is a civil engineer in Boulder CO. Richard Deak practices international law in Philadelphia. Orest Stecyk still practices medicine in the Cleveland area. In April, the Farley Molemen recognized the first anniversary of the passing of Moleman Jim Wilson. Jim succumbed to colon cancer last year in Grand Rapids MI. John Harvan, Gil Johnson, Bill Kelly, Paul Koprowski , Tom Monaghan, Pat (Miskell) McDermott , Mike Mokris , Paul Starkey, Frank Tennant, Chip Turner, Mike Welch and other friends continue to wish Irish blessings upon Jim and Godspeed until we meet again. David Kelly organizes an annual outing to campus of ’76 athletes. They take in hockey games and a big ACC basketball game along with touring campus. Tony Hoover was honored with the 2019 Laymon Miller Award for Excellence in Acoustical Consulting. Joe Hornett will take over from Jeanine Sterling on the ND Senior Alumni Board. Angers study abroad alums David Rust and Mimi Philbin Carlson lost parents to the COVID-19 virus. Please keep them in your prayers. — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th St. NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com


76MBA News Trickles In    

I heard from Bill Cook. He says it is hard to believe he has been retired from Ford for five years, after 38 years of work. Mary Lynn and Bill have lived in Rochester Hills MI for 25 years. Prior to that, Ford moved them to St. Louis, Detroit, Washington DC and Philadelphia. Their first daughter’s family lives in Chicago. She is raising their two grandchildren. The second daughter is engaged and lives in Sausalito CA. Beyond family, Bill has had the same interests forever: cars, photography, music and live concerts. He has attended 30 automotive events/car shows annually and his albums with over 38 million hits appear on Flickr: tinyurl.com/okskz6l. “Don’t be impressed … there’s no money in it, just a lot of fun,” he says. In his trips to Indianapolis, Bill has connected with Marty Hill just about every year and always has a good time. It may not happen this year due to the pandemic. Bill, along with our classmates, hope and pray by the time this is published that significant progress will have been made toward treatment and a vaccine. Stay safe everyone. Feel free to reach out to Bill at bossmustang@comcast.net. Lynn Lee reported in. He now has a nickname: Max. He lives in the South Bend area close to Notre Dame, but will be moving soon to the Aspen CO area. Any classmates down for the games or visiting Aspen should give him a call: 574-250-4830. I have always ended our column with “blessings to you and your loved ones.” Now more than ever, that is my hope. Keep up the good work sending news. — Mike Norris; 248-330-5366; mikenorris@alumni.nd.edu


76JD Class Secretary Virgil L. Roth;

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77 Getting by With a Little Help

Perhaps ’77 Class Valedictorian Jay De Broeck MD had With A Little Help From My Friends on the turntable (what’s that, Grandpa?) when he presciently wrote his valedictory address: “We can find that suffering is not monopolized by the Third World. We see in our family and friends that loneliness and despair are just another kind of hunger, a hunger that can strike very close to home. … What I am asking you, and myself, is to believe, with all your heart, in the promise of a poor carpenter’s son from Galilee given to us 2,000 years ago, and the hope for change inherent in those promises.” In 2020, artist Christopher Kuhl had art residency plans in London and Serbia, to study Serbian Orthodox churches, icons and monasteries and an art exhibit in Belgrade. Tony Chifari and Melody Singer met Estelle Broussard Huston and Kevin Huston on Sanibel Island FL, vacationing with three of Estelle’s sisters, all SMC alumnae. Jody Gormley, Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, and the NDames Senior Women›s Rowing Team, with original coach, Clete Graham, won a bronze medal, in early 2020 competition. Jim Seeberg was a men’s club bartender at a parish St. Patrick’s Day when our daughter Victoria discovered Jim was not only a Domer but Class of ’77. St. Norbert’s pastor, Rev. Chris Gustafson, ’84, formerly of Dillon Hall and an attorney, made the rounds, talking to two of our sons, Tom and Michael Bishop, about justice, a good topic over Irish beverages. A Cavanaugh Hall friends gathering in Naples FL included Carmen and Dave Sonego, Jim Gorman, Marianne and Rene Orillac, Deb Kenny Ellsworth and Bill Ellsworth, Barb Dodge MacCourtney ’77SMC and Leo MacCourtney, and Karen and Rich Wanders, with a celebration of the wedding anniversaries of the Wanders and MacCourtneys. Montgomery “Monty” Kersten, his three sons, (twins, age 10, and a 9-year-old) and wife Christy sailed the British Virgin Islands on a 44-foot catamaran in February. Brother Bob “King” Kersten ’74 joined and paid respects to their dad John Kersten ’43. Monty used to sail with John during spring breaks. Sean Farrell retired, but is founder and managing director on a new global health center for tropical diseases along with Chris Jarosz ’87 in Chicago, who was CFO of the construction project that upgraded ND Stadium, and Rev. Tom Streit, CSC, ’80, who’s worked to eradicate several tropical diseases in Haiti for decades. In the north entrance of the Hesburgh Library hangs a mural. It is a portrait of Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC ’39, made of hundreds of individual photos of women admitted to Notre Dame during coeducation. Any alumna who submitted her photo has her name in the digital index located near the entrance. Rev. Anne Dilenschneider PhD adds: “The Hesburgh mural contains photos of all 315 women athletes (from the 12 teams we started, and cheerleaders from 1972-77) and our coaches. … Both ND and SMC women are listed. This is the only place on campus where we are all listed together.” Anne lost her mother, Rose-Marie Oppenheim Dilenschneider ’54SMC (John ’53), the matriarch of a large ND and SMC family. Allison Yuhl Kenney’s daughter Kristin and son-in-law Steve welcomed their first child, Taylor Allison Yates. Mary and John Shaughnessy were proud grandparents at the baptism of grandson Finn in February. Mary’s father passed away shortly thereafter. Argery Bitchakas Cooke lost her mother, Nyfodora “Nora,” beloved grandmother of Teddi and Dustin Cooke. Kathy Walker Beenen’s brother, Harry Walker, died of coronavirus in NYC, leaving behind wife Michele and their children. Kathy Krauss Zerda MD’s mother, Anna Marie Krauss, passed away in April from coronavirus, two weeks shy of her 100th birthday. Kathy and husband Bob Zerda ’76 and family were grateful Kathy’s sister, an ER nurse, could be with their mother. Brenda Sickle Santanello MD and Steve Santanello lost Brenda’s mother Marianne, beloved grandmother of Abbey ’15, ’16, Katie ’18 and Steven. Beth Lavins Fitzgerald also lost her mother. May they rest in God’s loving care. — Virginia McGowan Bishop; 847-291-7510; classof1977@alumni.nd.edu


77MBA Greetings

Two of our classmates died recently. On Oct. 14, Juene Barbara Knutel passed with Fred, her husband, at her side. After receiving her MBA, she accepted a teaching position at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor MI where she taught accounting for 21 years, retiring as chair of the Accounting Department 1998. She and Fred were married for 61 years. On Jan. 20, John A. Levy of Granger IN died from injuries received in a three-vehicle accident. His vehicle was struck from behind and pushed into an oncoming vehicle. John owned and operated Wintergreen Systems, Elkhart. John is survived by Kathy, his wife of 41 years. I relocated my law practice to St. Charles IL. My daily commute changed from three hours to three miles. I hope you are safe and well. — Alan Fisher; Church & Fisher LLC, 473 Dunham Road, Ste. 101, St. Charles IL 60174; 630-338-8740; alan@churchfisherlaw.com


77JD Coping with Coronavirus

I have been in touch with several classmates around the country and the world as we all cope with COVID-19. Pamela and Bob Connolly are reading a lot, taking walks on the seacoast, and staying in touch with family by phone, email and social media, possibly in lieu of planned summer trips to the Midwest. It is unclear if the ND-Navy game will take place in Dublin this year. Mike Arruda was in Tokyo for a meeting when Japan imposed its quarantine for visitors, so he won’t return home to Hong Kong until its own quarantine requirements are lifted. Included is a GPS tracking bracelet for those entering the country. He stays busy working in place. Linda Olivieri and Bill Chenoweth miss time with their grandchildren, and Linda shared that Chris Dembowski is putting his spare time to good use beautifying his yard between Michigan’s spring snowfalls. Kathie DeMetz is waiting to hear if her son Marc’s destination wedding will be postponed while worrying about her daughter Carrie who serves as a part-time firefighter/EMT in addition to working as an educator. Kathie has been in touch with Rick Stone, who is practicing admiralty law in New York City, and Frank O’Shea, who is a regulatory officer for the State of New Jersey. Rick and his wife still get to see their daughter, who waves as she walks by their apartment. Closer to the Dome, George Filippello has found that the coronavirus has cut his hours as a solo practitioner in Mishawaka to an eight-hour day. He and his wife enjoy time with grandchildren, and they plan to visit his son’s family in Tampa to become more acquainted with the newest grandson when travel is safe. Larry and I booked a 24th anniversary river cruise from Paris to Normandy in June, but, of course, that has been canceled. Given the fact that most of us know someone who has died, become ill or isolated, or lost income from the virus, we feel blessed that those close to us are coping well. Stay safe. —Janey Bennett; 4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Suite 100, Mishawaka IN 46545; 574-298-9251; bus 574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com

78 Staying Home

Greetings fellow members of the class with class. It has been a strange stretch of months: getting to know our homes in ways we never did before, experiencing nature in new ways, and sadly, coping with sickness and death of friends and loved ones in numbers almost too high to believe. Remember friends, faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible. On to the news. Paul Coppola has published an audio book available on iTunes and Audible: The Life Story and Memories of Louis Charles D’Addio. Paul ran into Joe Montana at the Super Bowl in February. Vicki Lopez’ son, Donald Wolfe, was married in a magical celebration on New Year’s Eve. Several of Vicki’s Farley Hall classmates were on hand to share the joy. Among them Tracy Kee Christopher and husband Vance, Molly McGuire Lieberman and husband Mike, Marge Meagher Hamm and husband Ward, and Keelin Garvey O’Neill and husband Jim. Don Smail attended the final round of the AT&T Pro-Am Golf tournament at Pebble Beach in February, cheering on Jimmy Dunne, who finished strong and tied for seventh place with PGA teammate partner Troy Merritt. Jim “Boobie” Clarke is letting his hair grow. He is a throwback. In April, Jack Sacco’s brilliant book, Where the Birds Never Sing, went to No. 1 on Amazon’s bestseller list again. If you have not read this book, do it now. Take a moment to check out Bruce Rand’s Facebook page, “Bruce Rand, Artist” and you will see some very cool paintings. A group of classmates who regularly convene each August at Casa de Nace Mullen in Stone Harbor NJ, recently held a Zoom session to catch up. On the call were Nace, Don Smail, Jim “Boobie” Clarke, Rich “Riles” Riley, Steve “Bones” Conover, Greg “Sweets” Switaj, Jeff “Carp” Carpenter, yours truly Jim “Souls” Coyne and Vicki Lopez. Randy “Wheat” Heimbuch spends his free time watching and listening to classic concerts. Rev. Ed Shea has been celebrating Saturday vigil and Sunday morning Mass via Zoom and livestreaming. Check out his Facebook page for more information. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention seeing Beth Kline at the Stanford game last season in Palo Alto. Beth was nice enough to come down from her seat to have a chat at half time. Pat Kennedy passed away on Easter morning after a valiant battle against the coronavirus. Several classmates organized an Irish Wake for Pat via Zoom, and shared stories, toasts and many memories about his full life, from Bookstore Basketball to the Brickyard. Joining in on the call were Tim Sullivan, Vinnie Renz, Mike Reda, Jock Boehme, Frank Caprino, Jeff Carpenter, Jim Clarke, Don Smail, Ann Combs, Don Cozzolino, Dennis Crowley, Tony Crudele, Pat Doyle, Mike Duffy, Sean Farrell, Pat Flynn, Mark Harmon, Paul Hess, Greg Kulis, Chip Lee, Vicki Lopez, Tom Marvinac, Dave O’Keefe, Danny Romano, Mark Tovey, Nick Zagota, Tim Zweber. Pat’s family was part of the memorial event, and shared how much all the support, prayers and Masses from the ND family meant to them. We also lost John Rooney, who was An Tostal chair in 1977 and 1978. John was a true son of Notre Dame. Jim Gardner, another strong supporter of the University passed away in December. In April, Greg “Otto” Principato’s dad died. Greg told me his dad loved Notre Dame, and was buried in his favorite Notre Dame jacket. Please keep those who have died and their families in your prayers. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen. An update on our Class of 1978 scholarship: We want to provide future generations with the same opportunity we had. The fund’s overarching principles include anonymity, and all gifts will be confidential. Keep us in your gifting plans as a matching fund has been established. Visit app.mobilecause.com/vf/ND1978 to donate. For more information, contact Pat Flynn at pat.flynn@indianabev.com — Jim “Souls” Coyne; 1801 Butler Pike, apartment 20, Conshohocken PA 19428; 267-847-8809; jcoyne@cohs.com

78MBA Class Secretary Mamie Anthoine Ney;

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78JD Law and Order

The law firm of Jerry W. Ross was listed in 2020 nationally and regionally by US News and World Reports’ Best Law Firm rankings: bestlawfirms.usnews.com/profile/law-office-of-jerry-w-ross/overview/77653. Jerry writes, “Joanne and I are still living in the Houston area and have our 45th wedding anniversary approaching. The best law firms listing is somewhat humorous because my practice of law these days has taken somewhat of a back seat to my grandparent responsibilities, which is where Joanne and I have our true passion. My alleged law firm is just me and the only legal work I do these days is for my long-term client, Chevron. Nevertheless, I thought the law firm listing was kind of cool. There must be someone out there who still thinks I am relevant, because I never made any submission, which is how these listings typically work.” Joseph A. Cari Jr. lectured at the Notre Dame London Campus on the financial aspects of US presidential politics. Joe said, “Luckily, this was before the virus hit London. I served in the Clinton Administration and as Vice President Gore’s national finance chair in 2000, which, I hope, gave me some interesting insights to share with the students. I am presently in merchant banking, spending time between New York, London and Dubai. Obviously, there will be no travel for some time. Pat Salvi and I are still close. He has an amazing career as a trial lawyer in Chicago and two of his sons played football under Coach Kelly at Notre Dame. Two other sons practice with Pat and they also are ND law graduates. Pat was a pall bearer for my wife when she passed, such a great friend.” Please send news. — Vincent R. Johnson; San Antonio TX; 210-410-3562; vjohnson@stmarytx.edu


79 Home and Not Alone

Because this column deadlines a couple of months before publication, I am writing this during Ohio’s stay-at-home order instituted because standing within six feet of someone and breathing is dangerous. The world is uncomfortable, and many are suffering physically, economically and emotionally. My adult daughters are back home rather than in their home cities of New York and Chicago and we are fortunate that our discomfort is limited to the four of us competing for work-at-home space and ensuring that we do not embarrass each other during virtual meetings. The bonus is our great comfort in sharing a meal every night and lingering together for long conversations that were fewer and farther between after the girls left our house to find their own ways. That my youngest will not be able to celebrate an in-person graduation and must miss being on her campus and enjoying the relationships she cultivated makes me appreciate the final rituals that we enjoyed in the spring of 1979. We thought of those rituals as a last hurrah because we did not fully appreciate that the people with whom we were celebrating would continue to provide us love, support and entertainment long into the future. I know that this is true because I am privileged to hear from you and then report our happy events, successes and losses. I confidently speak for all of us in thanking our class members who provide essential services during this time, especially those providing medical care. Bryan Gruley has been reporting on COVID-related issues for Bloomberg News. After ND, Paul Flanigan was with Price Waterhouse in Tampa, attended Miami Law School, and practiced with Morgan Lewis before he began to work for himself in hospitality and real estate. He lives in the Fort Lauderdale area with his wife Michelle, who has a home nurse care business. They have five children. He says that he will never retire but he spends weekends in the Florida Keys at Ocean Reef. He often crosses paths with Steve Cooney, who is in banking, while jogging along the beach on Highway A1A. Rusty dePina lives in Houston where he works in IT with Cole-Parmer Instrument Company. One of his four children lives in Houston, while the others are on each coast. Rusty reports that Renard Gueringer died in Detroit this spring. Renard taught high school and then worked in family social services. He also volunteered as a youth football coach. Remember Renard and those who loved him in your thoughts and prayers. — Barbara A. Langhenry; res 216-651-8962; bus 216-664-2893; breclw@aol.com


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