South Bend’s Sappy Moffitt League Spring 2023

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Extra Innings

by Nicholas Mainieri ’06

Here’s what can happen when grown-ups aren’t ready for their playing days to be over.

Banner Shribman

The Fourth Virtue

by David Shribman

‘It is the attribute not exhibited, the disposition not there, the characteristic apparent only in its absence, the one distinction demonstrated not in what is, but in what isn’t.’

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The Gifts of Those in Need

by Joseph Kaboski

On the ground in Soroti, Uganda, the Notre Dame economist has been working to improve the quality of life for those whose faith has moved him.

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What the Beslan School Siege Taught Us

by Debra Javeline

When hundreds of hostages were killed during a shootout in southern Russia in 2004, the world got a glimpse of how Vladimir Putin values human life.

Banner Mcgrath

The Moral of the Story

by David McGrath

How could I forget the dirty little secret of those idyllic summers at the farm in Minnesota?

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A Harbinger and a Science Experiment

by Michael Rodio ’12

You are the first hospitalized COVID-19 patient in Minnesota and the first such patient on ECMO in the Western Hemisphere. The hospital hides your name on the records for privacy.

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Putting an End to It

by Terrence Keeley ’81

When his Swiss father-in-law chose assisted suicide, the Catholic son-in-law weighed the rights and wrongs and meanings of a good death.

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No Small-Scale Dream Here

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

The Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities is aiming to — yes — end poverty in American through research, scholarship and frontline savvy. The early returns are encouraging.