10 Thoughts and Prayers

Joseph Maciuba completed his fellowship in general internal medicine at Walter Reed Medical Center, graduating with a Masters in Health Professions Education from Uniformed Services U. He is now an assistant professor at Uniformed Services U. It is with great sadness that I share that our classmate Thomas Newnam passed away in March. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Let your classmates know how you’re doing – send updates about jobs, school, moves, children, or anything else you want to share. Go Irish! — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com


10MBA A Promotion and a Birth

Adam Anderson has been promoted into a new function and discipline with Microsoft as the Deal Strategy Lead for the Americas, guiding sales teams to land large deals for the Microsoft clouds across industry and sustainability. He is still based in Reno with his wife and two daughters. Jen and Brian Milligan recently welcomed Kolbe Michael to their family. He was born on June 1. Brady, Brogan, Maddie, and Peter have big plans in store for their younger brother, though above all, they look forward to sharing a bedroom with him. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon and getting your updates for the next issue of Notre Dame Magazine – please feel free to share your news with me anytime. If you didn’t receive my request last quarter, please let me know. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu


10JD It’s Been a While!

Miss me? Some wonderful things going on with our Alumni professionally and personally these days. Kyle Chamberlin ’06, ’10JD recently joined THK Law in South Bend after a decade of being in-house. His practice centers on advising owners and leaders of Indiana businesses, focusing on clients engaged in the provision of professional services. Next time you visit campus, make sure to let our long time South Bender know! Paul Krog’s job in commercial and appellate litigation in Nashville recently led him to New York to present oral argument in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals where he was able to meet up with fellow classmate Warren Dubitsky for lunch. On my next trip to New York, I will be visiting Union League Club for the lobster bisque on his recommendation. Indianapolis was the site of a very heavily ND Alumni attended wedding in May, where Jaqueline Pimentel-Gannon ’05, ’07MEd, ’10JD, ’11MBA tied the knot with Mark Sikora joined by Lindsay (Hawley) and Derek Nathan, Danica Skeoch ’02, ’10JD, Jessica (Osorio) and Mark Ishu, Jessica Brock ’05, ’10JD, 11’LLM, Jen Clancy, Kelly (Jentzen) Thompson ’06, ’09MNA, ’12JD, Carolyn (Sweeney) Olson ’06, ’08MEd, ’11JD, Anna (Rodriguez Allen) ’07, ’14MBA and Jerry McKeever ’07, ’11JD, Kathleen Brogan ’03, ’05MEd, ’12JD, Mary McCarthy ’11JD, and Megan Meyer ’11JD. Best wishes to the wonderful couple and congrats on competing with Michael Gerardi, ’07, ’10JD for most ND people at your wedding. In another ND alum filled event, in June, Kathleen and Matthew Blouin, Stacey (Forbes) and Justin Heyman, Jennifer (Hernandez) and George Laffitte, Maggie (Myers) and Perry Phipps, and Julie (Wiorkowski) and David Mallen brought their combined 11 children with them to Rosemary Beach FL to enjoy some dance parties, Florida beaches, and plenty of Notre Dame reminiscing. Of course, all 11 children happily wore Notre Dame leprechaun pajamas for the occasion. Finally, adding to our ND family, Kimberly (Shubert) and Michael Davey welcomed Noelle (“Elle”) Frances Davey to their family of five only two hours after her due date on May 31. In June, Kathleen Donovan and Ken Coffin welcomed their third little girl, Claire Coffin, home. And finally, Erin (O’Neill) and Matt Clark welcomed baby girl Magnolia “Lola” Taylor to their family of four. Please keep sending me your updates for my next column so I do not have to scour social media. Until next time. — Jennifer (Hernandez) Laffitte; 10310 Southwest 128th Ave., Miami FL 33186; res 305-322-7154; bus 786-762-3815; jherna11@alumni.nd.edu


11 Irish You a Lovely Fall

Let’s dive right in! During a Minnesota snow storm on Nov. 30, Colleen (Lake) ’11SMC and Zach Reuvers welcomed their third child, Remy Jeanette. She visited campus this June while her parents rocked out to Billy Joel in-concert at the stadium. Deborah (Olmstead) and Andrew Setter ’10 welcomed their second child, Neil Setter, in January. On Feb. 4, Rob Morgan married Julia Castro in Rob’s hometown of Vero Beach FL. True to form, Rob looked like a movie star and his Brazilian beauty made sure everyone danced (and not just to “Dance Yrslf Clean”). The wedding party included Rob’s cousin & best man Kyle Collins ’12 and groomsmen Brian Dondanville, Matt Perron, Jimmy Zumot, Rob Ryan ’12 and Seth Sutton ’10. Other notable Domers in attendance were Jason Holman, Michael Browder, Alex Gannon, Kyle Welch, Tom Rooney ’10, and Rob Stewart. A great time was had by all. Kate and Nick DeTrempe welcomed their second child, Silas Stephen, on twos-day, Feb. 22, 2022. On April 11, Mary (Harte) ’11, ’12MSA and Dallas Frey ’10 welcomed their first child, Elizabeth Therese Frey. She is happy and healthy and growing way too fast. Mary and Dallas are feeling so blessed by her arrival. Mike Sobolewski married Brooke McDonald in May, with fellow ND classmates Tim Purcell, Joe Augustinsky, Tim Wallace, and Odaro Omusi standing up as groomsmen. The happy couple lives in Minneapolis where Mike works in digital health and Brooke is starting the last year of her internal medicine residency. Jenelle Huddleston and Colin Miller had a baby girl named Sadie Evergreen Miller on May 29. They live in Pittsburgh where mom has a dream job in marketing for Duolingo. John Rocha married Grace Arbuckle in Chicago on June 11. Included in his groomsmen were Bradley McDonald and Brian Cook. After serving for three years as Associate Chaplain at Providence College, Fr. Peter (Chris) Gautsch, OP is moving to Rome this fall to begin doctoral studies in theology at the Pontifical U of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum). Speaking of St. Thomas, Fr. Peter is also a member of the Hillbilly Thomists, who in early July released their third album, “Holy Ghost Power,” which is available on Spotify and all the other usual places for those wanting to check it out! Fr. Michael Daly, a priest of six years for the Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis, has recently discerned to enter the Carthusians (contemplative monastery) at St. Hugh’s Charterhouse in Parkminster, England. Please pray for him and all priests! And that’s it for today! I am grateful for those who joined us in October to celebrate 11 years away from the Dome. It was a fantastic time to remember the good times and have more good times, to reconnect with old friends and create new ones. Time has flown by and so much has changed, and yet, there is so much that is very much the same! Cheers. — Kate Clitheroe; class president; class11@nd.edu


11MBA Continues to Live the Dream

Nate Burns recently purchased a speedboat and would love to invite his fellow alumni for water skiing or tubing on lake Minnetonka. Matt Collins went to Chile to participate in the study abroad program the second year of our MBA. During that trip, he met his (now) wife, Barbara. Fast forward 11 years and they have two little girls and a dog. Ironically enough, they currently live in Chile as part of a two-year foreign service assignment he was sent on as part of his position with Medtronic. He’s been with Medtronic since graduation and now leads the robotic surgery business for Medtronic in the emerging markets. Pedro Freyre is a walking zombie with a seven-month-old who still does not sleep through the night and a five-year-old who is always on the go. José María Guillén is still in Madrid and willing to welcome those brave enough to cross the Atlantic and pay a visit. He has a wonderful baby boy that just turned one-year old named José Carlos. He just started walking and discovering everything though his eyes is wonderful. He loves books and playing with his Legos. Chris Wiesehan and Jeff Harer are spearheading an official/unofficial reunion for the fall since our official one was canceled due to COVID. There’s a Facebook group and if you haven’t received the invite, reach out! — Mimi Wilfong; 903-714-4988; mimitwilfong@gmail.com


11JD Happy Summer 

Sorry for the brevity but I’ve been busy 3D printing a human. So, the only news you are getting is self-centered. Lauren (Sharkey) Byam ’08, ’11JD and husband /male model Jack Byam welcomed Brooke Sharkey Byam on July 18. Big brother Connor is ambivalent to the new house guest and doesn’t realize her residency (unlike Celine in Vegas) is permanent. Can’t wait for all these 2022 babes to party together. — Lauren Sharkey ’08; lksharkey@gmail.com


12 Congratulations

Congratulations to Kelly Gibson, who graduated with a JD from Southern Methodist U law school in May. Hey Class of 2012! We have had few updates the last few months, so please if you have any personal updates or information about other classmates, please send them to tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu. — Tyler Harmsen; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu


12MBA Class SecretaryJennafer Palumbo;



12JD Awards and Accolades 

Hello classmates! Things seem to have been pretty quiet for the NDLS Class of 2012, so I’ll be keeping this short and sweet, just like my brother. Except for the sweet part, of course. Starting off with babies as is tradition, Jessica and Jim Audette had baby number three in May, and this time, it’s a girl! Eliana “Ellie” Audette joined the family just in time for them all to pick up and move to Rochester MI to be closer to friends and family. Jim reports that he recently moved to full-time remote work at Chapman and Cutler LLP, where he is a partner in their Corporate and Securities Department. Chris Nichols also reached out to let me know he’s been staying pretty busy. Not only was he recently licensed as an EMT in connection with his volunteer work at a local police department, he has also started working as an administrative law judge for Arizona’s state securities and utilities regulatory agency. Congratulations, Your Honor! Last but not least, Alvin Adjei was recognized for his hard work as 2021-2022 president of the Houston Young Lawyers Association, which was the belle of this year’s ball when it comes to the legal awards season. HYLA won the Comprehensive Award for Best Overall Programming from the Texas Young Lawyers Association, which also awarded HYLA first prize for Service to the Bar and best Newsletter (which I’m upset I wasn’t consulted on, but that’s another issue). The State Bar of Texas also lauded HYLA at its “Stars of Texas Bars Awards” – Alvin and HYLA were awarded the 2021-2022 Award of Merit for best overall programming, and HYLA also took home the Outstanding Partnership Award (for its MLK Days of Service program) and Stars of Achievement for their Veterans Initiative and Passport to Fitness Program. But lest you think Alvin has forgotten about us little guys now that he’s Mr. Big-Time, he followed up the list of awards by sending me a photo from my wedding day, saying it still makes him smile. Me too, you old softie! That’s all the news I have this quarter – keep sending updates my way, and we’ll keep this thing going. Love, Jimmy. — Jimmy Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com


13 Nearing on Ten Years

This has to be the most excited I’ve been for ND football since our senior year, and we haven’t even played a game yet at the time of this writing. Hopefully, by the time this comes out, I won’t need to eat my words. Before I start the column, I’d like to thank whoever used this email account to sign up for the Boisset Wine Collection newsletter, as well as a plethora of free streaming service trials. Let’s get to it. We have had quite a few weddings since the last column. Andrew McKernan married Carlyn Franckiewicz on June 11 at a ceremony in New Orleans. In attendance were quite a few people from Sorin College, which means at least one table devolved into a dorm party. Kim Lisiak married Brendan Fraleigh on May 21 in the Basilica on campus, and from the photos she’s shared it looked like an amazing ceremony. But then again, when does the Basilica fail to deliver? There were also a few engagements. Alexa Wilson got engaged to Alex Pantos in Indianapolis. From now on you can mail stuff to their house addressed as Alex(a) Pantos and it’ll be guaranteed to get to the right person, so that’s pretty exciting. Jess Heintz got engaged to John Silva this past May. She thought she was going to be helping friends with a project for their business, only to be surprised by both hers and his families and an engagement. We had at least two new members to the Class of 2013 family as well. Katie and Nick Schmeidler had their second kiddo, Margaret Mary Schmeidler on June 2. Maggie has one heck of a dad to grow up looking out for her. Thomas Young reached out to let me know of his and Kathleen’s first child Owen Thomas Young, who was born on April 22 in Austin TX. For those of you who didn’t recognize the date, that’s Earth Day. Here’s to hoping Owen gets Captain Planet-like abilities. We’ll stay in Texas for the start of personal updates, as Selina Sambar attended the first Alumni Rainbow Community ND event in Dallas. While glad to celebrate with the community, she was also reminded of our ever-increasing age. As the oldest member of the Young Alumni Club present, she came to the realization that with the advent of Uber, none of the younger folk had ever had to save taxi drivers’ phone numbers and haggle them down to $3/person. I know there are lots of other personal developments, especially since another wave of folks are finishing up residencies, but I haven’t gotten many other updates. I was fortunate enough to see Ryan Lión in San Francisco in July, and hear that he’s doing a chief year in pediatrics before applying to fellowships. More importantly, though, I got to see his wonderful parents, Chip and Mary. Andrew McKernan is finishing up his fellowship in allergy and taking a job in New Orleans. I’m finishing up my family medicine and psychiatry residency and taking a job at the VA doing mental health work. Which means, I would be remiss to not mention that there’s a new national number for mental health emergencies, 988. That’s all I got, folks. Please keep sending updates my way, it’s always nice to hear from you. Hopefully I’ll get to see some of you at a few games this year. Cheers. — Chris Champlin; nd2013updates@gmail.com


13MBA More Updates

The start of the football season reminds me that we are coming up on our 10-year reunion! I have no idea how that happened. A couple of people have mentioned having a reunion at one of the football games in the 2023 season. Anyone want to step up and organize something? As for the usual updates, Jenna Lytle said that Robin Sturgeon recently visited she and John in Houston. Glad to see that ten years later, the ND friendships are still going strong! Brett Murphy said that he recently accepted an opportunity to join Walker & Dunlop as a Senior Director on its healthcare real estate finance team. He and his family (Connor, 7; Penelope, 4) live in the Grand Rapids area now. Michelle Purvis wed Alex Marcell on August 6 at Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago. And the last update is from me – my wife, Karen, and I had our third daughter, Lily Marie, in June. She joins happy sisters Olivia and Allie. By the time you’ll have read this, Lily will already have made her first campus visit and attended her first ND game. Looking forward to getting the next set of updates – get them to me by October 18. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364; daimgrund@yahoo.com


13JD Remembering Tim

It has been too long since my last class note and for that, I am sorry. My first excuse was dealing with a pandemic. My second excuse was dealing with a baby. But for the last several updates, it has been pure avoidance behavior on my part. Over the last couple of years, a lot has happened to the Class of 2013. It’s been a joy to watch my various social media feeds as you all have posted about children, engagements, weddings, job and career changes. All of those life updates are more than worthy of being included here, and will be in the future. But in this first update back in the saddle, I want to talk about our friend, Tim Cantu. By the time you get this issue, we will be approaching one year since Tim left us after a courageous battle with cancer at only 32 years old, leaving behind his beloved wife, Marie, and five children Elena, Kristina, Isabelle, Adrian, and Charles. I don’t know how to say what I want to say, so I haven’t said it. I know many of you reading this wish you had been able to make it last November for his funeral. I don’t think any one of us would have managed to get that many classmates to fly out the week before Thanksgiving during a pandemic. It feels corny to write, but gathering together over dinner in Seattle sharing happy memories of Tim and our shared time together in South Bend made me feel connected to you all in a way that I hadn’t felt in years. It was a lovely service, and Tim’s grave sits on a green hillside overlooking a lake just north of the city. Although there was beauty and fellowship during those few days in November, I’ll be honest that it still feels unbelievable that it happened. I first met Tim and Marie at Legends during 1L Trivia and we immediately started cutting it up. Elena hadn’t even been born yet. I never thought that I would be standing where I stood on that hillside in November, with us not even out of our 30s. I felt far from those heady days of optimism and new beginnings at Notre Dame when we formed our friendship and started our careers. The Class of 2013 is a full spectrum of beliefs and Tim was a devout Catholic. I personally share the hope, although sometimes it burns more like an ember and less like a flame, that I will be able to have a beer and shoot the breeze about baseball with my friend again. Or something that feels like that, anyway. I miss Tim. I miss you all. I hope to see all my classmates again soon.  Hard to believe, but our 10-year reunion is rapidly approaching. Keep an eye out for this space and the class Facebook page as we work on a way to remember Tim as a class. — Alex Blair; apblair@gmail.com


14 Football Season and Celebrations 

Ah, autumn. It’s a season that always makes me a little nostalgic! It’s the season of back-to-school, the season of switching out t-shirts for sweatshirts. It smells like bonfires and sounds like leaves crinkling under your boots. It’s the slightest chill in the air around an October bonfire, the goosebumps that rise on your arms as you pull a mug of hot chocolate close. It’s the season where the sunset grows on trees and when squirrels scurry across fields, gathering acorns and other nuts and teasing dogs with their flickering tails. The leaves are starting to change, we switch out our linen shirts for flannel and plaid, we go pumpkin-picking and cider-tasting. And, perhaps most importantly, we celebrate the return of college football and the advent of another victorious season for the Fighting Irish! As we head into autumn, I am pleased and delighted, as always, to be your guide to the celebrations and joyous updates for your friends and classmates! First, I am delighted to announce that Stephen (“Paco”) Elser wed Christina Lupoli on July 30, surrounded by loved ones and members of his Notre Dame Family (and f-HA-mily). Stephen also graduated this year from Arizona State U with his PhD in Environmental Life Sciences, now to begin his career as a Senior Environmental Scientist with the Delta Stewardship Council, and also founded and hosts a podcast called “Future Cities” that is definitely worth a listen. Congratulations, congratulations, and congratulations! We celebrate with you and for you! On July 16, Jessica (Lencioni) and Austin Lagomarsino welcomed Kaitlyn Louise to their family! Congratulations on your growing family and we give a warm Irish welcome to your beautiful baby girl! Also growing is the family of Meghan (Thomassen) and Anthony Krenselewski who, along with older siblings Emma (4) and Tony (1.5), have welcomed another member to the family on May 16: welcome, Holly Margaret! Meghan reports that the family couldn’t be happier and I think we can all agree! Next, Cole Wogoman reports that he and Teresa Rubinger celebrated their wedding on May 29 in Charlottesville VA. They were joined by fellow Domers, including Blake Graham ’15, Dan Woods, John Maniaci, Christina Dines, and Kiersten DeHaven. With so many Domers in attendance, I’m sure it was a rollicking and joy-filled event! Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank Catherine Ake, Aubreanna Bobb, Catherine Cichon, Laurel Komos, Angelique Laboy-Coparropa, Megan (Dustin) Mahajan, Kellie (Travis) Shlifer, and Denise Umubyeyi for what was the highlight of my May: a trip to Denver to celebrate many, many things, including Laurel’s engagement to Patrick Dela Cruz and Aubre’s engagement to Roland Brown. We laughed, we snacked, we hiked, we bought tea, and, most importantly of all, we got to celebrate with each other. And that’s what it’s really all about. I am grateful to you all and I celebrate you all each and every day. Good luck this season to the Fighting Irish and, as always, send me your updates! Lots of love. — Lizzie (Helpling) Trebbien; 513-470-9723; ehelplin@alumni.nd.edu


14MBA Class Secretary Jessica Bonanno;

407-808-7148; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; 518-598-4222; kcahill1@alumni.nd.edu


14JD Class Secretary Rachel Hanley;



15 Celebrating Domer Weddings and Babies

Shannon (Bosche) and Jacob Morse welcomed their first child. Holly Marie Morse came into the world at 8 a.m. on Good Friday, at seven lbs. seven oz and 21 inches. Claire Shadid and Robert Dorenbusch tied the knot in Kansas City on May 7. They reside in Indianapolis with their dog, Izzy. Rob is a general surgery doctor and Claire is an associate director of global oncology marketing at Eli Lilly. Elizabeth (Weir) ’16 and Robert Uhl welcomed their firstborn on June 22. His name is Hyland Michael Uhl, named after his ND great grandparents! Emma (Henderson) and Michael Shakour were married in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on May 29, 2021. On May 5, they were blessed with the birth of twin daughters, Margaret and Charlotte. Dan Courtney and Ingrid Mena Martin were engaged last November in Chicago. They are excited to plan their wedding, which will be held in Ingrid’s hometown of Barcelona in the summer of 2023. Dan will ensure that the Victory March is played during the festivities to properly educate the Spaniards on what it means to join a Notre Dame family. Dr. CJ (Christopher J) VonBargen graduated from MUSC orthodontics school in April. He married Dr. Sabrina Saunders, a fellow dentistry classmate, on May 14 in Charleston SC. He is opening an orthodontic practice in Park Circle in Charleston. — Emily Flores; eflores2@alumni.nd.edu


15MBA Class Secretary Valeriano Lima;



15JD Class Secretary Alisa Finelli Murphy;



16 Packing It All In

Congratulations to our engaged couples: Franny Alston and Ryan Wiegand, Lindsey Broyles and Steven Mason, Clare Clouse and Christian Inciong, Annie Ekman and Joe Langley, Anna Grainger and Cooper Cohen, Emma Herlihy and Jack LeClaair, Emily Horton and Thayer Wade, Morganne Howell and Pike Goldschmidt, Abbey Hubregsen and Jake Fennelly, Angelica Inclan and Chris Lynch, Katie Irving and Shamus MacDougall, Carolina Jimenez and Pedro Lucas Caballero, Mary Jozwiak and Mike Favia, Cara O’Brien and Jack Sheridan ’17, Katherine Petrovich and Grantland Over, Meghan Pfeifer and Logan Corsello, Claire Purcell and Mario Herrera, Hannah Skrbis and Kevin Tyransky, Casey Stoffel and James Bowyer, Alex Techar and Jeff Brown, and Helen Zeng and Andrew Jensen. Happy years ahead for our newly married couples: Abbey Borchers and Adam Soisson, Genevieve Bradford and Adam Rainey, Erin Byrnes and Thomas Luppi , Lauren Callahan and Patrick Conroy ’15, Brittany Dymm ’17 and Ralph Hauke, Shannon Golden and Eric Pahls, Kalyn Heyen and Sean Onderdonk , Katie Holmes and Stephen Seitz, Emily Jellinek and Brandon Russo, Catherine Juska and Eric Bierck, Marta Keller and Daniel Burke, Meredith Lobb and Daniel Groom ’15, Cecilia Loughlin and Albert Ciolek ’14, Meg Mannix and Jack Larson, Maeve Mulholland ’17MEd and David O’Connor, Nikol Nikonchuk and Nick Bielanski ’17, Izzy Nussbaum and Daniel Nilsson Sjolander, Erin Peterson and Richie Silverman, Kathleen Powers ’18MEd and Sean Tenaglia, Kayla Prochnow and Jack Taiclet, Kim Romano and Greg Sauers, Janine Romy and Bryce Hermsen, Courtney Ross and Alex Rizk, Kristina Stang and Nicholas King, and Rose Urankar and Sam Hardwick. Moms and Dads, you’re doing an amazing job with those babies: Louise and Ryan Bonner, Brooke (Brown) and Keagen Gertz, Jessica (Gubanich) and Patrick Krauss, Christin and EJ Leppert, Kate (Everett) and Dale Lobo, Rachel and Nate McCormick, Sarah Pryor and Justin Hoffman, Annie (Mangano) and David Surine, Audrey Tatum and Jake Wardach, and Kendra (Harding) and Nick Walter. Elizabeth (Weir) and Robert Uhl ’15 welcomed Hyland Michael, named after his ND grandparents. Lots of recent grad school graduations, you continue to impress: MBAs for Joe Driano from UW and Grant Humphreys from Alaska Anchorage, Melissa Krumdick from U Chicago with her Masters in Computer Science, Gaby Mercurio from ND Law, Beth Orem from Columbia Law, and Maria Oviedo from Harvard with her Master of Public Policy. Michael DeSantis, Joel Ostdiek and Jean-Peirre Vertil graduated Stanford MBA. Bryan Ricketts completed a dual MPP/MBA at U of M and now works as a Financial Institution and Policy Analyst at the Federal Reserve Board. Maggie (Schmid) Steiss and Josh Dempsey became Triple Domers after graduating from the Remick Leadership Program. Nikki Villiger graduated from IU Med School and started anesthesia residency at U of M. Full steam ahead through another season of races and marathons! David Katter, Will Geoghegan and Val Woulfe ran the Brooklyn Marathon; Gen Bellon, Lindsay Karcher, Jordan Lederman, and Seamus Ronan ran the Brooklyn Half. Lily Crawford ran the Pittsburgh FedEx Half. Matthew Kirian ran the Glass City Half. Jackie Zink ran the National Women’s Half. Elyse Hight competed in her first Ironman 70.3 in Victoria – she placed first in the age group and third overall. Emily Claps joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a Software Engineer for the Institute for Disease Modeling research team. Catch Clayton Conroy as Lawrence in Lifetime TV miniseries Keeping Up with the Joneses. Abigail (Bartels) Jorgensen is a doctoral candidate in sociology and a Notebaert fellow at ND; she received the Social Justice Award during the 2022 Commencement for her scholarship and community work on mothers, especially bereaved mothers. Please read her article in the last issue on her ongoing battle with long COVID. Gabriela Leskur is a Senior Experience Designer for the EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub and also is a private practice therapist. The Spring 2022 issue reported Tanya Khokhar’s smoothie and juice shop Parched – happy to share that she’s opening a second location near Indy soon. Shannon Kraemer started as a Senior Account Executive with Dragonfly AI. Theresa Kozelka started as Fulbright Program Manager at Amideast. Alison (Widener) McDaniel is a Financial Analyst at Abercrombie & Fitch. DeJorie Monroe is ND’s first alum selected as a Charles B. Rangel Graduate Fellow, pursuing a career in diplomacy and international affairs. Hunter Monaghan is celebrating over six years at IBM iX and a promotion to Senior Managing Consultant. Kelsey (Longe) O’Connor works at U College Cork and lives in Galway with husband Mike, Senior R&D Engineer with Medtronic. Fr. Peter St. George was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Arlington in June. Thanks to Matt Greene and Michael Infantine for reflections in the FaithND newsletter. Matt started as an NDAA Clubs Program Manager. Love you, bye! — Bridget (Doyle) Hanle; bdoyle3@alumni.nd.edu 


16MBA Family Updates

Shannon Nicholson and Noah Mitchell welcomed baby Maxwell Mitchell on May 27. The Nicholson-Mitchell family resides in sunny Santa Barbara CA and has been enjoying life as a family of three. Jenn and Kevin Hanrahan also have exciting baby news! Josie Corinne was born July 15 in Chicago and is absolute perfection. Newlyweds Mary Carol Madigan and Thomas Falk traveled from their home in Deutschland to be married on June 25 in Mary Carol’s home parish in Winnetka IL. The couple honeymooned in Bali before their return home to SAP headquarters. We like to hear your news, share it with us anytime. — Claire Kenney; ckenney2@alumni.nd.edu; Kelly Rubey; kelly.rubey@nd.edu 


16JD Class SecretaryMack Watson;



17 Lots to Celebrate

This summer, our classmates were recognized for their work both personally and professionally. After winning the 2021 Emmy for Outstanding Writing for A Variety Series for her work on “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver, Liz Hynes has been nominated for a 2022 Emmy in the same category with the same team! Way to go, Liz! In July, Maire-Kate McGlynn placed 9th at the North American Irish Dance Championships in Quebec, Canada – great work! Emma Farnan debuted as a professional player with Premier Rugby Sevens – amazing! Congratulations to Lauren Kaye who has “retired from school” with her graduation from Marquette U with a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree. Job changes and promotions are in the air! Olivia August started a new Principal Engineer position with Utility Management Solutions Group. Christopher Jarocki started a Chemical Engineer position with X-Bow Systems. Alexander Schutte started a new position with AbbVie. Lucas Joseph took on a Senior Associate role with ShopOne Centers and John Klamer is now a Software Engineer with Starburst. Courtney (Sampson) Stocks and Maura Boston were promoted to Managers at Deloitte. Michael Romano is now an Enterprise Sales Specialist with NetApp Cloud Data Services. MaryBeth Carson was promoted to Senior Regulatory Specialist at Integra LifeSciences. Rose Bernier is now a senior manager in Supply Chain Consulting at Wood Mackenzie. And check out Bill Kirst’s Coffee & Change Podcast to hear more about Jane Coughlin’s journey. Wedding bells kept ringing this summer! Congratulations to our couples who have tied the knot so far in 2022: Jeannie (Jacullo) and Kevin O’Rourke, Katie (Paige) and Atticus Coscia, Sierra McDonald and Michael Cannon , Katarina (Gay) and Michael Weil, Grace Goins and Mark Gormley, Mary (Closs) and Jamie Sullivan, McKenzie (Moredock) and Matt Hummel, Jenn (Wojtowicz) and Jack Libert, Savanna (Dinkel) and Joe Ganyard, Elisa Herrman and Andrew Green, Ali Julian and Michael Romano, Katie (Kuenster) and Jordan Yankovich, Amelia (Zepernick) and Matthew Phillips, Victoria Pereira and Christopher Leitten, Brie (Bahe) and Nick Sheridan, Tomisin (Ogundipe) and Jacob Zinkula. Allie Griffith and Frank Karczewski ’19MEd wed on June 11 in South Bend. Allison (Walker) and Jordan Milo celebrated their July 9 wedding at the Basilica with a bridal party stacked with Farley and Dillon Hall friends: Dan DeToro, Justin Uhlenbrock, Donald Calcganini, Seann Stubbs, Mary Kate Nawalaniec, Maggie (Seibert) Caldwell, and Maggie Gates. We are thrilled to continue to celebrate our classmates’ love! Best of luck to those newly engaged: Susie Baca and Peter Cogan, Courtney Lefevre and Matt Sturgeon, Lauren Jones and Josh Tadevich, Helen Hathaway and Steve Hanley, Alexa DeSantis and Matt Dickman, Mikki Jaramillo and Andrew Incandela, Sydney Ruehlmann and Andrew Nickell, Mary White and Ben Chipkin, Emily Corrigan and Jack Barbe, Maria Noel and Garrett Rucker, Sierra Muir and Marshall Jackson, Alyssa Darmon and Jake Wagner, Gretchen Bruggeman and Daniel Hays, Erin Soldatis and Rory Coscia. Congratulations to our new parents, you are doing a great job already: Mary (Driewer) and Zach Gonzalez, Jackie (Johnson) and Luke Gasperlin. Ally (Scruggs) and Henry Dickman welcomed their first baby, Arthur, this spring. Stephanie (Burton) and Brent Jordan welcomed their first, Wesley, into their lives, too. Catherine (Kitz) and Andrew Clark ’11 welcomed their second child, Leo, this summer and Cate and Michael Buche are also expecting their second! We welcome more to the Irish fanclub! Cheers to you all, classmates. You continue to impress with all the great things that you’re up to. Continue to share updates via email. — Celanire Flagg; cflagg@alumni.nd.edu


17MBA Seems Like Just Yesterday 

I cannot believe it has already been five years since we graduated – it seems like just yesterday we were all starting Mod 1 and going to our first football tailgates. I recently received some exciting updates from our fellow classmates. Matt Dudevoir was selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army with a date of rank of May 23. His wife, Amber, just finished her EMBA at the U of Rochester, and they’re both excited to see what’s next for them. A little bird shared with me Emily (Cook) and Henry King ’18MBA welcomed their first child, Andrew James, on April 28. Congratulations on their new arrival. As always, please continue to send me any and all life updates. Cheers to the Class of 2017 MBA. — Mary Tomasik;



17JD Class Secretary Lauren Nottoli;



18 Keep Crushing It 

It’s been a busy summer for the Class of 2018. Meredith (Cullen) and Garrett Schwartz were married on May 28. Caroline (Palmer) married Joseph DeLuca ’17 in Bernardsville NJ on April 23. They’re very excited to start their lives together and catch an ND game next time they’re on campus. Allie Still and Will Markley got married on July 25, 2020. They celebrated their marriage with friends and family on June 4 at the Basilica of St. Anne in Detroit and had the reception at the Detroit Athletic Club. Catherine Markley ’20, Sydney Still ’22, Steve Nash, Nick Barella, Brian Richman, Chris Flynn, and Jared Hendrick ’19 were members of the bridal party. David Shank married Therese Dudro ’18SMC on Oct. 9, 2021. Elise Ehrenberg got engaged to Joseph Ghirardo. Kelly Pacifico got engaged this past February to Brian Severyn ’17. They are set to be married at the Basilica in March 2023. On May 18, Evan Holguin saw the birth of his daughter, Emilia Anne. Even from before her birth, she had a full wardrobe ready prepared to cheer on the Irish. Mimi (nee Teixeira) and Michael Singleton welcomed their son John Octavio into the world on March 7. Kelly (Heiniger) and Matt Denhard welcomed their daughter Macy in April. Chloé Honey Moreno became a Double Domer in May when she graduated from Notre Dame Law School. Elena Ezzo and Sean Gaouette are returning to Notre Dame to pursue their Master of Science in Historic Preservation. Katelyn Markley moved to Dublin, Ireland on July 17. She will be transferring to the EY Dublin office to work in their Advisory practice. Nicholas Furnari graduated this summer with his MS in Management degree from Mendoza and just started as a Business Analyst at the Tire Rack in South Bend. He is proud to announce that South Bend really is his “home” now, although he’ll always be a Bostonian. Grace Polk moved down to Arlington VA for a new job working for the Sports & Entertainment team at the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). TAPS works with anyone grieving the loss of a military loved one, regardless of cause of death. In her new role, Grace connects families to teams, athletes, organizations, entities, etc., that are meaningful to them, to help create positive experiences of remembrance as they honor the service and sacrifice of their loved one. Keep crushing it, Class of 2018. Go Irish! — Matthew Peters; mgpeters96@gmail.com


18MBA Class Secretary Patrick McHail;


19 Awards, Graduations, and New Roles 

Class of 2019 alumni have continued to achieve great success in the professional world. After graduating from the Mendoza College of Business, Kaliyah Nicole Martin decided to take a gap year to focus on completing a story that she began after her freshman year. On Aug. 15, Kaliyah will publish her story as Freshman Year Bucket List on her experiences as a Notre Dame student. Kaliyah hopes that as you read Freshman Year Bucket List, you take at least one thing that will make you feel that quintessential peace, sense of community and belonging, and that Notre Dame special something that she felt the moment she stepped foot on campus. Spicer Emge won an Institute for Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) John Staud Award for Emerging Professionals for his graduate thesis, the Avila Beach Public Library. Reilly Rastello is in his second year at the U of Michigan Law School. This past summer, he worked as a summer law clerk for the Boulder District Attorney’s Office, where he helped draft a publicized decision letter regarding whether criminal charges should be filed in an officer-involved shooting, wrote a response appellate brief, and laid out plea offerings to defendants in misdemeanor cases at first appearance court. This fall, Reilly is working in the Civil-Criminal litigation clinic, the oldest clinic offering at Michigan Law, where Reilly serves as first chair in a range of cases from advocating for low-income tenants to working on criminal defendant appeals. Caitlin Rosswurm graduated with a Master’s in Social Work from Loyola U Chicago in May and began working as a therapist at a private practice this summer. Andrew Skiff has accepted a new role with the Notre Dame Club of Northeastern Wisconsin as an events coordinator for Spirituality, Service, and Young Alumni Socials. Patrick Falvey, Matteo Muehlhauser, Jeff Riney, Pierce Witmer ’18, Rohit Fonseca ’18, Eric Castellanos ’18, and Rory Burke ’18 all moved into a duplex together in Arlington VA, and will be keeping the Notre Dame spirit strong through many game watches in the upcoming fall. Class of 2019 alumni also are celebrating landmark events in their personal lives. Kayah St. Gerard Joachim and her husband were married on Sept. 21, 2019, and welcomed their first child on June 19, 2020, and their second child on Oct. 19, 2021. In her professional career, as of April, Kayah transitioned into a new role as a Senior Sales Executive at Instacart, managing CPG Brand Partnerships. Molly Kress and David Carmack will be getting married in Oakbrook IL in September. Kylie Minor was engaged to Baylor U alumnus Jacob Fultz on June 4, and they will be married in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Nov. 4, 2023. Jasmine Madrigal married a Northwestern graduate, Luis, in Greenwich Village in May, and they have relocated to northern California for a new job opportunity. Jonathon Kotek proposed to Margaret Shannon in April in Chicago, surrounded by family and many friends. Sydney Schneider married Matthew Phelps ’20 in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on July 3, 2021. They are excited to announce they are expecting their first child in early August. Katie (Triolo)’19SMC and Luke Morley were married in April in Sonoma CA and recently built a home in Orlando FL. Fellow alumni Jake Gillespie, Connor Murphy, Anthony Di Falco, and Cris Magdaleno celebrated by their side as members of the bridal party. We look forward to sharing more stories from our classmates in the future! — Michael Conlon, Dan Hopkinson, Jane Driano and Eddie Griesedieck; classof2019@alumni.nd.edu


19JD New Summer, New You

Happy fall! Many of our classmates said goodbye to their firms or agencies and started new jobs this summer. Bill Green is now with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office joining classmate Olivia Ghiselli. Caitlin Canahai is now with Hodgson Russ in Buffalo. Emma Kelly headed south to become an Assistant District Attorney in Wake County NC. Vienna and Adrian Bottomley are expecting their second child and have moved back to the best place on earth: the Greater South Bend Area. Adrian is now at the Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Tashi Stafford recently started as Civil Rights Counsel at Meta which sounds extremely cool. She was previously working in education law which also sounds extremely cool. Maggie Adams is now at Morrison Foerster in San Francisco. Olaniyi Solebo is now at Paul Hastings also in San Francisco. Kyle Tanzer recently moved to Sidley Austin in Miami. Lexi Woods is now General Counsel at Great Lakes Commercial Finance. It is also a summer of love and family! Congratulations to Katy Baum on her engagement to Travis James Pollitt in Chicago! Katy looked absolutely stunning in a Hill House Nap Dress (not an ad). Emma ’15, ’17MEd and Michael Shakour welcomed twin girls Margaret Frances and Charlotte Marie in May. Brooke and Jack Fitzgerald are also expecting twins this year. Sarah Henderson and Jack Blais celebrated their marriage in Grinnell IA in June where they received undergraduate degrees. Please send any updates to miller.a.katherine@gmail.com and do not be frightened if you see that I checked your LinkedIn. Go Irish! — Katherine Miller; miller.a.katherine@gmail.com