Hope Winter 2022-23

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What the Silence Says

by Mark Phillips

‘I was far enough from the nearest road and house that I could hear no passing vehicles or children playing outside, or other human sounds, nor, eerily, did I hear any chickadees or jays or other birds.’

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Gently So

by Peter Wayne Moe

A meditation on death and life and a bucket of good earth

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The Weakness in Our Power

by Colleen Shaddox

Saying people in poverty have no power, writes the author, is like saying Superman has no power because of kryptonite. And yet, how tightly the rest of us hold firm to that weapon and shield.

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What’s Human about War?

by Anna Romandash ’22MGA

The answer comes uneasily during visits with Ukrainian women whose homes and loved ones are webbed into violence and pain and fortitude.


Peace Can Happen

by Brett Beasley ’22MTS

How Notre Dame scholars helped cure a turbulent Colombia.

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The Misplaced Virtue

by Karen Stohr ’92

What do Aloysha, Kant and Ted Lasso have to tell us about hope in a world of darkness, doubt and despair? Read here.

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The Tragic Trials of Haiti . . . 

by Gerard Thomas Straub

. . . and how good people have given their lives there to God and their fellow suffering humans.

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Truth Be Told

by Sam Hazo ’49

The writers who craft ad copy have learned well from poets. But the words they wield have a different intent and power.

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Songs of Grief and Longing

by Jennifer Anne Moses

For those of us looking for some thing or some set of conditions that will finally bring us peace, is enough ever enough?

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Fashionable Football

by José Sánchez Córdova

Iconic designer Thom Browne ’88 brings his sartorial artistry to the campus quads and incites a day or two of edification, camaraderie and fun.