33 Class Secretary — Katie Gorman Duffy ’95;


33 A Great Guy

I am sorry to report that Art Huber passed away. He was our senior class treasurer. I didn’t know him at school, but we met later at a reunion. We kept in touch over the years after that. It turns out his son was a classmate of my son. He was a great guy. I don’t how many others are still alive but they must all be 100 by now. The only active one is Joe Newman in Florida, who still drives at 102. I hear from him every couple of months. I survived my 100th birthday party. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Go Irish. — John Norton; jwn176@aol.com

37 Class Secretary — Kathleen Coverick ’08;


38 Class Secretary — Meg Julian ’03, ’06JD;

6 Carriage Trail, Princeton NJ 08540; 646-246-5480; megjulian@gmail.com

39 Passing the Torch

Bill Donnelly took charge of this column from my grandfather David Meskill a decade ago, and Bill has done an admirable job. After checking my own class (2004) notes, I always turned to see what was new with the Class of 1939. I am happy to report that Bill remains in Boca Raton FL, where he’s lived since 1997. Last June, he and some 20 family members gathered in Europe and enjoyed a two-week family reunion, including a cruise from Rome to Barcelona during which Bill “enjoyed the jam-packed days just as much as the others.” He celebrated his 97th birthday on Nov. 5. Although the legs that earned Bill his Monogram as a miler and cross country runner on the Notre Dame track team now keep him from flying, he reports life is reasonably normal. Three of his children live nearby, and he continues to enjoy the local restaurants. He reads the New York Times and the Palm Beach Post every day, and e-mail keeps him in touch with many others. Bill reports being in the final stage of what Shakespeare has described as the “seven ages of man,” though he still enjoys all of the beauty in the world God created for us and happily cheered on the Irish football team this season. Thank you, Bill, for the many columns well written. Your reports will always be welcome. When Dave Meskill first became a grandfather in 1971, there apparently wasn’t much conversation as to what he should be called. Thomas Joseph Meskill was the 82nd Governor of Connecticut, and so Dave decreed he himself would be The Governor of our family rather than Grandpa. Over the years this was affectionately shortened to Gov, and with his support I had the opportunity to graduate from ND in 2004. His wife, Adelaide, remains well in York ME and looks forward to her 97th jubilee on Jan 3. My wife, Sophia, and I celebrated the birth of our first child, Amelia Mei O’Donnell, on Aug. 9 – Gov’s birthday! It is an honor to assume the duties as secretary for the Class of 1939, and I’m hopeful there are members of the class with stories to share and memories to recall. Perhaps the children and grandchildren of these men, who like me read this column, will also send updates. Please write, call, or e-mail. I would love to hear from all of you. — Seth O’Donnell ’04; 17 Marion Street, East Greenwich RI 02818; 603-828-7335; seth.odonnell@gmail.com