10 Life Changes

Katie Peralta married Jesse Soloff, a New Jersey native and UNC grad, in the North Carolina mountains last September. Because of the pandemic, it was a small family-only ceremony. In May, the couple celebrated their marriage in Montana with family and friends, including the ladies of Marion Street, all 2010 grads. The Soloffs live in Charlotte. Raymond Pashun and Mary Reilly ’11SMC were married at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Santa Rosa CA followed by a reception at St. Francis Winery and Vineyard. The maids of honor were Rebecca Reilly ’03 and Martha Reilly ’18SMC. They were joined by many friends from Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s. Ray and Mary will move to New York City for Ray to work as a cardiologist at NYU. Jennifer (Boyer) and Robert Greenfield were married on Jan. 11, 2020, and welcomed a baby girl, Eleanor Clare, on June 21, 2021. Michael Baznik and his wife, Erin, welcomed their first child, Carmelo, into the world on Feb. 22, 2019. Michael has just gotten around to sharing this news with us. Megan (Krizmanich) Figura and her husband, Mark, welcomed a baby girl, Marlowe Grace Figura, in January. Sarah (Pastorek) and Matthew Cossack welcomed Leo Richard Cossack on Feb. 9. He joins big brothers Andrew, Joe and Peter. Sara (Seidler) and Matt Camus welcomed a son, Cameron John, at the end of June. Big sister Amelia loves her little brother, even though he came early and postponed her 2nd birthday party. The new family of four is looking forward to their move to South Bend later this year. Mariana Alvarado and Brad Monroe welcomed their first child, Amanda Rafaela, on July 6 in Singapore. Congratulations to the happy couples and new parents. I hope you are all happy, healthy and fully vaccinated. Keep the updates coming. Go Irish. — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com


10MBA Another Quarter in the Books 

Chrissy Vaughn concluded a successful and fulfilling 10 years at WE Communications, the PR agency supporting Microsoft, where for the last four years she led media relations for the Microsoft 365 and Teams business. She then switched things up and moved in-house as the new head of public relations for Smartsheet, a fast-growing global SaaS company. She also co-owns and actively manages Groundswell Studio, a thriving landscape architecture and design firm, with her partner Chris Jones, son of Steve Jones ’63. And while COVID sidelined all her teams, she hopes her boots will hit the soccer pitch again soon. Kevin May and his wife, Katie, welcomed a new addition to their family. Charlotte Marlene was born on March 8. Everyone is settling into a new home in Stonewall LA. Kevin expanded his construction company to complement his real estate brokerage and property management company and continues to look for new opportunities to explore. Nick Shirk is happy to report that he and his wife, Michelle Shirk ’07JD, are doing well in La Porte IN. They have enjoyed watching their daughter, Evelyn, 10, play volleyball on a national travel team, and they have decided that watching beach volleyball is their new favorite spectator sport. Miles, 6, enjoys his summer at the Boys and Girls Club where Michelle is CEO. Becky and Joe Boone welcomed their son, John (“Johnny”) Patrick Boone, on March 4. Becky and Joe are doing great and Cora loves being a big sister. Joe continues to grow his firm, Water Street Partners, which is a Twin Cities real estate investment company that recently closed out fundraising for its second fund. This summer, the Boone family plans to maximize their time outside with trips up to the lake and out to Utah. I look forward to next quarter’s update. If you have news, send it my way. Your news is always welcome. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu


10JD Class SecretaryJennifer (Hernandez) Laffitte;

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11JD Out in the World

Hi friends. It sounds like everyone has been busy getting back out in the world, so there are not a ton of updates this round. Veronica de Zayas and Andrew Ingalls welcomed Charlotte Anne Ingalls-Zayas on July 1. Kaitlin (Moredock) and Jason DiNapoli and the DiNapoli crew returned to the US from their Italian adventure. Welcome back. That is all I have for you now. Please send me funny memories and stories. — Lauren Sharkey; lksharkey@gmail.com


12 Announcements

Kacie and John Heid welcomed their first child, Audrey Anne Heid, on May 13. The family of three is doing well. Kristen ’11SMC and William Cernanec welcomed a sweet baby girl, Grace Marie Cernanec, on May 24. Congratulations to the new families. Now for some wedding news: Rina Ventrella married Scott Johnston in Bealeton VA on July 4. Wedding party Domers were Jess Kumar, Michelle Kelly ’13 and Vickie Mayne ’13. — Tyler Harmsen; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu


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12JD Keep It Up

Greetings and salutations! Thanks again for tuning in. Having recently been made aware of the feud between my column and the column written by the brother who will always be in my shadow (both literally, thanks to the order of our columns, and figuratively, thanks our mother’s crushing favoritism), I am happy to report that the score is currently one pity update sent to my little brother by a classmate’s parent, and zero pity updates sent to me by any of your parents. Keep it up, everyone. We got a few personal updates from a few folks to start us off. First, Erin (Myers) Nell had her “second wedding” (my words, not hers) in June. She and her husband, Ryan Nell, tied the knot last September with just immediate family due to COVID. This time around, they got to have the big party. The dress was finally worn, they had a band and served late-night In-N-Out burgers, and — surprising for a wedding in Napa — went through a whole bunch of wine. They went on honeymoon in July, jaunting over to Italy to see how the pasta game has held up. Buon viaggio. I also heard from Stephanie Rochel, who became engaged to Justin Worden on April 17 at Congressional Country Club. Justin arranged for a private floral display on the main ballroom terrace, where he got down on one knee and surprised Stephanie. Immediately following the proposal, the sommelier arrived with a champagne toast that they enjoyed with her sister, Christine Rochel O’Connell ’05, and brother-in-law James O’Connell ’05. An engagement photographer captured the joyous occasion while the sun set on Congressional’s iconic golf courses in the background. The newly engaged couple finished the evening with a candlelit dinner, which included a specially crafted amuse-bouche and wine pairing. They couldn’t be more excited, and the nuptials will take place this fall. Congratulations, Stephanie and Justin. In professional news, Michael Mattingly let me know that he’s been elected to the NDLA Board for Region 9, so please feel free to send him any complaints or compliments you have regarding my column. Manasi Raveendran checked in to let me know that she recently started working at the US House of Representatives for the majority as education oversight counsel on the Committee on Education & Labor. She said it’s really different from her work at IBM, but she’s very excited to tackle the new challenge, move to DC and catch up with all of our classmates in the area, of which there are a number. And finally, Alvin Adjei told me that he went to Hawaii for the first time, where he had a total blast and met up with my younger brother for brunch. I already knew Alvin went to Hawaii because he posted a picture on Facebook of himself on the beach, looking totally shredded. Alvin, give your personal trainer a raise and a medal. Fun fact: Alvin met up with my brother because Alvin is friends with my mother on Facebook. When she saw that her second- and third-favorite young men were both in Hawaii, she made sure to organize a meetup. I can’t make this stuff up. — Jimmy Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com


13 Inching Closer to 10 Years

Well, friends, we’re getting closer and closer to that 10-year reunion. Our hair styles are outdated, kids make fun of our skinny jeans and some kid insulted me at work because I held the door open for him. It won’t be long until I need some local youths to show me how to upload these columns. I only got a few updates, but they are good ones. First off, congrats to Kenneth Matuszewski, who was recognized as one of this year’s honorees for the American Bar Association’s “On the Rise, Top 40 Young Lawyers,” given to lawyers under 40 (we still got that) who exemplify high achievement, innovation, vision, leadership and service. He currently works out of Chicago and co-chairs the Chicago Bar Association’s Racial Justice Coalition. Meanwhile, I’ve sunk to the low of actually hitting the “choose for me” button on my streaming services because the decision is too much effort. Kenny reminded me that I heard that Tom Nevins Oliver was working on a racial justice coalition in El Dorado AR, if anyone’s in the area and would like to help. As expected for a new first-time dad, he hasn’t had time to respond to my request for more info. Speaking of new dads, Max Maier’s son, Theodore “Teddy” Maier, was born June 29. According to Max, Teddy has the energy (and gas) of a diesel engine. Here’s hoping he grows up to be a Domer. I have less of a professional update and more of a professional coincidence. I have the fortune to work with Andrea Rosado ’14 (famously interviewed in the August 2010 Observer article, “Freshmen move in; Frosh-O begins”) as a co-resident and with Jeff Morgeson ’98 (whose only online ND presence is a grainy 1997 yearbook photo from his time in the Pre-Vet Club, row 3) as my attending this month. Goes to show just how extensive this alumni network can be. That’s all, folks. I didn’t get any other updates. Hopefully that’s because you’ve been out safely enjoying your summer, but I expect some high-quality updates this next go-around. It will spare Bobby Shields from having to be featured again. I’d also like to point out that the allegations made in the column above mine in the last issue were unfounded. Bold to call out unprofessionalism and bring our poor mother into this. You’re lucky she uses your column to line the cats’ litter box, or she would have been very upset. Really, folks, I would love some more updates. — Chris Champlin; nd2013updates@gmail.com


13MBA Lots of News

Jim Falbe mentioned that he is leaving Vulcan Value Partners in Birmingham AL and heading to Phoenix to join Saguaro Value Partners for what he calls, “a new take on an institutional investment firm.” Jim will of course be joined in Phoenix by Janelle and their four kids. He says everyone is blessed. Lucas Taylor helped take Alignment Healthcare (ALHC) public. He now is headed to another health care startup and will oversee the western region. Right now, he splits his time between Las Vegas and Irvine CA. He developed a woodworking hobby, so if you’re ever in Vegas or Irvine, hit him up for a beer or a chair. Chandra and Ted Kanluen welcomed their second girl, Lily, on June 2. She joins sister Sonia. The Kanluens live in Chicago and Chandra is a customer solutions director at SAP. Joe Alvarado is training for his first Muay Thai fight later this year. He has ventured into real estate investing with two rentals and one flip in the last year. And he and wife Michelle had their third child, Eva Luna, in addition to Joey and Sienna. Doug Stauber is a program director of product management at IBM, leading their data science portfolio. He and his wife, Maria, have sons Nikola, 3, and Benjamin, 6 months. Jenna Lytle said that Chris Grekowicz visited her and John in Houston, hung out with their kids, and ate at Torchy’s Tacos, possibly the best tacos and queso in Texas. It is good to hear classmates are still hanging out with each other. Lastly, Rick Bariletto said that his third daughter, Elena, entered the world in March. I hope life is getting normal for everyone. Send me updates by Oct. 17. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com


13JD Class SecretaryAlex Blair;



14 Simple and Sweet, a Short Summer Treat

Happy summer, everyone, and thank you to all who submitted updates, tributes and tales to share. First, congratulations to Quan Do, who appeared on Jeopardy! on June 15. He competed fearlessly and fiercely, rocking a very snazzy argyle sweater the whole time. If you have not watched it, go back in time and make sure to do so. In other news of love and laughter, please congratulate Katie Moran ’15 and Will Peterson, who said “I do” at Our Lady of Grace in Edina MN on May 15. And thank you to Mara Stole for sharing the nuptial news. May your summer be just the beginning of many joy-filled seasons. Lastly, please take a moment to send up a prayer for the restful repose of our classmate, Louis Nix III, who passed away in February. Our condolences and prayers to his parents and loved ones, He will live forever in our hearts and memories. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. I end this season’s update to reflect on how truly blessed we are to be loved as much as we are, and to be able to love as much as we do. It is beautiful and painful and wonderous. At the end of the day, to love and to be loved are the greatest gifts we have. Continue to spread your love to others and to be a light of love for others. And keep sending me your updates. All the best. — Lizzie Helpling; 513-470-9723; ehelplin@alumni.nd.edu 


14MBA Class Secretary Jessica Bonanno;

407-808-7148; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; 518-598-4222; kcahill1@alumni.nd.edu


14JD Perfect Pairing

While several of you were out finding the perfect pairing for your wine and Cheetos, Liz Charnowski found her perfect match: Kevin Peterson. The #pairedwithpeterson wedding took place on April 17. Krysta Gumbiner, Judy Conway ’10 and Brian Cook ’11 joined the celebration and will make sure that the rescheduled 2022 reception (classic COVID) is a smashing success. Raising the bar in Indiana, huge congrats to Libby Klesmith, who was elected president of the St. Joseph County Bar Association. Madame President, we look forward to your tenure. That is all for this quarter. If you have an update for the next edition, please contact me. — Rachel Hanley; rachelrhanley@gmail.com


15 Congratulations to All

Michael O’Brien MD graduated from the U of Florida College of Medicine in May, and matched with U of Florida for his residency in orthopedics. Annie Plachta, MBA as of May, is an alumna of the Harvard Business School. Annie served as the co-president of the Student Association and is leaving Boston for New York City. Emily Voorde started a new job in the White House Office of Public Engagement. Welcome back to DC, Voorde. Ali Wellman graduated from medical school. She will be going to UCLA for her residency program in pathology. In addition, her comics were recently featured in this year’s edition of SCOPE, an art and literary magazine. CJ Condon married Scott Keim in Chicago on June 12. Nicole Masiello is finishing a clerkship at the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit before starting a clerkship at the Southern District of New York this fall. Katie O’Brien and Carl Ramos were finally able to celebrate their wedding with family and friends on July 31 after marrying in a small ceremony in August 2020. Jason LeBlanc and Theresa St. Pierre of Wyoming Catholic College were married in Portsmouth NH on July 3. Sam Roden ’16 was best man, with other Dillon Hall alumni as groomsmen. — Emily Flores; eflores2@alumni.nd.edu


15MBA The Next Generation

It is fantastic to see the resiliency shown by the class during these turbulent months. Renewed faith and hope is seen by the next generation of baby Domers that you’ll see in this issue. William McDonald continues to live in Luxembourg with his wife, Yan. The couple welcomed their first child, Yamiche, in May. William graduated with a master’s in supply chain management from MIT in June, and he is furthering his education at Georgia Tech with a master’s in data science. Mary (Daly) Korson married Ray Korson ’11, ’14MSM in 2015. The couple lives in Mishawaka with their four kids. They will welcome baby number five in early February. After a few years in commercial real estate, Mary now cares for their children full time at home while supporting local non-profit boards. One of these is St. Thomas More Academy, a startup K-5 classical school in the Catholic tradition that will open this fall with 50 students. Kathleen and Kevin Kenefic moved back to South Bend in 2020 and welcomed their second child, Lucia (Lucy). The move was a result of Kevin starting in his new role as an investment director with South Bend private equity firm Graham Allen Partners. Kimberly Greenberg and her partner, Michael, welcomed their magical daughter, Aurora, Jan. 5 at sunrise and she lights up all the days of their lives. Kimberly works as a strategy consultant supporting nonprofits and startups with all things strategy. Janelle Aaron Einfrank and her husband, Aaron, welcomed Samuel Thomas Einfrank to the world on April 1. He has been adored by all but especially by his big sister, Leora, 3. As I write this, Jasminka (Arnautovic) Arguez and her husband, Sebastian, were excitedly awaiting the birth of their first child in August. Equally excited are Jas’s parents for the birth of their first grandchild. Farook Tirmizi and his wife, Zainab, welcomed their first child, Minerva, amidst all the challenges of the pandemic and of starting a new business. Farook is the founder and CEO of Elphinstone, a personal financial advisory platform customized and designed for consumers in emerging and frontier markets. Diana Mo and her partner, Chris, excitedly wait for Baby Mo Walker in October. When not in the Bay Area working and spending time with family, the couple can be found in adventures in Tahoe CA, Hawaii and beyond. Danielle Silva and Scotty Pfirrman MD got married in 2019. Scotty is a resident physician at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Danielle has been working for AmerisourceBergen while building her art and book illustration portfolio. (Check out daniellesilva.com.) Tom Nelson is with H&R Block overseeing retention and growth strategy. He is also on the board of one of the top theaters in Kansas City. Our thespian recently performed as Nick Bottom, the lead in the 2015 Broadway hit Something Rotten, and as the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz. In addition to acting, he participated in musical hits including Fiddler on the Roof and Mamma Mia. Noelle McIsaac married Joe Barresi last July 17. She is in the Big Apple, celebrating life, love and friendship. Our class of 2015 will be welcomed for Reunion 2022, on campus from June 2-5. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates. Finally, you will find me in San Diego, working in biotech and retreating to nature whenever possible. Please continue sending updates. I hope to see you soon. — Valeriano Lima; val@meridianx.com


15JD Class SecretaryAlisa Finelli;



16 Good Vibes, Graduations, Goings-On

I hope you’re excited about our six-year reunion next June; I know I am. You all have so much news to share. It is incredible. Congrats to our engaged couples, including Nnedimma Ann Anosike and Emmanuel Bello-Ogunu ’10; Ali Arguelles and Mitchell Haines; Maria Alejandra Assaf and Stefan Eckmann; Katie Benz and Nick McCarty; Veronica Feliz and Trever Kruger; Cecelia Heffron and Killian Brackey; Miranda Herrera and Bobby Sylvester ’17; Hayley Hoyle and Taylor Anderson; Maria Ianni and Sebastian Bellm ’22JD; Meg Mannix and Jack Larson; Sarah Neuberger and Joe McNally ’15; Alex Rizk and Courtney Ross; Kim Romano and Greg Saurs; Lizzy Sobotta and David Katter; Alex Techar and Jeffrey Brown; and Julie Vrabel and Brad Gardner. Cheers to our recently married classmates, including Caitlin Bryski and Joel Hensel; Steph Comstock and Jameson Ondrof; Rosalie Depaola and Austin Saline; Alexandra DeSanctis and Nick Marr; Taylor Ellerbrock and Aaron DiGenova; Lauren Goody and Jonathan Gordon ’15; Elizabeth Hillman and Paul Heeder; Paige Johnson and Keenan Bailey; Katie Kidd and Stephen Ueland; Gail Kelly and Cody Mason; Samantha Knee and Doug McInnis; Lucinda Krahl and Maina Musa; Jason Leblanc and Theresa St Pierre; Bryanna McGowan and Peter Sullivan ’15; Katherine McManus and Mike Shipp; Grace Pettey and Christian Emmanuel Lufulwabo; Gabriela Perez and Drew Carmona; Mary Prouse and Allen Khayat; Jacqi Riemersma and Casey Leary ’15; Kathryn Ruffalo and Phil Allen; Kristin Ryan and Brian Spahn; Teresa Saad and Brandon Angelini; Emily Smith and Gates Weaver; Austin Taliaferro and Sarah Protos; Sarah Toner and Conor Levey; Fefi Townsend ’17 and Jose Fernandez; Haley Van Steenwyk and Gary George; and Elizabeth Weir and Robert Uhl ’15. Raising a toast to all of you. We wish good health and happiness to our classmates having babies, including Dominique (Nguyen) and Mike Blume ’15 with their second; Sarah (Robison) and Brandon Bowser, also with baby No. 2; Molly (Farrington) and Michael Hudson; MK and Michael Lindt; Rachel and Nate McCormick; Mary Kate (Vincenzi) and Danny Muldoon; Angela and Josh O’Brien; Madi (King) and Mark Prather with their second; Gabbie and Diego Rayas; and Shayne and Tyler Thompson. New lawyers include Shadia Ajam and Graham Pilotte (ND); Giuliana (Carozza) Cipollone and Connor Hayes (Stanford); Caitlin (Beauchamp) Holuta (Fordham); Mckenzie Hightower, Christiann Tavitas, Michelle Wadolowski and Kerry Walsh (Georgetown); Sarah Morris (UCB); Beth Orem (Columbia); Angela Reilly (U Chicago); and Njeri Williams (DePaul). Njeri also got her master’s in public service management. Other graduates include Abby (Downey) Mills with her PhD in developmental psychology (ND); Noreen Fischer with her MBA (Carnegie Mellon); Steven Fisher with his MDiv (Harvard); Preston Igwe from UTMB Med School; Kelsey Lalka with her MBA (Michigan); Sarah (Toner) Levey from MUSC Med School; Daniel Nilsson Sjolander with his MBA (Northwestern); Jameson Ondrof with his MBA (Georgetown); Maria Oviedo with her master’s in public policy (Harvard); Brigid Pikus with her MNA and MS in data analytics (U Kansas); Claire Purcell with her master’s in art business; Erik Siegler with his MBA (ND); Lesley Stevenson with her MA in media and culture studies (UW-M); Penny Vorissis with her MBA (UCLA); and Kyle Witzigman with his master’s in public policy (Harvard). Maureen Gavin is going to StonyBrook for her master’s in speech language pathology; Brian Plamondon is headed to U Michigan for his MBA; and Sherry Zhong is headed to Northwestern for her MBA. Erin (Rice) Smith started a new job with Radio Flyer in Chicago as a product and graphic designer. Connor Quigley started a new job as recreation programmer for Teton County WY. Alex Wilcox now writes for Pix11 News, NYC. Chris Revord moved to Singapore and started a new position with WeWork’s Southeast Asia and Australia portfolio. Michael Tillema moved to Germany and works as an environmental engineer with the US Army Public Health Command. Ryan Bonner finished the Ironman 70.3 Eagleman in Cambridge MD. Samanta Rosas was featured for her travel TikToks in a National Geographic article titled, “Your best travel tip just came from TikTok.” Madeline Renezeder launched Wander Scarf. Check out her shop. Rev. Pete St. George is a candidate for the Catholic priesthood and US Military chaplaincy; he’s expected to be ordained as a priest next year. Megan Pfeifer is the new co-host of Innovatemap’s Better Product podcast. Nicole Fantozzi is on the YoungND board as the Regional Director of the Ohio Valley. Molly Seidel proudly represented Team USA and won bronze medal in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympics, becoming just the third American woman to reach the podium in the event. You all always amaze me, and you know I’d love to hear from you. — Bridget Doyle; bdoyle3@alumni.nd.edu


16MBA Looking Forward to Fall and Football 

We hope everyone had a great summer. As things continue to get back to normal, we hope to see classmates on campus this fall for football. In the meantime, please pass along any updates that you would like us to highlight in the next issue. — Claire Kenney; 734-751-2354; ckenney2@alumni.nd.edu; Kelly Rubey; 952-270-7830; kelly.rubey@nd.edu


16JD Class SecretaryMack Watson;



17 Four Years Post

It is that time of year again; our Saturdays are booked as we cheer on the Irish from bars, houses and stadiums across the county. Enjoy the tailgates and friends as you reunite and return to the Dome. Go Irish. We would like to congratulate our classmates who made career moves. Dan McKee graduated from Loyola U of Chicago Medical School. He will be completing his intern year at Medical College of Wisconsin, then will complete his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the U of Wisconsin. Joseph N. Petrone graduated law school in 2020 and is working in corporate and real estate departments at Fox Rothschild LLP. Brent Halvorson graduated from Northwestern with his Master of Science in Law. He made the move to California to start at Facebook. Kirsten Hoffman moved from Purdue U Northwest to Minnesota to work at Alive! at Nature’s Way. Caitlin Murphy moved back to South Bend to work for Notre Dame in the investment office. Best of luck to all in your new positions. Rings came in spring and summer of ’21. Congratulations are in order for the newly engaged couples: Dan McKee and Maddie Castelvecchi; Mary Closs and Jamie Sullivan; Thomas Wheeler and Mikaela Chandler; Kayleigh Murphy and Jack Murphy; Nicole Wardeberg and Connor Funk; Katarina Gay and Michael Weil; Kinga Fluder and Jon Rydburg; Amelia Zepernick and Matthew Phillips; Tomisin Ogundipe and Jacob Zinkula; Michael Romano and Ali Julian; Jackie Wilson and Connor Williams; Jeannie Jacullo and Kevin O’Rourke; and  Kendall Burgett and Connor Bagwell. We also celebrated the weddings of Rose (Anderson) and Paolo Cuello-Penaloza in June; Conor Bradley and Kate Walsh in May; Angela (Massoud) and Aidan Baker in June; and Clare Geraghty and Matthew Henne ’15 in September in Dayton OH. As the old nursery rhyme goes, after the rings we have the babies. Margaret (McDevitt) and Patrick McMahon celebrated their first child’s birthday in February and are set to welcome their second child in September. Arianna (Rominski) and Josh Dulany are welcoming their second boy in October. Casey (Gelchion) and Andy Miles are expecting their first child. Kathleen (Kollman) and Vincent Birch ’14 will welcome a baby in October. Congratulations also to Lee Kiefer, who won America’s first gold medal in women’s foil fencing at the Tokyo Olympics. Best of luck to all of you starting school in the fall. If you would like to send updates or celebrate a friend, please contact me. — Celanire Flagg; cflagg@alumni.nd.edu


17MBA Hard to Believe

Hi, everyone. By the time you read this it will be fall. It’s hard to believe that five years ago, we were kicking off Mods 1 and 2. I have a few updates from classmates. First, we have some baby news. Georges Tchankwe and Christelle Fangen welcomed a son on April 28; his name is Kyle Sebastien Tchankwe. Kaitlyn and Chris Faulkner welcomed their daughter, Elizabeth Rose Faulkner, this past May. Congrats to both families on their new arrivals. We also have a few career updates. Heena Purohit was promoted to a group product manager at IBM Watson. As part of her duties, she will be responsible for the AI services product portfolio. Congratulations, Heena. Finally, I have some news of my own to share. I was promoted to finance manager at Baxter International. Cheers to the MBA Class of 2017. — Mary Tomasik Foran; mtomasik@alumni.nd.edu


17JD Wedding Bells 

Ellen Kane and Nicholas Schilling Jr. ’14, ’17JD, were married at St. Pius X in Granger IN on Sept. 5, 2020. Despite the pandemic, they were able to celebrate with their immediate families, which still turned out to be a Domer-filled affair. Joining the newlyweds in their wedding party were Catherine (Kane) ’09 and Joe Falvey ’09, Katherine Schilling Clark ’10, ’19MA, Megan Schilling ’16, ’18MEd and Christopher Schilling ’20. The Notre Dame community was further represented by Nicholas’s parents and paternal grandparents and Ellen’s father: Susan (Miller) ’86SMC and Nick Schilling ’86; Mary ’53SMC and C. George Schilling Jr. ’53; and Tim Kane ’81. The always generous Rev. Pete McCormick, CSC, ‘06MDiv, ‘15MBA, Nicholas’s first rector in Keough Hall and current director of Campus Ministry, presided alongside Rev. Monsignor Bill Schooler, the pastor of St. Pius X. As further proof of the power of the Notre Dame alumni network, Nicholas met Ellen on a blind date after he ran into Joe Falvey at aN ND alumni event in Washington DC. The couple lives in the Washington DC area. Please send your updates. — Lauren Nottoli; laurennottoli@gmail.com


18 Cheers

Hello friends. We were thrilled to cheer on the Irish with so many of you in our Class of 2018 section at the Toledo game in September. It is always wonderful to see so many familiar faces, especially after being apart last year. Congratulations to our classmates who have gotten engaged or married. Starting with news from one of our class officers, Sara Dugan and Nick Jones ’17 got engaged in July in Pittsburgh. George Porter and Monica Ochoa got engaged on May 20 in Los Angeles while celebrating their master’s graduation with their families. Joshua Meyers and Cailin Jerger, living in Arlington VA, became engaged on April 25. Josh proposed at Shenandoah National Park, one of the couple’s favorite places. Jack Puetz and Zoe Timmermann got engaged on the Georgetown Waterfront in Washington DC in April. They met in the marching band, went to the Big Red Dawg Dance together on their first date, and “the rest is history.” They live in Arlington VA where Jack works in digital media and Zoe works in public accounting. Congratulations to Thomas Walsh and Kathy Minko for crossing each other’s hometown mailboxes, for making pirate dances more than just a Saturday night tradition, for refusing not to peak abroad, and for getting married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Joe Wells and Maya Hermerding were married on June 12 in Brainerd MN. Morrissey Manor roommate Jon Rouhana served as best man. Groomsmen included Darby Regan (also of Morrissey Manor) and Alex Hadley, a fellow PLS alum. Joe and Maya live in Minneapolis as Maya prepares for law school at the U of Minnesota. Kevin Gorman and Colleen Crooks ’17SMC were married on July 10 at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Congratulations to Bridget and Patrick Koehr, whose second son, Charlie, was born on June 22. Tierney Vrdolyak is excited to announce that she will be entering the postulancy with the Sisters of Life (SV). John Michael (Hogue) Quinn is working for Democrats for Life of America in Washington DC. Grey Dietz received a Master of Science in Integrative and Functional Nutrition in 2020 before beginning medical school online due to COVID-19 in Fall 2020. She moved to Barbados to complete her second year of medical school but will return to the US in 2022 for clinical rotations. — Matthew Peters; mgpeters96@gmail.com


18MBA Class Secretary Patrick McHail;



19 Heights to Reach

Class of 2019 continues to reach great new heights. Megan Irving started serving as a regional director on the Young ND board. Hannah Ray and her husband, Nick Heise, purchased a new home. Megan Crowley graduated from the U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a master’s degree in social work. Colleen Fink is planning the 2021 US Senior Open and looking for ND people in Omaha NE to help. Adriana Fazio is helping Katie Couric write her memoir, which is set to be released in October. Congratulations to Grace Garvey, who got engaged to JD Moore. Mary Ninneman and her husband, Christopher Cardon, welcomed a beautiful, happy and healthy daughter, Tala Adelina Cardon, into the world on July 10.. Way to go Class of 2019. We cannot wait to see what else you accomplish in the years to come. — Michael Conlon, Dan Hopkinson, Jane Draino, Eddie Griesedieck; notredameclass19@gmail.com


19JD New Secretary 

Hello everyone. I am excited to bring you updates as our class secretary. A lot has happened since we graduated two years ago. AJ Simonton moved to Lewis Wagner in Indianapolis. Maggie Adams left the Windy City and is at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in San Francisco. Dan Murdock is at Kirkland & Ellis. Many of us are planning for the future now that the pandemic is nearing an end. For many, that means getting engaged. Katherine Miller (that’s me) and Tom Dwyer got engaged in August 2020 and will wed in 2022 in their shared hometown of St. Louis. Luke Franz and Logan Fahey are also going to be married in 2022 in Cleveland. Kim Hardges is engaged to Luke Petterson. Kari Lorenston and Matt Razzano are engaged and will get married in September. Lexi Woods and Michael Scott got engaged in June. Jack Fitzgerald proposed to Brooke McDermid at sunrise on the beach on the day he moved from his first clerkship in Jacksonville FL. Quite a few members of our class have been married since our graduation. Sarah Henderson and Jack Blais married in an intimate ceremony in June and are excited to celebrate with friends next year. Darcy Egan and Christopher Lee ’18MSM married on July 3. Lexi ’20MS SMC and Michael Murtha also got married this summer. Sam Troyer and Jason Goodwin got married on July 17. Alexis and Lawrence Wesco married in April 2020 and, amidst several moves around the East Coast, they welcomed baby Norah Kate on April 8, 2021. Corey and Chris Hemmerich welcomed their fifth child, baby Conrad, on May 14. We’ve had a busy two years. I look forward to sharing many more updates with you in the future. — Katherine Miller; Portland OR; miller.a.katherine@gmail.com