50 Always More Milks for Lujack

I had a great phone conversation with Bill Donovan in April, and he shared memories of his time at Notre Dame. One humorous anecdote was related to a job he had at the dining hall. “According to Ziggy, my manager,” Bill said, “I was supposed to ensure that each student only took two milks when they came through the food line. This was easy to control with most of my classmates. But, when the Fighting Irish football players came through — guys like [Johnny Lujack ’48], [George Connor ’48], [Bill Fisher ’48], [Ziggy Czarobski ’48] and [Leon Hart] to name a few — I didn’t have the heart to stop them from taking as many as they wanted. Regardless of what Ziggy said, I felt I was doing my part to keep them undefeated.” Bill also told me about the good times he had when he got together with other Domer classmates who lived in New Jersey. Sadly, most of them are gone now. Bill has remained close with Packy Butler, but they have not been able to visit since COVID started; he hopes to resume contact soon. Bill remains active on Facebook and in his community. Michael Weisbecker ’93 contacted me with news that his father, Leo Weisbecker, passed away in North Carolina on Feb. 25 at age 93. After leaving ND, Leo earned a master’s degree at the U of Wisconsin and then served in the Navy at the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory in San Francisco until 1957. He later had a distinguished engineering career with Phillips 66, Westinghouse Electric, Aerojet General, Stanford Research and RTI International. Leo’s obituary in the Durham Herald Sun reported that “He liked to cook, ride his bike, read books and enjoyed an occasional beer. He pulled for the Fighting Irish and the Atlanta Braves. Leo was a devout Catholic and a longtime parishioner at St. Martin’s in Sunnyvale CA and St. Thomas More in Chapel Hill.” Leo’s wife of 51 years, Genevieve, predeceased him but he is survived by five children and nine grandchildren. Julie Pierson Doyle ’85 emailed to let me know that her family attended a memorial service for William E. Pierson in Portland OR in late January. Ann Pierson Lei ’81 and Patti Pierson ’94 (Julie’s sisters), along with three members of the following generation, proudly continue their dad’s Notre Dame traditions. If you would like to share news about the class or stories from your time at ND, please let me know. — Jim Coogan ’91; 4 Gile Drive, Unit 2A, Hanover NH 03755; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu


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53 Honoring Tom and Dede Reedy

Chicago area classmates gathered on March 31 to honor Tom Reedy and to thank him for hosting a 1953 reunion luncheon every year, without a break, for 35 years, and out of his own pocket. Hundreds of us throughout the US have attended one, two, three or almost all of these events. A careful review of the records has shown that Tom’s efforts, along with the Class Notes and Broadcasts put together on a regular basis by yours truly, class secretary Jerry Mulvihill, with technical assistance from Cullen Langford, have made our class the most cohesive and congenial of all ND classes. Present at last month’s event, in addition to Tom, were Bob BernerBob McKennaMarty Wehner, Bob LeeStan Stasch, Don Bergman and Tom Morsch. Arrangements were made, and memorabilia was provided by Michael McNulty, who was prevented from attending by a temporary medical event. Dave O’LearyVic George, Dave Sponseller, Lou Bourjaily and Gene McEnery wanted to be there, but impediments arose. Tom’s email box and answering machine were reportedly filled with congratulatory messages from classmates. The group had a lively discussion of memorable presentations made over the years at the reunion luncheons by Al De CraneBill ReidyAndy HernonBill GaudreauRalph ArgenJohn Lattner (honorary) and Rev. Ernest Bartell, CSC. Many recalled O’Leary’s telephonic interview of Regis Philbin, and Tex McMonagle, who gave us an insider’s view of President Trump’s collection of in-house generals, most of whom were Catholic, with assurances not to worry. The group was flattered to have two lovely ladies join the lunch, Dede Reedy and Jean Bergman. They added a bit of class to an event that might have gotten out of hand had they not been there. To add your email message to the many that Tom and Dede received, send to dri446@comcast.net. Tom Reedy joined our class with 27 other Chicago Fenwick High School graduates. He served quietly, competently and without fanfare in elective student government positions during our four years. Following his return from Greece as a Navy officer, he worked to build an expansive heating and cooling business in Chicago, employing at times more than 650 union tradesmen. He and Dede headed a family of seven children and exhibited limitless generosity through the years. The record attendance reached 160 classmates, which drew the attention and favorable comment of Rev. Ted Hesburgh, CSC, saying it was the only class of which he was aware that was meeting annually. Tom and Dede bring real meaning to the words “Notre Dame couple.” Thanks, from all of the Class of 1953. You are special. Bernie Hester stopped on his way home to Illinois from Florida to visit with Dave Flynn in Columbus GA, a near-annual visit. Paul Quinn, who returned to ND following his draft service, completed pre-med, matriculated at Georgetown Dental School, had a solo practice in Virginia for 35 years, retired eight years ago, and now resides in an assisted living facility in Virginia. Jim Groves relocated his law practice in South Bend and is still going strong. Tex McMonagle recently celebrated his 90th birthday with family and 66 of his closest friends. Rev. Thomas Smith, CSC, celebrated his 50th ordination anniversary with other Holy Cross jubilarians. Pray for Father Tom, as he prays daily for our class. Deaths include Joe O’Neil and Jim Rogers, lifelong St. Paul friends, and Dan Cafarelli, reported by his devoted daughter Maria ’84. Jerry Mulvihill; 51098 Heatherton Court, Granger IN 46530; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com


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54 Spring Is Here
Just a heads up on why no column appeared in the last issue: After submitting the column, I noticed an error and a few missing lines. I contacted the magazine and unfortunately the corrections fell through the cracks. Here is what you missed: I had a nice letter from Lola Koch, George’s widow. Last fall she sold her home, moving to an independent, assisted living community. She thought she was giving up a lake view but has another and many old neighbors are residents. She said there is lots to do. A plus for her is that she is three miles from her old neighborhood. Now the spring updates: On Feb. 14, I received the news that I was the great-grandfather of a boy. I was thrilled and felt very blessed. The original plan was for me to meet Cooper over the Memorial Day weekend in New Jersey at a family event. But there was a change and the whole family will be here in a few days. The big New Jersey weekend is a party for me, my 90th birthday. Now, my days may be like many of yours: doctor visits and tests, grocery shopping etc. But if you are bored, volunteer at a hospital, Meals-on-Wheels or your church. You will find by volunteering you get great satisfaction. The following were called home: John Libert, Alexander “Lex” Petrillo, Arthur Wenczel, Gary Swenson, Earl Rudolph Jr., John Sanlegel, Richard Gerbrachl, Marvin Sculati, Walter “Bud” Gruger Jr., William Nelson, Cary “Topper” Stevenson, Bob Swanson, Frank Donlon and Robert Roney. — Jack Mertens; 2100 Ocean Shore Blvd., Apt. 203, Ormond Beach FL 32176; 845-216-7251; jacknd54@gmail.com

55 What’s Going On

The seasons for hockey, men’s basketball and women’s basketball ended too soon. They had great years, and next year’s outlook is positive. Now after a hibernation, let’s record what has been going on with the Class of 1955. Rev. Jim Blantz, CSC, has offered his magic show for Reunion. The details are being worked out. Czar Don Shanley added to his humor barrage. His most recent includes a description of how politics works and the impact of rednecks on US defense. Millard Battles checked in, celebrating his 90th birthday. We wish him many more. Walt Langford provided a nice summary of the funeral Mass for his brother Jim ’59 at Notre Dame. Several priests concelebrated, including Rev. Monk Malloy, CSC. Walt’s brother was director of ND Press for almost 20 years. The visit included a tour of the fencing room featuring busts of former coaches Mike DeCicco ’49, ’50MS and Walt’s dad, Walt Sr. ’30. Dick Beeman provided a great observation: “Reach out to someone who is lonely and hurting. You will be mediating the Holy Spirit. Peace, classmates.” Dave Scheele may be “Mr. Activity.” He plays the glockenspiel with five groups and gets in pickleball three mornings a week. A nice note came from Jack Flynn who had lunch with Howard Hart and Dick Cook. Dick is wrestling with medical issues. The lunch provided a great update on the Windy City bunch. First, Howie’s handicap holds at 11 and he shoots his age 90 percent of the time. He continues to play at the Oak Park Country Club, former venue for Jack and Dick Beeman. Now for the grandkids sweepstakes. Jack awards the top prize to Jerry Hillsman. He just welcomed his 12th great-grandchild. The other prize goes to Jerry Prassas, who has the youngest grandchild. Warning to the LPGA: Sandra Fullmer is back on the links shooting in the 70s. My freshman roommate, Dick Makuck, checked in from Connecticut. He and Jane are all set for Reunion as are our president, Dick Burke, and his wife. Correction: The last set of notes identified John Murphy as the caller from Cape Cod. The caller was John McCarthy. Joe McGlynn sent a photo indicating the time involved with shopping with your spouse. I heard from Al Cowles. His wife is wrestling with medical issues. Keep her in your prayers. Jim Conly and John Kennedy checked in. They, Al Cowles and Bill Glass can’t make Reunion. My suggestion to those who can’t make it this year is to try for next year. Jim Hesburgh sent some great photos of the memorial for Admiral Bill Walsh. Jerry Hughes supplied a list of good advice. My favorite: “Happiness is not having to set an alarm clock.” Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of classmates who have recently passed away: Wife of George Marr, Robert Jasman, Don Santschi, John Herber, Robert Gosdick, Frank Newman. They are now in Our Lady’s care. Keep in touch. — Tom Magill; 561-842-3019; magillt@bellsouth.net


56 Remembering Classmates

As I write this, it is spring in Western New York. All should note that what I recite below is edited by the ND Alumni Association before it’s published in ND Magazine. Please excuse misspells. Steve Stofko died Jan. 7 in Fredericksburg VA. He was Georgetown Law, Air Force and and FBI agent for 25 years. Other FBI agents in our class: John F. Cooney of Augusta GA and yours truly. Don Marchione died Feb. 21 in Guilford CT. He was in the Army and a news reporter for New Haven Register. Gilles Gallant died Oct. 22 in Indianapolis. He was a Marine Corps officer, had supermarkets and restaurants, and was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery at ND. Jim Mason died Nov. 9 in Webster NY. He worked for Xerox Corp, was listed in Who’s Who of Engineering and member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. Ken King died Oct. 30 in Wilmington DE. He was a captain in the Air Force, was associated with Fairmount Supply, and dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. Joe Kalbas’s son Brian Kalbas ’89 is the women’s tennis coach at U of North Carolina, No. 1 in the country. There was a great article in ND Magazine on Bill “Toad” Ryan, “Advocate of the Last Resort.” Great lessons for all. Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Molly Mulflur wrote about her dad, Joe Mulflur, All-American golfer at ND. Some 11 Mulflur family members are grads of ND. Thanks to Bill Stotzer who sent an article from The Irish Rover by Sophia Martinson of Oct. 27, 2016. The article considers what should ground the actions of a Catholic university. Good idea: subscription to the Rover. Charlie Conway dropped me a line about metaphysics. I wrote him back: “What the hell are you talking about? I knew you when you were one of the greatest interhall football players in the history of Notre Dame.” This May will be the 66th anniversary of our graduation and the 70th anniversary of our arrival at ND on Sept. 6, 1952, when Gene O’Connor and I arrived at the Navy Drill Hall for assignment to St. Edward’s Hall. Neither of us had been west of Erie PA. Don Costello reports that he and Jim Revord, two of the 17 grads of Loyola Academy, Chicago, were also in line at the Drill Hall. Stay well. Go Irish. — Ed Cosgrove; 525 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202; bus 716-854-2211; eccosgrove@cosgrovelawfirm.com


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59 Reminder

Class of 1959 virtual rosary takes place every Saturday at 9 a.m. Eastern time. Please join us. No FaceTime, no Zoom or similar app. You’re alone, but we’re with you. Thank you again to Jim Keegan of Wilmington DE and all those who helped him write this column for the last 41 years, until his sudden death on Nov. 15. An important request comes from the ND laundry. They’ve discovered two pairs of khaki pants size 32 waist, 34 length, bearing laundry number 444 that was used only by Class of ’59. They desperately need to return them to the owner. Please contact me to facilitate. The above November date reminded me of an evening in November 1954 when my dad casually asked me, his 16-year-old high school senior, “Have you been thinking of going to college?” Genius that I was, I blurted, “I want to go to Notre Dame!” A month later, I received an application and a letter of acceptance thanks to my dad’s friend, John McLaughlin ’34, who knew someone in ND admissions. I didn’t even know where ND was. I’ve wondered if anyone else in our class had a similar act of divine intervention in going to ND. I hope you’ll share that for our next class news. My contact information is at the end of this column. Another thing I’ve wondered is the extent of the class’s contribution to the world’s population. Counting children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, there’s probably a lot. I’m not looking for an over/under number, just a tally. For example, Harry Leinenweber of Chicago told me he has 21 grandchildren. So, just send me a number. I’ll add them up and estimate an amount for our deceased classmates. I’m guessing that there are 6,000 descendants. Under the caption, “Whatever Happened To …,” I’d like to hear from those living “off grid,” and/or remotely, including those in federal and state penitentiaries. This is your chance to educate us on those lifestyles. You can do this any time, and it will be in our class news. Finally, we’ve been remiss. We should be thinking seriously about class rewards. Therefore, I’m accepting nominations for categories like Best Dressed, Most Humorous, Least Remembered or Most Forgotten, or any category important to you. Heard from but not seen: Frank Nacozy (134 Cavanaugh, 108 Lyons, 319 Pangborn, 2 Fisher) reports he is a widower spending half the year in Palm Springs, and half the year on a sailboat in San Diego. Joe McMann (322 Cavanaugh, 223 Lyons, 372 Dillon, 329 Alumni) is in Houston, and is retired after 35 years with NASA, developing space suits. Butch Reardon (144 Farley, 104 Morrissey, 104 Sorin, 308 Sorin) lives about five minutes from me in St. Louis and is ready to renew acquaintances after many, many years during the ND Club of St. Louis senior luncheon in early May. Jim Coorssen (431 Farley, 306 Badin, 273 Dillon, 208 Alumni) is in Louisville “doing lawyer stuff,” and trading phone calls with me. John Hart (205 Cavanaugh, 418 Morrissey, 203 Dillon, 139 Fisher) spends time between Kiawah Island SC and New Jersey residences. Among recent deaths of classmates was Jim Langford on March 3. Jim was with our class freshman year and then left to study with the Dominican Friars (St. Louis Province) and served as a Dominican for 10 years. Later, at the invitation of Rev. Ted Hesburgh, CSC, Jim was the director of the Notre Dame Press for 15 years. He left that position to create Corby Books. Some classmates might also remember Jim as the son of Prof. Walter Langford ’30 who taught Spanish and coached the ND tennis and fencing teams. Other deaths included Dick Katis of Boxford MA (3/19/22), one of 32 classmates from Fenwick High School in Oak Park IL who was in the Glee Club and a Monogram winner in swimming. Jack Thomas (3/27/21) was known to many as the tenor soloist for the Glee Club and as the brother-in-law of John Beliveau, Lewiston ME. Additional deaths are listed at the end of the Class Notes section of this magazine. — Bob Brennan; 855 Clubhouse Drive, Ballwin MO; 314-807-1011; bobbrennan76@gmail.com