50 Reunion Recap

The University reports that five members of the class attended Reunion 2015: Leo Brown, Joseph Fallon, Father Robert Gray, Ronald Sanford and Jarrell Wrape. Jerry Wrape’s family came to the reunion with him. His wife, Sue Keith Wrape, was there, along with their four sons: Jerry Wrappe Jr., Tom Wrappe ’78, Steve Wrappe ’80 and Dan Wrappe ’83, who planned the trip for his family. One of their daughters, Joan Wrappe Kickert ’87, could not attend and another daughter, Judith Anne Wrape ’88, is deceased. (Note: The Wrape/Wrappe family uses two different spellings for their last name.) Sue described the event as follows: “The remainder of the Class of 1950 was remembered at the dinner, Mass and at the Grotto. But you were missed. Your representatives weren’t too lonely, as family and friends joined them and Notre Dame is a friendly place. The dinner was served in a lovely dining room with other classes with small attendance, but it wasn’t the same as in the ACC (Joyce Center) where larger classes had separate dinners. The continuity of classes at the reunion dinner is lost. There’s no longer a shout of ‘here come the old guys’ when the much awaited earlier graduates come into the large gathering. Other celebrants had family and friends but the names are not known. Everyone attending enjoyed themselves in a very special place.” Sue also reported that their son, Dan, passed away on Aug. 25, after he attended his father’s reunion. Also since the last edition of the magazine, I received correspondence from Frank McBride Jr., who lives in Dayton OH. Frank writes: “I just thought you might be interested in an event that happened at our Notre Dame Club of Dayton recently. Many of our ND graduates meet once per month at Dayton Country Club for lunch. On May 28, we had a surprise visitor by the name of Malik Zaire (no. 8), our QB this season. His grandparents also came to the luncheon. They follow him very closely. I had the pleasure of sitting at his table and learning a great deal. He is a fine young chap. He spoke to around 30 people and took many questions from our graduates.” Just before I had to make this submission, I got a letter from John D. McLain, who resides in McLean VA. I’ve excerpted a portion (and will get to the rest in the next edition) about Dr. Karl E. Schoenherr, who was the dean of the Engineering School during John’s years at Notre Dame: “Dr. Schoenherr had a colorful background, which most people were unaware of. He was a German seaman who was captured by the French in World War I. After escape from a prisoner of war camp, he made his way to the French coast and stowed away on an American Ship. He wound up in Boston. After working for a few years in the Boston area, he was accepted as a student at MIT and graduated in 1922 with a degree in Naval Architecture. I met him by way of his son, Karl Jr., who was a fellow engineering student. They had me for Thanksgiving dinners during my time at ND. (I think that was partly because his wife was from Washington DC and she liked to talk to me about Washington.) He returned to Washington after leaving ND and I used to visit with him and his wife, Angela, almost every Christmas. I attended his funeral in Washington DC and his son gave me a copy of his book, Coming to the United States the Hard Way, inscribed: ‘To my old friend John McLain with best regards, the Author KES.’ He had meant to give me the book himself but died before that was possible.” John also reported that he keeps in touch with several members of the class including Bud Imbus, a retired doctor who lives in Greensboro NC, and Bob Gawne, who is still active in his sheet metal business in Beltsville MD. He also mentioned James J. Creamer, a retired General Motors executive, who lived in Indianapolis and died on March 27 at the age of 86. Other members of the class who recently passed away include James R. Carr, James J. Fitzsimmons, James R. Holway and James F. Twomey. If members of the class or their family and friends have any updates to share, please contact me. — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, Apt. 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu

51 Changes

Hi everybody. Hope things are going well for you and yours. We attended the USC game during October, and, incidentally, had a great book signing on Friday. The game was about as exciting as it could get. Those 17 points in the fourth quarter turned the game for us. I must mention that the weather was cold. I mean really cold. For any of you who have not been back on campus in some time, you will not believe the changes. Construction is everywhere. The biggest construction job is being done on the stadium; it is not the same. I heard from Dick Burke of Ft. Lauderdale FL, a former captain with United Airlines. He advises that his son, Jim, has attained the same position with Frontier Airlines. Jim is a graduate of North Dakota U and makes his home in Denver. I mentioned this story very briefly in the last issue, but want to bring it to your attention, again. Bill Hagan of Roswell GA and our president, Larry Gallagher, have been exploring, working on the possibility of having a 65th reunion in June for our class. They have encountered some roadblocks in their endeavors but believe most have been handled. However, a very important factor has materialized, and the question arises: How many do we estimate would attend? We would like to have all of you give this matter some thought, and let us know if you could attend. Just let us know yes, no or maybe. Use my email, mailing address or phone that you will find at the bottom of this column. Let us know something. Let me hear from you. Let’s do it. By the way, the class of ’52 is making the same plans for their year. Herman Kruggel, formerly of Birch Lake Ml, heard about our plans, and was the first to let us know he wants to attend. Herman recently moved to Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame. He says his accounting firm is doing well and has six offices in the South Bend area. Incidentally, Herman has never attended one of our reunions through the years, but wants to attend a 65th. My bio for this issue is about our president, Larry Gallagher. In 1944, Larry received permission from his high school administrator to leave school early to join the Army. Following his discharge in 1947, he enrolled at Kings College in Pennsylvania for one year. It was at Kings that he met the love of his life, Del Klein. When he entered Notre Dame in 1948, Coach Frank Leahy allowed him to be a member of the football team. Upon graduation he was hired by Inland Steel, where he became an executive, and eventually retired. The Gallaghers make their home in Highland IN, not too far from the Golden Dome. There they raised their seven children. Their legacy covers the wonderful tailgate parties before and after Notre Dame football games. They are memorable sessions. You can still hear their children and grandchildren singing the Victory March. What a great family. Guys, don’t forget our Mass fund. We need your help. Also, don’t forget we need your word regarding attending a 65th reunion next June. As Bill Hagan proudly states, “lf you can walk, then attend.” Keep us posted. I will visit with all of you next time. Let me know of your activities. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, No. 4, Walnut Creek CA; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 A Major Loss

With the death of classmate Ray Duncan on Oct. 9 in Denver, ND has lost a benefactor who, through his successes in business, left a residence hall in his name as well as the forthcoming Duncan Student Center, which is part of the current Campus Crossroads Project. Please remember his wife and their six children in your prayers. John Johnson PhD has been successful with advanced degrees from Purdue, the U of Wisconsin and a neuroscience postdoctoral program at the U of Sydney, Australia. He has teaching responsibilities at Michigan State and can be reached at the anatomy offices. Dick Harden joined McDonnel Aircraft right out of school and was part of the remarkable inventions and successes in the jet industry for his whole career. His duties increased along the way and his experience with the Harrier fighter project for use by the Marines was his significant memory. He and Shirley have three sons who have produced another generation. Now a resident of Wentzville MO, he is active in parish activity and golf. Mike Kelly graduated from the U of Michigan law school and as life evolved was heavily into the real estate business and retired as managing director of Madison Marquette Services, with 300 employees in major cities across the country. He and his late wife, Peggy, had three children; all are married. He resides on Captiva Island FL. Leo Homan retired as the director of finance for J.I. Case of Racine WI after a long career. He resides in Omaha to be closer to children, and he enjoys seeing the grandchildren in their athletic programs. James Higgins became a CPA. While working at that, he attended law school. Upon completion, he moved back to Beckley WV, where he continued to practice until June 2013. He and his late wife, Millie, had 10 children, who blessed them with 17 grandchildren. Glen Haney got a business degree from Harvard and joined a startup named Univac as he claims, “they were frantically lunging forward.” He rode the success for 26 years until he was offered the presidency of Wordstar, which he took public in l984. He did some additional work in Silicon Valley until retiring in l996, and moved to Marin County CA. Joe Hertrich has an unusual story. While with us in l950, he was drafted and before long was an Air Force pilot. When his obligation was finished, he had a wife and two children and became a commercial pilot for several carriers before management called and he finished as vice president for flying for United Airlines. He kept in touch with our class through his high school classmate, the late Marv Rickling. Bob Gordon of Peoria IL had a career with Caterpillar, leaving in l996. He did some consulting and served on the Civic Center board for a decade before retiring for good. He has been traveling extensively and plays golf with little regard for the score. Bill Harvey of Centennial CO got his MBA at the U of Chicago, readying him for a career in marketing, mainly in business staff analysis and human resources. He and Shirley have five children, two of whom are Domers. Spencer Kluegel spent two years in military service and then went on to Minnesota Law School. He practiced 40 years: 20 in general practice and the remainder related to real estate. Later, he and his wife Ingrid found the joy of owing a 40-foot RV and have roamed the Western United States. Their base of operations is Benson AZ. Ed Sullivan of Morristown NJ enjoyed our 60th reunion so much that he inquired about a 65th in 20l7. I told him that our president is making some inquiries and will keep us advised. I have been asked how long that I have been your class secretary and the answer is 36 years. So keep those letters and emails coming. — Edward F. Foley; 200 Ocean Trail Way, No. 510, Jupiter FL 33477; 561-741-1675; tedfoleysr@aol.com

53 Chicago Lunch and More

The annual Chicago lunch took on a new complexion this year with the invitational inclusion of spouses, widows, families and friends. All attendees seemed to enjoy the good feelings of conviviality which have long prevailed at the annual gatherings. The time flew by, to the lament of most. Long overdue was the public acclaim for the role Tom Reedy plays in the cohesiveness of the Class of 1953. As one member observed, "Without Tom’s efforts and those of his staff to sponsor, publicize, promote, cajole and encourage luncheon attendance, we wouldn’t be together other than once every five years, if then.” It is he who has held us together over the last many years. It is he who is the real glue for the class. In addition to the annual lunch, Tom encourages Chicago groupings and reaches out by phone to classmates with “how are you doing” calls on many occasions. All these wonderful activities are without tangible return. Thanks, Tom, for being who you are. Mention was made of the fact that many had traveled great distances at great financial and physical expense to join the group in Chicago. At the risk of overlooking too many: Dick Perry from Argentina; Tex McMonagle and Baring Farmer from California; Paul Curtin from Texas; Bill Maus from Florida; the New York group of Andy Hernon, Leo Dohn, Brendan Cryan and Ed Greason; Ralph Argen from South Carolina; and Larry Murray from Missouri. Prayers for our seriously ill friends and family were requested, with a reminder that we are remembered daily in Masses offered by the Holy Cross Missions in our Mass-A-Day plan. (Donations are still welcomed). John Lattner’s customary presentation was his very best of many good presentations. He noted with self-deprecating pride that he still holds one Notre Dame Football record, five fumbles in one game. He went on to describe the punitive regimen Coach Leahy imposed upon “this young lad from Chicago” for “embarrassing Our Lady’s School.” John’s wonderful imitation of Coach Leahy was a reminder that Coach Leahy, unlike current coaches, never ever used a coarse word even in heated situations. John is not well, and prayers would be appreciated. Deacon Michael McNulty read the long list of the deaths reported since our last lunch and implored eternal favor upon them, as well as prayers for our many seriously ill classmates, followed by a somewhat tortured rendition of Notre Dame Our Mother. Good news is that in April, Dave Sponseller convinced a 64-year- old widow to marry him. His seven children and 19 grandchildren fully approved; she, however, is an OSU fan. Living in Ann Arbor with a Notre Dame graduate must have required a lot of adaptation. Our best wishes to the bride and groom. Retired Chicago Loyola U professor Stan Stash happily reports that in September the Huffington Post published his article, “The Decline of the Middle Class: Stealth Governance and Income Inequality.” Art Midili is recovering from very delicate spinal surgery and is sorry he missed the lunch. Art Perry and Bill Maus stopped to see Jack Powers in St Louis and had a great visit. There has been a change in the format of the periodic email broadcasts. Cullen Langford has joined Larry Murray and me in orchestrating a more expeditious approach to the newsletters. If you are not receiving the broadcasts and wish to, contact LarryStjudes1@att.net, CullenCullen@aol.com or Domerhill@aol.com. Recently deceased include Gerry Houseman, Grand Rapids; Thomas Seaman, Canton; Roger Nolan, Davenport; Bill Beauchamp, Chicago; John Fish Jr., Deaborn MI; and Rev. Thomas Seidel, CSC, Norte Dame. A belated report (my fault): John Nealon’s wife of 62 years, Carol, died in February 2015. Join your prayers with those of our Mass-A-Day intentions. Pray and send news. — John Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; Yokeemup@aol.com

54 Happy New Year

May your year be filled with peace, love, joy, good health and happiness. Your class officers had a very good business meeting on Sept. 18 that should produce positive results for persons visiting Notre Dame, especially those who have difficulty walking great distances. I don’t know about you, but with all of the new building going on, I need a map so as not to get lost. Mike Brown, the assistant director of Alumni Groups, attended our meetings and agreed to follow up on the issues we raised. Please do not feel bashful about suggesting to us issues that you would like us to pursue. Dan Munson has volunteered to assume the position of treasurer when Dick Her retires, and Jack Mertens has thrown his hat into the ring in any position to help us represent you. We would like to request that those who are able please attend Mass on the 54th day of the year to pray for our deceased and those who are ill, or their spouses. Please send the names to me and I will forward them to Gene, so he can include them in our prayers in the Basilica. Those of you who are going to have a special Mass and attend as a class should also send the names of the classmates in that group via email or letter to me. This season, we had very poor attendance at our tailgate gatherings in spite of our excellent location, food and beverages. At the Georgia Tech game, Brenda Finney, Walt Duschka, Tom Campbell, Dick Her and I were there. Milt Beaudine enjoys receiving cards and letters knowing that he has not been forgotten and is still in our thoughts and prayers. He apologizes for the results of the Clemson game and failure not to have Kelly bring the swim team rather than the football team. Our scholarship fund book value is $176,490 and our market value is $302,225. Anybody out there who remembers Bog Ball and Interhall football? Leon Blank’s daughter just e-published on Kindle and Nook his fourth novel, The Nun’s Baby. The Notre Dame Club of Mid Hudson Valley of New York sponsored their ninth annual 4-mile walk across the Hudson River to raise money to fight ALS. The first walk raised $5,000 and had 55 walkers, and this year they raised $230,000 and had 2,000 walkers, including our Jack Mertens. Don’t forget to go to our class website to see what is going on in between magazine issues, http://1954.undclass.org. The following are classmates who were reported as deceased: Joseph McGinn, Donald McLaughlin, Edward (Ted) Ewing, Ed Broderick, William Bierman, Marshall Lee Kinney and Tom Hamlin. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973

54JD Class Secretary — Carl Eiberger;

14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net

55 Brother Donald Project Continues

Tom Streitmueller, while battling some medical problems, continues to collect funds for the Brother Donald Project, honoring the life of service of our classmate Brother Donald Becker, CSC, in Bangladesh. View the website (ND55.org) for details. Send checks to Holy Cross Mission Center, PO Box 543, Notre Dame IN 46556, and designate it for the Brother Donald Project. Leo Callaghan continues to provide updates on his Project Haiti, as does Mack Stewart on his Warm The Children endeavor. Details are on website. Tom Magill and Joe McGlynn attended the Alumni Association’s Past Presidents’ Meeting on the Navy game weekend. John Dwyer received the Health and Humanitarian Award from a local hospital foundation in New York, while the ND Club of Eastern North Carolina named Pete Campbell its Person of the Year. John Lochtefeld soaked in the beauty of San Francisco and Santa Barbara. George Vosmik already is fishing in the Florida Keys. Chuck Meyer continues to instruct rifle marksmanship. Lee Crean served as tour guide when Chicagoans Mike Kelly, Joe Kearney, Dick Cook, Gerry Hillsman and Jack Flynn visited New Orleans. Mary and Jim Hesburgh celebrated their 59th. Dick Mueller enjoyed the Michigan Great Lakes Circle Drive. Father Jim Blantz’s show was a big hit again at Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Con McCarthy sent some great Yogi Berra stories. Pat Kearns visited Dick Groner in Missouri. Dick Callahan always has interesting comments from his Toronto command post. Max Roesler has four new grandkids after two weddings. John Slavick amused New York neighbors, whizzing down the street on a four-wheel scooter after foot surgery. Frank Lynch sadly reports that Blanca has dementia. Ralph Guglielmi and Frank Varrichione joined 48 other former NFL players in lawsuits against the league on safety issues. Ed Kelly is bouncing around the country, attending family weddings. It was great to host our ’55 nomads Sue and Dick Beeman, who stopped by during their fall travels in the Midwest. The Beemans have sold their permanent residence in southern California and will shuttle between kids. They plan to spend a lot of time in northern California, where they have three kids and families. Don Shanley and Dick Farrell also were Galena lunch guests. Instructions on how to obtain Farrell’s free book on Alzheimer’s caregiving can be found on the website. Peter Ritten, who was in Italy on a long-planned trip during Reunion, was delighted to get one of the final 60th Reunion packages. After being featured in the last newsletter, I tracked down Kamal Hossain in Bangladesh as he was preparing for a UN meeting in New York. Carol and Joe McGraw hosted Joan and Bob McGrath and Nancy and Charles Pollnow at their California beach house. Fenwick High School honored Jack Flynn with its “torch” award this year and the event raised nearly $200,000 for the Oak Park IL school. Since Joan McGrath and Maryjeanne Burke are on the board of National Catholic Reporter, dutiful husbands Bob McGrath and Dick Burke also attended the big 50th anniversary bash in Chicago. Jack Flynn and Dick Beeman also attended. Bob Moore sent copies of all the Philadelphia Club activities before the Temple game. After enjoying five months in Wisconsin, Frank Schillo is back to work as founding chairman of the California Art Museum in Thousand Oaks CA. Hugh Schaefer’s widow, Angela, donated all his golf equipment to First Tee on the first anniversary of his death. Beautiful! Jack Battel and the other past presidents of the Hilton Head Club presented a $4,000 check to John Paul II Catholic School during its dedication. Dick O’Rourke is mighty proud of his wife’s daughter, the COO of the Port of New Orleans, who was named Alumnus of the Year by the U of Arizona. Con McCarty was surprised to learn that the chaplain at his new retirement facility is a former Navy chaplain and good friend of our Father Joe O’Donnell. Jim Rickling couldn’t find enough players over age 80, so he joined a 75-80 team in the San Diego Senior Olympics Basketball Tournament and won two games. Try to work in a trip to one of the Flings into your winter calendar. They’re much fun. Pat Kearns has taken over the Desert Fling, which will be held Feb. 2-3 at the Esmeralda Hotel in Indian Wells CA. The Florida Fling luncheon will be at Bonita Bay Country Club on Feb. 11. Details will follow on the website. Memorial Masses have been requested for Tom Marshall, Nick Patton, Don Behrmann, Paul Matz, Elliot Lese and Joe Puccinelli’s wife, Bernie. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psful@gmail.com

55JD Class Secretary — John Coyne;


56 Warm Memories

Larry Kennedy reported it was a sunny, mild 62 degrees at kickoff for the ’56 Class minireunion Oct. 10, Fighting Irish vs Navy. Memorial Mass was in the Welsh Family Residence Chapel. Father Jerry Knoll, CSC, ’56 was the celebrant and Jim Revord was deacon and excellent homilist, and prepared the Mass booklet. Co-president Mark Burns read names of 22 classmates who died during the past year. Bob Welsh spoke briefly after Mass and brought us up to date from the ND Board of Trustees perspective. He remains an active vice chairman emeritus, participating in the meetings but no longer voting. Following Mass, the buffet luncheon was served in the Hesburgh-Joyce dining rooms in the Morris Inn. Twenty-five attended, including honorees Hank Dixon and Bernie Van Etten. Gene O’Connor was not able to be with us. Scholarship awardees attending were: Jack Rooney, matched with Dixon; Mariah Villasenor, matched with Van Etten; and Peter O’Connor, matched with Gene O’Connor. Larry Kennedy made the introductions. The honoree and student bio sketches and pictures are posted in class news link of www.nd56.org. Classmates dining included Jim Mense (who, when greeted, says it is nice to be seen rather than viewed), Leo O’Donnell, Hal Spencer, John Murray, Dick Yeager, Frank Conte, Fred Brinskelle Jr., Tom Powers, Don Carlin, Frank Tighe, Paul Noland, Dave Collins, John Bower, Joe Ruppe, Tom McNeill, John O’Rourke, Ed Cosgrove, Angelo Capozzi, and John Allen. In all, 72 were served, including wives and guests. Mark Burns adds that we presented more than $15,000 to each of the three student awardees; this is generated from the ND56 Endowed Scholarship Fund, which totaled $1,467,503 on June 30. Treasurer Ed Cosgrove asks you to drop him a note with news of what’s happening in your life and include a check for $25 payable to ND Class Fund: Ed Cosgrove; 525 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202. Co-president Gordon DiRenzo (dir2728@aol.com) is chairman for our 60th anniversary reunion. You will have your attendance application in the mail very soon. Read the material very carefully so you receive the reservations you desire. Some events are not included in the basic package for the weekend; they may be included as part of your class expenses that may not be included in the Alumni Association plan program charges. Housing at Morris Inn or off campus is at your own expense. If rooms are still available at Inn at Saint Mary’s and Hilton Garden Inn, contact Jennifer at 574-323-2476. You might catch a cancellation at Morris Inn; call 1-800-280-7256. However you figure it, please plan on being part of it all; it may be your last chance to visit that special place in northern Indiana. Keep up with progress on Reunion 2016 on our website: www.nd56.org; and in the e-newsletter that comes to you via cyber space Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. One of the nicest stories I’ve received is a John Raub-authored short story about his wife, “A Love Story.” The Buffalo Law Journal has honored our Ed Cosgrove again as one of the top legal elite attorneys in Western NY for 2015. Gerald Jay Massey provided us some very fascinating reading about an encounter with Father Ted that stressed the point that there is no age terminus to serious intellectual life, citing an exchange he experienced in 2012 with Father Ted concerning St. Thomas Aquinas and Thomism. Last fall, we sent a letter to our 250 ND56 widows, inviting them to receive the morning e-newsletter and participate in the cyber news among classmate and friends. Early returns have increased contacts from 20-30 ladies, who enjoy being in the ND56 Family. The only requirement is that she personally request and provide her email address. Don Fish was a proud dad, as his daughter, Meg Saligman, is the artist with the Project Home public art project with Sister Mary Scullion. It is the Grotto visited by Pope Francis in Philadelphia. Bill Ryan has reduced his labor of love fighting for the rights of prisoners. Their magazine, Stateville Speaks, has smoothly transitioned to being administered by Justice Studies, LWH 4062, Northeastern Illinois University, 5500 N. St. Louis Ave.; Chicago IL 60625. He notes that the $10 annual subscription fee still applies and is greatly appreciated. Death notices include James Rossiter Sweeney, who passed away while snorkeling on Maui on Oct. 15. His widow is Ursula Sweeney, 3220 Donna Dr., Carlsbad CA 92008. Thomas John Kershisnik died Oct. 10. His widow, Mary Jo Kershisnik, can be reached at 210 Aspen Way, Rock Springs WY 82901. John “Skinny” Broderick died Oct. 4 of Alzheimer’s. His widow, Barbara, can be reached at1117 Leavitt Ave., Apt. 114; Flossmoor IL 60422. Robert A. Richard died Aug. 7. His widow, Eileen, can be reached at 1003 Priscilla Lane, Alexandria VA 22308. Richard J. Vorwerk passed away, and his widow, Evonne, can be reached at 1595 S. Spring Road, Oakbrook Terrace IL 61081. Edward N. Denn died Sept. 14 in St. Paul MN. Arthur J. Perry died of diabetes May 22. His widow, Theresa, can be reached at 2318 Council Oaks, South Bend IN 46629. William E. Weiman died March 29, His widow, Barbara, can be reached at 1323 Columbia Court, Davenport IA 52804. A Mass is celebrated on campus by the Holy Cross priests for each of these men from their classmates. We share the loss of JoAnne Blatt, wife of Paul Blatt, on Oct. 15. Stay warm; be good to each other. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Dr., Palm Desert CA 92211; 760-772-6056

56JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey ’08;

1121 W. Webster Ave. Unit 2W, Chicago IL 60614; 703- 927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 A Grand Turnout

It was a grand turnout for our minireunion held on Sept. 19 before the Georgia Tech game. All together we had close to 45 classmates. Many, but not all, came with a spouse, child, friend or significant other. Some attending were Lee Ayotte, Lou Bosco, Paul Byron, Conrad Conway, Bob Eckland and Tom Fortune. Also there were John Gibbs, Bob Griffin, Don Haney, Ed Healy and Dan Kelly. Dave Klocke, Elmer Kohorst, Pat Logan, John Lucey and Hank Luepke came. I can recall Terry McCafferty, Bill McGowan, Alex McMurtrie, Jim Milota and Jim Morris to be present. Bill Newbold, Jim Nizick, Steve O’Donnell, Frank Riley, KJ Phelan, Frank Reilly, Tom Schriber, Patrick Sherin, Matt Slana, Father John Smyth, Dick Swift, Denny Troester, Dick Walsh and Ken Woodward were there. While it caused a dent in our treasury, it is unlikely that the majority of us will not turn 80 in another year. Additionally, dues were waived for the class this year, but please send your dues next year to Bob Eckland, as they are needed for Mass stipends, fees for a representative attending the annual Leadership Conference, and to underwrite costs at our five-year reunion. A much smaller gathering met at our beach house in Michigan. Four of us who went to high school at Spalding together with three of us who married our high school sweethearts came: Jim Cusack and Maureen, Tony Bushell and Sandy, K.J. Phelan and Mary and Art Johnson and Nita joined Mary and me for a weekend of reminiscing and laughter. Visiting Peoria was Bob LaCasse, with whom I had lunch. Bob was in town to visit his daughter. Frank Reilly, professor of finance and former dean of the business school, told his last class at a dinner in December that he had the greatest life he could imagine and he would have paid ND for the privilege of teaching there. Dave Klocke was given a national Viewpoint award for one of his paintings. Joe Rink wrote that he is playing in the National Pickleball championship in November. Sorry to report that I do not know how one qualifies for a pickleball championship, but congratulations, Joe. I am sad to report Theodore J. “Ted” Novakowski passed away; he is survived by his wife, Dorothy, and four children. J. Michael “Mike” Harper MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Dayton OH for more than 30 years, passed away. He is survived by his wife of 53 years and their five children. Also remember Brad P. McKaig, whose spouse, Markie, passed away. In addition to her husband, she was survived by two sons. Also, Sandra Martin, wife of Thomas “Tom” Martin died after a lengthy illness. She left four children, one of whom is an ND grad. Mass will be offered on campus for deceased classmates and their spouses. As the years fly by, and believe me they do fly, take a moment to smell the flowers and to tell someone you love them. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 456 Fulton St., Suite 425, Peoria IL 61602; 309-676-8986; fax 309-676-4130; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class Secretary — Thomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Remember and Record

John H. (Jack) Lloyd died Sept. 17 in South Bend after a brief illness. John and his wife, Linda, who died in 2007, had five children and 16 grandchildren. A native of South Bend, John headed the family insurance agency founded by his grandfather and built it into one of the most successful agencies in South Bend. He also enjoyed a career as ND basketball public address announcer from 1964 through 1996 and football press box announcer from 1966 through 2013. At various times, he also served as announcer for the ND hockey team, Bookstore Basketball, Bengal Bouts and the Chicago Bears. Patrick A. McCullough of Palos Heights IL died Oct. 17 following a battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife, Marlee, two sons, two daughters and several grandchildren. Praise be to the Lord for the lives of these and all our departed brothers. Pat Doherty reminds us that the Spring Reunion Luncheon of the Class of ’58 in Naples FL is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8, at Sydney’s Pub, at Tiburon Golf Club, in Naples. If you can attend please contact Jim Indiveri at jindiviri@aol.com or 239-775-1930. Here is a special message from Jack Barthel with a request. “In the summer issue of ND Magazine, Art Roule reported that 70 percent of our class is still living. That struck me as an extraordinary number: 884 men walking around with stories and insights from the 61 years that have passed since we set foot on campus. I would like to record those memories for posterity and I ask for your help. The goal is to create a quilt-like oral history of our class that can be shared and enjoyed by us, while representing our class in the Notre Dame Archives. Who knows, it might end up as a book. I have been gathering material for the project, with the goal of sharing a finished document by the end of 2016. Please send me stories, thoughts, insights and anything evocative of our class and the time we spent at Notre Dame. Some areas you might consider include events of your time on campus and where they have led you, details of friendships, observations about the evolution of the place. This message is being sent to all classmates who can be reached and a substantial number of responses have already been received. Thanks to the Alumni Association and Art Roule for providing the contact information. Send material for the project to the addresses below. I have set up a Google Gmail account specifically for this project, but you may also send material to my home via paper mail. Please include your email address with any correspondence. We arrived on campus 61 years ago. Sixty-one years prior to that was 1893. It is hard to believe, but to current ND students we are from another century. It would be great to record our experiences, and the wisdom that has come with them, for generations to come. I hope you share my enthusiasm for this project and I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards.” Jack Barthel, 675 Old Menhaden Road, Cutchogue NY 11935; ndirish1958@gmail.com; 631-734-2345. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Crunching the Numbers

Nell and I had lunch with Tom McNeill during the Navy game weekend. Tom and Ingrid have completed their downsizing from Wilmette to a lakeshore condo in Chicago. We also had a lovely dinner at Jack and Sally Callahan’s in Elgin IL. It was also attended by Ray Drexler and his wife Jane. Since my last column we have lost three more classmates: Bill McLain in Warren OH, Bill Rindone in Englewood NJ and Ed Denn in St. Paul MN. Ed and I were particularly close, as we roomed together in Washington DC right after law school. Ed was clerking for a US Court of Appeals judge, and I was joining the tax division of Justice. Those passings led me to analyze our class, with great help from Tammye Raster, the alumni program manager at the Law School. We started with about 60 members in 1955. Attrition, most of it courtesy of Dean O’Meara, reduced our graduating class in 1958 to 35. Of those, 14 have died, and 21 of us are still kicking; 14 are on my email list for my infrequent but sage offerings. May all of us enjoy life as well as those ND memories from 60 years ago. — John F. Murray; 2036 Cheltenham Court, Woodbridge VA 22192; 703-494-2482; jonnel662@verizon.net

59 Thanks

Sometimes we take things for granted and miss opportunities to say thanks. Our class has been blessed with someone who is a wealth of knowledge on so many things connected to Notre Dame, especially our class. Joe Mulligan has made a commitment to keep us informed like no other class. Thanks, Joe. Our football team gave us many fine memories over four years, especially the Oklahoma game. This past August a core group came together on campus and shared the memories, solved all the current problems and remembered their deceased teammates. The group included Norm Odyniec, Don Costa, Jim Just, Joe King, Don Lawrence, Lou Manzo, Charlie Puntillo, Dick Royer, Jim Schaaf, Dick Selcer and Bob Wetoska. Unfortunately, Joe King passed away on Sept. 26, in Cincinnati. Others from the team who have passed away are Kevin Burke, Jim Colosimo, Mike Dugan, Buz DeBaene, Al Ecuyer, Frank Geremia, Bill Hickman, Gary Myers, Angelo Mosca, Bronko Nagurski, Nick Pietrosante, Dick Phelan, Frank Reynolds, Gene Saxon and Bobby Williams. Many of us have retired and are doing the usual travel, golf, grandchildren, volunteering, etc. Others have tried it, but they have found they need a continuing challenge to keep them busy. One of those is Ernie Thomas. He did a stint in the Army and returned to Jackson MS, where he worked in the apparel manufacturing business for 43 years. After golf and driving his wife crazy, he is now working for the State of Mississippi as deputy director of their asset development division, working with local communities and industries. Jean and Ron Gordon continue to enjoy life in paradise, Omaha NE. John Beliveau ventured out from Maine for the first time since 1969 to see the Navy game. He is teaching a pre-law course at Bates College and coaching track. Bill Quinn reported in from Brightwaters NY. He has been in therapy following a stroke, but is coming along. He is into the great grandfather level. Tom Brenner and Ben Giovannone are enjoying life in Florida where they are active members of the ND Club of Southwest Florida. Jim Bigham has traveled an interesting road. He retired from the Army Corps of Engineers in 1994; taught computer science courses at Triton College in River Grove IL; delved into genealogy and then researched and wrote a paper for the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) on the near perfect game by Billy Pierce of the White Sox in 1958. I receive many requests from classmates asking for prayers for various things, but often health issues. We may want to consider a clearing house to get them before the class. Jim Griffin reported in from Madison CT, where he is battling eye problems. Kathy and Tom Carroll are still operating out of Cincinnati. Tom sold his financial planning business in 2013. They stay quite involved in the community. On Sept. 18, a photograph, medal citation and Navy Cross were put on display to remember our classmate J.J. Carroll. It is in the second-floor lobby of the Pasquerilla Center. One of our classmates commented recently that “our bodies were not built to last this long.” We are blessed. Thanks Dan Rapp. Please visit the websites for FaithND at http://faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni at ndsenioralumni.org. Please send me information. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545; keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte;