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20MBA Two Years Out

Our Notre Dame family continues to grow. Pablo Carillo and wife Guadalupe, along with their two daughters, welcomed a son, Pablo, on April 5. Olivia Feldpausch and Joel Bertelsen are joyfully expecting their first child, a baby girl, this June. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, get ready to welcome another Domer: Nasir Ilyas recently relocated to Plano TX for his new job at JP Morgan Chase and is looking forward to connecting with local classmates. In April, yours truly, Audrey Walker, made a trip back to campus to run the Holy Half Marathon. She does not plan on running that far again anytime soon. If all goes according to plan, by the time you read this, the MBA Class of 2020 will have returned to campus to finally celebrate their graduation. Stay tuned for the next issue to hear how it went. — Audrey Walker; awalke10@alumni.nd.edu


21 Bright and Brilliant Spirits

Hi everyone! A lot has happened since we left campus a little over a year ago in the spring of 2021. However, on a very somber note, we would like to call to your attention the tragic passing of two of our classmates in the past year. Earlier in the fall, Andy Watkins, an endlessly kind and compassionate classmate, passed away after a courageous bout with cancer. A few months later in early 2022, Khesa Borotho, a classmate whose laughter and dancing could light up the whole room, tragically passed away as well. Please keep the friends and families of these two bright and brilliant spirits in your thoughts and prayers. In addition to that, some of our classmates have begun preparations to tie the knot! Big congratulations to Barry Lee and Marie Bond on recently announcing their engagement. Congratulations also go out to Spencer Bindel and Kate Brown on their engagement announced in the fall. If you happen to see any of them, be sure to wish them well! In other Class of 2021 news, Killian Vidourek and Sean Michalec ’20 have started a band called Devils Reach Rd and they are expecting to release a full-length album this year. Michelle Grady was recently promoted at the Mayo Clinic to clinical research coordinator for the epidemiology department. Dessi Gomez accepted her dream job working for TheWrap on entertainment news in Santa Monica. Alexandra Martinez was accepted to Baylor College of Medicine, the No. 1-ranked medical school in Texas, on a full-ride scholarship. Ndické Sow just took the MCAT and is traveling Europe for a few months before beginning medical school. Noelle Townsend recently moved to New York City and started clinical research work in the Bronx. Finally, Karli Siefker and Killeen McCanns live and work together at Nazareth Farm in north-central West Virginia, with new alumna Madeline Ward ’22 expected to join after she graduates in May. Congratulations to everyone on these awesome developments in their lives. Please, if you have any updates at all that you feel like sharing, do not hesitate to reach out! We look forward to hearing from you and GO IRISH! — Ryan Mullin; rmullin77@gmail.com


21JD Glad to Hear from You

First, a very professional shout-out to two laterals: Colton Marino, who moved to McDowell Hetherington in Houston, and Evan Shaheen, who is now working at Loeb & Loeb in Chicago. (Louisville misses you both.) In wedding and engagement news, Julia Pennington married Alex Wade in April. Natasha Gunasekara is recently engaged to Daniel Garber. Congratulations to the happy couples. In travel news, Krystal Moczygemba took an enviable trip to Spain recently, so be sure to ask her about her explorations. And Michelle Chen has parlayed her knowledge as a sommelier into success on multiple online channels, all aimed at demystifying the wine world. Don’t miss her advice at legallywined. As always, continue to let me know what you and friends are up to. I’ll be glad to hear from you. — Graham Pilotte; gpilotte@alumni.nd.edu