36 Dawn Patrol

I heard recently from my classmate Joe Newman who lives in Florida. At 102, Joe is the oldest of our remaining classmates. He is still pretty active, participating in discussion groups and politics. He even bought a new car this year. Joe lived in South Bend when we were students. In our day, the commuters were referred to as Day Hops. My freshman year, I lived in Dillon Hall. It was the new hall then. Our rector was Father Haggerty, CSC. Anyone who missed morning Mass was assigned to the dawn patrol and had to wake at 5 a.m. I remember they would chant, “Arise ye rebels of the dawn patrol.” I don’t think they could get away with that these days. If anyone knows of any others from the Class of 1936, I would love to hear from them. Go Irish. — John W. Norton; jwn176@aol.com

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39 Time for a Story

The Alumni Office notified me that Charles “Chuck” McFarland passed away in June. Chuck was a commerce major from Oklahoma who started in the business world early, winning $100 for his family in a 1920 national baby contest. He entered ND at age 15 after being named valedictorian of his high school class, served in WWII, and was a successful lawyer and businessman. He was active in the Kiwanis Club, rising in the ranks and was Kiwanis governor for Oklahoma and Texas in 1958. Bill Murray took the time to call me the weekend ND played Stanford, which happened to be the first time I’d been back to campus in a few years. It was absolutely beautiful weather and the new construction on the stadium looks grand. We had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation. Bill lives in Wilmington DE and is likely one of the oldest living Triple Domers. He received his bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees in organic chemistry, following his brother Frank Murray ’36 to Notre Dame. Frank earned his medical degree from Cornell and passed away in 2014 at age 101. Bill reminisced that his years at ND “were the best years of our lives, and we didn’t even know it.” It is a sentiment surely shared by many. As an undergrad, he lived in Dillon, Morrissey, Howard and Walsh; he lived in Morrissey Tower as a graduate student before moving off campus. The last time he was on campus was for the 50th reunion, and he recalled some good times with Bob Tuscan, Tom Gillespie (also a chemical engineer) and Frank Pfaff (“we practically grew up together in Elizabeth NJ”). Bill was hired by DuPont’s Jackson Laboratory and started as soon as he graduated. There were a lot of ND men in those days, in large part due to Father Nieuwland’s work and the development of neoprene. He did work supporting the Manhattan Project and other war efforts. In 1950 he married a fellow chemist from the DuPont Lab. He has four children, two grandchildren and many happy memories. He was with DuPont for 37 years and retired to Wilmington. He reflected on being retired for more years than he worked, organizing family trees for two family lineages, traveling extensively in Europe, being active in the Knights of Columbus, gardening and volunteering for 20 years at Children’s Hospital. It doesn’t sound like he’s bored. As he says, “After a while you wonder how you ever had time for work.” He was a founding member of a poker group that played regularly from 1942 until 2015 when they could no longer find a quorum. Christine Hayes Burgoon ’81 shared some exciting news in memory of her father. Construction on the Charles B. Hayes Family Sculpture Park has been ongoing and is expected to be completed in 2017. Located on seven acres at the northeast corner of Angela Boulevard and Eddy Street, the park will be the central feature of a fine arts district at the new campus entrance facing Eddy Street Commons. Surviving ND family alumni include son Charles S. Hayes ’65, daughter Christine, son-in-law Steven F. Burgoon ’81, granddaughter Anne F. Hayes ’99 and her husband, Patrick G. Dowd ’99, and grandson Charles C. Hayes ’00.Writing this column has proven to be a wonderful experience, and it’s been a pleasure to connect with alumni, family and friends in sharing their stories and memories. Send a letter, email or call. — Seth O’Donnell ’04; 17 Marion St., East Greenwich RI 02818; res 603-828-7335; seth.odonnell@gmail.com