50 Men of Many Passions

The family of Robert R. Uhl ’49, ’50JD let me know that several of his descendants gathered at ND in July to mark what would have been his 100th birthday. Bob’s five children, including Cathleen (Uhl) Stock ’75 and Mary (Uhl) Brooks ’79, plus some spouses and grandchildren (including Robert C. Uhl ’15 and his recent bride, Elizabeth Weir ’16; missing was Betsy Brooks ’08), talked all things ND and family history. Charles F. Murphy Jr. graduated in January 1951 but also “reunioned” with the Class of ’50. He passed away at age 92 on June 4 in Cave Creek AZ. After ND, Charlie served in the Army and then moved to Chicago, where he was employed by the architectural firm, CF Murphy Associates and later Murphy/Jahn Inc. He is survived by three former wives (Elita, Patricia and Donna), four children, two stepchildren and one granddaughter. Walter J. Grothaus Jr., one of “Leahy’s Lads,” died on June 4 in Berwyn PA at age 94. A native of Cincinnati, he earned a scholarship to play for the Irish in 1945. One of his boyhood friends, Frank “Rodney” Johnson, joined him. Walt deferred some eligibility to serve in the Army Air Corps during WWII and his family said, “When he returned from duty, there were nine players competing for the starting center position and six were lettermen. He prevailed, obtaining the coveted spot of starting center for the 1949 National Championship Team. In the 1950 NFL Draft, he was selected by the Chicago Cardinals, but decided to go into business instead.” He often said, “I had so much fun playing for ND, I didn’t think that being a pro could top it.” Walt worked at Grote Manufacturing Company and later founded the Grothaus Sales Company. He was also the first president of the ND Club of Philadelphia. Walt’s wife, Claire, and a son passed away before he did. He is survived by three children, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Robert J. Meunier, 92, died on Feb. 9. Other than his service in the Army during WWII and his years at ND, Bob spent most of his life in Kansas City MO. Bob’s family reported that he “never missed watching a ND football game. He was an avid golfer and joked that at the age of 80 he still had a score less than his age after golfing 18 holes.”Bob’s wife, Julia, predeceased him, but he is survived by three children, five stepchildren, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Robert D. Russel passed away at age 92 on April 19 in Lakewood CO. Following graduation, Dan served in the Army and then became a journalist, working for the Santa Fe New Mexican, Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post. Dan is survived by his wife, Flora, eight children, 16 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. John E. Lindberg died on April 28 in Tucson at age 94. He served in the Army Air Corps during WWII and then became a Double Domer, receiving a law degree in 1951. John was a legal professional for over 40 years. John’s wife, Jean, one son and a grandson preceded him in death, but he is survived by 10 children, 22 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. James C. Curran passed away on May 1 in Peterborough NH at the age of 92. After graduating, Jim served in the Navy (active/reserves) until 1971. In 1953, he earned a degree in Foreign Service Studies from Georgetown U and then worked at the US Embassy in Tehran before transferring to the American Consulate in Cape Town. He earned an MA at Tufts in 1966 and continued his foreign service in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Jim was later assigned to the State Dept. Economic Affairs Bureau, American Embassy in Lome, Togo, and American Consulate in Melbourne, Australia. Jim was later elected as New Hampshire representative for Hillsborough (District 3). Jim is survived by his wife, Polly, seven children, 15 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Richard R. Tillman, 94, died on June 18 in Rio Vista CA. He served in the Navy during WWII and was later the production manager at Unicast Steel Corp., a family-owned business in Toledo OH. He was preceded in death by his wives, Marjorie (31 years) and Doris (24 years), two grandchildren and one great-grandchild, but is survived by 12 children, four stepchildren, 39 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren. If you would like to share news about the class or stories from your time at ND, please let me know. — Jim Coogan ’91; 4 Gile Drive, Unit 2A, Hanover NH 03755; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


51 Farewell to True Notre Dame Men

Hi everybody, this is my dad’s last column for the Class of ’51. It has been his sheer delight to represent the class and keep in touch with his classmates over the years. Unfortunately, Jim Gillis passed away on Oct. 27 after a short illness. Jim was a resident of Walnut Creek CA for the past 14 years, and Los Angeles for 46 years. He was a proud son of Notre Dame and was a longtime president of the ND Club of Los Angeles. He received Notre Dame’s Harvey G. Foster Award in 2003. Jim was an All-American baseball player at Notre Dame, and never lost his love for the Fighting Irish. Several of Jim’s classmates also passed away recently. Bill Anhut of Ypsilanti MI passed away just after ND vanquished USC on Oct. 23. In the words of his son, with two minutes left on the clock, Bill “quietly took a knee.” Bill was a founding member of the Notre Dame Club of Ann Arbor. All nine of his children attended Catholic colleges, including four at Notre Dame. (One was a leprechaun in 1985-86.) In 1973, Bill was president of the Ypsilanti American Little League and allowed a girl to play with the boys. The international Little League Baseball office in Williamsport stripped the Ypsi league of its charter. Bill promptly filed a lawsuit that, though it eventually lost, opened the floodgates for many other legal challenges resulting in Little League Baseball changing its policy and allowing girls to play with the boys. Raymond Jonardi, Pittsburgh PA, died on Oct. 5. Ray received a football scholarship to Notre Dame and was a member of the 1949 National Championship team coached by the legendary Frank Leahy. In 2004, he was honored to be awarded his Notre Dame Monogram for football from then-athletic director Kevin White. Ray spent most of his career with Westinghouse in Pittsburgh. Don Grieve of Chicago died July 19. Don played minor league baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers organization and attended Notre Dame on a basketball and baseball scholarship. Always an avid ND fan, Don was on the ND Monogram Club Board of Directors. Don had a long career as an executive with the General Motors Chevrolet Division. Tom Costello, Naples FL, passed away on Feb. 17. Tom spent a long career in advertising, including starting his own agency, and remained a passionate supporter of Notre Dame. These were all sons of Notre Dame. I would not be my father’s daughter if I didn’t mention that there are still books available. Contact Jane at jimjanegillis@aol.com. — Kerrie Gillis


52 All the Festivities

As of Aug. 1, there are 25 of us going to our 70th reunion and most are staying in the Morris Inn. President George Heidcamp is making great plans for us, hopefully in the afternoon and evening before 9 p.m. My hours now are 9 to 9. If any of you decide to attend, please advise George so he can include you in all the festivities. Also, he advised that the Field of Dreams wasn’t on his bucket list but his son Terrance ’78 and grandson George ’07 attended the game. Will it always be New York and Chicago? Or will they have all the teams play? Ed Sullivan advised that he and Barbara celebrated their 90th birthdays in the house where they raised their six children. They also celebrated the college graduation of two grandchildren, adding to 12 others. Twin grandsons started at Florida Tech after four years in the Army Rangers. Bill Schultheis spent 15 days in the hospital recovering from the COVID, plus two weeks in a nursing home regaining his strength. He and his wife, Jo, live in an upscale retirement home in Rockford IL that Bill originally started in 1993 and directed after retiring from his previous employment. John Minck has compiled lists including Ten Atta Boys, Ten Atta Girls, and about 50 to 60 others. He said his grandson asked him for a bucket list and believes the grandson will find a way for him to tackle the list. But John says he doesn’t enjoy traveling that much. John knows the plight of a secretary as he was responsible for a quarterly newsletter for an international trade association. Some of the input was reliable but there were times he had to make requests for information. So, please help me. Send me anything, past or present, that might be interesting. Maybe resend something you sent in 20 or 50 years ago. What did you do on your 90th birthday? Maybe it was something like I did, probably breaking the law at the time. My 90th was June 25, 2020, so I wanted to hold the party on the closest Saturday in June, I wanted to have it at the Huntington Beach Lodge as they have ample parking, but they couldn’t open because of COVID so we wound up having it here at the house. About 60 people attended and we had lasagna catered. We hired a waitress from the Newport Elks Lodge and her son. The kids did all the work in preparing for the party, so Irene didn’t have to do a thing, before or after. We are planning on holding the 95th at the Huntington Beach Lodge. I screwed up and didn’t tell people not to bring gifts, so I got golf balls and more booze. My 95th will be no gifts, but we will have the large purple pig from our lodge for donations for the California-Hawaii charity for handicapped kids and will split the funds between the lodges. Ralph Richards, professor emeritus at the U of Arizona, was cited for his founding work in the development of the BS in optical science engineering in the Wyatt College of Optical Sciences and Engineering. I just got back from a senior alumni luncheon and Ed Krupps was there. It turns out he is two weeks older and lives about three miles away. Bill Delaney sent enough info to cover a full report. I will work on it for the next issue. — Tony Messina; 8202 Drybank Drive, Huntington Beach CA 92646; tonyandirene@gmail.com


53 A While Back
A program from the 1953 Bengal Bouts was sent by Bill DeCrick as he cleaned house in anticipation of his move to assisted living. What a flood of memories. The brochure heralds the fact that our senior year was the 22nd year of the Bengal Bouts, which, by the way, is still going strong with the Baraka Bouts being added for women. In ascending weight classes, our classmates were Brendon Cryan, Pat Drew, Gus Freda, Frank Gerlitz, Don Berman, Bob Bickert, Lee Getschow, Bill Ahern and George Demet. The announcers were Gerry Voit and Walt Werner. The tournament clerk was Pat Ross, who I believe sustained a concussion in earlier Bengal Bouts. Our classmates on the support staff were Joe David, programs; Lee Tavis, publicity; Bill Keane, accounting; Bob Hull, concession; George McCourt, promoter. There are also pictures of Frank Brennan and Nappy Napolitano. The many-page brochure contains ads from merchants and South Bend watering holes which were favorites of students. A few of these survive but many are just names from the past. Thanks, Bill. If any classmates or families of classmates wish to obtain a copy of the brochure, I will cast around and see how that might be accomplished at a minimum of cost yet preserving the clarity of the pictures. We will be in Naples from the middle of November until late April or early May. The fall in South Bend has been idyllic and I hope the price of snow and cold is not to be paid this winter. In addition to overseeing the email broadcasts, which is an important undertaking, Cullen Langford communicates with friends from around the world via ham radio. Dave O’Leary’s brother, Rev. James O’Leary, was feted at a retirement party in Kalamazoo. Father Jim, in addition to trying to keep Dave on the straight and narrow, still has office hours at Kalamazoo College. As I write this, Ralph Argen planned to spend November and December in Texas. John Dwyer is settling well in his new digs in Richmond VA. I think I jinxed Bill Maus’ daughter-in-law, by bragging about her recovery from cardiac surgery, as she was hit with another medical whammy. She will beat this wrap, too, with an occasional prayer from you. Rev. Thomas Smith, CSC, stayed a little longer in the States than he planned. He was set to return on Nov. 4 to Uganda, assuming the planes were flying. The Class of 1953 is always in his daily prayers. Jack Powers has been hobbled with a leg problem, hospitalized and then rehabbing. His threats to “run away from home” didn’t scare anyone, so he cut that out. Two of our classmates were the subjects of New York Times obituaries, Al DeCrane and Jack Dilenschneider. Al was noted for his service as an oil company executive and Jack for his expertise in bankruptcy law. They are to be buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery at Notre Dame. Since the last column and at the time of this submission, the following members have died: John Lucey, Dave Martin and Robert Giradot. George Blubaugh sent a note lamenting the passing, with the newspaper obituaries, of his Columbus OH friends Joe Finan and Jack Dilenschneider. He also enclosed a moving obituary of his wife, Jean Ann, who died a year ago. To all and for all, prayers are the lasting hope. — Jerry Mulvihill; 51098 Heatherton Court, Granger IN 46530; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com 


53JD Class Secretary Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; yokeemup@aol.com


54 Never Move a Mile

I have settled into my new rental unit. It is more expensive but worth it: bigger, brighter, cleaner and with a landlord who is an hour away. I realized I have too much stuff. Now I am going through all the clothing to see what to keep and what to donate. Also, I am shredding paper I do not need. Nice neighbors make this an enjoyable place. Every Sunday, I talk with Julie Duschka, Walt Dushcka’s niece, and at her urging I have started to write a book. Another lady friend gave this advice: “Sit with a pad for an hour. If you get a thought, write it down. You may sit for an hour and nothing, but you will get the story.” I called a few weeks later with the news I wrote two pages. “See, it takes time,” was her remark. I’m having fun, but it is hard work. Hugh Haggerty has added a new sports link to the web. Try it. As I write this, Thanksgiving is approaching, and we have much to be thankful for: our faith and the Blessed Mother. Our wealth is our family. Give them a hug and kiss and tell them you love them. It might be your last chance. We will soon celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus. Enjoy it with your family. My wish and prayer for you is that your Christmas be blessed and happy and that 2022 brings you good health and happiness. The following classmates went home. James Shane, Richard White, John Leibert, Tom White and James Ferron. Remember them and their families in your prayers. God bless. Go Irish. — John (Jack) Mertens; 2100 Ocean Shore Blvd. Apt. 203, Ormond Beach FL 32176; 845-216-7251; jacknd54@gmail.com


55 Easy Exercise

I’m starting these notes after our collapse against Cincinnati. With any luck, my mood may change before I finish this effort. First, many thanks for your input. It makes this exercise easy. Compliments to Mack Stewart for all his work on the Warm the Children program. Thanks to Mike Kelly for supplying an interesting rendition of YMCA. Emmet Root, Bill Richardson, Jim Bourne and Dick Burke sent comments on the “QUILL” football notes. For those of us who had to access via radio, it was painful. Jerry Hughes provided some great photography. Don Shanley came out on top in a shooting competition. He claims he beat two “legends.” Dr. Frank Schmidt was one of many who reported problems with Peacock. Rev. Joe O’Donnell checked in with 9/11 recall and thoughts on Irish football. Gridiron comments also came from John Hester, Jim Bourne and Bill Richardson. Hester also notes that Irish football continues undefeated at Soldier Field in Chicago. A great story came from Sandra Fullmer. She was in Chicago to receive a lifetime golf award and had lunch with Dick Beeman, Jack Flynn and Jack’s wife, Stephanie. Frank Schillo enjoyed time with family in Wisconsin. He is involved in an effort to help the homeless in Thousand Oaks CA. Continued thanks to webmaster Bob McGrath for his excellent effort to keep us all connected. Bob just got back on coaching, transfer portals and recruiting. A good long update came from Ron Smith. He and Mary spend time at Whitefish Bay and winters in Naples FL. Both locations serve as great family gathering spots. His 17 grandkids are a continuing blessing. They added a pontoon boat to their inventory and enjoy watching grandkids in athletic efforts. He maintains contact with John Rodgers, Harry Edelstein and Emmet Root. Jac Fitzenz has finished a new book: The Shanahans: An Irish Family Love Story. Cy Lindeman solicits class prayer for a sick friend. Lee Crean reports they are getting back to normal after a clash with Hurricane Ida. They had some house damage and a lengthy power loss. He is back at the WWII Museum in New Orleans providing tour and lecture service. Shannon Lund from Dick Burke’s office provided the latest update on contributors to the Class Fund. This is aimed at Mass intentions for 55’ers and families. Our thanks to the most recent contributors: Tom Neville, Charles Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. John Dwyer, Frank Schmidt MD, Rita Prevosnik, Tom Brand and Jerry Hughes. Many thanks to all. Class Fund donations: Make checks to ND Class of ’55. Mail to: Dick Burke, 21st Floor, 330 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago IL 60611. Don’t forget Reunion 2022. We now have 30 optimists indicating plans to attend, but there is room for more. Heads up: If you learn of any classmate passing, please promptly advise Bob McGrath at robert.mcgrath@mgrc.com. We have lost three more classmates who are now with Our Lady. RIP: Leon Ring, Jack Reed and Max Roesler. God bless and keep in touch. — Tom Magill; 119 Atlantic Road, North Palm Beach Fl 33408; 561-842-3019; magillt@bellsouth.net


56 Greetings to Classmates

The Irish are doing their best to shake down the thunder. I saw this sign at St. Francis of Assisi Church: “All Life Seen and Unseen Is Sacred.” Johnnie Manion took my telephone call the other day. He is not at his best. I received a note from Dan Boland asking for prayers for Phil Agee. We will. Dan reminds us that we all must head in God’s direction. The Gospel reflection from ND tells us to “Do what is right even when no one is looking.” I must remember that. Joe Deck came to ND from Buffalo in 1952. He sat next to me last night at a meeting and I knew him immediately after 65 years. Tom Conlon sends his best. Jim Dowdle’s wife, Sally, and I had a great chat. I told her that Gene O’Connor and I stole his soap every time he took a shower at St. Ed’s Hall. Bernie Van Etten died June 22 in Crete IL. Leo High, marble stone contractor, Jim Revord gave a great homily for a great guy; John (Jay) Maddigan died May 28 in Vero Beach FL. A VP at Chubb Insurance, he loved the Adirondacks. Bob Dunegan died May 13 in Charlotte NC. He studied mechanical engineering, played piano and organ, and was in the heavy truck industry. Pat Nakfoor died May 26 in Lansing MI. He played football on scholarship and became an orthodontist. Felix Park died July 4 in Tulsa, OK. He was in the Navy, worked as a financier and was a friend of Bill Warren. Don Killian died Aug. 20 in Barrington IL. He was a Navy vet and a successful entrepreneur. Matt Stahl died Aug. 8 in Woodstock IL. He was a civil engineer and head of naval construction for 19 states. He was loved by all. Rolly Bernhold died Sept. 27 in Minster OH. He played football, baseball and basketball. He was in the Navy and worked in insurance. Joe Mulfur died Aug. 25 in Jefferson IN. He was a great golfer at ND, an NCAA champ, a pilot, an engineer, had nine children and loved his sweetheart, Janet. Bob Jastrab called about Jim Mense; both are fine. Dick O’Keefe called to say, “Who you are is a gift from God, who you become is your gift to God.” Judy and Dick Clark are doing well, John Murray, Joe Kalbas, Paul Noland, Hank Dixon, John Kegaly are staying in touch. I hope I didn’t miss anybody. “Vita, Dulcedo, Spes. Life, Sweetness and Hope.” The motto of Our Lady’s University. Go Irish. — Ed Cosgrove; 525 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202; bus 716-854-2211; eccosgrove@cosgrovelawfirm.com


56JD Life Story

I hope you are all making it through this first part of the year and are ready to party into the second. Please send me any notes or stories. I’d love to send them out here. I am sad to announce the passing of James (Jim) Coryn ’54, ’56JD on June 3. Jim was born March 20, 1932, in Rock Island IL to J. Ralph and Ann (Rink) Coryn. He entered the Army in 1956 and served two years in Korea. He worked under the judge advocate and taught business law for the U of Maryland. Jim was separated from service in 1958 and transferred to the inactive reserves with an honorable discharge in 1962. He joined the Rock Island law firm of Sinnett, Rink and Coryn and he remained a partner with the succeeding firms culminating with the firm of Coryn and Walker. Jim was a member of the Illinois and Iowa Bar Associations for over 50 years. He served as president of the Rock Island County Bar Association. He also taught business law at Moline Community College. He tried jury cases for the State of Illinois Acquisition of Properties for right of way. He also represented property owners in eminent domain proceedings in Rock Island, Whiteside and Mercer counties. Jim loved to play golf and was a member of Short Hills Country Club for 30 years. He later joined the RI Arsenal Golf Club. Jim married Carol Herrity of Clinton IA in May 1959. They raised four children: Joan, Paul, Lucy and John. Carol passed away in January 1996. In May 1999, Jim married Gloria (Stoudt) Foley in South Bend. They enjoyed traveling and made several trips to Europe. — Lauren Starkey ’08; 703-927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com


57 More Deaths to Report

Guadalupe E. Montalvo passed on May 27. He was a Marine Corps veteran of 24 years, serving in Korea and Vietnam. He leaves behind his wife of 35 years, Olga. Thomas H. Riley Jr. of Chicago passed on June 21. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Patricia, and their three children. Tom got his law degree from DePaul U. Jerome “Jerry” O. Slawik passed on June 28. A graduate in business administration, Jerry trained with the Army and was a tank commander serving in the Army reserves, attaining the rank of captain. Jerry is survived by his much-loved wife of 64 years, Delores, and their five children. Matthew “Matt” E. Tutino passed on June 5 and leaves behind his blended family consisting of wife, Ann, nine children, 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Matt was appointed vice president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States by President Gerald R. Ford. Dennis “Denny” J. Britt passed away Aug. 12. In over 50 years of practicing law, Dennis impacted generations of lawyers and clients with his unparalleled technical mastery, keen intellect and biting sense of humor. Denny is survived by his wife, Lois, three daughters and his grandchildren. Richard “Dick” D. Priest, died on Aug. 13. Among his proudest achievements were serving with the Marine Corps during the Korean War, graduating from Notre Dame, and receiving his JD from Georgetown Law. While in Washington DC, he worked for the CIA before returning to Syracuse where he practiced law for more than 50 years. He is survived by his wife, Ellen, eight children and numerous grandchildren. Thomas R. Eckman MD passed away Aug. 9. After serving two years as an Air Force captain in the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, he joined the staff at Passavant Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Tom was part of a research team that worked to find a cure for choriocarcinoma. He started the “Share” program 33 years ago to assist families dealing with adverse outcomes of pregnancies. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Mary Alice, and three children. Thomas W. Haley passed on Aug. 9. While at Notre Dame, Tom joined the Naval ROTC program, served two years as a lieutenant in the Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor. In 1960, Tom began his career as a hospital administrator. He was especially proud of overseeing the construction and running of what was then called Dwyer Memorial Hospital, now called Providence Milwaukie Hospital in Oregon. Tom is survived by his wife, Anita, and four children. Robert “Bob” Moran passed on Oct 2. Bob proposed to his wife, Julie, just two months after meeting this “cute little pharmacist” on a snowy sleigh ride. Serving as a navy lieutenant commander and surgeon, Bob served onboard the USS Hancock during the Vietnam War. Bob was a co-founder of the National Hernia Institute which was highly regarded with successful hernia repair techniques. Bob and Julie had four children. Frank K. Reilly died Sept. 23. Frank held the position of Dean of the Mendoza College of Business from 1981-87 and was the Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance from 1987-2015. During his time at the University, Reilly specialized in research on security analysis and capital markets, and received the Notre Dame Faculty Award in 1999, given in recognition of outstanding service to the University. Reilly’s wife, Therese, died in 2015. He is survived by four children and many grandchildren. Mathias “Matt” Wey passed on Sept. 1 and was preceded in death by his loving wife of 63 years, Rose Marie, “Ree.” Congratulations to Betty Woodward, wife of Ken Woodward, who was honored by the Alumni Association and Senior Alumni for her years of service to disadvantaged children, refugees, the incarcerated, and her own communities. Betty received the Rev. Louis J. Putz, CSC, Award on Sept. 9. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses while we still can. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 N. Mandalay Drive, Peoria IL; 309-453-8986; jslev57@gmail.com


58 Fondly Remembered

Thomas H. Cook passed away Dec. 26, 2019. He was preceded in death by his wife, Joan. He is survived by a daughter and three sons. Tom received his engineering degrees from ND and Carnegie Mellon U. He then worked in the field of computers and consulting for 40 years in Buffalo NY and Pittsburgh. Tom loved singing and was a member and president of the Notre Dame Glee Club. He also performed with the Mendelssohn Choir in Pittsburgh. John M. Rigby of Salem SC passed away Sept. 25, 2020, after complications from surgery. He was born in South Bend and followed his older brother to Yale, graduating in 1951 with a degree in history, after which he returned to South Bend and completed his JD from Notre Dame. He was married in 1954 to Jacqueline “Lynn.” They had four daughters. He practiced law in Niles MI where he served as city attorney. James H. Dailey died at home in Maple Valley WA June 12. Jim grew up in Burlington IA. After graduating from ND, he served in the Navy as a lieutenant JG then graduated from Iowa Law School and practiced law. After marriage, he and his wife moved to Olympia WA where he was an attorney in the attorney general’s office. Later, he moved to Redmond WA where he joined a law firm. He and his wife, Collette, had five sons. Richard J. Waltz passed away July 31 with his wife and family by his side. He was born in Barberton OH. Richard received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at ND. He worked for Babcock & Wilcox for 35 years before working for the city of Barberton for more than a decade. He is survived by his wife, Beverly, whom he married in 1958, and six sons. David M. Roberts passed away on July 8 in Richmond VA. He is survived by his wife, Mary, five children and seven grandchildren. He worked at Campbell’s Soup and later at Richfood and C. F. Saur. Francis X. Kenny passed away on Aug. 22 surrounded by his family. Born in Jersey City NJ, he grew up in Union NJ. He graduated from ND with a BS in commerce and an MBA from Rutgers U in 1965. He married Gerri at Sacred Heart Basilica in August 1958. Frank worked in labor relations and human resources for Western Electric/AT&T for a total of 31 years, then went to Columbus OH until he retired in 1990. He returned to Indianapolis in 1991 and worked for the American Lung Association, where he remained for 10 years before retiring. He is survived by his wife, four children, eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, and extended family. John F. Hennedy died at home after a brief illness on July 14. He enjoyed teaching English at Providence College for more than 50 years. He is survived by Marie, his wife of 58 years, their five children, and 15 grandchildren. Robert F. Duffy of Blountsville AL passed away Oct. 10, 2020. He is survived by Karen, his wife of 48 years, his son Robert Jr., four grandchildren, and other family members. Frances Draine of Mt. Pleasant SC passed away on Sept. 26, 2020. He was preceded in death by wife Marion. After ND, he received his JD from South Carolina School of Law. He served in the Navy and then practiced law in Chicago and Columbia SC. He is survived by four children and six grandchildren. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 114 Sagamore Parkway, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com


58JD Class SecretaryJohn F. Murray;

2036 Cheltenham Court, Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; johnandnell66@gmail.com 


59 Continuing Literary Contributions

Our Class of ’59 continues to make fine contributions. Joe Heil heard from Kerry Temple ’74, editor of ND Magazine, that an article he wrote will be published in a future issue. Great job, Joe. Mike Cross MD of DePere WI has requested prayers of classmates and spouses for retired Navy Capt. Joe Shaw ’60, who served in the Navy for 29 years. Joe was recently diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer, with a prognosis of just two weeks. Joe was part of that distinguished crew who lived on the second floor of Zahm Hall in 1955-56 that included Norm Odyniec and Mark Shields. Joe and his wife, Jeanette, reside in Somerville MA. Thanks to all for your concern and especially for your prayers for Joe and Jeanette during this difficult time. I am pleased to announce that Michael Pilger, son of Christine and Donald Pilger ’87, nephew of Kelly and Paul Pilger ’89, Ann Pilger ’95SMC, Mike Kelly ’87 and grandson of Elena and David Pilger ’59 of Hollywood FL, is residing in Alumni Hall this fall as a member of the Class of 2025. When Ryan McGee enrolled at ND this fall, he became the fourth generation in the McGee family to become a Domer. Arthur J. McGee, the patriarch, graduated in 1931. Two sons followed him to campus, including our classmate, Ed McGee of Bethany Beach DE, and Dr. Tim McGee ’58. Then, three grandchildren arrived on campus: Monica McGee Svenmark ’91, Moira Kathleen McGee ’92, and Brendan (“Casey”) McGee ’95. Another classmate, Joe Krug of Centerville OH is also part of four generations of Domers. Joe’s father, Alphonse Krug, was in the Class of 1922. Joe has two brothers who are also ND men: Thomas Alphonse Krug ’53, and Jim Krug ’56. Four of Joe’s children followed him: Joe Krug ’83 (monogram, football), John Krug ’86 (All-American, wrestling), Michael Krug ’98 and Kim Krug Conde ’00. Four Krug grandchildren are fourth-generation alumni: Patricia Landers ’12, Sarah Krug ’13, Joe Krug ’14 and Thomas Krug ’20. For several years, Bob Kill of South Bend and St. George UT has gently reminded our class president Joe Mulligan, that Joe continually omits St. Ed’s Hall, when he refers to “the Freshman Quad.” Now identified by the University as the North Quad, it also includes Breen-Phillips, Farley, Zahm and Cavanaugh. Yep. We did indeed have classmates living in St. Ed’s, during our freshman and sophomore year, when Joe had long-believed that only Badin, Howard, Morrissey and Zahm housed ’59ers. Joe went to the ND Archives digital copies of the ND student directories and he discovered that these men lived in St. Ed’s as freshmen: John (Tiny) Conaton, Bruce Connolly, Bob Cox, Tim Cremin, Jon DeWitt, John Diebel, Frank Doherty, Jim Donovan, Jim Dorsey, Ron Durant, John David Farrell, Clark Fergus, Ed Fixari, Bernie Fliger, Jim Gargiulo, Jim Garrity, Don Gerne, Dick Giannini, Jim Gilchrist, Jerry Gorman, John Grace, Ray Grubbe, Tom Halligan, Dave Hampshire, Mike Hanahan, Don Hazelton, Pete Hellawell, Bill Herber, Paul Hession, Bill Kane, Terry Keating, Tom Lopina, John Maloney, Arden Norton, Nick Pietrosante, Chuck Puntillo, Tom Reinhart, Dick Royer, Ron Schoenberg, Jim Short, Fred Stepanich and Jorge Zablah. Mary and Fred Lavin moved to eastern North Carolina about 17 years ago after retiring from the practice of law in Buffalo NY. Pat and Dick Bringaze, a native Chicagoan, have moved from Barrington IL to Algonquin IL. Gerry and Paul Willihnganz, after living for 23 years in the wine country in Santa Rosa CA, moved back to Buffalo NY, Paul’s hometown. This places Paul closer geographically to his bandleader, Gene Bertoncini (NYC). Sadly, we share news of the passing of Joe Lechman (5/23, Hollidaysburg PA), Chris Walsh (6/2, Grosse Pointe Shores MI, Suzanne), Bob Good (6/23, Brecksvillle OH, Carol), Klaus Muller-Bergh (8/1, Glencoe IL.) A big “thank you” to Len Trotta for alerting us to the passing of Art Shannon (Bloomfield Hills, MI) on Sept. 28. Bob Brennan (Saint Louis) has a wonderful suggestion that we pray a virtual rosary every Saturday at 9 a.m. (ET) for classmates and their families. Please send me information. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net


59JD Class Secretary William J. Harte;