50 Ever the Irishman


Robert E. Payette, 92, passed away on May 2 in Baxter MN. He served in the Navy during World War II and later earned a degree in civil engineering. “Cigar Bob” resided and worked in Ohio for many years, first with the Ohio Department of Transportation and then for Shelly and Sands. His obituary in the Newark Advocate described Robert’s leisure activities: “He served on the board of the Stillmeadow Association and for years was responsible for the maintenance of the local pool. An avid hockey player, he often shoveled and plowed the frozen pond in Stillmeadow for ice skating and hockey games. He was proud to be a member of the 2006 Senior Olympic Ice Hockey Team that won a gold medal in Blaine MN.” His wife of 49 years, Margaret (née Clark), preceded him in death. Robert is survived by six children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Maurice P. O’Keefe died on May 6 in Olathe KS at age 89. A native of Atchison, “Buck” loved football. The Kansas City Star reported that he “carried with him at all times a newspaper clipping of the 1945 Maur Hill storybook ending where he shook off three tacklers to score the game winning touchdown. At ND, he led an intramural football team that went undefeated. Although they never directly played the actual Notre Dame football team, Buck challenged them often and knew that had they met up on the grid iron, his team would have tested the Fighting Irish.” After graduation, he attended Washburn Law School, earning a juris doctor. He joined his father’s law firm in Atchison, where he worked until he was called to serve in the military in Japan. Once he returned to Kansas, he was the Atchison city and county attorney (1958-1964), district judge of Atchison and Leavenworth counties (1981-1995) and simultaneously engaged in private law practice prior to retirement from the bar. He was active in involved in local civic organizations and enjoyed volleyball and golf. The Star reported that we loved to wage bets, and that “ever the Irishman, Buck was also known to hoist a few.” He is survived by his wife, Martha (née Sellmeyer), five children and 20 grandchildren. One daughter, Alice, predeceased him. Louis A. Ciesielski passed away on June 9 in South Bend at the age of 93. A nearly lifelong resident of St. Joseph County, he started life as a paperboy and employee for Studebaker. After serving as a radioman in the Navy during World War II and graduating from ND, Louis worked for the Uniroyal Corp. for 36 years. The South Bend Tribune reported that he was a parishioner of St. Adalbert Catholic Church and served on the church restoration fund committee. He was a member of the Holy Name Society, the Knights of Columbus, Harvest House, a Eucharistic minister, and a Scout and Cub master for the Boy Scouts for 17 years, earning the St. George Catholic Scouting Award in 1964. He was the district council president for the St. Vincent de Paul Society for more than 60 years and a member of PNA and American Legion Post 357. Louis received the Achievement Forum Man of the Year award in 1984 and the 20-gallon donation award from the South Bend Central Blood Blank. He was proud of his Polish heritage and his family genealogy. Louis is survived by his wife of almost 68 years, Jeanette (née DeWispelaere), three children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Victor F. Smith died on July 3 in Sandusky OH at age 93. While researching his life, I learned from the funeral home that Victor was a third alternate to West Point and served in the Army during World War II, landing at Omaha Beach as a D-Day reinforcement on June 12, 1944. If you have news about the class or stories from your time at ND to share, please let me know. Go Irish. — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, Apt. 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


51 Remembering Walt Collins


Hi everybody. I hope you had a good 2018. As I write this column, it is the middle of our football season and we are 7-0. It is amazing how we can insert a new face at quarterback and we have a different ball club. We must give great credit to the new faces on the coaching staff. They have done a wonderful job. Of course, Ian Book must be given a lot of credit. All of us should know that we lost a wonderful classmate when Walt Collins passed away on Sept. 25. During our visit back to campus in June, we had the opportunity to visit with Walt and Carol at Holy Cross Village, where they had an apartment. Walt was editor of Notre Dame Magazine for 12 years. Prior to that he was on the staff of the South Bend Tribune. He was a wonderful writer and friend. Former teammate Tom Boland passed away last May. He resided in Hannibal MO for many years. Our first bio for this issue concerns Gerry Kerns of Portland OR. During the Korean conflict, Gerry served in the Coast Guard patrolling the Puget Sound and the Alaskan coastline. He spent five years with Crown Zellerbach Paper Co. Through the years, he spent time with Equitable Saving & Loan. Gerry at 88 is still working in selling equities to seniors. He married Miss Patti from NBC’s Romper Room television show. They have four children. The next bio concerns Dr. Bob Barnet of Falls Church VA. Bob left Notre Dame after our junior year, then entered medical school at the U of Nevada. He returned to Notre Dame in 1989 as a visiting scholar in the Department of Theology. He again returned to Notre Dame in 1996-97 as a visiting scholar in the Department of Philosophy. Bob bounced around so much from various hospitals and schools that there are too many to mention in this column. His association with the priests and brothers of the Franciscan order took him to Zambia in central Africa, to a village called Solwezi. He and his wife, Carol, became so enamored with the people that they spent three years doing what they could to help this community. When I caught up to Bob, he was on his way home after the dedication of an auditorium at St. Francis Technical Secondary School in Solwezi. In my telephone conversation with Dr. Barnet, I found him to be one of the most interesting men I have ever encountered. Thank you. Bob. It was been brought to my attention that I called one of my bio persons in the last issue by the wrong first name. His real name is Bill Hogan, not Bob Hogan. Guys, when you find a mistake just let me know, not the University. That is much better. Don’t forget our Mass Fund. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, No. 4, Walnut Creek CA 94595; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com


52 Older and Wiser?


We canvassed the class to gain some prime memories. Here are some. As a Farleyite, Tom Gausman tells us that he served chapel Masses for the rector, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC. When Father Ted moved into Corby Hall, Tom often served his Sunday Mass in the Basilica basement. Tony Messina remembers screaming, “We’re going west,” upon learning that his father had gained his dream job in California. “My roommate Tony Russo probably thought I had gone crazy,” he said. The westward move led to Tony’s master’s degree from USC and a career with Lockheed. Bruno Chmiel received a scholarship to the Class of ’51 from the ND Club of NYC. Family issues had him seek a one-year extension. Bruno reports, “it was granted and changed my life.” Your secretary was on the baseball squad but never got into a game. One day, we’re trailing MSU by 14 to 2 in the third inning. Suddenly, Coach Jake Kline ’17, yells “Lefthander,” my call sign. With that, he throws me a dime. “That dime is for peanuts. You can’t watch a GD circus without peanuts.” Our class chaplain, Monsignor John Squiller, has crafted a mini-biography that details his high school and Notre Dame activities, focusing on his academic and athletic doings. His story has resonance for many of us. Jack Meaney’s grandson, Sam, had the distinction of playing with Ireland’s U18 Surfing Squad. They competed against 16 countries in an international tournament in Portugal. Class president George Heidkamp tells us that his uncle made history while serving with the Michigan State Assembly.  He wrote the motion by which Michigan became the first state to vote in favor of rescinding Prohibition. Divine intervention. Carl Carlsson’s prime memories revolve around football games, followed by a Washington Hall movie in the evening. He recalls professors starting a class with a prayer and wonders whether they do that anymore. Carl Eiberger continues to gain lifetime achievement awards, recognizing his outstanding legal career, civic leadership in Denver, and ND involvement. Congrats. Frequent communicator Chas Schubert reminds us that he and Jack Hynes, with an assist from Lee Steiden, hosted a show on campus radio. The show was a perfect vehicle to skewer classmates for their dating and partying predilections. You may recall that Chas and Jack also wrote and produced a well-received student musical; Gerry Costello handled the orchestrations. Joe O’Brien remembers a Badin Bog softball game in which the pitcher dropped two consecutive pop flies, losing the game. For his trouble, he was unceremoniously dumped into Saint Mary’s Lake, surfacing moments later wrapped in sea weed. He also tells of the theft of a small Father Sorin statue, followed by postcards from around the globe, denoting its location. It was found years later, sitting serenely in Saint Mary’s Lake, holding a fishing rod. As student manager of the basketball team, Ed Sullivan recalls traveling to a game in St. Louis. With two African-American players on the squad, they were told those men could not stay in the hotel with the rest of the team. Coach John Jordan ’35 and AD Edward Moose Krause ’34, resolved the issue in minutes. The entourage spent the night together, sleeping on Army cots in a Knights of Columbus Hall. Ed says that might be the reason we lost by 22 points. Those were great stories. Keep them coming. — Ron Zier; 164 Brewster Road, Wyckoff NJ 07481; 201-447-6667; ronaldirishguy@aol.com


53 Rousing 33rd Chicago Luncheon


Well over three dozen Class of ’53 survivors indeed roused and were rousing in a fun-filled gathering. The gathering benefited, as always, from the largesse and organizational efforts of Dede and Tom Reedy and Tom’s aid-de-camp Eleanor Michels. Terese Mulvihill and her staff members from Living Made Easier assisted the less able in utilizing the elevator for entry and exit. Tom Morsch again acquitted himself as the MC. Andy Hernon opined on his early New York days of ND sports. Deacon Mike McNulty handled the necrology and prayers for far too many recently deceased with his usual dexterity, while Dick Klumb and Bob Berner led the singing (a euphemism at best) of Notre Dame Our Mother. More than one attendee commented that the perceived spirit and warmth that prevailed was at an all-time high. Again, thanks to Tom Reedy. Father Gene Smith from Chicago, a luncheon regular and friend to many, was joined by special guest Father James O’Leary of the Kalamazoo Diocese, and most notably Dave O’Leary’s brother. Vic George chauffeured the O’Learys from Lansing, for which they and we are grateful. Many expended great travel efforts to be in attendance: Jack Clark and Bill Maus from Florida, Tex McMonagle from California, Dick Klumb, Dan Collins and Don Ross from Wisconsin, Buzz Wagner from Pittsburgh, Don Bergman from Holland MI, John Pairitz and Dan Cafarelli (his first luncheon) from South Bend. Jim Blackburn, with the assistance of his son Jack, emerged after a two-year absence due to health challenges. It was so great to see Blackie. Lou Marlin also accepted challenges to attend with the assistance of his wife. Certainly, I unwittingly overlooked other notables in attendance. If you haven’t signed up for the class emails, do so for a complete list of attendees. Jerry Boehling very much had his heart set on attending after chemo sessions for the recurrence of lymphoma but couldn’t cope with the air travel. He sends his best to all. Also, Lee Tavis missed the last of two stair steps and his doctor advised he not further punish his injured leg by traveling on the South Shore train. As we write this, Bob Hoodecheck is marshaling his strength for the coming holidays. Ralph Argen and John Dwyer are tucked in at Hilton Head and hard to move out. Jack Dilenschneider, Matt Markert and Bill Wuetcher “lost” their respective sources of transportation into the city as respective family members had other plans for the weekend. Each vows attendance next year. We have been diminished as a class by the reported deaths of Jerry Kelly, John Peck’s wife, Dolores, John Fortino and Dave O’Leary’s wife, Janet. Pray for the families of our lost friends. So many of our classmates are ailing or are primary-care givers for ailing wives. As one classmate so aptly observed, “I am a prisoner of love.” Father Thomas Smith, CSC, continues to oversee the recitation of Mass daily for class members, living and deceased. Let our prayers join with his for ailing classmates, classmates who are tending sick family members and the deceased. Mass Fund contributions are very much welcomed, address as below. — Jerry Mulvihill; 51098 Heatherton Court, Granger IN 46530; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com


53JD Class Secretary Bob Berry;


5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; yokeemup@aol.com


54 Dates to Remember

Our annual Class Mass is the weekend of Feb. 23-24. This is the time we remember our deceased classmates. This wonderful tradition was started years ago, so let’s keep it going. Next is our 65th reunion May 30-June 2. The class dinner is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Thursday the 30th. Per fire code, seating is limited to 50 people. So, get your reservation in to Charlie Allen at 574-502-1090 or allen.42@nd.edu. More on the reunion will appear in the next column. I asked the class about those who volunteered. So far, nine replied with a total of about 1,000 hours per year. My son John had a strange message on his answering machine from Ed Hogan. Unfortunately, John was unable to get a call-back number. So, Ed if you want to call again, the numbers are at the end of the column. Dick Ehr called with the sad news that his wife has Alzheimer’s. She fell and broke her arm and is in rehab. In midst of this, their daughter died of a sudden heart attack. Please remember Dick and his family in your prayers. If you were close to a classmate who has passed away, give the widow a call if only to say hello. She will appreciate the call. Finally, as we write this, the holidays are approaching, so and Anne and I will be thinking of you and wishing you all the best in the New Year. The following classmates have been called home by God: Michael Robert Laughlin, James William Hemminger, Arthur Edward Jensen, Gerald Frederick Niels, Pail Cunningham Berry, Charles Tilley, Odilio Marino Diaz, Thomas James Parsley and George Hubbard. Please remember them in your prayers. — John Mertens; 68 Sparrow Ridge Road, Carmel NY 10512; res 845-630- 5914; cell 845-216-7251; jacksparrow@comcast.net


54JD Class Secretary Carl Eiberger;


14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net


55 Community Service


At this writing, we are six weeks into the football season and all are victories. Super. Jack Battel and Jim Bourne are chief cheerleaders. Class scholarships continue to serve. Classmates represented this year include Bernie Smyth, Frank Beardsley, Emmet Root, Max Roesler, Bill Muller, Pete Ritten, Bernie Tracey and Paul Fullmer. A nice note came from Walt Flaherty. He’s had recent contact with Pat McCann, Frank Cunningham and Dick O’Donnell. We recently conducted a quick community service activity. Here are the results thus far. It looks like age hasn’t caught up with everybody. Class president Dick Burke is among the leaders. In addition to his continuing law practice, he serves as a charitable trust lead trustee, a trustee of the Chicago Shedd Aquarium, and past president and director of Chicago Catholic Charities. Lee Crean serves as a guide at the WWII museum in New Orleans, teaches current events and government at the Peoples Program and chairs the Racial Reconciliation Commission for the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. Our emeritus class secretary, Paul Fullmer, serves on several committees at his new-found home in California. Frank Cunningham provides tax assistance, heads his senior golf group, leads his parish food-for-the-poor effort and provides “chauffeur” service to the elderly. Chuck O’Brien served as a small business mentor for his local SCORE organization. Emmet Root continues as a promoter of the ACTS program in the Dallas diocese. I serve on the audit committee here in North Palm Beach. Former ND Alumni Board president Joe McGlynn has had an exciting couple of months. He and Helen hiked in Zion and Bryce Canyon for 10 days. He then committed to his 50th spot as grand marshal of the 2019 St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade. In September, as part of the halfway to St. Patrick’s Day promotion at the Cardinals-Dodgers game, Joe was invited to throw out the first pitch. He got it to the plate but not all the way from the mound. However, it was a strike. Paul Fullmer reports a nice visit from our former tennis captain Wally Clarke. Paul heard from Con McCarthy, from Cape Cod. He noted that John Lochtefeld had a successful exhibition at the Old Spouter Gallery in Nantucket. A nice note came from Jac Fritzen. He continues to write travel works and got through a bumpy kidney stone incident while in the air from London to Dublin. All ended well. Leon Ring is having therapy to help restore effective use of his hand. Paul Cardinal reports fishing success from the scenic Snake River. He also had a great Netherlands visit with his daughter. Mack Stewart continues his Warm the Children program in Connecticut. You can contact him at mack@warmthechildren.org. We send our condolences and prayers to the families of Tom Schreitmuller, Michael Brown, Thomas Miller, Jack McMahon, Jim Curtin, Marty Gleason, John Tokar, Jim Sullivan and Barbara Navarre. Tom Magill; 119 Atlantic Road, North Palm Beach FL 33408; 561-842-3019; magillt@bellsouth.net                   


55JD Law Updates


Joe Straub has been a practicing attorney in Algona IA since 1958. Joe served as a district court judge covering 10 Iowa counties for 10 years before retiring in 2008. His beloved wife and son Joe are deceased. Notably, Joe was blessed with 14 children. Godspeed in your retirement years. You earned it. Joe Joyce ’56JD of Des Moines notified me that Tom Kelleghan of Wheaton IL died about 10 years ago. Tom practiced law in Wheaton and was a member of our class who graduated a little after us. I am retiring after this issue. Thanks for the memories. If anyone is interested in serving as class secretary, please contact the Alumni Association at alumpubs@nd.edu. — Jack Coyne; 19040 Shelburne Road, Shaker Heights OH 44118; res 216-932-2178; bus 216-781-1980; john.coyne@abm.com


56 Classmates, Students Honored


The ND56 Endowed Scholarship continues into its 19th year. Three classmate honorees have been elected, and the University matches them with students whose needs qualify them to receive financial aid for the 2018-19 year. The fund earnings will provide $65,000 that will be divided among the three students based on their need. Honorees and their student scholarship awardees are: Frank Conte of Pittsburgh PA, BS in chemical engineering, with Victoria Zawacki of Old Forge PA, studying chemical engineering; Joe Kalbas of Milwaukee, BBA in commerce, with Michael Aumann of Hartford WI, studying business analytics in the College of Business; Leo ODonnell of Pittsburgh PA, BA, with Michael Conlon of Pittston PA, studying political science. Visit our web page at nd56.org and click on class news. You will see photos of the three ND56 honorees with their bios, and their student matches. Congratulations to the students and honorees alike. Financial support for our class operating fund is especially needed, according to treasurer Ed Cosgrove, 525 Delaware, Buffalo NY 14202. Please send Ed your check soon, along with a note from your home. With our numbers reduced, Larry Kennedy and your officers plan to hold a minireunion June 4, 5, 6 or June 11, 12, 13. The E-56 newsletter will be the primary source of spreading the word among the troops. As in 2018, we are scheduling the minireunion after the five-year class reunions. It’s not “high dollar season,” and the Morris Inn is a lot more hospitable. A test minireunion last June gave about 20 classmates a chance to enjoy each other and the campus in a beautiful and slower pace. Ed Cosgrove was named for the fifth year in a row as a Top Ten Lawyer among the legal elite in western New York. “I’ve also enjoyed (for 36 years) the Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent Lawyer Status,” he added. Thanks to Peggy and Bill Schwartz and Dr. Fran Kittredge, and our VP Dr. Jerry Kenny for help in my complicated health planning. From Kansas City, John Collins wrote about helping his grandson research the right maritime school to attend. Our loyal reader, Jerry Massey, shared experiences of his son, Charles, who is a graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy. His professional career since commission and commencement, reflects the similarly high level of his dad and Uncle Jim. Marilyn and Ron Renner remain on the University Library Commission after 39 years. The group met during the Stanford game weekend. He noted things have changed dramatically especially in terms of digital apps. When we were students, we did not have computers. Son Chris has taken a position as CEO of ATP (American Tennis Professional) league. Thomas A. Russell passed away at home in Elmhurst IL on Oct. 20. He is survived by his wife Grace, children Margaret, Thomas, Katherine, Matthew and three grandchildren. John Joseph Moriarty Jr. died Sept. 27 at the VA Hospital in Canandaigua NY. Burial was at ND’s Cedar Grove Cemetery. Donald (Don) Chester Sniegowski died June 18. He is survived by his wife Barbara. He studied at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Peter B. Maroney died in Bucks County PA on July 15 following a long battle with Alzheimer’s. He spent 50 years in the advertising industry. William Charles Brisick of Los Angeles died from heart failure on July 3. He is survived by his wife Kamille Brisick, and children Stephen, James and Jennifer. R. Barry “Skip” Carlin, a five-year veteran of the Korean War, died June 21, 2016. Skip is survived by three sons, Bryan ’79, Patrick and Daniel, daughter Maureen and twins Kathleen and Pamela born in Vetville. Robert R. Eichelman of Estero FL, died in hospice Aug. 9. Bob, a native Chicagoan, is survived by his wife Ginny (Beninghoff), children Julie, Scott, Craig, Paul, and 12 grandchildren. Lt. Col. Ronald A. Schnurr of Sandusky OH passed away June 28. An architect, he worked with his father at Alfred A. Schnurr & Sons. He was in the Air Force 1957-1960 and served his country with the Ohio Air National Guard through 1980. Ron is survived by daughters Mary Ellen, Sally, and Anne, and sons Tom and Tim, and 14 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren. Full obituaries are shown on the web page nd56.org. Take it slow and easy. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056; johndomer9@gmail.com


56JD Class SecretaryLauren Sharkey ’09;




57 Celebrating Life


Recent letters have pointed out that we should be celebrating our classmates who are still enjoying life, as well as remembering all who have gone before us. With great pleasure, I report that Tom Laboe, Rudy Pruden and George Winkler were out for this year’s Glee Club reunion, which took place the weekend of the Vanderbilt game. They had a fun time and enjoyed singing again at ND. Mary, two daughters and I were on campus the night before the Pittsburgh game and saw the play, Sorin: A Notre Dame Story. It is a one-person play about the dawn of the University of Notre Dame as told by the intrepid Holy Cross priest who founded it, Rev. Edward Sorin, CSC. I recommend it most highly. Bob Griffin reported that a few weeks ago, several Breen-Phillips Hall friends (since they were freshmen) had their 11th reunion in St. George UT. Among them were Ann and Tom Schriber, Elizabeth and Bill Allen, Julie and Harry Barkley. At the last minute, Tom Dieter and Brad McKaig were unable to make it. Jack Soucy’s widow, Mary Kay, was there. Strangely, Bob said, the consumption of alcohol had steeply declined, but not totally. Some can still hike, bike and swim. Good Lord willing, next October, they will have their 12th reunion in St. George. Congratulations to Father Paschal Baute, who was inducted in September into the Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame. Inductees are commended for outstanding military service and community service. To paraphrase Paschal, “My mission as a blind veteran at age 90 is to promote the power of my training at the Hines Veterans Administration Blind Rehabilitation Center in Chicago and by writing books, which is now number 24 on Kindle.” Father Baute has an extensive background, which can only be touched upon briefly here. He enlisted in the Army in 1948, then left the Army in 1950, eventually enrolling at Notre Dame and graduating in 1957. He was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1959. He renewed his involvement with the military in a variety of ways. He was eventually diagnosed by the Veterans Administration as catastrophically disabled, legally blind. Despite that, his numerous ongoing services to his communities over many years, is extensive and, quoting him, is “a testament to my love of God and my insatiable passion to help others.” Classmate George R. Douglas of Memphis TN died peacefully at home on Sept. 10 following a lengthy illness. After graduation, he was employed by Colgate Palmolive, and later he joined his father in business. He was a member of St. Louis Catholic Church for more than 50 years. He leaves his devoted wife of 58 years, Marguerite, whom he had known since they were classmates in seventh grade, and five children. Thanks to Tom Riley for the information that he provided about George. Classmate Louis T. (Lou) Loncaric left us on Sept. 1. Lou is lovingly survived by his wife, Pat, and three children. Born in Battle Creek MI on Sept. 15, 1935, Lou was a star athlete and was recruited by legendary coach Frank Leahy. In a 1955 game between the Fighting Irish and the North Carolina Tar Heels, Lou intercepted a pass and scored a 75-yard touchdown, one of the longest on record for a modern Notre Dame lineman. After graduation, Lou served as a captain in the Army and was head football coach of Marist School in Atlanta. He served as president of the Atlanta Notre Dame Club from 1962 to 1966. After decades as a stock broker, Lou was called to philanthropy, working in his later years as a fundraising consultant for nonprofits throughout United States. Don’t forget to smell those roses. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 Mandalay Drive, Peoria IL 61614; 309-691-4340; jslev57@gmail.com


57JD Class Secretary Thomas S. Calder;


513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com


58 Friends Fondly Remembered

We offer our prayers and sympathy to the families of five departed classmates. Patrick E. “Packy” Whelan of Summit NJ passed away Oct. 13, 2017. After graduation from ND, he obtained a JD degree from Catholic U in Washington where he clerked for Judge McGarry of the US District Court. Military service in the Air Force intervened before he joined the IRS in New York City as an attorney in the office of the chief counsel. He later served as assistant district counsel in the chief counsel’s office in Newark until retiring in 2001. Packy is survived by Mary, his wife of 52 years, a son and two grandchildren. Carl Streicher died on April 22 in Carlsbad CA. After graduation from ND, he attended Ohio State U Dental School and then served in the Navy Dental Corps until his retirement in 1998. His ND Glee Club tenor voice graced the choir of St. Patrick’s Church at the 9 a.m. Mass every Sunday for the 30 years he lived in Carlsbad. He is survived by his wife, Sally, four children and six grandchildren. Sergius James Bernard of Stow MA died May 17. He is survived by Nancy, his wife of 51 years, three children and four grandchildren. After obtaining his degree in engineering at ND, he received an MBA from the U of Massachusetts. Following service in the Air Force, Carl was a career employee of Kodak and its subsidiary, Eastman Gelatine, retiring after 30 years as its treasurer. Joseph “Bud” Ahearn of Greenwood Village CO died July 11. He was preceded in death by Nona Maria, his wife of 51 years. He is survived by four children and several grandchildren. After receiving his engineering degree at ND, Bud served in the Air Force for 34 years, rising to the rank of major general and was USAF’s top civil engineer. After retirement from the Air Force, he had a 20-year career in the private sector. James P. “Pat” Rogers of Sioux Falls SD died Sept. 4. After graduation from ND, Pat returned to Sioux Falls and engaged in the family business of real estate sales and development and served as director of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation. Subsequently he worked with Ford Motor Company in Michigan and with the General Growth Properties of Des Moines. From 1972 until retiring in 2012, he was engaged in real estate sales and development in Sioux Falls. He is survived by his wife, Margot, and several children and grandchildren. Joseph Harris, better known as “Buck,” has written his fourth book, Jean Gabin: The Actor Who Was France. It is published by McFarland and available at Amazon. Pat Doherty sends an early alert announcing plans for the Class of ’58 annual spring luncheon scheduled for Tuesday, March 5, at The Melbourne, located at Tiburon Golf Club in North Naples FL. It will feature a buffet lunch followed by an open mic session for anyone wishing to share thoughts or memories of ND days or classmate news. Last spring’s event was enjoyed greatly by the 30 classmates who attended. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray;

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59 60th Reunion


Plans are moving along for the reunion May 30 to June 2, and it looks like it will be a fine time. As we go forward in our lives, I can see more movement throughout the class. After retiring from Shell Oil after 33 years, Mary and Fred Coonan moved to Boerne TX, in the heart of the hill country. Pat and George Vander Vennet moved from Wilmette IL to Naples FL. Dick Bringaze retired from IBM in 1996. Following stints in Arizona and Colorado, he and Pat are back full time in the Chicagoland area. Debbie and Rich Benoit are enjoying retirement in Jacksonville FL. Several classmates from southwestern Ohio joined us in 1955 and are still close friends. John Frey, Denny Nead, Paul Niklas and Shannon Smith still play golf together. John retired from office furniture sales. Denny was in the health care insurance business and now has a pastoral ministry degree in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Paul is still working with utility power plants and raising money for Corryville Catholic, an elementary school in town. Shannon claims he is retired from his law practice. John Holmes resides in Loudon TN and Mickey Schmidt passed away in February 2006. John Madden went “back to school” at ND this year, in the inaugural Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI), spending the year in academic immersion, local and community engagement and experiencing many of ND’s resources. Gwen and Larry Melody joined Chiqui and Ed Ricciuti on campus for a game. The highlight was a visit to the Bengal Bouts boxing room in the “Joyce.” Each year, they honor the outstanding boxer. The very first recipient, in 1956, was Ed. We have a commitment to track down all veterans in our class. We started with the Air Force and now have 50 percent of the Army, below. The remainder will be in a future issue. Among the ’59ers who served our country as Army officers: Paul F. Anderson of Chicago, D. Richard (Dick) Barelli who died Oct. 1, 2004, William F. Barrett who died Dec. 12, 2017, Joseph F. Battle who died March 11, 2001, Edward J. (Jack) Benchik of South Bend, James L. Bennett Jr. of Red Bank NJ, David H. Berg of Greenfield IN, Frank J. Bettendorf of Columbus OH, Robert E. BieschkeJohn J. Binder of Lorain OH, John E. Bislew ’60BSME of Norridge IL, Arthur H. Blakeslee of Leesburg VA, Scott W. Bradshaw of Tulsa OK, William C. Burtis Jr. of Vestal NY, Francis W. (Frank) Cahill Jr. who died Jan. 22, 1998, Dennis J. Carroll of Lindenhurst IL, George J. Clements of Cumming GA, Edward Mercere Collins of Montezuma NC, John W. (Tiny) Conaton of Whiting NJ, Daniel C. Conway of Saratoga FL, Warren F. Cooper of Pompano Beach FL, J. Richard (Rich) Cornell Jr. who died Sept. 16, 2012, Timothy M. Cremin of Boca Raton FL, Terrence J. (Terry) Daly who died May 6, 2018, John F. Diebel of Grosse Pointe Woods MI, James J. Dorsey of Charlotte NC, James B. (Jim) Dulan who died Feb. 1, 1988, Allan J. (Al) Ecuyer Jr. who died April 28, 2012, Jerome F. (Jerry) Farley of Saint Benedict OR, James L. (Jim) Farrell of Greenwich CT, J. Edward (Ed) Fixari Jr. who died Dec. 2, 2012, Lawrence W. Flynn who died in 1985, Harvey J. Frem Jr. of Valrico FL, James A. (Jim) Garrity of Houston TX, Thomas A. (Tom) Gill who died Jan. 4, 1989, Douglas Gonzales of Baton Rouge LA, Anthony N. (Tony) Graham of Bath ME, Paul J. Gruber of Saratoga Springs NY, Kevin R. Halligan who died in 1996, Craig A. Hillyer who died June 15, 2016, Thomas J. (Tom) Jablonski of Dahlonega GA, James E. (Jim) Johnson of Saint Charles IL, Robert C. Kaercher of Issaquah WA, and David H. (Dave) Kelsey of Albuquerque. I am sorry to report the following deaths: Dan Sullivan of Elgin IL on Oct. 16; Don Gerne of New Canaan CT on Oct. 19; Jim Donovan of Eastham MA on Nov. 4, 2017; Adrienne, the wife of Val Miller of New Orleans on Oct. 16; John Knoblock of Royal Palm Beach on Aug. 21; Lawrence Newman on July 3, 2017; Steve Smith of Sarasota FL on Sept. 30; Tom McHale of Hilton Head SC on Oct. 10; Larry Richart of Indianapolis on April 26. Please visit FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni at ndsenioralumni.org. Please send information. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net


59JD Class Secretary William J. Harte;