The Secrets of Santa Sabina Summer 2021

The Secrets of Santa Sabina cover

The Sacred Shapes of Santa Sabina

by Paul Elie

‘Time in Rome has taught me to try to see things whole. You don’t go straight to the painting or altar cited in the guidebook. The whole is the thing. Rome is the whole of wholes.’

When in Rome

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Notre Dame’s architecture students learn more than art and design during their year in the Eternal City.

Something for the Soul

by Alison Macor ’88

By distributing Communion at St. David’s Medical Center, she nurtures those in need of peace and healing — in a sacrament and ministry that has altered her, too.

Hitting a New Mother Load

by Tara Hunt McMullen ’12

Women bore more than their fair share of the household burdens before the pandemic. The stresses only got worse when everyone stayed home.

A Girl in Summer

by Mel Livatino

Some memories are so beautiful — and rich in meaning — that they linger a lifetime.

The Stories of Names

by Mark Phillips

There were reasons places were called Suicide Hollow and Starvation Hill and Ischua Creek. As those meanings fade into the past, the land becomes less haunted and more lonely.

The Game Played ’Round the World

by Matt Cashore ’94

As senior photographer Matt Cashore ’94 traveled the globe on University assignments, he noticed a love shared by humans everywhere.

The Enigmatic Anton-Hermann Chroust

by Margaret Fosmoe ’85 and William Anderson ’67

Could one of Notre Dame’s most eccentric professors really have been a Nazi agent?