70 Thinking Ahead

Prepare now for the exciting 45th reunion, June 3-7, featuring friends, exalted leaders, you, and special musical guest, Mandi Strachota ’05, daughter of our very own Steve Strachota. Her CD, Fly, is spectacular. Her versatility at clubs and concerts in Georgia, Wisconsin and other places will provide live music for us as primary and background entertainment. Dinners will focus on classmates and socialization. Already several run-up minireunions have taken place, including at the Michigan game, the Wolverines’ last stand. Paul Partyka, Terry Hughes, Rep. George “Mike” Kelly and numerous dignitaries attended. Simultaneously, my son Lou ’08 held his bachelor party there, so I divided my time between young and old. Three weeks later I returned for Stanford, another exciting victory, with my worst soaking cold exposure since 1967. Thence to Philadelphia for the Infectious Diseases Society of America meeting featuring Ebola. By the time you read this, we will have had many US cases, but not enough to cancel the reunion. Paul Partyka’s NAI Realvest was named among the “top leasing firms” and “top sales firms” on the CoStar 2012 powerbrokers list. Tom Ambrose was ND’s and the Alliance for Catholic Education’s Champion for Education, recognizing his contributions to St. John Vianney School, Goodyear AZ. He retired in 2009 after 37 years as the NBA Phoenix Suns’ top PR executive and manager of their community foundation. Putting his BA in English to practical use, he published two lighthearted books on with the Suns’ franchise: Notes from the WACKO! File, followed by 2WACKO! (Check Amazon.) All proceeds go to charity. An Arizonan since 1970, Tom married SMC’s former Alice Aylsworth in 1977; their daughter and grandson reside in Phoenix. Peter J. Neeson, partner in Philadelphia’s office of Rawle & Henderson, spoke Sept. 29 at the National Judicial College reception in the upper great hall of the US Supreme Court. Featured was Justice Antonin Scalia. Pete chairs the NJC Board, whose meeting promoted NJC’s judicial education opportunities in the legal community. Former Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark chaired the commission recommending formalization of judicial education, leading to NJC’s 1963 formation. Pete received the ABA TIPS (Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section) 2012 James K. Carroll Leadership Award for efforts to found the TIPS trial and leadership academies. Luke Griffin worked with Mutual Radio ND football broadcasts 1977-1985. His wife, Barbara, died of lymphoma in 2007; since then he’s been very involved with the Lymphoma Research Foundation Lymphomathon Walk in Phoenix. They had five children, now well distributed across the country. He is a grandfather and has worked as a substance abuse counselor at a halfway house outside Boston. Jack Johnston recalls the big snow of January 1967 when he tried to engage a sled dog to Frankie’s, now a professor’s posh house on Notre Dame Avenue. He married Kathleen Higgins in 1985 and worked for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering until he retired to Sante Fe NM in 2005. He still maintains interest and expertise in sustainable energy technologies. They have 16 nieces and nephews. John P. Hess recalls Muhammad Ali in the old Fieldhouse and Timothy Leary in Washington Hall. He has lived in Andover MA since 1974, while working as planning and development VP for Great Brook Valley Health Center. His sons are 35 and 32. Frank Vatterott is an attorney and part-time judge in St. Louis. Married 44 years to Lucy Eberle Vatterott ’71SMC, they have five children, including a ND grad and a priest. Start looking for a reservation now. — Don Graham; 1901 Glenwood, Springfield IL 62704; 217-652-1560; 1-800-444-7541; infect@springfieldclinic.com

70MBA Class SecretaryJohn Carroll;

3922 Brintons Mill, Marietta GA 30062; bus 678-218-5204; res 770-973-4588; john.raymond.carroll.1970@alumni.nd.edu

70JD Congratulations

Congratulations are in order for Joe Leahy of Springfield OR, which as you may know, is the home of TV character Homer Simpson. Joe called me on Aug. 24 to say he was on his way to an unveiling of a Simpson mural to be displayed in Springfield. As city attorney, he was proud to have drafted the contract resulting in the placement of the artwork within the municipality. Our contracts professor, Ed Murphy, would be proud. A few weeks back, I heard from Jamie Cawley, who shared pictures of his six beautiful grandchildren while on a family beach outing in Delaware. Jamie continues to serve on the Pennsylvania State Utility Commission. He looks forward to seeing everyone at our 50th a few years down the road. Nancy and Joe Kane enjoyed a trip to Portugal and Spain in late September. They returned in time to attend the Stanford game with Marie and Ken Iverson, Loraine and Dan Rybak and Dick Blumberg. Joe noted that while it was a great victory, the weather at game was some of the worst he has ever seen, and that goes back to 1962 when he first started going to Irish football games. From the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Jerry Perry informs me that Jack Van De North is the recipient of the 2014 Trial Judge of the Year Award. Such was presented to Jack, who serves as the Ramsey County District Court judge, by the Minnesota Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Jack was recognized for his outstanding service and for his efforts to preserve integrity and civility in the courtroom. I trust you will join me in congratulating Jack for this award. Marie and I attended the Syracuse game in the Meadowlands in late September. We used the occasion for a get-together with our family on the East Coast; all turned out to cheer for the Irish. Thereafter to honor a friend’s retirement, several of us made an October trip to Indiana for the North Carolina game. In so doing, we believe the list of “subway alumni” has now been further increased.
Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge a member of the law school class of 1968 who just retired in my area of the country. Congratulations for a job well done to Marty Idzik, a prominent western New York attorney and retiree from Phillips Lytle. I write this column in mid-autumn and realize the holidays are just around the corner. I trust that you and your families had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to hearing from everyone in 2015. — John K. Plumb; jkplumb@windstream.net

71 Fall Visits

A combination of retirement schedules and the football season provide opportunities to visit, kick back and catch up. Margaret and Larry Scanlon hosted Georgene and Brian Zevnik in Camden ME the week of the North Carolina game. The bad news: there was no TV in the rental property. The good news: the local pub had Guinness on tap and received the NBC feed of the game. Carol and Rick Weber celebrated milestone birthdays and a wedding anniversary with a river cruise through Russia. On the way home, multiple airline snafus diverted them from Boston to Chicago for an unplanned 48 hour layover. Their misfortune allowed Betty and me to meet them for lunch. Both are retired and split their time between Maine and Ft. Lauderdale. A professional ophthalmologist gathering brought Mary and Joe Fieweger to Chicago. Home is still the Pacific Northwest in Oregon. They just celebrated their 43rd anniversary and are enjoying their four grandkids. Paul Bonitatibus met up with freshman roommate Carl Burrell at the FSU game. A Philly native, Carl spent more than 30 years with the FBI in his hometown and also in NYC. Retired for eight years, he and Ramona make their home in Dothan AL. Paul has also been in touch with Chuck Darst, who resides in Colville WA with his wife Josie. Chuck has retired from a long career as the owner and operator of a bookstore, and now spends his time as an umpire for high school and American Legion baseball games. Tom Sinnott and Jack Meehan were on campus for the North Carolina game when the basketball alumni had a gathering. Kathy and Dennis Farrell of Rochester NY joined our tailgate at the Rice game. Denny’s former roommate and current brother in law, Glenn Granger, is retired from the education field, but has taken up a second career. He is the mayor at home in Spencerport NY. Dave Krashna was on campus during the Rice weekend for a presentation as the author and co-editor of 70 profiles and essays titled, Black Domers: Seventy Years at Notre Dame. Dave’s home is Oakland CA, where he is a law professor and an Alameda County Superior Court judge. Also at Rice were Tony Earley and Jim Morrissey. Tony was present for the annual gathering of the Engineering School Advisory Council. Both have homes in Scottsdale AZ and said Larry Lange has retired from his San Francisco maritime shipping position and joined them at Desert Mountain. Gary Kessler continues to practice as an attorney and head of his own firm in Dallas. Jim Malloy and Chris Cicconi were able to visit at the Michigan game. Judy and Ron Osman were on campus for the Stanford weekend, thinking they had chosen a warm weather game for their annual trip north from Corpus Christi. Bone deep chill and wet, but hey, it was a win. Tim Rost of San Francisco, who had not been to a home game since 2006, brought the family to the North Carolina game. He must have been confident of a win since others of the family are Carolina grads. I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2015. — John Snider; 2010 N. Fremont Chicago IL 60614; res 773-871- 5358; fax 773-871-1189; jlsnd7l@sbcglobal.net

71MBA Class SecretaryTony Strati;

8238 Raintree Drive NE, Albuquerque NM 87122, cell 505-205-3563; tstrati42@gmail.com

71JD Rest in Peace

I am very sorry to report that my beautiful, dear friend, Mary Disser McCrea, passed away in late May after battling cancer for four years. Many of you knew Mary from our days in law school where she served as the chaperone for Mike Brennan’s wife, Adrienne, as they visited from College of St. Catherine’s. You may also recall that Mary attended our last several reunions. Our class has also lost another dear friend when Fred Kuhar’s brother, Peter, died suddenly in late September. Pete Kuhar was a member of the Fred Kuhar Orchestra and likewise enjoyed many weekends with our law school classmates. May their souls rest in peace. Karen and Bob Schlather celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year with a trip to Europe, where they visited friends in Munich, Berlin, Belgium and England. Bob continues to enjoy his tax law practice in Cooperstown NY. I enjoyed seeing many of our classmates and their families this past football season. Gary Gottschlich and family, Mary Anne and Fred Kuhar, Leslie and Dave Kabat, Mary Kay and Ken Hoch, Mike Heaton, Jim Rittinger, Vince Ginestre and family and Mike Brennan have all prepared to celebrate the Irish wins at our tailgate parties this past season. I hope you will all plan to do likewise in the future. Please send me some good news. Peace. — E. Bryan Dunigan; 221 N. LaSalle St., Suite 1454, Chicago IL 60601; 312-857-2114; bdunigan@duniganlaw.com

72 Honoring Coaches

Somehow last quarter’s column did not make it in the magazine. Here are the two combined. Thanks to all who have contributed. Gary Gigot will be sharing class secretary duties with me. You should expect the column to be twice as good as previous iterations. Gary has brought his talents to South Bend from Bellevue WA. Gary’s new venture, Vennli (Vennli.com) provides tools to help companies create, execute and monitor growth strategies. The core product is based on intellectual property created through the Mendoza College of Business and the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship. Gary will be contributing to the renaissance of Michiana for a number of years. Gary will be providing onsite reports and insight from the mother ship, his home above Café Navarre in downtown South Bend. Brian Hickey reported on a March minireunion during a long weekend on Kiawah Island hosted by Diane and Ed “Tibor” Gulyas. Attendees included Donna and Jerry Hogan, Lydia and Joe LaRocca, Mary and Brian Hickey and George Gulyas. The MIA’a included Carol and Bill Niezer, Tom Menie, and all the rest of us. The weekend was summarized as a “great visit. Little sleep, bad golf, laughs, old stories, many embellishments.” Brian remains an exec in Chicago at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. I was there at the beginning for Brian. I was driving down Halsted over 35 years ago very early on Saturday morning. Chicago taxicabs were in a slowdown and unavailable. I found Brian hitchhiking to his first certification exam. It was serendipity. Skip Huisking, Jimmy Piffath, and Hank Suelau (along with wives Maureen, Mary and Robin) spent a week in Bethany Beach DE at Hank’s beachfront place. Kevin O’Leary was unable to make it. Skip planned a huge family event at the Meadowlands for the Syracuse game. Over 50 family and friends attended. O’Leary bought the airline tickets. Kevin and his wife, Louise, will be staying with the Huiskings in New Jersey. Skip sent a great picture of the indomitable trio. Photographic evidence confirms 64 is the new 45. Retired Maj. Gen. Mike Wiedemer (that is two stars for you counting at home) was inducted as an Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) fellow. The award was presented at Arnold Air Force Base on the anniversary of Gen. Hap Arnold’s birthday. The award was for lifetime achievement in advancing aerospace science at AEDC. Present was Dr. Frank Bontempo, his roommate from Stanford Hall. Both Mike and Frank made it to our 40th reunion. Luis Fabre sent congratulations to Mike from Santurce PR. Dan Laughlin is enjoying his seventh year of retirement from Sears. He and his wife, Mary, are empty nesters after their fifth ND grad left home. Their son, Dan ’91, has continued the family commitment to service as president of the ND Club of Chicago. Joe Markosek is serving in his 16th two-year term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Joe is Democratic chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. Joe completed his 31st year of “perfect session day attendance.” He holds the PA record by about 14 years. Joe’s commitment to attendance made him our go-to source for Class Notes. He is planning for run for reelection. Please vote early and often for Joe. (jmarkose@pahouse.net) The lacrosse team had its 40th anniversary reunion and celebration of the contributions of Rich and Linda O’Leary. Co-captains Ed Hoban and Gary Riopko represented our class. Other friends who attended were Bill Dacey ’73, Jim Brown ’73, Kenny Lund ’71, Rich Mullin ’73, Jack Pierce ’70, Dave Jurusik ’73, Jeff True ’74, Jim Lepley ’73, Paul Simmons ’73, Frank O’Connor ’71, and Joe Lepley ’75. Gary says, “Lots of classmates were in the area for September and October games, including Tom Gaul, Denis Garvey, Jack Clement and the Jerry Hogan clan. Dirt gets turned for the new stadium immediately after Louisville game so buy your club seats now. All of South Bend is gearing for the next winter.” Swim team Coach Dennis Stark ’47 has been a constant presence at home football games this year. Coach Stark turned 91 this fall and has yet to miss a game this fall. I saw Coach with daughter, Jan, and sons, Tim ’79 and Craig ’71, before the Rice game. A large group of swimmers was in town to celebrate Coach Stark, retiring Coach Tim Welsh and new Coach Matt Tallman. A number of attendees were from our era: Ed Strack ’73, Ed Graham ’74, and John Cleaver ’75. I have unintentionally overlooked other attendees due to a combination of the oxygen debit resulting from swimming two consecutive events in the alumni meet and a Speedo that might have been too tight. Denis Garvey and Suzy Schafer Garvey ’74SMC visited Coach Stark the same weekend. Suzy sent me a video tribute to the swim coaches produced by ND: youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=x8iHWxJrGvY. Brian Short sent a picture of Coach Stark and Brian inside the Stadium. It was 40 degrees and raining, and Coach remained inside the stadium for the whole game. Please send your news. If you want to contribute to the column, please contact us. — Frank Fahey; 274 Winthrop Ave., Elmhurst IL 60126; 312-504-3409; fjfahey@gmail.com; Gary Gigot; 574-807-5772; gary.gigot@vennli.com

72MBA Class SecretaryAlex McLellan;

9662 W. 86th St., Apt. B, Overland Park KS 66212-4537; res 913-652-9909; irish72mba@excite.com

72JD Class SecretaryChristopher R. Schraff;

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP, 41 S. High St. Suites 2800-3200, Columbus OH 43215; 614-227-2097; fax 614-227-2100; toll free 800-533-2794; cschraff@porterwright.com

73 Lawyer Report

Dan Balmert, managing partner of the Vorys law firm office in Akron, was recently inducted as the president of the Association of Defense Trial Attorneys. Congratulations, Dan. He reported that he stays in close contact with Terry Malik and Chris Chappell. They try to get in a couple rounds of golf each year. Terry and Chris are attorneys. Terry is retired from Winston & Strawn in Chicago, and Chris is in the Seyfarth office in Boston. I am sad to report Tom Leahy passed away in August from cancer. Tom was a leading plaintiff’s personal injury attorney in Illinois and a former president of the Illinois State Bar Association. Our prayers are with Tom and his family. Thank you, Bill Parry, for this information. Michael Frantz was recently elected to the first-ever management committee for the Frantz Ward LLP law firm out of Cleveland. Mike graduated from Georgetown U Law School and specializes in litigation and defensive labor and employment disputes. Peter Burke recently reported that he enjoyed the scenery with Peter Krieg at sunny Hermosa Beach. Krieg is a successful marketing research guru and the author of several books on the topic. He established the Copernicus Marketing company in New England. He also met with the Innsbruckers on campus. Included in the group were Dan Shank, Rosie Chalifeux, Coach Pete Weber and “Herr Mao” Mike O’Neil. Dr. Michael Manyak continues his medical lectures around the world on the topic of urology, recently visiting Columbia and Brazil. Living in Hancock NH is Kirk Miller, who is developing innovative healthy products that sell in Costco. Burke himself continues to live the good life in Irvine CA. Speaking of Pete Weber, he has been the voice of the Nashville Predators since they began in 1998 and has received countless awards in his broadcasting career. Jim Shanahan won the annual Oliva golf tournament conducted after the North Carolina game. The usual group of suspects participated in a frost-reduced nine-hole event. I’m always looking for news. — Michael W. Hansen; 735 Essington Road, Joliet IL 60435; fax 815-744-4515; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com

73MBA Boosted Responses

Bill Bartles writes that after 25 years of service, he retired from his position as adjunct professor of entrepreneurship in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist U. His method of teaching was via cases so he used a combination of Professor’s John Kennedy’s Case Method combined with Bill Sexton’s enthusiasm for the material with a degree of success. There still will be a Bartles on the faculty. His son Brian (Princeton ’97 and Wharton ’03) will be taking his place. In May, Brian presented him with his first grandchild, a granddaughter, Kylie Brooke. He is still in a battle with Parkinson’s disease. Keep him in your prayers. Gene Schraeder shares that he went to the Rice game with his wife, Ellen, and one of his sisters and her son, who is a high school senior and looking at ND. Also, while there, he visited Tim Taylor’s burial site. Tim took advantage of ND’s “coming home” burial program, whereby you can be buried in the ND cemetery on Notre Dame Avenue. Gene also met Chuck Welter. He came in October to play as his partner in a local golf invitational. On day two, Chuck had a hole-in-one on a 185-yard hole uphill. He used a 5 wood. It was Chuck’s eighth hole-in-one. Gene hit the green but ended up 15 feet away from his fifth hole-in-one. Jane and Dan Reelitz visited him also. They try to get together once a year with some former co-workers from their first job out of grad school. He and Jane spent some extra time visiting the Low Country. Dan still does work for Habitat for Humanity, and Gene thinks he will be with Jimmy Carter next month in Dallas for another project. Ellen had right hip replaced and the surgery was done by an ND grad here in Savannah, Ed Whelan. He encourages anyone who needs one to look him up. She is only four weeks out of surgery and feels like she is 30 years old again. On the other hand, Gene broke his big toe body surfing and this seems to be progressing slowly. He states that all else is good. John Rapa tells us he studying to acquire another license to complement his Enrolled Agents License. In the interim, he gives his best to all. If any classmates are in the Pittsburgh PA area, give him a call. John invites you to get together with him. Gus Browne writes that there is a lot going on in his life. He sold his Oak Park condo and relocated to South Bend and Kankakee. He is splitting his time between both places. He is just back from a week in Scottsdale AZ and plans another European tour for May. Next, after retiring in 2005 and doing a lot of volunteer work, he has taken up a position as an EMT for a local fire protection district. (Paid on call.) He loves the work. He will be 71 in January. He says, ugh. In September, I completed my certificate in supply chain management from UCLA and hope to look for a retirement university teaching position in management, leadership, supply chain, lean, or employee involvement in the LA basin. My eldest grandchild, Victoria Van Hulle, will be 12 in January and my grandson, James, was 1 on Thanksgiving. I have worked hard to correct my severe computer communication failure with your email addresses for this edition. I hope to get a new computer soon. More of you got my quarterly communiqué. Please remember that you can contact me at any time to share your stories with our classmates. You are also always welcome to contact us when in Southern California. Most importantly, forward me your new email addresses and those of your classmates. — Thomas Jindra; 7179 Alviso Ave., Riverside CA 92509; res and fax 951-685-2091; tajindra@charter.net

73JD Reaching Out Again

I recently returned from my 50th high school reunion. The warmth, camaraderie, unity and just plain fun far exceeded my expectations. And, I wondered if we couldn’t revive the same kind of feeling for our class even though our 50th is close to 10 years away. I wish I knew of a better way to engage you toward that end. We have tried over the years to instill a sense of class unity via this column. It is safe to say that our efforts have met with modest success at best. But, perhaps, as we all get closer to 70 and realize that we approach the autumn of our lives, we will be more motivated to participate in an exchange that will bring us closer together. So, I am committed to reaching out to you. I want to encourage you to let me know about all the significant events that have occurred to you and the classmates with whom you keep in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that my email address has changed. God bless and go Irish. — Tony Palumbo; tpalumbo@palumbowolfe.com

74 Giving Back and Fun Traditions

Let’s begin with giving back: Chris (Hawk) Stevens hosted an event for wounded warriors and survivors of fallen soldiers and first responders last Nov. 4 at the Morris Inn. Wanting to honor those who served and to reinforce to the students, as Chris so aptly puts it, “that the blanket of free we enjoy has been provided by those who have served,” including Chris’ son, who did two tours in Iraq with the Marines. Now for the fun times. Jim “Whales” Whalen suggests that the 2015 POG-MO-THON in Destin FL April 21-26 is officially set in stone. And Jim announces that he has the “Six Original Highly Exalted Plenipotentiary Grand Poobahs,” Frank, Hett, Chill, Bruiser, Tim (aka Tuber) and Phantom (aka Jim McCarthy), plus the junior members Pinko (aka Pat McGrath), Trimble (aka John Trampe), Todd Bender, Torretti (aka Fred or Pipe) and me, plus the class of 2012 (Buck), the class of 2014 (Meatball and Jenks) and now the class of 2015 ( Rollo, Hoke, Topo, Bear , Martin and Steve Conway) attending. Well, that definitely sounds like a good time. I am delighted when I receive my official Corby’s T-shirt from this Irish clan yearly, and I can only imagine the fun and laughter and other shenanigans that go on. Lew Shioleno suggests that he thoroughly enjoyed his family reunion, which occurred when our reunion commenced last year. His dad is from the class of ’49. According to Lew, all is well in Raleigh. They love Dallas and aim to occasionally meet Lew’s great friend Steve Nesbit ’73 for all the fun and a House Divided Event. Karl McGarvey, who lives in Texas, traveled to the Florida State game. Despite the loss, he thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful camaraderie, being and doing all things Notre Dame. E Tim Daro traveled to Ireland to dig up his Irish roots. Being in advertising, Tim kissed the Blarney Stone, so watch out for those industrial ads now. Tim did an ancestry history hunt on the Polish side of his family, but also wanted to figure out his Irish history. Dick Keenan of Overland Wines offers walking tours at his Kick Ranch vineyard, which is located a few miles northeast of Santa Rosa, nestled in the hillside of Rincon Valley. I say Dick should offer a wine tasting at our next reunion. Keep on writing; it’s great to share your news. I trust your new year is off to a great start. — Dede Lohle Simon; domerdede@aol.com

74MBA Class SecretaryWilliam Arland III;

505-954-3921; bill@sybercafe.org

74JD Solo at Reunion

Noel Augustyn and I have been in contact over the summer, as per infra: “The 40th anniversary Notre Dame Law School Class of 1974 was very well represented at the Reunion — by me, myself, alone. A number of classes had no representation at all, and thus the ’74 banner stood out. Two of our classmates have died within the past five years, Jimmy Grimes and Timothy J. Walsh, neither of whom I knew personally. Requiescat in pace. Perhaps someone out there in the readership would like to contribute remembrances. I had the good fortune of having dinner the evening of my arrival in South Bend with classmate and good friend, Rev. Jerry Bednar. Father Jerry, having now accumulated five university degrees, is a professor at St. Mary’s Seminary, educating priests for the Diocese of Cleveland. Jerry was a concelebrant at my wedding Mass 31 years ago. One highlight of the reunion weekend was a presentation by our then law school associate dean, who subsequently served as dean for decades, David Link. As some may know, he is now Father Link, who serves exclusively in prison ministry. He gave both a witty and moving presentation concerning his present work. Another who subsequently entered the priesthood is Rev. Dennis Yesalonia, SJ. Father Dennis served as the treasurer for the New England Province of the Society of Jesus in Boston for many years and is now the chief operating officer for the health services division of Loyola U in Chicago. I saw Tom Lordon most recently in Arizona at the 2006 Fiesta Bowl. In connection with my work with the federal courts (I retired in January) I’ve been able to get together with Magistrate Judge Bill Baughman and occasionally would see Judge Bill Zloch from the Southern District of Florida. Jimmy Boland and I belong to the same parish here in Maryland but are rarely on the same Sunday Mass schedule, so it’s been a while since we last saw each other. Bob Wittebort came to my daughter Monica’s christening party 26 years ago with Pat Dowd, who, until a couple years ago, was living in Santa Rosa CA. I’ve lost contact with him since then, so Pat, if you read this, please get back in touch. I’m sure there are others I’ve seen but have failed to mention, Patty O’Hara, of course, but 40 years is a long time and memories dim. I hope to see more of us at our 45th; let’s not wait until the 50th in that we may be assured there will then be fewer and fewer of us left to see.” We also heard from Keith Kanouse in Boca Raton: “While I have a national reputation as a franchise attorney, most of my colleagues, acquaintances and clients do not know that I also paint. I am getting ready for an exclusive exhibit of my work at the Art Gallery located in the entrance of the new Boca Raton Downtown Library from Aug. 27 through Sept. 29, 2014. I enclose a copy of My Artistic Journey that will give you some background on me and my paintings.” Keith’s brochure includes reproductions, which are very impressive. Anyone interested in accessing it, just let me know by return email, and I will forward the link. — Christopher Kule; ckule@emergercounsel.com

75 At the Top

Tim Reilly of Cincinnati is listed among the “Top Ranked” labor and employment lawyers in the state of Ohio, according to the 2014 Chambers Guide of Lawyers. Tim is with the law firm of Taft, Stettinius and Hollister, LLP. Tim was also included in the professional guide “Best Lawyers in America 2015.” Matt Perron ’11 and Laura Verwilst ’10 traveled to Layaye, Haiti on a service trip to give out eye exams and glasses with Bob McGreevy. ND roommates Lynda Roesch, Pam Nosbusch, Mary Palladino, Chris Burns and Sue Swiatek continued their annual Notre Dames reunion this July in Longboat Key FL. They also met at the Michigan and Stanford games. Rikke Meissner missed the trip this year but plans to be at the 40th reunion in June. Bernie Nahlen MD was on campus Oct. 2, presenting a lecture hosted by the Eck Global Health Institute. He is the US Deputy Global Malaria Coordinator. He addressed the question of whether it will be possible to accelerate policy change and build consensus to free the world of malaria. Harry Van Bavel hosted the annual Greg Hunckler Memorial Golf Tournament in London, Ontario, in late July. Joe Melehan was the medalist. Tim Negro finished second.
Mark King Exley sent a report on a reunion of the 1975 student managers of athletics at the Stanford game. The weekend was organized by Drew Danik, who resides in South Bend near campus. Ten of the 12 senior managers made the trip: Dave Dieckelman (fencing), John Dlugolecki (track), Mark Exley (hockey), Tom Hayes (football), Mark Huffman (wrestling), Denis Hurley (tennis), Dennis Keating (baseball), Al Padley (basketball) Danik (all purpose), and Steve Solan (football). Bill Matarazzi (swimming) and Paul Ryczak (football) were unable to make the trip. Also in attendance was Mike Keating ’71, football manager and Dennis’ brother, fresh from a meeting in Detroit with Greg Marx ’72. Greg continues to recover from a serious neck injury. Al joined his daughter, Braegan Padley ’10, who traveled in from Washington DC. During a visit to the Schivarelli Lounge at the stadium, the managers group saw Coach Ara Parseghian and his wife, Katie. We are putting ideas together for the 2015 reunion at ND. If you have thoughts about the class gift, celebrations during the reunion, etc., let me know. We have booked the Friday class dinner at the new Morris Inn ballroom. The entire facility went through a major renovation in 2013, so those who haven’t seen it will be pleasantly surprised.
I made it back to campus for the alumni swim meet and the banquet that honored retiring coach Tim Welsh. I was one of 250 reformed chlorine addicts on deck. We raised $600,000 for a scholarship honoring Coach Welsh. By a happy coincidence, I visited with Coach Dennis Stark, Welsh’s predecessor, at Andre Place at Holy Cross retirement center. He was as fun and spry as ever. A week later I was in the stands for that incredible win over Michigan, a nice way to punctuate that rivalry, with an exclamation point. Send me your news, please. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; res 563-355-7738; bus 563-336-5004; normbower@mchsi.com

75MBA Class SecretaryJim Ouimet;

215-862-3080; jimouimet@comcast.net

75JD New Irish

Cathy and I were able to attend the Rice and North Carolina games. To each game, we brought friends who had never been to Notre Dame before. They are now adopted Irish. Attending the Michigan game were Carol and Chuck Garbett, Linda and Bob Foster, Donna and Ray Garza, and Brian Short. Carol and Chuck Garbett were also at the North Carolina game. The Peter Lardy Fund has received about $200,000 in contributions from us over the years. With the Eck Challenge Match and wise management, the fund is now over $600,000. This year, $27,000 was awarded to a third-year student from Florida, Armando Cordoves. Please contact me by mail, phone or email with news about yourself and our classmates. — Dennis Owens; Suite 1600, 1000 Walnut, Kansas City MO 64106; 816- 221-0080; owensappeal@aol.com

76 Minireunion

Our annual event, the Class of ’76 minireunion, was held the weekend of the Stanford game. Rocco Martino and his wife again hosted the class tailgate party, which was well-attended despite the cold rain. After the game, class members got together for dinner at the O’Brien Club in the Compton Arena. On Sunday morning, a memorial Mass was held in the Log Chapel, celebrated by Rev. James E. McDonald, CSC. Joining in the events were Kathleen McCarthy, Chuck Sanders, Marty Fahey, Mike Cullen, Fred Roggero, Nick Fedorenko, Philip Coyne, Rick Blower, Craig Sullivan, D.C. Nokes, Ed Byrne, Bruce Evans, Frank Fransioli, Debi Dell, Steve Klug, Jo (Lund) Chamberlain, Tom Klein, Mark Nishan, Ron Skrabacz, Joe Bustin, Dave Howe, John Hedges, Brian Hegarty, Robert Eddy and Sharon Haverstock.
Tom Paulius hosted his own tailgate party on Notre Dame Avenue, next to Denise and Dave Brenner ’73. Steve Sanders returned to campus for the reunion. He is retired from the Navy and Ford Motor Co. and lives in Williamsburg VA with his wife, Deanna, a retired NCIS agent. His daughter is a Virginia Tech grad, and his son attends South Carolina, making Steve a HokieCock, as well as a Domer. Steve is still a car nut and was able to make it to some memorable Daytona NASCAR events while with Ford. He still rotates into vehicles his kids say are way too cool for a man his age but claims to have mellowed out from his Olds 442 days. He has been in touch with Flanner pals Phil Richards and Frank Dibling (Opie). He plans to attend the Navy game next year with some “Canoe U” shipmates. On campus for their own reunion were the “Zoids” from Grace Hall. Mike Chanatry, Tom Arkwright, Steve Keller, Gerard Martin, Bob Mazzacavallo, Tom Natale, Bill Roberts, Jeremy Youngblood and the children of the late R. Chris Sullivan had a great time and vowed to reunite text year at the Georgia Tech game. The Stanford “First Floor Crew,” including Mary and Edward DePaola, Dave Mennel, Mark Buynak, Paul Grogan, John Fancher, Rich Danfy and Irene and Ron Kall, got together for the same game. Paul Grogan made some fabulous gumbo, lugging all his supplies from the golf course to the bookstore in the driving rain. Mark LeCluyse (Mott) and Mary Jo, his wife of 39 years, came from Lee’s Summit MO for the UNC game. They brought their four sons, a daughter-in-law and two of their three grandchildren. Friday night they ate at Rocco’s, where Mark found a picture of his father, Len LeCluyse ’50, with Coach Leahy. Mark works for CorporateCare, part of the Shawnee Mission Health System, and Mary Jo is teaching fourth grade. Their son Matthew is a physical therapist in Texas. Sons Ryan and Nathan work in the Lee’s Summit area, and Patrick recently moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in marketing. Howard Hall friends Tom Henzler and Greg Courtney saw each other at the FSU game, despite numerous attempts to reconnect on campus. Tom is a frequent participant in the Brian Kelly shows at O’Rourke’s if anyone is looking to see him. If you haven’t yet made your donation to the annual fund, consider earmarking part of it for the Class of ’76 Scholarship Fund. We are planning to award our fifth scholarship later this year. Please continue to send me your news and updates and to check out the class website and Facebook page. — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th St. NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com

76MBA News Needed

We need news. Please email me a few lines. I am happy to report I completed a two-year internship in Ignatian Spirituality sponsored by Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in Bloomfield Hills MI. I was commissioned in the Ministry of Spiritual Direction as a spiritual director. Spiritual direction is about the journey of your soul, which seeks to know God, self and others in a deep, loving way. It is about growing in understanding your relationship with God. Your soul thirsts to know God personally. Frequently, it takes another spiritual soul to walk with you so God can mirror through them what your soul needs to know. As a spiritual director, I am someone you can talk with confidentially about your prayer and spiritual life. Because every aspect of your daily life affects your relationship with God, ordinary concerns such as work, ministry, family, relationships, emotional hurts, joy, anger, sexual concerns, fears, compulsions, addictions, dreams, etc. are properly shared in spiritual direction. A director helps explore the darkness of self-doubt, confusion, fear and anger so that you are able to be free of what blocks you from God’s loving presence. You are helped to truly see yourself through God’s eyes as the gift you are. Spiritual direction helps develop the gift of discernment, which enables you to be more attentive to how God is leading and guiding you. You grow in noticing the ways in which God is touching your life, directly or indirectly. — Mike Norris; 1021 Bloomview Circle, Rochester MI 48307; 248-330-5366; norris1021@comcast.net

76JD Class SecretaryVirgil L. Roth;

625 Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 255, South Pasadena CA 91030; 626-441-1178; fax 626-441-1166

77 Field of Dreams

Cheering at ND games as freshmen, who knew that coming back to ND’s Field of Dreams could be so wonderful as alumni? Dave Caron, Dan Grenci and 20 friends attended the ASU game in Tempe. The Stanford game, which started with a great pregame tailgate in the Joyce Center lot, brought in families of T.R. Paulding Jr. of CT and Kevin Kenney of Toledo; Gabi and Dan Buckley, and Elena Buckley ’15 of California; Sara and* Jay Leyden* from Philadelphia; Nancy and Mike Borders of Chicago; Sally and Jim Dwyer of Wheaton IL; Eric Ryan and daughters of Colorado; Mark Lucas of Merrillville IN; Bob “Bozo” Zierk ’76, and Morrissey Manor friend, Dave Hennessey ’76. Weather-tested Stanford game attendees also included Phil Mancini, Terry McEvily, Jim Wershing, Tom Frericks, Polly Mack Spangler, Betsy Lamping Sklena, Susy Leonard Benjamin, Sarah Lynch Hadley, and John Shaughnessy and family from Indianapolis. Terri and retired New York Fire Dept. Lt. Pat Concannon also attended and hosted Wounded Warriors vets from New York. Polly Mack Spangler has three daughters and four grandchildren living nearby in Lock Haven PA. One daughter lives in Taiwan. Sue Fitzpatrick Drago and Lou Drago visited Polly for a PSU game. Classmates’ dreams continue to be realized. Family and Holy Cross dorm friends of Dennis Hanno, the 8th Wheaton College president, were present for his Oct. 17 inauguration, including US Sen. Joseph Donnelly, who addressed those gathered. Dennis Basara, Steve Galib and Ron Joseph also attended. Dennis Hanno attended a Harvard U Seminar for new college presidents with Thomas Kruczek, president of Notre Dame College OH, and Joseph Sopcich, president of Johnson County Community College in Kansas. Sidney Swinson, a GableGotwals shareholder in Tulsa, was named the “Lawyer of the Year” for insolvency and reorganization law by 2015 Best Lawyers of America, which also named John Gelson as a best lawyer in the field of construction and employment litigation. John is VP and general counsel for Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, which has 1,200 restaurants in the US and Canada. John Shaughnessy’s newest book, When God Cheers, is available online or at the Hammes bookstore. Formerly with the Indianapolis Star and now assistant editor of The Criterion newspaper of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, John and Mary Shaughnessy ’78SMC have three children, John, Brian ’04 and Kathleen ’15. Gerry O’Connor received the “Award of the Year” from the ND Club of Indianapolis, as had his father John O’Connor ’38. Cindy Buescher Parseghian and Michael Parseghian MD, along with the Parseghian and Boler families, endowed The Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases, which conducts medical research at the University. Michael Corey is executive VP and partner of Phillips DiPisa, a retained executive search firm serving the healthcare industry. Bill Ellsworth writes that his wife Debbie Kenny Ellsworth graduated with a master’s of science degree in nursing from Elmhurst College last spring. She is a nurse navigator in oncology, the mother of three sons and a daughter, and grandmother of two grandsons.
‘Boston Strong’ Joe Donahue completed the Boston Marathon safely again, cheered on by wife Patty and son Will, as well as Sandy, Maria and Joe Tartaglione. Inspired by Joya “JJ” De Foor, we celebrated our first of four new Class Solidarity Days last year, reaching out to renew friendships on May 22, July 7 and Dec. 1. Next up is March 17. Deepest condolences go out to Jody Gormley on the loss of her father, Joseph Gormley MD ’49; to John Tartaglione on the loss of his mother, Maria; to Donna Hinton on the loss of her mother, Mary Frances; to Barb Boylan O’Connell on the loss of her mother, Catherine; and to Deb Joggerst Brown on the loss of her mother, Jessie. A memorial celebration of the life of our classmate Prof. John H. “Jack” Moran was hosted by Cornell U in Washington DC in October. Ken Girouard, husband of Lynn Mertensotto and father of Patrick ’07, passed away in November after a courageous battle with cancer. He was a former Class secretary. May they rest in peace. — Virginia (Ginger) McGowan Bishop; 2594 Woodland Drive, Northbrook IL, 60062; 847-291-7510; Classof1977@alumni.nd.edu

77MBA Class SecretaryAlan J. Fisher;


77JD Class SecretaryJaney Bennett;

4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka IN 46545; res 574-383-5745; bus 574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com

78 Back in the Saddle Again

Greetings classmates. Mike Hawes (Aero) was named VP and Orion program manager for Lockheed Martin. Orion is NASA’s next human spacecraft for exploration to the Moon and beyond. The first test flight was due on Dec. 4. Mike spends his time traveling to his sites in Houston, Denver, DC, Florida and New Orleans. Beth Klein and Chip Lee are back for home games more than ever. They’ve been hanging out at Vinnie and Karen Renz’s tailgate, conveniently situated on the south-east corner of Legends beside Pat and Cheryl Kennedy’s spread, along with Dennis and Renee Crowley, Jim and Rosemary Hughes, Tom and Karen Marvinac and Greg Kulis. They also got to visit with Vicki Lopez and Pat Kennedy at the FSU game, which was much nicer than the game outcome. Chad Tiedemann and his wife, Paula, threw a tailgate for 22, mostly alums, including Jim Kahl and his wife, Caroline, for the Navy game. Chad has lived in DC since graduation. Marty Dytrych was named chair of the board of the prestigious Jupiter Florida Medical Center in January 2014. After years of globe-trotting for Boeing, Dennis Smith retired early at the age of 47 to raise his then newborn son, Christian. He continues to be the light of his life. After 36 years, R. Bruce Morrison finally decided to get “The Lodge” back together for the North Carolina weekend. Actually, three class years from one section of 10th floor Flanner were represented: Mike Moran, Mark Muller, Dave Martinez, Pat Mooney, Bob Wilmouth, Lorne Malkiewich, Brian Mc Hugh and Mike Bodie. As an added bonus, we got to hang with Mary Reimer and Joanie (Skamulis) and Jack Walsh. Chuck Wills was inducted into the Frederick County MD Sports Hall of Fame for his performance in hurdles in high school and college. He is vice president of international marketing for Caterpillar Inc. and lives with wife, Amy Thornton Wills, in Guntersville, AL. Marianne Murphy Zarzana, assistant professor of English and director of the creative writing program at Southwest Minnesota State U in Marshall MN, was granted tenure in June. John Erickson had lunch with* Joe Camarda* last summer in Los Angeles. John continues to get together with Dennis (DJ) Crowley on a regular basis. Dennis continues his success as a principal for Hutchinson Shockey Securities in Chicago. Last fall, he was at his 40th high school reunion and saw Sue Bailey. John retired after 35 years of bond fund management and investment advising in February. He also published a book in December 2013 called, That God’s Work Be Displayed. It’s the story of becoming legally blind and only then seeing all the blessings in life. The book is on Amazon and at the Notre Dame Bookstore under biographies. Bill Adams of Sorin College married Kate Smelser of Lyons Hall in September of 1978. They have 12 children, and are expecting grandchild number nine this December and grandchild number 10 in March. Many congratulations. Terry Donahue, Vic Yeandel, Mark Spence and Mark Braunlich were in the Motor City in July for the wedding of Mike Edwards’ daughter, Annie. Everybody had a great time. I wonder if Braunlich is still chillin’ to sweet jazz music? Greg Principato accepted a new position as president of the National Association of State Aviation Officials. Greg lives in Alexandria VA with Ann, his wife of 32 years. John Coyne is a regular at the New York Athletic Club, working on his svelte figure. Stan Ziherl is looking to settle down again. Don Smail was at Flynn’s lobster fest with son Shamus for the Michigan game, along with the ’78 crew from Alumni and Dillon, Ken Haffey and too many others. Barb and Pete Haley were holding court at their VIP parking spot at the Leahy Gate with their famous grilled cheese and tomato soup tailgate, along with Tom Coryn and Jim Wendell. For the North Carolina game weekend, Don made a stop in Chicago and met up with John Talbot, Pat “Jaws” Coveny, Danny Romano, Jack Boehm and Greg Kulis for happy hour. We’ve come a long way from Nicky’s! On Friday, Jack Sacco and Don had an inspiring meeting with Father Ted Hesburgh in his office. Father Ted’s wit and wisdom are as sharp as ever, and he gave both a blessing and some great words of inspiration. Jack’s new book, Above the Treetops, tells the true story of William Faulkner and the son he never had. Brian Doyle, winner of the Alumni Association’s Father Robert Griffin, CSC, award for writing, has four new publications in 2014: The Thorny Grace of It, Essays for Imperfect Catholics; The Plover, a novel; Children and Other Wild Animals, another collection of essays; and A Book of Uncommon Prayer, published by Ave Maria Press. Bill Reifsteck was in Philadelphia to address the ND Club about his recent book chronicling the construction of ND stadium, Two Million Bricks. Lots of good stories and photographs were shared with a good crowd, including Kevin Sugg, John Delaney and me. Jim Clarke went to the UNC game with Greg Switaj of Sterling VA. Jim saw Ray Van Der Hayden, Mark Carbone, Bruce Morrison and Mike Moran. Tom Humen and Mary Beth Perpich Humen ’78SMC were at the Navy game at FedEx Field. They live in Bethesda MD, and Tom is with Schneider Electronic in Fairfax VA. Paul White has been living in the Netherlands for 23 years and is married to a Dutch woman, Suzanne, who is a midwife. They have three boys. Pete O’Sullivan checked in from New York, where he is in his 37th year with IBM. He saw Jimmy Dunne and Veo and Jimmy Martin at the Michigan game. Stacy Weaver Robinson started a small bi-monthly, community-focused, educational women’s journal in 2007, which has just “graduated” from newspaper format to a magazine. In addition, she works fulltime as the lead clinician in the mental health field, with adults who are involuntarily committed to a long-term structured residential setting, and also has a part-time private psychotherapy practice. Please remember in your prayers the family of Bill Nester, whose father passed away. And remember all our friends and family who have died. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Contact me. Be safe. Peace and love. — Jim Coyne;
311 Andorra Glen Court, Lafayette Hill PA 19144; 267-847-8808; jcoyne@cohs.com

78MBA Keeping in Touch

Thanks to Selim Ilter for sending along some recent notes. Selim is finishing out his career at St. John Fisher College in Rochester NY. He’s been in a three-year transition program, which has seen him complete a successful deanship and enjoy some time in the business college’s new building. In the meantime, Selim and his wife have been enjoying their two grandchildren as their daughter lives nearby. They’ve also made visits to DC, where their son is an attorney. We wish you all the best, Selim. Facebook allows me to keep in touch on a regular basis with Joe Hession. Joe is a proud dad, a Notre Dame dad, an Irish fantasy football camp survivor and a Carmel IN resident. We share the ups and downs of ND sports each week. Fortunately we have the opportunity to cheer loudly more than we need to cry into our beer. All are invited to join in.
In Maine, we are awaiting the arrival of winter. It’ll be welcomed more this year as the summer was a long one. My husband was diagnosed with throat/tonsil cancer early in the spring. After many rounds of chemo and radiation, all seems to be well. Prayers are still appreciated. Winter will also bring Notre Dame to New England often for Hockey East action. I have my tickets already for the U of Maine series in January. I’ll be wearing my “Irish Icer” button that I’ve had since my SMC days. — Mamie Anthoine Ney; 350 Alewive Road, Kennebunk ME 04043; res 207-229-0989; bus 207-333-6640 x2020; irishwasherwoman@alumni.nd.edu

78JD Class SecretaryDan LaVille;

US Bankruptcy Court, One Division Avenue North, Room 200, Grand Rapids MI 49503; bus 616-732-2751; dlaville@comcast.net

79 Author, Author

Joe Carey’s poetry book, Postcards From Poland, published by Chicago Poetry Press, won the Journal of Modern Poetry’s 2013 Book Award. Joe wrote the book of 41 poems after a 2011 trip to Krakow and Zakopane with his wife Renata; their sons Joey, 13, and Nicholas, 11; and Renata’s mother and brother. The poems present the sights, sounds and events occurring in the castles, museums, churches, cable cars, mountains, nightclubs in medieval cellars and WWII death camps in and around these cities. The book is available at PostcardsfromPoland.com, ChicagoPoetry.com and Amazon. Joe and his wife celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary in 2013 with their sons in Alaska. They live in Glencoe IL, where Joe runs a multi-state property management business with his sister and brother. He is assistant scout master for his sons’ troop. ND’s bookstore featured a book signing at the end of August with Marian (Uliciny) Szczepanski for her novel, Playing St. Barbara. For information about the book, visit marianszczepanski.com. Marian and her husband, Adam Szczepanski, are the proud grandparents of Jackson, 1. Terrence Steven Rogers published an article on the Notre Dame Magazine website to commemorate Alan Sondej ’74 on the 25th anniversary of his death. Alan was a fixture outside the dining halls during the 1970s, soliciting money for the world’s poor and hungry. Father Hesburgh sponsored him to travel the world for his work for the poor. He died while working as a volunteer firefighter in Hyattsville MD on March 18, 1988. Terrence’s article was reprinted in The Observer in December, 2013, in advance of his three presentations about Alan at ND. The article is available on The Observer’s website. Terrence also published an article in The Women’s Rights Law Reporter of Rutgers in November 2013 about domestic violence. He and his wife, Michelle, are parents of Terrence Charles Rogers, 3. Christine Twist Burke and Michael Berberich published articles in The Golden Domer, ND’s senior alumni publication. Michael has written articles for several publications, including Notre Dame Magazine. He teaches English at Galveston College. Joan (Chohrek) and Bill Mileski also live in Galveston where Joan is a professor of maritime administration and department head at Texas A & M. Bill is a professor of surgery and chief of trauma and head of the emergency room department at the U of Texas Medical Branch. Pat Casey is teaching history at Mt. Hood Community College in Portland. He taught for a semester in Barcelona. He then traveled through the southern US researching Civil Rights sites and museums. While in Durham NC, he visited Carey Ewing, who heads her own law firm. While together they called Mike Falk, who runs his own company in the Bay area; John Malcom in New Jersey; Meg Hackett, who is practicing law in Grand Rapids; and Sandy Stroher, a California lawyer. Pat also visited Liz (Donovan) and Paul Peralta in Charlotte and Jill (Beery) Fellman, who retired from teaching and was elected to the Jefferson County Colorado School Board. Pat is planning a trip to NYC, where he will visit with Kevin Babis. Dan Rahill is the new chair of the Illinois CPA Society and is partner-in-charge of tax services for accounting firm FGMK outside Chicago. After a 25-year career with the National Park Service, Luis Krug retired in July. Anne Blanford, a retired Florida criminal defense lawyer who relocated to the Oregon coast, reported that Steve Gill ran and completed the Boston Marathon, raising over $31,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of his wife, Erin, who suffers from this disease. Maureen (Sullivan) Borkowski, president and CEO of Ameren Transmission Company, is one of STEMConnector’s top 100 Diverse Corporate Leaders recognized for taking an active role as STEM ambassadors within their companies and industries. Maureen lives in St. Louis with her husband, Dan. Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly donated $10 million to ND to endow the Rev. James E. MacDonald, CSC Center for Student Well-Being in honor of their friend and our classmate. The center provides mental and physical health services to students. Bob Rasmus’ son, Garrett, is a freshman, and like his father and brother, Blair ’12, he lives in Dillon. John Chestnut was named VP for solutions and services for SPS North America. — Barbara A. Langhenry; 3901 Whitman Ave., Cleveland OH 44113; res 216-651-8962; bus 216-664-2893; breclw@aol.com

79MBA Class SecretaryPatty Kennedy Kerr;

7750 Leonard St. NE, Ada MI 49301; 616-682-1223; kerrtaxcpa@gmail.com

79JD Continued Reconnections

This year’s Arizona State game in Phoenix prompted a note from Deborah Griffith. She hosted and/or met up with Paula Fulks and Dillon (Dalton) and Tom Costa ’80JD. The game outcome was disappointing, but Debbie reports they had a terrific time together. No surprise there. The Royals’ unlikely romp to the World Series prompted me to check in with Terry Karnaze to see what was going on with her in Kansas City. She reports that she is working a bit less and spending more time with her dad, now in his 90s. She also mentioned that she hoped to visit with Mary Pat (Frailey) and Dean Calland when they came to town for a family wedding. Terry also reported they just added a second grandchild to their family. Finally, I hosted Mark Wight and David Evinger in Portland for what has evolved to be our annual get-together. Dave Beaudoin joined us as well, as he relocated to the Portland area last year. We watched the Northwestern game, and had lots of fun arguing about riveting points from Prof. Murphy’s contracts class. Exceptions to the Parol Evidence Rule anyone? We also shared congratulations with Mark Wight on his company’s (Wight & Company) 75th anniversary in the architectural and engineering business in the greater Chicago area. That’s it for now. — Daniel F. McNeil; 1001 NW Lovejoy, Unit 205, Portland OR 97209; 503-539-9188; mcneil.daniel12@gmail.com