70 Big Success

The 2012 football success was very pleasing. Many classmates attended games and national viewership was high. I watched most games on television and saw Miami at Soldier Field. I enjoyed Stanford, too, but an old friend from Stanford canceled his commitment because “our company suddenly had a special assignment.” G. Kevin Donovan MD was chief of pediatric gastroenterology, chairman of pediatrics, and founder of the Oklahoma Bioethics Center at OU Medical School; he now directs Georgetown’s Center for Clinical Bioethics. Condolences to the family of John E. Johnston PhD of Santa Fe. On Aug. 9, the Diocese of Peoria, led by Bishop Dan Jenky, CSC, sued the U.S. government to block the President’s healthcare plan, requesting relief because of religious beliefs. Many other Catholic organizations, including ND, participated in such suits. Mike DeNiro earned his geology PhD at Caltech. He studied and taught the differential distribution of stable isotopes of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and silicon in biological systems. Next came law school; he now practices in Santa Barbara, specializing in education, civil law, government programs, and benefits. Professor Emeritus Ed Goerner ’52 died Oct. 2 at 82 in South Bend. After three years in the Navy, he earned a PhD in political science at Chicago, taught a year at Yale, and joined ND in 1960. An accomplished writer and reviewer, he served as associate editor of ND’s journal of political theory, The Review of Politics. A student publication said class discussions often lasted “20 minutes beyond the bell,” which many of us enjoyed. Congratulations to Tom Bennett MD, father of Marta ’12, and to Bob Scott MD, father of Mary Ann ’12. Mike Kelly, Bill Hasbrook, and Jed Ervin, among thousands, watched Navy in Dublin. Mike returned to campaign for re-election in western Pennsylvania. Bill and Jed journeyed on to Donegal. Bill noted that Fr. Jenkins, Jack Swarbrick, Martin Short, the Archbishop of Dublin, and the Papal “Nunzio” (sic, an unusual spelling from a named legal partner in an Indianapolis firm) welcomed the Irish in Ireland. Susan and Hugh Lena joined the gang of 45 class tailgaters before Michigan. President Paul T. Partyka gloated about beautiful weather, but admitted that he did not get home until 2 a.m. Reunion 2013 will occur at an afternoon game. Jim Gregg graduated with our class, but began with ’65. He joined Warren Junium at Bechtel in 1973. Rather remarkably, Jim was drafted to Vietnam only a few months before his planned 1965 graduation. He received the Army service commendation medal when he was decommissioned in 1969 as a first lieutenant. He returned to graduate with a BS in mechanical engineering and worked for Bechtel from 1970-2003, managing power plant construction projects. He died Aug. 20 in Loveland CO. At reunions, he was still able to join the class of ’65 because of the five-year rotations for reunions. Start planning for Reunion 2015, two short years away. — Donald R. Graham MD; 1901 S. Glenwood Ave., Springfield IL 62704; 217-522-5120; 1-800-444-7541; 217-652-1560; infectn@springfieldclinic.com

70MBA Class Secretary — John Carroll; 3922 Brintons ML, Marietta GA 30062; bus 678-218-5204; res 770-973-4588; john.raymond.carroll.1970@alumni.nd.edu

70JD Catching Up

I recently heard from Joe Kane. He and Nancy attended the Michigan game and met up with Marie and Ken Iverson, Lorraine and Dan Rybak, and Dick Blumberg for the weekend. Joe reports that everyone is healthy and all were “able to carry their own luggage.” Dick is retired and lives in Polson MT. Each year, Dick travels to Laos to work as a volunteer at an orphanage and teach English to those who reside nearby. Dan Rybak has retired and lives in Buffalo NY. He and Lorraine have a vacation home in Canada. I remember studying for the New York bar in July of 1970 along with Terry O’Connor, Mike Kelleher, and Dan Rybak; some evenings we would drive to Dan’s “office to be” in Batavia for quiet study time. Ken Iverson retired from Ecolab almost 10 years ago. He and Marie divide their time between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Pass Christian MS. They travel often as they visit children and grandchildren scattered across the country. Joe Kane advises that he is “almost retired” and trips to the office are on a very abbreviated schedule. For more than 30 years, Joe handled the real estate work for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and continues to work on special projects for the archdiocese at this time. Joe noted that his eldest granddaughter, Madeline, had some very serious health problems last year; she was hospitalized in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for six months. He asked that if you have a moment, you might keep her in your prayers. I also heard from John Meany. Along with visits to the Grotto, a walk around the lakes, a brat on the quad, a fall weekend at ND is not complete unless one stops at John’s tailgate party in the parking lot. It has, in and of itself, become another ND tradition. Finally, as I was finishing this article, Joe Leahy called. He and Judy are fine; Joe has been of counsel for some time at his office in Eugene OR. Marie and I welcomed our eighth grandchild into the family in early October. Her name is Nora and we just returned from visiting her in Bethesda. Just before her birth we were in Ireland, where they were still talking about what a great time was had by all during the ND-Navy festivities. As you know, we lost Tom Dempsey earlier in the year and I ask that you remember him in your prayers. — John K. Plumb; jkplumb@netsync.net

71 Road Trips

The games in Dublin and Chicago provided opportunities for creative vacationing this fall. In Ireland, Melinda and Mike Meyers toured the urban area with Michelle and Barry Pflum, while Herb Melton and his family were touring the countryside looking for relatives on his mother’s side. At the same time Bill Choquette, Bill Barz, Charley Blum, Jim Haggenbarth, Tom Herlihey, Pete Hartney, and Mike Morrison and spouses were touring other parts reliving the rugby team’s ’71 tour of the Emerald Isle. After the game in Dublin, it only took a short time for them to run into Dan Dell’Orto and Gary Kessler at Mulligan’s Pub. Patti and Vince Carr came from Hawaii, so they stopped in Italy for some additional sightseeing. Charley Flynn, Jim Wright, Terry Lee, Mike Cotter, and Joe St. Onge gathered for lunch at Ditka’s in Chicago for the Miami game. Bill Barz hosted a tailgate for Jack Cahill, Jack Samar, Chuck Snakard, and Chuck Nightingale. Others traveling to Chicago included Dave Stickler, Lew Derbes, and Paul Bonitatibus, who met up with Nick Maloni and Ed Crawford. Mike Leary has joined the San Antonio Express News as the senior VP and editor. He had been a Pulitzer Prize-winning editor with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Kathy and Rick Wohlhuter have departed snowy Chicago for Jacksonville FL. Pete Van Dyk recovered nicely from a hip replacement. Steve Metzler, president and CFO of Metzler Bros. Insurance, has been elected chairman of the board of trustees of the Kansas City Art Institute. Mike McKool was honored as the 2012 Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Dallas Bar Association. Dennis Duggan was recently appointed an acting justice for the NY State Supreme Court. He and Lennie welcomed the arrival of their new grandson. Bob Broderick is a first-time grandfather. Condolences to Tom Morton, Tom McCalley, and John Harahan on the loss of their mothers. John Hoffman is the immediate past chairman of the Notre Dame Senior Alumni Board. If you have the time and the inclination, they would love to hear from you. Go to ndsa.undgroup.org. — John Snider; 2010 N. Fremont, Chicago IL 60614; res 773-871-5358; fax 773-871-1189; jlsnd71@sbcglobal.net

71MBA Ireland

Three members of our class made the Navy game on Sept. 1 in Dublin, Ireland. Peggy and Rich Sosin, Patricia and Rod Spear, and Helena and I were the stalwarts who made the trip. Although small in number, we celebrated the occasion with great enthusiasm, remembrances, and lots of fun. Helena and I have had the opportunity to travel extensively over the years, but the sense of Irish friendship and belonging that we had while in Ireland was something we have never felt before in a foreign country. This trip was simply amazing. — Tony Strati; 315 Big Horn Ridge Road, NE, Albuquerque NM 87122; res 505-798-1564; cell 505-205-3563; tstrati42@gmail.com

71JD Class Secretary — E. Bryan Dunigan; 221 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1454, Chicago IL 60601; 312-857-2114; bdunigan@duniganlaw.com

72 Class Secretary — Frank Fahey; 312-504-3409; fjfahey@gmail.com

72MBA Class Secretary — Alex McLellan; 8212 W. 88th St, Overland Park KS 66212-2903; res 913-652-9909; alexmcl@alumni.nd.edu

72JD Our 40th Reunion

On Oct. 12 and 13, 33 members of the Notre Dame Law School Class of ’72 reassembled for a weekend of memories, camaraderie, good food (and beverages), and a terrific football game against Stanford. In attendance were: Bob Barton, Russ Boltz, Don Dalponte, Marcia (Pearce) DeWitt, Tom Dovidio, Kevin Faley, Bob Gaughran, Lester Goo, Jim Groves, Rich Hill, Terry Kalina, Mike Keefer, Pat Herald, Mike Hilliard, Mike Holland, Jim Lechner, George Mackey, Bill Maledon, Jack McCullough, Mike McGloin, Dennis McNicholas, Larry Meyer, Bob Norton, Mike Patterson, Dick Russell, Ed Schmidt, John Schmutz, Ray Seitz, Ed Sheridan, Randy Stamper, Mike Visnosky, John Zipprich, and me, plus several spouses. We enjoyed a wonderful cocktail hour and dinner on Friday night in the Eck Commons area of the Law School. Also in attendance were our law professors Charles Rice and Les Foschio, who travelled from Buffalo to attend the event. Lester Goo of Hawaii took honors for coming the longest distance to the reunion. On Saturday morning, members of the class attended Mass in the Law School Chapel, followed by a brunch sponsored by the Thomas More Society, which provided a welcome relief from the rain on game day. We then attended a thrilling 20-13 ND win over Stanford on an overcast, rainy day. Some of us even managed to gather for a post-game dinner on Saturday night. If you talk to any of the attendees, I’m sure you’ll learn that everyone had a great time, and planning is beginning for the 45th Reunion. Also, for anyone who has the urge to come back to campus and see the completed, expanded Law School Building, keep in mind that some of us try to make it back each year for an informal “reunion” during one of the football weekends, and next “reunion” will be the Michigan State game on Sept. 21, 2013. One sad item of news: Andy Brasno passed away on July 29, 2011. Our condolences and prayers go out to Andy’s family. — Chris Schraff; 1881 Marble Cliff Crossing Ct., Columbus OH 43204; 614-227-2097; cschraff@porterwright.com

73 Brady Goes from Cars to Gasoline

Phillips 66 recently announced that Phil Brady has been named senior vice president of government affairs. Phil was most recently the president of the National Automobile Dealers Association and vice president and general counsel of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association. I am sad to report the passing of Edward Selego. I read the name of Ed Ellis in an article in the Chicago Tribune concerning a major litigation case in Philadelphia. Ed is a litigation partner at Littler Mendelson. I ran into Dan Hart at the Ryder Cup outside of Chicago this fall. Dan saw my license plates (IL UND73) and we had nice quick chat while waiting for the traffic light to change. Tom Hufendick checked in to let me know that he recently received his MA in English literature from the U of Colorado in Boulder and he is studying French at the same institution, while serving as tax director for Karcher North America. I have also communicated with John Mowbray, who is included in the list of Best Lawyers in America. John is a partner with Fennemore Craig in Las Vegas. John had a great time at the Oklahoma game. Where is Katie Kolar? I heard through a mutual friend in Joliet, Jim Grumley ’72, that Katie is still around. John Duffy reports from Southern California, where he has established a thriving law practice. John didn’t make it in for any games this fall but did go to Ireland for the home opener. It was good to hear from Jim Harrington, who has been practicing law in Wausau WI and is soon to be retiring to Florida. Jim also watched the Irish beat Navy in Dublin. Bob Scott reports from Lenexa KS. Bob has his own law firm in Olathe. From nearby Kansas City is John (Jake) Westhoven. John is the manager, power generation for Black & McDonald, Inc. John and his wife, Gretchen, have become vagabonds after living for 27 years in Connecticut, while he pursues various opportunities in the power industry. They have lived in Virginia, Canada, and are now in Missouri. Also living in Elmhurst IL in addition to Dan Hart is Mike Wilbur and Mike Hartigan. Mike Wilbur is a principal with Johnson Wilbur Adams Inc. in Wheaton. Living in Hudson OH is Andrew Maimona. He is a certified financial planner. Andrew also is an owner of two Beef O’Brady’s restaurants. Paul Simmons reports from Cicero, where he has a dental practice with his wife, Patricia. Working for Exxon Mobil in Irving TX as the VP and controller is Pat Mulva. Pat is a board member of the United Way of Dallas and continues to travel worldwide for Mobile. If you ever travel Santo Domingo, please look up Luis Cabral. Luis is the president of Tureca Outback Safari. He was the National Sailing champ in the 1980s and the local president of the Notre Dame club. Practicing law in downstate Marion IL is Tom Wolf. Tom frequently sees Jerry Razen, Chris Byrd, Jim Connor, and the aforementioned John Mowbray. Please remember that our 40th Reunion is next June. — Michael W. Hansen; 735 Essington Road, Joliet IL 60435; fax 815-744-4515; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com

73MBA Reunion 40 Countdown

John Blum was first to respond to our call for reunion correspondence. He enclosed a picture of his wife, Mary, and himself at the Aviva Stadium for the Navy game in Dublin on Sept. 1. He was able to go to the game in Chicago against Miami with another great win. His retirement date from the US Small Business Administration is Oct. 31. He will try to make it to our 40th in June. Gus Browne is now a nationally certified EMT. He celebrated with an October Euro tour. Leaving Oct. 17 and returning at the end of the month, traveling to France, Belgium, and Holland. He was looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and for ND to go undefeated. Please send me your reunion news and greetings. Remember, reunion is June 1-2, 2013. Start making your plans to attend. I’d like to hear from you even if you cannot attend. I really need your email addresses for 40th anniversary celebration connections. Let the Spirit continue to have all our classmates respond and share stories and new email addresses with us. You are always welcome to contact us when in Southern California. — Thomas Jindra; 7179 Alviso Ave., Riverside CA 92509; res and fax 951-685-2091; tajindra@charter.net

73JD Class Secretary — Anthony J. Palumbo; 602-943-9367; ajpphxaz@aol.com

74 Gearing up for Reunion Already

Just a note to remind you that our 40th Reunion is coming up in 2014 (40 young years that is) and we want to make this one of our very best and most memorable. We will be soliciting for funds, and I trust all will be generous. Class President Jerry Samaniego and his entire family kicked off the 2012 season with his family in Ireland when ND played Navy in Dublin. Jerry’s wife is now retired, and she is eager to travel. That’s good since their daughter lives in Bali and has two children. Jerry’s son, Jerry Patrick ’01, is working for dad, and our class president sees retirement in his future. Dave Casper (Ghost) was waiting for his third grandson in November. Dave had lunch with Frank Allocco and Joe Pert, keeping all connected. Dave also met up with fans from Chicago recently. Tom “Big T” Ross is living the grand life in Phoenix. He sold his Indy real estate business and is starting fresh in Arizona. Big T is looking for his new adventure, and says it as such: “Yesssss baaby!” Joe Cari was elected chairman of the Institute on Leadership at Loyola Marymount U and as a member of the board of directors of the World Policy Institute. Joe is also working with Rev. Tim Scully, CSC, with the CSC program in Haiti and has endowed a lunch program in memory of his wife, Rita Bahr. Dr. Frank Bryne, Tom (Ribs) Mirabito, Tim (Phantom) Daro, and Dr. Rick (Dick) Clark, and others were geared up for the Miami game at Soldier Field in Chicago. Dr. Frank Bryne related fun times and nostalgic memories of meeting his wife Feb. 11, 1972, on Stanford’s second floor. Dr. Bryne is on the Steel Dynamics Board and has been inducted into InBusiness Magazine for Madison’s Business Hall of Fame. The boys’ wish is to get a band together for the 40th Reunion for a classic set of 1960-70s music. Great news came from Richard Donovan. Remember Richard’s claim to fame is that he chaired the Student Union Concert Series for three years as a student. He selected the artists such as the Beach Boys, Chicago, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Crosby, Stills and Nash for the great ACC concerts. Richard and his wife, Ellen, live in Summit NJ, and he was just named as one of the Irish Legal 100, which recognizes the leading figures in law of Irish heritage. He has also been recognized in the Chambers and Legal 500 directories as well as in Superlawyers. Richard has been quoted in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. He keeps up with his ND and law school classmates such as Rich Rawson, Jim Terranova, and others. Richard wishes to hear from classmates from St. Ed’s, Student Union, or any company that needs a good lawyer. I received a great picture from Richard Singsank, who had a wonderful time at the ND victory over Oklahoma. As mentioned earlier, plan on meeting for our 2014 Reunion, and do your best to help us make this one of the best yet. Lewis Shioleno has already booked his rooms for the bowl game, yes, indeed. For my world, all is good. My youngest son, Stephen, is engaged. — Dede Lohle Simon; “dsimon@resystausa.com”mailto:dsimon@resystausa.com or domerdede@aol.com

74MBA Class Secretary — William Arland III; 505-954-3921; bill@sybercafe.org

74JD Class Secretary — Christopher A. Kule; 570-290-5424; ckule@emergercounsel.com

75 The View from Dublin

I have no real stats on how many classmates went to Dublin for the Navy game, but there were a few sightings. Lynn (Larkin) and Frank Flanagan said the trip was fabulous and the highlights included seeing sheep herding in County Kerry, waiting in line for three hours to see the Blarney Stone (like being a student in a registration line again), the capital city, and a medieval dinner in Limerick. Lynn even posed with a statue of her ancestor, James Larkin. Al Fiero, an olive oil importer from Wilmington DE, has seen his Olevano Importers in the running for a customers’ choice food award on QVC. Voting was to end in late August. Check at www.olevano.com for details. Pamela Strode Nosbusch, Mary Sweet Palladino, Rikke Szczodrowski Meissner, and Lynda Roesch enjoyed their 10th annual “Notre Dames” summer outing in July in San Clemente. The group was minus two key members as Susan Swiatek and Chris Burger Burns were unable to join them this year. Please remember our deceased classmate Eugene Laurich. He is survived by Deborah Laurich at 9 Harrogate Dr., Hilton Head SC 29928-3367. Ray Schnorr of Escondido CA reports the passing of classmate Tom Madden MD on Aug. 8. Tom was a pre-med at ND, living in Morrissey. A respected ER doctor, he was largely responsible for the seatbelt law being enacted in Indiana. He is survived by wife Terri and three children in Greenwood IN. Ray has received a permit to operate Highland Valley Vineyards in rural San Diego County, and he invites classmates to come for a private tasting. Contact him at ray@highlandvalleyvineyards.com or call 858-385-9100. Tim Negro says he attended the annual Greg Hunckler Memorial Golf Outing, which was hosted by Joe Melehan in San Jose in mid-October. Also included were Harry Van Bavel and a cameo by Frank Barrett. They even played a round at Pebble Beach and still miss classmate Greg. I have received word that New Jersey classmate Nick Grosch endured a tough couple of days without power at his home, but then concentrated on ND’s season and offered prayers for his neighbors, friends, and family affected by Hurricane Sandy. Nick also made the trip to Dublin in September. Jack Malonewas due to become a deacon in the Catholic Church on Nov. 24 in Columbus OH. Linda and I had a terrific eight days as part of the 30,000 ND fans who took part in the Emerald Isle Classic. Galway, County Kerry, and Dublin were very hospitable. The Guinness Storehouse party was a tribute to capitalism and Irish spirit, and we had an unplanned reunion there with Lynn and Frank (above). Oddly, we were seated at Aviva Stadium next to Davenport friends Jennifer and Tim Chen ’83. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; res 563-355-7738; bus 563-336-5004; normbower@mchsi.com

75MBA Class Secretary — Jim Ouimet; 215-862-3080; jimouimet@comcast.net

75JD Great Game, Great Seats

Cathy and I were able to attend the Stanford game. Fortunately for us, our seats were in the north end zone, so we got a close-up view of the goal line stand in overtime. We offered tickets to this game to Phil Morse, but he was still wounded from Michigan State’s earlier loss to ND. We sought out classmates at the Law School before and after the game, but no luck. We hoped to see someone at the Order of St. Thomas More activities, but we failed to find anyone. We did get to talk to Professor Charles Rice, who is teaching jurisprudence class on Friday morning. — Dennis Owens; owensappeal@aol.com

76 40 Years of Coeducation

To celebrate 40 years of coeducation, quite a few members of our class braved the torrential downpour to attend the minireunion the weekend of the Stanford game. Many thanks to Kathy Maloney ’76SMC, who helped Class President Debi Dell secure a block of tickets, and to Roxanne and Rocco Martino and Jim Rashid for hosting tailgate parties. After a nail-biting victory, Father Tim Scully, CSC, celebrated Mass at Club Naimoli prior to the class dinner. Others who contributed to the success of the weekend include Frank Fransioli, Bob Quakenbush ’74, helley (Muller) and Craig Simon ’74, Sally Naxera Benson, and Wendy Duffey. Also at the game were Gail and Tom Spencer, Pat Burke, Mark Nisham, Ron Skrabacz, Steve Klug, Pat Sarb, Denise (Crowley) and Dave Brenner ’73, Rick Moccia, Fred Roggero, Shayla Keogh Rumely, Mark Pietrykowski, Pete Cromier, Kevin Bouffard, Paul Graf, Pete Dowling, Fred Bruening, John Cohoat, Ted Ursu, Matt Cockrell, Chuck Sanders, David Hughes, John Callaghan, Sally and Dan O’Sullivan, Gary Vanderbeek, Mike Blanford, Terry Baum, Rick Santry, Joe Popvich, Ace Schroeder, Ray Pikna, Tim Huddle, Mike Laird, Tom Haunert, Laura Dodge, Phil Coyne, Julie and Steve Lavender, Karen and Mike Blanford, and Sharon (Zelinski) Haverstock. Sharon is the executive vice president of Scot Forge in Spring Grove IL. She is responsible for sales and marketing for the company that manufactures metal forgings. They forged the aluminum wheels on the Mars Rover, Curiosity. After 32 years, Sharon plans to retire in January and do some traveling with her husband, Tom. Tom was an offensive lineman for the U of Michigan and played in the 1965 Rose Bowl. Earlier games brought others to campus: Diana (Wilson) Ostermann, Bruce Evans, Chip Turner, Paul Hakel, Tom Paulius, John Lane, Mimi (Philbin) and Dave Carlson, Tom Gibbons, and Donna (Crowley) and Jack Campbell. I ran into Barbara Ondercin Gowan at the bookstore before the Purdue game. She was autographing copies of her children’s book, L is for Leprechaun. The book is illustrated by Jane Pitt, who those of us who lived in Walsh will remember as our rector. The book is available at the Notre Dame Bookstore. The University Library Fund receives a donation for each book sold. Debbie (Klein) ’76SMC and Kevin Price came to Chicago for the Miami game. Kevin is the CFO of a family aerospace business in New Jersey and has worked with Shawn O’Connell ’77 almost since graduation. Their daughter recently married a rabid Notre Dame fan and their son is a Florida State grad, so they are looking forward to the move to the ACC. On a sad note, Debbie’s father, Don Klein ’49, recently passed away. Bob Shore ’77MS wrote that his wife, Eileen Malko Shore, is a professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Genetics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the U of Pennsylvania. She has been named the inaugural chair holder of the Cali and Weldon Research Professorship. Her work focuses on the cell/molecular biology and transitional research for genetic disorders of bone formation. They live in suburban Philadelphia. Jeanine Sterling and Dan Reagan were panelists Nov. 8 for “Paving the Way: Reflection on the Early Years of Coeducation at Notre Dame.” — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th Street NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com

76MBA Recent Events

Greetings from your class secretary. I hope everyone had a chance to visit campus and take in a football game this year. I need news to report. Please email me. Go Irish. — Mike Norris; 1021 Bloomview Circle, Rochester MI 48307; norris1021@comcast.net

76JD Class Secretary — Virgil L. Roth; 625 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 255, South Pasadena CA 91030; 626-441-1178; fax 626-441-1166; vroth@vlrlaw.com

77 To Dublin, Soldier Field, and Beyond

The Class of 1977 congratulates former Indiana Congressman Joe Donnelly ’77, ’81JD and his wife, Jill Truitt Donnelly ’76, of South Bend, upon his historic election in November. He is the first Notre Dame graduate to be elected to the US Senate since David Clark ’22 in 1938. Sen. Donnelly was sworn into office in January. We were with Dean Peg Hornback Culhan and Loyola Academy high school students on the connecting flight from London to Dublin at the start of the historic Navy weekend. We saw Kathy DePauw Graham and family in downtown Dublin near iconic O’Neill’s Pub and Mike Kafka and family at Donnybrook Stadium. Ann ’85 and Kevin Shortelle ’77, ’84, Judy and Tom Tulisiak, and Barbara and John Snider also enjoyed the beauty of the Irish isle and the hospitality of its people. ND won handily at gleaming white Aviva Stadium. LA lost by a point at well-named Donnybrook Stadium, but Bruce Springsteen surprisingly came to watch the Loyola game and charmed some moms. ND post-game celebrations in the Temple Bar area were tempered by beautiful liturgies celebrated by Rev. John Jenkins, CSC, for the ND family, and Rev. Patrick McGrath, SJ, ’88, for LA families and students participating in this remarkable GIFT weekend, where 40,000 people descended on Dublin. On Labor Day weekend in Chicago, Rob Tully, Bob Blanck, Mike Santillo, Jay Pittas, Steve Plane, his son Brian, Bill Walsh, and Suzy Grant gathered to celebrate their 26th year of “Cubs and Pubs.” Class President Rob Tully and treasurer Bob Blanck hope everyone has received the Notre Dame pin mailed this summer, because we were number one in participation for 2012 Reunion giving. Cindy and Mike Parseghian send their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Class of 1977 for our generous R\reunion donations to the Michael, Marcia, and Christa Parseghian Medical Foundation, see www.parseghian.org. At the Purdue game were Betsy Lamping Sklena, Susy Leonard Benjamin, Sarah Lynch Hadley, and Polly Mack Spangler; and Mary-Louise and Tom Polo, with sons Alexander ’15 and Christopher. Many attended the Miami game held at Soldier Field, or festivities throughout the city, including Jack Moran and Hugh Sonk. John Veihmeyer, chairman and CEO of KPMG, was one of the featured speakers at a program on business today at the host hotel. At the Michigan game were Stephanie Urillo, Janet Spillman, Barb Boylan, Beth Corbin, and Marilyn Tomasko. At Stanford, Terri and Patrick Concannon helped to host 40 Wounded Warriors from several states at the game, thanks to the generosity of donors including John Wagman and Allison Kenney. We had the honor of meeting these brave soldiers. Steve Seiler is the founder and CEO of AesRX, LLC, and lives in Boston with his wife, Bessie, and two daughters, Morgan and Blair. Steve’s company, AesRx, is collaborating with the NIH to develop a drug for the treatment of the devastating Sickle Cell Disease. Elizabeth (Beth) Corbin Murphy has received The American Institute of Architects Ohio Chapter’s prestigious AIA Ohio Gold Medal Award. Beth is the managing principal of Chambers, Murphy & Burge Restoration Architects in Akron. Jim Bibby, John Hanzel, Bob Kastenholz, Bob Biermann, Gene Gorman, Tim Marcotte, Rich Evans, and Joe Connelly attended the first Richard Spangler Memorial Golf Outing in October; see RichardTSpanglerFund.com for information. The next day classmates Christian Gabriel, Dave Carlisle, Bill Mueller, Tim Marcotte, Gene Gorman, Jorge Lopez, Bob Kastenholz, Bob Biermann, and Joe Connelly made an Honor Guard of Rich Spangler’s friends preceding the wedding party, when his daughter Maura married Jacob Leanna. We have again lost one of our own, classmate Art DeMuro, a beloved husband and father of five. And Jennifer Ryder Raabe and Susan Allen Dalton have recently lost their mothers. Our deepest condolences go out to their families. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to those whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. — Virginia (Ginger) McGowan Bishop; 2594 Woodland Drive, Northbrook IL 60062; res 847-291-7510; Classof1977@alumni.nd.edu

77MBA Class Secretary — Alan J. Fisher; afisher@hoeyfarina.com

77JD Class Secretary — Janey Bennett; 4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka IN 46545; res 574-287-9251; bus 574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com

78 Oh What a Night

In September, at his Stone Harbor villa, Nace Mullen hosted a reception to celebrate his marriage to his bride Regina the week before. There was a fantastic array of Nace’s classmates on hand to wish him well. Don Smail, who seems to be spending more time on the East Coast than when he lived here, was in from California. He picked up Mary Emich in Arizona along the way. Of course, Mary, ever the fashionista, had a change of attire for the “late night” portion of the revelry. Brian Cronin and Jim O.B. O’Brien came in from Chicago, with “O.B” sporting the latest in sunglasses and Brian waxing poetically about the various types of birds found near the bay. Jim “Boobie” Clarke found his way up from Virginia, which wasn’t difficult, since he almost lives at chez Mullen in the summer. Boo was dispensing advice on which type of cocktail to start with, and end with, and also learned the proper technique for eating chicken on a skewer, and the difference between mushrooms and dates. Randy “Wheat” Heimbuch was in from Ohio, looking tanned, rested, and ready, and begging for a little England Dan and John Ford Coley on the stereo late in the evening. Also in from the home of the Buckeyes was Pete “Peter” Haley, who doesn’t look a day over 30, and enjoys the pizzaz in people to this day. Chris “Birdie” Erickson shuttled down from Boston to make sure the party had a bit of elegance and class. In from the nation’s capital was Greg “Sweets’ Switaj, who is going strong with Jersey Mike’s Sub Shops. New York was represented by John “Cuz” Coyne, who still has a sharp wit and a good story. The Philadelphia contingent consisted of John “Laney-D” Delaney, Rich “Riles” Riley, and me. John and I, along with Steve “Bones’’ Conover, were guests at Rich and Connie Riley’s Ocean City compound after the festivities. John is still an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia, I’m teaching theology at Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield PA, Rich is retired, and Bones is lawyering still in the New York-Connecticut area. The highlights of the night included dancing on the deck and Haley, Souls, and Smail singing “She’s Gone,” and “Me and Mrs. Jones.” A group picture on an ND stadium bench under the old Gate 10 was a classic. I was out for the Stanford game and ran into Steve Thomas, who is still in Minnesota doing work with a non-profit agency; Jim Martin, who still has the best tailgate cigars; Jimmy Dunne, looking like he did when he ran Senior Bar (I promise I’ll send you some poems, Dunbar); and Pat Flynn, with whom I sat at the game. Flynn still hosts a super pre-gamer, even in the rain. Don Smail chatted with Joe Montana, who spoke at a luncheon at the San Francisco Hyatt in November about his proposed retail development next to the new 49ers stadium. Speaking of California, kudos to Ted Robinson for his superb sportscasting work. Bill “Beefsteak” Reifsteck signed copies of his new book, Two Million Bricks in 180 Days, about the construction of ND Stadium, the day of the Michigan game. Buy a copy of the book from Corby Publishers. John Halbig wrote from South Carolina about a project he is working on in Berkeley County producing a fertilizer product to be used on farmer’s fields. The fertilizer is already used in Europe, and John hopes it will be ready for use here soon. Make plans now to attend our 35th Reunion, May 30-June 2, 2013. When you make your contribution to the University, be sure and note it as going to the class of 1978. Please keep in your prayers the family of Bob Kruse, whose father died in October. — Jim “Souls” Coyne; 12 DeForest Road, Gladstone Manor, Lansdowne PA 19050; 267-847-8808; jcoyne@cohs.com

78MBA Class Secretary — Mamie Anthoine Ney; 350 Alewive Road, Kennebunk ME 04043; 207-229-0989; mmaney@gwi.net

78JD Road Trip

Laurie and Randy Velzen’s son, Andrew ’12, took his final Glee Club tour last spring. One stop was in Dallas. Randy contacted Tia ’70SMC and Sandy Bisignano to see if they had room for Andrew and another Glee Clubber, Alex Griswold, to stay a night. Tia and Sandy had a night available in their busy schedule and welcomed the boys. Randy says Tia and Sandy could not have been more gracious and accommodating hosts. Andrew learned that while we were at ND, we won a national championship (How could Randy not have told him that?). He did know the story of walking to the Maryland basketball game after the big blizzard. The visit was a great experience for Andrew and now Randy is on Tia’s email list about ND sports. For those of you who do not know, Tia is the most knowledgeable and energetic ND fan on the face of the earth. I’ll bet if you were nice and emailed her at Belle7T@aol.com she would include you in her circle of email friends. Randy also stays in touch with Mike Gahan on a regular basis. When Randy is not emailing Mike or Tia, his practice is primarily family law with the firm of Velzen Johnsen and Wikander PC in Grand Rapids. He presented earlier this year on ADR to the Family Law Sections of the Michigan and Grand Rapids Bar Associations. He also presented with Deb Berecz ’93JD at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals in October. Joe Cari shares with us that he was named chairman of the advisory board of the Center on Leadership at Loyola Marymount U and was also recently elected to the board of directors of the World Policy Institute. In addition, the Law School just announced the first Rita Bahr Scholars, a scholarship program in memory of his late wife. Also, Patrick Salvi has two sons, Christopher and William, who played on the ND football team this year. Be sure to make plans to join your classmates at Reunion May 30 to June 2. — Dan LaVille; US Bankruptcy Court, One Division Ave. North, Room 200, Grand Rapids MI 49503; bus 616-732-2751; dlaville@comcast.net

79 Reunions

Drs. Tom Hubbard, Tim Holroyd, and Pat O’Connell attend the Church of the Holy Family in Virginia Beach. Tom and his wife run Hubbard Plastic Surgery and have a 10-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter, who celebrated her First Communion with Tim’s daughter. Tim is an anesthesiologist and Pat is a surgeon and president of the Virginia Institute for Sports. Lou Krug’s daughter, Maria, is in civil engineering at ND and spent last semester at the U of Western Australia. His daughter Luisa was in this summer’s first ND class to earn an MS in Global Health. Lou is academic manager for the National Park Service’s Pro Ranger program, a partnership between the National Park Service and Temple U to train students as park rangers. Patrick Joyce reported that last summer, 24 participants in the Angers program reunited near ND at the lake house of Germaine Jarosz Mulhern, a Chicago CPA. Celebrants included Chicago-area residents Connie Price MacTaggart, Caroline O’Connor Ferry, and Nannette Favero ’79SMC; Maura O’Malley McDonald of South Bend; Hilaire Thomas Iani ’79SMC, Patty Dwyer O’Brien, and Jeannie O’Meara Polich from the West Coast; Moira Shannon Minta ’79SMC and Steve Cooney from Florida; Teri Welsh Corsones, whose children are ND grads, from Vermont; Nancy Little Thorne ’79SMC from Minnesota; Chris Kuczynski Lyke from Champaign IL; John Hoff from Wisconsin; Mike Guay from New Hampshire; Tony Wesley from Cleveland; Helene Gorman Bradley and Kathy Farrelly from Philadelphia; and Lorraine Nolan Hendry, Lindsay Riehl Gallagher ’79 SMC, Kate Bernard Walsh, and Anne Wagner Howe from Baltimore. Anne is vice chairman of the Merit Systems Protection Board, a presidential appointment. Fr. William (“Jud”) Weiksnar, pastor of St. Anthony of Padua in Camden, celebrated Mass on the lakeshore and the group remembered Angers friend Dan Duesterberg, who died in 1995. Dr. Bernard Doering, former Angers resident director, attended with his wife, Jane. Dan Darfler, Jim Neary, and Tom Dowd of the basketball team, Les Phoques Phantastiques, and Reyn Leutz, John Robichaud, Mary Coogan, and Trisha Robertson have attended past Angers reunions, but missed this one. Patrick further reported that he is an attorney at the SEC in Washington DC. He and his wife, Beijing-native Qi Qi, have a 6-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. Pat Birmingham hosted Jack Heraty, Kevin Heraty ’78, Adam Szczepanski, John Smith, Mike Palmer, Don Wittgen, and Ed Sommer ’82JD for their 13th Men’s Weekend at his lake house in Sawyer MI for golf, steak, and cigars. They joined Jim Swinehart, Mike Janes, and Tim Nickels at the Michigan game. They collected funds to benefit Fr. Bob Lombardo’s church, the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, in Chicago. Don Wittgen is on the ballot for the ND Alumni Board; vote early. Daryl Madden reports from Australia that his eldest son is attending ND in Sydney. His second son is finishing an electronic games design program and his youngest son just finished high school. His wife, Jen, is a recruitment consultant and he is in the insurance industry. Margie Gembicki and Mike Mercadante of Boston joined several archies at the BYU game, including oe Ceci of Wisconsin and Bob Wegener, also of Boston, who came with his wife, Tara Begley ’80. Mackenzie Gordon and Maureen Maher, both of Dallas, and Erik Engdahl and Eleanor Werner, both of Ohio, also enjoyed the BYU game. Remember Pat Mikes and his family in your prayers. Pat died in Detroit this summer and is survived by a daughter and two sons. Also remember Mike Wesaw, who died in Mobile AL in June after a battle with cancer. Mike cherished his Native American heritage as a tribal member of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians of Dowagiac MI, and as the chief financial officer for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Alabama. He is survived by his wife, Kim, and his daughters, Alexis, Caitlin, and Jessica. — Barbara A. Langhenry; 3901 Whitman Ave., Cleveland OH 44113; bus 216-664-2893; res 216-651-8962; breclw@aol.com

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