10 Happy 2022

Juliet (Joly) Webb married Army Maj. Brian Webb on Aug. 7 at Saint Rita Church in Alexandria VA. The pastor of the Church is Rev. Chris Christensen ’06. They took photos at Juliet’s high school, Georgetown Visitation in Washington DC. Juliet’s sisters Joanna, Janine ’11 and Jeannette were in the wedding, as was Juliet’s best friend, Emily Duffy. Monika (Perry) and Chris Luken welcomed their third child, Joelle Colette, on July 2. She joins siblings Nora, 4, and Nolan, 2. A group of friends from the class of 2010 unknowingly formed a serendipitous pregnancy pact and had three baby girls in July. Caitlyn (Hofer) and Nicholas Dan started the baby parade off with Olivia Hofer Dan born on July 4. Nicole (Buckley) ’07 and Marc Cohen welcomed Serafina Quinn Cohen on July 20. Less than a week later, Lauren (Albergo) ’11 and Cameron Randle followed with the birth of Zoe Albergo Randle on July 25. Congratulations to the happy families and their new additions. It is with great sadness that I share the death of our classmate Christopher Doyen. He leaves behind his husband, Thomas David, and parents Anne ’83 and Michael Doyen ’83. As we welcome 2022, please send an update to let your classmates know what you’re up to. Weddings, babies, moves, new jobs and game show appearances are all fair game. Go Irish. — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com


10MBA 2021 in the Books 

Congratulations to Nick Ong and his father, Richard Ong ’77, whose Ong and Co. CPA (ongandcompany.com) business was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Kansas City. Nick has been busy advising clients on how to handle the evolving COVID-19 relief and SBA assistance, in addition to the usual tax, payroll and estate advisory services. Nick lives outside Kansas City with his wife, Rachel, and four amazing kids. Victor Arias shared that he continues to be a cultural conduit with another successful Hispanic Heritage Month this fall. Victor amplifies the power of diversity at work and in his community. At work, he is a managing account supervisor on the sports team at Ketchum Public Relations where he brings together his passion for sports, multicultural strategy, and brand storytelling. At home in LA, Victor and his wife have two amazing sons, Vito, 4, and Marcus, 1. I look forward to hearing your news; share it with me anytime. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu


10JD Class SecretaryJennifer (Hernandez) Laffitte;

10310 Southwest 128th Ave., Miami FL 33186; res 305-322-7154; bus 786-762-3815; jherna11@alumni.nd.edu


11 Back in Action

After a slight pause, we are back, and there was a lot of action while we were gone. First, there were 14 new additions to the family that we know of. In March of 2020 Kaitlin (Robinson) and John Lawlor welcomed their third daughter, Olivia Jeanne. The same month, Megan (McGarry) and Eric Leis welcomed their son, James Francis, and Evan Possley ’12 is the proud godfather. They are expecting James’ little brother in December. Erica (Severson) and Brian Cook welcomed their second child, Charles Ignatius, in February. They love watching his brother, Theodore, embrace him into the family. Lillian (Civantos) and Matt Gerken welcomed their fourth child and first daughter, Clare Lucia, this spring. Clare joins brothers Matthew, James and Andrew, all homeschooled in Berwyn IL. They would love to connect with other homeschooling Domers in the area. In March, Theresa (Civantos) and Frank Barber welcomed their daughter Margaret Aveline, joining siblings Frankie, Kate and Lydia. Michelle (Maitz) and Jeff Parsons welcomed their daughter, Avery Kate. They live in the Dallas area. Brigid (Mangano) ’11, ’12MA and Andrew Boyle welcomed their second daughter, Aileen Camille. In April, Celia (Johns) and Trevor O’Brien ’10 welcomed a daughter, Rowan Rose. She will be welcomed into the Notre Dame family and Catholic Church this fall with a baptism in the Log Chapel to be celebrated with godparents Kathy and Mike Hoffman ’10 and Rev. Pete McCormick, CSC, ’06MDiv, ’15MBA. In May, Jena Doom and Nick Holzemer welcomed their daughter, Quinn. In June, Nicole and Jordan Smith welcomed their third child, Charlie. His siblings, Henry and Josephine, are very excited. Also in June, Katie (Dapper) ’12SMC and Mike Dressing had their second child, Hannah Kathryn. Julie (Bujnowski) ’12 and Andrew O’Brochta welcomed their first child, Anna, in Chicago in September. A few weeks later, Lindsay Schwartz MD, husband Adam Gruner and big sister Tierney Marie welcomed Kieran Allen into the family. A few days later, Katie (Sample) and Matt Robinson welcomed their second son, Joseph Wade. Joseph’s brother, Luke, is thrilled. Now for the unions and reunions: Matthew Moore proposed to Anne Nguyen ’12 at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park in September. They live in Los Angeles and are planning to marry in late 2022. Jackson Bangs married Ashlie Grimes in Upper Montclair NJ in October. Marcelo Perez was a groomsman, Jackson’s sister, Tessa Bangs ’18, was a bridesmaid, and other Domers including Jackson’s father, Gregg Bangs ’77, attended in person or virtually. The couple recently purchased a home in Bloomfield NJ and after an exciting fall are looking forward to a quieter 2022. Claire Brosnihan got engaged to her Italian fiancé, Nico, in February and will be married in a Catholic ceremony near Modena, Italy, in June. Ellen and Paul Duncan ’09 live in Atlanta with their daughters Dillon and Sloane. Ellen owns Pineapple Partners, an independent growth marketing firm. She enjoyed reconnecting with classmates Phoebe Mellen, Mimi DiSipio, Erica Ramirez, Cath and Conor Brennan and Dan Woodhouse in Boston this summer. Stephanie DePrez received an artist grant from the Wagner Society, finished her Fulbright in Vienna in May, sang the National Anthem for a Colorado Rockies game, and then performed with the American Wagner Project in Las Vegas. She lives in Berlin where she works as a professional stand-up comedian and opera singer. She welcomes classmates to visit her, even if they did not hang out in college. Christiana Maxion lives in Dubai with her toy poodle, Toby. She is growing her dating solutions empire as the UAE’s first dating manager and coach. She hosts a self-named YouTube channel and “Dating in Dubai” podcast. She is also the writer and creator of a new television series to air in early 2022. And as for me, Kate Clitheroe, after living abroad for six years, I came back stateside and purchased a home no more than five minutes from my parents. I love relaxing at home with my adorable cat, Miss Rio, and still travel significantly for my work with One World Surgery. Look for information about our 11-year reunion taking place in 2022. Message me if you want to help plan the event. And that’s it. Until next time, take a deep breath and know that you’re doing your best. Cheers. — Kate Clitheroe; class president; class11@nd.edu


11MBA Class Secretary Mimi Wilfong;

903-714-4988; mimitwilfong@gmail.com


11JD Sad News

A few members of our class have kindly put the following tribute together for these notes. It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our friend, Alexander Lee, on Oct. 3. Those who had the pleasure of knowing him will remember his easy smile, unwavering positivity, and unbelievable kindness and generosity. He also loved his friends deeply and was dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the bonds he had with those closest to him, willing to give the most precious resource in our lives, time. He always made time for his friends and loved ones, whether it was to invite them to Las Vegas, to meet them at a football game, or have a quick chat. If Alex was going to be in your city or town, he was sure to reach out because he simply wanted to spend time with you. Finally, Alex had wisdom in abundance and, like with everything else, he was incredibly generous in sharing that wisdom and advice. Though his time on this earth was tragically cut short, the number of lives that he touched (and how deeply) is astounding. Alex was one of a kind and will never be forgotten. We can take some comfort in the fact that he passed away surrounded by friends and loved ones, and that he is now drinking Cristal with Avicii and doing his best to ensure Notre Dame wins every Saturday. Thank you to our classmates for paying Alex a better tribute than I could have ever. We will all miss him and keep his legacy in our hearts. Send me any favorite Alex memories and I can make it a compendium in our next notes. On another note, our class added small ones to our ranks. Samantha Winter McAlpin and Greg McAlpin ’07 welcomed Samuel John (Jack) McAlpin on Aug. 17. With his stately lineage, maternal creativity inheritance and analytical genes from his paternal side, the future is endless for our newest power baby. Jim Lockwood ’08, ’11JD and wife Sarah Lockwood welcomed Brianna also on Aug. 17. A fortuitous day. Amelia Yowell and husband John Tran welcomed Theodore Yowell Tran on Aug. 30. ND law journals, look out in about 22 years. — Lauren Sharkey ’08; lksharkey@gmail.com


12 Birth Announcements

Congratulations to Doug Carder and his wife, Stephanie ’13SMC, as they welcomed their third child, Josephine Marie, on July 30. Josephine joins siblings Sarah and Michael in the growing family. Joseph Sorice and his wife, Katie ’12SMC, welcomed Theodore Francis into the world in April 2021. He is the brother of Joseph “Joey” Anthony Sorice Jr. born in July 2019. Congratulations. — Tyler Harmsen; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu


12MBA Class SecretaryJennafer Palumbo;



12JD Here Again

Hello, classmates, and thanks again for tuning in to another Very Special Episode of Class Notes: Law 2012 Edition. No barbs at my brother’s expense this time, or else I’m disinvited from Christmas. To start us off, Michael Ten Broeke completed his triennial pilgrimage to La Push WA. He spends his time there meditating among the pines, listening to the ocean tides and “reinvigorating my unwavering support for Team Jacob.” I, Jimmy Champlin, also had some recent fun nature time, including a trip to the Palm Springs area, where I discovered that I don’t hate hiking as much as I assumed I did. Maybe I only like being outside in places with perfect weather and stunning views? Colin Diamond braved the wilderness of radio broadcasting in August, when he appeared as a guest on the Karen Conti Show on Chicago’s WGN radio. Colin talked about dog attacks and the legal angles pet owners should keep in mind. He privately assured me that I have nothing to worry about with my own princess, Frankie, who Colin confirmed is a perfect good girl who can do no wrong. Brittany Hunt-Jassey checked in and let me know that she took a new job in the fall as the legislative liaison for the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth. She is also an official Airbnb Superhost, so if anyone is visiting the Sooner State let her know so she can hook you up. Brittany also informed me that her own sibling instincts confirm that I am my mother’s favorite, which doesn’t count as me being mean because Brittany said it, and not me. Sharon Lim went on a cross-country road trip to help her sister move, and along the way she saw Brett Wasinger and his family in Wichita. She dropped in on James Emanuel and his wife on the way through St. Louis. Sharon also hung out with Brigette Dutra, who happened to be passing through San Francisco at the same time Sharon was there to see Bonnie Park ’13JD. It was a busy summer for Sharon, who also managed to find the time to grab dinner with my wife. I was not invited. Sharon says she’s sorry, but I don’t think she’s actually sorry. Finally, Sharon let me know that James Mitchell joined Carlton Fields’s Atlanta office in September. He’s handling complex commercial litigation, arbitrations and appeals. And finally, by the time this prints, Alvin Adjei and I will have reunited in early November for a lakeside wedding in upstate New York. We will be sharing a car and cabin for the weekend, and Alvin says that he has developed a rich itinerary for the trip. It apparently includes early-morning plunges into the lake to “awaken our primal life forces,” late night astronomy/ufology research, and a quick run through the Boy Scout basketry merit badge curriculum. I look forward to the trip, as the basket I made in junior high was terrible and I could use a do-over. Keep sending me those updates. — Jimmy Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com


13 Missing Those ND Winters

Hello everyone, thanks for coming to another issue of Class Notes. We do not have too many updates, which is a bummer. Hearing what people are accomplishing is a bright spot in my otherwise spam-filled email account. We’ll start off with weddings. Megan Malley married Matt Smith in Seattle in August. They lived in adjacent dorms (Lyons and Morrissey) but didn’t meet until a game watch in San Francisco years after graduation. Small world-meets-amazing alumni network. There were lots of graduates in attendance, as was their 90-pound puppy, Bodhi, who looked quite dashing in his bowtie. One of their attendants, Rachel Perron, married the next month to Conor McCarthy in Colorado. I heard through the grapevine that Shannon McDowell married Andrew Kwong in September. I got several updates from Ragan (Todd) Ogg. One mentioned that Chelsea Nobriga married Andrew Alberts on Oct. 1 in Sonoma CA. The next day, Adam Holzmeister married Meredith Barack in Indianapolis. The highlight of the email, though, was that Ragan and her husband, Danny Ogg, welcomed their first child, Dorothy, on Sept. 4. Jack Hough and Katie Wehner welcomed Charlotte in August. I only received one professional update this time around. Frank Tantone ’85JD let me know that his son Nick Tantone married Marra Kassman. Nick is a practicing attorney in New York, having gone from ND to Fordham for law school. It was nice to get an email from a law alumnus that didn’t begin and end by insulting me. Thank you, Mr. Tantone, for restoring my image of ND Law that the slanderous column above mine so frequently tarnishes. Well, folks, that’s all I got this time. If you’d like to read more, you should sleuth social media and send me more updates to include. The only person I hear from on a regular basis is Ryan Lion, who insists that I include every new restaurant he’s tried. Let me give you a hint: most of them are chain fast-food taco places. Cheers. — Chris Champlin; nd2013updates@gmail.com


13MBA The Latest News

I am happy to pass along info on more marriages and births. Ashley and Elie El-Zammar got married in North Vancouver. They live in Dallas, where Elie took on a new role with Microsoft. Stephanie and Brian Griffiths had another son, Jack. They live in Milwaukee where Brian remains with Northwestern Mutual, working in real estate. Hillary ’14 and Ian Galbraith celebrated the first birthday of their son, James Aaron, and are looking forward to his first campus visit and football game. The next set of updates is due Jan. 16. Please send what you want to share my way. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com


13JD Class SecretaryAlex Blair;



14 The Times and Leaves Are A-Changing

I’m writing this update on a gorgeous October day, and although I already miss 80 degrees and sunny, the sound of leaves crunching under my shoes as I walk and that fall smell is something to love. I am happy to report that I made a pilgrimage back to campus this fall for the Cincinnati game, my first trip back to campus in over three years, and it was good for my soul. I ran into several friends there: Austin Lagomarsino somehow found me in the midst of all the tailgating, which I can only assume means he is part bloodhound because those parking lots were crowded. Additionally, I just want to give a shout-out to my amazing housemates for the weekend: Catherine Cichon, Kellie (Travis) Shlifer, Catherine Ake, Aubreanna Bobb and Laurel Komos (plus Eric, Roland and Brandon, who were good sports the entire weekend). I don’t think any of us had laughed that long in a very long time. Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about you. I’m thrilled to announce that Nicholas Schilling ’14, ’17JD and Ellen Kane celebrated their marriage at St. Pius X in Granger on Sept. 5, 2020. Despite the pandemic, they were able to celebrate with their immediate families, which still turned out to be a Domer-filled affair. Joining the newlyweds in their wedding party were Catherine Kane Falvey ’09, Joe Falvey ’09, Katherine (Schilling) Clark ’10, ’19MA, Megan Schilling ’16, ’18MEd and Christopher Schilling ’20. The Notre Dame community was further represented by Nicholas’s parents and paternal grandparents and Ellen’s father: Nick Schilling ’86, Susan Miller Schilling ’86SMC, C. George Schilling Jr. ’53, Mary Schilling ’53SMC and Tim Kane ’81. The always-generous Rev. Pete McCormick, CSC, ’06MDiv, ’15MBA, Nicholas’s first rector in Keough Hall and current director of campus ministry, presided alongside Rev. Monsignor Bill Schooler, the pastor of St. Pius X. As further proof of the power of the Notre Dame alumni network, Nicholas met Ellen on a blind date after he ran into Joe Falvey at an ND alumni event in Washington DC. The couple lives in the Washington DC area. Additionally, Samantha and Robert McKenna welcomed their son on Sept. 23. Congratulations to you both. We can’t wait to see pictures of little Theodore decked out in ND swag. As always, thank you all for your news and your love. Keep the updates coming. You know how to find me. All the best. — Lizzie Helpling; 513-470-9723; ehelplin@alumni.nd.edu 

14MBA Class Secretary Jessica Bonanno;

407-808-7148; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; 518-598-4222; kcahill1@alumni.nd.edu


14JD Bigger Gatherings

This year’s Thanksgiving dinners and tree decorating parties included a few additions to the ND fam. Congrats to Christina Sindoni Ciocca and Henry Ciocca on the birth of their daughter Francesca Marie Ciocca on July 29. Marie is Christina’s mother’s middle name, and Francesca goes by “Frankie” in honor of Christina’s dad. She also sports a stellar ND onesie that is quickly becoming a fam favorite. Congratulations also to April Kentala and Matt Kentala on the birth of their second daughter, Delilah Mae Kentala, on Sept. 14. She loves to sleep all day and party all night, and like her middle namesake, she thinks too much of a good thing can be wonderful, if the thing is milk. (See quotes, Mae West.) This announcement is overdue which is in theme with the wedding-day delays experienced by Katelyn Will and her new husband, Jesse Will. COVID strikes again. The wedding finally took place on June 28 and the couple is overjoyed they got to celebrate with their friends and family. That’s all for this quarter. If you have an update for the next edition, please contact me. — Rachel Hanley; rachelrhanley@gmail.com


15 Congratulations, Classmates

Robert Uhl and Elizabeth Weir ’16 were married on June 5 in Rochester NY with too many ND friends in attendance to list. They honeymooned in Bora Bora and Tahiti, French Polynesia. Michael Rawls ’15, ’17MSM, ’20 MA got engaged to Stephanie Snyder ’20MA in April. Their wedding was set for December. Christopher Barnes successfully defended his thesis and was awarded a PhD in high energy particle physics from the U of Michigan in July. He accepted a position at Mitre in Washington DC working as a data scientist in their aviation division. John Olson married Lauren Harbauer Aug. 13 at the Basilica. Carroll vermin Alex Beecham and Pasquerilla West purple weasel Maria McMullen got engaged and are getting married in October 2022. They first met at DomerFest in 2011. — Emily Flores; eflores2@alumni.nd.edu 


15MBA Class Secretary Valeriano Lima;



15JD Class SecretaryAlisa Finelli;



16 Causes for Celebration

Cheers to our recently engaged couples: Bianca Almada and Brandon Liebhaber; Erin Aucar and Nick Lessen; Erin Bishop and Thomas Luppi; Maddie Braman and Logan Lally; Emily Claps and Joe Driano; Macie Coker and Taylor Billings; Brittany Dymm ’17 and Ralph Hauke; Ali Gibson and Chris Kozuch; Dajana Gjoza and Alex Sganga; Gaby Greig and Mitch Patin; Haley Hoyle and Taylor Anderson; Abbey Hubregsen and Jake Fennelly; Alexandra Lane and Mike O’Neill Jr. ’15; Hannah Miller and John King; Darby Mountford and Blake Nelson ’15; Courtney Ross and Alex Rizzo; Kim Sammons and Ryan Hipshman; Crystal Thomas and Sam Spivey; and Trisha Utter and Andre Archer. Congratulations to all our recently married couples: Morgan Akre and Jim Bauer; Paige Affinito and TJ Veech; Theresa Barton and Stephen Cray; Louise Chakejian and Ryan Bonner; Madeline Chandra and Thomas Kolakowski; Lauren Chipchak and Brendan Thielsen; Alex Ciesla ’17 and Joe Albert; Caroline Corsones and Jack Rooney; Alex Coticchia and Patrick Spellacy; Annie Crea ’18 and Andy Jensen; Liz Feeley ’17 and Peter O’Connor; Lexie Fisher and Phil Krebs; Dominique Giordano ’19JD and Peter Gonzales; Lexy Griess and Vance Petitt; Caitlin Gruis and EJ Hinlo; Elise Gruneisen and Gabe Jacobs; Meg Kingsley and Leighton Peters; Lucinda Krahl and Maina Musa ’12; Rachel Kubasak and Michael Servatius; Dominic Lanari and Apoorva Arora; Grace Mazur and Matt Lawton ’15; Megan McCuen and Matt Witt; Christin Moermond and EJ Leppert; Caitlin O’Connor and Joe Mueller ’15; Emma Shannon and Tom Czaja; Elizabeth Weir and Robert Uhl ’15; and Jackie Werner and Pat Wieland. We love new baby content: Dominique (Nguyen) and Mike Blume ’15 welcomed Blaise in September; Giuliana (Carozza) and Frankie Cipollone welcomed Elena in October; Crystal (Avila) ’17 and Bernie Floeder expect their third in March; Kristin (Brennan) and Mark Frego ’15 had little George in August; Sarah (Followill) and Skyler Hughes expect a boy in December; Kate (Hermeling) and Matt Hutchinson had Margot in October; Zoe (Rote) and Adam Kourajian ’15 have a baby due in January; Theresa and Jason LeBlanc expect a girl in April; MK and Michael Lindt welcomed Michael in October; Bridget (Bruns) and Chris Moyer expect their second in March; and Madi (King) and Mark Prather were expecting their second in November. Congrats to the inaugural class of ND Monogram Movers: Josh Anderson, Genevieve Heidkamp and Sarah Russel. Cheers also to classmates in this year’s Domer Dozen: Austin Hickman and Zoe (Rote) Kourajian. Evelyn Huang was featured in the NDAA Domer Diaries for her work changing Indiana law on needlestick injuries. Erin Aucar just started as director of operations with Sent Ventures in DC. Kevin Frost is back at ND on the annual giving team in Development. Alexa Lodenquai started as product marketing manager with Ribbon Health. Allie Mosser started as a revenue accountant at Google in Chicago. Shannon Kearney started as a business and travel associate with The Trust. Elise Hight started as a personal trainer with Equinox, competed in the Memphis Ironman, placed first in her age group and third overall. She also ran the Chicago Triathlon, as did Melissa Krumdick. Ashley Murphy ran the Chicago Marathon. Ashley is now a clinical psychology PhD student at Northwestern U. Kelly Marous works as the marketing manager for One Platform Creative Development with NBC Universal. Austin Hunt works with ICM Partners in LA. Bridget O’Hara graduated from Pace U with her MS in Physician Assistant Studies. Alexis Olson is an MBA candidate at Northwestern U, and Emily Horton is an MBA candidate at Harvard U. Gabe Jacobs serves on the Notre Dame Advisory Council for Architecture. Alex Lawson and doubles partner Robert Galloway made it to the second round of the US Open. As for me, I started a new job planning events at The Don CeSar in St Pete Beach FL. Email me and let me know what you’re up to lately. — Bridget Doyle; bdoyle3@alumni.nd.edu 


16MBA Back Together Again

After a long battle against the pandemic, it’s been great seeing classmates again as many made their way to campus for the return of Notre Dame football. And nobody knows a battle against the pandemic like couples planning weddings. Neysa Nankervis ’16JD and Tom Callen welcomed son Tyce Doermer Nankervis Callen on July 12 amidst planning for a third wedding date. Tom and Neysa married on Sept. 25 in Pismo Beach CA. Tom, Neysa, Tyce and their dog, Indy, reside in Pasadena CA. Jennifer Bifro and Kevin Hanrahan tied the knot this fall following multiple reschedules. Kevin and Jenn married Oct. 15 in Chicago where many classmates joined in the celebration. Erica and Andrew Keegan welcomed baby Garret Covey Keegan on Oct. 4. The Keegan family resides in Chicago and is adapting well to life as new parents. Good luck to those still in the wedding planning process. I am looking at you Ann Elise DeBelina and Andrew Yeh, Sagar Patil and Maggie Christensen. — Claire Kenney; 734-751-2354; ckenney2@alumni.nd.edu; Kelly Rubey; 952-270-7830; kelly.rubey@nd.edu 


16JD Class SecretaryMack Watson;



17 Special Meaning

Hopefully as you read this, you are snuggled up enjoying jingle bells and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Enjoy the snowy weather and gatherings with family and friends, which for many take on a special meaning after the crazy year we lived through last year. While it was a chaotic 2020, it led to a productive and joyous 2021. We would like to extend congratulations to our newly engaged classmates: Katie Schneeberger and Ryan Bradley; Allie Griffith and Francis Eugene Robert ’19MA; Anna Baumhoer and Harrison Solis; and Emma Farnan and Leah Sullivan. Vanessa Solórzano is engaged to Guille Alvarez. Also engaged are Elena Silla and Zack Crafton; Tess Rawlins and Corey Archibeque; Megan Parisi and Jack Winke; Brittany Dymm and Ralph Hauke; Caitlin O’Loughlin and Keegan; Ethan Kovar and Hannah Dakin; Luke DeTrempe and Amanda Conklin. Wedding bells rang for many of our classmates. It was wonderful for classmates to reunite and celebrate with family and friends, near and far. Cheers to the newlyweds. Colin Lillibridge married Holland Shodeen; Ryan Kearney married Alison Coffey in August; Alex Ciesla and Joe Albert ’16 wed in October; and Ashley Calvani and Mike Feula also tied the knot in October. Some classmates even returned to celebrate their marriage under the Golden Dome. Friends came from across the country to help celebrate at their beloved alma mater with special friends and family. Gracie Linus and Andrew McCarthy were married on campus in August 2020. They are grateful to have been able to celebrate with close family and friends. Katie Serody married Brett Magnan in May; Jillian Finkelstein and Patrick Hawley celebrated under the Dome in July; Jimmy Kemper married Kayla Matthews in August. Classmates’ families are growing. Katie Arndorfer and Max Rich welcomed their first baby in September. Arianna (Rominski) and Josh Dulany welcomed their second son in October. Shannon (Hodges) and Matthew Mooney are expecting a baby boy. And some classmates’ families are growing in a furry way. Wishing lots of walks, dog treats and “pup-ucinos” to these new furry friends. Emily Leyden welcomed her golden retriever Ruby; Peter Cogan was excited to welcome Winston; Matthew Henne ’15 and Clare (Geraghty) hang out with their pup, Dante; James Koci and Alyssa (Mazurek) bonded with their new friend Griffin; Isabel Fox enjoys her dog, Beebo; Ashley Calvani and Mike Feula hang out with Harold; Caitlin O’Laughlin loves her new pup, Suri; Casey Baker adventures with her pal Winston; Luke Gasperlin and Jackie (Johnson) adopted Murphy; Moira Horn spoils her pets Elsa and George. Give these pups a cuddle for us. If you would like to send updates or celebrate a friend, please contact me. — Celanire Flagg; cflagg@alumni.nd.edu


17MBA Safe and Sound

Hello again, classmates. Here are just a few quick updates. First, congratulations to Nidhi Dalmia who married Sahil Bhalla on July 18. The happy couple resides in Virginia. In other news, Matthew Dudevoir and his wife rode out Hurricane Ida along with their dog and three cats. They were without power for 10 days but are happy to report that they are safe and sound. Matthew remains on active duty as a major in the Army Reserve, and is assigned to the 377th Theater Sustainment Command, headquartered in Belle Chasse LA. The 377th spent the past year providing logistics to distribute over 50 million vaccine doses, and has now transitioned to support Operation Allies Welcome, the government’s effort to evacuate and settle 10,000 Afghan refugees. As always, please continue to send me life updates. Cheers to the Class of 2017MBA. — Mary Tomasik; mtomasik@alumni.nd.edu


17JD Class SecretaryLauren Nottoli;



18 Cheers

Hey y’all. Congratulations to our newly married and engaged couples. On July 18, Stephanie Reuter ’18, ’20MTS married Simon Brake. They live in Falls Church VA and are teaching in the area. Mary O’Connor and Stephen Boltri were married in Buffalo NY on June 25. Thomas Yaeger (Duncan Hall) proposed to Sophie Lillis (Lewis Hall) on a sailboat on Aug. 29. They are planning the details for their wedding, which will take place after Thomas’ deployment with the Navy. Thomas and Sophie met senior year through their friends and fellow Navy/Duncan/Lewis couple, Maloney Foster and Katie Kehoe. Thomas and Sophie spent Sundays coordinating eucharistic ministers for the 10 a.m. Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. They look forward to a joyful wedding surrounded by family and friends. John Gibbons and Caitie McAuliffe got engaged in July and were thrilled that Anthony Caputo was able to take awesome pictures of it. In August, Abby Smith got engaged to Ben Rosso ’17 in Chicago. Jackson Howell is excited to announce that over Christmas he became engaged to his high school sweetheart, Lauren Wathen. They will be married in spring 2022. Jackson is completing medical school at the U of Cincinnati and plans to pursue a career in radiation oncology. Congratulations to Justin McCurdy and Heather McCurdy ’17SMC, ’20MS SMC who welcomed triplets Owen, Mia and Everett in September. Mark Chaikovsky moved to Boston for a new job and is looking for other Irish in the area. Julio Salazar is celebrating one year as the strategic initiatives manager at the Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education in Nashville. He was selected to be the young alumni coordinator for the ND Club of Nashville. Nicholas Furnari is wrapping up his Master of Science in Management at Mendoza this summer and is looking forward to new adventures with old friends. Emily Silver is an integral member of the Women in Academia Valuing Equity (WAVE) organization. She has earned her master’s degree in psychology from the U of Chicago, has published letters to the editor related to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, and recently published work on the perception and processing of traumatic memories. Emily serves the Chicago community by volunteering regularly at Comer Children’s Hospital. Keep crushing it out there, Class of 2018. Cheers to you and cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2022. — Matthew Peters; mgpeters96@gmail.com



18MBA Class Secretary – Patrick McHail;



19 Beginnings

The Class of 2019 is celebrating the exciting new beginnings of its members, with Maggie Dever and Zach Kousens getting married in May in Raleigh NC. In October, Claire Marks and Joe Schopper exchanged vows in Indianapolis. Bianca Jurewicz and Michael Aumann returned to campus to be married in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in December. Members of the Class of 2019 are also preparing for their upcoming weddings. Emily Okawara and Danny Cohen ’18 became engaged at Notre Dame last summer and will be married in South Bend in July. Additionally, Jocelyn Gaona and Marcus Haworth celebrated their engagement during a visit to Notre Dame in October. Our fellow alumni continue to excel in their professional fields as well. In November, Kylie Ruscheinski began a new role as chief of staff for the 46th Ward Office in Chicago, serving Uptown and Lakeview under Alderman James Cappleman. It is our pleasure to let the Notre Dame family know about the accomplishments and milestones of the Class of 2019. Please continue to reach out to us with your life updates. — Michael Conlon, Dan Hopkinson, Jane Driano, Eddie Griesedieck; classof2019@alumni.nd.edu 


19JD In Love 

Ashley Micek and Pat Thomas ’18JD were married in Kentucky surrounded by friends and family. Jenna Tracy married Paul Giannoglou in New Jersey. We also have several marriages on the horizon. Courtney Young and Tyler Wagner ’20JD had a fairytale engagement in Florida. Rob Sikorski and Cassie Gawron got engaged in August. Kristine Baker and Adam Baginski got engaged in April and will be married in the Detroit area in 2023. With the pandemic hopefully ending, there will be more on the horizon. — Katherine Miller; Portland OR; miller.a.katherine@gmail.com