Looking for Christianity’s Second Founder Winter 2023-24

Looking for Christianity’s Second Founder cover
Elie Featured

The Least of the Apostles

by Paul Elie

St. Paul, so vital to Christianity as to be called its second founder, has receded in importance among Catholics. A personal exploration into why this has happened and why it matters.


Riven Planet Featured

Mending the Riven Planet

by Scott Russell Sanders

Some call it ecological restoration. I prefer the term  ‘rewilding’ because it’s a reminder we can only assist nature in healing itself.


Sullivan Featured

My Notre Dame Wasn’t Your Notre Dame

by Sean Sullivan ’60

The funny, incredible, inspirational saga of an enterprising student’s epic determination to really earn a degree from here


Julia Scott By Fernando Cobelo

A Remembrance of Times Forgotten

by Julia Scott

For most of us — for those then confined to making do — processing the pandemic is an exercise in retrieving lost memories.


Corbin Featured

America Unraveled

by Ian Marcus Corbin

Precarity, solidarity and our long season of crisis.


Bj 11

Immeasurable Benefits

by Jason Kelly ’95

Science dean Santiago Schnell, who knows firsthand the devastations of rare diseases, marshals mathematics to decode the mysteries of life and the secrets of health.


Potw 1229

Clear Genius

Photos by Matt Cashore ’94

In his workshop in Room 119 of the centrally located but inconspicuous Rad Lab building, Kiva Ford does what he dreamed of doing as a boy. He makes a living making things.


Psychedelics Lead

Changing Minds

by Ken Garcia ’08Ph.D.

After a trip to the Mile High City, a psychedelic virgin wonders if the renaissance in brain-altering psychoactive substances points to panacea or Pandora’s box.