The Meaning of Notre-Dame de Paris Autumn 2022



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Our Lady of Paris and Why It Is So Important to Save Her

by Paul Elie

After a severely damaging fire in 2019, Notre-Dame de Paris undergoes a restoration.

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Nearing a Happy Ending

by Jason Kelly ’95

The global health community is tantalizingly close to eradicating the dreadful Guinea worm disease, and three Notre Dame alums are there to help close the book.

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A Shot from Heaven

by Patrick Angulo ’13

Or: How I learned my heart needed a hit to its restart button

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Cosmic Explorer

by Liam Farrell ’04

As Dava Newman ’86 strives to get us to Mars, her personal goal is simple — to reach human potential.

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Eight Complaints

by Andrew Santella

‘The explanation for why we are so addicted to complaining may be a simple one: because there is so much to complain about.’

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A Doctor’s Prescription

by John F. Fisher ’65

A seasoned physician counsels a new generation of aspiring M.D.’s

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In Your Dreams

Photo essay by Matt Cashore ’94

The senior university photographer uses a drone and an artist’s eye to delight the earthbound.

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A New Equality

by Jessica Keating Floyd ’13M.Div.

‘Discussion about abortion remain limited by a binary framework of competing rights, the terms of debate accepted as immutable. But they are not.’