10 Wonderful Weddings

Gabrielle Hernandez ’11 and John Langley became engaged in Napa Valley in August. John is the iOS engineering lead at digital health care startup Omada Health in San Francisco. Gabrielle works as a CPA for Ernst & Young in Chicago and planned to join John in San Francisco in January. The two will be married in March in Scottsdale. Tessa Riester was married in April and recently moved to Cincinnati. Brian Olsen and Katie Woodward ’10, ’14 JD were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on May 30. Nick Abercrombie was the best man, and John Clancy and Miro Brzobohaty served as groomsmen. Bridesmaids included Erin Dolan and Nikki Watson Abercrombie ’14JD. Genevieve Nield served as the cantor during the wedding Mass. Nick Abercrombie married Nikki Watson ’14JD in Nikki’s hometown of Boise ID on July 11. Brian Olsen and Katie Woodward Olsen ’10, ’14JD, who introduced Nick and Nikki in 2011, were members of the wedding party, along with Erin Dolan and Mike Abercrombie ’12. Anna Jansons married Nils Krumins on July 11. Bridesmaids included Megan Kloet and Allison Cudworth. Marissa Baum married Thomas Staudt on July 25 on Long Island. Notre Dame alumni in the wedding included Paul Leuck, Bryant Welters, Matt Molloy, Avery Scott, Patrick Staudt ’13, Katie Millet and Kimmy Rogers ’12. Michelle Johnson married Matt Lower on Aug. 22 in Madison WI. Bridesmaids included Catherine (Carrell) Roberts and Elizabeth Ruhl. The reception featured a performance by ND bandmates Joe Berges, Michael Call, Dan Zanghi ’09, John Meehan ’09, Sarah Baker ’11, Susie Hoesly ’12 and Jared McBrady ’10, ’12MEd. Christopher Tulisiak and Jamie deGraaf were married in Grand Rapids on Sept. 5. ND alumni attendants included his father, Thomas Tulisiak ’77, and groomsmen John Harvan III ’09, Nathaniel Lee ’12, James Ircink and Luke Herrin. Katie Citro was married on Oct. 10. Lindsay (Morris) Morgan, Emily Everett and Alexa Gonzalez Wagner were three of her bridesmaids. Paul Leuck married Samantha Sisskind on Oct. 24 in Northern Virginia. Notre Dame alumni in the wedding included Tom Staudt, Cedric Joint, Bryant Welters, Matt Molloy, Avery Scott, Kevin Leuck ’15 and Mary Jenkins. The Class of 2010 also welcomed some new additions. Emily and Phillip Yuhas welcomed home their first child, Mary Eleanor, on May 3. Despite her birth at Ohio State’s hospital, Mary is an Irish fan through and through. Sarah (Pastorek) and Matthew Cossack welcomed their second child, Joseph Mark, on Sept. 15. Congratulations. Alexander Shadley started as an associate at Segal McCambridge Singer and Mahoney, Ltd. in Chicago. Go Irish. — Matt Molloy; ndclass2010@gmail.com

10MBA Alumni Updates

Ellen and Jeff O’Connor are happy to share that they welcomed a baby girl, Clara Jane, on Sept. 15. Please allow this announcement to serve as notice to the Admissions Office to expect Clara’s application in 2033. Additionally, Jeff recently accepted a position as director in the investment banking group with Taylor Frères Americas. Kristi (Carter) Coriden and her husband, Dan, welcomed baby Brigid Marie Coriden on June 2. Brigid is a joy and is learning new things every day. Brigid’s favorite thing is to go on walks and see new parts of Chicago. Kristi is enjoying her return to work as a tutor, specializing in standardized test preparation and working with students struggling with ADHD and/or Executive Function Disorder. Mathew Ashley and Kirsten Feyling set their wedding date for Nov. 28, 2015 in San Francisco. They will continue to reside in Washington DC, where Mathew works as a budget officer at the World Bank and Kirsten is a marketing director for SOS Children’s Villages. Xavier Navarro and his wife, Lauren Navarro, are proud to announce the birth of daughter Siena Sofia on Nov. 6. She is in great spirits, very healthy and also officially inducted the Navarro’s into #TeamNoSleep. The Navarros have been quite busy this summer. Lauren launched her new online home store called Orchard and Olive (orchardandolive.com), which specializes in home accents and kitchen goods. So if you are looking for new sleek modern pieces for your home, they have just the destination for you. Xavier continues to serve as director of business development for Entic and also took on an associate role with the Miami Innovation Fund, focused on seed stage investing. The Navarro family resides in Miami FL. As always, classmates, be sure to contact me with info on your promotion, family and other fun news. Go Irish. — John Gerberich; cell 847-331-4707; jgerberi@alumni.nd.edu

10JD Pumpkins Galore

Fall is when parents pack up the babies, grab the old ladies and head to the nearest pumpkin patch for a photo op. The Great Pumpkin/stork brought several new faces to the patch this year, including one 10.6-pound pumpkin/baby. Read on for details. Congratulations first to Annalee (Janke) and Will Seath, who welcomed baby Helena Rose on Oct. 11. Prior to Helena’s arrival, Annalee was fortunate enough to attend several Pope Francis-related events, along with Jacqueline Pimentel-Gannon and Carolyn Sweeney ’07, ’11JD. Helena weighed in at a respectable 9.1 pounds and in any other column this would have been big news. Keep reading. Another pumpkin arrived at the Dubitsky home, as Mary (Lynch) and Warren Dubitsky welcomed baby Katherine Amy on Sept. 4. Katherine watched her first ND football game in the hospital the day after she was born. She is still getting used to Warren’s loud cheering during games. Did you think that “quiet hours in a maternity ward” would mean anything to him when the Irish were trouncing Texas? Big brother Robbie is very sweet with Katherine and likes to sit on the couch and hold her. Three more pumpkins were added to the Class of 2010 patch: First, congratulations to Jessika (Osorio) and Mark Ishu, who welcomed baby Atorina Itzel on Aug. 17. The Chicago family is doing well. Second, congratulations to Lin Lin Gao and husband Andy McCarthy on the birth of baby Dylan James on Oct. 15. The happy family resides in Philadelphia. Finally, Laura and Adam Lied welcomed baby August Finnian (Gus), fittingly, in August. Gus was 10.6 pounds. This is a big deal and a good omen. Add it together with Pope Francis’ visit, and somehow it all points to an ND football National Championship in 2017. The family is doing well and big sister Lydia is very helpful in her new role. After all of those babies, we have a wedding to announce. Congratulations to Catherine (Fitzpatrick) and Andrew Sullivan ’07, ’10JD, who were married on Aug. 1 in Glenview IL. The wedding Mass was celebrated at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church by Father Stephen Wilbricht, CSC, ’91, ’95. The reception was held at Glen View Club. Bridesmaids included Anne Fitzpatrick, Molly (Sullivan) Sonderman ’08, Elissa (Hendricks) Anderson, Jennifer Cuisinier, Margaret Cuisinier, Nimi Patel, and Kerry Webber. Groomsmen included Brendan Casey, Andrew Beatty ’07, John Kozy ’07, Daniel O’Brien ’07, Dr. Johnny Ray ’07 and Dr. David Sonderman ’08. Also helping celebrate were the couple’s parents, Laurie and Brian Fitzpatrick and Suzi ’78SMC and Scott Sullivan ’76, ’79. Now a special note to Jennifer Quintanilla on the day after the Royals #TookTheCrown from the Mets: I can’t gloat about this, because I am not actually a member of the team, though I have to believe that my lucky shirt had something to do with it and we all know the sting of rooting for a team that comes up short on the national stage. When your day comes, Jennifer, it will be glorious. Also, congratulations to Kansas Citian Ben Wheeler. — Susie Wine; 102 E. 69th Terrace, Kansas City MO 64113; spwine@littler.com

11 Updates and Reunion Reminder

We are excited to announce that our five-year Reunion will take place June 2-5. If you are interested in becoming a class ambassador to help plan the reunion, please email ndclass2011@gmail.com. Pierce Coticchia and Alexis Nordine were married in San Francisco on Sept. 5. They first connected after Alexis responded to an Observer Viewpoint, “Wanted: Valentine’s Date,” that Pierce wrote during senior year. One of the groomsmen, Matt “Chief Crazy Storm” Oleniczak, fell asleep before the reception, and Garrett “Kuder” Brown had to take initiative to learn all the rehearsed dance moves for the wedding party entrance. Luckily for everyone, Matt woke up just in time. Sam “Sammy J” Chmell wore a leprechaun suit that Pierce’s mom made for him freshman year. Joshua “Jonny” Von Shaumberg, Daniel “Rock-Walkin” Ostendorf, Robert “Handy-Man” Webber, Nick “Stick” Alonso, Tim “The Rev” Ryan, Mark “Toops” Tupa, Michael “Snap-Daddy” Murray, Dave “DJ Pinhead” Cole and Nick “Moose” Normandin were also in attendance. Pierce and Alexis live in Cleveland. Zach Reuvers and Colleen Lake ’11SMC were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Oct. 3. Alumni Hall rector Father George Rozum, CSC, ’63, ’80 celebrated the Mass and ceremony. A number of 2011 classmates and Alumni Hall Dawgs were present including: best man Robert Ward; groomsmen Riley Orloff and Riley Reuvers ’17; ushers Kyle Hakanen, Steven Ouyang, Chris Schiraldi, and Anthony Sierawski; and reader John Corgan. Lyons Hall’s own Elise Smith was also a reader. Zach and Colleen made it back just in time from St. Lucia to watch ND take on USC under the lights. In October, Natalie Vaiana wed Patrick Revord ’13 in Washington DC. Peter Baxter ’13, Nathan Lin ’13 and Julia Revord ’15 served as attendants. The reception and USC game-watch kicked off with the Notre Dame Victory March. The couple lives in Washington DC. Deborah Olmstead married Andrew Setter ’10 on Aug. 21. Notre Dame is well represented in their families as Deborah is a third generation alumnae, and Andrew is a fourth generation alumnus, and 33 ND graduates were present at the wedding. Andrew and Deborah’s parents, Sheryl ’82 and *John Setter ’81 and Julia and Patrick Olmstead ’90, met at Notre Dame. Judge David Certo ’93 officiated at the wedding. Julie (Scheidler) and Teddy Ruth got married May 16 in Indianapolis. The couple lives in Chicago. Cliff Roberts and Brittany Zawislak were married at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Traverse City MI, where the couple resides while Brittany earns her master’s in education at Grand Valley State U. Maura Sullivan and Jordan Hill were married on June 6 in Boston with many Domers in attendance. Maura is the assistant editor at Holy Cross Magazine at the College of the Holy Cross. Jordan graduated from the U of Cincinnati College of Medicine in May. He is a first-year medical resident and will start his ophthalmology residency next year. Jim Ogorzalek and Stephanie Mulhern married on Sept. 12 in Buffalo NY. Their wedding party included several Domers: Tom Ogorzalek ’01, Brian Patterson, Anna-Claire Marrone, Erin Semler and Cristina Gallo. All got wet during pictures in record rainfall. Several ND readers and ushers made the day possible: Christy Haller ’10, Steve Morris, Joe Jensen, Zach Miller and David Rudy. The newlyweds honeymooned in the Bay Area before returning home to DC and their chocolate lab, Avon Barksdale (’22). Alex Macomber married Kelsey (Hunt) Macomber. Robyn Grant accepted the proposal of Barry McCardel this summer in Lake Charlevoix MI. The two will be wed in her hometown of Cincinnati in October. She can think of no better candidates to stand by her side on the big day than her Farley girls: Lucy Geglio, Abigail Jackson, Caitlin Burke, Marisa Truong, Emily Murphy and Rachel Roseberry. Gabrielle Hernandez and John Langley ’10 became engaged in Napa Valley in August. John is the iOS engineering lead at Omada Health in San Francisco. Gabrielle works as a CPA for Ernst & Young in Chicago and will join John in San Francisco in January. The two will be married in March 2016 in Scottsdale. Please submit updates. — Evan James; ndclass2011@gmail.com

11MBA Keeping in Touch

Meg and James Brennan welcomed Makenzie Vivian Brennan to the world on Oct. 11. Matthew Kelly finished the backsplash in his kitchen and is working on a way to catapult himself onto the chimney to put a cap on it and keep the critters out for the winter. At the beginning of October, Nate Burns did best friend things in NYC with Kate Schurtz, Michelle Mellard and Bridget Higgins. This included attending a concert and getting caught in the rain. Quick hits: Cindy Chiow has been traveling to Beijing a lot. They are still asking about the return of the Jade Boat Guy. Viral Kothari had at least one heart attack per game during the World Series. He is also anticipating a clean bill of health from a litany of tests he recently took. Israel Peck was surprised by how quiet the Facebook post was for the Class of 2011. Usually it is his favorite thread of the year. As always please send me updates. — Chris Orenchuk; chris.orenchuk@gmail.com

11JD Many Blessings

I don’t want to sound biased, but Lake George NY hosted the wedding to end all weddings. On Sept. 19, Blake Rambo and Sean Cullen ’08 were married in front of their dearest friends and family at the Inn of Erlowest. The ceremony featured vows written by the grooms in which they reflected on their time together, their dog Sammy and how they felt lucky to live at a time when they were able to marry each other. The ceremony included legal analysis/readings of prominent Supreme Court cases. Many Domers were on hand to celebrate the occasion and drain local bars and kegs. The wedding party included: Erin Rogozinski ’08, ’11JD; David Thaxton ’07, ’11JD; Maggie Wicket-Altier ’08; Meghan Cullen ’19 and me. Readings/blessings were delivered by Doug Schlarman ’08, Kaitlin Moredock DiNapoli, Annie Weir and Chris Weir. Partygoers representing ND were: Mary Pat Collins ’08; Ryan Finlen ’06, ’11JD; PJ Hines; Sarah Hirschman ’08; Mariana Montes Jenner ’08; Matthew Jenner ’08; Kate McCarthy; Andrea Thaxton ’07SMC; Jason DiNapoli; Kaitlin Moredock DiNapoli; Devin Villarosa; Taylor Wilson; Jimmy England ’08; Sue Lynn Walker Trafton ’08; Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft ’08; Magdalena Karol ’08; Andy Martin ’08; Grace Myers Martin ’08; Erin McAdams ’08; Dan Ott ’08; Karen Wiborg Ott ’08; Sarah Geisman ’08; Sheila Mamandur Hiler ’08; Ryan Hiler ’08; Christina Lee ’08; Ryan Rafferty ’08; Jenna Rogers Rafferty ’08; Laura Campochiaro Sena ’08; David Sena ’08; Greg Howard ’08; Katie Howard ’08; Spencer Longhofer ’08; Brian Rycyna ’08; Laura Hansen Rycyna ’08; Jim Brady ’08; Joe Varchetto ’08; Sean Troy ’08; and Conor Troy ’10. One prominent ’11 Domer couldn’t join because she was busy bringing a mini-baggot into the world. Megan Irving and her fiancé, Todd, welcomed Theodore Todd into the world on Aug. 28. Now speaking of blessings, one of the progeny of the Class of 2011 received the ultimate trump card. Brian Murray and wife Katie’s second daughter, Eleanor, born in July, was lucky enough to be kissed by Pope Francis at his Mass in Philadelphia. Lastly, in the world of physical fitness, Sam Winter and Greg McAlpin ’07 summited Mount Kilimanjaro on Oct. 31. — Lauren Sharkey; lksharkey@gmail.com

12 Festivities

Stephanie Ruas and Lee Haggenjos patriotically tied the knot July 4 in St. Paul. They are spending a year in Guatemala improving their Spanish and working with Primeros Pasos, a non-profit primary care clinic that serves a rural community, mostly women and children, and provides social and educational outreach. They met in the Notre Dame Chorale and fell for each other during their year abroad in the London program. Lee is a third-year medical student at Northwestern, and Stephanie is an actress in Minneapolis and Chicago. Congratulations to Ryan and Katharine Kavanagh, who welcomed their first child, Anne Katharine Kavanagh, on July 16. She was baptized at the Log Chapel over the Navy weekend in October. Lane and Mason Clelland got married on July 11 in Houston at St. Michael Catholic Church with a reception at the Houston Country Club. They had several Notre Dame people in the wedding party and in attendance at the event, and a bagpipe player played the Victory March as they entered. Serving as bridesmaids were fellow Class of 2012 Domers Erin Ellis, Katharine Kavanagh, Courtney Sands and Claire Sunderland. Serving as house party members were Elizabeth Feldpausch ’12SMC, Kjerstin Johnson, Kasey O’Connor and Christina Theofilos ’13. Serving as groomsmen were Michael Hernandez, Daniel McCarthy and David Posluszny. They honeymooned in Iceland and live in Houston with two German short-haired pointers, Rocky and Bullwinkle. Congratulations to the newlywed couple. T. Drew Mitchell ’01, ’08MBA and Mike Doyle went on ABC’s television show Shark Tank to pitch their business, Rent Like a Champion, which was started at Notre Dame with Derrick Shenk ’01 and Jordan Curnes ’01. Mike is the CEO. Best of luck. — Tyler Harmsen; Napoleón 3400, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile; tharmsen@alumni.nd.edu

12MBA The Gang Goes to Work

We had some great news on the job front this quarter. Julia Durgee received an amazing peer-nominated award for her work at L.L. Bean. She has grown their online advertising success exponentially, and, more importantly, the award was presented by a crowd of co-workers descending upon her shouting, “Bean’s Best!” over and over and bringing her up onto a platform to present the award. Congratulations, Julia, on such a remarkable accomplishment. Rachel Rhodes recently joined Abbott Nutrition as the brand manager for PediaSure. Anand Hingway joined JPMorgan Chase in risk. In other non-job related news, Stan Luberda and his wife, BeatKa, welcomed Michaela Faith Luberda into the world. Edward Kirkpatrick and his wife, Lillian Phan, welcomed Minh-An Jane Kirkpatrick as well. Congratulations to the dads and moms. After more than seven and a half years, Laura Divel and Kenny Schlax became engaged after a proposal at Notre Dame. Finally, I have been lucky enough to run into a few classmates this quarter and hope to see more of you. It was great to see Chris Villani, Kim Villani, John Neilson and Laura Neilson at the Temple game, and I was elated to see Josh Stryker finish the Grand Rapids Marathon right in front of me; don’t read into it too much. I was finishing the half marathon as he was finishing the full marathon. Awesome. Keep the updates coming. — Jenna Palumbo; irishmba2012@gmail.com

12JD More News, Please

Good day to you, dear classmates. Unfortunately, only three people reached out after I sent the email soliciting updates, so this will be a short column and a good chunk will be devoted to me talking about myself. If you don’t like that kind of thing, make sure to send me more material next time. Armando Montesino reached out to tell me that he has, in fact, been reading the column. Thank you, Armando. Colin Diamond reached out with similar assurances as to the existence of a readership. He also let me know that he has wrapped up another season coaching junior high track and field, and that his JV and varsity teams pulled a top-five finish at their league championships. He hopes to have several of his athletes qualify for Rio next year. In his spare time, he writes appeals for the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office and has started acting as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking victims of crimes in his home county. John Rompf sent me a picture of future Bookstore Champion Jack Rompf (NDLS Class of 2038), and I’ll go on the record saying that Jack is a darn cute kid and I see big things in his future. I’ll also go on the record saying this isn’t the first time I found myself wishing I could publish photographs people send me. On the home-front, I asked my girlfriend of over two years if she would be interested in a complimentary upgrade to fiancée, and she said yes. Well, technically she said “no” a bunch of times first, but I think she was just surprised because once she started breathing again she said, “Sorry, I mean yes.” I’m not sure why she did say yes, as it is readily apparent that she is way out of my league, but I’m obviously happy with the outcome. Sarah is a social worker who lives in Chicago, and she looks forward to an eventual return to her more agreeably-climated hometown of Atlanta, assuming she convinces me to abandon Chicago and its beautiful, blustery winters. Last but not least, Alvin Adjei wrote me a letter to complain that his most recent update was not included in our last issue, and I apologized profusely. Alvin accepted the apology on the conditions that I ask him to be the officiant at my wedding and rent us matching powder-blue tuxedos. I won’t do any of that, but Alvin won’t know until he sees this column. Sorry Alvin, I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that. Please send me any updates through the semester, and we can all avoid this kind of Jimmy-centric column. — Jimmy Champlin; james.c.champlin@gmail.com

13 Cheesecake

Hello fellow 13-ers, thanks for reading another installment of Notre Dame Magazine. Again, I’m incredibly grateful for all the updates I received. I love hearing from you, except Chris Palmquist, of course. I’ll start off with professional developments. Catherine McDonough got a new job with some bureau, but I “don’t have the clearance” to hear about it and “need to stop sending emails asking.” Please read the next sentence in your best British accent. Our ol’ bloke Pat Staudt made his way across the drink for a master’s at bloody Oxford. Caitlin Myron made her way across the Atlantic as well, although somewhere warmer; she’ll be teaching English in Madrid for the next year. Bobby Shields was given a new office that is, according to his boss, “as far away from mine as possible,” and Bobby is really excited for the new opportunity. I started managing a fantasy football team this year in the hope of one day becoming a big time coach, but my dreams were stymied after I lost to the entire league, even Ryan Lion. Now for the most popular section: weddings. Eric Wilde and now Jennifer Wilde got married Aug. 29 at the Basilica. They decided to go Finny’s on Friday, then the Backer on Saturday, which is nothing like the Eric and Jennifer I knew. They never missed a chance to go back-to-backer. Courtenay Devlin and James Baker, or “#courtNDjames” if you’re Twitter-savvy, were married Aug. 15 at the Basilica. They decided, however, to turn SDH into their own Backer. Hopefully with a nicer bounce staff though. My good friends Jake Murtha and Britt Wuest were married in Wisconsin in July. Fun fact: Wisconsin weddings historically have cheesecake instead of the traditional wedding cakes. And all of them have the number of Aaron Rodgers on them. Their friend Sam Dettman must have had so much fun at their wedding that he decided to celebrate his September marriage to Bekah Kohn ’13SMC in Wisconsin as well. With the wedding being in Wisconsin, I’d usually try to make a cheesy joke, but I couldn’t come up with anything gouda. Patrick Revord married Natalie Vaina ’11 in Washington DC this past October. In attendance were Peter Baxter, Nathan Lin and Julia Revord ’15 to make it a who’s who of Notre Dame alumni. Jeff Ulrich and Beth Wloszek had a December wedding at the Basilica. The fun thing about winter weddings in South Bend is that the bride’s dress often serves as excellent camouflage. Finally, I’d like to congratulate my no-good-favorite-toy-stealing older brother on his September engagement. Despite owing people quite a bit of money by losing the over-under, I couldn’t be happier for him as he sets off on a new adventure with a truly wonderful person. To my brother and to all my classmates, I congratulate you and wish you nothing but love and joy in your relationships. Those are all of the updates I’ve received; I’d like to thank everyone who sent in news. I sincerely enjoy reading about all of our exploits as a class and am thrilled to hear from you. Please continue to keep me, and the rest of us, updated. Cheers. — Chris Champlin; The Cannery Apartments, Dayton Ohio 45402; 513-646-4752; nd2013updates@gmail.com

13MBA Quiet Time

It must’ve been a quiet fall, as I didn’t get a lot of updates. Maybe everyone was too busy watching football on Saturdays. Eric Verkuilen learned that he passed Level Three of the CFA program. He can’t actually use the CFA designation until he has two more years of work experience, but very impressive regardless. Eric has been at Macquarie in Tokyo for two years as of November and does not expect to leave Japan anytime soon. Pamela and Brett Murphy welcomed their first child, Connor Brooks Murphy, into the world on March 30. Rumor has it he’s already started playing hockey. They are all doing well in Columbus OH but not for long; a move to Chicago is planned for Q2. Meredith and Mike Cordingley are already in Chicago, and on Sept.17 their son Greyson Everett Cordingley was born. The next deadline for class notes is Feb. 1. We all like to hear how people are doing, so feel free to send me anything you think might be of interest. — Nick Imgrund; 314-775-7364, daimgrund@yahoo.com

13JD Style, Justice and Pluck

David Baez was profiled in the November 2015 edition of Chicago Lawyer magazine as part of its “Lawyers with Style” series. The magazine basked in David’s sartorial mastery, and quoted his main style pet peeve as “wrinkled clothes.” David is an inspiration to all of us who dig frantically every morning through our suit pile for the matching pants to go with one clean suit jacket available. Congratulations on the slick profile, David, or more accurately, congratulations to Grace Donovan. The U of Connecticut has a new force for justice now that Ashley Cain has joined its office of diversity and equity as a Title IX investigator. At UConn, Ashley investigates incidents of sexual and gender-based discrimination involving UConn students. Before UConn, Ashley worked as resident director at The Evergreen State College in Olympia WA. Congratulations to Ashley on her outstanding work and the new position. Katy and Brian Wrona welcomed their second daughter, Cara Grace Wrona, on Oct. 6. Katy and Brian live in South Bend, where Katy has her own trusts and estates practice. In addition to matriculating with us at our beloved NDLS, Katy and Brian were Class of ’06 undergrads, and Katy got her MBA from Notre Dame in ’07. To put it mildly: there’s only one team the Wronas watch in their house. Chris Kieser married Sara Boocher ’11SMC at Notre Dame on Oct. 24. Chris clerked for the Honorable Thomas D. Schroeder after graduation and is now an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation in Sacrament. Kerry O’Brien married Matt Pluck in Las Vegas on Sept.19, and they honeymooned in Europe, where they acquired authentic lederhosen. Kerry reported that Sam Stauffer and Sarah Chouinard went crazy and gambled a whole dollar at a slot machine, winning 58 cents. Slow down, you crazy kids. Will Hendrick and his wife, Karen, welcomed their son Liam in May. The Hendricks live in Chicago, where Will was recently promoted to national tax manager with Ernst & Young. Kelli Mulder recently began a clerkship for the Honorable Diane S. Sykes of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Finally, we are officially half way to our five-year Reunion everyone. It’s never too early to start planning or to have an existential crisis about the unstoppable and accelerating progression of time. Please send me all updates, complisults and explanabrags. — Alex Blair; apblair@gmail.com

14 Class Secretary — Michael Nichols;


14 MBA Life is Good

Nearly 40 alumni from the #bestclassever attended our reunion tailgate on Sept. 5. The weekend kicked off at Corby’s, which surprisingly charges a cover charge for entry now, and included many hugs, tears and cheers. It has been determined that our class will hold an annual reunion on the first home game of every year, going forward. So, mark your calendars now. With thanks to his Notre Dame connections, Joey Brooks moved out to the Bay Area in October to accept his dream job with the Golden State Warriors organization, helping to manage day-to-day basketball operations for their D-League team (also the Warriors). Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Laura Boova survived one year of her PhD program at Boston College. Many alumni celebrated weddings this summer and fall. We’re sorry if we missed anyone; please remember to send your updates to Krick & Jess so we can keep everyone posted. In the meantime, please join us in celebrating these blessed events. Cari Knapp ’06 and Richard Adams were married on Aug. 15 in Chicago. The ceremony took place at Old St. Patrick’s Church, and the reception was held at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago. Cari and Rich reside in Chicago, where Cari is a high school math teacher at Northside College Prep and Rich is a client executive at IBM. Hillary Wilson married Ian Galbraith ’13MBA on Sept. 26 in Carmel CA, surrounded by friends, family and plenty of alums from both MBA classes. And Prudence Zhu celebrated her springtime marriage to Wyatt Brooks with their Midwest friends and family in Chicago on Aug. 29. Finally, Swetha and Surya Moorthy welcomed their second child, a boy named Keshav, on March 23. Thanks everyone for sending the great updates. We hope to see you soon. A Christmas reunion is being planned for the first weekend of December for anyone who will be in NYC. Watch your email for details. We love you all and Go Irish. — Jessica Bonanno; 407-808-7148; jbonanno@alumni.nd.edu; Krick Cahill; 518-598-4222; kcahill1@alumni.nd.edu

14JD Winter Update

Nothing really happened to any of us except Michelle Pope. Congrats to Michelle, who is now an ADA for Kings County (Brooklyn). There’s talk of NBC bringing back the series after her hire. Stay tuned. — Rachel Hanley; rachelrhanley@gmail.com

15JD New Challenges

A few more of our classmates took the plunge and said “I do” to more than just the bar admission oath of their state. Ravi Fernando married his wonderful better half, Robin Link, and then immediately moved her to Charlotte NC, where he is practicing as an intellectual property attorney. Rumor is they chose Charlotte because the local newspaper is The Observer. Justin Bryant married the former Kathryn Hotaling. It was a beautiful wedding; I have seen the photos. As they are U of Washington alumni, there was a lot of purple but surprisingly few actual Husky dogs. Steve Sarkisian, the former Huskies football coach was not invited to give a speech. Sienna White began her career at Jones Day working in the securities division. When not busy at work, which is never, she has been putting together IKEA furniture and watching the Browns continue to be horrible. Speaking of Jones, Matt Jones has been clerking in New Jersey, handling matrimonial cases. I assume that means he is working in divorce cases and not forced or arranged marriages, although he did not clarify. Tom Bohac, our class treasurer, has been making it back to South Bend for football games all fall. He is living in Chicago and working at Locke Lord. Like Sienna, he heard the siren call of securities and is focusing on capital markets and investment management specifically. The fish in Wisconsin just got a little nervous. Air Force Reserve Lt. Col. Clyde Taylor moved to Milwaukee. Clyde is a research fellow in law and public policy with the Wisconsin Institute for Law. List of things to do in Milwaukee: visit Clyde, the end. Actually Milwaukee has been fun to get to know, according to Clyde. Congrats to Peter O’Neill who is from Kansas City, Katie Jo Luningham (Baumgartner) who lives and works in Kansas City and yours truly who also lives and works in Kansas City on the Royals World Series win. Remember, keep me updated via email or Facebook on weddings, births, new jobs, gameshow appearances or anything else exciting happening in your lives. — Matt Wine; 102 E. 69th Terrace, Kansas City MO 64113; 574-485-4731; mwine@alumni.nd.edu