70 Good Time at the Minireunion

Paul Partyka organized a great Duke mini-reunion skillfully. Pres. Rick Libowitz and son Jordan (first visit) attended and promoted our 2018 Holy Land mini-reunion. Marolyn and Dan Palmer attended Miami with brother George ’66 and wife from Tallahassee and Sally and Bill Hasbrook (in Paris during Duke). Joan and Terry Hughes of Napoleon (Ohio) Machine Co. attended Duke and Stanford. Our class tree commemorating Father Hesburgh is spry. Julie and Jay Standring received a supreme lay honor: “affiliation of the faithful to the Augustinian Order,” granted canonically by Rome’s Augustinian General Curia, signed by Prior General Alejandro Antόn, OSA. Jay taught at Leo 1971-92; he now teaches theology, coaches freshman football and baseball, chairs PE and runs a summer camp at St. Rita, sending 200 students to ND. The Standrings also host postgraduate volunteers who serve in Chicago one-two years. Son J.J. played Northwestern football and baseball; Paul played Wisconsin football. Bob Arnot serves on the Save the Children Board and the American Working Group for Syria and visits Africa four-five months annually. A TV journalist, he reported on the MH370 crash, Ebola, Massachusetts General Psychiatry Department and the Mideast helicopter crash of David Petraeus’ pilot. His son is 4. Dave Stark died July 17. He is survived by Craig ’71, Tim ’79, sister Janice and son Matthew. Kevin McCarthy visited Nigeria in 2005, studied 2006-2013 for his Licentiate in Sacred Theology from Rome’s Angelicum (Pontifical U of Thomas Aquinas) and conducted precedent-setting Seventh Circuit litigation for asserting religious freedom rights in federal court. He and Patrice have 16 grandchildren and continue Marian devotions. Patrick Murphy, 2016 ND Faculty Awardee, has taught at the business school 32 years and chaired marketing 10 years. His College of Business Career Fair is a University-wide event. He created the senior recognition program, co-directed the Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, served six years as Faculty Honor Code officer and won three other ND teaching awards. Pat Dowdall’s book, Hitting the Jumper: A 60-Year Affair With Basketball, debuted as Amazon’s Number 1 Hot New Release in basketball biographies. Featuring sports history, unusual life stories, sentimental journeys from Montana to Massachusetts, ND, and Harvard, gravel games in the ghetto and referees’ whistles in white-shoe law firms, the book is captivating. The Skip Horvaths went on safari in Africa and will travel next to New Zealand and Australia. Don Jacobs died in February 2013 of ALS in Boston. That June, the Hughes, Becky and Tom Loughren, and Don’s three brothers interred him at Cedar Grove Mausoleum. Tom Nash, wed in 1974, died November 19, 2014, survived by Jill and children Jack and Kelley. Grace roommates Tom Lawson, Don McDermott, Bob McConn and Bob Madden (Rich Lucke passed 25 years ago) and teammate Ed Grenda ’71 attended services in Carlsbad CA. Dewey Poskon, Denny Kerrigan, Denny DePrimio, Mike McCoy, Larry Vuillemin, Ed Vuillemin ’69, Tom Reynolds ’69, Bill Barz ’71, Bob Neidert ’71, Rich Thomann ’72 and Mike Creany ’73 sent condolences. Reggie Brooks ’93 (Monogram Club) sent an ND jersey for funeral display. Tom Lawson eulogized “Chopper” warmly. Bob Jaeger, Bill Miskell and Tim Sullivan celebrated their 50th Keenanite anniversary with golf, dining, a tour of Kansas City’s WWI museum and a Duke game watch. Bob retired in 2008 to Pawley’s Island SC. An ND southpaw, he lost his fastball to a new left shoulder and right hip. Tulsa attorney Tim is a large car dealership chaplain and counselor. Bill moved from Omaha in 1995 to DeMarche Associates, Kansas City investment consultants, and is retiring. — Don Graham; 1901 S. Glenwood, Springfield IL 62704; 217-652-1560; fever1@me.com

70MBA Class Secretary — John Carroll;

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70JD Looking Good

I heard from Jerry Perry a few months ago. He forwarded a photo of his family, and he and Kathy have not changed a bit. They have three daughters: Liz who serves as a clerk to a federal court judge in Anchorage AK, and Megan and Jennifer who reside in Seattle and Portland, respectively. They have six beautiful grandchildren, one of whom (in my opinion) looks like a miniature Jerry Perry from the 1960s. Jerry advises that he is “slowly easing out of his practice” and sends his best to all. Steph DeSalles is the latest to submit a short (one page) essay summarizing law school recollections, his professional career and advice to current law students. Steph resides in California where his practice over the years has exclusively concentrated upon criminal defense work. His office is in Santa Ana and in 2009 he was named Attorney of the Year by the North Orange County Bar Association. He and Madge ’69SMC have three children: Erin, Matt and Megan. Steph noted that he met Madge at Frankie’s during our first week of law school in 1967. He asked her to marry him three weeks later, she said yes and they “are still going strong after all these years.” I know you will enjoy reading his look back on the years since we were at NDL; likewise, I look forward to receiving your stories as I attempt to put together a compilation for our 50th reunion. In late July our son, John ’92, was married in the Hudson Valley area of New York State. He and his wife Rahda met while both worked in Washington DC. Among the guests present at the wedding were Joann and Mike Kelleher. Speaking of Mike, he reports that he had lunch with Dan Rybak in Buffalo. I want to wish you and your families a Happy and Peaceful New Year. I hope to hear from you soon. — John K. Plumb; 19 Crowley St., Randolph NY 14772; jkplumb@windstream.net

71 Fall Road Trips

At this time of year, road trips lead to campus for football, warmer climates for those looking to escape the winter, opportunities to catch up with others and, unfortunately, funerals of friends. In late August, Mary and Jim Malloy, South Bend, hosted the annual gathering for Sue and Steve Zumbo, Ann and Pete Van Dyk and Barb and Bob Bassett. Activities centered around shared meals, good conversation and questionable golf. After retiring from 20 years in the financial aid office at ND, Jim is a part-time starter on campus at the Warren Golf Course, with free tee times etc. Judy and Mike Thomas, Columbus, welcomed a grandson in August and are already ensconced in the St. Petersburg FL area for the winter. John Smith, Cape May NJ, passed away in September. Originally a Philly native, John had been a longtime retail exec with Sears Corporate in Chicago. In retirement he resurrected and served as the president of the Cape May VFW Post. We were represented by Al Heinz, Dan Dell’Orto and former roommate Gary Kessler, who gave the eulogy. For the Nevada game, Kathy and Rick Wohlhuter made their annual trek north from Jacksonville. Earlier in the year, they were in Washington State at a Nike event and a gathering of other participants from the ’72 Olympics. Sam Rumore came from Birmingham and is now a semiretired attorney with a very civilized transition plan: no work appointments before 2 p.m. Sam continues to work on his tome regarding the history of the 67 county courthouses in Alabama. Karen and Dave Jaworski came from the Palm Coast of Florida, where golf occupies most of the retired mortgage banker’s time. Originally a native of South Bend, Dave was part of a unique group who spent two separate semesters abroad. When the sophomore semester in Cali, Columbia, was cut short, their group traveled to Mexico City junior year. Jon Collins, Cincinnati, met up with John Bialek, Twin Lakes WI. Tom Suddes, Columbus, passed away in September after a two-year battle with ALS. His work career focused on ND development and then his own longtime consulting firm. His passion was always the Bengal Bouts, first as a participant and then as a coach for 40 years, returning to campus each year for a six-week stint to coach and referee. He is survived by his wife Trudy, five children, their spouses and numerous grandchildren. We were represented at the memorial service by Mike Morrison, Jim McGraw, Jim Bowman, Jim Mullen, Bill Schoen, Al Heinz, Dan Dell’Orto, Dave Kelly and Pat McFadden. The time together with those attending MSU was more enjoyable than the football, especially since it was a long day before one of the hard-to-bear night games. Dickie Johnson, Tom Sinnott and Mike Kondrla made the road trip together from New Jersey. Collis Jones came from DC, while Chuck Nightingale and Al Gabriele came from Valparaiso, and Tom Desch came from Winston-Salem. Judith and Ron Osman made their annul trek north from Corpus Christi, with a grandson in tow. Ron has retired from the chemical engineering arena, so travel occupies much of their time. Condolences to Craig Williams on the loss of his father. We appreciate the notes and emails regarding family news, retirements, travels and time together with classmates. Please keep them coming. Blessed 2017 to you and your families. — John Snider; 830 N. Saint Peter St., South Bend IN 46617; cell 312-860-1779; res 574-2179-8961; jlscpa@yahoo.com

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72 Fondly Remembered

A number of the denizens of Holy Cross Hall contacted me to let me know about Tim McKay’s passing from lung cancer. Tim graduated summa cum laude from ND and earned his JD from the U of Iowa Law School. He practiced and taught for most of his career in his beloved hometown of Ottumwa IA. Tim was an avid and faithful ND fan. During this last year, he came home twice to campus with his Holy Cross Hall roommates and close friends Chuck Boros, John Cox ’70, Mark Kalas, Mike Kennedy, Jim Yoder and Mike Stella to attend the Stanford football game, the Clemson basketball game, the UMass hockey game and, of course, dine at Rocco’s. He will be remembered for his quick wit and encyclopedic knowledge of Saturday morning cartoons, for being a St. Louis Cardinal junkie and DJ supreme, and for his love for all that is Notre Dame. I received a great letter from Dr. Will Ivory, a clinical psychologist. The opus is too long to include in its entirety, but here are some of his spot-on memories. “It was as much about a First Friday performance on football Saturday morning as the game itself. It was also about courses in Buddhism, Indian Philosophy, the Bible, antiwar marches, Father Hesburgh, Rev. Robert Griffin, CSC, candlelight vigils, Jane Fonda and members of the Chicago Seven at Stepan Center, Chuck Perrin and folk music, first loves (thank you, SMC) and a newly acquired sense of social consciousness, not to mention the general music scene, which included an annual Blues Festival at Stepan Center. In fact, I remember leaving the library late one night after studying for a psychology exam and hearing this glorious music coming from somewhere. Its path took me straight to the steps of Washington Hall where Luther Allison and his blues band performed an impromptu concert for free. For those who may remember me and my interest in all things guitar, I’ve also been involved with numerous rock, blues,and R&B bands as a lead and rhythm guitarist since the day I left Notre Dame. Thank you, Norm Zeller, you and your late 1950s sunburst Les Paul were truly an inspiration. I blow a little blues harp on the side as well. My most recent gig was a few days ago as I write this, outdoors in Sea Bright NJ, at the beach, a cool wind blowing off the Atlantic. Sorry, but this is so much better than plaid pants and golf. Not bad for 64. My best to readers who may remember me, especially members of 100% American Dog, our own little Keenan Hall band.” Anyone who is interested in the entirety of the letter should contact us. Please send news. Also, if you want to contribute to the column, please contact us. — Frank Fahey; 274 Winthrop Ave., Elmhurst IL 60126; 312-504-3409; fjfahey@gmail.com; Gary Gigot; 574-807-5772; gary.gigot@vennli.com

72MBA Another Retirement

It was great to hear from Bill Drozda with news of his retirement Jan. 1, 2016. He and Janet moved from the Chicago area to Peoria AZ, a suburb of Phoenix. Bill would be happy to hear from anyone who will be in that area or anyone who just wants to get in touch with him. I have his contact information. One more reminder about our 45th reunion June 1-4: I received my first reunion email on Halloween. If it’s not too much trouble, please let me know if you are planning to attend. Here’s hoping we see many of you there. — Alex McLellan; 9662 W. 86th St., Apt. B, Overland Park KS 66212-4537; res 913-652-9909; irish72mba@excite.com

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1881 Marble Cliff Crossing Court, Columbus OH 43204; 614-227-2097; cschraff@porterwright.com

73 Dodger Fan

Chicago attorney Bob Higgins was featured in a recent Chicago Tribune article about being a Los Angeles Dodger fan. A nice picture showed Bob and his wife, Jo, who is a Cubs fan. Roger Burrell reported that Joe Butler, George Brown, Pat Tyrell, Ed Ellis and Ray Ortiz ’74 and their spouses met in Santa Fe recently with Roger on the death of his wife, Carol. Steve Michel has been enjoying a sailing trip to Cuba. Steve has been a dentist for over 40 years and this trip represents his third and final sabbatical. You can read more about his trip at stephenmichel.com. John Gall emailed that his brother and fellow classmate Joe Gall passed away suddenly in August. He was a lawyer in southern New Hampshire and became a world adventurer, taking rafting and biking trips to Russia, China and all over South America. John spent four years in the Navy and then moved to Arlington VA where he partnered up with a couple of serial entrepreneurs over the next 35 years who put together three successful IT software services companies. He traveled to Scandinavia this summer and is enjoying his four grandchildren and volunteer activities. Lloyd Sullivan and J.D. Flood got their picture in the Kankakee IL newspaper following their participation in The Dennis J. Smith Legacy Foundation golf outing. Christopher “Kip” Browne, Dick Wilson and Bill Kaufman, along with Ed Blomme ʼ70, won the Golden Domers division of the Minnesota ND Club golf tournament in June. Bill underwent surgery and will be back on the golf course soon. I am sad to report the death of Bill “Willo” Edwards who lived in Zahm. Bill was an engineer with Bechtel and had a major role in the Boston “Big Dig” project. Joe Tapajna reports from nearby Flossmoor that he retired in 2014 after a 38-year career in tax accounting for Andersen and Deloitte. He is an adjunct professor in the graduate program at Mendoza College of Business, teaching courses in tax accounting and tax ethics. Living in Westfield IN is Steve Underhill. He is the CFO for R.O. Whitesell & Associates in Carmel. Steve is the former president of the Notre Dame Club of Indianapolis and a volunteer football coach for the local Catholic school. Mike Ugino is the senior partner of a 20-doctor group of neuro and orthopedic surgeons in Columbia SC. Mike travels extensively and enjoys his grandchildren as well as playing the guitar with a group in Columbia. He is very active in Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church. Enjoying the good life is Henry “Trey” Obering III in Leesburg VA. He is the executive vice president for Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean VA. He retired from the Air Force in 2008 and sits on four boards of directors. He stays in contact with Dan Schiavone and Steve Pronchick. It was good to hear from Paul Euell of Newtown PA. He recently moved from Princeton NJ. His youngest son is a junior at ND. Paul was the chief technology officer at Bank of NY Mellon and retired in 2008 when he and his wife Mary bought a SYNERGY Home Care Franchise, where his mission is to help the senior community age in place. He frequently talks to Paul O’Connor and Val Madden. Wayne Essel reports from Ridgecrest CA where he works for Cigna as an analyst and programmer. He is having a ball living in California. Send me news. — Michael W. Hansen; 735 Essington Road, Joliet IL 60435; fax 815-744-4515; mikehansen@mikehansenlaw.com

73MBA Coming Together

Bill Bartles has passed away. His wife, Sharon Bartles, shared these words: “He lived a full life giving back what he learned there, and he touched so many in a positive way. He always represented Notre Dame with pride. Our life together was blessed with opportunity because of his beloved Notre Dame.” She hopes to visit ND again for him soon. It will be a wonderful comfort for her. Additional details she shared: William “Bill” Bartles was born in Somerville NJ to Margaret and Howard Bartles. He grew up in Hackettstown NJ. He graduated from Delaware Valley College in 1969 and went on to graduate from Notre Dame with an MBA in 1973. While finishing his degree he married his wife of 44 years, Sharon. They lived in Florida for eight years as Bill started his career. During this time they were blessed with a son, Brian. Bill transferred with Harris Corp. to Dallas TX in 1981 and lived in Plano TX for 23 years. As a dedicated father, he was active with coaching little league, soccer and then basketball as his son grew. He changed jobs in 1987 and went to work for Control Systems International in Carrollton TX. He was active in helping expand the company as their CFO and greatly enjoyed the work and friendships he made. During this time he also started as an adjunct professor at SMU teaching second year MBAs the principals of entrepreneurship and venture capital. He taught for 23 years. His son followed his father’s example and is teaching at the Cox School of Business at SMU. For 12 years Bill served as a board member for his undergraduate college and helped it progress to university status. It was a time of renewed friendships, and he enjoyed helping the school he held dear to grow. Life was full for Bill as he traveled with his work and visited many countries around the world. He held a leading part in the sale of CSI and retired early in 2000. As an avid golfer, he brought his wife along to share the love of the game and many local friendships. They moved to McKinney TX and joined Eldorado Country Club in 2005. While in McKinney, he continued to teach and travel while thoroughly enjoying the life he and Sharon had built together. Bill was a loving husband and father, a good friend, a teacher, a ND football fan and a man who showed integrity and passion in all his endeavors throughout his life. He will be greatly missed by all whose lives he touched. He is survived by Sharon, son Brian, daughter-in-law Nicole Lai and granddaughter Kylie Bartles. John Leedom and I had hoped to hook up in Long Beach CA this summer, however, his wife Pat became ill and it did not happen. Please keep John and Pat and their family in your prayers. John Rapa wrote that the Notre Dame Glee Club came to Irwin PA for a free concert at the Immaculate Conception Church on Oct. 19. It is about five miles from where John lives. He attended the concert and it was excellent. That night they hosted a couple of the students. “We thoroughly enjoyed having them spend the night. They stayed up until about 3 a.m. playing pool and throwing darts.” They didn’t get much sleep because he had to have then back at the church the next day at 7 a.m. to get on a bus to Morristown NJ. He thinks they slept on the bus. Their next concert was Oct. 20 in Morristown, then on to Philadelphia. My son Peter and his wife Susan welcomed our third grandchild, William Thomas Conway Jindra, into the world on Oct 13. He is almost ready to try out for the ND football team. All are doing well. You are always welcome to contact us when in Southern California. If you have not corresponded in some time, please share your experiences with your classmates. Please forward your new email addresses and those of classmates. — Thomas Jindra; 7179 Alviso Ave., Riverside CA 92509; res and fax 951-685-2091; tajindra@charter.net

73JD Let’s Try Again

I can’t believe it has been a year since my last column. A couple of editions have passed without anything meaningful to report. This time I have good and sad news to share with you. So, let’s start with the happy stuff. Judy Snyder reports that she recently returned from Philadelphia where she was inducted as a fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations in North America. Founded in 1950, the college is composed of the best of the trial bar from the United States and Canada. Fellowship in the college is extended by invitation to experienced trial lawyers who have mastered the art of advocacy and whose professional careers have been marked by the highest standards of ethical conduct, professionalism, civility and collegiality. Membership in the college cannot exceed one percent of the total lawyer population of any state or province. Having worked with Judy over the years, I know this award is well deserved. And, I personally want to welcome her to the fellowship. Jim Hoover reminded that he has been in solo practice in Seattle for 20 years with a focus on real estate, small business, estate planning and probate. His use of state-of-the-art digital equipment has allowed him to eliminate support staff and has helped to create a practice that he still looks forward to each day. He advised that he enjoys his practice so much that retirement remains far on the horizon. He and Debbie spend their free time taking international vacation trips. A 2013 trip to Africa was the trip of a lifetime. They went back to France this summer and will be in Italy next year. Jim still snow skis every chance he can. Paul Maganzini (pmaganzini@hotmail.com) reports that he and Jim McMahon have shared a law office for 39 years. Paul’s wife, Teresa ’73, works for Marville Academy, Des Plaines IL. Paul continues to play senior baseball, including annual tournaments in Arizona and Florida. John Roe plays in his 60-and-over league. And, to the sad news: Kathy Cekanski Farrand shared news about the deaths of two of our professors. Frank Beytagh ’56 died Feb. 21, 2016 at age 80. We all remember Professor Beytagh as our con law and admin law professor as well as the moderator of the ND Law Journal. He graduated from ND in 1956. He clerked for Earl Warren at the Supreme Court. In addition to teaching at ND, he went on to teach at the U of Virginia, the U of Michigan, U of Houston and SMU. He further became dean at the Toledo and Ohio State Law Schools. He also served as President of Florida Coastal School of Law. He was survived by his three children and six grandchildren. Conrad Kellenberg died April 8. He was 88. Mr. Kellenberg was born on Feb. 12, 1928 in Manhattan. He attended St. John’s U and obtained his JD from Columbia Law School. He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1952 and served as a legal officer in the Air Force where he achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel before he retired. He joined the faculty of the Notre Dame Law School in 1955, becoming a full professor in 1967, and remained at NDLS until his retirement in 2005. Professor Kellenberg taught in the areas of property, family law, estate planning and legal ethics among others. In recognition of his 50 years of service, the Conrad Kellenberg Award was established in 2005. It is awarded annually to a Notre Dame Law School graduating student who has dedicated substantial time to the betterment of the community through service. Professor Kellenberg is survived by his wife of 60 years, Catherine, and five children. As far as yours truly, I have been very busy as I slow down in my practice. Anna Marie and I have taken trips to France, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and recently to New England, Nova Scotia and Canada to see the leaves change. In April, I personally started The Camino in Spain and hiked 130 miles before my feet gave out. I plan to return next year to finish. And, my son Scott ’96 and I went to Austin over Labor Day to spend time with son No. 2, Craig, and watch the Irish battle Texas. It has been a tough year for the football team, but I hope not for any of you. I hope all of you are happy and healthy. I sincerely do believe that this column has value. And, I hope to hear from you to prove it. In the interim, may God Bless you in many ways. Go Irish. — Tony Palumbo; tpalumbo@palumbowolfe.com

74 Seasoned with Flair

Let’s start with Joe Sweeney. Joe is a real estate attorney in San Francisco and was the student assistant to Ara Parseghian. Several of his children went to ND and he recently held a Pangborn Hall reunion. Big “T” Tom Ross knows how to balance life and work. He’s taking the time to enjoy each family member, especially his sons with fantastic trips. His eldest son, Tommy, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro Oct. 24-30. Tom and Robby (of the Triple Crown bonding trip they enjoyed) flew to Munich to enjoy the sights and sounds of Deutschland. Tommy and one of his climbing friends joined his father and his brother Robby in a celebration of finishing the climb. His son Tom dedicated his climb to Colleen’s Dream Foundation for early detection of ovarian cancer. If wishing to donate, contact Tom Ross. Tom Torretti is leading the pack by turning 65 and is gearing up for the POG antics for 2017 in Destin FL. Tim Daro, also known as “ETD” or “phantom,” has been spotted reserving seats for my monthly Friends of Dede group. It’s an excuse for a group of friends who live in Chicago to explore the latest and greatest locations in Chicago. Tim runs his own advertising agency and has the opportunity to arrive first and hold down a section of seats. Before the Stanford game last year, it was such a delight to meet up with Ed “Garbo” Garbarino, Steve “Spudman” Bauchman, Dr. Gary “Goose” Novak, Robert “Bob” Bendendorf and Dr. Stephen “Steve” Lange. Ed, who rounded up the troops, mentioned that he was looking forward to his hip surgery the following Tuesday, so he can continue to keep up with his youngest daughter, and dance at our next reunion. Steve Bauchman has three grown children, insists he lives in God’s Country and is still in the cattle business. I love that black cowboy hat, Steve. You’re from Idaho right? And they insisted on going for steak at Chicago Cut. I trust it was up to Steve’s standards. I saw Bob for the first time drinking beer instead of wine. He is thriving in Arizona and his son lives in Lincoln Park IL. Goose was the proud granddad of a new granddaughter. He has a daughter in the Navy in Germany so he travels with his family to Deutschland often. We had fun comparing pictures of our grown children and grandchildren. I have added another granddaughter, making four grandchildren now. My son Patrick ’04 and his wife Val delivered a beautiful baby girl in August. Lew Shiolino offered a bit of nostalgia about his father and friends. On Sept. 28, Lew’s father passed away from complications due to kidney failure. He was 91, and graduated from ND in 1949. His time at Notre Dame had been interrupted after one year when he enlisted in the Navy and served in the Pacific Theater in WWII. During the invasion on Okinawa, his dad’s ship was hit by a Kamikaze pilot and was destroyed. His dad returned to campus in 1946, and never saw the Irish lose a game under the great coaching of Frank Leahy. When his dad first arrived in South Bend in February 1943 during a bad snow storm, he was offered a ride from the train station by another Notre Dame student athlete, Johnny Lujack. Lew says, “My brother Chuck ’73 and I both went on to attend ND as you know. Another interesting fact is that Dad and I graduated exactly 25 years apart, and we attended our 50th and 25th reunions together. We also have the distinction of being undefeated and untied National Champions exactly 25 years apart (1948 and 1973) during our senior years at ND.” Attending Lew’s father’s funeral was Lew’s roommate John Bava ’74 of Buffalo, Chuck’s roommate Steve Nesbit of Dallas, Chuck Shioleno ’73 of Mendham NJ, and Lew of Raleigh NC. “It is a great story of love and friendship, and echoes what Notre Dame family is all about. Dad was an incredible man with a legacy that includes business success and coaching grade school football kids for over 15 years to many championships while in Erie. He was generous to a fault, and was loved by all who met him. He made everyone he touched a better person, and was able to bring the best and most out of you without you realizing it. His ND Legacy has continued with his granddaughter graduating from Notre Dame in 2007,” Lew says. If in Chicago Friday Jan. 27, join us for our Notre Dame Club chili cook-off at DeClan’s Pub in Old Town. Some of our local alumni plan to offer the best chili there is. We plan to vote with dollars. It is Chicago after all, and the money goes to ND scholarships. I’ve secured General Hayes for our Veteran’s Initiative for the club. He’s speaking at the Union League Club, Feb. 9. All are welcome. — Dede Lohle Simon; domerdede@aol.com

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75 Hey Coach

Mike Kemp has been named Quarterbacks Coach at Norwich University. Norwich is a D3 military academy in Vermont. OK, classmates, it’s a pretty thin news report this time. In this, our season of retirement, grandparenting, travel and sore knees, it’s time to share your news with the rest of our class. Pretty please, you can do it. — Norm Bower; 3946 Fernwood Ave., Davenport IA 52807; 563-349-0469; normbower@mchsi.com

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76 Weddings and Football

On June 18, Tom McTamney married Alan Carmack in a ceremony in Indianapolis attended by a number of his fellow Angevins: Betsy (Bernard) and Brian McCorry, Dave Rust and Sandy Van Gilder ’76SMC, Dave and Mimi (Philbin) Carlson, Tom Roehl and Kit McCarthy. The McCorry household in Mishawaka has become a de facto gathering spot for lifelong friends from SUNDEF 8. In April, Brian and Betsy graciously hosted a group that included Nancy (Kemp) DuCharme ’76SMC and Shiela (Burns) Colabrese ’76SMC, Damian Leader (in town to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday), Linda Tempel ’76SMC, Mary St. Ville and Mexico program alumnus JD Ferreiro. Much wine was consumed and hilarity ensued in celebration of seeing each other and toasting Tom and Alan’s pending nuptials. Among those not in attendance and sorely missed: Chris and Susan Laragy, Dave McAllister and the rest of the group. A number of our classmates were present for the dedication of the new north entrance to the Hesburgh Library, which focuses on Father Ted and his legacy. There is a mosaic of Father Ted made up of photographs of all who contributed to this project. On hand that weekend were Maggie Smith, Betsy Short, Denise Crowley Brenner, Shelley Muller Simon, George McLaughlin and Jeanine Sterling. Peggy Foran is a member of the Law School Advisory Board and was on campus for the Duke game. She connected with Mary Kay Rochford Demetrio, Pat Dore and Chuck Wilson. Pat is practicing real estate law at Davis Polk in New York City. Chuck is a federal appellate justice on the 11th Circuit in Tampa. Mary Kay is an appellate justice on the Illinois Court of Appeals. Peggy is chief governance officer, senior VP and corporate secretary at Prudential Financial and chairs the compensation committee of the Occidental Petroleum board of directors. She has three daughters: one is a third-year medical resident on ob/gyn at UVA, and another is in her third year of med school at Loyola. Jim Rashid makes it to all home games and was able to travel to Austin for the Texas game. He lives in Northville MI where he is a mediator. Prior to that, he spent 18 years as a judge on the Wayne County Circuit Court. Nevada weekend he bumped into classmates Ted Ursu and Don Opal. Miami weekend brought a number of us back to campus. Rocco and Roxanne Martino hosted a class tailgate. In attendance were Ron Skrabacz, Phil Potter, Lionel Philips, TD Paulius, Marianne Suffern, Pat Burke, Tom Klein, Tom Hogan, Mark Nishan, Pat Novitsky, Pat Sarb, Steve Klug and Richard Steiner, who was attending his first home game since graduation. Ken Bradford contacted me to say that after spending several years playing against John Albers in the Mishawaka Senior Softball League, he determined that they were classmates. He reminisced about John’s AnTostal trifecta, which included winning the Jell-O toss, the egg toss and the car stuffing contests in a single year. Maryanne Ries Rogers was in New York City to see Old Bones, an Off-Broadway immersive theater experience directed by her son Dan. Wendy Duffy wrote to let me know that Angela Lamm Zarnoti’s father, William Lamm ’50, died in San Antonio. Please continue to send me news and updates. Also, be sure to check our class website at 1976.undclass.org for the latest information about class activities. We are also on Facebook. — Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly; 7423 18th Street NE, Saint Petersburg FL 33702; 727-480-1251; mareilly@rfs-pa.com

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77 Something to Remember

Winter feels warmer remembering summer and friendships. Dan Green, Joe Tyrrell, Chris Linford and Tim Murphy met in June at the Chicago Blues Festival. Sue Hudak, Teri Sullivan Seeley, Kitty Conklin, Marj Matlak Gessner, Sheila Walsh and Marianne Ridge O’Connor ’76 returned to campus with their husbands for a summer weekend away. Airline Capt. Jerry Mayer piloted Lou Holtz like a champion to Orlando. Andy Panelli and Joe Langenfeld produced a video on 50 WWII veterans who won Notre Dame two National Championships in 1946-47 (GreatestTeam.com.) A mini-reunion in Texas included Farley’s Renee Rozelle, Allison Yuhl Kenney, Jill Ossenfort Specter, Lynn Mertensotto Girouard and Molly McGuire Sample. A mini-reunion in Nevada reunited Cavanaugh’s Terry Sullivan, Mike Faucher, Dan Grenci, Cress Hizer, Kevin Conway, Joe Browder, Dave Caron and Mark Weber; they hosted a tribute tailgate for Roger Bourque’s widow, Betty, and daughters Jacqueline and Diana. Dave Bossy, Jim Rinehart, Steve and Eileen O’Grady Daday, Mike Perchietti, Rick Feauto and George and Barb Lincer Velcich came by. A mini-reunion at MSU brought together Kevin Kelly; Thomas Moffit; Tim Cawley; Marty Koppenhafer; Michael Grady and son Connor; Lou and Sue Fitzpatrick Drago; Patrick Concannon; Tom and Mary-Louise Houghton Polo and sons Alexander ’15 and Christopher; Terry and Victoria Stephan Westbrook; Rhemy Wilgus; and me, my husband, Daniel Bishop, and our sons, Michael and Stephen, and daughter Victoria. Polly Mack Spangler and Lou and Sue Fitzpatrick Drago met for a PSU game. At the Stanford game, Holy Cross residents Greg Bachman, Jerry Hepler, Steve Rieker, Lou Sertich, Jeff Lukken, Steve Blubaugh and Greg Dempsey ’79 held an 18-year mini-reunion. Jerry is retired in Hawaii “but comes back for the weather.” Cindy Buescher Parseghian and Anne Thompson ’79, co-chairs of the Women’s Initiative Committee, which included Deb McGraw Block, spoke at the Hesburgh Library North Entrance dedication Oct.15. Roxanne Martino, Kathy Walker Beenen, Louise Karas Hayden, Ellen Myler, Eileen O’Grady Daday, Sarah Lynch Hadley, Polly Mack Spangler, Betsy Lamping Sklena, Sharon Carr Winnike, Carol Latronica, Leslie Barnes Karas, Gayla Molinelli, Michael Parseghian MD, Anne and Kevin Shortelle and my husband Daniel Bishop and I were among those attending. Jack Kasel MD,Mary-Louise Houghton Polo, *Michael Settle, Ken Grebliunas DDS, Michael Bowler, Hugh Sonk, Kermit Duncan and my husband Daniel Bishop and I gathered for Jack Moran’s memorial Mass, concelebrated by Father Tom McNally, CSC, and Father Don McNeill, CSC, at Fatima House. Dr. and Mrs. Paul Pavlov attended the North Carolina State game with their son, Anthony ’12, and stayed with daughter, Anna ’10.* Kevin Kelly* is 2016-17 National Asphalt Pavement Association chairman, and president/CEO of Walsh & Kelly Asphalt Company in Indiana. His duties include business travel to Washington DC and abroad. Jim Sullivan and Paul Heroman coach students and develop programs at the Notre Dame Stayer Center MBA and EMBA programs on campus and in Chicago. Phil Harbert is regional president of Old National Bank in Kalamazoo MI. Phil and his wife, Debbie, are proud of son Will, now attending Purdue’s International MBA School. Jack Bergen and Phil Donahue ’57 are featured in the NYC Metrofocus segment (Channel 13), “LGBT Catholics March in Manhattan.” A group of Notre Dame rowing team alumni raced at the Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia in October. Mary Spalding Burns, Carol Latronica, Mary Fitzsimons, Beth Corbin Murphy, Jody Gormley and other members from the 1973-1982 teams comprise the team. Dave Wallace’s son Eric ’08 and Stephanie Wallace welcomed his first grandchild, Casey. Daughter Elizabeth marries in 2017. Our deepest condolences go out to Rich Wanders on the loss of his wife, Karen Abraham Wanders, and to their sons, Jon and Dan, and their families; to Deb McGraw Block, on the loss of her husband, Rennie; to Kathy DePauw Graham, Joan Bontempo, Marie McCarthy and her husband Tim Glass on the loss of their mothers; to Mike Coryn on the loss of his father; to Andy Saulitis on the loss of his sister; to Beth Lavins Fitzgerald on the loss of her brother. — Virginia McGowan Bishop; 2594 Woodland Drive, Northbrook IL 60062; res: 847-291-7510; classof1977@alumni.nd.educorcoran

77MBA Class Secretary — Alan J. Fisher;


77JD Honored

John Gaal received the 2016 University Citation from St. Lawrence U at its commencement ceremonies in May. The citation is awarded by the university to recognize extraordinary service from individuals like John, who has served as outside legal counsel for the university on a wide range of matters over 35 years. In January, John became full-time general counsel of Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC. John has invitations to speak at state and national legal seminars. Dan Snyder, previously a prosecuting attorney, has had his own civil rights law firm in downtown Portland since 1988. Dan, who represents employees in employment matters and people with disabilities in Title II and Title III cases, is admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court. Carol Ann Mooney retired as president of Saint Mary’s College in May. Carol Ann is taking a well-earned break so that she and husband George Efta ’72 can spend time with their three daughters and five grandchildren. — Jane F. Bennett; 4100 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka IN 46545; 574-298-9251; bus 574-243-4100; jbennett@maylorber.com

78 Class Connections

Greetings classmates. Here’s hoping you survived the football season, and enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas. Thanks again to Laura and Pat Flynn for their generous hospitality at their home game tailgaters. Tim Curtin, Tim Russell and Bob Karl connected at the Duke game; all are former pre-meds. Bob is a radiologist in New Orleans, Tim Russell is an ER physician in Chicago and Tim Curtin is a dermatologist in Bethesda MD. The trio shared the anguish of turning 60. A group of Lyons Hall alumnae got together in July to celebrate their 60th birthdays.* Kate Brennan Orme* hosted everyone at her house in Manchester VT, where she enjoys skiing, hiking and traveling with her husband, George. Susan Nestor Levy is retired from her job as policy director at Ascension Health in St. Louis, and she and her husband Ron divide their time between St. Louis and Nantucket. Sue recently returned to campus to address and spend the day with a group of graduate students.* Julie Johnson Stengle* and her husband, Barney, live in Cincinnati where Julie teaches math at Covington Catholic High School. Celeste Volz Ford, who serves on Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees, lives in the San Francisco area and she and her husband, Kevin ’75, run Stellar Solutions, the aerospace consulting firm that Celeste founded. Colleen McGrath Stout enjoys life in Louisville with her husband, Jimmy, and spends as much time as possible with her two grandchildren. Nace Mullen completed the New York City Triathlon in July and got together with John Coyne and Steve “Bones” Conover. At the end of the month, he hosted Mike “Sides” Whiteside and me at his home in Stone Harbor NJ. Later on in the summer, Nace was host to Jim “Boobie” Clarke, Greg “Sweets” Switaj, Jeff “Carp” Carpenter, Don “Dancing Bear” Smail and me. There was golf, aquatic sports, singing and a birthday party for Don. Speaking of Don, he was instrumental in making dreams come true for a class of students from an elementary school in Stockton CA. He and University personnel arranged for the students to experience a football weekend on campus when Duke came to town. Laura and Pat Flynn opened up their hearts and home to house the students. A story written about the trip can be found online on Irish Illustrated’s website. Congrats, Don. Danny Romano very generously had a fantastic birthday party for many of our classmates at his Red Bull Warehouse in Elmhurst. Father Ed Shea started the evening out with a fantastic Mass, then there was food, bars, TVs for football, a live band and gambling. It was a very special evening. Guests included Mike Conaty, Pat Flynn, Tim O’Neill, Charlie Wolf, Danny James, Greg Switaj, Don Smail, Nace Mullen and Mary Lou Mulvihill Skalkos. Here is a link to some photos from the evening: actionbooth.pass.us/powerdistributing. John Horan had the pleasure of going to the ND Stanford game with his son Joey ’12, a fellow Alumni Dawg. They were invited to a fantastic tailgate hosted by Pete and John Haley. John makes a mean paella. They were able to meet with Dawn and Dennis Doughty, Karen and Jim Wendel, Mary Lou and Chris Dugan, and Brian Cronin. September was the 30th anniversary of Paul Coppola’s coming to Washington DC. Paul claims to have seen everything in his 30 years there. Don “Dancing Bear” Smail and I were back for the Miami game. We enjoyed the Flynn tailgater, and running into Dennis Doughty, Danny James, Rosemary Marx Durant and Marianne Corr. There were rumors that Rich Riley was on campus, but I did not see him. A bravo to my friend and fellow Alumni Hall denizen Jimmy “Dunbar” Dunne on the dedication of the new dorm that bears his name, Dunne Hall. When you are back on campus, be sure and stop in and see the plaque in the lobby of the dorm. I dare you to leave dry eyed. Please remember in your prayers the fathers of Brian Cronin and Tom Coryn, whose fathers have died. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. — Jim “Souls” Coyne; 1801 Butler Pike, Apt. 20, Conshohocken PA 19428; 267-847-8808; jcoyne@cohs.com

78MBA Class Secretary — Mamie Anthoine Ney;

350 Alewive Road, Kennebunk ME 04043-6013; res 207-229-0989; bus 207-333-6640 ex 2020; irishwasherwoman@alumni.nd.edu

78JD Friend to the Poor

Congratulations to Linda Rexer for receiving the Roberts P. Hudson Award, the highest award that the State Bar of Michigan bestows upon any lawyer. For nearly 30 years, Linda has served as executive director of the Michigan State Bar Foundation, which provides, among other things, funds for legal services to the indigent. Through her efforts over the years, the foundation has administered $190 million in grants, primarily in support of legal services to the poor. Her leadership roles in various bar activities are too numerous to mention in this column, but suffice it to say that the former president of the Michigan State Bar wrote, “Nationally, Ms. Rexer is an icon.” Best wishes to Linda as she retires at the end of 2016. Please send me news about what is happening in your neck of the woods. — Dan LaVille; US Bankruptcy Court, One Division Ave. North, Room 200, Grand Rapids MI 49503; bus 616-732-2751; dlaville@comcast.net

79 Classmates on Campus

The women of our class were well represented at the Oct. 15 dedication and blessing of the Hesburgh Library’s new north entrance, which features a mosaic of Father Ted comprised of photos of alumnae to honor his decision to admit women. Anne Thompson, chief environmental affairs correspondent for NBC, spoke at the event in her role as co-chair of the committee that implemented the mosaic project. Rita Martin, Cathy (Santoro) and Bruce Flowers, Marnie (Brehmer) Taylor, Elyse (Bonahoom) Newman, Maureen (Sullivan) Borkowski, Mary (Hesburgh) Flaherty, Jeni (Joy) Madden, Mary Ann (Moore) Topping, Patty Dwyer and Julie Rittenhouse joined in the celebration. A day earlier, Flaherty Hall, named in honor of Mary (Hesburgh) Flaherty and built with a gift from Mary and Jay Flaherty, was dedicated. The dorm, purposefully devoid of cinder block, features a first-floor kitchen worthy of a cooking show, additional kitchens on each floor and a serene chapel with white walls and a blue ceiling with stars. A Flaherty family photo above the fireplace in the lounge area includes Mary and Jay’s three grandchildren. Jan and Paul Urankar welcomed grandson Charles Phillip in August. Their daughter Jackie, her husband and Charlie live in the UK, but Jan and Paul were able to spend a couple of weeks with them in October. Prayers and condolences are sent to the families of two of our classmates. Chuck Klein died in Dallas in September after a fight with cancer. He was preceded in death by his wife, Anna, and is survived by his daughters Katie, Kelly and Michelle; his mother, Mildred; and his in-laws. Chuck was a commercial real estate lawyer and avid golfer who is remembered for his Texas drawl and dry wit. Dr. Lee Garvey died suddenly in October in Charlotte. Lee is survived by his wife Kate (Seeburg) ’79SMC; daughters Annie, Caitlin and Molly; granddaughter Caroline; siblings; and in-laws, including Susan (Kearney) and Dan Seeburg. In addition to being brothers-in-law, Lee and Dan were Zahm roommates. Lee practiced emergency medicine at Carolinas Medical Center and made significant contributions to the treatment of emergency cardiac patients. He donated his time and emergency medical skills in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, in Columbus IN during the 2008 flood and in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. He is remembered for his compassion and dedication to his family. Janet (Follmer) and Jim Scott ’77, Kathy (Rosenthal) and Mike Bax, John Goggin, Jim Seifert, Joe O’Connor, Tim McQuiston, Mark Gallogly, Paul Peralta and Ron Tucker attended Lee’s funeral in Charlotte. — Barbara A. Langhenry; 3901 Whitman Ave., Cleveland OH 44113; res 216-651-8962; bus 216-664-2893; breclw@aol.com

79MBA Class Secretary — Patty Kennedy Kerr;

7750 Leonard St. NE, Ada MI 49301; 616-682-1223; kerrtaxcpa@gmail.com

79JD Class Secretary — Daniel F. McNeil;

1001 NW Lovejoy, Unit 205, Portland OR 97209; 503-539-9188; mcneil.daniel12@gmail.com