Generous Spirits Autumn 2023

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Livatino Featured

What No One Else Can Give

by Mel Livatino

‘Only then did I begin to understand the deep, unspoken and little-understood role of gift in my life and the lives of every one of us on this planet.’

Cheng Wang 1

A Year of Living Joyously

by Cheng Wang

‘I might describe my year at Notre Dame, a pinnacle for creative minds, as a combination of art, enlightenment and therapy, but also chores.’

Phillips Featured

Where She Danced

by Mark Phillips

‘A week after Margaret’s death, I was crossing a meadow when suddenly I bellowed her name and waited hopefully for a reply. I heard only the strong wind. I am here now trying to counter my grief by recalling what to learn in the face of such a wind.’

Depalma Banner

Trails Through Our Lives

by Anthony DePalma

What we found together on Isle Royale


Answering Why

by John Shaughnessy ’77

For Laura Burdick ’10, the question is not what you may think.

2023 0616 Frankszymanski 021

To Be Frank

by Jason Kelly ’95

He’s been many things to many people, but always en route to finding and living out his multifaceted self.

Hansen Statue Featured

The Thing Is

by Kerry Temple ’74

Things are not just things.

Graves Street Featured

The Velvet Rut

by Jonathan Malesic

Eventually, despite the comfort and ease of lingering in place, you’ve got to answer the bell, move on and grow up.