50 Alumni Band Stories

As I told you in the last issue, I had more information to share on the activities of John D. McLain, of McLean VA. He told me he retired from the aerospace electronics industry in 1989 and worked part time as an independent contractor and consultant until 2002. Over the years, John has continued to play his clarinet, just as he did at Notre Dame when he was a member of the football marching band, concert band, pep band and symphony orchestra. For the last 30 years, he has been active in the Washington DC Notre Dame Alumni Band. John writes: “We play for the St. Patrick’s Day parades in Alexandria and Manassas. The past couple of years I’ve cheated a bit; they save me a space in the formation and I join the band two or three blocks before the reviewing stand and drop out a block or so after. Marching and high stepping aren’t great at my age. We play at football games (Meadowlands, Ravens Stadium, FedEx Field) when the University band doesn’t accompany the team. We’ve played for the NCAA Lacrosse Championships in Baltimore, and we’ve also done UND Nights on occasion. This past year we played at an Irish wake for a captain of the Irish Guards, a wedding reception for a pair of 2012 ND graduates and a picnic for the 2015 incoming freshmen.” Tom Farrell ’58 informed me that his brother, Jim Farrell, passed away on Sept. 12 in Staunton VA. Tom also forwarded some biographical information. “Jim was 86. A business college graduate, Jim helped pay his tuition by working nights at the Studebaker plant. He fought in the Bengal Bouts and then boxed as an amateur around Indiana. Jim had a long career as an executive in the oil industry. At age 56, he retired and bought 100 acres of Virginia farmland in Weirs Cave, where he raised Angus cattle with his wife, JoAnn.” I also learned that Felix M. Aquino ’50, ’53MA of Fort Lauderdale FL passed away on May 6 at the age of 89. He was born in Utica NY and served in the Navy during World War II. After finishing at Notre Dame, Felix taught at UFA and General Herkimer Elementary School. News also reached me that Thomas F. McEvily Jr. of New York NY died on Sep.15 at age 90. He served in the Navy during World War II. For many years, he was president of Keevily Spero Whitelaw, Inc., a successful insurance brokerage. His obituary in The Journal News contained these exceptional comments: “What his family would like him to be most remembered for was that he was a man of great Catholic faith and that, especially in his retirement, he strongly lived that faith on a daily basis by serving his fellow man as a lay member of the Archdiocese of New York’s Inter-Parish Finance Committee, as the president and longtime member of the board of directors of Abbott House, as a Eucharistic minister for cancer patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and, until recently, as the leader of the Saturday Morning Homeless Breakfast Program for over 20 years at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Tom was a Knight of Malta and also served on the board of trustees of Fordham Prep and The Ursuline School.” If members of the Class of ’50 or their family and friends have any updates to share, please contact me. — Jim Coogan ’91; 6018 Oxpen Court, Apt. 101, Alexandria VA 22315; jcooganv@alumni.nd.edu

50JD Rest in Peace

Jerome A. Frazel passed away on Feb. 6. Born in 1926, Jerome graduated from St. Teresa’s Catholic School in Coral Gables FL and enrolled at Notre Dame. After entering the U.S. Navy, he then attended Georgia Tech. When he completed his military service, he returned to Notre Dame for law school. During this time, he met Joanne, a St. Mary’s student who would become his wife of 65 years. Jerome practiced law in Chicago at Hinshaw & Culbertson, where he became a senior partner. Outside of his professional work, he devoted himself to his family, his Church and the service of those most in need. In 1976, the Notre Dame Club of Chicago named him Man of the Year. Jerome is survived by his wife, his nine children, his 13 grandchildren, his great-granddaughter and one brother. He will be missed by his family and his Notre Dame classmates. May he rest in peace.

51 Season Goes Fast

Hi everybody. By the time you read this, spring will have arrived. We had a good football season; good record. How come each season seems to go by so fast? Injuries hurt us again; we can’t seem to avoid those major injuries. I attended the Heisman Dinner in New York City in December. It was a great experience. My apologies to Bill Kelly of Louisville KY, who advised me last year that classmate Donald Grobmyer of Boca Raton FL passed away last summer. Thank you, Bill, for letting me know. My thanks to Marjorie Tesch of ‘Appleton WI and her mother for sending checks to help our Mass Fund. We thank both of you for remembering us. This is the second contribution from these ladies in remembrance of their father and husband, Vince Ste. Marie. The response to our announcement of having a 65th reunion next June has been good and bad. Jim Schmitt of San Juan Capistrano CA called to let me know that he has retired as a federal judge but is in the unfortunate position of being unable to walk, so has to bow out of attending. On the other hand, Mooney and Harvey O’Neill of Mandeville LA proudly notified me that they will be there and are happy to be a part. Harvey said that they have had their reservations at the Morris Inn for four months already. Nice going, you two. John Young, Chicago, advised that he hopes to round up a Chicago group to attend including Jim Jennings and Bob Clemency. Nice going, John. Spread the word everybody. As Hagam has said, “If you can walk, be there.” Hagam and Gallagher are putting great effort in making this reunion succeed. Let us help. This will be the last notification before the event. Talk to your classmates and encourage them to be a part. Our bio this time covers Bob Murphy of Granger IN, who lives close enough to campus that he could walk to our reunion. I am fortunate that I get to see Bob each time Jane and I visit back there. Bob, who was on the tennis team, was sworn in as an FBI agent 15 days after graduation. He knew what he wanted. The former head of the FBI Indianapolis office, Harvey Foster ’39, was his Angel in Waiting, helping him attain his goal of becoming an FBI agent. Bob and Harvey were graduates of CSC’s Cathedral High School in Indianapolis. Bob served in Connecticut, Kentucky and the last 13 years in Chicago before retiring. Later he and Eileen moved to Granger, where Bob developed a management consulting firm specializing in security. Thankfully, it has been a great success. His client list now ranges from California to the East Coast. Nice going, Bob. Bob is still active on campus, playing golf and tennis regularly. One of the most interesting aspects of Bob’s background is that from his family tree there are 29 graduates, including cousins, uncles, etc. Of course, we all remember his brother, Jim, who became a vice-president of the University before passing away. Wow, what a family tree. We are proud of the Murphy family. Bob and Eileen, his wife of many years, are both still active and healthy. Good luck to this real Notre Dame family. One last item: Bob still plays in the Alumni Marching Band, marching along just as he did 60 years ago. One last notice of our 65th reunion: Try to make it. We will miss you if you do not. Let us all try. I promise each of you a good time and a few laughs. Fellas, don’t forget our Mass Fund. We need your help. Keep me posted on your activities. Next time I want to tell you about my fishing trip to Alaska in August. All the best to everybody. — Jim Gillis; 3267 Rossmoor Parkway, No. 4, Walnut Creek CA; 925-932-6454; jimjanegillis@aol.com

52 Reaching Out

Your class officers continue to contact classmates we have not heard from lately by email and telephone, and the program is of great assistance in preparing this message. Larry Lupina of Milwaukee became a CPA and for more than 20 years was the CFO of Broan. He did volunteer work in his field. He lives in an assisted living unit while his wife lives in a nearby nursing facility. They were thrilled when a grandson became Father Justin Lupina, a diocesan priest. Mal Wakin is closing out his 57 years at the Air Force Academy and intends to reduce his lecture and committee activity. He says that he and Lynn “will gracefully accept the vicissitudes and joys of the aging process.” Bill Macksood went immediately to the Loyola Medical Center in Chicago along with seven other ND classmates. After completing his residency, he returned to his home in Flint MI and practiced general surgery until 20 years ago. He plays golf and gets to the gym five days a week. They enjoy their six children and spend winters in Ft. Myers FL. Fred Hartmann became a CPA and had his own business in Indianapolis. And he and Mary had five children and five grandchildren. Frank Link served as a Navy officer before returning to Sandusky. After corporate activity, he became city manager and served in that capacity for 21 years. In addition to numerous civic board services, he served as chairman of the Diocesan Review Board.Neal Moore spent his career in the auto industry in Detroit. He keeps busy with golf, travel and keeping in touch with a daughter in Texas. Mary Falkenburg advised that a sixteenth member of their family tree will soon graduate from ND. Ed Sullivan is leaving his NYC construction firm and moving to a retirement community in Tinton Falls NJ. Bill Delaney stays active in his Falcon Landing community in Virginia by being deeply involved with Eucharistic distribution at his church. He coordinates the effort to guarantee that those who are unable to attend church receive the sacrament. Cliff Hoenie served as a Navy officer before returning to business with the E.F. MacDonald Co. in Dayton for a career. He and Marge had eight children and 27 grandchildren, one of whom is to be ordained a priest this year. Cliff is extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend ND as it opened many doors and helped him make sound decisions along the way. About 30 of us have shown an interest in a reunion in 2017, so we will advise you as time goes on. — Edward F. Foley; 200 Ocean Trail Way, No. 510, Jupiter FL 33477; 56l-741-1675; tedfoleysr@aol.com

53 The Befallen

Bill DeCrick, a long-time resident of The Villages in central Florida, fell and broke his leg. He was sidelined from all the storied activities of The Villages by an extended rehab. Pat Lee likewise injured his leg and was required to take an extended break (no pun intended) from his beloved golf at Palm City FL. Ironically, his injury occurred while cleaning his golf cart. Jack Coyne was the marshal of the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Jack’s law practice veered into the successful operation and ownership of parking facilities in the Midwest. Additional news is that Father Ernie Bartell, CSC, was honored March 1 for his instrumental role in the founding and nurturing of The Kellogg Institute. Kellogg is an internationally renowned organization devoted to democracy and human developmental studies by an invitation-only faculty from around the world. Ernie devoted all his energies to Kellogg and now is emeritus. Tom Reedy reports that fellow Fenwick High graduate Jim Celano died at his home in Lake Geneva WI. Fenwick sent 28 aspiring scholars to the Class of 1953. Dave Flynn, “the bionic man,” sent an email that his friend and fellow athlete Murray Johnson died at his home in Waupaca WI. Murray, Dave and Virgil Bardash joined us from Gary IN. Murray played out his football days at Cincinnati and then on an Army team. Pray for those who have passed away. In the most recent column, I erroneously stated that Art Perry visited Jack Powers in St. Louis in the company of Bill Maus. It was indeed Dick Perry. Speaking of my lapses, many classmates responded to a recent note about the Class Mass Fund. I may well have overlooked some, but be assured the fund was duly credited. Thanks to: Lee Tavis, Andy Herron, Andy Aldelhardt, Jim Malooly, Tex McMonagle, Bill Maus, Ed Greason, Dick McConnell, Vic George, Jack Dilenschneider and Dave Schreiber’s widow, Virginia. Thanks also to any generous classmate I overlooked. Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with Jack Clark, Lee Tavis, Bill Maus, Bill Wuetcher and Tom Reedy. All seemed to be as well as could be expected of 84-year olds. Dick Casper sent a Christmas card with a note that he was doing OK relatively speaking and can say the same for Terry Britt and Jay Curley. Jerry Hammes came across a 1951 Scholastic. After smiling about the cigarette and Gilbert ads, a story of our junior class elections was interesting. Floyd Blair was elected president; Jerry Kelly and Dick Wolfgram were not. Jim Hutchinson was elected vice president; Bill Bird, Larry Easton and Lou Basso were not. Mike Dolan was elected secretary; Joe McDade and Joe Conwell lost. Bob Rust was named treasurer, while Paul Curtain and Bob Schaefer were not. Voices from the past. Due to a format change in the email list, if you are not receiving the class emails dubbed “Broadcasts” and wish to enjoy these literary gems, sign on to nd.53@nd53.com or domerhill@aol.com. The mailings are sporadic as they are mostly dependent upon news from classmates and whims of the undersigned. If you wish to make a response or a report, utilize domerhill@aol.com. The space limitations of this column make it impossible to include all updates, and the Broadcasts are a means of compensation. The Mass Fund is still open for contributions. — Jerry Mulvihill; 60413 Sumption Trail, South Bend IN 46614; res: 574-287-3460; domerhill@aol.com

53JD Class Secretary — Bob Berry;

5806 Spaulding St., Omaha NE 68104; 402-457-4142; Yokeemup@aol.com

54 Welcome to Spring 2016

As I look out of the window at the snow coming down gently, I recognize that when we come back from Florida in early April, the grass will be green and the flowers will begin to bloom. “Time flies.” Most importantly, the golf season will begin and my game will be better. Lola and I just got back from Phoenix after having a great visit with our daughter and her family. We also had the opportunity to have lunch with Ellie and Tom Moore. Tom is a pediatric ophthalmologist who volunteers his time at the hospital clinic treating patients who have eyesight problems but cannot afford treatment. Please remember that the primary purpose of your class officers is communication with you and working with the University and Alumni Association. Several examples of this involve eliciting help from the Notre Dame Senior Alumni (NDSA). First: Getting improved parking locations for seniors. Second: Having golf carts available after football games to help us get to Mass or dining areas. Currently the carts stop running at 3 p.m. for day games. Third: Having golf carts available for campus tours. This would be a great help for people with mobility problems and for potential financial donors to the University. Fourth: Requesting that the Alumni Association to go back to having class tables in the Joyce Center for meetings prior to football games. Currently these are only issues and unresolved. We would like to hear from you regarding the existing systems and issues that you would like considered. Please note that my column due dates are Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1 and Nov. 1. In addition to the column, we have the option of a blanket email and our website: http://1954.undclass.org . For those who do not have computers, we suggest you go to the library to get updates on what is going on within our extended family. Tom Campbell and Charley Allen have made dinner reservations, this time at Legends, for Thursday evening, June 2 in conjunction with the Reunion. Please keep in focus that you do not have to register for the Reunion to attend our dinner. Tom’s phone number is 800-862-1777. You will order from the menu. As of the writing of this column, the athletic department has not selected the senior game, but they can accommodate group seating for the Nevada game on Sept. 10, Duke on Sept. 24 and Miami on Oct. 29. The catch: I must notify them by March 4 of how many tickets we want. To complicate this is the fact that this edition of the magazine does not come out until April, and this column was due on Feb. 1. Please note however that Tom Campbell will have his tailgate gathering prior to all home games. Please keep in your prayers Milt Beaudine, Bill Guilfoile and other classmates who are battling serious health problems. Due to our early deadline for this column, we may not have the full class obituary information. The following are on our list: Babcock Walker, Thomas Knott and Kevin Walker. — George Koch; 4758 Curtis Lane, Clarkston MI 48346; 248-623-0973; kochgnl@yahoo.com

54JD Honors

Don Ward ’52, ’54JD was honored by the Indiana Law Foundation as a legendary lawyer for 61 years in maintaining integrity of the Indiana courts. Don is 88. He had five heart bypasses and goes to the office every day to work with his son. I was honored by the Colorado and Denver bar associations for 61 years of practice with much bar and pro bono work. I had open heart surgery on a valve and artery and am 85. I have been on the board and executive advisory of the Notre Dame Law Association for 52 years. — Carl Eiberger; 14330 Fairview Lane, Golden CO 80401; 303-278-0707; carleiberger@comcast.net

55 Flings Great Fun

Our new Desert Fling chairman Pat Kearns welcomed Dick Burke, Ellie Fox, Paul Fullmer, Mike Jackman, Owen Keavney, Bob McGrath, Dan Moore, Dick Mueller and me. Angela Schaefer was given a special salute for her 20 years of co-hosting the event with hubby Hugh Schaefer. Unfortunately, complications after hip surgery prevented Father Joe O’Donnell from attending. Denny Conway and Carl Peters were late scratches. Attending the Florida Fling were Dick Connelly, Jack Flynn, Jim Costello, Jack McMahon, Tony Vallace, Jim Stevens, Ron Smith, John Murnane, Maureen Barnicle, Bob Fisher, Owen Sodetz, Howie Hart, Frank Lundy, Chuck Doherty, Don Shanley, Don Sileo and Harry Kenny. We’re almost at the half-way mark in our effort to raise $100,000 for the St. Joseph Trades School hostel In Bangladesh. Send checks to Holy Cross Mission Center, PO Box 543, Notre Dame IN 46556. Be sure to say that the check is for the Brother Donald Becker Fund. Brother Donald devoted his life to the poor, and this is a fitting Class tribute. I was surprised to learn that Chuck Browne winters just miles from us here in Palm Desert. I was happy to hear that everyone seemed to weather the epic storm and I appreciated updates from Bob Phillips, Bill Richardson, John Slavick and Harry Niemann. Joe McGlynn missed the Desert Fling because he was providing moral support for his son in San Francisco, who was undergoing back surgery. Harry Kenny sent the family’s thanks for his granddaughter’s Class Scholarship because she has five other siblings in school. Frank Orlando admits that his Commerce Lab was on the golf course. Dick Ruwe has moved into a retirement community near Indianapolis but continues on the investment committee for Marian U and on the archdiocesan board for inner-city schools. Tony Vallace entertained his 26 grandchildren and their parents over the holidays. Paul Dwyer, who attended Wally Bassi’s funeral, celebrated his 59th anniversary, while Frank Tonini toasted his 60th on an ocean cruise. Another 60th celebrant, Tom Welly, was busy with his five children and 12 grandchildren over Christmas. Forst Brown is looking forward to his granddaughter’s ND graduation this spring. Jerry Prassas’ Chicago gang, including Gerry Hillsman, Joe Kearney, Tim Devereux, Mike Kelly, John Hester, Ron Davis, Dick Burke, Jack Flynn, Jim Hesburgh and I gathered at Club Lucky in mid-December. John Nemetz of Austin TX toured northern Minnesota. Tom Magill is still teaching economics at Palm Beach State College. Magill, Dave Metz, Con McCarty, Jim Sieger and Frank Cunningham continue to send Splinters plenty of column ideas. In Tulsa, John Hobbs is still working with ESCCO, a volunteer management consulting firm for non-profits, and remains on the board of the ND Club. Dick Capka feels like a new man after the installation of a defibrillator. Others in sick bay include John Smith (bleeding gastric ulcer), George Vosmik (dislocated shoulder and facial stitches from fall), Ambrose Seitz (back surgery), Ed Yohon (neck and back operations), Jim Porcari (knee surgery), Joe Swift (surgical complications) and Art Sullivan (stomach problems). Memorial Masses have been offered for Russ Governale, John Ryan, Bill O’Toole and Jerry Hughes’ wife, Joan. — Paul Fullmer; 87 Heatherdowns Lane, Galena IL 61036; 815-777-2008; psfullmer@gmail.com

55JD Class Secretary — John Coyne;


56 Warts and All

As this is being reported on Feb. 1, co-president Gordon DiRenzo is working feverishly on the myriad of demands for our 60th reunion. June 2-5 are the big dates on campus for us to take a crack (maybe a last crack) at visiting that special place in northern Indiana and see the men who shared four years of our lives. Indeed, they shaped the guys we are today, warts and all. You will be recognized as you were 62 years ago, perhaps. And then, there is a transition of the mind to how the years have treated you. And then, like those six decades never existed, we’re back to reminiscing about Black Mac and Schaefer and Fannon and Prof. Blommestein. And the chow hall is different, indescribable. The fall Saturday afternoon in the (different size) stadium is much same, except ticket prices are a bit increased. If you’re not reserved for it all, do us both a favor, and start getting ready now. Otherwise, someone will miss you. If you want to be in the middle of it all, volunteer with Gordon by calling 302-239-4925. Sid Wilkin is helping Gordon with entertainment plans for the dinner. We’ll have two private (’56 only) dinners that will be chaired by officers Ed Cosgrove and Paul Noland. A special treat will be a reception hosted by Diane Walker and the Hesburgh Memorial Library to introduce you to the new Hesburgh Museum that will feature the elegant bronze plaque memorializing Father Ted Hesburgh from his first class, ’56. That’s scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday on the second floor of the library. Deacon Jim Revord is planning our Class Mass; you are assured a special treat from his homily. Plans for a hospitality room are under way, and volunteers are needed for that vital event. The Alumni Association is planning a mobile app that will allow you to have all activities for the weekend available at your mobile phones. Most events are scheduled for Morris Inn. The Saturday night Class Dinner is in the Naimoli Room of the Joyce Center. Frank Conte has spoken with Father Bob Pelton, CSC, who is looking forward to being with us for the reunion; he will have celebrated his 95th birthday May 21. Treasurer Ed Cosgrove (525 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY 14202) issued a special request for your donations to the ND56 Fund to help finance the expenses at Reunion. Although activity demand was down from previous seasons, football ticket sales were successful in finding sources to buy or sell as needed. There was only one sad tale: no BC tickets (sorry). Webmaster Dick Yeager and I met some needs in cooperation with friendly clubs around the country. Larry Kennedy and Mark Burns did a great job with the successful minireunion on Navy game day. Some 70 members of the ’56 family enjoyed the great food and ambiance at the Morris Inn. Larry presented the classmate honorees for this year’s endowed scholarship program, and the three student recipients selected by the University for the grants. On Jan. 18, 2016, the scholarship fund reached $973,659 book value/total donations. The fund had $1,444,844 invested market value. Our contact/full service care work is appreciated; the number of men receiving care is increasing, and we need classmates to send cards or make other contacts. Please call me at 760-772-6056. Thanks to families who shared their Christmas family photos for Dick Yeager to post on www.nd56.org. Check out the family pictures link. We have made a special invitation to 165 widows of our deceased classmates. The response was very enthusiastic, and we hope to include more ladies. Deaths of our classmates since the last issue include Henry J. Morris on Jan. 6. Hugh “Jerry” Wade died Dec. 12 from a neurological condition. Charles W. “Bill’ King died in Edwardsville IL Aug. 15. David Wentling Jr. died in Reading PA June 18. James F. Erlacher died in Elkhart Dec. 16, 2014. A Mass has been celebrated on campus by the Holy Cross priests for each man from his classmates. You may read their complete obituary on the obituary link on our website: www.nd56.org . We share the great loss of Jim Hilger; his son Michael ’82 passed away after cardiac surgery on Jan. 19. Please be well and enjoy the summer and each other. — John F. Manion; 78402 Silver Sage Drive, Palm Desert CA; 760-772-6056; johndomer56@verizon.net

56JD Class Secretary — Lauren Sharkey ’08;

1121 W. Webster Ave. Unit 2W, Chicago IL 60614; 703- 927-2089; lksharkey@gmail.com

57 Minireunion

We will have our minireunion this year at the Senior Alumni game. The problem is that the ticket office does not know what game it will be. So plan on getting tickets for whatever game will be the Senior Alumni game. We will let you know the location, menu and price; we just don’t know when. We do know that our big 60th Reunion will be the first weekend in June 2017, so plan on that. A committee is forming to produce a slate of officers. If you are interested, let us know when you send in your dues. Two icons of our class have passed away. Edward “Ed” Sullivan died Nov. 20. He received his degree in 1958 because he stayed on for an additional year of eligibility, but he always was a member of our class. He was captain of the ’57 football team and was the center allegedly asking the punter who was about to receive his long snap if he wanted the ball “laces up or laces down.” He was survived by wife Rosie and four children, three of whom live within walking distance of their home north of campus. There were so many people at his wake that Father Paul Doyle, CSC, ’65, brother of the late Carroll and first cousin of the late T.O., called an “audible” and cancelled the Rosary so that the hundreds of people still in line could pay their respects. The second icon, while not a classmate, was a spouse of one. Grace, wife of Jim Milota, passed suddenly in Texas. Those who attended our reunions will recall her leading the wives in cheers while husbands struggled on the basketball court or regaling everyone in the class tent with her stories of Jim. Jim Eggers sent her obituary printed in the Chicago Tribune, which described her as “equal parts joy and laughter and a hint of mischief.” Bob Eckland reported on her funeral. Father John Smyth celebrated, and at the conclusion bagpipes played the Victory March; there was hardly a dry eye in the church. Another ND lady who left us was Therese Reilly, Frank Reilly’s spouse of 57 years, who died on Nov. 27. Frank wrote that he misses Therese more than he could ever imagine. Sadly, I must report more deaths, which at our age is not surprising. John Keller passed away in Albuquerque NM on Sept. 29. John is survived by his wife, Kay. He had been a partner at KPMG. Thanks to Paul Hawblitzel for sending us this news. Hugh James Gormley died Nov. 28. His wife had predeceased him. Bill McGowan wrote of Jim’s passing. Jim resided in Overland Park KS at the time of his death. John Treckman wrote of the death of his roommate Jim Morrison on Jan. 4 in Leadville CO. Jim was survived by Helen, his wife of 58 years, one son and one daughter. Jim was active in his parish and the Elks Club. Terry Byrne wrote that Frank X. Rogers died on Oct. 12 in Tampa FL. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and for some time been in a care facility. Frank was survived by three daughters. My high school classmate Harrison “Harry” Heyl died Oct. 25 unexpectedly and from natural causes. His wife “Kitty” had predeceased him. Two sons survive. He was dean of special programs at a community college until working as a marketing consultant. More pleasant news: Joe Rink is competing in the National Pickleball Championship; Ed Chott sent a copy of an article from the Catholic Extension Society Magazine highlighting George Strake, head of the Strake foundation, which works for Catholic education in Texas and elsewhere; Leon Glover, a master certified USA track and field official, is still officiating at college, junior college and high school championships; Harry McKee had a nice phone call from his old roommate Father John Hennrick, who is now in Nashville TN. Remember in your prayers Sharon Logan, wife of Pat Logan, who is having severe back pain following a fall. Sharon and Pat founded “Friends of Honduran Children” in 2001. More than ever take time to smell those roses and tell someone you love them. Peace. — John A. Slevin; 6123 Mandalay Drive, Peoria IL 61614; 309-453-8986; jaslevin@sbcglobal.net

57JD Class Secretary — Thomas S. Calder;

513-271-0560; thomas.calder@dinslaw.com

58 Goodbye, Old Friends

With regret we report the passing of five classmates: Richard A. Adamy, Robert F. Thompson, Loran Sheffer, Edward Sullivan, and Joseph W. Madden Jr. Robert F. Thompson, a resident of St. Charles, MO, died on Feb. 17, 2015, after a lengthy illness. Bob and his wife, Dodie (who preceded him in death), had six children, four of whom attended ND, and eight grandchildren who are also Domers. Dodie was the daughter of Don Miller, one of the Four Horsemen. Bob was blessed with a total of 21 grandchildren and was married in 1996, to Pat Thompson, who survives. Bob’s daughter, Karrie Carlin, forwarded this information relating that Bob “had great love for Notre Dame, Mary and, of course, football. We are grateful he shared his devotion to Notre Dame and Our Mother with us.” Richard A. Adamy of Williamsville NY died June 12. After graduation and law school at Northwestern, he served as a public defender in Buffalo. Then he moved to Dearborn MI and the corporate law department of the Ford Motor Co., working in labor relations. Later he returned to Buffalo working with salaried personnel. He was licensed to practice in Michigan, New York and Florida, and he retired in 1998, the same year that his wife, Paulette, died. He is survived by his fiancée, Susan Kipping Attea, and his son, Richard Jr. Loran Sheffer died Oct. 29. He grew up in Lansing MI but spent his post graduate years in Houston, where he was involved in producing news publications for the off¬shore industry, according to Pat Doherty, his sophomore¬ roommate. Edward Sullivan, co-captain of the ’57 football team, died Nov. 12 at home in South Bend. Ed graduated in 1957 but took advantage of a remaining year of eligibility and remained with us. Following three years in the Canadian Football League, he spent the remainder of his professional life as a salesman, realtor and entrepreneur in South Bend. Survivors include his wife, Rose, four children and 12 grandchildren. Classmate Joe Bride forwarded the following Ed Sullivan anecdote. "Ed and I had a kind of special relationship because of an article I wrote for the Scholastic football issue at the end of the 1957 season. It was about the scene in the locker room after the Oklahoma win. I described the scene of 48 players, coaches, managers, trainers and one man in a suit kneeling to pray. I wrote that the man in the suit was Ed Sullivan who was injured. Then I wrote, ‘He must have helped’. Eddie never forgot that, always hugged me with those strong arms and said, ‘Thanks, you don’t know much that meant to me. I’ll never forget your kindness in writing that.’” Joseph W. Madden Jr. of Chicago passed away Nov. 14, from complications due to Parkinson’s disease. Joe’s wife, Kathleen, died before him after 51 years of marriage. He is survived by two daughters and 12 grandchildren. After college Joe served six years in the Army Reserves. In 1971, he founded Commercial Carpet Cleaners, a business he maintained for 40 years until his retirement in 2012. News of his death was sent by John Morrissey, who noted that Joe captained the Eddy Street Blue interhall touch¬ football team, which defeated the Royal Hawaiians for the 1955 campus championship. As mentioned in previous issues, John Barthel has been at work for several months in gathering and editing a collection of memories and reflections from members of our class to be compiled in a booklet titled Echoes of ’58. The project is nearing completion and the publication will be available in the spring. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, contact John at 675 Old Menhaden Road, Cutchogue NY 11935 or by e¬mail at jack111@optonline.net. — Arthur L. Roule Jr.; 3725 W. Waverly Road, La Porte IN 46350; alroule@yahoo.com

58JD Class Secretary — John F. Murray;

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59 Stay in Touch

Most in the class are retired and a number have moved on to new surroundings. We do not have an automatic process to track everyone, so I suggest you send me a simple email when you make a move, and I can summarize them in each issue. Lee Brand has moved from San Rafael CA to Sacramento. Pat and Bob Kill split their time between South Bend and St. George UT. Mary and Mike Phenner live in a retirement community in Evanston IL. Mary is challenged by blindness so please add her to your prayer list. Pray also for Sandy, wife of Bob Burns, who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease. They live in St. Petersburg FL. Bob and Joe Maier were known as the “Voice Brothers” during their roommate days at ND. Colleen and Joe live in Glen Ellen IL. Harry Leinenweber is still sitting on the US District Court in Chicago. He and Lynn also spend time in Dune Acres IN and Hobe Sound FL. Marty McGinn is living in Princeton NJ and working full time as director of sales and marketing for Landscape Maintenance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Son Martin is class of ’84. Bill Tattan retired at the end of 2015 after 51 years of practicing law. He had his own practice in Worcester MA for 43 years; then he was general counsel for the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents in Boston. He and Kathleen live by the ocean in Hampton NH. Bob Johnston of Brookfield WI reported in for John Peter “JP” Moran of Honolulu, who has run a number of marathons and is now thinking about Spain, Ireland and New Zealand. Jim Donovan has been retired for 13 years from UMass-Amherst. He spent 15 years as a metallurgist at the Savannah River Lab, South Carolina (DuPont). He focused on polymers and teaching at UMass. During the winter he is a visiting professor at the U of Puerto Rico. The rest of the year is spent on Cape Cod. What a combination. Bob Armstrong, a chemical engineer who graduated in ’60 but stayed with us, retired from Ford Motor in 2000. His wife Barbara passed away two years ago. Bob lives in Farmington Hills MI. Paul Willihnganz has retired again, this time as president of the World Affairs Council of Sonoma County CA. He hopes to resume his career as a drummer. Frank Bettendorf is still connected to Morgan Stanley in Columbus OH as a consultant. Ed Ricciuti is still busy writing books and teaching martial arts in Connecticut. Joe Harrison brings us some tidbits from his adopted home in San Jose, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is the only nation in the western hemisphere that is officially Roman Catholic; he is retired but teaches English to Costa Rican professionals. We have the following sad news. Aldo Vaio reported the passing of his wife, Rosemary, on Christmas Day in Albuquerque. Dave Weiland’s son Scott passed away in early December in Minnesota while on tour with his band. Brien White died Jan. 19 in Phoenix. Pete Petrie passed away in November. Please visit websites for FaithND at faith.nd.edu and the Senior Alumni at ndsenioralumni.org. Please send me information. Peace and good health. — Jim Keegan; 1401 Clinton St., Wilmington DE 19806; 302-429-0545 keeganjm@dca.net

59JD Class Secretary — William J. Harte;