Sisterhood Summer 2022

Weller Spot


by Sheila Weller

We have nurtured each other throughout our lifetimes, bound by a simple truth — women understand.

Redsten Blanketed In Warm

My Warm Spot

by Genevieve Redsten ’22

Stopping by her grandmother’s home on a snowy evening.

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Who Do I Say I Am?

by Maraya Steadman ’89

A woman who has reached her middle years confronts an age-old question.

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The Ones Who Came Before

by Elizabeth Hogan ’99

When Notre Dame threw open its doors to women undergraduates in 1972, those who enrolled were actually not the first.

Mcgreevy Photos Sue P 3

A Benevolence of Friends

by Mary McGreevy ’89

When Sue’s tragic death left a vacuum in our lives, we tried to close the circle with a communal embrace.

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Still Some Loose Threads

by Maggie Green Cambria ’88

A loyal daughter remembers the men’s university she attended 35 years ago and wonders if women have been fully woven into the fabric of this place.

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Flame Launcher

Interview by Tess Gunty ’15

‘You bring together the components of your art, and all kinds of energies are released, and you have to ride the rocket that you’ve constructed to whatever end it’s going to have.’

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Rider on the Storm

by John Rosengren

When the Twin Cities erupted in racial turbulence, Linea Palmisano ’98 steered the chaos toward reason and stability.

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Under the Long Haul

by Abby Jorgensen ’16, ’18M.A.

Dances with her young daughter — and other acts of normalcy — have been curtailed by the lingering effects of COVID-19.

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Writing Her Own Script

by Madeline Buckley ’11

As a filmmaker in L.A., Charlie Buhler ’10 pursues the kinds of projects she wishes Hollywood would take on.

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Callings Unanswered

by Anna Keating ’06

Fifty years ago, Pope Paul VI asked whether women could be deacons. With the acute need for such servant leaders in the Church, the faithful still question, why not?

Nd New And Gold

Much More than Baby Talk

by Adriana Pratt ’12

Notre Dame alumnae have established a virtual village to share life’s intimate details and allay the isolation and anxieties of motherhood — and other worriments.

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by Abigail Pesta ’91

Meet five women who answered tragedy with tenacity.

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The Good Place

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

Jenny Curran Hunsberger ’95 has made sure that women have the care and support she once needed so badly that time when she was young.

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Scene Setter

by Jason Kelly ’95

Camilla Tassi ’16 illuminates the stage.

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She’s Got Game

by Lesley Visser

Title IX gave women the right to compete on level playing fields. When given the chance, Notre Dame’s female athletes have soared.